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Introduction 7 René Quinton 11 The Discovery 13 Quinton Laboratories since 1905 17 The Ionic Bioavailability 20 The Hydro-mineral Homeostasis 22 Recent Research and Studies 25 Marine Therapy in Daily Clinical Use: Dermatology 32 Gastroenterology 44 Gynaecology 50 Paediatrics 56 Prenatal 62 Geriatrics 64 Urology 66 Endocrinology-immunology 68 Neurology 72 Skeletal Muscle System 78 Infections 84 Nutrition 88 Sport’s Medicine 92 Dentistry 98 Ophthalmology 102 Respiratory Physiotherapy 106 INDEX Pathology Index 116 5 .

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He proved that any living organism. there is now specific data that proves and acknowledges these properties. Sea Water’s therapeutic qualities that are extremely beneficial for the human organism had already been discovered in Ancient times by the schools of Pythagoras and Hippocrates. Sport’s Medicine. which is based on the fundamental principle: human blood has a very similar composition to Sea Water. Ophthalmology. Nowadays. The therapeutic values of Sea Water as an essential element for life development are fundamentally based on the fact that the quality of organic water is indispensable to maintain the hydro mineral equilibrium of our cells. The bioavailability of the ions means that absorption is natural and immediate instead of being harmful which could result in metabolic disorders or poisoning. and in the XIX century this scientific knowledge was taken up again by the French Biologist René Quinton. It is prescribed by doctors and scientists all around the world for its high salt and natural mineral content. Quinton’s Sea Water favours the organism’s health by completely renewing and nourishing cells. Gastroenterology. Dentistry. thanks to current research sponsored by our laboratories carried out by different universities. Marine Therapy is a cellular nutrition technique that is supported by more than 100 years of clinical use started by René Quinton and has proven to be very effective when treating illnesses related to Dermatology. These are nourished by the extra-cellular fluid and the ions that move around them. where its cells. Allergies. whatever rank it occupies on the zoological nomenclature is still a marine aquarium. “Marine Therapy is a cellular nutrition technique that is supported by more than 100 years of clinical use” By Francisco Javier Coll Head of Quinton Laboratories 7 . etcetera. Paediatrics.INTRODUCTION Introduction SEA WATER FOR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES: THE TARGET CELL Quinton Laboratories markets a product that is unique and exclusive all over the world: Sea Water collected in a special place in the North Sea that undergoes cold sterilization so that none of its properties are lost. Gynaecology. Respiratory Physiotherapy. are born and die in the same water conditions as those in which primitive cells originated.

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Our commitment involves annually financing various studies. we believe that Training and Research is extremely important. scientific and therapeutic aspects of Sea Water based treatment in the following pages of this brochure. carried out by Spanish Universities. protecting the environment. This means that we are socially committed to providing top quality. Our Organisation’s business philosophy is based on a “humanistic” commitment to each and every aspect of human life. nutritional deficiencies. Drinkable Sea Water restores the cellular system’s equilibrium and vitality by regenerating it”. the European Union. Furthermore. the United States and Latin America. helping the community and reconciling our employees´ family and professional life. “Quinton’s Sea Water favours the organism’s health by completely renewing and nourishing cells” 9 . to obtain new data on the therapeutic benefits of Sea Water: “Our organism gets depleted for numerous reasons: dehydration. That is why we help to train specialists and medical staff by working together with the Official Medical and Pharmaceutical Associations. and the most disadvantaged groups of society. where it is consumed on a daily basis as a food supplement and has produced excellent results both during competitions and training.INTRODUCTION QUINTON LABORATORIES´ HUMANISM The Quinton Laboratories head office has been located in the province of Alicante for fifteen years. Our research work enables us to be at the forefront of cellular nutrition. contamination. There are details on the historical. excellence. Given the scope of our work at Quinton Laboratories in the scientific-medical field. illnesses. annually organising a series of seminars throughout Spain. we are always involved in solidarity and charity projects for child relief. This is where its constantly growing international distribution network is based. Research is being done in the world of professional sports too.

10 .“Quinton based his scientific theory on a universal premise that became his basic therapy: replenish the damaged cell using Sea Water”.

11 . he was also a philosopher. This is how he discovers that animal life originated in the sea and despite the different variations throughout time. is still just a marine aquarium. it tends to preserve its original conditions. milieu organique” (Sea Water. His humanitarian and scientific education. on any rank of the zoological nomenclature. evolutionism has accustomed us to seeing living matter as a plastic substance modified by the environment. organic matrix) that establishes well founded scientific proof about the therapeutic values of Sea Water. For example. a fundamental resource whose mineralization is identical to our own internal ocean. a philanthropist. lead Quinton to base his scientific theory on one universal premise that became his basic therapy: to replenish the damaged cells using Sea Water. Anatomical forms change in order to help maintain the temperature and the saline concentration of the original marine environment. a war hero. which basically means that he combined materialism and spiritualism together in complete harmony. even what was not published. Instead of passively being influenced by the surroundings. he stated that “any change in the extra-cellular matrix altered cellular nutrition”. adapting itself to survive the earth’s changing conditions”. meant that he was considered to be a true scholar and his usual quote in his work. This principle. His work culminates in 1904. Apart from his studies in Biology and Physiology. Quinton formulates a new principle that without rejecting evolution shows the end objective of life in all its forms. an organism.RENÉ QUINTON René Quinton SCIENCE AT MAN’S SERVICE René Quinton included numerous areas of human knowledge in his work. “Compared with the physical world that obeys stable laws. was “Science de la sensibilité”. with the publication of the book titled “L’Eau de Mer. as he explained in one of his books. Illness appears when this basic environment is altered. whose cells continue to live in the same aquatic conditions as those in which the primitive cells lived. Basically. and a humanitarian of his era. Then in 1897. an aviator. life resists these changes.

1……L > 0.L >10 L < 0. Batch BH-1 Total 28 elements in the sample >1000….The discovery Quinton Hypertonic.1 ……L < Quantification limit Not measured Main elements Lathanoids Actinoids “In present-day research. the qualitative composition of Sea Water’s ionomineral total (TOTUM) shows that there are 83 BIO AVAILABLE ELEMENTS”.. Alicante University >>April 2008. 12 .

do not exist in the solid phase) are natural chemical-electronic elements. discovered this in 1950. Every litre of Sea Water contains an average 300 milligrams of prebiotic carbon derivatives. until René’s suspicions were finally confirmed: Sea Water contains all the elements from Mendeleev´s periodic table and in the same ratio as those contained in our own Internal ocean. which means that it has to be diluted with low mineralization spring water. As his research continued another five more elements were added. that is made up of the different organic liquids such as: extra-cellular fluid. vitamins. etc. he discovered that Sea Water contained 15 elements that were classified in Mendeleev´s periodic table. 13 . They work together on a natural symbiosis with our organism. as clinical studies progress. France). When René Quinton began his studies. and he suspected that all of them were present. Professor of Biology (Faculty of Science in Poitiers. that are transformed into natural chains by phytoplankton and zooplankton. such as amino acids. sugars. tears. More recently. Henry Doffin. research at the Coral Gables University (Miami-USA) was carried out using a molar approximation through “neuron diffraction spectrometry”. Originally Sea Water had a lower mineral salt concentration than nowadays. This is the most accurate method so far to prove that the qualitative composition of natural Seawater’s TOTUM iono-minerals and concentration contains 83 BIO AVAILABLE elements at biological temperature. etc. cerebrospinal fluid. whose mineral fluid composition is identical to that of Sea Water. The ions (present in the liquid-phase. blood plasma. ALL THE ELEMENTS OF THE PERIODIC TABLE. And indeed. more elements appear.THE DISCOVERY The Discovery SEA WATER.

“The white blood cells immersed in sea water continue to show all the signs of normal life.” 14 .

To round off his experiments. Between1887 and 1904. Renal elimination is perfect. and dies 5 years later after being knocked over by a tram. a man with cirrhosis of the liver. a young pregnant woman bleeding to death… Isotonic Sea Water administered in injections. Dr José Miguel Sempere.4 litres of sea water through an intravenous injection. someone with syphilis. amphibians. at Professor Marey´s laboratory in the “Collège de France”: to completely drain dogs of blood. where he was allowed to practice on hopeless cases: a patient with typhus in a terminal coma who was expected to die that same day. Quinton carried out his study on all species: fish. the dog comes around. The dog is dying. due to being so delicate. For 8 hours a 10 kg dog was given 10. Quinton started to use his therapy in hospitals in Paris. mammals and birds. are difficult to keep alive in an artificial environment. teachers and distinguished heads of hospitals. >> A dog is completely drained of blood through the femoral artery. someone who had been poisoned with oxalic acid. In all cases the white blood cells immersed in sea water continued to show all the signs of normal life. René Quinton used his sea water treatment recording observations that enabled him to fine tune a “method” with the help of a few young keen doctors. The first experiment was carried out in 1897.The discovery The experiment Experiments had to be carried out to prove that when diluted into isotonic water Sea Water is identical to the human “internal ocean”. always had unexpected effects: those at deaths door are often saved. without any problem. The dog is named “Sodium”. In a recent study. 104% its weight. which was then called Quinton Plasma. Professor at Alicante University in the Biotechnology Department. concluded: “I am convinced that white blood cells survive longer than the 96 hours counted up to now when kept in the Isotonic Quinton Solution” 15 . losing the corneal reflex. René Quinton went on to study the white blood cells which. gets up and the next day walks around the laboratory. reptiles. It is injected with Sea Water for 11 minutes: the reflex comes back.

16 .

