Illicit drink with added

‘power’ kills 52 in
Central, Eastern, P.2 & 3
SRC: Kenyans
angry over pay
disparities, P.4
Kenya’s Bold Newspaper
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
No. 29583
KSh60/00 TSh1,500/00 USh2,700/00
Mystery deepens over men linked to Mombasa explosion
The saga surrounding the death of
two men killed in the weekend blast
near the Reef Hotel in Mombasa con-
tinues to deepen, with police insisting
that the duo were behind the attack.
Now Mvita MP Abdulswamad
Sharif has threatened to resign over the
linking of the late Suleiman Mohamed
Said and Jamal Mohamed Awadh to
terror activities.
But police have gone ahead to
release criminal records of the two,
which, among other things, indicate
that Jamal attended radicalisation ses-
sions at the controversial Masjid Musa
in Majengo, Mombasa while Suleiman
was convicted to hang for robbery
with violence in 2009, but was released
by the Court of Appeal.
They claimed that Suleiman was
a friend of Jamal and that it was not a
coincidence that they were together
when the blast occurred.
The police also maintained that
the two could not have been bystand-
ers in the blast given the nature of in-
juries on their bodies, and that they
were either sitting on the Improvised
Explosive Device, or were holding it
when it exploded, and so absorbed its
full impact.
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Anglo Leasing
follows Uhuru
to State House
Unless this House takes appropriate action, they will
continue to exist even in the Government to come’
This is not about the Government today or the
Government yesterday but lives of 30 million Kenyans
and resources put at their disposal’
Anglo Leasing is a system that has been used to
systematically fleece taxpayers and the Kenyan public
under the guise of security’
Under the general approval, began a scam; a scam
involving a few businessmen, politicians and civil
servants. That scam involved over 18 different
contracts worth well over Sh55 billion’
As Opposition leader he dismissed payments to shadowy firms but now his government set to pay
As leader of Opposition in
Parliament, President Uhuru Kenyatta
gave one of the most eloquent and
persuasive arguments against
honouring payments related to the
shadowy Anglo Leasing contracts.
But eight years later and firmly in
State House as Kenya’s fourth
President, Uhuru is faced with the
contradiction of the same payments
having to be paid out on the back of
contractual obligations and court
This has handed the President and
his administration the unenviable
Page 2 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Shock, anger as toxic brew leaves at least 53 people dead
was truly her husband. When I said
yes, she succumbed as we were being
treated,” said Muriithi.
Muriithi, a potato trader from
Thagaya in Manyatta Constituency,
said he usually passed around Mama
Kamau’s place for a quick gulp at 7am
and then returned for “top up” in the
evening after work. Yesterday he said
he was lucky to have drunk only one-
and-a-half glasses at Sh75.
He suspected his wife had imbibed
much more because she was a house-
wife and had more time to make mer-
ry. Muriithi vowed he would stop
drinking if he survived.
“We only take this brew because
there are no alternatives on offer to
make you drunk cheaply,” said
Embu PGH’s Medical Superinten-
dent, Dr Gerald Nderitu, said the stan-
dard treatment procedure is to ad-
minister a diuretic solution to induce
urination and consequently reduce
the amount of methanol in the liver,
which could trigger death since meth-
anol turns poisonous once it reaches
the delicate organs.
By midday yesterday, the provin-
cial hospital had admitted 58 patients
but more and more people who had
taken the killer drink continued to
stream in.
Silas Njiru, 38, said he was passing
through Shauri Yako at 5pm on Mon-
What started as an ordinary drink-
ing spree for residents of Shauri Yako
slum in Embu town ended tragically
when 25 people lost their lives.
As Embu was struggling to come to
terms with the shocking incident, res-
idents of several other parts of the
country were also mourning the un-
timely deaths of their friends and rel-
atives, thanks to brews suspected to
have been laced with methanol. In
Makueni and Kitui, a total of 16 peo-
ple were killed by an alcoholic bever-
age named “Countryman” while in Ki-
ambu another ten people succumbed
after also consuming an illicit brew.
Two people also died in Murang’a.
Relatives and friends streamed to
Embu Provincial General Hospital to
establish the fate of their loved ones.
Besides the dead, 34 other victims of
the killer brew christened Kosovo lay
in hospital beds writhing in pain.
Eight of them were rendered blind
by the brew, which locals blame for
turning young people to “cabbages”.
Embu Provincial Hospital mortu-
ary was yesterday overflowing with
At Shauri Yako slum, there are
many shacks that dispense the cheap
alcoholic products in plastic glasses
and mugs and all enjoy a steady flow
of patrons. A quick swig in these
joints, which have no chairs or stools
and which operate during any time of
the day, goes for as little as Sh25.
The standard operating mode is to
walk in, order quickly, hand in your
money, drink in a hurry and walk
In the jargon of the revellers this is
called “Flash” drinking. Here drinks
are taken even early in the morning to
“remove the lock”, which literally
means overcoming the daily stress of
“The concoctions they serve us
have total potency. It is unlike the oth-
er ‘weak’ products that see fellows
fooling around to get drunk,” said Da-
vid Muriithi, 27, whom we found on a
drip at the Embu PGH.
For a man who had just lost his
wife, Muriithi appeared unusually
calm. He revealed that his wife and
mother of two Ann Wawira, 32, suc-
cumbed as he watched at the hospi-
“She first said she had lost her eye-
sight and then asked me whether I
day when he was offered a Sh25 drink
by a friend.
“We drank and dispersed and I
went to sleep at 6pm until 5am. When
I woke up, I could not see anything.
Even after washing my eyes all I could
see was darkness. At 7.30am yester-
day, my wife told me that all our chil-
dren had gone to school, but still I
could not see anything.”
He also vowed he would never
pass near Shauri Yako if he survives.
His wife Julia Muthoni was shocked
beyond words. “My main prayer is
that he gets his sight back and we con-
tinue bringing up our two children,”
she said.
Also in Ward Two at the hospital
was Susan Karimi, 26, and her shoe
shiner husband George Gachie, 33.
Susan had walked from the Women’s
Ward in the same hospital to console
her husband who lost his eyesight
yesterday. Karimi, from Dallas Estate
in Embu, said she had consumed li-
quor worth Sh50 but said her husband
could have consumed more.
Yesterday, her only prayer was that
they both survive the worst scare of
their lives.
On a bed nearby, Joseph Maina,
another shoe shiner was muttering
the same prayer. Maina took brew
worth Sh80 at 5pm on Sunday.
“I have been feeling as if I have a
lingering hangover the whole of Mon-
day until evening when I started hav-
ing difficulties with my eyesight. It
started to get blurred and now I can-
not see anything at all,” said Maina,
who was sharing a hospital bed with
another victim, Mr Joseph Kinyua.
“If God saves me from this ordeal.
I will never drink again,” said Kinyua,
who confessed that he frequented
“Mathee’s” place for a drink.
On average, Kinyua makes Sh300
from his shoe care business and any
merry making exceeding Sh80, he
said, would be extravagant.
1 2
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A Captain of Industry in the Hospitality Industry
“We strive to understand the needs of our customers and innovate products and services
that suit their diverse needs”
Embu has highest
number of casualties
as deaths are also
reported in Kitui,
Kiambu, Makueni
NATIONAL NEWS / Page 7 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Shock, anger as toxic brew leaves at least 53 people dead
A deputy primary school head
teacher was among six people who
died after consuming suspected con-
taminated liquor at Katilini shopping
centre in Kitui County.
Twelve other victims of the killer
brew were admitted to Mutomo Mis-
sion Hospital suffering from stomach
Kitui County Police Commander
Cheruto Githinji said Paul Muinde
Munguti, 55, the deputy head teacher
of Sembeni Primary School in Maluma
location, was pronounced dead on ar-
rival at the hospital.
Githinji said the teacher was the
proprietor of a den where the killer li-
quor “Countryman” was sold.
She said those hospitalised were
first treated at Kalitini Health Centre
and discharged and later taken to the
Catholic Church hospital for further
“I have instructed my officers to
move swiftly and do thorough investi-
gation about the origin of the killer
brew and make any necessary arrests.
It is unfortunate that Munguti, who
could have helped us to get to the bot-
tom of the matter, also died in the in-
cident,” said Githinji.
More than 10 people in Kithuki lo-
cation, Makueni County, died yester-
day after consuming poisoned liquor
and several others were blinded by the
killer brew. By the time of going to
press yesterday, more victims of the
killer brew were being whisked to
Makueni Level 4 Hospital after com-
plaining of blurred vision, stomach
pain and general body weakness.
According to Makueni County Di-
rector of Health, Dr Kiliko Kiuluku, the
patients suffered from methanol poi-
Some of the victims interviewed by
The Standard at the Makueni Hospital
said they consumed a brew named
‘Countryman’ on Sunday.
“I went drinking in our local bar at
Kithuki market on Sunday at 5pm, but
I cannot remember the time I left. I
spent the whole day Monday sleeping
and was brought here on Tuesday after
collapsing from dizziness,” said Mun-
wyoki Ngovya.
Ngovya was taking the brew for the
first time since he quit three months
Among those who perished is a bar
owner Wavinya Kavita. According to
Flora Mutheu, a businesswoman, Wav-
inya was seen drinking with two other
customers, a man and his wife, on Sun-
day and closed the bar around 11pm.
She is said to have passed on at 3am on
The man she was seen drinking
with died on Tuesday afternoon, while
his wife is in critical condition.
Mutheu said the liquor, sold in plas-
tic containers at Sh120, and tots of
Sh20 has been in the market for long.
Mutheu said the brew is supplied
by a businessman from Thika. He has
a store in Kathonzweni town. The busi-
nessman reportedly switched off his
phone immediately after news of the
deaths broke out.
When The Standard visited the hos-
pital, medical officers were in a frenzy
to save lives of unconscious victims.
‘Countryman’ blamed for
deaths of ten in Makueni
Deputy primary school head,
five others succumb in Kitui
10 die after drinking ‘pure methanol’ in Kiambu
Ten people have died and others
have developed health complications
after allegedly consuming an illicit
brew at a village in Limuru, Kiambu
County Commissioner Esther Mai-
na said the deaths started occurring on
Sunday night. She said the victims
from Nazareth village consumed pure
methanol, which was sold to them by
one of the victims, David Mungai — a
notorious illicit brew dealer.
Three died on Sunday, three at the
Kenyatta National Hospital where they
were undergoing treatment while the
others were found in the dense Kam-
waki Forest near Limuru Girls High
School. Yesterday, the commissioner
told The Standard that six of the vic-
tims, who are all men, were relatives,
Mungai included.
“They were evading the police be-
cause there is a regular crackdown
which has been going on every day in
the area and so the dealer opted to sell
the brew from inside the forests and it
is there the victims began experiencing
complications and others died,” she
Ms Maina said the public reported
the matter to police after some victims
went home and started complaining of
visual problems. After investigations,
the police were led to a den where the
brew was being sold only for them to
find bodies lying nearby.
Maina said they took samples of the
liquor to the Government chemist for
analysis, where it was discovered it was
pure methanol. Mungai had been
charged three times before and was
out on bond. The police have arrested
five people who were together with the
victims, adding that the crackdown is
still ongoing.
“We have done a lot of work and
that is why the brewer and his consum-
ers had opted to go inside the forest
where there is no homestead in the
neighbourhood,” she said.
Last week, during a county security
meeting Maina said seven chiefs were
interdicted and were under investiga-
tions for alleged misconduct and pro-
tecting illicit brewers. She said their
names have been forward to the prin-
ciple secretary for interior Coordina-
tion for action.
This is not the fist time Kiambu is
feeling the effects of illicit brew. Three
years ago, more than 50 people died in
Banana, Muchatha, Ruiru and Thin-
digua after consuming illicit brews.
1. Joseph Wachira, a
victim of the killer
brews at Embu
Embu Provincial
Hospital yesterday.
2. Cyrus Njiru, a
victim recuperating
at Embu Provincial
3. Deborah Karimi
(left), and Susan
Wanja, also victims
of brew that killed
25 people in Embu.
4. Chairman of
Nacada John
Mututho takes
notes as a victim
narrates her ordeal
at Embu Provincial
5. Dr David Njaria
(right) attends to a
victim of the brew
at Embu Provincial
Hospital. [PHOTOS:
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
SRC Chairperson Sarah Serem (Right) chats with parliamentary Budget and
Appropriations Committee Chairman Mutava Musyimi. SRC yesterday met
various State institutions over the ballooning wage bill. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD] By JACKSON OKOTH
County governments are engaging
in wasteful spending at the expense
of development. In the list of griev-
ances against public officers include
purchase of luxury vehicles, offices
and residential perches for top execu-
tives, as well as numerous workshops
held in high-end resorts.
These are some of the views col-
lected from the public during the dia-
logue at the county level on the pub-
lic wage bill, conducted by the Salaries
and Remuneration Commission
The SRC findings also brought to
the fore claims of massive corruption
as unscrupulous officials ask for
bribes to expedite the slow and te-
dious public procurement, creating a
gravy train for corrupt individuals
within the devolved units.
In a list of far reaching recommen-
dations, wananchi now want corrupt
officials punished. The public also
recommended the enhancing of rev-
enue collection and job evaluations
done to determine who is paid for
what and at the same time weed out
ghost workers. To ensure saving, Ke-
nyans have advised counties to use
State institutions when holding work-
shops and seminars.
“The public is concerned that
there is a lot of wastage at the county
government level and yet no one
seems to be held accountable. Cases
of corruption and misuse of public
resources is on the rise because no
one is being held accountable. We are
already working on a public wage bill
policy document that is legally bind-
ing and will be ready by June,” said
SRC chairperson Sarah Serem.
She made these remarks yesterday
while briefing principal secretaries,
chairpersons of constitutional com-
missions, Transition Authority and
other government agencies on feed-
back from all 47 counties on the on-
going public debate on methods of
taming the spiraling wage bill.
If it sees the light of day, the public
wage policy document will provide
guidelines on how state officers are
paid for various tasks performed
through salaries and allowances. SRC
is also planning to carry out a job
evaluation exercise in all Government
Ministries, departments and agen-
The public complained that it
feels overrepresented, with ward rep-
resentatives and administrators,
senators and MPs, all playing dupli-
cating roles alongside county com-
missioners and other officers in the
now defunct provincial administra-
“The public has expressed con-
cern over duplication of roles at the
counties. This situation was obtained
from the ongoing recruitment of of-
ficers by the county government even
when the same calibre of officers
have been seconded by the national
Government,” said Ms Serem.
The SRC fact-finding mission also
revealed that there is growing con-
cern over lengthy tendering and pro-
curement procedures in public pro-
curement, a situation that has slowed
down service delivery in most county
governments as well as caused delays
in project implementation.
“Huge disparities in remunera-
tion levels have been noticed with
persons doing the same job earning
different salaries. Salary increments
are not based on productivity while a
large pool of public servants given
very little to do, are poorly equipped
with no one held accountable for
service delivery,” said SRC director of
remuneration analysis Nicholas Si-
Available figures indicate that the
country’s public sector wage bill now
consumes an estimated 13 per cent of
the Gross Domestic Product (GDP),
way above the international best
practice of seven per cent.
In its recommendations, the pub-
lic now wants legislation put in place
to guide on allowances with a view to
abolishing some of them. Officers on
salary especially MPs and MCAs are
paid sitting allowance to perform
their routine duty leading to double
“The public has recommended
reduction in number of allowances
while entertainment and responsibil-
ity allowances be abolished; sitting
allowances be overhauled to deserv-
ing levels only for example part time
Boards,” said Siwatom.
Frequency of sitting allowance
prevails in constitutional commis-
sions and the Legislature both at
National and County be reviewed as
the core functions are already re-
warded through salary payments.”
The SRC also heard that there is
lack of transparency and account-
ability in the public sector, including
leakages and lack of prosecution of
corrupt officials.
“We have cases of prices for hous-
es bought for county officers having
been bloated while cost of purchas-
ing new vehicles overstated. We have
seen travel expenses recorded on
paper while no actual travel took
place,” said Ethics and Anti-Corrup-
tion Commission chairman Mumo
• Remuneration levels at both
the national and county gov-
ernments should be harmo-
nized to refect equal pay for
work of equal value
• Once all remuneration lev-
els in the public Service are
harmonized, further, review
should only be occasioned
only by either improved per-
formance/ productivity of the
offcers, institutions or stable
positive growth of the economy
That Job evaluation exercise
should be conducted for all
staff in the Public Service to
determine the value, and or
worth of a job in relation to
other jobs in the public service
Public outrage on
cash wastage in
Wananchi want job
evaluations done to
determine who is paid
for what and weed
out ghost workers
Page 5 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Page 6 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
How Uhuru made a case against Anglo Leasing
task of justifying payments for the
same Anglo Leasing contracts he once
condemned as “a scam” and “a system
to continue robbing the country
The Jubilee Government’s propos-
al to pay Sh1.4 billion to settle a claim
arising from one of the dubious 18 se-
curity-related contracts has stirred
Anglo Leasing ‘ghosts’ and split the
ruling coalition.
But the latest clamour has an un-
canny coincidence with events that
led to conception of the Sh55 billion
scandal in 2001 and Uhuru’s grim pre-
diction in Parliament on the after-
noon of April 5, 2006.
Then, as Official Leader of Oppo-
sition, Uhuru had warned that unless
the House stopped the shadowy ar-
chitects of the scam, they would re-
turn even in “Governments to come”.
As fate would have it, his Jubilee
administration has been the one to
pick part of the bills on the table with
others waiting in the wings as the as-
yet unknown contractors exert pres-
sure that they too be cleared.
“I have no fear in saying that those
individuals have no loyalty to this
country but to themselves. They ex-
isted in the previous government and
exist in the current one,” he said, re-
ferring to the Kanu regime under
which the deals were conceived and
its successor, National Rainbow Coali-
tion, whose leaders steamrolled the
gravy train.
“Unless this House takes appropri-
ate action, they will continue to exist
even in the Government to come,”
warned Uhuru, then the chairman of
the Public Accounts Committee (PAC),
while moving the motion for the
adoption of a special audit report on
procurement of passport issuing
equipment, one of the 18 shady con-
In an ironic twist of events, the
faceless merchants have returned to
raid the public coffers under his ad-
ministration, which is lobbying Par-
liament to approve the Sh1.4 billion
payout to First Mercantile after a con-
troversial award by a London court.
The Anglo Leasing debt, Uhuru
added in 2006, was never approved by
the House and had been secured by
circumventing the budgetary process
under the guise of security.
“This is not about the Government
today or the Government yesterday.
This is about the lives of 30 million Ke-
nyans and the resources that are put
to their disposal, which are currently
being misused by a few individuals.
This is what this House must put an
end to,” he rallied the MPs.
To highlight how the country was
ripped off through overpricing, he
said the project was supposed to cost
Sh600 million but “miraculously”,
shot up to Sh2.7 billion.
“Anglo Leasing is a system that has
been used to systematically fleece the
taxpayers and the Kenyan public un-
der the guise of security,” he told MPs
to thunderous applause, according to
Hansard (official records of parlia-
mentary proceedings) seen by The
“This is a system that, if not
brought to check, will continue to rob
this nation of the much-needed re-
sources that could be used to better
the lives of millions and millions of
Kenyans,” he added.
Now President Uhuru finds him-
self in the tricky position where his
government is having to push for the
Anglo Leasing payments he had re-
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry
Rotich has said the State’s assets
abroad are at risk of being attached to
settle the claim, which is also attract-
ing high interest.
Rotich also explains the cases are
affecting the issuance of the Sovereign
Bond through which Kenya hopes to
raise US$1.5 billion to fund infrastruc-
ture projects.
In a legal opinion to the Treasury
dated April 3, Attorney General Githu
Muigai concluded there are no further
legal avenues available to Kenya apart
from settling the payments. “Our le-
gal advice is that the republic should
accept the negotiated amount which
is reasonable as it will result in a dis-
count and save the government from
further losses by signing the settle-
ment agreement as drafted,” argued
But the Law Society of Kenya,
which moved to court on Monday
seeking to block Anglo Leasing pay-
ments, argues the consent used by the
judge to order the government to pay
was not signed by lawyers represent-
ing Kenya.
LSK argues Kenya can reopen the
litigation citing evidence the con-
tracts were corruptly procured. “Ac-
cording to the law, a judgment that
forces the people of Kenya to pay for
corrupt deals is a judgment contrary
to public policy,’’ LSK said in its appli-
cation through lawyer James Mwa-
Aliquam vitae erat. Fusce auctor, nisl quis fringilla laoreet, sapien metus sus-
cipit pede, non ultrices lacus dolor at nisi. Mauris volutpat. odio [PHOTO: JOHN
Continued from P1
Ironically, Anglo leasing deals were
conceived in 2001 under similar pres-
sure for cash and runaway insecurity,
as the spate of terror attacks gripping
the country today.
Uhuru in 2006 explained to the
House that pressed for cash, following
suspension of donor support and
growing insecurity, Cabinet at a meet-
ing on July 27, 2001 approved the use
of lease-financing as the appropriate
mode of funding high -projects in
housing, transport, and forensic labo-
Cabinet also then approved the
use of supplier credits for essential se-
curity equipment and supplies, he
added. “Under the general approval,
began a scam; a scam involving a few
businessmen, politicians and civil
servants. That scam involved over 18
different contracts worth well over
Sh55 billion, signed between 1997 and
2003,” he said.
He explained Anglo-leasing relat-
ed projects “represented three of the
most prominent characteristics of
corruption in our country”.
“They represent impunity, negli-
gence and recklessness in the man-
agement of public resources. They al-
so represent the regrettable feature of
lack of responsibility and unaccount-
able conscience on the part of those
charged with the management of na-
tional resources that are put under
them,” Uhuru argued.
“It is a scam because the basic un-
Uhuru in 2006 explained to
the House that pressed for
cash following suspension
of donor support and
growing insecurity, Cabinet
at a meeting on July 27, 2001
approved the use of lease-
financing as the appropriate
mode of funding high-projects
in housing, transport, and
forensic laboratories. “Under
the general approval, began a
scam; a scam involving a few
businessmen, politicians and
civil servants,” he said.
derstanding of what was meant by the
use of lease financing to a layman is
the fact that because you are short of
cash, you go to a financing institution
that specialises in lease finance, pay
your commitment fee and other up-
front payments and then take delivery
of whatever good or services you re-
“Upon taking delivery of the goods
and services, and as you continue to
enjoy them, you are thereafter com-
mitted to making your monthly pay-
ments plus interest until such time
that you have paid your dues to the fi-
nancing entity in full,” he said.
“Dare I say that none of that was
evident in any of those Anglo Leasing-
related projects! Despite commitment
fees being paid, despite the fact that
payments were being made on a reg-
ular basis, the Government did not re-
ceive the goods and services that it
was supposed to be enjoying. The
Government did not receive the ben-
efits that it was supposed to receive
under the financing arrangements.”
He added: “In a nutshell what was
happening was that lease finance
companies, many of whom we are yet
to prove their actual existence, sprung
up and merrily acted as middlemen.
They signed contracts with govern-
ment, received funds from the gov-
ernment and in short slowly passed
on some of the money to legitimate
suppliers. The suppliers, since they
were not part of the initial deals, said:
‘We want our money before we deliv-
“So we continued to pay. The so-
called finance companies would hive
off their chunk and pass it on. In a
nutshell, the government was financ-
ing itself through a middleman. The
government was paying interest on its
own monies,” Uhuru told the House.
The PAC chairman said it was dif-
ficult to believe the rip-off could have
taken place with some junior civil ser-
vants and some unknown business-
men being the culprits.
