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PIERRE MUKEBA IS CONGO-BORN His grandfather was a celebrated realism artist in the Congo, deprived of opportunities due his underprivileged circumstances. As a small child, Mukeba watched his uncle sculpt and draw. When he was thirteen, his family fled civil war to a Zambian refugee camp, then to Harare in Zimbabwe, before gaining asylum in South Australia, after the Zimbabwean regime rendered impossible any future for non-nationals in that country. He soon fell ill here, largely as a result of accumulated anxiety from feeling alienated and culturally dislodged. A decade later, Mukeba won the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize in 2017 and has now featured in numerous exhibitions. met with Mukeba in his new studio in central Adelaide, where the walls and floor were covered in new works.

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Fridays In The Park (or How To Make A Boy Holy)
& i can’t help but notice his hips first, bumbag slung low, as the train doors openat Roxburgh Park. & i take in the trackies, his shadowed jaw, the slabs ofconcrete arcing over him. & as Arab boys are timeless or else stuck in time,i breathe easier
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James Drinkwater
How do you describe your artistic practice to strangers? When people ask, I always tell them that I’m a house painter – because I’m inevitably covered in paint. It’s trickier when someone probes a little further. I’m a painter-sculptor. I’m the son
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Heidi Yardley
Let’s start from the beginning. When did you realise that being an artist was the career for you? I was always drawing as a child, and when I was in high school I focused mainly on art in Years Eleven and Twelve. I didn’t think much about what a care