It obtains the patent to be classified within the pharmaceutical industry and is granted the corresponding permits from the Medicine Agency on the quality of 17 . In 1979. organic matrix). In 1996 it sets up the International Quinton Laboratories whose head office is in Alicante (Spain). René Anrep comes up with “drinkable QUINTON” (QUINTON hypertonic 33%). In 1982. the United States. René Quinton decided to open the Marine Dispensaries that were free. The first clinic was opened in 1907 where 9. Jean Jarricot. In view of these results. At this time. “drinkable QUINTON” (QUINTON hypertonic 33%) starts to be marketed as a “food supplement”. milieu organique”. In 1904 René Quinton published his most important work “L’Eau de Mer. Egypt. René Anrep had already designed the double-ended vial and the equipment needed to pack the product. At this time René Quinton’s work was especially focused on children: those suffering from atrophy and/or from enteritis cholera actually recovered after the first few injections of Sea Water. In 1960. Belgium. In 1970. NL 5735 and “Quinton Duplase” nasal spray under the number: NL 5736. under the supervision of the doctor of medicine.902 injections were administered a month. This publication coincided with the establishment of Quinton Laboratories that started to market the famous “Quinton Plasma” in 1905. etc. In 1973. These registrations were then abrogated by the WMA and expired 1995. the harmonisation of the European Pharmacopoeia and the resulting obligatory adaptation of laboratories meant that the “Quinton Plasma” was gradually phased out. although still within the scope of “food supplements”. the “Laboratories QUINTON–OcéanThérapie” starts a new course of action. In 1989.Sea Water.QUINTON LABORATORIES Quinton Laboratories WORKING FOR HEALTH SINCE 1905. Clinics were then set up all over Paris. the “Permits” (generic) were converted into new registrations of medicinal products at the WMA – (World Medical Assembly) to identify each pharmaceutical form. the new “Permits” were established (the Registration of medicinal products) in the VIDAL dictionary (France’s equivalent to the Physicians Desk Reference): “Quinton Plasma” was registered under the number. In 1921 a well founded clinical report was published “Le Dispensaire Marin” (which is still unquestionable today in experimental terms) on how Quinton Plasma was used in Paediatrics. They soon became extremely popular due to the good results obtained from the Sea Water injection based therapy. They were seen to get their appetite back and quickly put on weight.). In the meantime. the “René Quinton Association” was set up in Paris aimed at legally defending the famous researcher’s report. in other provinces and even in other countries (Great Britain.

Last year it sponsored and promoted numerous studies at the Universities of Alicante. Granada and Murcia and also helped different groups in society including seniors and people suffering from Alzheimer’s to improve their quality of life using marine therapy. In 2007. Nowadays the Quinton Laboratories are equipped with the latest technology. The pharmaceutical production plant complies with the ISO 9001 standard and has the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate. > For the Environment: Eco-Excellent Organisation Quality. an extra half an hour for breastfeeding. a pension scheme. it offers assistance for nurseries. it was recognised as being an Eco-Excellent company. maternity and paternity leave. a title from the Valencian Community that is awarded to companies that adopt the Environmental Management system. etc. the commitment to society and the environment distinguishes the Quinton Laboratories work in all these fields. > Reconciling family and professional life Quinton aims to reconcile family and professional life and that is why it follows an internal policy focused on its employees and their families. excellence. and private medical insurance. a flexible timetable. The vortex phytoplankton is protected under international maritime laws. which include the Inocente-Inocente. The Sea Water is then prepared in grade A Clean Rooms according to René Quinton’s original protocol. > For Charity Quinton Laboratories donates to different charity campaigns. where staff are entitled to work straight through. The extraction of the Quinton Sea Water using filtration techniques complies with the European Pharmacopoeia guidelines and is strictly controlled to ensure that the plankton is preserved. 18 . Another step forward in the Laboratories´ commitment to mankind.QUINTON LABORATORIES THE COMPANY AT MAN’S SERVICE its cold micro-filtered products. Furthermore.

in Europe. > For Training and Research Quinton Laboratories contributes to specialists and medical staff training by annually organising a series of seminars on “The use of Sea Water in Therapy” in many Spanish cities. This trade mark registration means that the laboratory can now develop and grow throughout the American continent. Valencia and Alicante. The properties of Sea Water have obtained excellent results in professional athletes who consume it on a daily basis as a food supplement when competing and training. and it sponsors the Maratonianos Athletics club in Guardamar (Alicante). and for athletes to recover from physical exhaustion. Korea. Mexico. > For Sport Quinton Laboratories is especially committed to sport and helping athletes. Furthermore. Lebanon. Cycling. in depth research has been done for over a decade now on the properties of Sea Water. Numerous professional sportsmen and women are now using Sea Water: First and Second division Football and Basketball teams. including Madrid. including the ½ Marathon of Madrid. it has sponsored various sporting races and events. This recognition enables it to distribute its products throughout Southeast Asia. but also as a food and mineral supplement for people who are under a lot of either mental or physical strain. In Asia. For the last few years. Different university studies. it promotes local sport by sponsoring the Ladies indoor football team of Soto del Real (Madrid). including those carried out at Alicante University and Murcia Catholic University recommend using and consuming Sea Water. Athletics. Barcelona.QUINTON LABORATORIES that is organised by Antena3 TV channel and it is currently involved with the new survey on how to treat people suffering from Alzheimer’s through the CENTRO AFA (Alzheimer’s Association for Family members and Friends of Torrevieja). These are extremely popular among medical professionals who come to find out more about the properties of Sea Water. China and Japan. Brazil. the United States and Latin America. the International Duathlon of Vilanova and the Marathon of Valencia. not only in terms of health to treat illnesses as it has traditionally been used. > For the World: International Growth Quinton Laboratories adheres to a policy of international growth which is why it has recently registered” QUINTON” at the “US Patents and Trade Marks” office. Elite athletes. in Sailing. Colombia. This international work and recognition of the high quality and good practises is a great incentive for the whole corporate development and growth project. Quinton Laboratories operate all over Europe. the ½ Marathon of Santa Pola (Alicante). Quinton Hypertonic vials and Quinton Isotonic vials have been registered as “food supplements” by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. Taiwan. 19 . etc. Marathons.

20 . it has been proved that a mineral balance is essential to re-establish the internal biological terrain and all round good health. global” produce where chemical pesticides and fertilizers or genetically engineered seeds and more recently genetically modified crops are used. even the fish farms use unsuitable feed. there has been a change from consuming “handmade. every essential trace mineral in Quinton is present in a perfect synergistic ratio. Moreover the content of each trace mineral varies from one sample to another and does not reflect the same ratios as those contained in the human body. and what is more it is natural because it exists in the oceans. there is a second food chain on Earth where all the mineral nutrients that today’s food lacks can be found. Luckily.IONIC BIOAVAILABILITY Ionic Bioavailability THE TRANSFORMATION OF MINERAL ELEMENTS In terms of nutrition today. Trace minerals that form on the sea beds and on the land are inorganic due to the fact that they are not digested by living micro-organisms first. local produce” to consuming “industrial. The break down in the food chain in the last fifty years has contributed to damaging the links that it is composed of. exclusively aimed at increasing the production. herbivores are fed with animal origin fodder. our organism cannot get all the minerals it needs from common food to work properly. This breakdown affects man through the food that is consumed and according to the majority of nutritionists this is causing new illnesses that weaken the immune system and is producing other different harmful synergies which are depleting the biological basis of the human organism. Indeed unlike land minerals. In Livestock antibiotics are now used on mass. However according to studies carried out in the last ten years to find out what nutrients are suitable for us. In agriculture.

Their adaptation to life on land was a foundational evolutionary achievement that called for extensive biological progress. 21 . mineral composition and temperature.IONIC BIOAVAILABILITY THE SEA: THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE FOOD CHAIN Animals first evolved in Sea Water. which has the second best tides in the world. As they evolved. absent in the solid phase) are natural chemical-electronic elements that interact in a natural symbiosis with our organism whose fluid mineral composition is identical to that of Sea Water. especially in terms of the more critical factors such as being able to maintain a constant pH. This is how the highest quality Sea Water is extracted. and in turn generates masses of bio available elements for the human organism. So Sea water provides all the trace minerals and elements needed for cell regeneration and nutrition in a bioavailable way and without any antagonism due to their concentration levels being similar to those of our own internal fluids. The zooplankton feeds off this “natural marine garden”. A suction pump is placed 30 metres down. The ions (present in the liquid-phase. the phytoplankton that is the planet’s biggest biomass produces every single existing mineral which is then transferred to the sea water. and in turn generates masses of bioavailable elements for the human organism. This marine biocenosis is just the transformation of non bioavailable minerals into bioavailable mineral elements. they developed a symbiotic strategy in order to survive. in the aphotic zone. up to 17 metres high. Quinton Laboratories collects its water here due to the stable balance in the water’s mineral composition. under the phytoplankton layer to extract the water. With the help of the sun’s photosynthesis process. The zooplankton feeds off this “natural marine garden”. It is collected from a specific point in the North Sea. which gives the product an extra natural revitalising pharmacological effect. There are huge concentrations of phytoplankton in the Eddies sea where there are huge whirlpools called Vortex.

and any change to this causes malfunctions in the control mechanisms (temperature. hormones. all the intracellular information. Therefore the mineral and prebiotic element content of Sea Water re-establishes all round cell performance. Malfunctions caused by membrane depolarisation precede the onset of sickness and ends in disease. has been biologically proven and supported by clinical use. The different concentrations of Sea Water help to balance cellular nutrition for isotonia and also promote it for hypertonia. immunological. Furthermore Sea Water is the oldest communication system between living cells and as the cells are not in direct contact with each other. Oceans contain life’s homeostasis. 22 . CNS…) which immediately alter cellular nutrition. Oceans contain life’s homeostasis. the original genetic code that dominates and controls evolution.The Hydro mineral Homeostasis The Hydro mineral Homeostasis The identity of Sea Water’s mineral formula The identity of Sea Water’s mineral formula. according to studies carried out homeostasis directly depends on the quality of the Internal ocean.) flows through the extra-cellular fluid. The effect of all (TOTUM) the iono-minerals naturally enables each cell to recuperate and work properly again.C. the original genetic code that dominates and controls evolution Indeed. (nervous. vascular etc. Cellular nutrition and communication are established through the Extra-Cellular Fluid E. a prebiotic colloidal solution that contains all the organic fluids. The nephron excretes twice the water and solid particle volume when it is treated with Sea Water compared with when it is treated with conventional saline.F. metabolic. Sea Water’s genetic. The crystalloid mineral synergetic matrix of the extra-cellular fluid is crucial in determining the health of the biological terrain and therefore the health of the person in question and the quantity of minerals and water from the extra-cellular fluid determine how well the cells communicate with each other. nutritional and mineral content is used to <<refill>> the extra-cellular fluid by increasing cell communication.