Uhuru said the former Gover-
nance and Ethics PS, John Githongo,
who had fled Kenya to exile in Lon-
don, citing threats to his life, provided
the missing link in his testimony.
Githongo, Uhuru explained, was
able to link the 18 projects to three in-
dividuals; Anura Pereira, Amin Juma
and Deepak Kamani and relatives. “All
those projects were handled by the
same individuals. It is therefore clear
to us that this was not just a one-off
thing. This was something that was
developed over time and a lot of
thought and energy was put up to cre-
ate a system to continue robbing the
country blindly,” he said.
The resurrection
of scandal
President Uhuru Kenyatta inspects a guard of honour. INSET: Uhuru, then the
Opposition Leader during a tour of Kongowea in Mombasa. In 2006, he ex-
plained to Parliament how the Anglo Leasing scam began. [PHOTO: FILE/STAN-
– Chief Executive, Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC)
A Captain of Industry in quality provision of clearing and settlement services
in the Capital Markets.
“In order to boost investor confidence in the Market, we have created customized solutions which will ensure
that you, the investor, is aware of the transactions that happen in your CDS account whenever they occur.”
I am Rose Mambo
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS / Page 7
Deputy President William Ruto and his co-
accused Joshua Sang are seeking leave from The
Hague judges to formally appeal the decision to
compel eight witnesses to testify against them.
Basing their arguments on the dissenting
opinion of Judge Olga Herrera Carbuccia, the
two maintained that the decision by the major-
ity would infringe on their right to fair trial.
“Compelled witnesses, who appear before
the Chamber in order to avoid fines and/or im-
prisonment, will feel coerced into adopting their
original statements, even though prior to being
compelled these witnesses went to great lengths
to dissociate themselves from the content there-
of,” argued Mr Ruto’s lead counsel Karim
“The creation of a coercive environment and
the rejection of the principle of voluntary ap-
pearance, thus, significantly engage issues of
fairness,” he added.
On April 17, the judges by majority allowed
an application by the Prosecution to have the
Kenyan authorities forced to avail the witnesses
using all means available under the laws of Ke-
The eight witnesses, whom ICC Prosecutor
Fatou Bensouda has described as ‘insiders’, gave
statements to the court’s investigators but later
withdrew from the process citing personal rea-
Mr Sang’s lawyer Katwa Kigen said the wit-
nesses could still challenge the summonses on
Kenyan courts thereby affecting the expedi-
tiousness of the proceedings.
“The length of a domestic court challenge is
not precisely known, but it is safe to say that it
could take upwards of six months, as has been
seen in the Barasa case,” Mr Kigen said.
In their application dated Monday, Khan and
Kigen pleaded with the trial judges to allow
them to challenge the decision saying if the rul-
ing was incorrect, it would taint the case going
Khan predicted that Ms Bensouda was likely
to submit further requests for witnesses to be
compelled to testify.
“Simply put, if the decision is wrong, it will
taint the case going forward,” argued the British
lawyer adding:
“Determination of the three issues by the Ap-
peals Chamber at this stage would, therefore,
ensure that proceedings ‘follow the right course’,
and ‘provides a safety net for the integrity of the
Petitioner accuses
Mutunga of displaying
bias at JSC hearing
Dan Alila has
questioned the
Chief Justice’s
grasp of the basic
principle of law
A petitioner argued his case
against Chief Justice Willy Mu-
tunga during a closed door
hearing of the Judicial Service
Commission (JSC) at the Su-
preme Court Building in Nairo-
bi yesterday.
Dan Alila accused Dr Mu-
tunga of breaching the judicial
code of conduct and ethics as
he allegedly “displayed bias”
and interest by constituting a
three-judge bench, which in-
cluded Justice Mohamed War-
same to hear a constitutional
petition No 11 of 2012.
The bench is reported to
have issued an injunction on
the judges and magistrates vet-
ting board, while Justice War-
same had been summoned to
appear before the board on Oc-
tober 16, 2012. The petition
was heard by JSC members
Samuel Kobia, judge Emilly
Ominde, PSC chairperson Mar-
garet Kobia, Florence Mwan-
gangi (LSK) and Tom Ojienda
(LSK) and chaired by Supreme
Court Judge Smokin Wanjala.
“Justice Mutunga created a
A House committee has
warned two security bosses
that they could face unspeci-
fied consequences if the situa-
tion in the country does not
improve in the next two
The House Committee on
Admnistration and National
Security chaired by Asman Ka-
mama (Tiaty), told Interior
Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole
Lenku and the Inspector Gen-
eral of Police David Kimaiyo to
prepare for stern action if there
are no tangible strategies on
the ground to deal with the spi-
raling wave of terrorist at-
“We will ask them if they
are prepared to make this
country safe. If not, we will tell
them to hang their boots. As a
committee, we will consider
stern action against those in
charge of security. The action
to be taken is however up to
the members to decide,” Ka-
mama, who spoke on behalf of
the other members, said.
He said the current state of
insecurity in the country was
scaring away investors and
that the country was struggling
to win back their confidence.
“At this rate, our tourist in-
dustry is at stake and investors’
confidence is low. The Cabinet
Secretary in charge of security
and the Inspector General
need to show a lot of improve-
ment in their work,” he said.
House team warns security bosses
• Chief Justice Willy Mu-
tunga has been accused
of breaching the judicial
code of conduct and ethics
as he allegedly “displayed
bias” and interest by con-
stituting a three-judge
bench, which included Jus-
tice Mohamed Warsame to
hear a constitutional peti-
tion No 11 of 2012
• He is also accused of try-
ing to infuence the vetting
board’s decision against
Justice Mohamed Ibrahim
fertile ground for conflict of in-
terest on the part of Justice
Warsame, who was set to be
vetted by the board,” said Dr
“It brought to question Jus-
tice Mutunga’s grasp of the ba-
sic principle of law, especially
the judicial code of conduct,
which disallows conflict of in-
terest on the part of judicial of-
Alila questioned whether
the CJ appreciated the judicial
transformation to which the
vetting process plays a critical
role, and which process is
shielded from any judicial in-
tervention as per Section 23(2)
of the sixth schedule of the
“It is my humble submis-
sion to JSC panel that by ap-
Members of the Departmental Committee on National Security and Administration (from left) As-
man Kamama (chairman), Alois Lentoimanga (vice chairman) and members Wajir West MP Ab-
dikadir Ahmed and Samuel Moroto (Kapenguria) address the press at Parliament buildings yester-
Allow us to appeal against forced
testimony, Ruto, Sang urge ICC judges
pointing Justice Warsame to
the three-judge bench was a
display of personal interest,
impartiality and personal bias
in favour of the judge in breach
of the code of conduct and
ethics,” said Alila.
The CJ is also accused of
showing bias by trying to in-
fluence the vetting board’s de-
cision against Justice Mo-
hamed Ibrahim.
In his presentation, Alila
told JSC that Mutunga fa-
voured judge Mohamed. He
said that when the judge first
appeared before the vetting
board on April 27, 2012, he had
162 pending cases in Momba-
sa, 79 in Eldoret, and 29 in Nai-
Alila said that on May 2,
2012, Judge Mohamed re-
quested Mutunga for a three-
month leave to finish the
pending cases.
He told JSC that the leave
was granted effective from
June 1, 2012 to July 20, 2012,
while the judges and vetting
board ruled that Justice Ibra-
him was “unfit to serve” in the
“Once a judicial officer is
determined unsuitable by the
vetting board, he is deemed
removed unless that decision
is reviewed otherwise. The
constitutionality of the judg-
ments, rulings written after Ju-
ly 20 are questionable,” said
Page 8 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
ODM lawmaker wants poll
date moved to December
An ODM legislator has proposed
an amendment to the Constitution to
move the date of general elections in
the country from August to Decem-
The Constitution of Kenya Amend-
ment Bill 2014 proposes changes to
various articles of the supreme law,
which specify that the date of the
General Election shall be on the sec-
ond Tuesday of August.
The sponsor of the Bill, David
Ochieng’ (Ugenya), said the current
August date has had a disruptive ef-
fect on various aspects of the econo-
“In December, people are in their
rural homes and the fear of election
violence does not prevent registered
voters from casting their ballots. All
He argues the current
date disrupts school
calendar, tourism high
season and Kenyans
won’t have time to vote
political parties should be given a
level playing ground,” he said.
The term of the nine commission-
ers expires in November 2017 and two
weeks ago, the Coalition for Reforms
and Democracy (CORD) filed a peti-
tion seeking to kick them out of office
on grounds of incompetence.A review
of the elections date could fuel specu-
lation that it is another strategy by
ODM to ensure the current IEBC of-
ficials do not conduct the next elec-
The proposed amendments seek
to delete the words “the second Tues-
day” in August and substitute them
with “the third Monday in Decem-
“The current date of the General
Election unduly disrupts the educa-
tional calendar, the tourism high
season and the aspirations of a sec-
tion of Kenyans who are not able to
get time out of their busy schedules to
take part in the General Election at
places of their preference,” it reads.
Among articles the Bill seeks to
amend are 101, 136, 177 and 180,
which make reference to the date
when Kenyans are required to cast
their ballots for candidates contesting
for presidential, gubernatorial, parlia-
mentary and county assembly seats.
Article 101 says: “A General Elec-
tion of members of Parliament shall
be held on the second Tuesday in ev-
ery fifth year.”
The consequent articles clarify
that the elections for the other seats
shall be held on a similar date. This
means should the amendments go
through, the current commissioners
shall not be in office by the time the
next General Election are held.
The amendments could, however,
give rise to another debate on wheth-
er MPs could be keen on extending
their terms in office by at least five
more months. In its memorandum of
reasons, however, the Bill clarifies that
its main intention is to end the cur-
rent uncertainty on the poll date.
Police vetting forum
OCPDs, their
deputies and
DCIOs collect
brochures during a
vetting sensitisa-
tion meeting with
the National Police
Service Commis-
sion at Bandari
College in
Mombasa County.
The senior officers
were being
sensitised on the
forthcoming police
vetting exercise
which will be held
in every county
within the Coast
region. [PHOTO:
Leader decries
rising insecurity
Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu has
blamed the rising wave of insecurity
on sabotage from both security agents
and the public, saying they lack col-
lective responsibility.
“Terrorists are forging new tricks
every day and our security forces have
failed to counter them. People are
also not helping in curbing the inse-
curity wave, but instead are blaming
the Government,” he said.
He was speaking at the Vihiga CDF
headquarters after meeting the Uw-
ezo Fund committee to instigate
mechanisms of issuing the cash.
Chanzu accused Kenyans of their
unwillingness to embrace the com-
munity policing initiative.
Five opposition MPs have chal-
lenged the government to secure the
Coalition for Reforms and Democ-
racy MPs Agostino Neto (Ndhiwa),
George Oner (Rangwe), Silvance Osele
(Kabondo Kasipul), Jared Opiyo
(Awendo) and Ken Okoth (Kibra) ex-
pressed concern over escalating terror
attacks in the country in the recent
Speaking during the groundbreak-
ing ceremony for male and female
wards at Magina Health Centre in
Ndhiwa Constituency, the legislators
accused the State of failure to avert
Neto and Oner attributed the at-
tacks to underperformance of the
Kenya Police Service, which they said,
lacked motivation.
“National security is one of the key
functions of a Government. But there
is no way we can have a secure coun-
try if the welfare of security officers is
not catered for. The State should mo-
tivate the police to enable them to do
their work with morale,” Neto said.
Oner said poor salaries was a ma-
jor hindrance to police performance
and told the Government to increase
their salaries. “You cannot expect an
officer to perform well if he is being
afflicted with financial constraints in
his house. They need to be given good
money,” Oner said.
CORD MPs tell
State to secure
Kenya’s borders
The High Court has stopped the
relocation of 500 foreigners to a refu-
gee camp.
High Court judge David Majanja
issued orders stopping Interior Cabi-
net Secretary Joseph ole Lenku from
moving the foreigners in Nairobi and
other urban centres to a refugee
The judge issued the orders fol-
lowing an application by nine peti-
tioners on behalf of 500 aliens who
claim to have invested heavily in East-
The 500 refugees were issued with
alien cards by the Government of Ke-
nya and duly recognised as such when
they sought asylum in Kenya.
They told the court that the Ke-
nyan Government welcomed them in
2006 as asylum seekers and were ad-
vised to invest in the country.
After arrival, they formed an or-
ganisation called Eastleigh Commu-
nity Association, which has a mem-
bership of 513 members who hold
alien certificates.
They asked the court to issue tem-
porary orders stopping the imple-
mentation of the gazette notice sanc-
tioning their relocation, pending the
hearing of their case.
The refugees contend that contin-
ued implementation of the directive
christened Operation Usalama Watch
is a threat to their right to dignity,
movement and own property as en-
shrined in the Constitution.
“The Government’s directive in
this respect, being a blanket directive,
is inconsistent with the provisions of
the Constitution, the Refugee Act and
international law as it amounts to tak-
ing away accrued or acquired rights
by the petitioners without due process
of the law,” said Samow Mohamed.
The petitioners argue that the
policy of relocation and encampment
adopted by the Government fails to
take into account families with chil-
dren, those on medical treatment and
the specific situation of the individual
“The petitioners are likely to face
persecution in those designated refu-
gee camps owing to their ethnic af-
filiation and the Government directive
does not take into account this fact,”
said Mohamed.
The refugees have named Lenku,
the Commissioner for Refugee Affairs
and the Attorney General as respon-
The case will be heard in the pres-
ence of all parties on May 27.
Court stops
relocation of
500 foreigners
• He says in December people
are in their rural homes and
fear of chaos does not prevent
them from voting
• The proposed amendments
seek to delete the words “the
second Tuesday in August”
and substitute them with “the
third Monday in December”
I am Mr. Sam Omukoko, – MD, Metropol Corporation Ltd
A Captain of Industry in Credit Rating and Debt Management
Our vision is to be the recognized as the most respected total credit solutions provider in the East
African region and rest of Africa, with a mission to provide quality services and solutions to clients.
Page 9 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
oday’s healthcare environment demands that medical
institutions provide the highest level of quality service
to ensure patient safety. In the present climate evidence
based Medicine is required. This has necessitated
laboratories, having total quality management programmes. The
concept of accreditation was developed to provide certification of
the competence of laboratories and their staff.
The Mater Hospital Laboratory has developed and established
a laboratory quality management system based on ISO 15189:2007.
The Quality Management system has set standards for quality service
resulting in reliable, accurate and timely results.
The Mater Hospital’s commitment to clinical excellence and
quality has resulted in accreditation of the laboratory to ISO 15189.
This is an international recognition that the laboratory and its staff
are competent to carry out its activities by meeting the quality
management and technical competency requirements.
The Mater laboratory has been independently assessed and has
demonstrated that we consistently deliver technically valid results
and maintain the necessary technical expertise. This assures our
clients that our quality of service is high and that our results can be
traced to a recognized standard that is consistent over time.
The laboratory has come a long way since 1962 when it was a
single room within the hospital. It has continued to grow in capacity
and scope, performing an average of greater than 150,000 tests per
year. Throughout its history The Mater Hospital’s mission was and
has been to deliver timely and compassionate medical services to
our patients and their families to the highest possible standards
through the provision of qualified staff, equipment, facilities and
continuous motivational and training programs.
The laboratory has an Internal Quality Control (IQC) program
that ensures precise and accurate results and participates in
international External Quality Assurance Schemes (EQA).
Achieving accreditation was a challenging and rigorous exercise
which involved intense formal and informal staff training on ISO
15189 standard and its implementation, internal audits, method
validation among other training.
The laboratory staff demonstrated dedicated effort, competence,
commitment and team work and this played the biggest part in the
achievement of accreditation.
Commitment, contribution and support from top management
in the Mater Hospital gave the laboratory staff the confidence and
motivation required to move forth with the project
Moving into the future, it is a requirement of the staff and
management to ensure that the Quality Management system is
maintained by consistently adhering to the documented policies
and standards set, thus assuring our clients of our continued
he attainment of this accreditation status by our
Laboratory marks yet another significant milestone in
our endevour to provide the best possible healthcare
to our clients.
This has been a 3 year journey during which the Laboratory has
been through the most rigorous continuous improvement process
to attain International recognition.
As we congratulate our Laboratory staff and indeed all others
who played a role in this process we remain keenly aware that this
is a commitment to our patients to aim for even higher standards
of service delivery.
We make this pledge with a sense of humility and utmost
Dr. John Muriithi
CEO, The Mater Hospital
am honoured to join you today to
celebrate this momentous occasion
as we accredit The Mater Hospital’s
laboratory with the ISO 15189:2007
Health is among the most basic yet essential
needs for Kenyans today. 75% of all clinical
decisions in a hospital are based on medical
laboratory results; hence accurate laboratory
results are crucial for effective treatment.
Investing in the quality of the medical
laboratories makes more impact on our health
system than more beds in the hospitals. It is on
this basis that I congratulate The Mater Hospital
laboratory for attaining ISO 15189:2007
accreditation as a medical laboratory.
Accreditation provides opportunities to test
and calibrate medical equipment/instruments
for accuracy, enabling medical caregivers to
provide appropriate treatment. Accreditation
will also ensure that one gets accurate diagnosis,
hence the right medication.
Once again, I wish to congratulate The
Mater Hospital for this achievement. Mater is
the third hospital in Kenya to attain this mark.
I hope that more local hospitals will emulate
Mater’s example.
Sammy K. Milgo
Chief Executive Officer,
Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS)
From left; Mr. Sammy Milgo (KENAS CEO), Martha Kimamo (Lab
Manager Mater Hospital) and Dr. John Muriithi (CEO Mater
Hospital) proudly display the accreditation certificate.
It is all smiles for Mater Hospital staff as they receive the accreditation certificate from KENAS officials.
From right: Joe Vaughan (Mater Director Medical Services), Dr. Jamilla Rajab
(Haematologist), Ruth Njoki (Quality Officer), Dr. Chokwe (MAC Chairperson), Mrs.
Martha Kimamo (Lab Manager), Dr. John Muriithi (CEO Mater hospital), Sammy K.
Milgo (KENAS CEO), Dr. Lucy Muchiri (Chief Pathologist) and Susan Ochieng (KENAS
Deputy Director Technical Services) during the accreditation ceremony.
Cutting the cake from left:Sammy K.Milgo (KENAS CEO) Susan Ochieng
(KENAS Deputy Director Technical Services), Mrs. Martha Kimamo
(Lab Manager) and Dr. Lucy Muchiri (Chief pathologist)
RuthNjoki (QualityOfficer)performingaqualitycheckwithElishaGicheche
(Technologist) on the Ruby Haematology Analyzer.
Stephen Kirera (Deputy Lab Manager) and Teresia Mungai
(Technologist) busy at work using the Clinical Biochemistry
Analyzer, Beckman Coulter AU 480.
Page 10 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Two victims of Nyali hotel blast had
criminal records, police maintain
about two suspicious people whom
they thought were up to something
“The two suspects are said to have
booked into the hotel and there are
certain issues that point fingers at
them and that they might have par-
ticipated in the blast incident,” said
the CID boss, referring to the Saturday
evening blast on the beach behind
Reef Hotel.
Regarding Jamal and Suleiman,
police pressed ahead with a hypoth-
esis that they do not have a clean re-
Police in Mombasa have released
the criminal records of two people
killed in Saturday’s bus stage explo-
sion, as an MP threatened to resign
over reports linking Suleiman Mo-
hamed Said and Jamal Mohamed
Awadh to the blast.
According to the records, Jamal
had attended Islamic radicalisation
sessions at the controversial Masjid
Musa in Majengo, Mombasa. The
mosque is being associated with slain
radicals Sheikh Abubakar Sharif alias
Makaburi and Sheikh Aboud Rogo
Mohamed, both said to have had ties
to Al Shabaab and its affiliate, Al Hi-
Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sharif
threatened to resign over claims by
police that the two youths were mem-
bers of Al Shabaab.
Mombasa CID boss Henry Ondiek
unveiled Jamal and Suleiman’s crimi-
nal records and accused their relatives
and human rights groups of trying to
whitewash the deceased’s past.
Meanwhile, Mr Ondiek disclosed
that detectives are holding two sus-
pects of Somalia origin in relation to
the weekend bomb attacks at Nyali
Reef Hotel.
According to Ondiek, the two had
checked into the hotel before the at-
tack but it was not clear if they spent
the night at the hotel, or what time
they were arrested.
He said police received informa-
tion from the hotel management
Family photo of Jamal Mohamed Awadh (second right). Inset: Suleiman Mo-
hamed Said. Their families have disputed police claims that they had criminal
records. [PHOTO: COURTESY]
Offcers say the duo
attended Islamic
radicalisation lessons at
Masjid Musa and were
among those arrested
Interior Cabinet Secretary Jo-
seph Ole Lenku has warned Ke-
nyans against harbouring crimi-
Addressing more than 2,000
chiefs, their assistants, county
and sub-county commissioners
from the lower Eastern region, Ole
Lenku said the Government would
treat such people as criminals
and without mercy.
He said the recent wave of ter-
rorism in the country should not
be misconstrued to mean the
Government has failed to provide
security. The CS attributed the
wave to some dishonest Kenyans
who want to make a killing out of
the bloody business.
Accompanied by his Principal
Secretary Mutea Iringo, Deputy
Inspector General of Police Grace
Kaindi, Eastern regional coordi-
nator Clare Omolo and Machakos
County Commissioner Ann Gaku-
ria, Ole Lenku lauded the security
agencies for doing a good job in
the fight against terrorism.
“So far we have done a great
job in wiping out these criminals
out of the Kenyan soil and it will
be just a little while before we
completely do away with them,”
said Ole Lenku.
Mr Iringo warned officers issu-
ing national identity cards to
aliens to do so at their own peril
as such offences will attract seri-
ous penalties.
“Issuance of IDs to non-Ke-
nyans is the biggest betrayal any
officer can do to his own country,”
he said.
He said the Government is
busy working on repatriating all
aliens to their home countries.
Iringo described the attacks
being witnessed in the country as
‘the last kicks of a dying horse’,
adding that there is no cause for
Lenku warns
against hiding
• Suleiman and Jamal were un-
der police surveillance following
their release from jail
• Although they are not linked to
any terrorist attacks, police say
there were too many coincidenc-
es in the circumstance of their
death to declare them innocent
bystanders to a crime
• Mohamed Awadh is the same
person by the name Jamal killed
in the blast and whom they ar-
rested in the mosque
cord as portrayed by relatives and
sympathetic rights activists.
The Haki Africa Rights group has
spearheaded a campaign to suggest
that police and the media are lying
over the two, insisting that neither of
them was arrested over the February
2 raid on the controversial Musa
Police accuse Haki of mischief,
pointing that the rights group is try-
ing to introduce confusion in the de-
bate. The group supplied a list of 104
suspects it says were arrested in the
mosque on that day, which has nei-
ther Jamal nor Suleiman’s name.
It is not clear when this date was
made because a police list supplied
on February 3, included a Mr Mo-
hamed Awadh as the 25th suspect. In
Haki’s list, there is a similar name,
Awadh, listed as the 24th witness.
Police say the said Mohamed
Awadh is the Jamal killed in the blast
and whom they arrested in the
mosque. Haki has not indicated who
this Mohamed Awadh is or denied this
24th or 25th witness is the deceased.
