Rich Dad's Before You Quit Your Job
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Before You Quit Your Job

• Do you have a million-dollar idea?
• Are you afraid of failing?
• Are you fed up with making other people rich?
• Are you sick of taking orders from your boss?
• Are you tired of working hard and not getting ahead?
• Are you ready to go out on your own?

...Then this audiobook is for you!

In Before You Quit Your Job Robert shares his successes, but more importantly, he shares his failures and the lessons he has learned from them. This audiobook will give you a jump-start to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Robert Kiyosaki has been an entrepreneur since he was 9 years old. You may be familiar with some of his million-dollar products.

• Nylon surfer wallet
• Runner's shoe pocket
• Developing merchandise for rock bands
• Rich Dad Poor Dad
• CASHFLOW® 101 the board game
Published: Brilliance Audio on
ISBN: 1469202638
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