Sea water has the total iono-mineral homeostasis which means that the genes can be read. such as copper or potassium (in fact there are more than 13 elements involved in this process). The connection between the physical. expressed and transcribed correctly. the “zinc finger” proteins are directly related to the metal. The minerals. their total absence or excess however inhibit the element. Zinc only works in the presence of other elements. Therefore Sea Water is the ultimate universal. life processes and how the specific minerals are assigned governs each one of these entries in the genetic code. the organic compounds and genetic material stored in the Sea Water form a biological information matrix that helps us when there is a cellular deficiency and detoxication. molecular and revitalizing solvent. it does not «forget» the information that is dissolved in it. animal and human cells that carry all the information needed for growth and cell division. That’s why consuming Salt Water can rebalance the organism right from the base: by regenerating the cells. The metal or protein bond produces this three dimensional formation that is strengthened by the presence of structural water. molecular and revitalizing solvent. These chromosomes have information about the genes. The ionic equilibrium of the composition of elements must be maintained. When reading the genetic map. There are chromosomes in plant. 23 .The Hydro mineral Homeostasis GENETIC BIOLOGY: MINERALS CODES The latest advances in genetic biology have shown how important minerals are in genetic coding. as well as information for protein production. it does not «forget» the information that is dissolved in it. Sea Water is the ultimate universal. The similarity between human blood and Sea Water makes complete cellular regeneration possible. chemical and biological aspects of the minerals.


cold micro-filtration process.8).7 murine monocyte cell line. WITH EXVIVO AND IN-VITRO TESTS WITH MURINE SPLENOCYTES. Murcia University and Granada University recommend using and/or consuming Sea Water. and is believed to have beneficial effects on our health. that finally produces nitrate as a stable metabolite. CONCLUSIONS The increase in the iNOS enzyme expression is part of the cell inflammatory response like the macrophage and is associated to the pathologic effects of inflammation (7. LPS stimulation (a powerful inflammatory agent) of the RAW 264.7 murine monocyte cell line results in an accumulation of nitrate in the ………… 25 . FIRST STUDY IMMUNOMODULATORY ACTIVITIES OF “QUINTON ISOTONIC WATER”.STUDIES AND RESEARCH Recent studies and research Different university and scientific studies. Some of these could determine how the immune mechanism works. OBJECTIVES Quinton’s Isotonic Water is a commercial formula of Sea Water that undergoes an isotonized. The objective of this research programme is to find out if treating mice with Quinton Isotonic Water changes the capacity of their splenocytes to proliferate in response to nitrogen B and T cells (ex vivo model) and if the RAW 264. including those carried out at Alicante University. not only as part of the traditional treatment for illnesses but also as a food and mineral supplement to make up for any existing deficiencies or if someone is under a lot of physical and/or mental strain. grown in the presence of Quinton Isotonic Water modifies their iNOS inducible nitric oxide synthesis activation response to inflammatory stimulus (in-vitro model). Sea Water contains all the minerals needed for cells to work properly and their ionic bioavailability can restore and revitalize any type of mineral deficiency. The iNOS action produces nitric oxide.

the normal stimulated cells are activated and proliferate inside the culture plates. ions and other elements to nourish the cells in the most suitable way. although they do provide a basis for future research done on this matter.3 >> Solution isotonic Quinton only (ISO-). pH = 7. the cells may or may not be stimulated with different standard substances. the nitrate levels are seen to drop considerably. supplemented with 1% of antibiotic. Once seeded. Consequently. and to find out if the medicine being studied has any possible immunodulatory effects.3 >> Quinton hypertonic solution alone. STUDY TWO IMMUNOMODULATORY EFFECT OF THE IN-VITRO QUINTON HYPERTONIC AND ISOTONIC SOLUTION >> OBJECTIVE The cellular proliferation test is one of the most popular tests used to analyse the effect of different medicines on the immune system.3 >> Quinton hypertonic solution supplemented with 1% of antibiotic. pH = 7. whilst the cells that are not stimulated (control cells) will remain inactive and will not proliferate. After the normal stimulation period of 3-4 days.3 >> Quinton Isotonic solution (ISO+) supplemented with 1% of antibiotic. pH = 7. 1% of glutamine and 10% of fetal calf serum (FCS). Seeing that the basal production of nitrates is not affected (unproven data). glucose. the test consists in seeding mononuclear cells of peripheral blood (lymphocytes and monocytes) in plate cultures that contain amino acids. When a culture is grown with 10% Quinton Isotonic Water. In this study anticoagulant blood (EDTA) was taken from ten healthy volunteers. their mononuclear cells (PBMNc) were separated and the following culture conditions were used: >> RPMI. 1% of glutamine And 10% of FCS. pH = 7. Director Alfonso Ruiz-Bravo “Estudio de la Cátedra de Microbiología de la Universidad de Granada ” (Study carried out by the Chair of Microbiology at the University of Granada”. 1% of glutamine and 26 . Obviously the tests carried out show an in-vitro property that cannot be extrapolated to in-vivo conditions. Briefly. Quinton Isotonic Water seems to have an antiinflammatory effect on in-vitro tests with murine macrophages. the inhibiting effect of Quinton Water does not seem to result in cytotoxic action.STUDIES AND RESEARCH culture medium which is an inflammatory response marker.

A blood sample was taken from each of the athletes twenty minutes before the test. A maximal triangular treadmill stress test was carried out. it could replace the conventional culture mediums. The mononuclear cells cultivated in-vitro with the Quinton Isotonic solution. 1% of glutamine and10% of FCS. when it is added in ideal conditions. The absence of practically all cellular aggregation. Moreover. José Miguel Semperé. 4. proliferation and/or activation. suggest that. Biotechnology Department at Alicante University. In terms of the cellular aggregation. keep their morphology and viability during the four days of the culture. >> OBJECTIVE Experiment with 11 semi-professional indoor football players. Immunology specialist. pH = 7. pH = 7. STUDY THREE RESEARCH DONE ON THE PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS ON ATHLETES WHO REGULARLY CONSUME SEA WATER. as well as its possible effect on cellular activation.Studies and research 10% of FCS. along with a rectangular treadmill stress test using continuous load equal to a speed corresponding to 70% of their maximum oxygen consumption. The test lasted 60 minutes. especially with the ISO+ solution. The athletes then consumed 20 ml of the liquid being studied or the same quantity of 27 . proliferation and/or activation in the ISO solution might be due to the lack of nutrients. 2. it seems capable of stimulating cells by itself. 3.3 >> Physiological saline solution supplemented (SS) with 1% of antibiotic. due to the existence of aggregated unstimulated cells in the medium.3 >> CONCLUSIONS 1. The PBMNC´s tolerance shown in-vitro with the Quinton Isotonic Solution. the ISO+ solution behaves like the RPMI medium. Head Dr.

partial oxygen pressure. Perhaps it promotes the mobility/ supply of the glucoside reserves which are available on demand. this increase in Sodium also makes the glucose more available for the cell.STUDIES AND RESEARCH placebo. Chlorine is seen to increase as it is present in the sodium which is contained in the drinkable Sea Water. Director: Dr. • Gynaecology: It improves the glandular function. This would explain the so-called recovery that the athletes talk about. • Prenatal Care: It helps the correct fetal development. The increase in bicarbonate suggests that the product is like a blood buffer favourably controlling the cellular acidity. “For the last 100 years. bicarbonate. Sodium is essential to control hyponatraemia in athletes. One minute before the test each athlete was weighed and another blood sample was taken using the aforementioned method. • Paediatrics: It complements nutritional intake. (Head of department of Army Physiology at the Catholic University of Murcia). Given its relationship with glucose. Hypertonic Sea Water should be taken by professional and semi-professional athletes when training to increase their stamina throughout the whole season. In the light of the results and the comments made by the athletes. partial carbon dioxide pressure. calcium. improves growth. The blood parameters analysed from the samples taken were: pH. maintain its optimal performance and increase physiological stamina. stimulate the growth of intestinal probiotics. There are however specific protocols for each of the following clinical uses which I will now summarise and explain in greater detail in the future editions. >> CONCLUSIONS According to the study the most significant increases produced are those in the sodium. lactate and glucose. bicarbonate and glucose graphs. Manuel Ballester Cátedra de Fisiología del Ejercicio de la Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. vaginal health and helps to regulate the 28 . potassium. The increase of the blood sugar in a product that does not have it is very important. chlorine. sodium. development and cellular hydration. as it prevents a depletion of this intracellular ion with the resulting decrease in intracellular hydration. ARTICLE ARTICLE PUBLISHED IN INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC MAGAZINES. The increase at minute 30 is interesting as it could be due to the fact that the product has an ionic pool available for the organism to use whenever it needs to. support gastrointestinal health. the Quinton plasma has been successfully used to reestablish the physiological balance.