Meanwhile, Haki Africa’s list refers
to the two killed on Saturday as Sulei-
man Mohamed and Jamal Mbarak,
and police have challenged them to
be categorical about whom they are
Kenya battles
Shabaab militia WAR ON TERROR
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Exclusive to
NATIONAL NEWS / Page 11 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Police foil
terror attack
in school
Police in Garissa foiled a terror
attack targeting primary school
children in the town on Monday
A grenade that was neatly
wrapped in an empty jerrican had
been planted at Boys Town Prima-
ry School play ground by un-
known people during the lunch
Confirming the incident, the
North Eastern head of Criminal
Investigation Department Musa
Yego said the assailants were tar-
geting school children who nor-
mally play in the field at break-
“Shortly before they went out
at breaktime, a member of the
public who was passing nearby
got suspicious saw the jerrican
and suspicious. He notified the
school authorities, who later
called in security personnel to as-
certain the contents of the con-
tainer,” he said.
A loud explosion was heard
within a 10kilometre radius as
military officers detonated the ex-
plosives, leaving a huge crater on
the ground; an indication that it
was too powerful.
“This could have cost many
innocent lives of pupils. We want
to thank members of the public
for reporting the matter to us. We
are appealing to them to continue
with the same spirit if we are to
ensure that peace prevails in Ga-
rissa town,” said the CID boss.
One of the two buses involved in a blast along Thika Road on Sunday. INSET: Some of the crew members of the ill-fated
buses at the Makadara law courts where they were charged with failure to prevent murder and released on a Sh5
million bond each. [PHOTO: FILE and PKEMOI NG’ENOH/STANDARD]
Judiciary reaches out to
security chiefs amid blame
The Judiciary has started engaging
other arms of government on how the
current security situation should be
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga had
asked for a meeting between the Judi-
ciary and the National Security Coun-
cil (NSC) to discuss violent crimes,
terrorism and administration of jus-
tice. However, the meeting is yet to be
The revelations came shortly after
Deputy President William Ruto criti-
Deputy President
has accused judges
of impairing justice
by releasing terror
suspects on bond
• In a letter to the Interior Principal Secre-
tary Mutea Iringo, Chief Registrar of Judiciary
Anne Amadi said the proposed meeting be-
tween the Judiciary and the National Security
Council is aimed at discussing the interface
between national security and the adminis-
tration of justice
• The letter revealed that CJ Dr Willy Mutunga
has in the past held consultations with the Di-
rector General of NIS, Chief of Kenya Defence
Forces and Inspector General of Police on the
issue of security and justice.
• CJ (right) had asked for the meeting but it is
yet to be held
cised magistrates and judges for re-
leasing terror suspects on bond, thus
impeding the war on terror.
However, in a letter to the Interior
Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo,
Chief Registrar of Judiciary Anne
Amadi said the proposed meeting
that is aimed at discussing the inter-
face between national security and
the administration of justice should
exclude both the President and his
“The Judiciary believes that the
discharge of its constitutional man-
date is better served by a greater un-
derstanding of the broader social con-
text within which it operates. This is
what informs Judiciary’s constant en-
gagements with government agen-
cies, business, civil society and aca-
demia mostly through the mediation
of the Judiciary Training Institute
(JTI),” reads part of the letter dated
April 28.
Amadi said it is important for judi-
cial officers to understand the imper-
Five crew members of the buses
attacked in the Sunday twin blasts on
Thika Road have been charged at the
Makadara law courts with failure to
prevent murder.
Robert Gakuru, Geoffrey Mwangi,
Joshua Wambugu, James Miring’u
Munene and Anthony Mutua Masila
allegedly failed to prevent the felony,
namely murder by failing to screen
the passengers while boarding the ve-
This exposed the vehicle to be
blown off by an unknown passenger
resulting to deaths of three people
and several injuries.
But through their lawyer Mbiyu
Kamau, the accused pleaded with the
court to be lenient while giving bond
terms since they earn meager salaries
from their job and that they were also
victims of the attack.
The five denied the charges before
Chief Magistrate Emily Ominde. They
were released on a Sh5 million bond
each and two surety of similar
amounts. The case will be heard on
July 17.
One of the ill-fated buses was fer-
rying passengers from the Central
Business District to Githurai 45 and
the other one to Mwiki in Kasarani be-
fore the Sunday attack.
Police said the well-coordinated
blasts happened concurrently around
5 pm near Homeland area and anoth-
er one at the Roysambu underpass.
The Mwiki Sacco bus was ferrying 51
The impact of the blast was visible
on the two buses that had their win-
dowpanes and other parts completely
At least three people were killed
and 67 wounded when two impro-
vised bombs exploded inside the bus-
The blasts were caused by Impro-
vised Explosive Devices that had been
planted in the two buses
As efforts to tame terrorism
intensify, police have warned
matatu operators who fail to
screen passengers that they will
be prosecuted.
Nairobi police boss Benson
Kibue warned yesterday they
would take action on crew who
fail to carry out the screening
He revealed they would also
position armed police officers at
various bus termini to boost se-
curity as the matatu staff carry
out the exercise.
“The crew must screen the
passengers and know what is
contained in their luggage,” said
Meanwhile, Deputy President
William Ruto has said they plan
to gazette all matatu termini as
part of efforts to contain the new
He spoke at his office after
chairing a security meeting that
discussed the matter. “We plan to
gazette all matatu termini to en-
sure people board and alight at
specific places. We have to ensure
our people are safe,” said Ruto.
The operators wanted special
police units set up at bus termini
along major highways to ensure
passengers boarding public vehi-
cles are not armed.
Matatu Welfare Association
Chairman Dixon Mbugua said
lack of security checks at bus
stops may have given terrorists
an opportunity to carry out their
heinous act.
Rogue matatu
operators put
on notice
of the Police, head of public service
Joseph Kinyua and director of JTI Prof
Joel Ngugi.
Ruto however called on the Judi-
ciary to be a strong partner in the war
against terror. “We call on all players
in the justice, law and order sector to
stand with Kenyans,” he said.
He said records indicate that many
terror suspects have absconded bail
and put themselves beyond the reach
of law enforcement.
Some of the suspects named are
Fuad Abubakar Maswab, who is be-
lieved to have fled to Somalia while
out on a Sh10 million bond and his
co-accused Jermaine John Grant who
had been arrested while in possession
of explosives.
Ruto noted Jamal Mohamed
Awadh and Suleiman Mohammed
Sayyed were also out on bond and
their families confirmed that they
both died last Sunday while executing
a bomb attack in Mombasa at the
Mwembe Tayari bus stop.
“Those who have fled to Somalia
intend to continue their terror activi-
ties. While they are abroad, the cases
against them cannot proceed, seri-
ously impairing the quest for justice
and law enforcement,” he said.
At least 22 terrorism suspects are
out on bond.
“Our collective security is a shared
responsibility, thus every person must
play his or her part in maintaining un-
wavering vigilance,” Ruto said.
Bus crew charged over city blasts
atives and challenges of national se-
curity and that the proposed meeting
will afford the other two arms of the
Government an invaluable forum to
share perspectives on the critical is-
sue in public interest.
She added the CJ had asked the JTI
to convene and host the Judiciary-
NSC session at a date to be mutually
agreed upon and in consultation with
the council, agree on the method,
structure and duration of the meet-
The letter revealed the CJ has in
the past held consultations wit the Di-
rector General of NIS, Chief of Kenya
Defence Forces and the Inspector
General of Police on the issue of secu-
rity and justice.
It was copied to Cabinet Secretar-
ies for Interior, Defence, Foreign Af-
fairs, the Commader of the Defence
Force, Director General of NIS, AG
Githu Muigai, the Inspector General
Kenya battles
Shabaab militia WAR ON TERROR
Page 12 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
opposes KDF
recall from
The National Assembly’s De-
fence and Foreign Relations
Committee yesterday told the Ju-
bilee administration not to with-
draw Kenya’s forces from Soma-
lia, despite mounting pressure
from the opposition.
The vice-chairman of the
committee, Barre Shill (Fafi) told
a news conference at Parliament
buildings that if the Jubilee Gov-
ernment got the Kenyan military
out of the conflict-ridden Soma-
lia, then Kenya will be seen to be
“weak and cowardly”.
“We’re telling the Government
of Kenya that they should never
even dream of withdrawing the
troops from Somalia,” said Shill.
Mr Shill was at the press con-
ference with MPs John Lodepe
(Turkana Central), Ibrahim Sane
(Garsen) and Elisha Busienei
“If our troops are there (in So-
malia) and they (Al-Shabaab)
have been hitting us, what do
you think will happen when they
(Kenyan military) leave? We’ll
look cowardly and vulnerable,”
said Shill.
He added: “Some people think
when we withdraw our troops
from Somalia, Al Shabaab will sit
back and say “Thank You Kenya!”
No! They will not. This is an ide-
ological war.
“Al Shabaab wants to instill
fear in people so that you cannot
go into the bus, into a mall or in
the church. We cannot agree to
that,” Shill said.
The lawmakers, whose com-
mittee investigated last year’s
Westgate Mall terror attack, were
at pains to explain why their re-
port on Westgate – which had
recommendations on how to
tackle terror in the country – was
thrown out because of what the
National Assembly said was “a
shoddy job”.
Lodepe added: “If we get our
troops out of Somalia, it will
show that we are going down as
a country. It will show that we are
weak. Tunataka wakae huko ndio
dunia ijue Kenya iko imara (We
want them to stay there so the
world will know Kenya is
Shill, Sane, Busienei and
Lodepe said the Judiciary should
lock up all terror suspects, until
they are sure beyond reasonable
doubt “that these people are not
involved in terrorism”.
Article 49 of the Constitution
grants arrested persons the right
“to be released on bond or bail,
on reasonable conditions, pend-
ing a charge or trial, unless there
are compelling reasons not to be
The Judiciary, buoyed by pro-
visions of the Constitution, has
been releasing some of the terror
suspects, if the prosecution fails
to show why they should contin-
ue being held. The MPs, however,
want every terror suspect to be
locked up.
Migori Governor Okoth Obado (in grey suit) follows proceedings at the Supreme Court, yesterday. The court has
concluded hearing of his petition seeking to overturn the decision of the Appeal Court to nullify his win as the county’s
See what others are saying,
join us Online:
Team that backed
Wambora’s ouster
to hear his case
The Senate re-constituted the
same committee that had recom-
mended the impeachment of embat-
tled Embu Governor Martin Wambora
(pictured) to undertake a fresh look
at the allegations now made against
Efforts by a section of senators to
have the list amended to bring in new
members were defeated. The senators
Senate has placed
same committee
that recommended
governor’s removal to
probe him afresh
• Senators Wilfred Machage (Migori) and
Steward Madzayo (Kilif) had argued that the
committee might be perceived as having a
pre-determined opinion over the matter
• Even as the senators voted to maintain the
same membership they pleaded with the
committee to treat the matter as though it
was coming before them for the frst time
• Those to sit in the committee are Kipchum-
ba Murkomen, Kimani Wamatangi, Zipporah
Kittony, Wilfred Lesan, Naisula Lesuuda, Peter
Mositet, James Orengo, Boni Khalwale, Boy
Juma Boy, Hargura Godana and Judith Sijeny
argued that there would be fears that
selecting the same membership might
mean a similar verdict.
Senators Wilfred Machage (Migori)
and Steward Madzayo (Kilifi) had ar-
gued that the committee might be
perceived as having a pre-determined
opinion over the matter.
However, majority of senators op-
posed this argument, entrusting the
committee with the duty to undertake
a fresh hearing. The senators unani-
mously voted for the constitution of
the committee, with 35 of the 47 elect-
ed senators in the House approving
the Motion.
But even as the senators voted to
maintain the same membership they
pleaded with the committee to treat
the matter as though it was coming
before them for the first time.
“This committee must approach
these matters with an open mind and
Migori Governor Okoth Obado will
know his fate by way of notice after
the Supreme Court concluded hear-
ing his election petition yesterday.
The county chief seeks to overturn
the decision of the Appeal Court in
nullifying his March 4, 2013, win.
Prof Edward Oyugi, through law-
yer Musalia Mwenesi, submitted that
the Appeal Court was okay with ap-
praising the findings of the High Court
that there was election malpractice.
“The Appeal Court rule 29 pro-
vides that the court appraises the
findings of the High Court and on in-
ference to issues of fact, it can arrive
at a decision and can only appraise
matters before the trial court,” Mwe-
nesi said.
He added that some stations had
results of candidates adjusted and
that the polls for Kuria West arrived a
day before President Uhuru Kenyatta
was sworn into office.
Oyugi had moved to court by then.
However, lawyer Okong’o Omogeni
told the judges that the Appeal Court
erred in analysing the issues of fact
that the court has no jurisdiction
In response, Oyugi’s lawyer said
there was no evidence tabled in the
Supreme Court that there was any
principle of interpreting the Constitu-
tion contravened by the Appeal Court.
Mwenesi submitted that election re-
sults for Kuria West Constituency were
declared a day before Uhuru was
sworn in.
But the counsel for Obado argued
that indeed there were irregularities
in the Migori County elections but
they did not affect the final result an-
For example, in Suna East, the af-
fidavit by Oyugi showed that he had
obtained 22,450 votes but it was de-
clared that he had garnered 22,000.
Meanwhile, Obado continues to
serve as governor pending the deter-
mination of the case by way of notice
from the registrar of the Supreme
Kenya still faces a challenge in the
use of modern technology to effec-
tively combat terrorism, cybercrime
and other emerging crimes, Attorney
General Githu Muigai has said.
Speaking during the Common-
wealth Law Ministers Meeting at the
Gaborone International Convention
Centre in Botswana, Githu said the
threat from international terrorism is
a serious concern for Kenya and that
there is a dire need for the Kenyan
Government to build capacity for
judges and other judicial officials to
deal with terror.
“The country has been a target of
various terrorist attacks that continue
to claim lives of innocent Kenyans
and destroy property. These attacks,
caused by the Al Shabaab group, are
a threat to our national sovereignty,
statehood and integrity,” he said.
The AG said it is important for the
country to vigorously fight terrorism
so as to maintain peace and stability
for development.
He said it is on that note that Ke-
nya will be looking forward to ways of
enhancing judicial development by
the end of the three-day meeting,
which ends tomorrow.
He, however, told the meeting that
the Kenyan Government has enacted
the Prevention of Terrorism Bill to
provide a legislative framework for
the fight against the heinous acts.
Githu also listed corruption, eco-
nomic and financial crimes as major
impediments to development that
Kenya is still struggling to offload.
Githu: Kenya
still struggling
to fight terror
great sobriety. We must assume that
we do not know the issues contained
in the statements forwarded to us
now by the County Assembly of Em-
bu,” said Majority Leader Kithure
Kindiki while moving the Motion for
the committee’s constitution.
Senators urged the committee to
ensure that they treat the governor in
a just manner and avoid getting car-
ried away by the evidence of the for-
mer process.
“We are here today because the
Embu assembly has sent to Senate in-
struments of impeaching their gover-
nor, not because of a decision of a
court,” Kindiki said.
The Tharaka Nithi senator argued
that the Judiciary, though an indepen-
dent arm of Government, was inferior
in hierarchy to the legislature, as it did
Governor to know his fate via notice
not draw its mandate directly from
the electorate, like Parliament does.
Minority Leader Moses Wetang’ula
said the team must conduct itself in a
way it will enjoy the trust of parties
who will be involved in the hearings.
“The committee must make the
parties that appear before it feel that
theirs is a bastion of justice and fair-
ness. Members should not be clouded
by the notion that they had heard of
the accusation made against Wambo-
ra before,” said Wetang’ula.
Senators unanimously voted for
the constitution of the team, with 35
of the 47 elected senators in the House
approving the Motion.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS/ Page 13
The Wiper Democratic Movement
party yesterday issued two nomina-
tion certificates to candidates vying in
the upcoming by-elections in Bon-
chari constituency in Kisii County and
Mua ward in Meru County.
Charles Onyancha formerly of
ODM who defected to Wiper, was is-
sued with a nomination certificate
and cleared to vie for the upcoming
election while Joshua Kamenchu was
also presented with a certificate to vie
for the Mau Ward by-election.
Both candidates exuded confi-
dence of clinching the respective seats
in the by-elections and said they were
grateful to wiper for accommodating
them in their hour of need.
Onyancha particularly thanked
party leader Kalonzo Musyoka for his
confidence in him, adding that voters
have already given him the green light
to join the wiper party.
Kalonzo while presenting the two
with nomination certificates said he
is confident they will deliver their re-
spective seats to the Wiper party.
“CORD is one big and democratic
family and so we do not expect any
hostilities among our candidates,” Ka-
lonzo said.
Wiper clears
duo to vie in
mini polls
Polio makes
come back in
10 countries,
says health
body p24
Iran admiral
says they will
hit US ships
in case of war
Consumer body sues digital TV distributors
without the three channels from April
11 this year and that they have not
had any compensation from the sig-
nal distributors. No apology has been
passed to consumers the court
“It is the responsibility of the first
and second respondents to compen-
sate the affected subscribers,” said
Kurauka. In the petition, the body
blamed Communications Authority
of Kenya for laxity and turning a deaf
ear to complaints by consumers.
“The respondents have fallen short
of integrity, transparency and ac-
countability to the many consumers
they have affected by non-provision
of services and disregarding the con-
sumers who have complained to them
in the mainstream media, social me-
dia and to the three of them in vain,”
said Kurauka.
The court heard that the two up-
per courts did not take into consider-
ation the predicament of the consum-
ers who had already pre-paid for the
services that were abruptly terminat-
ed. He said the cessation of transmis-
sion of content from FTA channels
has inconvenienced consumers who
are not a party to the dispute between
the signal distributors and the three
media houses.
Justice Ngugi ordered that the re-
spondents be served and appear be-
fore the court on May 18.
The Consumer Federation of Ke-
nya (Cofek) has sued two digital tele-
vision distributors over failure to relay
free to air channels from three media
Cofek who filed the suit under a
certificate of urgency said GOTV and
Star Times have failed to broker con-
sent with Kenya Television Network
(KTN), NTV and Citizen TV to the det-
riment of consumers, who bought
their decoders with the hope of re-
ceiving the same under the digital
The consumer body told High
Court Judge Mumbi Ngugi that the
Supreme Court had temporarily up-
held the decision of the Appellate
Court, which required the two not to
air the FTA channels without the con-
sent of the media houses, but now
wants the court to compel them to air
the channels.
“Seeking the said consent was a
sole responsibility of the first and the
second respondent and consumers or
subscribers, especially those who had
prepaid, were not under any obliga-
tion to suffer in any manner and for
whatever period, as such consent was
being sought,” said Henry Kurauka,
the lawyer representing Cofek.
Cofek said many consumers who
had paid full bouquets have had to do
Cofek has taken GOTV
and Star Times to court
for failure to provide
consumers with three
free to air channels
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
50 deaths from illicit
brew is mindboggling
The Standard is printed and published by the proprietors,
Newsdesk: 3222111
Fax: 2213108
Group Managing Editor (Print): Kipkoech Tanui
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper.
Attacks not good reason to withdraw KDF from Somalia
t least 50 people have been reported dead
after they consumed outlawed brews in Embu,
Kitui, Makueni and Kiambu counties. Hun-
dreds others are hospitalised with serious sicknesses
and loss of sight. It is not the first time such incidents
have happened. We hope this will be the last time,
When the Government zero-rated East African Brew-
eries Ltd’s Senator Keg, the aim was to draw away
consumers from illicit concoctions often laced with
poison to the healthier, cheap and branded drinks. This
seemed to have worked for some time. But then duty
was imposed in the 2013 Budget, pushing the price up
by 60 per cent to Sh40, thereby pricing out the targeted
consumers and reversing the gains envisaged by EABL
and policy-makers then. It was back to the dance with
death with the poor imbibing brews that are made
without regard to safety and not subjected to any
quality tests. While brewers who deliberately lace their
drinks with poisonous substances to make them more
potent deserve punishment, causes that make people
so reckless with their lives should be addressed. And
that includes assessing policies that have far-reaching
consequences, like imposition of duty on cheaper,
healthier options. There is a correlation between high
illiteracy levels, joblessness and the consumption of
illicit brews. As the stresses of life pile, the poor who
are most vulnerable find temporary solace in cheap
alcohol, but often with disastrous results.
In other words, drunkenness is a consequence of
other societal issues that could be addressed through
proper legislation and regulation. Therefore, consider-
ing that local brews are banned, what role does county
governments and local administrators play in assisting
such bodies like the National Campaign Against Drug
Abuse (Nacada) eliminate this source of death?
Apparently, previously reported cases have not acted as
effective deterrents. It is time to find longer-lasting
solutions to prevent such needless deaths.

Kenyu's BoId Newspuper 1hursday, becember 20, 2012
No. 29227
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exIfu week Io InIofmIhe BegIsIfuf oI PoIIIIcuI
PufIIes Ihe nume oI IIs pfesIdenIIuI cundIduIe
IoIIowIng Ihe Iupse oI InIIIuI 14-duy pefIod
counIIng IfomDecembef 4.
ThIs meuns DepuIy PfIme MInIsIefs
Uhufu KenyuIIu und MusuIIu MuduvudI huve
mofe IIme Io compfomIse on wheIhef one
oI IhemwIII be pIcked üug-beufef by wuy oI
consensus of deIeguIe sysIem.
II wus dIsugfeemenI beIween Ihe Iwo ovef
Ihe Iwo sysIems IhuI Ihfew Ihe uIIIunce InIo
conIusIon und deIuyed numIng oI u üug-
beufef IhIs week.
BuI even us Ihe pefIod Iof negoIIuIIons
wIdened, MuduvudI`s cIosesI uIIIes
muInIuInedIhuI whuIevef Ihe ouIcome, IheIf
cundIduIe wouId funInIhe Mufch4 eIecIIon.
MuduvudI`s nuIIonuI cumpuIgn coofdInuIof
Df MukhIsu KIIuyI feveuIed Ihe pufIy wus
expIofIng uII uvenues Io uddfess Ihe Impusse.
¨We huve Ihe exII wIndowund IIme Is noI on
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PfesIdenI KIbukI cIosed hIs
b0-yeuf coIoufIuI hIsIofy In Puf-
IIumenI wIIh un exhofIuIIon Io
MPs Io use Ihe House`s poIenIIuI
Io fudIcuIIy IfunsIofm peopIe`s
The PfesIdenI, who wus show-
efed wIIh pfuIse by uII MPs
÷some oI whom huve been hIs
bIIIef cfIIIcs ÷, couId noI hoId
buck hIs |oy us he gfuceIuIIy ex-
IIed Ihe IegIsIuIIve house.
The PfesIdenI femInIscedovef
Ihe gfeuI uchIevemenIs oI Ihe
10Ih PufIIumenI, und sIngIed ouI
Ihe enucImenI oI Ihe new Con-
sIIIuIIon uIIef un eIusIve 20-yeuf
seufch us sIundIng ouI.
GIvIng hIs hnuI uddfess Io Ihe
House, Ihe Heud oI SIuIe ÷who
Is Ihe IongesI sefvIng Membef
oI PufIIumenI ÷ uppeufed Io
seI Ihe Iempo Iof Ihe comIng
eIecIIons when he suId Ihe
counIfy`s IuII poIenIIuI cun onIy
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Parting shot
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MichaeI Lewa Ahmed Shafñ NeIseu 1ee
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oI seven IuxI dfIvefs In Kuwungwufe, NuIfobI, In 2010. SEE FULL STORY 17
1oB t£W1R£
Your daily page on
employment news
and views, PAGE 12
ne of the conditions set by those
propagating the current wave of
terror attacks is that Kenya must
withdraw its forces from Somalia.
The terror masterminds have put that
proposition forth as a condition for the
cessation of attacks on the Kenyan soil.
