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Cold Climate

President Obama’s environmental legacy went up in smoke the minute Donald Trump won. Obama has spent the past four years pursuing an aggressive regulatory agenda aimed at lowering the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels, boosting green energy, and giving the U.S. a leading role in the global

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Chevron’s Long Game in Venezuela
The American oil giant is helping prop up the beleaguered nation’s energy industry, positioning itself for post-Maduro prosperity
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Hong Kong Protesters’ Biggest Demand Is Democracy
As protesters stormed Hong Kong’s legislature on July 1, a masked young man held up a megaphone at the front of the chamber and declared: “I want genuine universal suffrage!” The demand was part of a list read aloud in the ransacked council room and
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The Suits Against Bayer Are Sprouting Like Weeds
1 THE ORIGIN Everybody knows that when one company merges with another, the acquirer assumes the legal liabilities of the acquired. Presumably when Bayer AG, the German drugmaker, completed its purchase of Monsanto Co. last year, it knew that. Monsan