STUDIES AND RESEARCH menstrual cycle. it promotes the proliferation of healthy probiotics and favours the amino acid metabolism. • Initial Dosage: 1 Quinton Isotonic ® vial daily on an empty stomach for the first 7 days.D. in very rare cases. the patient could temporarily show signs of detoxification. A maximum of 4 Quinton Hypertonic and 4 Isotonic vials can be taken a day in specific cases under professional medical supervision. • Neurology: It helps the brain to function properly and promotes neuron development. Roy Dittman.. It promotes rehydration (it is an electrolyte regulator). Increase to 2 vials a day on an empty stomach for the next 3 weeks. keep a correct oral pH and promote health bacteria proliferation. • Gastrointestinal Health: It regulates the intestinal and physiological pH. • Dermatology: It re-establishes the mineral balance needed for the correct formation of the collagen matrix. • Stomatology applications: It helps to strengthen gums. • Hormonal Production: It favours an optimal hormonal production due to the presence of bioavailable minerals and amino acids. O.M. If not. such as skin blemishes or constipation. USA. >> GENERAL PROTOCOLS AND RECOMMENDATIONS • Mode of Action: It re-establishes the biological terrain by replenishing the extracellular fluid with all the bioactive minerals. No side effects have been reported. 1 to 2 Hypertonic and Isotonic vials should be taken a week. It promotes homeostasis through the intra and extra-cellular osmotic principle. • Side effects: The patient should have regular bowl movements. CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE 29 . • Maintenance dosage: After taking Quinton Sea Water for 3 consecutive months. salts and amino acids. • Respiratory Health: It helps to restore the respiratory function after acute prolonged stress. Dr. • Dosage for the first month: In the second month take 1 Quinton Hypertonic ® vial in the morning on an empty stomach and then 2 Isotonic vials in the afternoon on an empty stomach.

How Sea Water is used to treat certain illnesses and the different clinical tests involved are covered in the following pages. We try to show that Sea Water is not intended to “cure” the illness but rather reestablish our organism’s homeostasis as any alteration in this can give rise to endless pathologies. which means that numerous illnesses can be treated with marine therapy. The quantities mentioned are for guidance only and can be increased or decreased depending on how serious the pathology is.Marine therapy in daily clinical use Marine therapy in daily clinical use In this brochure we try to show how consuming Sea Water actually balances the organism by regenerating the cells and revitalising them. The recommended quantities of Quinton Isotonic are 2 to 6 Drinkable vials (DV) a day and 2 to 4 vials of Quinton Hypertonic. which means it should be taken first thing in the morning before breakfast. as curing the “cell” cures the “organ”. The product should be taken on an empty stomach so that it is absorbed better. 30 . at midday 15 minutes before lunch and then in the evening 15 minutes before dinner.

serious symptoms.Marine therapy in daily clinical use 3 DV (Drinkable vials) should be taken a day. although in general. separately if possible. treatment of at least 1 month is recommended and then according to the results obtained the treatment is prolonged if necessary. How long the treatment lasts depends on the evolution of the patient in question. If 6 doses are to be taken the best way is to take them is 2 + 2 + 2. repeating the dosage three times a day. Daily Nasal Sprays (Hygiene Nasal Diaria) should be used as a preventative measure and for minor symptoms. The Dermo Nature Spray solution is recommended for very sensitive skins and for other types of skin Dermo Acción 150ml should be used. 31 . Nasal Hygiene Extra Action (Hygiene Nasal Acción Plus) should be used for chronic.


DERMATOLOGY WHAT IS DERMATOLOGY AND VENEREOLOGY? >Dermatology is a surgical speciality that focuses on the skin. This decrease in the interleukin production means that the skin inflammation decreases. The hydro mineral homeostasis should be kept constant at all times. 33 . (AEDS) Consuming Sea Water reduces the levels of IL.4. appendages (hair. “Medical Report. Kyoto. Swimming in the sea is still recommended today for skin lesions that are improved by the ions that are absorbed through the skin. diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Department of Allergy. Romans all used this therapy. Unikita Central Hospital. IL-13 and IL-18 interleukins that lead to the production of IgE in patients suffering from AEDS compared to drinking distilled water that doesn’t. nails. Uji City. 2002”. Improvement of skin symptoms and mineral imbalance by drinking deep seawater in patients with atopic Eczema/dermatitis syndrome (AEDS). >Venereology is the study. This is closely related to Dermatology due to the varied skin symptoms of syphilis. follicular glands and sweat glands) and mucous membranes (oral and genital). Hajime Kimata and col. How long has Sea Water been used to treat dermatological problems? Egyptians. ATOPIC ECZEMA / DERMATITIS SYNDROME. thus the AEDS symptoms significantly improve. Greeks.

Transepidermal Water Loss measurements (TEWL). used as an indicator of epidermal barrier function. 2001”. School of Medicine. Anatomy of the skin. “Skin Research and Technology. have proved that sea water significantly stops the increase in transepidermal water loss compared with when deionised water is used. The effects of sea water may attribute to preserving the skin barrier and moisturizing it. Sample of the epidermis. dermis and the subcutaneous tissue > DERMATOLOGY Epidermis Dermis Subcutaneous tissue Hair follicule Sweat gland Artery Vein Fatty tissue Nerve Lymphatic vessel Sebaceous gland Hair stalk 34 . Yusuke Yoshizawa. Sea Water or its components alter experimental irritant dermatitis in man. and capacitance. Department of Dermatology.DERMATOLOGY IRRITATING DERMATITIS The effects of sea water and its main components on irritant contact dermatitis caused by the Lauryl Sodium Sulphate are evaluated. University of California.

DERMATOLOGY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton’s products help the following pathologies: ACNE • • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Apply dressings that are soaked in Q.4 times a day with Dermo spray ECZEMA • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spray 3 . Isotonic Spray 3 .4 times a day with Dermo spray 35 .4 times a day with Dermo spray Blephartis • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spray 3 .

Isotonic Spray 3 .Scleroderma • Isotonic 6 DV a day Boils • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Hypertonic 3 DV a day for very acute cases WOUNDS/CUTS • • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Apply dressings that are soaked in Q.4 times a day with Dermo spray ATHLETES FOOT • Alternate the consumption of Isotonic and Hypertonic 36 .

4 times a day with Dermo spray ITCHING • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spray 3 .INSECT BITES • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spray 3 .4 times a day with Dermo spray PSORIASIS • • • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spray 3 . 37 .4 times a day with Dermo spray In more serious cases start the treatment with 2 DV Hypertonic a day.


• • Apply dressings that are soaked in Q. Isotonic Spray 3 - 4 times a day with Dermo spray

• • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spray 3 - 4 times a day with Dermo spray • • • Spray 3 - 4 times a day with Dermo spray Dry the area well

• Isotonic 3 DV a day



50 YEAR OLD WOMAN Impetiginous eczema – different therapies failed • Eczema on hands, forearms, neck and face. • Intense flaking of the skin. • Lichenification. • Suppuration. >> Exclusive Quinton Plasma Treatment
• Continual

30, 50 and 100 cc injections. • Flaking skin stopped after the third injection. • Suppuration stopped after the fourth injection. • Complete cure.
Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. Property of Quinton Laboratories.

39 YEAR OLD MAN Lichenoid Eczema - different therapies failed • Big patches of eczema on the forearm and the elbow. • Intense flaking >> Exclusive Quinton Plasma Treatment • 2 first injections of 20 and 30 cc. • 22 50 to 60 cc injections For 4 weeks. • Almost complete cure in 15 days • Definitive cure in 1 month. No relapse.

Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. Property of Quinton Laboratories.



Impetiginous eczema (different therapies failed) • Eczema on the face. • Developed over 10 months. • Appeared after changing system. (After 2 months with bottle milk the baby goes back to breast feeding) >> Exclusive Quinton Plasma Treatment • Continual 10, 15 and 25 cc injections. • For 49 days. • Huge improvement in 15 days (First Photograph). • Complete cure. • Second photograph 1 month after the treatment ends.
Photograph 1 Photograph 2

For cases of cutaneous or bone tuberculosis otherwise known as spina ventosa only isotonic sea water has been used as treatment. Lupus in a 20 year old person’s leg. 10 year development of the disease. First photograph taken on the17th of February, 1909. Treatment consists of 50 ml and 100 ml injections of Quinton Plasma three times a week. • The second photograph was taken on the 9th of March, 1909; 20 days after the treatment started. The treatment continues for three months more. The patient is monitored for 2 years and complete recovery is observed.

Photograph 1

Photograph 2

Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. Property of Quinton Laboratories.


75.DERMATOLOGY PSORIASIS 16 YEAR OLD WOMAN Lesions bleached in hospital (Not cured) • 5 year development. 20 YEAR OLD WOMAN Different therapies have failed. 50. Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. 100. Property of Quinton Laboratories 41 . • 6 year development. • After 6 weeks the treatment stops. >> Only treatment Quinton Plasma • Continual 30. Property of Quinton Laboratories. 100. • Appetite and weight quickly improved. no relapse. apart from a slight improvement due to chrisophanic acid. 125. • Complete cure. Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. For 10 months. • A year and a half later. 200 and 250 cc injections. • Two injections a week. • Very intense flaking. >> Only treatment Quinton Plasma • Continual 50. 150 and 200 cc injections. • Two injections a week. For 6 weeks.