After witnessing so much grief and pain
among those whose loved ones have been
killed or maimed in these attacks, it is
tempting to throw up one’s hands in the
air in surrender and do the terrorist’s
bidding. That should not happen.
Where we stand, it is foolhardy to
imagine that those hell-bent on causing
death will honour any accord.
Weighed against the option of inaction,
it is unimaginable what would have
happened had our troops not matched on
The unprovoked terrorist attacks on aid
workers and the abduction of tourists were
the main reasons the Kenyan Government
sought to hit back. These reasons still
sound compelling as they were then and
the recent attacks in Nairobi and Momba-
sa should accentuate the need for the
presence of KDF soldiers in Somalia.
Yet despite neutralising the terror
networks in Somalia and assurances of
intensified security measures by the
Government, the terrorists appear to
attack when and wherever they want in
our cities. That should not be the case.
That there is an apparent disconnect
between the investigative arm of the
police and the Judiciary in handling
criminal matters, thus creating an avenue
through which criminals can walk freely
was alluded to by the Deputy President
William Ruto when he addressed the Press
in his office on Monday. Two suspected
Islamic fundamentalists involved in last
week’s attack on a bus in Likoni had
previously been arraigned before court but
were later released. Last week, a court in
Mombasa released seven suspected
Islamists with Pakistani passports issued
in Somalia because the evidence that was
tabled before it could not sustain prosecu-
These incidents highlight areas where a
little wariness would have helped save
It would seem that the signing into law
of ‘The Prevention of Terrorists Act 2012’
by President Kibaki did not empower
judges enough to deal conclusively with
suspected terrorists.
Currently, the law has classified almost
all crimes as bailable. It therefore becomes
difficult for the judges to continue holding
individuals suspected of terrorist acts
indefinitely. Denying them bail without
breaking the very laws they are supposed
to safeguard thus becomes difficult.
We do not advocate for endless incar-
ceration. On the contrary, we advocate for
the tighter bail terms for crimes associated
with terror. On the basis of this, it is
incumbent upon Parliament to amend this
section of the law.
Leaders too, have a role to play to
promote public safety. A political leader
who waves the tribal card when steps
necessary to ensure security for all are
being sought in essence denies everyone
else a safe environment in which to work,
learn, shop and enjoy life.
In the meantime, Kenyans should not
get their feet under the table. A greater
degree of vigilance is needed to keep the
bad guys away.
There is no better blow against agents
of terror than eternal vigilance. For this we
salute KDF for the good job. They should
not relent until the job is done
Congress should press for answers on
This much we know: The besieged Americans
suffered agonizing, lonely deaths. Thick smoke
choked and then asphyxiated information
officer Sean Smith and U.S. Ambassador Chris
Stevens. Mortar rounds that security agents
Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods had no prayer
of escaping blew the breath out of them.
Today, though, the names of Smith, Stevens,
Doherty and Woods have been eclipsed by the
name of the 2,500-year-old port city where
militants killed them. In modern times it is
known as Benghazi. We’ll leave to others the
verbal bombast that a mere mention of this
once-obscure Libyan metropolis provokes in
Washington — bombast that wouldn’t be so
vicious if the Obama administration...
The response to Boko Haram must be
internally led
Security will be tight as dignitaries arrive
tomorrow in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, for the
start of the World Economic Forum. The event is
to proceed after President Goodluck Jonathan
made assurances that “robust” measures were
being taken to minimise the threat of attack
from Boko Haram, the Islamist group which for
five years has waged an increasingly bloody
campaign of terror. Mr Jonathan will want to
present Nigeria as a success story, a safe bet
for foreign investment. Last month, following
a rebasing of GDP metrics, its economy soared
into the lead as Africa’s largest To ordinary
Nigerian citizens, however, the security afforded
to foreign WEF guests may serve to...
Russia continues to turn its back on intl
accord over Ukraine crisis
The chaos roiling Ukraine continues to
intensify. It is inevitable for Russia to find itself
under fire in the international community, as
the Kremlin continues to make no effort to rein
in armed pro-Russian separatist groups that
have perpetrated an uninterrupted series of
illegal activities. In the east of the deeply divided
country, where Russian-speakers and people of
Russian heritage make up a significant part of the
populace, illegal occupations of Ukraine’s local
government buildings and police stations by pro-
Russian gunmen have grown in number. There
have been casualties in armed conflicts that saw
troops of the interim authorities attempting to
repel pro-Russian militants by force...

It’s tough being a lady, and
an urban one to boot. Imag-
ine having to carry all that
paraphernalia in the hand-
bags tucked protectively un-
der the shoulder all day. And
as for men, if you thought
they carried powders and jel-
lies, you got it wrong. Some
of the merchandise you find
there is scandalous. Imag-
ine carrying an iron box, a
boyfriend’s boxer shorts,
carpenters tape and other
such weird things!
The things leaders do to get
their points across are crazy.
And the hardships of being a
security officer in remote areas
are not small. Imagine standing
knee-deep in water, boots on
shoulder and gun on the ready
while on duty in Turana. Tur-
kana MP James Lomonen and
his aides had to strip to their
underwear to cross the flooded
river Turkwel, a potential death
Every person has the right,
peaceably and unarmed, to
assemble, to demonstrate, to
picket, and to present peti-
tions to public authorities.
That is what the law says and
lawyers in Kakamega gave
it meaning. Tired of what
they termed as poor legal
infrastructure, and the dire
need for adequate funding
of State-appointed lawyers
representing the poor, they
took to picketing! That was a
worthy cause; the poor need
someone to speak for them
too. Loud and clear, over to
you, Mr CJ.
Senators are important
people. Going without guards
when even incoherent MCAs
are clamouring for bodyguards
falls under the classification
of ‘serious dereliction of duty’
by someone within the Police
Service. How could criminals
the house of
Senator Mutu-
la Kilonzo jnr.
and walk away
with valuables
they found the Very Important
person in the house, mngesema
Yes, we sure needed
someone like the fiery
former minister Musa
Sirma to lambast the human
rights groups. Are they the
defenders of the criminally
inclined? When did they last
defend the human rights
of ordinary Kenyans being
maimed and butchered in
public places? Since the kill-
ing of two policemen in Pan-
gani, the blasts in Mombasa
and Nairobi, they have been
uncharacteristically quiet.
Hello there! Anybody in?
OPINION / Page 15 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
What you need to know before you say ‘I do’
riages are also not among those
prohibited under section 10 of the
Act. In-house reconciliation bod-
ies in each set of marriages are
provided for, but the legal effect
and binding nature of the recon-
ciliation remains a grey area. Cus-
tomary dispute resolution.
Elaborate provisions for main-
tenance of a spouse and children
and modes of recovery of mainte-
nance arrears have been enacted.
The property rights of spouses
are now governed by the earlier
enacted Matrimonial Property
Act, 2013.
The law creates seven new
criminal offences; marriage to a
person under minimum age, mar-
riage of persons within prohibited
marriage relationship, coercion
and fraud, performance of cere-
mony by an unauthorized person,
absence of witnesses marriage
and the Penal Code offence of big-
amy remains untouched.
Though the Act is in force, un-
til the Rules Committee estab-
lished under the provisions of the
Civil Procedure Act promulgates
Rules regulating court practice or
procedure under the Act, the Mar-
riage Act, it would appear, cannot
be implemented.
We must appreciate that the
decision of getting married has in-
tricate legal options and getting
married, separated or divorced
has life changing consequences.
Acquainting oneself with the new
personal laws must become a pri-
Mr Bowry is an Adovocate of the
High Court of Kenya
he enactment of the
Marriage Act, 2013 last
week heralds a new era
in matters relating to family law.
For over 50 years, ten post-inde-
pendence Parliaments had suc-
cessfully thwarted all attempts to
bring changes in the law of mar-
A commission on marriage
laws and seven futile Bills over five
decades could not bring any
change. Selfish, partisan and male
dominated previous Parliaments
were influenced to protect many
highly placed and influential poli-
ticians who were in bigamous re-
The fact that various tribes and
religious groups and ethnic com-
munities have been able to codify
marriage laws in one statute is a
feather in the cap of the Attorney
General and the present parlia-
mentarians. It is time therefore to
move forward in the climate of the
new-found principles of constitu-
tionalism, the gender equality
phenomena, regimes of human
rights and international treaties
on equality. Of course, the legalis-
tic journey is not going to be an
easy one.
A cursory look at the new law
reveals that the implementation is
going to be legally complex with
untold eventualities not provided
and with some provisions being
contentious, vague and contradic-
Seven old Acts dealing with
family law have been repealed and
laws of all these cramped into one
Statute with a few modern trends
The law now recognizes six
kinds of marriages: Christian, Civ-
il, Customary, Hindu and Islamic
and other recognised religious
groups once gazetted.
The High Court has been di-
vested of jurisdiction and Resident
Magistrates shall in future hear all
matters relating to marriages. This
means that the High Court family
division is likely to be disbanded
and parties are likely to get an ad-
ditional forum to appeal.
Only marriages under Custom-
ary Law and Islamic law are pre-
sumed to be polygamous or po-
tentially polygamous whilst others
are monogamous.
Kenyan couples henceforth
must make a firm and binding de-
cision prior to entering the con-
tract of marriage whether they de-
sire their union to be polygamous
or monogamous and this will be a
personal choice of the parties to
the marriage.
Customary law of various com-
munities relating to dowry has
now received Statutory approval
with the proviso that full dowry
need not be proved to constitute a
marriage and only a “token
amount of dowry shall be suffi-
cient to prove a customary mar-
Cross-religion or cross-culture
marriages are not provided for.
What will happen if a Christian
marries a Muslim? Which law will
prevail? Hindus are the only com-
munity not given an option of
contracting polygamous marriage.
Is this constitutionally discrimina-
tory? Divorce by agreement or
consent is not allowed. Some im-
portant issues have unfortunately
not been dealt with and matters of
pre-nuptial agreements and buri-
al rights of deceased spouses be-
ing two of these.
On the other hand some in-
triguing interpretations of the law
can arise: example, can a wife have
more than two husbands, that is,
is polyandry allowed? In all mar-
riages other than Islamic ones un-
der the Act the age-old grounds of
divorce adultery and desertion for
over three years have been re-
tained together with cruelty but
cruelty to children is now a new
ground of divorce.
Additionally, civil marriages
have “exceptional depravity by
other spouse” and “the irretriev-
able breakdown of the marriage”
as grounds with “irretrievable
breakdown” being defined in de-
tail. Divorce in Islamic marriages
are governed by “Islamic Law”
though variance of sects is not
mentioned and Muslims appear
to have an option to go either to
the Kadhi’s Court or the Resident
Magistrate’s Court for redress.
All forms of marriages must
now be formally registered includ-
ing the customary law and Islamic
marriages and foreign contracted
marriages by Kenyans can now be
registered in Kenya.
The law has interestingly and
tacitly left the window open for
gay and same sex marriages – Sec-
tion 57 states that the Cabinet Sec-
retary in consultation with rele-
vant stakeholders make regulations
for registration of “any other type
of marriage not provided for un-
der this Act”. These types of mar-
he low level of patriotism
especially among the
younger lot should be of
great concern to all Kenyans. For
the record, I am just about the
same age as our Independence.
Now, I believe the problem be-
gins in school, where definitions of
patriotism nearly never venture
beyond the one-line dictionary
description of “love of one’s coun-
Yet, patriotism is more than ab-
stract love of a geographical area.
Ideally, patriotism is such that it
must remain a priority with you
even when you find yourself with-
in borders other than and far away
from those of the Republic of Ke-
The nearest most Kenyans get
to a well-rounded idea of patrio-
tism, and what to do about it, is
when, in adversity, we criticise
Government and other official ef-
forts, instead of showing full sup-
port, for instance in the face of ca-
lamities, natural or manmade.
In these negative modes, we
suddenly become most ardent
supporters of Fatherland and
Motherland Kenya, and then, just
as suddenly, we switch off, until
LUCY KARUME } Let’s rediscover our patriotism and make Kenya great
you are
patriotic, you
are loyal to
your country,
and you love
your country,
the next bout of whining. There
are few things worse than a whin-
ing patriotism. In fact, it is no pa-
triotism at all.
All too often, our words about
our country are negative, even
when we are with foreigners some
who are full of pride and gratitude
for their own countries. You can
easily spot the Kenyan in such a
mixed group – he or she is the
character who is most apologetic
for the very existence of their
Sometimes, I despair at the
lack of patriotic fervour among
young Kenyans, except sports
fans, and even these are only pa-
triotic part-time – if we are win-
ning, if we are jumping up for joy
at another goal or gold.
Other times, I wonder how
many of today’s young generation
who have attained the years of dis-
cretion, those born latest 1996,
would volunteer to go to the bat-
tlefront, if called upon to defend
our Great Nation, if they were not
already in the Defence Forces.
How many parents teach patri-
otism to their children? How many
young people really know our Na-
tional Anthem, what the words
truly mean to us?
How many have been outside
their county and seen their kins-
men in the Diaspora live in these
alien nations that are proudly pa-
triotic to the point of jingoism? All
our labels for food, medicines, di-
rections, prohibitions… are in
English. In Japan, ALL items are
translated into Japanese. We
should insist on ALL products
having dual-language info and
make good use of our national
language, Kiswahili.
Do you know we have a Brand
Kenya logo? How many use it on
their advertisement products and
services? I see car stickers all over
Nairobi claiming a love for every-
where from London to Oshkosh.
When you are patriotic, you are
loyal to your country, and you love
your country, mightily. This does
not mean you do not like other lo-
cations in the world, but you hold
your country, in your mind and
heart, above all others. To be patri-
otic means you honour and re-
spect your country. It does not
mean you’re not allowed to criti-
cise it, or the Government, for
things you think are going wrong,
but that you still consider it home,
even when you are away. Why? Be-
cause there’s no place like home-
What are the patriotic roles of
a citizen? I count five above all
others: Self-reliance and main-
taining our traditional entrepre-
neurial way of life; active partici-
pation in the political process,
holding your elected officials ac-
countable for their actions; turn-
ing in all law-breakers and illegal
immigrants to the authorities;
fighting failed ideologies of left-
ism, liberalism and multicultural-
ism, which discourage people
from the above patriotism-in-ac-
tion roles in any manner whatso-
Our National Anthem, which is
actually an interdenominational,
indeed ecumenical, prayer, and a
true Hymn of the Republic, is an
excellent place to begin inculcat-
ing all the patriotic virtues.
Wherever Kenyans happen to
be, at home and away, let’s re-
brand Kenya with our patriotism
at every opportunity.
The writer is Kenya Tourism Fed-
eration chairperson
“The deci-
sion of get-
ting married
has intricate
legal options
and getting
married, sep-
arated or di-
vorced has
Follow us!
Let us do something for the sake of
our children
“Two die as blasts rock two buses on
Thika Road.” That is the headline on a
page and my deepest sympathies go to
the innocent children who are caught
up in the middle of all this terror drama.
In more than one instance – from the
Westgate attack where many children
were victims to the church attack in
Mombasa that left baby Osinya with a
bullet in his head, and even before we
can heal from these incidents, a picture
of a child lying on a stretcher with
bandages on both legs being rushed to
KNH is all over the newspapers. I ask
myself when is this madness going to
end? For how long are our children going
to be exposed to such lurking danger
that keeps leaving scars that may never
really heal? The Government should do
something about it, yes, but we can make
this our own responsibility by owning
the situation so that this Government
can see how much we not only value
the lives that are being lost but also the
lives of our children because they are the
custodians of tomorrow. Otieno Atieno
The buck stops at the Executive’s
door. No more, no less
The Executive should stop playing blame
games and ensure citizens are secure.
Instead of shifting blame to the Judiciary,
which acts according to the Constitution
to grant suspects bail, it is the police
and the immigration officials who are
sleeping on the job by allowing illegal
and dangerous immigrants to roam our
country freely hence jeopardising the
lives of innocent wananchi. Collins Otieno
Citizens, matatu crew have a role to
play in ensuring security
As security men beef up security, the
insurgents have shifted to PSVs, which
makes it hard for them to be contained
without the help of citizens and matatu
crews. Thorough frisking of passengers
before boarding any PSV vehicle should
be a priority all times and not only when
attacks occur. Vincent Munga
The continent needs to sit and
ponder over saving itself
Africa is like one big psychiatric
institution where conflicts seem to be
routine. South Sudan, Central African
Republic, Somalia, Democratic Republic
of Congo, just to mention a few, all
point to the appalling nature that is
internal among African states. It is high
time Africa as a whole sat at the table
of reason and found solutions to its
problems. Otherwise survival on this
lovely continent remains threatened.
Eugene Mbaisi
Forget mere talk, take tough
action against these crooks
The bravado displayed by the
Cabinet Secretary for Interior Jo-
seph ole Lenku and Inspector Gen-
eral of Police David Kimaiyo, and
most recently the Deputy Presi-
dent, may be very important for
boosting morale among the police
and the public. But it may not be
quite as effective in defeating the
ever-increasing terrorist activities
in the country.
From the recent attacks on bus-
es in Mombasa and Nairobi, it is
clear that the merchants of death
have changed tack and become
stealthier in their operations and
targets, meaning Kenyans are no
longer safe even in their own
homes. The police must up their
game to match or defeat the terror-
It is rather scary when, after ev-
ery attack, the police and even the
President of the republic go on na-
tional television to gloat about oth-
er attempts that have been foiled,
yet women and children are
maimed in what they refer to as
“the last kicks of a dying horse”.
We cannot rely only on fire pow-
er when we have very little intelli-
gence on the radicals within our
midst who could be roaming about
in our towns.
We should weed out all the ele-
ments without causing unneces-
sary harm to citizens or a particular
ethnic or religious group.
The Governmentmust be a little
more decisive in its dealings, even
if it means stepping on a few toes,
as any decision is wont to cause a
little friction in certain areas. Kenya
will always remain bigger than a
few radicals.
For instance, it has been recom-
mended that the Daadab refugee
camp should be closed yet the Gov-
ernment has continued to drag its
feet even as Kenyans are losing
their lives to people who come un-
der the pretext of being refugees.
It has come to light that Al-Sha-
baab has infiltrated the camp and
we have to be scared when these
so-called refugees find their way to
the other parts of the country where
they find gullible youths whose
minds they poison.
The Government must deploy
all available resources to ensure
that Kenya is safe again for her cit-
izens as well as foreign guests.
The statements given after the
attacks add no value as by then, vic-
tims are already either dead or
The raids on premises in Eastle-
igh and other parts of the country
may be necessary but they certain-
ly are neither adequate nor sustain-
able as most of these people are
law-abiding citizens and they de-
serve their privacy.
The best approach should focus
more on vigilance at the borders
and on roads because these are
small-time terrorists and they tend
to attack haphazardly.
When they finally realise the fu-
tility of their ventures, they will run
off with their tails between their
legs just like the Al-Shabaab did in
Seal all the loopholes and Ke-
nyans will go back to their normal
business without fear of more at-
{Titus N. Pala, Kisumu, Kenya}
Page 16 / READERS’ DIALOGUE Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
On security, we could start with mapping
Kenya continues to suffer sus-
tained terrorist attacks in Nairobi
and Mombasa even as others at-
tacks are foiled by our intelligence
My opinion on how to reduce
these attacks is first to map out the
areas where everybody lives. This
would be equivalent to a national
census, except that the census staff
would be trained in security as-
pects of the exercise.
The President could declare a
two-day national holiday for the
census staff, accompanied by secu-
rity agencies and Kenya Revenue
Authority officers, to get details of
everybody in homes, hospitals, ho-
tels, prisons, airports and else-
where. All areas of business would
be shut down.
From there, all comings and go-
ings would be reported either at
KRA or CID for information shar-
ing. This way, the terrorists would
have a hard time living among us
whether in hotels or residential ar-
This kind of arrangement would
then be supplemented by civilian
policy initiatives like Nyumba Ku-
mi and whistle blowing under State
protection. This could deal not just
with terrorism but also the narcot-
ics trade and tax evasion.
I also believe that Kenya should
start co-operating with Israel, espe-
cially with regard to terror readi-
ness, by having them audit our se-
curity arrangements and
implement best practices.
Police vetting has revealed huge
unexplained bank balances among
top cops. But instead of calling in
KRA to assess incidents of possible
tax evasion so that prosecution of
guilty parties could follow, nothing
The Israelis could be given a
free hand to recruit ‘clean’ security
personnel to head the new-look
police force. The current force is
rotten to the core.
{Kariuki Muiru, Karatina}
How to write us: Letters should be addressed to: The Editor, Letters, P O Box 30080, Nairobi, Kenya or e-mail
The views expressed on this page are not those of The Standard. The Editor reserves the right to edit the letters. Correspondents should give their names and
address as a sign of good faith, though not necessarily for publication.
Offices for governors in
Nairobi are a waste
I support the sentiments made
by Senate Majority Leader
Kithure Kindiki and Elgeyo/
Marakwet Senator Kipchumba
Murkomen that governors must
ensure devolution works well
and so they should not establish
offices in Nairobi.
This comes as plans are
underway for governors to
establish offices in Westlands,
Nairobi, yet they are the people
in charge of counties.
The truth is that governors
are misusing funds meant for
development in the counties by
creating unnecessary offices at
taxpayers’ expense.
Kindiki and Murkomen have
been persistent with their call
to governors to be serious
in ensuring the success of
devolution since they are at the
grassroots level.
Just like Murkomen has
said, instead of governors
establishing offices in Nairobi,
they should establish more
cities in different parts of their
counties so as to take services
closer to the people.
By having offices in Nairobi, the
governors will be re-devolving
functions back to the city,
contrary to the Constitution.
It was only recently that
governors held several meetings
outside their counties, in
the process wasting a lot of
money on allowances and
The senators will be looking
for evidence that any governor
might have misappropriated
public funds when they receive
impeachment cases from MCAs.
Kenyans should, therefore,
support Senate in ensuring
proper management of
resources at the county level.
{Kirop Kimaiya, Eldoret}
Why we should get
out of Somalia
The latest blasts in various parts
of the country have rekindled the de-
bate about the continued presence of
KDF troops in the troubled nation of
Since Kenyan soldiers went into
the country in pursuit of Al-Shabaab
militia, many innocent lives have
been lost in retaliatory attacks by the
Islamic fundamentalists. The scale
and gravity of the attacks have had
some pundits rethinking the idea of
keeping our soldiers in Somalia. Can
we really continue to bear the bur-
I strongly believe Kenya has sent a
clear signal to the insurgents that the
country is capable of crushing them.
Ethiopia pursued them inside Soma-
li territory when they attempted to
invade the former. Uganda also hit
them following the attack in Kampa-
la during the World Cup.
We are paying a heavy price both
economically and in terms of lost
lives. Yes, let us get the Kenyan sol-
diers out Somalia as soon as possi-
{Benard Amaya, via email}
Let Cotu handle
labour matters
The Central Organisation of Trade
Unions (Cotu) successfully organised
this year’s Labour Day celebrations at
Uhuru Park last week. This was de-
spite threats to disrupt the function
by Pusetu, a new outfit of three
unions that represent the welfare of
some sections of Government work-
ers and civil servants.
It was clear from the successful
fete that Cotu remains the premier
workers’ umbrella in the country. De-
spite enjoying State support, Pusetu
must have realised that they lack the
muscle, the diversity and public as
well as political good will to operate
as a rival to Cotu.
The number of political heavy-
weights and elected leaders, includ-
ing the Government’s Majority Lead-
er in the National Assembly Aden
Duale as well as Senate Minority
Leader Moses Wetang’ula at the event
was evidence enough for Pusetu that
they have a long way to go before they
can take the place of Cotu, if they ev-
er will.
