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Jibo Robot is Pricey but Adorable



3/5 Stars

PROS Friendly design and entertaining personality. Integrates with IFTTT to control smart home devices. Answers basic questions. Takes photos. Face and voice recognition for up to 16 people.

CONS Expensive. Can’t buy items or play music. Requires strong Wi-Fi connection.

Robots are here to help us, not destroy us. At least that’s the idea behind Jibo, a very personable robot assistant. He’s not quite Rosie from The Jetsons, but he can answer basic queries, can integrate with If This Then That (IFTTT) to control your smart home devices, and is capable of recognizing your friends and family. But while Jibo is definitely cuter and has more personality than the Amazon Echo, he’s a steep investment at $899. An Echo also lets you do more—like shop and play music. But it can’t beat Jibo as a conversation starter.

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