Don’t forget that drinkable sea water is also a good anti-inflammatory. such as the anemone. The second photograph is from the 18th of February. 4 LESIONS PRODUCED BY SNAKES AND SEA CREATURES Lesions produced by coelenterate.. The patient follows a treatment from September 1905 to February 1908 at the Saint Louis hospital which consists of injections of cacodylate of soda. sulphur. skin atrophy. 1909. acetic lotion. Sea water treatment should be used to wash the area. ammonia. etc. 1910 (Photograph 3) is 8 months after the treatment has stopped. Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Photograph 3 Photograph Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. In some cases blisters form and even slow developing necrotic ulcers. Property of Quinton Laboratories. The lesions usually limit themselves to an area in a few hours.DERMATOLOGY ALOPECIA UNIVERSALIS RENÉ QUINTON’S DIAGNOSIS OF ALOPECIA TOTALIS AT THE MARINE DISPENSARY IN PARIS At the beginning of 1905 patches appear behind the left ear with the gradual loss of hair. The photograph from the 2nd of February. In September 1905 the hair has completely disappeared. 42 . Skin lesions can become chronic: hypo pigmentation. Marine Dispensary Archives from Paris. The only treatment given was 50. 100 ml injections of Quinton Plasma three times a week. Property of Quinton Laboratories. 75. 1910 the treatment has not been re-administered (Photograph 4). but without any success. keloids. the red actinia and different species of jelly fish that produce a maculopapular rash or erythematous together with itching and a burning sensation in a line (like zoster). The 24th of August. The first photograph was taken on the 10th September 1908 when he was admitted into the marine dispensary.

43 .


• Absorbed more in infectious processes. 45 . the following can be done: Take two Quinton Isotonic 24 vials every two hours until there is an improvement. the benefits of QUINTON Isotonic for Colon Hydrotherapy are: • The lining of the intestine is washed out with saline. As is explained hereinafter. Isotonic Sea Water is a natural and effective remedy used to counteract these symptoms as it naturally re-establishes the equilibrium between the minerals lost in dehydration and restores the normal physiological water concentration of around 62%-66% in the faeces. which are all treated with isotonic sea water based on the principal of homeostasis. (When there is a risk of hypokalaemia). diarrhoea and vomiting processes are symptoms of or caused by dehydration both in children and adults. VOMITING AND DIARRHOEA The diarrhoeic. • Physiological balance of the K+. controllable. • Anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic action. Current advances in physiology and molecular biochemistry help us to understand that the mineral identity of the two environments (our own Internal Ocean and that of Sea Water) and their common origin enables the organism to NATURALLY choose or reject what it needs. • Sea Water’s anti-anaphylactic action.GASTROENTEROLOGY If we study the clinical use of Quinton Plasma isotonic sea water probably its best therapeutic results have been in treating conditions within the gastroenterological speciality. successful results are obtained in inflammation related pathologies (don’t forget that sea water is an anti-inflammatory) and dehydration related pathologies. • Replacement of micro nutrient minerals through the portal vein. • Increases immunity • Balances the endocrinal intestine system. If the patient has the above-mentioned symptoms. Twice the volume and concentration of what is eliminated with artificial saline solution is eliminated through the kidneys with Cold sterilised isotonic Sea Water. HYDROTHERAPY COLON THERAPY The proportion and number of minerals identified in Sea Water up to now (84 elements from the periodical table) confirm everything that was included in René Quinton’s paper “L’Eau de Mer milieu organique” in 1904. Therefore.

•Irritable bowl syndrome • Isotonic 3 DV a day Diarrhoea • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV evening and night. 46 .GASTROENTEROLOGY • THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: Canker sores (Mouth ulcers) • Isotonic in gargling solution • Isotonic 3 DV a day Spasmodic colitis • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV evening and night.

GASTROENTERITIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day 47 .GASTROENTEROLOGY DYSPEPSIA • Isotonic 3 DV a day CROHN´S DISEASE • Isotonic 3 DV a day as an adjuvant treatment CONSTIPATION • Isotonic 3 DV a day GASTRITIS • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV evening and night.

GASTROENTEROLOGY HAEMORRHOIDS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Dermo spray INTOXICATION • Isotonic 3 DV a day ULCERS • Isotonic 3 DV a day 48 .

AMENORRHEA for 4 years.GASTROENTEROLOGY CLINICAL HISTORY DYSPEPSIA HYPOCHLORHYDRIA AND ENTEROCOLITIS DYSPEPSIA HYPOCHLORHYDRIA DIAGNOSIS A 20 year old woman who had been admitted into hospital two times before without any success. (Photograph 1) >> Exclusive Quinton Plasma Treatment. • Continual weight loss for 5 years. • Chronic enterocolitis and constipation. • Phlegm with mucous in membranes. • Deterioration before starting the “Quinton Plasma” treatment. Terminal cachexia. 50.830 Kg. The baby is just skin and bones. Later she got to 49 kg. Photograph 1 Photograph 2 INFANTILE ATROPHY (Marasmus) 40 DAY OLD BREAST FED CHILD 40 day old breast fed child weighs 2 kg. The Jarricot Marine Dispensary 49 . DAILY VOMITING for two years.500 kg. Weight: 23. (For his size) 1 kg below his weight. In two months her weight went up to 42. He is 50 centimetres long. The baby boy is 2 months and 27 days and weighs 3 kg 980 grams. When the baby is 4 months old he will be 10% of what the normal percentage is for his age. Constipation ends after the third injection. Uncontrollable for a few weeks. He has gained 1. When he is 10 months he will have reached the normal weight and size. Normal periods after 45 days. Exclusive Quinton Plasma treatment: 30.980 grams in 47 days and has also grown 4 centimetres. (Photograph 2) Photograph 1 Photograph 2 Photographic collection from the Marine Dispensary Archives from Lyon. which means he is 55% below the ideal weight for his age. 75 cm3 three times a week.


Only recently has it been recommended to women whose hormonal activity is in its last stage. The impact and effect of natural sea water on cell nutrition. • Improvement of the state of the skin and skin appendages. its powerful action on the kidneys. • Decrease the sudden hot flushes.GYNAECOLOGY-OBSTETRICS. the immediate bioavailable iono-mineral total (totum). RESULTS >> They have to be noticeable in the first 15 days of the treatment. • Emotional rebalance. Hot flushes and sweating are annoying symptoms (not pathological) that can respond perfectly to a balanced amount of marine ions. • The last 2 months 2 drinkable vials of QUINTON HYPERTONIC 24 DV in the morning and 2 drinkable vials of QUINTON ISOTONIC 24 DV at midday. • Improve the general state. transmineralized by the sea water telemediators can only be a bonus for classic treatment. In osteoporosis. • Lessening or disappearance of concomitant pathologies. • Notable improvement in the circulation.SEXUALITY DURING PREGNANCY The first 7 months 2 Drinkable vials in the morning and 2 QUINTON ISOTONIC vials at midday (24 DV). • Weight loss or gain depending on the regulatory effect. The Quinton Laboratories has a natural product available for doctors whose functional micro-rehydration has been clinically proved to be effective in all the terrain regulating processes. its distinct rehydration capacity due to the ion effectiveness. CLIMACTERIC-MENOPAUSE. 51 . modern scientific knowledge about the mineral and organic composition of the oceans has proved that it has a significant effect on cell life and therefore does complement regular medicine. its unquestionable micronutrient bioavailability (Ca+ + for example) means that it can be used for a series of applications related to the women during a special period of their life cycle that they often find hard to come to terms with.

etc. etc. asthenic problems. 52 . 2 to 4 vials a day in the morning and at midday The doctor will adapt the sea salt concentration level to suit the vital signs of the diagnosis. stressed. the water distribution of a woman’s Internal Ocean can be regulated as follows: QUINTON HYPERTONIC In women who suffer from depression. flustered women or those suffering from high blood pressure.SEXUALITY During menopause. 2 to 4 vials a day in the morning and at midday QUINTON ISOTONIC In hyperactive. low blood pressure. exhaustion. overweight.GYNAECOLOGY-OBSTETRICS.

BALANATIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray on the glands 3-4 times a day with the Intimate-hygiene spray.SEXUALITY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: ANDROPAUSE • Isotonic 3 DV a day SEXUAL ASTHENIA • Hypertonic 2 DV a day.GYNAECOLOGY-OBSTETRICS. • Hypertonic 2 DV a day when there is no burning • Isotonic 3 DV a day with burning 53 . CANDIDIASIS /VAGINITIS • Spray 3-4 times a day with Intimate-hygiene spray.

• Hypertonic 3 DV a day with symptoms of exhaustion. MENOPAUSE AND PRE-MENOPAUSE • Isotonic 3 DV a day with agitation symptoms.SEXUALITY DYSMENORRHOEA • Isotonic 3 DV a day STERILITY 1 Hypertonic DV in the morning & 2 Isotonic DV in the afternoon and evening as adjuvants. ICHTHYOSIS VULGARIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Intimate-hygiene spray. PRE-MENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS) • Isotonic 3 DV for nervous women • Hypertonic 2 DV a day for depressed women 54 .GYNAECOLOGY-OBSTETRICS.

55 .


PAEDIATRICS THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: ASTHENIA • Hypertonic 2 DV a day CHILD CHOLERA • Isotonic 2 DV a day in prolonged treatment (6 .8 months) DEHYDRATION • Isotonic 2 DV a day 57 .

58 .PAEDIATRICS MALNUTRITION Isotonic 1 DV a day DIARRHOEA • Isotonic 1 DV every 2 hours until the system returns to normal • Hypertonic in chronic cases. ERYTHEMA • Isotonic 1 DV a day • Spray the clean nappy when changing with Dermo Nature spray •GASTROENTERITIS • Isotonic 2 DV a day • Hypertonic in chronic cases.

6 months) Nappy rashes • Spray every clean nappy when changing with Dermo Nature spray Patches in the scalp • Spray 3-4 times a day with Dermo Nature spray 59 .PAEDIATRICS Impetigo • Isotonic 1 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Dermo Nature spray Milk intolerance • Isotonic 2 DV a day in prolonged treatment (4 .