Labour Cabinet Minister Kazungu
Kambi, who was vocal in supporting
the new group, beat a hasty retreat
and graced the Cotu-led celebrations
– an indication that the Government
had realised the political folly they
were committing and decided to side
with the legitimate labour movement
in Kenya.
If Pusetu is genuine and sincere, it
should lead its unions in joining Cotu
and then fight for reforms and lead-
ership changes from within.
Otherwise, they will only be ex-
posed as greenhorns susceptible to
political manipulation by the State.
{Ken Wafula, Eldoret}
Friday October 21, 2008 / The Standard Friday October 21, 2008 / The Standard Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard NATIONAL NEWS / Page 17
UNDP reprensentative Ms Nardos Bekele-Thomas, Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru and UNDP Director for Africa Dr
Moukaila Goumandakoye during the launch of the National Human Development Report at the National Museum in Nai-
Kenya lost a whopping Sh721 bil-
lion in the agricultural sector alone
between 2008 and 2011 due to
drought, a new report indicates.
According to the National Human
Development Report launched yes-
terday, the country lost Sh600 billion
in the livestock sector and another
Sh69 billion in food crops due to pro-
longed drought.
The report produced by the United
Nations Development Programme
(UNDP) and the Ministry of Planning
also indicates that the drought, which
affected a third of the Kenyans, also
led to a loss of Sh52 billion in cash
“Economic sectors such as agri-
culture and tourism are suffering sig-
nificant losses from uncertain weath-
er patterns, with direct consequences
on the wellbeing of the population,”
the report reads in part.
The statistics also show that the
adverse weather slowed down the
country’s economic growth by 2.8 per
cent during the three years.
And for the past records, between
1998 and 2000, the country lost Sh51.8
billion due to reduced hydroelectric-
ity generation and another Sh 110 bil-
lion in industrial production due to
power shortage.
And in each of the three years
(1998 , 1999, 2000), the country lost 16
per cent of the Gross Domestic Prod-
uct due to the harsh weather.
The report also shows that the
country has lost 70 per cent of live-
stock between 2003 and 2007.
According to the report, Turkana is
the most vulnerable county to climate
change followed by West Pokot and
then Migori.
The least vulnerable counties are
Nyeri, Kirinyaga and Murang’a re-
Report reveals how Sh721b
was lost through drought
Adverse weather
also stalled country’s
economic growth by
2.8 per cent between
2008 and 2011
• Two months ago, aid work-
ers were warning of a looming
humanitarian crisis in Turkana
County, where a prolonged
drought and the late arrival of
the rain season left more than
300,000 people in desperate
need of food and water
• The severe drought forced
some people in the Turkana
region to eat roots, berries
and dogs to stay alive, as well
as prompting 30,000 pasto-
ralists to drive their cattle into
neighbouring Uganda
• According to the National
Human Development Report,
the 2008-2011 drought, which
affected a third of Kenyans,
also led to a loss of Sh52 bil-
lion in cash crops
• The report also shows that
between 2003 and 2007, the
country lost 70 per cent of
resources for the effective manage-
ment of climate change responses,
mitigation and adaptation.
Speaking during the launch, Devo-
lution and Planning Cabinet Secretary
Anne Waiguru lauded the report, say-
ing it was useful in informing public
policy formulation and debate on hu-
man development matters.
She said legislation to establish a
climate change authority with the re-
sponsibility of spearheading the im-
plementation of adaptation and miti-
gation plans was underway.
According to the CS, significant
progress has been achieved in reduc-
ing gender disparity, supporting de-
velopment of the most vulnerable
segments of the population, improv-
ing access to health, sanitation and
education services, promoting more
equitable access to resources and pro-
tecting human rights.
The UNDP Resident Representa-
tive Nardos Bekela promised to com-
mit financial and technical assistance
to assist the Government to imple-
ment the project’s recommenda-
Stakeholders in the domestic tour-
ism sub-sector have urged the Gov-
ernment to accord them the same fi-
nancial support it offers other
institutions that market tourism in-
They stated that they want the
Government to increase its funding
budget to local tourism marketing in
order to enable the tourism sector to
not only over rely on travellers from
foreign lands.
According to local tour operators,
Kenya’s domestic tourism sector is
less supported, compared to the in-
ternational component. This has
made it difficult for the sector to
achieve its full potential. They argued
that if given deserving attention, the
domestic market can keep the tour-
ism industry afloat even in times of
crisis affecting international travel.
“The mandate to promote Kenya
to Kenyans and East Africa to East Af-
ricans is not receiving the required at-
tention from both policy makers and
the Government, to the extent that the
country’s tourism industry crumbles
each time foreign tourists fail to visit
for one reason or another,” said the
National Chairperson of Domestic
Tourism Association, Amb Anastanzia
The lack of a national policy on
domestic tourism, she complained,
has grossly stalled the development of
the sub-sector.
She was speaking yesterday during
a press conference held in Nairobi,
hosted by the Universal Peace Federa-
tion. Wakesho got recognition for her
role in promoting cohesion through
her consistent support of domestic
tourism. “I appeal to the Government
to work closely with stakeholders by
way of availing government pro-
grammes on local tourism marketing
from this year going forward,” she
She noted that tourism directly
employs over 500,000 Kenyans across
the country. “The sector is a solid eco-
nomic driver but unfortunately in the
past two decades, the industry has
suffered repetitive bouts of stagnation
brought about by regional instability
and waves of increased terrorist,” she
The DTA National chairperson
called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to
help create an enabling environment
for local tourism investors.
Stakeholders call on government to boost domestic tourism
More than 500 Non Govern-
mental Organisations (NGOs)
countrywide that have flouted
regulations governing them face
the risk of being deregistered.
A 14-day notice threatening
cancellation of certificates of op-
eration has been issued to 543
NGOs by their co-ordination
NGOs co-ordination board Ex-
ecutive Director Hezron McObe-
wa said the marked NGOs failed
to submit their annual reports
contrary to the Co-ordination
Regulations of 1992.
He said provisions of section
16 of the NGOs Co-ordination Act
No 19 of 1990 mandates the board
to cancel such certificates of reg-
istration, hence the issuance of
the notice a week ago.
The section states that the
board may cancel or suspend a
certificate issued under this part,
if it is satisfied that the terms or
conditions attached to the certifi-
cate have been violated, if the or-
ganisation has breached the Act
or the Council has submitted a
satisfactory recommendation for
the cancellation of the certificate.
“They have breached the terms
and conditions attached to their
certificates of registration,” he
McObewa said the NGOs are
mandated to furnish the board on
or before May 31 of each year with
annual reports, something that
most of them have ignored and do
not adhere to.
He said there are several brief-
case NGOs operating against set
guidelines and even without offic-
es, making it hard to track their
“As part of our mandate to reg-
ister, co-ordinate and facilitate
the work of all national and inter-
national NGOs operating in Ke-
nya, the board will not relent to
ensure the sector is streamlined,”
he said.
He demanded that affected
NGOs show cause why their regis-
tration certificates should not be
cancelled when the notice ex-
500 NGOs risk
for flouting
Local tourists in Mombasa.
The report also shows that women
are the most vulnerable to climate
change than men because they con-
stitute the majority of the world’s poor
and also because they are more de-
pendent on natural resources.
The report has recommended that
the Government should take into con-
sideration gender, regional and other
disparities in planning climate change
response actions in all key sectors.
It has also recommended the allo-
cation of adequate financial and other
Economic sectors such
as agriculture and tourism
are suffering signifcant
losses from uncertain
weather patterns, with
direct consequences on the
wellbeing of the population
— NHD Report
Page 18 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Kenya, Nigeria
sign deals to
boost trade ties
Kenya and Nigeria have signed
three agreements and four Memo-
randa of Understanding (MoUs)
aimed at promoting trade between
the two countries.
The agreements were on trade
and agricultural co-operation,
which lay the foundation for busi-
nesspeople from the two countries
to interact, promote business and
boost agriculture.
The third agreement was on
immigration matters and seeks to
ease the movement of people be-
tween Kenya and Nigeria.
The signing ceremony was wit-
nessed by Presidents Uhuru Ke-
nyatta and Goodluck Jonathan at
State House, Abuja.
MoUs signed were also on co-
operation in police service, five-
year multiple visa for prominent
businesspersons, co-operation in
control of the possession and traf-
ficking in narcotics drugs and psy-
chotropic substances. One MoU
The two states also
agree to co-operate
in police service and
curbing drug peddling
between Nigerian Association of
Chamber of Commerce, Industry,
Mines and Agriculture and the Kenya
National Chamber of Commerce and
Industry was signed at a business fo-
rum attended by the two countries’
In a communique read by Nigeria’s
Foreign Affairs Minister Aminu Bashir
Wali at the end of bilateral talks, the
leaders expressed satisfaction at the
ongoing efforts to deepen trade rela-
tions between the two countries.
Uhuru and Jonathan acknowl-
edged that increased trade flow was
not only important for the develop-
ment of the two countries, but were
also critical in building intra-Africa
trade — an important ingredient to-
wards full integration of the conti-
“A Joint Business Council was es-
tablished in Abuja which aims at
bringing together private sector play-
ers from Kenya and Nigeria,” the
statement read in part.
They expressed concern over the
crises in the Central African Republic
and South Sudan.
The two also agreed to continue
supporting the Government of Soma-
lia in its efforts to achieve peace and
underlined the need for amicable so-
lution to conflicts and disputes in Af-
Over 400 women now want Lands
Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu and
the National Lands Commission
(NLC) to ease the acquisition of title
deeds by widows.
The women drawn from eight
counties, who met in Kilifi on Mon-
day, said many widows have lost their
land due to the long and tedious suc-
cession process involved in acquiring
title deeds.
The women also want to be pro-
vided with relevant legal representa-
tion to address their continued ex-
ploitation on land matters.
In addition to this, they also want
women land issues treated as ‘public
interest litigation’ and demanded a
waiver of the costs involved.
“We ask the ministry to make it
easy for widows to transfer land own-
ership because as it stands the pro-
cess is expensive and complicated,”
said Pascaline Kang’ethe, ActionAid
Programme Manager.
Meeting under the banner of Rural
Women Assembly, they also demand-
ed an immediate end to the squabbles
between Ngilu and NLC. “There is so
much for them to do already and
these fights are mere superiority bat-
tles,” said Mackrina Mwamburi, a
woman leader from Taita Taveta.
Ms Mwamburi said women and
communities have made various pe-
titions to the Government, NLC and
other offices. “We demand unrestrict-
ed access to offices responsible for ad-
dressing land issues,” said Esther Ca-
leb from Lamu County.
Speaking during the meeting, the
women asked the national and coun-
ty governments, the NLC and Ministry
of Lands to fast track appropriate ac-
tions including issuance of title
“We also want them to fast track
repossession of land taken away from
communities illegally,” said Rebecca
Aluodo from Siaya County in a meet-
ing held at Juwaba Community Hall in
Kilifi County.
Nominated Mombasa Senator Em-
mah Mbura and Mrs Hope Mruttu
joined the women in presenting a raft
of demands to the Lands ministry.
“We also want to be involved in all
county transactions involving land
and other natural resources affecting
communities,” said Joyce Kambi of
Ease acquisition of
land for widows,
State asked
Sweet news for nurses as pay raise approved
Nurses from all over the country
will receive a salary increment from
June, Health Cabinet Secretary James
Macharia has said.
Macharia was speaking at the
launch of the International Nurses
Week at Kenyatta National Hospital.
The Cabinet Secretary said the pay
increase was aimed at motivating
nurses to provide better services and
stop their mass exodus from public to
private institutions.
“The ministry is aware of the great
work done by our nurses, that’s why
all nurses will receive a pay increase.
We will also improve their working
conditions and bring in better equip-
ment to boost their morale and in-
crease their efficiency in their service
delivery to Kenyans,” said Macharia.
He called on the nurses to uphold
good moral conduct and ethics to put
an end to the recent cases of patient
harassment, adding that the ministry
would not tolerate indiscipline.
“Indiscipline in our hospitals won’t
be tolerated. I call on you to flush out
the hooligans among you who are out
to tarnish your good name. I also want
to state that whoever will be found
guilty of any malpractice will not only
be relieved of their duties, but also
banned from practising in any other
Government institution,” said Mach-
In addition, he said the ministry
and county governments would com-
bine efforts to increase the number of
nurses in all public health institutions
to ensure proper service delivery to all
Jubilee will not back a Motion to
amend a clause in the Constitution
that gives ward representatives pow-
ers to impeach governors, National
Assembly Majority Leader Aden Du-
ale has said.
Duale (pictured) said the amend-
ment would be unconstitutional, add-
ing that Members of the County As-
sembly enjoy the same powers as
those of the National Assembly.
“If Parliament can impeach the
President, MCAs must have powers to
remove governors who mismanage
resources in the counties. MCAs enjoy
the same powers as MPs — they have
powers to legislate, oversight and im-
peach the governors just like we do,”
he said.
Duale was reacting to calls by a
section of MPs who want the law on
impeachment of a governor ratified.
The legislators led by Mwala MP
Vincent Musyoka have vowed to in-
troduce a Bill in Parliament to amend
the current law that gives power to the
county assemblies and the Senate to
remove governors.
He, however, maintained views
that the constitutional clause allow-
ing MCAs to impeach governors must
be used sparingly and as a last resort
to avoid crippling county operations.
Speaking in Kuresoi South, Nakuru
County, where he represented Deputy
President William Ruto at a function
to open the newly established Kimes-
won Health Centre, Duale said the
Senate has its oversight role over
county government.
The majority leader said governors
who adhere to the rule of law and
manage their counties prudently had
no reason to fear because the law does
provide for the process of impeach-
ment. Duale, however, warned gover-
nors who continue to fight the Jubilee
government and mismanage county
funds that they risk being im-
He castigated the Council of Gov-
ernors Chairman Isaac Ruto for
spending most of his time fighting the
Jubilee administration and accused
him of being an Opposition sym-
“We know him (Ruto), he has been
fighting the Jubilee government be-
cause he has been promised to be the
running mate of that man (in refer-
ence to former PM Raila Odinga) in
2017,” claimed Duale adding that Ru-
to should leave Jubilee before the next
General Election.
Duale: Jubilee will not back Motion on impeachments
Macharia: We will also improve
nurses’ working conditions.
Daring move
Untroubled by the consequences of such an act, this street boy attempts to
steal a vehicle side mirror along Nkrumah road, Mombasa County. The number
of street children in the town has increased and consequently the number of
petty thefts. The little thieves have found a ready market where they sell the
goods at throwaway prices. [PHOTO: GIDEON MAUNDU/STANDARD]
NOTICE / Page 19 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Page 20 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Kuppet: State
duped teachers
on new jobs
The stage has been set for yet an-
other titanic battle between a teach-
ers’ union and the Government over
alleged unkept promises.
Kenya Union of Post Primary Edu-
cation Teachers (Kuppet) claimed that
teachers have been duped by the an-
nouncement that 5,000 teachers
would be recruited this year.
Kuppet Deputy Secretary General
Moses N’thurima said Education Cab-
inet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi had no
mandate to make such an announce-
ment as the budget proposal is still at
the parliamentary committee stage.
“The purported agreement be-
tween Knut and the Education CS is
diversionary and hollow. It should be
known that the terms and conditions
of service for teachers is negotiated by
teachers remuneration committee at
TSC and not Kaimenyi,” said
He said the issue of promotion of
7,500 teachers was a component of
the negotiated package Kuppet signed
last year, citing that employment of
5,000 teachers is a mockery to the pu-
pils and the students of the country.
According to Kuppet, by the end of
this year close to 30,000 teachers will
be leaving the service after they attain
the retirement age of 60.
Apart from the retiring teachers,
some teachers have left the service
due to natural attrition.
“The CS should not cheat the pub-
lic that he is addressing the problem
of shortage of teachers by only re-
cruiting 5,000. We don’t know whether
this number will be replacing the
teachers who have left the service
through attrition or he is bridging the
pupil-teacher ration,” added the offi-
Speaking at the union offices yes-
terday, Kuppet maintained that
Union says State failed
to keep its promise as
5,000 teachers are not
enough to improve
ratio against learners
Kaimenyi is misleading the teachers
that the second phase of the commut-
er allowance would be paid yet there
is still a deficit of Sh700 million.
The union accused Kaimenyi of
acting outside the tenets of the Teach-
ers Service Commission Act 2012 that
mandates the teachers remuneration
committee in consultation with the
Salaries and Remuneration Commis-
sion (SRC) to negotiate the terms and
conditions of service for teachers.
Kuppet Chair Omboko Milemba
warned that if the issues agreed upon
last year are not implemented, they
would be left with no other option but
to boycott duties.
“All we want is for the Government
to implement the pending issues. It’s
only the teachers who have never
been paid leave allowances. These are
the issues we presented to the budget
committee for consideration. If not
implemented, then we will down our
tools,” said Milemba.
• Kuppet Deputy Secre-
tary General (pictured) said
Kaimenyi had no mandate to
make such an announcement
as the budget proposal is still
at the parliamentary commit-
tee stage
• Kuppet Chair Omboko
Milemba warned that if the
issues agreed upon last year
are not implemented, they
would be left with no option
but to boycott duties
• The union accused Kaimenyi
of acting outside the tenets of
the Teachers Service Commis-
sion Act 2012
Pupil-teacher ratio now more
worrying, says Education CS
Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob
Kaimenyi regretted that the pupil-
teacher ratio at primary and second-
ary schools has become worse since
the inception of the free primary edu-
“The pupil–teacher ratio is one
measure of assessing progress to-
wards education for all. Due to finan-
cial constraints, we have not been
able to meet the international stan-
dard. In many schools the ratio is
above 42:1, with as high as 85:1,” said
On average, pupil to teacher ratio
at primary schools moved from 44:1
in 2007 to 45:1 in 2010 against target
of 42:1.
The CS made the remarks during
the official launch of the Education
For All, Global Monitoring Report pre-
pared by the United Nations Educa-
tion, Scientific and Cultural Organisa-
tion (Unesco) at a Nairobi Hotel
The report indicates that globally,
the average pupil-teacher ratio, has
barely changed at the pre-primary,
primary and secondary levels.
It is expected that by 2015 at least
70 per cent of the countries in Sub-Sa-
haran Africa, including Kenya, reach
gender parity in primary enrolment.
The 2013/2014 report states that
ensuring equal quality education for
all can generate huge economic re-
wards, increasing a country’s gross
domestic product per capita by 23 per
cent over the next 40 years.
To achieve good quality education
for all, governments must provide
enough trained teachers and focus
their teacher policies on meeting the
needs of the disadvantaged, shows
the report.
Kaimenyi maintained that the
Government would continue to re-
cruit more teachers who are well qual-
ified and trained to offer the best ser-
vices to the pupils and students.
“Education is only as good as its
teachers. The focus is on improving
the quality of education, including
through reforming teacher training,
deployment and motivation. To en-
sure that we impart good skills, we
must increase the number of teach-
ers,” said Kaimenyi.
He said the Government must re-
munerate teachers properly if they are
to offer quality service.
According to the report, one strat-
egy illustrated in teacher reform is the
development of digital literacy skills.
The report revealed that only one
in five of the poorest children com-
plete primary school studies having
learnt the basics in reading and math-
The report also reveals that in a
third of countries analysed less than
three-quarters of existing primary
school teachers are trained to nation-
al standards.
At the same time, Kaimenyi said
the numerous bottlenecks in the lap-
top project would be dealt with add-
ing that the Government launched
the laptop per child initiative to inte-
grate ICT in public primary schools.
Kibera Primary School pupil leaders Jeremiah Onyango (cabinet secretary for education) and Esther Mutheu (pres-
ident) with their Deputy Head teacher Margaret Oching during the launch of the 2013-14 Education For All Global
Monitoring Report in Nairobi, yesterday. [PHOTO: TABITHA OTWORI/STANDARD]
High Court settles case on
Sh139 million lottery cash
The High Court has resolved a dis-
pute over Sh139 million lottery money
that has been withheld by Safaricom
for over two years following differenc-
es between parties in the suit.
High Court Judge George Odunga
directed the mobile service provider
to release Sh139,132,851 to Interactive
Gaming and Lottery Limited collected
by the company in the Shinda Smart
6969 competition.
The case involves a gaming com-
pany, Flint East Africa, Kenya Revenue
Authority, Safaricom and Interactive
Gaming. The judge ruled that Interac-
tive Gaming was entitled to the mon-
ey less costs and charges due to Safa-
ricom while from the net proceeds,
Flint was entitled to Sh2 per SMS of
Track It Managing Director Shezad
Tejani has moved to court seeking or-
ders to compel Interpol to delete his
name as a wanted person from their
Through his brother-in-law Karim
Lalani, Tejani filed the case under a
certificate of urgency before High
Court judge Justice Mumbi Ngugi.
He wants the court to bar the in-
ternational security agency from ar-
resting him citing that the red notice
alert on the website is without any
lawful authority. On Interpol’s web-
site, Tejani is wanted by the judicial
authorities of Kenya for prosecution
or to serve a sentence for obtaining
goods by false pretenses.
“The Constitution guarantees
Shezad Tejani correction or deletion
of misleading information against
him,” said Tejani’s lawyer Muchemi.
The man who has allegedly been
residing in Dubai since 2010 said he
fears coming back to the country as
he may be arrested.
He added that Interpol wants to
humiliate him.
Tejani in court over Interpol
NATIONAL NEWS / Page 21 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
End of the journey
Eldoret Traffic Base
Commander Humphrey
Abai and Boney Otieno
from the National Traffic
Safety Authority
supervise the removal of
number plates from
vehicles that have not
complied with the new
traffic regulations.
Thirty unroadworthy
vehicles were rounded up
in the exercise. [PHOTO:
expressed concern that few tourists
will visit Maasai Mara Game Reserve
and the Coast during the July-October
peak season.
The attacks, they pointed out, have
dented the country’s image, noting
that most tourists who would have
visited the country might opt for Tan-
zania and Zanzibar.
“Security being a key factor in trav-
el decisions, these persistent attacks
will definitely result in travel adviso-
ries and hence cancellations. Unless
drastic measures are taken by the
Government to contain the situation
once and for all, tourists will opt for
Tanzania and Zanzibar,” said Thomas
Were, the general manager of Ashnil
Hotels Ltd.
Mr Were said since the attacks be-
gan, the industry has been severely af-
fected, with some hotels closing down
and sending their workers on unpaid
leave until business improves.
He said visitors from the tradition-
al markets of the US, UK, Germany
and France snubbed Kenya a couple
of years ago because of security con-
cerns and asked the Government to
solve the matter to save the multi-bil-
lion shilling industry from what he
called imminent collapse.
“Most tourists who would have
visited Kenya between January and
last month changed their minds be-
cause of security concerns. They de-
cided to go to Tanzania. Terror attacks
happening when we are preparing to
host them between July and October
will certainly affect arrivals,” said Lily
Waddington, the director for sales and
marketing for Osero Camps Ltd in
Maasai Mara.
She said 15 tourists from the UK
who would have spent two nights at
her resort and two more nights at the
Coast during the coming weekend
had cancelled their bookings because
of the weekend attacks. She expressed
doubts about whether more tourists
would visit the famed reserve two
months to the peak season.
Hoteliers fear terror will hurt tourism
They are worried
few tourists will visit
Maasai Mara and the
Coast during July-
October peak season
Hoteliers are worried that increas-
ingly frequent terrorist attacks will se-
verely affect the tourism industry.
