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This Is Your Exchange-Traded Reality Check
There’s no way to talk about the markets anymore without talking about exchange-traded funds. In January, $79 billion flooded into U.S. ETFs as the S&P 500 hit record highs. And when the bull market finally stumbled, the money poured out quickly, too
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In Brief
Asia • The combined Korean women’s hockey team celebrated scoring against Korea’s colonial ruler, Japan, at the Winter Olympics on Feb. 14. Japan went on to win the matchup 4-1. • Benjamin Netanyahu remained defiant after police recommended he be c
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For Elevator Makers, The Sky’s the Limit
Two thousand years ago, the Romans used elevators—powered by pulleys, levers, and slaves—to raise gladiators and wild beasts into the Colosseum for death-match spectacles. Since then, elevator technology has been largely based on the same mechanics,