6 months) Vomiting • Isotonic 1 DV every 2 hours until the system returns to normal 60 .PAEDIATRICS Premature babies Isotonic 2 DV a day Weight deficiency • Hyper 2 DV a day in prolonged treatment (4 .

61 .


• Anaemia • Hypertonic 2 DV a day Postpartum depression • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV in the afternoon and evening Breast feeding • Isotonic 3 DV a day Vomiting/nausea • Isotonic 3 DV a day 63 .PERINATAL THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: 2DV Isotonic should be taken a day during the whole pregnancy to guarantee a correct hydro mineral supply.


although the latter is recommended to treat exhaustion. dehydration. incontinence etc… Isotonic 3 DV a day is recommended.GERIATRICS THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies GERIATRICS • Seniors should use Quinton Isotonic rather than Hypertonic. 65 . • In pathologies related to malnutrition.


UROLOGY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: CYSTITIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Intimate-hygiene spray URINE INFECTION • Isotonic 3 DV a day 67 .


ENDOCRINOLOGY-IMMUNOLOGY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: DIABETES • Isotonic 3 DV a day as an adjuvant treatment THYROID DYSFUNCTION • Hyperthyroidism: Isotonic 3 DV a day • Hypothyroidism: Hypertonic 3 DV a day Multiple sclerosis • Isotonic 6 DA a day in long term treatment (6 – 8 months) HYPOGLYCAEMIA • Isotonic 3 DV a day 69 .


PARKINSON’S DISEASE • Isotonic 6 DV a day in long term treatment (6 – 8 months) ACUTE ARTICULAR RHEUMATISM • Isotonic 3 DV a day in long term treatment (4 – 6 months) CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME • Alternate taking Isotonic and Hypertonic. • 1st week 2 DV Hypertonic a day + 3 weeks 3 DV Isotonic a day • Isotonic 6 DV a day in long term treatment (6 – 8 months) and as an





we are going to use two examples Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. especially neurodegenerative diseases. if however our “interior ocean” is altered in any way. • They promote the increase in free radicals and/or prevent them being neutralized. These heavy metals act in various ways: • They block the enzymatic chains • They create inflammatory or neighbouring immune reactions. Various environmental factors are involved. These changes are accompanied by an overload of the extra-cellular matrix. and how do the environmental factors affect it? The xenobiotic compounds from heavy metals (chemical products that have hormonal effects) are unconsciously absorbed through the skin. HOW CAN THIS EFFECT BE REDUCED? There are 3 types of treatment: -Increase the amount of protection enzymes. There are environmental factors. They promote the appearance of a disease.NEUROLOGY THE CONCEPT OF DEGENERATIVE DISEASES. The question is: can a genetic abnormality be expressed through a pathological change of our “internal ocean”? Of course it can. This means that in normal conditions certain genes are not expressed. • They modify the depolarization of the neuron membranes and on a long term. in Alzheimer’s. There are genetic factors. 2. For many of us many of the concepts about degenerative diseases. The first two concepts are basic: 1. are unclear. they are expressed and abnormalities appear. 73 . abnormal deposits of aluminium have been found in the brain tissue. Nowadays the only product that contains enough of these two enzymes is Fermented Papaya. and according to Hay. our “interior ocean”. especially the Glutathione peroxidase (GPx) and the SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD). their structure. In Parkinson’s disease damage to the grey nuclei is accompanied by the accumulation of lead deposits. through breathing or ingestion and cause this overload. Although the two concepts are extremely different they cannot be separated and we are going to explain why. this overload then alters the gene expression.

The ALA accumulates in the triglycerides. 74 . Perilla oil contains 66% of ALA. This is due to more Omega 3 being incorporated. -Clean our “internal ocean”: In this case we use cold micro filtered sea water that not only “washes out” the extra-cellular matrix but also contains 78 minerals and measured trace elements that enable ALL THE ENZYMATIC REACTIONS TO OCCUR normally. which is essential to produce long chains. Firstly there is the risk of absorbing the heavy metals and then the effectiveness of distilled fish oils has not been proven.1% of myristic oil. A study done on elderly Japanese citizens proved how effective it is. This just a summary of what is currently known about the matter and there are of course many other alternatives Dr Marco Francisco Payá Torres Medical Director of Quinton Laboratories. And it enhances the performance of the two first treatments. There are two problems with fish oils.NEUROLOGY -Make the neuron membranes more flexible. Data from our study on Perilla oil shows that taking Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) is far better for us than taking short chains such as fish oils. and also 0.

NEUROLOGY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: EXHAUSTION/CHRONIC FATIGUE Hypertonic 3 DV a day ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE • Isotonic 2 DV a day long term treatment (6 – 8 months) •SEASONAL FATIGUE/ ASTHENIA • Hypertonic 2 DV a day DEPRESSION • Isotonic 3 DV a day for extroverts • Hypertonic 2 DV a day for introverted people 75 .

NEUROLOGY SPASMOPHILIA • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Hypertonic 2 DV during an attack INSOMNIA • Isotonic 3 DV a day MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION •• Isotonic 3 DV a day STRESS • Isotonic 3 DV a day for nervous people • Hypertonic 2 DV day for depressed and dejected people 76 .

77 .


Silicon and Manganese are needed too. Osteoporosis. and densitometry is a very primitive method that only measures the mineral phase.SKELETAL-MUSCLE SYSTEM SEA WATER AND BONES A lot of progress has been made recently in the field of general bone metabolism and the disease. It is well known that administering pharmacological doses of Calcium stops Magnesium being absorbed. Dr Marco Francisco Payá Torres Medical Director of Quinton Laboratories. The mineral phase needs Fluorine. more recently vitamin D and some modern molecules. As men also suffer from osteoporosis more than just oestrogen and progesterone are needed for this matrix to be secreted properly. and Magnesium. The organic phase involves the secretion of the collagen matrix that supports the minerals. But we have forgotten a basic physiological concept: “bone duality”. Copper. Fluorine has now been forgotten and so have hormones which were formerly used to counteract the development of the disease but due to the risk of tumours are no longer being prescribed. Treatment for osteoporosis includes taking calcium. I often say that a bone is like a building in which the supporting structure crumbles away little by little (the concrete) and the only thing that is used to hold it together are unsuitable bricks. Calcium. Only sea water provides all the minerals and trace elements needed for the 2 phases of bone regeneration. a mineral that people generally lack. 79 . What is more they are bioavailable and do not have any adverse effects as their concentration is very similar to that of our own internal fluids. Zinc. It seems that only the mineral phase of the ossification has been covered and the organic phase has been completely forgotten.

take 1 DV Hypertonic before and one after doing exercise.6 months) ARTHROSIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 .SKELETAL-MUSCLE SYSTEM THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: ARTHRITIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 . CRAMPS• • Isotonic 3 DV a day • For athletes.6 months) • Hypertonic can be taken instead of an Isotonic vial in the morning for chronic cases. 80 .

6 months) 81 .6 months as an adjuvant treatment.SKELETAL-MUSCLE SYSTEM MUSCLE PAIN • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 . GOUT • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 . BONE FRACTURES • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 .6 months) FIBROMYALGIA SYNDROME • Hypertonic 2 DV a day long term treatment (4 .6 months • Hypertonic can be taken instead of the Isotonic vial in the morning for one week a month.

SKELETAL-MUSCLE SYSTEM OSTEOPOROSIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 .6 months) RICKETS • Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 .6 months) • Hypertonic can be taken instead of the Isotonic vial in the morning for one week a month RHEUMATISM • Isotonic 3 Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 .6 months) BONE TUBERCULOSIS • Isotonic 3 Isotonic 3 DV a day long term treatment (4 .6 months) 82 .

83 .


INFECTIONS THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: CONVALESCENCE • Hypertonic 2 DV a day POISONING • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV afternoon and evening. 85 . MONONUCLEOSIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day as an adjuvant. PURULENT HAEMORRHAGE • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV afternoon and evening.

4 times a day with Dermo spray INFECTION SYNDROMES • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Children under the age of 1 should only take 1 DV a day • Children aged between 1 and 6 years old 2 DV a day • Adults 3 DV a day • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Dermo spray 86 .INFECTIONS UNPERFORATED OTITIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day SUPPURATION • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3 .

87 .


11. num.Ryou Kaneda . Vol.Shojiro Kyotani . .Kawakita H. 26.Nishioka Y.Takuma D. The total cholesterol and LDL (Light Density Lipoprotein) increase was less in rabbits that were given sea water than in the test rabbits. Pharm. .Yunko Yokota . Japan. When the cholesterol diet was stopped the decrease was greater in the rabbits that were given sea water than in the test rabbits.Hamada A.Kazuhiro Odani . Biol.Atsuhide Hamada . Kochi Medical School Hospital.Sayada Yamamoto . Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 2003 ARTERIOSCLEROSIS* Difference between deep seawater and surface seawater in the preventive effect of atherosclerosis Miyamura M. .Masahiko Kusunose Mitsuhiko Miyamura . Bull. Saburo Yoshioka . 27 (11): 1784-7 (ISSN: 0918-6158) 89 . Tsutsui Y.NUTRITION STUDIES ON HYPERLIPAEMIA AND ARTERIOSCLEROSIS Studies have been carried out on rabbits on a special cholesterol diet. Department of Pharmacy.Yasuyuki Tsusui . Nankoku.Ichiro Odani . .Yutaka Nishioka. Kochi.Kyotani S. .Odani K.Yokota J. . .Tailin Cut . . . The sea water controls the increase of the lipid values and helps to reduce the Hyperlipaemia and Arteriosclerosis.Yoshioka S. HYPERLIPAEMIA* Pharmacological Activity of Deep-Sea water: Examination of Hyperglycaemias Prevention and Medical Treatment Effect.Kusunose M. 2004.