Already, they said yesterday, there
have been booking cancellations and
Devolution and National Planning
Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has
joined her Interior and Co-ordination
of Government counterpart Joseph
ole Lenku at Harambee House.
Ms Waiguru left Treasury, where
she has been working from, to occupy
the 8th floor of Harambee House.
Unlike her other Cabinet col-
leagues who occupy the same build-
ing as their principal secretaries, the
CS and her two deputies operate from
different buildings. Devolution PS
John Konchellah is housed at Com-
craft House while Planning PS Peter
Kangiti is at Treasury.
Waiguru explained that she has
been working from Treasury while
waiting to occupy her office at Haram-
bee House and dispelled fears that she
faced difficulties co-ordinating her
ministry because of working a dis-
tance from her principal secretaries.
“The President co-ordinates Gov-
ernment from State House and min-
isters do not have offices in the same
building as him. Surely, in this digital
era you don’t have to sit next to your
PS to work,” said Waiguru.
Meanwhile, President Uhuru Ke-
nyatta’s senior aides have been moved
from State House to the Office of the
Deputy President due to what sources
termed limited office space. Those
moved to the DP’s office, now known
as Harambee House Annex, include
communications directors Dennis
Itumbi, Munyori Buku, Eric Ngeno
and James Kinyua.
The President’s political advisor
Nancy Gitau and Constitutional Af-
fairs advisor Abdikadir Mohamed
were also moved from State House to
join Joshua Kutuny at Harambee
Waiguru moves
to Harambee
House office

The County Government of Nyamira wishes to inform all bidders participating in
the Prequalification tenders below, that clarifications have been deemed necessary,
calling for addenda to the tenders.
It is clarified as follows:
MAY 2014 MONDAY 12
MAY 2014
1. Tender Condition requiring suppliers of Medical drugs, Non- pharmaceuticals
and related items to provide samples of supplies / items has been expunged.
2. Tender documents can be downloaded freely from the county Government of
Nyamira website: , then go to Resource centre and click on
downloads or;
3. Open our prequalification dedicated email account: nyamira.prequalification@ using nyamira2014 as password and download tender documents
from the inbox.
4. Bidders shall inspect and download the addendum on the CGN website
All other terms of the tender remains the same.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Three watchmen
hacked to death
on Grogan plot
Three night guards on a disput-
ed Sh2 billion piece of land in Ng-
ara area, Nairobi, were Tuesday
morning hacked to death in an at-
tack by unknown assailants.
Two other guards were serious-
ly injured in the attack that took
place in Grogan area on the land
that had initially been occupied by
jua kali artisans.
Witnesses and police said
about 10 men armed with machet-
es raided the land and slashed the
guards at about 4am.
Three machetes with blood-
stains were found at the scene and
taken away by police. Those who
survived the incident were admit-
ted to hospital with serious head
Central Head of CID Richard
Bitok said police are yet to know
the assailants.
“This seems to be a well-
planned attack out to scare these
Police say 10
men raided land and
slashed the guards
guards here but we will know because
we are investigating,” he said.
Mr Bitok said police officers will
guard the land following claims that
invaders plan to raid and occupy it.
One of the bodies was found with-
in the fenced land while the other two
were outside, an indication that the
victims tried to escape.
The bodies had deep head wounds
when police arrived at the scene to
take them to the mortuary.
A huge crowd gathered to witness
the incident amid tension and possi-
bilities of seeing the return of the me-
chanics to the land.
Some traders said there had been
bad blood between the guards and the
The land has been in dispute be-
tween close to 900 mechanics and the
Jamia Masjidahl (registered trustees
of the Jamia Mosque Committee) who
claimed ownership.
The mechanics were finally pushed
out of the parcel last September in a
bloody confrontation between police
and armed youth before it was
The mechanics were allocated 1.25
acres near the disputed one and asked
to move there.
Jamia Masjidahl Spokesman Mus-
tafa Musa said they are yet to know
the killers of the guards.
The mechanics under the name
Migingo Mechanics Self-Help Group
had been laying claim to the land
while Jamia Masjidahl said it bought
it from Hussein Ahmedali Hebatualaa
and moved to court and successfully
got orders to throw out the artisans.
The Jamia Masjidahl, through law-
yer Ahmnednasir Abdulahi, managed
to win the battle.
The Jamia Foundation said it
planned to put up a school and a
• Witnesses said about 10 men
armed with machetes raid-
ed the land and slashed the
guards at about 4am
• Three machetes with blood-
stains were found at the scene
and taken away by police.
Those who survived the inci-
dent were admitted to hospital
with serious head wounds
• Some traders said there had
been bad blood between the
guards and the mechanics
• The land had been in dispute
between close to 900 mechan-
ics and the Jamia Masjidahl
A plain-clothes police officer carries
machetes at Grogan in Nairobi’s Nga-
ra area, yesterday. Three night
guards were killed by unknown as-
sailants on Monday night. [PHOTO:
A former military officer is seeking
compensation for alleged wrongful
dismissal from the armed forces in
2011 after serving for more than 32
Julius Odhiambo Ogutu, who was
a warrant officer 2 at the then Kenya
Armed Forces, is demanding more
than Sh2.5 million for having his ser-
vices terminated for allegedly conniv-
ing with a junior officer to steal four
rolls of barbed wire from Thika Bar-
Ogutu joined the armed forces on
September 10, 1979. Before Industrial
Court judge Nduma Nderi, the officer
who was assigned to be storekeeper at
the barracks says the junior officer
had requested him to keep the barbed
wires for him and later came to pick
Ogutu says the junior officer had a
voucher notifying where he had
bought them and thus he was justified
to keep the same at the stores.
The court heard that despite
Ogutu’s dismissal, he still retains his
military card though he has severally
appealed through his lawyer Onyango
Aloo to have his passport and nation-
al identity card returned. He also says
he was never accorded a dismissal
“At the barracks, I was given a min-
ute to respond to the allegations lev-
elled against me and was verbally told
that my services have been terminat-
ed and I should leave the barracks im-
mediately. Your honour, there you do
what is ordered and later question
your bosses,” said Ogutu.
He said the army bosses have nev-
er responded to his prayers and he
cannot get a job because he has the
disciplined forces card with which he
cannot claim to be a civilian.
In the suit, Attorney General Githu
Muigai had not responded to the alle-
gations by the officer despite being
severally served with hearing notic-
This prompted Justice Nderi to or-
der him to make submissions about
the matter, though he wanted to chal-
lenge the officer’s case after cross-ex-
amining him. The judge asked the
state counsel why he had not filed a
defence for the same since the matter
started two years ago, and said the AG
would not be allowed to file any kind
of response as the case had already
Ex-army officer
seeks payout for
‘unfair dismissal’
Security guards held over Sh2.4m bank heist
Three security guards have been
arrested after suspected thugs broke
into I&M Bank along Changamwe
Road, in Nairobi’s Industrial Area and
escaped with over Sh2.4 million.
Police said an unknown number of
people broke into the bank through a
backdoor on Sunday night, and stole
money from automated teller ma-
chines (ATMs).
Makadara OCPD Nehemiah Lagat
said the guards are suspected to have
colluded with the robbers. “The
guards have appeared in court as part
of efforts to know how the robbery
took place. No shooting happened
there,” said Lagat.
Police spent time at the bank yes-
terday, as accountants were busy bal-
ancing and reconciling their accounts.
Other managers were held in meet-
ings and kept mum on the issue, say-
ing it was under investigation.
I&M Bank Head of Security Julius
Waweru said the gang escaped with
Sh2.4 million from the ATMs. “Had
they managed to break all ATMs, they
could have escaped with Sh4 million
but they went with Sh2.4 and left the
rest,” he said.
The gang is said to have arrived in
a car that waited a few metres away
before they broke the doors.
Banks are usually difficult to raid
and rob because of various measures
that have been put in place to ensure
the safety of cash.
Police explained that the theft
must have been carried out by people
who knew the bank’s operations.
Three people are facing child traf-
ficking charges at a Makadara court.
Yesterday, the court postponed the
plea for two suspects and issued a
warrant of arrest for the third.
Acting Senior Principal Magistrate
Victor Wakumile issued a warrant of
arrest against Alphonce Muoki Kamu-
nzyu who failed to appear before the
court to take a plea yesterday as had
been directed by Chief Magistrate
Emily Ominde (pictured) on Friday.
Wakumile ordered Industrial Area
Police Station Commander Amos Sha-
mala to apprehend the suspect on the
run and arraign him before the judge
who is handling the matter.
Kamunzyu was released on police
bail after Ominde ordered officers to
amend charges pressed against him
and his wife Jackline Mwongeli Masi-
The couple is accused of stealing
eight children in Fuata Nyayo slums
on April 25.
Prosecution documents filed in
court indicated that police intended
to charge the two of denying the chil-
dren between the ages of six and eight
parental care by taking them away
from their parents.
But Ominde advised the prosecu-
tion to amend their prosecution doc-
uments and include the offences of
child trafficking.
The suspects were arrested in Mlo-
longo on April 25.
According to state counsel Simon
Muriuki, Masila lured the children
who were playing at Kanu grounds to
follow her.
She then boarded a Mlolongo-
bound matatu at South B and when
she reached her destination, her hus-
band and now co-accused was wait-
ing for her.
The parents of stolen children who
were trailing her in a different vehicle
accosted the duo as they boarded a
matatu to Machakos.
A confrontation ensued and police
from Mlolongo Police Station were
called to the scene and arrested the
They later transferred them to In-
dustrial Area Police Station within
whose jurisdiction the offence oc-
Kenya criminalises the trafficking
of children and adults for sexual ex-
ploitation through the Sexual Offenc-
es Act that prescribes penalties that
are sufficiently stringent and equiva-
lent with those for rape.
Three accused of trafficking eight children from slum
NOTICE / Page 23 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard

1 Kimunya Joshua
M 19/5/2014 9:00 a.m - 9:30a.m
2 Evans Limo Biwott M 19/5/2014 9:30 a.m - 10:00 a.m
3 Benson Ewoton M 19/5/2014 10:00 a.m - 10:30 a.m
4 James Kihumba Kanyiri M 19/5/2014 10:30 a.m - 11:00 a.m
1 Calline Kiapa F 19/5/2014 11:00 a.m-11:30 a.m
2 Martin J. Ekitela M 19/5/2014 11:30 a.m-12:00 p.m
3 Akine Stanley Edapal M 19/5/2014 12:00 P.M-12:30 p.m
4 Lokabuk Mark Ekitela M 19/5/2014 12:30 p.m-1:00 p.m
1 Timothy Ekidor Ekal M 19/5/2014 1:00 P.m-1:30 P.m
2 Ngamanat Nakaru
F 19/5/2014 1:30 P.m-2:00P.m
3 John Nakuleu Lotukoi M 19/5/2014 2:00P.m-2:30P.m
4 Longorio Justus Emeri M 19/5/2014 2:30P.m-3:00p.m
5 Julius Ewoi Lokopu M 19/5/2014 3:30p.m-4:00p.m
6 Grace Epakan Ewoi F 19/5/2014 4:00Pm-4:30p.m
7 Eyanae Llivingstone
M 19/5/2014 4:30 P.M-5:00P.M
8 Illikwel c. James M 19/5/2014 5:00 p.m-5:30 p.m
1 George Akama Ogongo M 20/5/2014 8:00 a.m- 8.30 a.m
2 Lokipi Chris Ekai M 20/5/2014 8:30 a.m-9:00 a.m
3 Esther Lokai Elim F 20/5/2014 9:00a.m-9:30 a.m
4 Sebastian Kashero
M 20/5/2014 9:30 a.m-10:00 a.m
5 Peter Longole Apua M 20/5/2014 10:00 a.m-10:30 a.m
6 Francis Ekai Lochuch M 20/5/2014 10:30 a.m-11:00 a.m
1 Samson Achuka Kerio M 20/5/2014 11:00a.m-11:30p.m
2 Lucy Nanzushi Muniafu F 20/5/2014 11:30a.m-12:00p.m
3 Modo Miriam Atabo F 20/5/2014 12:00p.m-12:30p.m
4 Okurut Reuben M 20/5/2014 12:30p.m-1:00p.m
5 Edna Achuka Eripete F 20/5/2014 1:00P.M-1:30p.m
6 Pascal Ewesit Ekaale M 20/5/2014 1:30p.m-2:00p.m
7 Kennedy Emuria Lorot M 2O/5/2014 2.00P.M-2:30p.m
8 Eiton Elijah M 20/5/2014 2:30p.m-3:00p.m
9 Meldina E. Ekomwa F 20/5/2014 3.00p.m-3:30p.m
1 Sirite James Kinjanzi M 21/5/2014 8:00a.m-8:30a.m
2 Ekai Thomson Nabuin M 21/5/2014 8:30a.m-9:00a.m
3 Charles Lomokol
M 21/5/2014 9.:00a.m-9:30am
4 Lawrence Lokol M 21/5/2014 9:30a.m-10:00a.m
5 Leornard Lokwamor M 21/5/2014 10:00a.m-10:30a.m
6 Naroo kalemunyang
M 21/5/2014 10:30a.m-11:00a.m
7 Ignatius Annoh Lokaale M 21/5/2014 11:00a.m-11:30a.m
8 Echuman Esther Akisil F 21/5/2014 11:30a.m-12:00p.m
9 Justus Ajore Lopii M 21/5/2014 12:00p.m-12:30p.m
10 Ekunoit Francis Mario M 21/5/2014 12:30p.m-1:00p.m
1 John Lokwawi Lokulak M 21/5/2014 1:30p.m-2:00p.m
2 Matet Georgiadis M 21/5/2014 2:00p.m-2:30p.m
3 Humphery Ekal M 21/5/2014 2:30p.m-3:00p.m
4 Stephen Lomosingo
M 21/5/2014 3:00p.m-3:30p.m
1 Ruth Lokol Kosia F 22/5/2014 8:00a.m-8:30a.m
2 Nelson Nakan M 22/5/2014 8:30a.m-9:00a.m
3 George Ereng Robaro M 22/5/2014 9:00a.m-9:30a.m
4 Leornard Loilong M 22/5/2014 9:30a.m-10:00a.m
5 Anne Natieng Ekiru F 22/5/2014 10:00a.m-10:30a.m
6 Lokong Lopeto James M 22/5/2014 10:30a.m-11:00am
1 Afred Chumba M 22/5/2014 11:00a.m-11:30a.m
2 Jane Adhimbo
F 22/5/2014 11:30a.m-12:00 p.m
3 Hellen Auma Mbote F 22/5/2014 12:00p.m-12:30p.m
4 Dorcas Jerop Sang F 22/5/2014 12:30p.m-1:00p.m
1 Imana Immaculate
F 22/5/2014 1:00p.m-1:30p.m
2 Angelei Kevin Angelei M 22/5/2014 1:30p.m-2:00p.m
3 Fredrick Ebenyo Muya M 22/5/2014 2:00p.m-2:30p.m
4 George Lodungo Emase M 22/5/2014 2:30p.m-3:00p.m
1 Alex Methodius Epem
M 22/5/2014 3:00p.m-3:30p.m
2 Perez Anyango F 22/5/2014 3:30p.m-4:00p.m
3 John Ekai Lokuwam M 22/5/2014 4:00p.m-4:30p.m
4 James Kichidi Egilae M 22/5/2014 4:30p.m-5:00p.m
5 Shirley Mukuhi Kigotho F 22/5/2014 5:00p.m-5:30p.m
1 Ngala Ekal Gilchrist M 23/5/2014 7:30a.m-8:00a.m
2 Cornelius Napado
M 23/5/2014 8:00a.m-8:30a.m
3 Korikiel Lotu Dedan M 23/5/2014 8:30am-9:00a.m
4 Ewoi Hosea Lore M 23/5/2014 9:00a.m-9:30a.m
5 Lokwang James Apenyu M 23/5/2014 9:30a.m-10:00a.m
6 Musa Netto Kulvu M 23/5/2014 10.00a.m-10:30a.m
7 Dismas Loprikol Lowet M 23/5/2014 10:30 a.m-11:00 am
8 Hellen Arot F 23/5/2014 11:00 a.m-11:30 a.m
9 Ekuwam Ilikwel
M 23/5/2014 11:30 a.m-12:00 p.m
1 Alice Eremon Emase F 23/5/2014 12:00 p.m-12:30 p.m
2 Veronica Lokwei F 23/5/2014 12:30 p.m-3:00 p.m
3 Hellen Abei Lobur F 23/5/2014 3:00p p.m-3:30 p.m
4 Achuman wilfredah
F 23/5/2014 3:30p.m-4:00 p.m
5 Lopeyok Ekitela Jonnes M 23/5/2014 4:00 p.m-4:30 p.m
6 Charles Ekori Ewoi M 23/5/2014 4:30 p.m-5:00 p.m
7 Catherine Asimit
F 23/5/2014 5:oo p.m-5:30 p.m
1 Joram Ewoton Nasia M 21/5/2014 3:30p.m-4:00 p.m
2 Lopayo Lomuria
M 21/5/2014 4:00p.m-4:30 p.m
3 Nahashon Lotaruk M 21/5/2014 4:30 p.m-5:00 p.m
4 Geofrey Ikatukon
M 21/5/2014 5:00 p.m-5:30 p.m
5 Natome Lopeyok
M 21/5/2014 5:30 p.m-6:00 p.m
6 Simon Logilae Losike M 21/5/2014 6:00 p.m-6:30 p.m
7 Kono Asidie John M 21/5/2014 6:30 pm-7:00 p.m
8 Vinson Ekai Nangolol M 2I/5/2014 7:00P.M-7:30 p.m
1 Joseph Imuton Ekalale M 26/5/2014 9:00 a.m-10:00 a.m
2 Catherine Asinyen
F 26/5/2014 10:00 a.m-11:00 a.m
3 Simon Kimani Rugu M 26/5/2014 11:00 a.m-12.00 p.m
4 Samuel Ariong M 26/5/2014 12:00P.M-1:00 P.M
5 Duncan Emoru M 26/5/2014 1:00P.M-2:00 P.M
6 Rhoda Atabo Tiya F 26/5/2014 2:00 p.m-3:00 p.m
1 Alice Jumapili Erukudi F 27/5/2014 10:00 a.m-11:00 a.m
2 Lokwee Jacob Ikoel M 27/5/2014 11:00 a.m-12:00 p.m
3 Miruka B. Dennis M 27/5/2014 12:00 p.m-1:00 p.m
Alexander Lobongon
Moses Epong Lojao
1:00 p.m-2:00 p.m
2:00 p.m-3:00 p.m
1 Isaac Felix Okech
M 28/5/2014 10:00 a.m-11:00a.m
2 Koli Derick Epae M 28/5/2014 11:00 a.m-12:00 p.m
3 Geoffrey Etheri Engor M 28/5/2014 12:00 a.m-1:00 p.m
4 Lokawa Linus Miinyan M 28/5/2014 1:00 p.m-2:00 p.m
Interviews will be held at the BETHANY GUEST HOUSE (Dioceses of Lodwar), along
Lodwar high school way, Napetet, from 19
MAY to 28
MAY 2014. The candidates
should bring with them the following original documents:-
1. Academic Certificates and other testimonials
2. Compliance Certificate from Higher Education Loans Board
3. Clearance certificate from Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission (EACC)
4. Certificate of good conduct from the Department of Criminal Investigation
5. National Identity Card or passport
Turkana County Legislative Assembly Service Board invites applications from
suitably qualified Kenyan citizens to fill the following position. This is a re-
advertisement in order to meet the minimum threshold of competitiveness
after the earlier advertisement attracted only one person.
The officer will be responsible to the clerk and duties include:
Drafting of private members bills. a)
Drafting of amendments to bills to be proposed to the assembly by any b)
member or any committee of the assembly.
Giving legal interpretation of bills and acts and advice on matters relating to c)
the county assembly.
Providing legal advice to the speaker, county assembly, assembly committees, d)
the county assembly service board, individual members and the clerk.
Ensuring that bills passed by the county assembly comply with the e)
Legal representation of the county assembly and the county assembly service f)
board in court proceedings or ancillary matters.
Bachelor of law degree. a)
Be an advocate of high court of Kenya. b)
Be registered as a commissioner for oath. c)
Be in possession of a current practicing certificate. d)
5 years minimum experience. e)
P.O.BOX 25-30500,
The applications to reach the office not later than Tuesday 20
MAY 2014 before
close of business.
Polio makes comeback in 10
countries, says health body
There is the possible re-emergence
and spread of polio in 10 countries
including Kenya, the World Health
Organisation (WHO) has warned.
The organisation says in February,
the disease reappeared in Iraq and it
is already circulating in eight other
countries — Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethio-
pia, Afghanistan, Equatorial Guinea,
Cameroon, Somalia and Kenya — be-
cause of failure by vaccination cam-
paigns to reach high-risk children.
The virus has also been identified
in the sewage systems of Israel, the
West Bank and Gaza, although no
Officers at
police station,
display bhang
worth Sh10
million, which
was intercept-
ed yesterday.
WHO says there have
been 68 confrmed
cases of polio this year,
compared to 24 by end
of April last year
Standard Media Group’s journal-
ists on Saturday dominated the po-
dium as they won accolades in the
third Media Council Annual Journal-
ism Excellence Awards during a gala
dinner at the Kenyatta International
Conference Centre.
The competitive awards, which
have seen the number of entries in-
crease every year, is spread in several
categories. Jeckonia Otieno won in
the Health category and in his accep-
tance speech posed a hard one, “is
free maternity really free?”
Moses Michira was named the
Business Reporter of the year with his
colleagues at the business desk Jevans
Nyabiage, William Were and Frankline
Sunday taking up the first and second
runners up respectively. Joseph
Muchiri won in the Arts and Culture
carried in the County Weekly now re-
vamped to Counties in the Daily.
Eric ‘Gammz’ Ngammau was first
runners up in the cartoonist of year
category. The Children and Youth Af-
fairs category brought memories of
the sad story of baby Satrin Osinya.
Kiundu Waweru’s tearful personal ac-
count on Osinya’s airlift from Mom-
basa won. In this category, as in many
others, the runners up were from the
Standard — Anthony Gitonga and
Joan Barsulai.
David Ohito bagged the Free Press
Kenya award. Scribes from all local
media houses clapped and cheered
after Ohito, who is the vice chairman
of the Kenya Editor’s Guild, was done
with his acceptance speech.
The awards coincided with the
World Press Freedom Day, and Ohito
said the award was an endorsement
of the great work media houses, edi-
tors and journalists are doing to pro-
mote media freedom and expres-
“I want to remind my good friend,
the Attorney General Githu Muigai
that we will meet in court over two
pieces of legislations threatening me-
dia freedom,” he said.
The AG was the guest of honour.
The legislations are the amended Me-
dia Council Act and the Kenya Infor-
mation and Communications Act,
which if made law, will take away the
established system of self-regulation.
scribes shine in
media awards
The Lake Naivasha Integrated
management plan will help conserve
the lake and its catchment area, Envi-
ronment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wak-
hungu has said.
She said the plan provides an inte-
grated framework for development in
the Lake Naivasha basin.
“The national Government is
working very hard to create a better
life for the people in the basin,” she
said, adding that though the plan’s
launch was delayed, it will be critical
in mainstreaming environment and
natural resources in the basin.
