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Ed Space
It’s fascinating what a name imbues. I’ve not been tempted to join a motoring club (I’m not mechanically minded and I’m a terrible driver) yet I’ve sometimes wondered how MG drivers’ clubs face the future. For those who didn’t realise, the MG marque
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NEUMANN NDH 20 Closed-Back Monitoring Headphones
Let’s get straight down to business: the Neumann NDH20 is a closed back headphone with 38mm drivers, 150Ω impedance and a stated frequency response of 5Hz–30kHz. Orange accents are splashed around the futuristic design, on the foam inside the ear cup
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TAKING THE PLUNGE Immersive Mix Techniques
Stereo has been with us for a long time. Over the decades, audio engineers have come to master a whole range of techniques in order to make all the elements of a composition fit within the limited sonic space afforded by stereo systems. We are now at