NUTRITION THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: ANOREXIA • Hypertonic 2 DV a day ARTERIOSCLEROSIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day •DEHYDRATION • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV in the afternoon and evening HYPERLIPAEMIA • Isotonic 3 DV a day 90 .

HYPONATRAEMIA • Hypertonic 2 DV a day HYPOVOLAEMIA (Decrease in the blood volume) • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV in the afternoon and even. PHYSIOLOGICAL LIQUID LOSS • Isotonic 3 DV a day VOMITING ISOTONIC 2 DV every 2 hours until the system returns to normal 91 .


marathons. 2004 (Nov.). Content 1. B. which means the hydro mineral homeostasis must be maintained. Some of the conclusions obtained from these studies are: Rehydration whilst doing long muscle exercise and training is crucial.SPORT’S MEDICINE HYPOTONIC HYPONATRAEMIA IN ENDURANCE SPORTS Current research on physiology and molecular biochemistry shows that the mineral identity of the two environments: the internal ocean of the human organism and that of the internal marine environment have the same origins. sometimes up to twice as much in terms of volume and concentration as when artificial physiological saline is consumed. Drink between 0. Diet. (Army Health Service Research Centre) 93 . • After: The recovery drink should contain 1. This identity enables the organism to naturally select or reject elements from the Sea Water that it needs. The latest studies carried out on professional athletes show that there are increasingly more cases of hyponatraemia. because then it is too late for hydration. triathlons. Nutr.2 g/l of NaCl with other Na salts.5 litres and 1 litre for every hour of exercise. 39. • The relationship between sodium and the amount of water consumed is extremely important. 2004) Centro de Investigación del Servicio de Salud de los Ejércitos. etc. 500 ml of liquids. 4. which are then naturally eliminated through the kidneys. • During: Drink plenty early on (before getting thirsty). due to the increasing popularity of endurance sports (ultra marathons. • Athletes shouldn’t just drink when they feel like it or when they are thirsty. Recommendations for the right hydro mineral supply when doing endurance sports are: • Before: 2 hours before the race.2 g/l of NaCl. Melin and Chantal Jimenez Cah.

which would partly explain the so-called recovery mentioned by athletes. The increase in the blood sugar is very significant in a product that does not have it. (Head of Department of Army Physiology at the Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia) 94 . Sodium is very important to control hyponatraemia in athletes. Furthermore. The increase in bicarbonate suggests that the product is like a blood buffer that helps to control the cellular acidity. after the test it does seem that Sea Water provides the organism with an ionic pool that can be used whenever it is necessary. Chlorine is seen to increase as it is present in the sodium which is contained in the drinkable Sea Water. Perhaps the glycoside reserves are mobilised/ supplied so that they are available on demand. bicarbonate and glucose. the increase in sodium. Consult the section “Recent Studies and Research” from this brochure too. CONSUMING COLD STERILIZED MICRO-FILTERED SEA WATER Glucose Bicarbonate Sodium Cátedra de Fisiología del Ejercicio de la Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia.SPORT’S MEDICINE Some of the data available from doing studies on athletes includes: The most significant increases on the graphs are those of sodium. means that the glucose is made more available for the cell. given its relationship with glucose. as it prevents the depletion of the intracellular ion that then decreases the intracellular dehydration. On the whole. chlorine.

SPORT’S MEDICINE EXAMPLE OF REHYDRATION AFTER A HALF MARATHON Km 0 START Km 7 water station Km 14 water station Kn 18 water station Finish line 21 km • 2 DV Quinton Hypertonic Water station Total water 1 litre Total Na 0.6 gr 95 .

SPORT’S MEDICINE THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: Doing sport • Hypertonic 2 DV before exercise • Hypertonic 2 DV after exercise • Hypertonic 2 DV during exercise if it is over a long period time Resting • Isotonic 3 DV a day 96 .

97 .


Odontostomatology . without risk of any adverse effects. Nicolas STELLING (Geneva).10. Natural.). / Dr Meynadier. SFMD-SSO). or diluted isotonic Sea Water is used in oral crenotherapy.E.DENTISTRY ODONTOSTOMATOLOGY Odontostomatology has been known for years. Neural therapy: (As “a rival” of adrenaline free anaesthetics).2001 Two years after the extraction 6. QUINTON ISOTONIC >> Rinsing out root canals. or A.2002 24.10. Use as a mouth wash in bone polishing. hypertonic. Mouth Washes: (Leave the liquid under the tongue for as long as possible). 8 QUINTON-ISOTONIC LOCALIZED NEURAL THERAPY 20. According to the periodontal pathology QUINTON Hypertonic can be used instead of QUINTON Isotonic to get better results. med. Centre de Santé La Corbière.06.2002 99 . Estavayer-le-Lac (Head of the dental medicine sector: N. To Disinfect abutment posts: (with T. Filling in dry sockets: Preventing alveolar ostetis (To complement alveolar cement.M.Stelling. Administer at the gums to complement a periodontal disease treatment Dr. for example).-dent. Mme L.

• Rinse mouth with Isotonic in the evening GINGIVITIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Rinse mouth with Hypertonic 2 times a day HAEMORRHAGES • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Rinse mouth with Hypertonic 2 times a day 100 .DENTISTRY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: DENTAL CAVITIES • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Rinse mouth with Hypertonic 2 times a day EXTRACTIONS • Hypertonic 1 DV in the morning + Isotonic 2 DV in the afternoon and evening.

101 .


the Quinton Acción Ocular is ideal as an eye wash to treat inflammation related pathologies on the eyelid. the conjunctiva and the cornea. 1994 The anti-inflammatory action of Isotonic Sea Water to treat inflammation related pathologies makes it an ideal eye wash 103 . Professor of pharmacology and Therapy from Alicante University. “Fundamentos de farmacología ocular” (Basis of eye pharmacology) Alfredo Orts Buchón. . As Isotonic Sea Water’s is an anti-inflammatory. topical use of the solutions in the eye is often unpleasant and causes stinging. The volume in one squirt is the same a drop from an eye dropper. >> The advantages are: • It’s quick • It’s not as irritating as using drops and children prefer it. it also helps to treat allergy related pathologies. buffers and stabilisers. watering. especially Quinton Acción Ocular that has none of these agents. itching.OPHTHALMOLOGY As ophthalmic solutions contain active ingredients. Eye spray is an alternative way to administer ophthalmic solutions that might not be so irritating. as allergic agents that are commonly found in the eye in lower concentrations than in other parts of the body can cause inflammation. and also preservatives.

4 times a day with Eye spray •CONJUNCTIVITIS • Spray 3 .OPHTHALMOLOGY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies: BLEPHARTIS • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Eye spray CHALAZION • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Eye spray •DERMATITIS • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Eye spray 104 .

4 times a day with Eye spray INTERNAL/EXTERNAL STY • Spray 3 .OPHTHALMOLOGY SCLERITIS • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Eye spray KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS • Spray 3 .4 times a day with Eye spray 105 .


clear headedness and increases optimism and mental concentration. It helps prevent otitis in children and prevents a lot of minor surgery that is so frequent among children today (tympanic drainage. Miquel Pros.lacrymal The latest medical advances in physiology confirm that our health directly depends on the quality of our “internal ocean” (the interstitial fluid around all the organism’s cells) which transfers information and sends nutrients to all parts of the organism. It improves hearing. Sea Water treatments help our internal ocean to work properly again and restore our health thanks its mineral content and its supply of 107 . our vital organs won’t be either. flu and pharyngitis. in his delightful children’s book titled “Mocs Fora!”. maxillary sinus 4. nasal vestibule 5. pharyngotympanic tube 9. The continual physiological (functional) alteration of our internal ocean is the first step towards disease and illness. It strengthens the mucous respiratory defence mechanism and improves tear duct drainage. frontal sinus 2. tonsil and adenoid extractions). It reduces allergies due to the desensitization of the nasal mucosa. middle nasal concha 7. ethmoid sinus 3. Dr. There are many healthy benefits to be obtained with good regular nasal hygiene. And it produces a general feeling of well being. explains how you should clean your nose. inferior nasal concha 8. it gives parents a full explanation of how the respiratory tract works. structured or drained properly. It helps to stimulate the adenoid and tonsil glands so that they work properly. smell and taste. superior nasal concha 6.external ear 13. It prevents colds.tympanic membrane 12. middle ear 11. This is how we will keep the nasal mucosa healthy and ready to defend us. If it isn’t fed. and it includes the different treatment that is available in his Respiratory Spa in Barcelona.RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY NASAL HYGIENE We learnt to clean our teeth every day so let’s go one step further and include our nostrils in our daily hygiene routine. why nasal hygiene is so important. “Good nasal hygiene strengthens the mucous respiratory defence mechanism and improves tear duct drainage” HEALTH COMES FROM WITHIN US Upper airway 1.

which is called hypertonic due to its high salt concentration (33 parts per thousand). Long term trapped mucous could result in a decrease in hearing Tympanic membrane Middle ear Eustachian tube (Passage that connects the middle ear with the Nasopharynx) A lot of otitis starts here: mucous coming from the nose. Natural Sea Water. rebalances cellular nutrition. It stimulates isotonic concentration (9 parts per thousand). blocks the Eustachian tube and often results in the middle ear becoming infected 108 .RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY prebiotic elements (the basic chemical elements needed to build all the molecules of our organism). because it has exactly the same salt concentration as that of our own internal ocean.