The plan runs from 2012 to 2022
• In February, polio reap-
peared in Iraq and it is already
circulating in eight other coun-
tries: Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethio-
pia, Afghanistan, Equatorial
Guinea, Cameroon, Somalia
and Kenya because of failure
by vaccination campaigns to
reach high-risk children
• Pakistan, Cameroon and the
Syrian Arab Republic were
identifed as the countries
partly responsible for the
spread of the disease to other
countries this year
A private developer has sued the
Nairobi county government for inter-
fering with a parcel of land in Eastle-
igh that is the subject of a court case.
A commercial complex is to be
constructed on the disputed land.
Golden Lime International limited
has taken the dispute up to the Court
of Appeal, which has ordered that the
property registered under LR No 36/
VII/1037 and LR 36/VII/48 remains
under the original owner.
Mohamud Shelk Hussein through
his lawyer Gitau Gikonyo told the
court that the county government has
attempted to isolate the suit property
and give consideration to the direc-
tors of Alfa Traders, Farah Mohamed
Barrow and Ali SheiK Mohamud in
disobedience of the court orders.
Gikonyo told the court that the
property belongs to Golden Lime In-
ternational limited and the Court of
Appeal issued a restraining order
against both the county government
and Alfa Traders on February 11.
The case will be heard next Mon-
Developer sues Nairobi county
over Eastleigh property
Wakhungu lauds Lake Naivasha plan
Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi
Sh10 million drug haul!
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
cases have been confirmed. The WHO
emergency committee in Geneva said
the international spread of polio this
year constitutes an “extraordinary
event” and that there is a serious pub-
lic health threat to other countries
where vaccination is incomplete.
Polio reappeared in Syria last year,
sparking fears that the civil unrest
there could ignite wider outbreaks
across the region.
“If unchecked, this situation could
result in failure to eradicate globally
one of the world’s most serious vac-
cine-preventable diseases by 2018. It
was the unanimous view of the com-
mittee that the conditions for a public
health emergency of international
concern have been met,” the commit-
tee said in a statement.
Pakistan, Cameroon and the Syrian
Arab Republic were identified as the
countries partly responsible for the
spread of the disease to other coun-
tries this year. WHO said polio was
also detected in Ethiopia, Somalia,
Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Israel,
Iraq and Afghanistan.
“Although these countries were
not identified as exporting the virus,
there was a serious risk that people
could carry it with them when travel-
ling, particularly from Nigeria, which
has a history of spreading polio across
borders,” said WHO.
WHO says since 1988, when polio-
eradication began, the global inci-
dence of the disease has been reduced
by 99 per cent with the number of
countries affected by endemic polio
down from 125 to just three by the end
of 2012.
The organisation said there have
been 68 confirmed cases of polio this
year alone, compared to 24 by end of
April last year. WHO said the vaccina-
tion programme has met opposition
in some Muslim regions and conflict
zones where vaccine administration
is even more difficult.
“Until it is eradicated, polio that
can cause paralysis in one in every 200
infections will continue to spread in-
ternationally, find and paralyse sus-
ceptible kids,” said Bruce Aylward, the
head of polio eradication campaign at
WHO. The campaign was based on
administering the vaccine to as many
children as possible.
and the area covered cuts across three
counties. Terming the basin as com-
plex, Prof Wakhungu said it is inter-
connected with diverse stakeholders’
interest. The CS said degradation of
the environment has led to significant
loss of biodiversity, loss of soil fertility,
soil erosion, deforestation, pollution
and climate change.
“These have impacted negatively
on the vulnerability of communities
in rural and urban areas whose liveli-
hoods depend on natural resources,”
she said. Promoting effective environ-
mental and natural resources man-
agement within the set policies re-
mains a challenge for the Government,
she added.
Environment PS Richard Lesi-
yampe gave all developers who have
encroached the riparian land one
month to vacate.
NOTICE / Page 25 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
1 BARINGO 622,545.00 21 2,041,929.00 112 2,400,440.00 5,064,914.00
2 BOMET 689,590.00 8 1,130,813.00 65 3,071,900.00 4,892,303.00
3 BUNGOMA 1,058,094.00 10 2,466,870.00 55 3,735,926.00 7,260,890.00
4 BUSIA * 757,861.00 10 2,531,369.00 39 3,277,224.00 6,566,454.00
5 ELGEYO MARAKWET 535,899.00 21 3,177,721.00 65 1,915,968.00 5,629,588.00
6 EMBU 537,027.00 9 2,516,940.00 50 5,274,090.00 8,328,057.00
7 GARISSA 849,477.00 21 1,651,803.00 39 1,063,947.00 3,565,227.00
8 HOMA BAY 787,260.00 35 3,037,218.00 65 2,450,295.00 6,274,773.00
9 ISIOLO 449,178.00 3 421,338.00 22 787,307.00 1,657,823.00
10 KAJIADO * 589,146.00 16 3,763,999.00 59 978,520.00 5,331,665.00
11 KAKAMEGA 1,232,550.00 27 5,357,277.00 65 2,155,353.00 8,745,180.00
12 KERICHO 556,980.00 14 1,008,376.00 110 4,315,644.00 5,881,000.00
13 KIAMBU 1,051,549.00 29 15,507,852.33 27 3,654,304.00 20,213,705.33
14 KILIFI * 988,691.00 11 5,207,046.00 58 5,093,677.00 11,289,414.00
15 KIRINYAGA 489,394.00 10 3,554,961.00 37 7,820,980.00 11,865,335.00
16 KISII 985,100.00 28 3,689,078.00 63 2,542,123.00 7,216,301.00
17 KISUMU 768,147.00 17 2,258,062.00 43 1,948,637.00 4,974,846.00
18 KITUI 1,076,944.00 34 3,501,426.00 166 2,262,409.00 6,840,779.00
19 KWALE 678,518.00 7 1,812,505.00 57 4,153,048.00 6,644,071.00
20 LAIKIPIA * 488,404.00 7 1,549,770.00 40 2,221,738.00 4,259,912.00
21 LAMU 283,294.00 3 404,295.00 19 527,580.00 1,215,169.00
22 MACHAKOS 934,432.00 28 4,172,032.00 89 3,397,280.00 8,503,744.00
23 MAKUENI 844,315.00 24 4,473,363.00 88 3,947,067.00 9,264,745.00
24 MANDERA 1,248,587.00 19 2,797,886.00 17 693,989.00 4,740,462.00
25 MARSABIT 866,354.00 15 1,067,440.00 40 977,028.00 2,910,822.00
26 MERU 899,939.00 22 4,325,953.00 62 4,854,661.00 10,080,553.00
27 MIGORI 797,539.00 18 1,856,797.00 74 3,186,636.00 5,840,972.00
28 MOMBASA * 677,483.00 1 402,839.00 15 2,760,385.00 3,840,707.00
29 MURANG’A 747,299.00 26 6,656,337.00 82 7,972,976.60 15,376,612.60
30 NAIROBI 1,725,031.00 51 9,307,639.00 11 549,871.00 11,582,541.00
31 NAKURU 1,113,302.00 28 8,133,279.00 80 5,776,196.00 15,022,777.00
32 NANDI 651,957.00 14 1,614,712.00 71 3,185,095.00 5,451,764.00
33 NAROK 708,860.00 16 2,658,191.00 59 1,962,837.00 5,329,888.00
34 NYAMIRA 566,757.00 36 2,408,068.00 32 829,338.00 3,804,163.00
35 NYANDARUA 615,870.00 25 6,171,413.00 29 1,897,212.00 8,684,495.00
36 NYERI 643,631.00 25 7,055,566.00 69 5,409,087.00 13,108,284.00
37 SAMBURU 541,347.00 8 1,435,019.00 29 1,225,730.00 3,202,096.00
38 SIAYA 692,057.00 34 4,454,848.00 73 3,944,106.00 9,091,011.00
39 TAITA TAVETA 460,847.00 16 1,641,539.00 31 1,634,878.00 3,737,264.00
40 TANA RIVER 595,512.00 3 606,093.00 34 1,468,761.00 2,670,366.00
41 THARAKA NITHI 439,192.00 11 1,811,674.00 35 2,067,121.00 4,317,987.00
42 TRANS NZOIA 675,241.00 9 2,082,270.00 28 2,229,602.00 4,987,113.00
43 TURKANA 1,499,515.00 6 1,388,304.00 47 2,782,290.00 5,670,109.00
44 UASIN GISHU 686,676.00 14 1,966,032.00 62 2,615,152.00 5,267,860.00
45 VIHIGA * 531,178.00 18 4,255,214.00 19 1,113,774.00 5,900,166.00
46 WAJIR 1,092,600.00 29 2,238,373.00 34 678,515.00 4,009,488.00
47 WEST POKOT 653,172.00 6 1,285,704.00 48 2,700,471.00 4,639,347.00
TOTALS 36,384,341.00 843 152,857,233.33 2514 131,511,168.60 320,752,742.93
The disbursement comprises of user fee refund, maternity fee reimbursement and County Health Management Teams (CHMTs) funds for supportive supervision.
Further, the Health Management Teams at all levels are instructed to adhere to the HSSF Financial Management Guidelines as well as existing GoK regulations strictly. It is the Ministry’s expectation that these
funds will serve to improve Primary Health Services across the country.
* CHMTS should submit county approved account details to receive the supportive supervision funds.
For any clarifications please contact the undersigned:
Head, HSSF Secretariat or
County Executive Committee Member for Health of the respective counties or email
For a detailed list visit: or
Prof. Fred H. K. Segor,
Principal Secretary
Ministry of Health,
Afya House, Cathedral Road
P.O. Box 30016 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254 20 2717077, Fax: +254 20 2713234, Office Email:
In exercise of powers conferred by Legal Notice 401 of 21
December 2007 as revised through Legal Notice 79 of 5
June 2009 and, in pursuit of the Ministry’s
objective, the Ministry of Health publishes the Health Sector Services Fund (HSSF) Third Quarter 2013/2014 disbursement as indicated below:-
Tuboreshe Huduma za Afya
kama Jamii moja
Page 26 / NATIONAL NEWS Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Treasury losing out following Ngilu’s
order to suspend work at ministry
in the two government offices. The
counties have gone to an extent of
suspending all transactions including
sub division of land and issuance of
title deeds.
Kajiado Governor David Nkidie-
nye and his Narok counterpart Sam-
uel Tunai have also suspended Land
Control Boards until County Land
Management Boards are constituted,
putting on hold an average of about
Sh100 million both counties remit to
the Treasury annually in land registra-
tion and stamp duty payments.
Mr Tunai, who sent an officer at
the town planning department on
compulsory leave for allegedly double
allocating public land to unsuspect-
ing buyers, said land sub division and
sale have been marred by corruption.
The decision by the Lands Cabinet
Secretary Charity Ngilu to suspend all
land transactions for ten working days
to facilitate reforms at the central reg-
istry will cost the Government billions
of shillings in stamp duty.
Turf wars between Mrs Ngilu and
the National Land Commission Chair-
man Mohammed Swazuri that have
been raging on for a year now has in
many ways affected land transactions,
including renewal of leases, searches,
land rent payments, valuation pro-
cessing and issuance of title deeds.
This has denied the Treasury rev-
enue and stalled development of real
estate among other pertinent land
Various organisations and politi-
cians have faulted the CS for the di-
rective, saying neither Ngilu nor NLC
has the mandate to sign title deeds.
“The preserve of signing title deeds
is purely a preserve of the Govern-
ment Chief Lands Registrar and the
counterpart at the county level. The
fight between the Cabinet Secretary
and NLC is unwarranted,” says the
Land Development and Governance
Institute Chairman Ibrahim
CORD nominated MP Isaac Mwau-
ra has said the supremacy battle be-
tween the two offices should be
brought to an end to allow the land
transactions to go on.
“The President should move fast
and end the war, which is denying his
Government much needed revenue.
There is more to the fight than meets
the eye,” said Mr Mwaura.
Narok and Kajiado county govern-
ments have been hit by the squabbles
Security was tight at Ardhi House yesterday. Only employees with identifica-
tion cards were allowed in. [PHOTO: BEVERLYNE MUSILI/STANDARD]
Narok and Kajiado are
among the counties
affected and have
suspended all land

The National Lands Commis-
sion (NLC) plans to move to court
today to seek orders to stop Lands
Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu
from interfering with its opera-
Officials said NLC lawyers were
by yesterday finalising the appli-
cation papers ahead of today’s fil-
“That is the only remaining
option because not even the other
people in Government are willing
to stop her from interfering with
our operations,” said an NLC offi-
The planned move to court
come as services continued to be
grounded for the second day run-
ning following an order by Ngilu
to suspend the transactions for 10
Ngilu said the shutdown is to
allow reforms at the Central Reg-
istry and re-organise the files to
improve efficiency.
She explained that only a few
have profiteered from the chaotic
system that facilitates fraudulent
More than 30 university stu-
dents that Ngilu engaged to carry
out audit worked in shifts with the
last group leaving at midnight on
NLC termed Ngilu’s action as
illegal. Commission Vice Chair
Abigael Mukolwe declared that if
any of the commission’s files go
missing, the Cabinet secretary
would be held responsible.
The commission is also con-
sidering moving out of Ardhi
House as part of measures to stop
the minister from interfering with
its operations.
Registration of land docu-
ments, searches, stamp duty pay-
ments, land rent payment and ap-
plication for valuations and
processing will not be done dur-
ing the period.
to seek legal
redress on CS
• The counties have sus-
pended Land Control Boards
until County Land Manage-
ment Boards are constituted,
putting on hold an average
of about Sh100 million both
counties remit to the Trea-
sury annually in land regis-
tration and stamp duty pay-
“Parcels of land belonging to families
have been sub divided and sold with-
out the consent of the members. The
sub divisions have rendered lands
that were once economically viable
useless,” he said.
The governor directed the area
Land Registrar Philip Mengi to halt is-
suance of title deeds until the board is
set up.
The area, he said, is teeming with
land speculators and women for hire
who he blamed on the rampant sale
of family lands; deals that have ren-
dered innocent family members land-
“There are women for hire who are
operating here. Their work is to be
hired and be presented to the land
control boards as wives, leading to
disposal of family resources. This,
among other reasons, have forced me
to suspend all land transactions,” said
the governor.
He said there were many fake title
deeds in the area, vowing that when
the board will be up and running,
their vetting would start and all lands
that were illegally dished out repos-
County Land Executive Morgan Si-
loma says the governor’s move to sus-
pend all land transactions was in-
formed by locals cries that they have
lost their land through deals that were
being done “below the board”.
“The county government wants to
streamline land transactions. We don’t
want to repossess lands from people.
Those who bought them genuinely
have no reasons to worry,” he said.
Narok Land Valuation Officer
Kibichy Yator said the Land Registry
collects an average of about Sh20 mil-
lion a year on land transactions, add-
ing that the ban will seriously affect
revenue collection.
“The registry office collects an av-
erage of Sh20 million a year in land
registration and in stamp duty. The
suspension of all forms of land deals
will deny the treasury revenue,” he
The suspension in Narok and Ka-
jiado counties comes at a time when
most group ranches and communal
lands were being sub divided for indi-
vidual ownership.
The Standard Newspaper unveils
Kenya’s Leading Banks
To Participate please call Bobby: 0736 702 678
Customer Satisfaction
Agency Banking
Asset Finance
Product Marketing
Micro Finance
Mobile Banking
Corporate Banking
Efficiency Growth
Mortgage Financing
Product Innovation
Product Marketing
Retail Banking
SME Banking

Ms Njoroge emphasised the
importance of rightful spending and
performance on assigned tasks to
foster development.
“It is unfortunate that corruption
is almost becoming synonymous
with procurement because everyone
who wants to steal must use a
process called procurement where
corruption is hidden,” she said.
Transitional Authority chairman
Kinuthia wa Mwangi said the
committee would be instrumental in
engaging commissions and indepen-
dent bodies on matters that have
been troubling them. The three
spoke in Eldoret during a meeting
that brought together oversight
Meanwhile, Nandi County
Woman Representative Zipporah
Kerring has blamed haphazard
implementation of devolution for
problems in the health sector.
Kerring said improper systems of
devolution had caused confusion in
the sector.
“Constitutionally, devolution of
health services was supposed to be
done in phases. I note the rush at
which the health sector is being
devolved. The result is a confused
health system,” said Kerring.
She was addressing nurses from
Nandi County during the launch of
the International Nurses Week at St
Barnabas ACK Church in Kapsabet.
She, however, called on nurses and
other health care workers to
embrace change, asking them to give
the Government time to streamline
the systems to ensure improved
service provision.
“The Parliamentary Health
Committee is currently conducting a
nationwide tour of health institu-
tions and health care service
provision. We will be best placed to
advise the national Government on
proper policies to ensure the best
service in health care are attained,”
said Kerring.
Kipkirui Chepkwony, the
chairman of the health committee in
the Nandi County Assembly,
however, called for immediate
devolution of health care policy
formulation, saying that leaving the
role to the national government was
hampering devolution.
Auditor says counties
unable to check graft
PPOA director Jane
Njoroge also concedes
procurement is almost
always used as conduit
of corruption
The office of the Auditor General
has raised doubts over the ability of
county assembly committees to
scrutinise reports.
Francis Kiongo, an official from
the Auditor General’s office, told The
Standard that failure to follow
procurement laws was one of the
greatest challenges in the counties.
“We also have weak financial
systems that make accountability
prone to abuse. Counties have weak
oversight bodies thus encouraging
the culture of impunity,” he said.
Mr Kiongo said it is necessary to
have a complimentary committee at
the Senate that will also play the
oversight role. Kiongo pointed out
the recent formation of the Senate’s
Public Accounts and Investment
Committee chaired by Kakamega
senator Bonny Khalwale as a way
“We have worked very closely
with Public Investments Committee
and Public Accounts Committee in
Parliament and our output is usually
the input of these committees,” he
“I must laud the formation of this
committee as it will offer capacity to
their younger brothers in the
assemblies by complimenting their
work,” he added.
Public Procurement Oversight
Authority (PPOA) Director General
Jane Njoroge said their advisory
opinion has been instrumental in
successful prosecutions by the Office
of the Director of Public Prosecu-
“We have issued reports but do
not know where they end but at least
now we have an institution ready
and willing to work with us for
accountability,” she said.
Senate’s Public Investment and Accounts Committee (PIAC) led by Chairman
Boni Khalwale (in black shirt) during a two-day meeting in Eldoret on Friday.
• Auditor General says the
devolved units lack capacity
to read, interpret and
implement reports
• The Auditor General
proposes a complimentary
committee at the Senate
that will help the counties
•Procurement Authority boss
says every public officer
sees an opportunity to pilfer
funds in every procurement
Page 23
JUSTICE: Family of abducted
man clueless three weeks on
The family of a man abducted three
weeks ago is still in the dark over his
Kariuki Muthee’s relatives now say
police have not been helpful even
after they made the report soon after
the incident.
Muthee, 57, and a father of four, was
abducted at his gate in Thunguma
area, Nyeri County, around 3pm on
April 16. The abductors, who were
allegedly in a Blue Rav 4, pulled up
beside Muthee’s gate where he was
conversing with a neighbour.
Muthee’s eldest daughter Milka
Mukami says they are yet to receive
any assistance from the police since
they reported about their father’s
disappearance last month.
But police say the family has
not provided them with enough
information to aid them trace the
placing of Kisima, Rose IDPs
Njoro MP Joseph Kiuna has urged the
Government to find a lasting solution
to the stalemate in resettlement of
Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
residing at Kisima and Rose Farms in
his constituency.
Kiuna (above) said delayed
resettlement of the IDPs has affected
livelihoods of victims who are not
able to actively indulge in economic
activities to earn a living.
“It is unfortunate that victims
continue to suffer because of delayed
resettlement,” said Kiuna.
He was speaking during a fund-raiser
for Ogiek Nessuit Secondary School
in Njoro.
He observed that failure to involve
the local communities in allocation of
land in Mau Narok had contributed to
resistance in resettlement of IDPs in
the expansive Rose Farm.
Page 27
Monday, March 24, 2014
cil locks out public
sport from
city C
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
The Municipal Council of Kisumu
in conjunction with the traffic police
department has successfully locked
public transport out of the town’s
Thanks to the combined forces,
no 14-seater matatu and boda boda
operates in the central business
district now.
And residents have praised the
effort, arguing sanity has been
restored in the CBD and traffic flow
was now smooth.
No matatus or boda bodas are
allowed to pick or drop passengers
at the CBD. The ban also applies to
tricycles and it has been in effect for
the past one week, though amid
Distances shortened
The authorities have also blocked
Oginga Odinga Avenue up to
Standard Chartered Bank junction to
ease traffic flow.
Passengers are now being
dropped at Jomo Kenyatta Highway
and trek to town.
The move follows successful
negotiations between the authority
and matatu operators whose
distances have now been cut short.
“We are happy because the plans
have reduced our distance by
one-and-a-half kilometres,” said a
matatu operator George Onyango.
According to the town authorities
the plan aims to decongest the city
and will remain in force until 2013.
Thereafter the council will
develop fresh plans to accommodate
the increased number of private cars
in town, a source from the council
Already, the number of private
cars streaming in the town has
peaked and the traffic department
anticipates the figure will rise.
The council’s enforcement officer
in charge of the traffic order Adrian
Ouma said they would not back
down on the move.
WIN-win situation
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
“It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
council,” he said, as he asked them
to co-operate.
Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello
thanked the residents for allowing
them to bring sanity within the CBD.
There have been complaints of
matatu disorder within the CBD,
which have been disrupting smooth
operations of businesses.
With the new measures in force
people can now go about their
business easily without disruptions
by blaring sounds.
Nyanza PPO Njue Njagi promised
to support the council to restore
sanity and warned that those who
resist change would be arrested and
Eng Ouma said matatu owners
appreciated the directive because
they still charge the same bus fare
despite the distance being short-
“It is a win-win situation, the
matatu operators have all the
reasons to smile same as the
Traffic Police officer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traffic from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
· when the Council announced
the plan to re·route public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
· Pesidents welcomed it, say·
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
· At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they re·grouped to
protest the directive
· however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
The County News is bigger, Bo|der,
Fresh and c|oser to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
g Tod
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 28 / COAST NEWS
Wundanyi MP Thomas Mwadeghu addresses the consultative meeting held at the
Taita-Taveta University College in Voi town. He is with MPs Jones Mlolwa and Joyce
Lay and Governor John Mruttu (far left). [PHOTO: RENSON MNYAMWEZI/STANDARD]
Coast leaders want the mining
industry devolved to counties to
enable residents in areas endowed
with minerals to benefit more from
the resources.
Speaking at a consultative
workshop on the Mining Bill 2014
held at Taita-Taveta University
College (TTUC) in Voi town,
Governor John Mruttu and MPs
Joyce Wanjala Lay, Thomas Mwade-
ghu, Andrew Mwadime and Jones
Mlolwa said functions of the
Director of Mines and Director of
Gemology should be devolved to
the county level.
They proposed an additional
clause, Article 22(3) establishing a
County Mining Corporation, which
shall be an investment arm of the
county government.
“County Mining Boards should
be established to advice on the
issuance and collection of mining
consents, advice the Cabinet
Secretary on formation of Ad hoc
committees and resolve conflict
among miners. The Board will make
recommendations to the minister
on issuance of mining consents,”
said the County Assembly Commit-
tee chairperson on Natural
Resources, Environment, Forestry
and Energy Raymond Mwangola.
The consultative meeting, which
was convened by TTUC and Human
Rights Agenda (Huria) in conjunc-
tion with the county government,
Coast leaders
push to have
Mining Bill
was told that the region is the largest
producer of gemstones in East and
Central Africa yet has nothing to
show for it in terms of socio-
economic development.