Here by means of a chemical reaction. It acts as a sensory organ to capture smells. It prepares the air breathed in so that it gets to the lungs with the right amount of moisture and at the right temperature. and finally it gets to the air sacs in the lungs. it then goes through various passages. are made up of small cavities located inside the skull. fungi. 109 . Its function is to prepare the air inhaled. Due to their labyrinthine structure. A persistent infection should not be left untreated as it could become a serious problem. With some variations. the continuous build up of mucus in them can cause sinusitis. enough energy is generated for our body to carry out all its vital functions and for us to carry out our daily activities. pollen. just like a labyrinth. act as a sounding box for the voice and lighten the weight of the whole skull structure. behind and above the nose that communicate with each other and with nose by means of narrow passages. this mucus is what covers the respiratory system’s passages and cavities inside. This is where the air comes in. dust.RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY THE NOSE LABYRINTH THE MAIN ENTRANCES OF OUR BODY ARE OUR NOSE AND MOUTH. The paranasal sinuses start developing from birth right up to adolescence and they determine the definitive shape of the face. Their shape and size vary from one person to another and their volume ranges between 50 and 70 cm3. What is the nasal mucosa? It is the membrane that covers the nasal cavities and passages and it has three functions: • • • It filters and cleans the air and eliminates all the impurities it contains (smoke. What do the sinuses do? The paranasal sinuses. virus and bacteria).

doctorpros.THE NOSE LABYRINTH THE IMPORTANCE OF THE NASAL MUCOSA How does the nasal mucosa work? When the nasal mucosa is clean and physiologically active there is no risk of getting sick as it is ready to defend us against respiratory infections. finely lines the respiratory • www. The sense of smell is probably the oldest of the five senses although very little is known about it apart from the fact that it enables us to analyse the surrounding smells and directly connects us to our store of emotions. The defence mechanism: the cilia (microscopic hair like structures) move to pull the mucus towards the pharynx to be neutralized later on in the digestive system. • • Did you know that…? The nose is the only organ in the body that establishes direct contact with the outside world and the 110 . the lysozyme that is capable of destroying numerous germs that are in the air. Balneario respiratorio (Respiratory Spa) Camp. It also has an enzyme. • The mucous membrane makes the mucus that. This is where the olfactory cells are located which specialise in perceiving smells. • 08022 Barcelona • Tel. This network produces the macrophages cells which specialise in destroying the microbes contained in the air that is breathed in. 551 3o • info@doctorpros.: 93 212 15 04 Medical consultation Muntaner. in a healthy person. It has three devices for this. An internal and closed lymphatic network is in charge of the immune system defence. 87 local izco. The mucus is sticky so that it can capture the impurities contained in the air.

With Sea Water a concomitant decrease of I-kappa B-alpha phosphorylation associated with the significant inhibition of NF-kappaB-DNA is also observed. whereas there was only a 2. McDonald V.9 % of sodium chloride does not reduce the IL-8 or RANTES levels. nebulized hypertonic saline solution improves the muscular separation immediately after it has been administered and has a long term beneficial effect on cystic fibrosis. “The decrease in IL-8 and RANTES reduces lung inflammation. Using isotonic Sea Water complements the treatment for lung inflammation diseases. • In mild or moderate lung diseases. Wark PAB. The 0. • No adverse effects were reported.RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY Bronchitis REDUCE LUNG INFLAMMATION WITH ISOTONIC SEA WATER • • • • Isotonic Sea Water considerably reduces the cytokine Interleukin (IL-8) and the RANTES gene expression of the bronchial epithelial cells in humans.8% increase with the isotonic saline solution. • In another test. • Furthermore. by inhibiting the nuclear factor Kappa activation. it was proved that the hypertonic saline solution improved the mucociliary separation (measured by isotopic separation) more than isotonic saline solution. Department of Respiratory Medicine John Hunter Hospital (Australia) Cochrane Review 2002 111 .” NEBULIZED HYPERTONIC SALINE SOLUTION FOR CYSTIC FIBROSIS The tests were done on patients by measuring the feeling of a clear chest (Average Load Difference) that showed that the nebulized hypertonic saline solution is more effective than the isotonic saline solution. the increase in Forced Expiratory Volume in one second (FEV1) was measured: There was a 15% increase in FEV1 in two weeks with the hypertonic saline solution.

Hiroshi Nakajima Department of Allergy. Distilled water does not have these properties when consumed. • Its use means that there is less dependence on other medications and fewer visits to the doctors are made. • In Canada and the United States nasal irrigation is recommended for rhinosinusitis and for postoperative cleaning of the nasal cavity • It minimizes the antibiotic resistance. February 2003” BRONCHITIS 112 . “Flushing the nasal cavity with salt water promotes mucociliary clearance by moisturizing the nasal cavity and by removing encrusted material. McTavish A Otolaryngology Department Children’s Hospital. with no side effects” Papsin B. with no side effects. Toronto. • Washing the nasal cavity with sea saline solution promotes the mucociliary clearance and removes encrusted material. Canada “Can Fam Physician (Canada). • The rate of Interleukins-4. Unikita Central Hospital (Kyoto) “Otolaryngology Nova. • The total IgE rate.BRONCHITIS RELIEVING THE SYMPTOMS OF THE RHINITIS Take Sea Water which reduces: • Allergic skin reactions. Hajime Kimata. -13 and –18. • The specific IgE rate of the Japanese cedar pollen. June 2002” SALINE NOSE WASH AS AN ADJUVANT TREATMENT FOR SINONASAL DISEASES. -6. Hideyuki Tai. • It’s a comfortable and cheap way to alleviate the symptoms of a wide variety of sinonasal illnesses. • Studies carried out from 1980 to 2001.

ALLERGIES • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray Tonsillitis • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray •ASTHMA • Isotonic 3 DV a day 113 .RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY THERAPY GUIDE It has been proved that Quinton products help the following pathologies Use Nasal Hygiene Daily for mild symptoms and as a preventative measure and use Nasal Hygiene Action Plus for more serious or chronic cases.

RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY BRONCHITIS • Isotonic 3 DVD a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray •CYSTIC FIBROSIS • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray •FLU • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray •LARYNGITIS • Isotonic 3 DA a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray COLDS • Isotonic 3 DA a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray 114 .

RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY RHINITIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray DRY NOSE • Isotonic 3 DV a day SINUSITIS • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray •PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS • Isotonic 3 DV a day • Spray 3-4 times a day with Nasal spray 115 .

PATHOLOGY INDEX Pathology index DERMATOLOGY Acne 35 Blepharitis 35 Eczema 35 Scleroderma 36 Boils 36 Wounds/cuts 36 Athletes foot 36 Insect bite 37 Itching 37 Psoriasis 37 Burns 38 Dry skin 38 Varicose ulcer 38 Urticaria 38 GASTROENTEROLOGY Canker sores (mouth ulcer) 46 Spastic cololitis 46 Irritable bowl syndrome46 Diarrhoea 46 Dyspepsia 47 Crohn´s disease 47 Constipation 47 Gastritis 47 Gastroenteritis 47 Haemorrhoids 48 Intoxication 48 Ulcers 48 GYNAECOLOGY Andropause 53 Sexual asthenia 53 Balanitis 53 Candidiasis / Vaginitis 53 Dysmenorrhoea 54 Sterility 54 Menopause and pre-menopause 54 Ichthyosis vulgaris 54 Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS) 54 PAEDIATRICS Asthenia 57 Child cholera 57 116 .

IMMUNOLOGY Diabetes 69 Thyroid dysfunction 69 Multiple sclerosis 69 Hypoglycaemia 69 Parkinson’s disease 70 Acute articular rheumatism 70 Chronic fatigue syndrome 70 NEUROLOGY Exhaustion/Chronic fatigue 75 Alzheimer Disease 75 Seasonal fatigue / Asthenia 75 Depression 75 Spasmophilia 76 Insomnia 76 Memory and concentration 76 Stress 76 SKELETAL-MUSCLE SYSTEM Arthritis 80 Arthrosis 80 Cramps 80 Muscle pain 81 Fibromyalgia syndrome 81 117 .Dehydration 57 Malnutrition 58 Diarrhoea 58 Erythema 58 Gastroenteritis 58 Impetigo 59 Milk intolerance 59 Nappy rashes 59 Patches in the scalp 59 Premature 60 Weight deficiency 60 Vomiting 60 PERI-NATAL Anaemia 63 Postpartum depression 63 Breast feeding 63 Vomiting/nausea 63 GERIATRICS Various 65 UROLOGY Cystitis 67 Urine infection 67 ENDOCRINOLOGY.

Bone fractures 81 Gout 81 Osteoporosis 82 Rickets 82 Rheumatism 82 Bone tuberculosis 82 INFECTIONS Convalescence 85 Poisoning 85 Purulent haemorrhage 85 Mononucleosis 85 Unperforated otitis 86 Suppuration 86 Infection syndromes 86 NUTRITION Anorexia 90 ARTERIOSCLEROSIS 90 Dehydration 90 HYPERLIPAEMIA 90 Hyponatriaemia 91 Hypovolaemia 91 Physiological liquid loss 91 Vomiting 91 SPORTS MEDICINE Doing sport 96 Resting 96 DENTISTRY Dental cavities 100 Extractions100 Gingivitis 100 Haemorrhages 100 OPHTHALMOLOGY Blepharitis 104 Conjunctivitis 104 Chalazion 104 Dermatitis 104 Scleritis 105 Internal/External sty 105 Keratoconjunctivitis (Dry eye syndrome) 105 RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPY Allergies 113 Tonsillitis 113 Asthma 113 Bronchitis 114 118 .

Km1 Nave 4 03160 ALMORADÍ (ALICANTE) SPAIN TEL. Almoradí-Rojales.: 965 70 25 11 FAX: 965 70 25 57 MOBILE: 630 94 12 72 119 .L.Cystic Fibrosis 114 Flu 114 Laryngitis 114 Colds 114 Rhinitis 115 Dry nose 115 Sinusitis 115 Pulmonary tuberculosis 115 PATHOLOGY INDEX 120 LABORATOIRES QUINTON. Ctra. S.