“Citizens have an emotional
attachment to the available re-
sources in their areas. The Draft Bill
does not have proper mechanisms
on benefit sharing and should be
amended to ensure communities in
areas endowed with mineral
resources benefit more than external
investors,” said Mruttu.
Huria’s Coast region Executive
Director Yusuf Lule Mwatsefu vowed
to lobby for amendment of the
proposed Mining Bill, saying it gives
the Mining Cabinet Secretary
excessive powers.
Others present at the meeting
included TTUC University Principal
“The Cabinet Secretary should be
replaced by the Mining Committee
on the issuance of mining licences
to ensure fairness of all Kenyans. The
county governments should also be
represented in the committee,” said
Majala Mlagui, a local miner.
On the issue of mineral exports,
the leaders proposed that export
licences be issued by the County
Executive Member in-charge of
Mining and Natural Resources.
Prof Hamad Boga and County
Executive member in charge of
Mining Elijah Mwandoe and several
small scale miners and ward
The other proposed change in
the Bill is establishment of mining
committees rather than allowing the
Mining Cabinet Secretary to issue
Tension is high in Witu, Lamu
County after three people were killed
on Sunday evening in what is
believed to be an ethnic based
According to Tana delta Deputy
County Commissioner Mike Kimoko,
a herdsman from the Orma commu-
nity was slashed to death at Nairobi
area in Witu Division on Saturday,
which is on the border between Tana
River and Lamu counties.
Kimoko said after word went
round following the killing, herders
from the Orma tribe allegedly
mobilised themselves and killed two
people from the Pokomo and Miji
Kenda community, in what is
believed to be a revenge mission.
“As we speak I have dispatched a
contingent of police officers to assist
their counterparts in Lamu to beef
up security,” he said.
Kimoko also noted that security
officials are holding talks with elders
from the Pokomo and Orma
communities in Lamu and Tana
River counties to have them prevail
upon their people to maintain peace
and avoid a spill-over of violence.
However, Lamu County Commis-
sioner Stephen Ikua downplayed the
matter and said they are treating it
as a normal crime.
Ikua said the first incident
occurred when three suspected
cattle thieves raided a home and
attempted to steal livestock, which
led to the murder with the alleged
killer escaping.
He said the other two bodies
were discovered a few hours within
Witu area and about five kilometres
apart, with deep machete cuts in the
head and other parts of the body.
Though a contingent of heavily
armed security officers have been
deployed to the villages, the
commissioner said no one has been
arrested yet.
revenge killing
raises tension
Perennial water shortage in Voi
has been attributed to consumers
with illegal meter connections,
those using storage tanks with
thousands of litres capacity and
corrupt staff at the water company.
The discovery was made during
a high powered tour of the Voi
water supply network led by
Taita-Taveta County member in
charge of water and irrigation, Eng
Joseph Mbogho.
The team discovered that
numerous water meters installed by
the Taita-Taveta Water and Sewer-
age Company (Tavevo) are either
dead or faulty, yet their owners
continue to use water.
In other cases, consumers were
found to be using the commodity
for irrigation with the full knowl-
edge of corrupt Tavevo officials.
“We shall carry out thorough
investigations into this matter and
see whether staff in Tavevo have
been sleeping on the job or have
been compromised,” Mbogho said.
He said it was apparent that
there has been inefficiency among
workers of the water company
especially meter readers.
Another culprit identified during
the tour is a penal institution,
which has accumulated millions of
shillings in unpaid bills thereby
making water delivery hard for the
local water company.
Causes of water shortage identified
For subscriptions call:
Mary: 0727 718 286 | Geraldine: 0738 144 091
For online subscription visit:
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
A matatu wades through water along flooded Mombasa-Kisauni road in
Mombasa County yesterday. Some businesses remained closed owing to
Matuga MP Hassan Mwanyoha has urged
area MCAs to support their governor.
A judge in Mombasa has blamed
the Director of Public Prosecutions
(DPP) for the acquittal of two
brothers and a taxi driver charged
with the murder of a British couple
five years ago.
Justice Maureen Odero said
failure by the DPP’s office to recall a
key witness during the trial of killers
of Norman Antony Joel and Rita
Marion Joel was to blame for the
acquittal of Daniel Musyoka
Mwasia, Paul Mutua Mwasia and
Walter Otieno Ojwang.
The accused had denied that on
October 14, 2009 at an unknown
place, they jointly murdered
Norman Antony Joel and Rita
Marion Joel in Mombasa. Justice
Odero said Gibson Gube Tunje, who
was a key witness in the case, should
have been recalled as she had
“I feel there is more to this than
meets the eye. The prosecution was
instructed to avail the witness to
conclude his testimony but despite
having been given several adjourn-
ments, the prosecution still failed to
bring this crucial witness,” said
Justice Odero.
She said Tunje was a key witness
because he was the one who booked
the three in the guest house and
reported to the police about a
vehicle with blood being washed.
“I note that although the witness
spoke of seeing certain people
washing blood stains and talked of
having rented them two rooms, he
did not identify any of the men who
failed to recall
witness in
murder trial
he spoke to,” said Odero.
The judge said earlier during the
trial, state lawyer stood over the
testimony of Tunje to give him time
to bring carbon receipt book he used
when booking in the two brothers at
rooms 2 and 5 at Summit Guest
House in Bombolulu.
“I later reopened the case and
ordered the prosecution to recall the
witness he had stood over but
unfortunately the prosecution failed
to do so,” said Odero.
The judge said the court could
rely on the evidence of Tunje
because the witness was not cross
examined to test his testimony.
“Why would a witness who
readily came to court and com-
menced his evidence vanish
midway,” posed Odero.
Before the arrest of the two
brothers at Summit Guest House, the
police witnesses told the court a
after linking them with the murder
of the couple, whose bodies were
found dumped on the road side on
the way to Kaloleni from Bamburi.
The police took samples of blood
from the blue car and the couple
and took them to Government
Chemist for analysis.
Justice Odero said the forensic
analysis of the blood samples from
the vehicle and the couple’s
matched, showing their bodies must
have been in the vehicle in question.
worker at the reception who had
booked Musyoka and his brother
Mutua led them to room 2 and 5
When they went into Musyoka’s
room they found he had tied a towel
round his waist because he had
washed his pair of trousers.
Musyoka admitted the car in
question was his, but said it had
blood stains because he was
involved in a road accident.
The police said they arrested
Musyoka, his brother and Otieno
Taita-Taveta County government
has warned miners operating
without valid documents.
The tough stance was announced
by the CEC in charge of environment
and natural resources, Elijah
Mwandoe. He says the county
government cannot sit back and lose
revenue to unscrupulous miners.
During and exclusive interview
with The Standard at the old Voi
Town Hall chambers, Eng Mwandoe
said the county had lost revenue
through shady miners and gemstone
dealers and the trend cannot be
allowed to continue.
“The gemstone industry has a
huge potential in Taita-Taveta and
we are keeping tabs on all miners in
the county to ensure only licensed
miners undertake mining activities.
We shall keep an inventory of all
mining companies so that we can
weed out ghost companies,” said
The CEC’s remarks come after the
Report of the Ministerial Task Force
on Review of Prospecting, Explora-
tion and Mining Licences formed by
Mining Cabinet Secretary, Najib
Balala, which has exposed the rotten
underbelly of the mining sector in
Amidst cheering, ululation and
jubilation, Garissa governor Nadhif
Jamah reminded his foes and allies
that he is still in charge. A seemingly
recharged governor, whose election
was quashed by the Court of Appeal,
addressed his maiden rally at Garissa
county headquarters since securing
stay orders from the Supreme Court.
Flanked by Legdera MP Mo-
hamed Shidiye and Garissa Women
Representative Shukran Gure
alongside the MCAs and his full
cabinet, the governor told off those
celebrating the Court of Appeal
Abdikarim Mohamed, a voter,
had lost his High Court bid to oust
the governor, who sought redress at
the Court of Appeal.
The governor was wildly cheered
when he said he was the legitimate
governor but was ready and rearing
to go for an election if need be.
“Contenders for the throne
should be ready for a fire fight
during the polls if the Supreme
Court so picks,’’ he declared.
The governor urged the youth not
to fan inter-clan animosity through
social media following the Court of
Appeal ruling.
boss warns
illegal miners
I am still in
charge, declares
Garissa governor
Matuga MP Hassan Mwanyoha
has told members of the Kwale
County Assembly to work with
other leaders in the county for the
sake of development.
Speaking at Kinango Primary
School yesterday, Mwanyoha told
MCAs present at the public
meeting that they must work in
harmony with the governor and
other elected leaders.
“We must respect our governor,
Salim Mvurya, instead of com-
plaining all the time,” he said.
Mwanyoha was reacting to
complaints by the MCAs about the
governor’s tractor project failing.
They had vowed not to vote him in
again. The 20 tractors bought by
the county government have
reportedly developed problems
including worn out tyres just at the
beginning of their work.
“If Mvurya goes with his
tractors, you MCAs will follow. Let
us respect him and residents will
do the same,” he added.
Mwanyoha accused MCAs in
the area of failing to employ ECD
teachers and village administra-
“Instead of halting the County
Public Service Board’s work, you
should have consulted MPs, the
governor or even warned the
board because devolution is new
to everyone,” he said.
The MP also told off MCAs
claiming MPs have no business
with county issues.
“Some of you have gone to the
extent of saying Mwanyoha and
Gonzi Rai (Kinango MP) have no
work in the county. That is not
right as we must work together
because we all belong to this
county,” he noted.
Mwanyoha said if county issues
will be done without consultation,
nothing will be achieved at the
end of the day.
“We are part and parcel of this
county and even the money you
are boasting about is passed by the
MPs. Let us respect each other and
work for the betterment of the
residents,” he added.
Kenya National Union of
Teachers (Knut), Kwale County
branch has supported a constitu-
tional amendment to change the
election date from August to
Kinango Branch Executive
Secretary Simeon Nyundo said
carrying out election in the month
of August can interrupt learning.
Speaking to The Standard on
phone yesterday, Mr Nyundo said
changing the election date should
be supported by everyone for the
sake of good results in national
Lugari MP Ayub Savula on
Monday said a constitutional
amendment to change the date of
election by Jubilee MPs is on the
way. He said they are drafting the
Bill to shift the date of elections to
December from August as en-
shrined in the Constitution.
According to Mr Savula, the
election date, if the amendment is
made, will be moved to the Monday
of the third week of December,
which comes before Christmas and
not the first Tuesday of August, as is
enshrined in the Constitution.
Savula said the current election
date interfered with learning
because most schools are used as
polling centres and campaign
Matuga MP urges MCAs to work with other leaders
Knut branch supports change of poll date
Water everywhere!
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Page 30 / COAST NEWS
Terror attacks in Mombasa where
three people were killed following a
blast at a busy bus stage have
adversely affected tourism activities
and revenue collection in Tsavo and
Amboseli National Parks.
Tourism stakeholders said hotels
in the region have recorded low
bookings as tourists cancel their
trips leading to less than 35 per cent
of tourists arrival in the region.
County Executive Committee
(CEC) member in charge of Tourism,
Trade, Industry and Community
Affairs, Stephen Masamo, and
chairman of the Kenya Association
of Hotel Keepers in Tsavo and
Amboseli, Willy Mwadilo, said the
decline in tourism activities and
revenue collection can be directly
linked to terror attacks in the Coastal
They said the region is very
dependent on tourists who visit
Mombasa and Tsavo East and West
National Parks on their way to
Amboseli National Park.
“The terror attacks in Mombasa
have badly affected tourism in the
region. Initially bed occupancy in
hotels in the expansive Tsavo East
and West National Parks have been
between 50 to 60 per cent but now it
has gone down to less than 35 per
cent,” Mwadilo said.
The official, who is also Sarova
Taita Hills and Salt Lick Lodges
general manager, however assured
workers that their jobs are safe.
“Although tourist arrivals have
greatly reduced, hotel managements
will not sack workers. They have
decided to adopt internal cost
cutting measures to deal with the
worsening situation,” he said.
The leaders were briefing the
press in Wundanyi town on the
forthcoming commemoration of the
First World War set to be celebrated
in the region on August 15, this year
“The First World War between the
British and the Germans started in
1914 and the first shot was fired at
the Taveta District Commissioner’s
office. We are going to engage Miss
Tourism Kenya as our ambassador of
peace to market Tsavo and the
picturesque Taita hills next year,”
Mwadilo said.
He said various dignitaries are
expected to grace the centennial
Hotel business plummets due to terror attacks
An aerial view of Lamu Island.
Chairman of the Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers, Tsavo and
Amboseli, Willy Mwadilo, addresses the press in Wundanyi town. [PHOTO:
• A study has found that the
multi- billion dollar Lapsset
project will alter Lamu’s natu-
ral and cultural heritage
• It notes that excavation for
port construction and other
Lapsset components as well as
oil and gas-related develop-
ments will likely affect Lamu’s
protected archeological sites
• Construction is also expected
to have an impact on fsh stock
A study has found that the multi-
billion dollar Lamu Port South
Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor
(Lapsset) will alter the natural and
cultural heritage of the World
Heritage Site archipelago.
The report, prepared on behalf
of the government by heritage
experts and sponsored by key
agencies including Unesco, says
Lamu’s status as a World Heritage
site is at risk unless the Lapsset
development is redesigned.
“While development of the Port is
geared towards developing long-
term growth in Kenya, destruction
of the delicate balance between
human activities and the natural
archipelago’s environment will affect
growth of the GDP,’’ read the report.
The report, contained in a 12-
page document seen by The
Standard was prepared by, among
others, former National Museums of
Kenya (NMK) Director General, Dr
George Abungu.
The authors determined that:
“While some of the impacts are
permanent and irreversible, there
are those that can be avoided
through revision of the projects or
lowered through mitigation. Risk to
the World Heritage status is high but
with re-design and mitigation of the
development project, this may be
The Lapsset project is a Sh2
trillion venture that involves the
governments of Kenya, Ethiopia and
South Sudan with seven compo-
nents — port, rail, road, pipeline,
international airport, resort cities
and oil refinery respectively.
The report, dated April 15, 2014
is set to be tabled before heritage
stakeholders and the general public
in Lamu.
It notes that Lapsset is a Green-
Report: Lapsset puts Lamu’s
world heritage site status at risk
field operation that presents great
opportunity to put in place visionary
measures for sustainable environ-
mental and social management in
Lamu County.
“Its implementation in Lamu’s
sensitive landscape should be
precautionary based on best
international practices in planning,
construction and operation with a
view to optimising environmental
and social advantages as part of
responsible infrastructural develop-
ment,’’ the report said.
It further notes that the tourism
sector contributes a large share to
the Kenyan Gross Domestic Product
(GDP) and it is important to keep
this sector solvent in the Lamu
It also calls for self regulation that
is cognisant of local religious
traditions and practises.
The report further notes that
activities such as excavation and
dredging will affect water quality
and mangrove cover will be at risk of
being destroyed.
It further notes that excavation
for port construction and other
Lapsset components as well as oil
and gas-related developments will
likely affect protected archeological
sites such as Mkokoni, Mashund-
wani, Ungu, Kiliana, Manda, Takwa,
Pate, Shanga, Siyu, Bui and the
mainland ones at She Jafari,
Mwambore, Mwandoni, Ishakani
and Kiunga, among others.
Also during construction,
accessibility to fishing grounds will
be restricted, which will most likely
affect fish stock.
destruction of the tourism assets in
the archipelago may represent
long-term implications on the GDP
even before the Port begins
operations possibly by 2016.
It says port development
Scores of illegal herders who have
invaded local ranches in Taita-Taveta
have been flushed out in an ongoing
security operation to rid the area of
arms and foreigners.
Speaking to the press yesterday,
County Police Commander Richard
Bitonga confirmed that more than
6,000 cattle and goats have so far
been evicted from local ranches.
He said the security operation is
also targeting illegal arms and
poachers who have been killing
elephants and rhinos at the Tsavo
Conservation Area.
It is estimated that more than
5,000 illegal herders from outside the
region had invaded the area and
were grazing at the Tsavo National
Park and in ranches within the
Bitonga said illegal herders in
Dawida Ranch where six elephants
were killed last week have been
thrown out of the area.
“This operation is targeting
herders who have not signed lease
agreements with local ranches. We
are also targeting ranches bordering
the Tasvo National Park,” he said.
Bitonga said the massive
operation to rid the area of illegal
herders and criminals is being
handled by officers from the General
Service Unit (GSU), regular and
Administration Police and Kenya
Wildlife Service personnel.
Bitonga said the herders are not
only compromising security, but
their activities are also devastating
the environment.
“The Government will not relent
in its efforts to ruthlessly deal with
illegal herders. Their continued
presence is causing ecological
disaster in the region,” he said.
Bitonga said security personnel
have intensified disarmament opera-
tions following increased cases of
poaching among other wildlife
related crimes.
Move to evict
illegal herders
Wednesay, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
County Chief Finance Officer Jimmy Kiamba and the Head of Treasury
Stephen Osiro (Left) appearing before the County Assembly Public Finance
Seniors officers from Treasury de-
partment in the Nairobi County Gov-
ernment yesterday failed to provide
crucial information to a committee
probing misuse of public funds.
The executive members led by the
County Finance Officer Jimmy Ki-
amba did not furnish the County As-
sembly Public Accounts Committee
(PAC) with vital documents requested
to support their position on an expen-
diture dispute.
“In our first meeting weeks ago, we
requested for records but we see you
are not treating this committee with
seriousness,” stated the committee
Chair Robert Mbatia.
The county is currently owed
Sh93.7 billion while it owes people
and institutions over Sh42.1 billion.
The PAC had sought documents
with regard to the principal and inter-
est paid on an Equity Bank loan,
vouchers co-signed by forensic audi-
City treasury
on the spot over
tors regarding the loan and minutes
pertaining to the decisions made in
deviating from paying the statutory
debts to paying creditors and suppli-
ers with the said loan.
They also requested for records on
the Transitional Authority (TA) direc-
tive of closure of the defunct City
Council bank accounts, letter sent by
the county government requesting
the TA to allow them maintain some
special bank accounts.
Others were the contract and
terms of repayment of the loan, min-
utes of committee set up to co-ordi-
nate transition process and progress
on the collection of unpaid imprests.
The treasury officers could not
produce the documents but sort ad-
journment, but PAC threatened to
write their report without the docu-
“This is mediocrity. We cannot al-
low you more time. We will have to
write the report with or without that
information,” warned Mbatia.
in the powerful treasury department,
who also served in the defunct City
Council could not explain the where-
abouts of vital records pertaining their
area of authority.
The members, Kwa Reuben repre-
sentative Elkana Mauti and Jackson
Ngare (Githurai) observed that the
Chief Finance Officer and his team
were not prepared to meet the com-
The county head of Treasury Ste-
phen Osiro said they were not blam-
ing anybody for their predicament
but were time-barred to produce all
the required documents.
He stated, “We are not also fair to
you when you ask for information and
it comes in a disjointed manner,” said
The committee members were not
convinced how the four senior officers
Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph
Ole Lenku has warned Kenyans har-
bouring criminals that they will be
treated as criminals.
Addressing more than 2000 chiefs,
assistants chiefs, and county commis-
sioners from lower Eastern region, the
CS said the government will equally
treat such people as criminals without
any mercy.
“Terrorism in the country should
not be mistakenly misconstrued to
mean government’s laxity but to in-
volvement by some dishonest Ke-
nyans who want to make a killing out
of the bloody business,” he said.
Ole Lenku, who was accompanied
by Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo,
deputy Inspector general Grace
Kaindi, Eastern regional co-ordinator
Clare Omolo however commended
the Kenya security agencies for doing
a wonderful job in fighting terror-
“So far, we have done a great deal
in wiping out these criminals out of
our Kenyan soil and now it will be just
a little while before we completely do
away with them,” said the cabinet
He called on Kenyans to treat mes-
sages sent to them by criminals or
their sympathisers as a mere hoax.
Iringo warned officers issuing na-
tional IDs to aliens to do it at their
own peril, as such offences will attract
serious penalties.
“Issuance of IDs to non-Kenyans is
the biggest betrayal any officer can do
to his own country, out of greed for
money,” he said.
Mr Iringo told the officers to work
together with county officers to help
win the war against terrorism.
“We are saying enough is enough.
The government will not be cowed by
threats but will fight and completely
wipe out all the criminal elements in
the country.
Deputy Inspector general told all
Kenyans to work with security per-
sonnel to overcome terrorism.
State promises to
pursue terrorist
Police in Nyahururu town are pur-
suing three hardcore criminals said to
be terrorising residents in the area.
The three were last seen in Nyahu-
ruru KCC area on Monday night where
a shootout with the police ensued.
According to Nyandarua North
OCPD Benjamin Onsongo, the suspects
were riding on two motorbikes, which
they had hidden in a nearby bush wait-
ing to attack residents. He said they
were armed with machetes.
“The police on patrol shot several
times at them but it is not clear if any
of them was injured,” said Onsongo.
He said the thugs hurriedly rode off
on motorbikes when they realised the
police presence.
“We do not know whether anyone
was shot after the police shot in their
direction,” he said.
The OCPD has since appealed to
members of the public to report any
person with bullet wounds to the po-
“These are people we have been
trailing for a while now and the police
know them. They are among a group of
people we suspect have been terroris-
ing residents in the town,” he said.
He warned that police have been
deployed within the town to deal with
all criminals after security agencies
warned that suspected terrorists were
relocating to rural towns.
Meanwhile, a middle-aged woman
has been admitted to Nyeri Provincial
General hospital after she was hacked
with a panga by her husband in Nyan-
darua County.
The incident occurred at Mwangaza
village of Kiriogo location on Monday
night, after a quarrel ensued.
Area Chief Stephen Maina said that
the husband accused the woman of
“The husband claims that the
woman has been cheating on her with
a man in the neighbouring homestead.
He said he could not tolerate her be-
haviour anymore,” said the chief.
He said that he had previously made
attempts to reconcile the couple but
learnt later that the wife had ran away
to her parents’ home for two months.
The chief said he was not aware that
the wife had returned to her matrimo-
nial home, but came to learn the day
she was hacked.
The local police are looking for the
man who is still at large. The chief also
said that the man had vowed to com-
mit suicide.
Police seek 3 machete-wielding criminals
More than 200 herders and their
families have crossed from Tiaty
constituency in Baringo county to
Kerio valley in search of water and
pasture as drought continues to
The herders from Chemalingot,
Koloa and Loruk are said to have
erected manyattas in Sangutan area
along the Embout and Embolot riv-
ers in Marakwet East constituency,
where there is still some pasture.
Children in the area are not at-
tending schools that opened early
this week, owing to the water and
pasture scarcity.
“People from the Marakwet com-
munity wanted to eject the herders
because of the crops they destroyed
but we have urged them to be ac-
commodative since drought had
forced them out of their homes in
East Baringo,” said Marakwet East
MP David Kangogo.
He said there had been tension
between different communities until
leaders from Tiaty, led by area MP
Asman Kamama and his Sigor coun-
terpart Philip Rotino held a crisis
meeting with security teams to calm
the residents.
The herders reportedly drove
their livestock to graze on irrigated
farms, destroying over 50 acres un-
der watermelon, bananas, green
grams and tomatoes, almost spark-
ing conflict.
Tension in Baringo county as effects of drought starts to bite
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 32 / NAIROBI NEWS
A lorry is blocked by Kajiado residents from accessing the Kitengela dump-
site. The Kajiado county government yesterday ordered the closure of the site
following public outcry. [PHOTO: PONCIANO ODONGO/STANDARD]
Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero
announced plans to upgrade
Kitengela dumpsite has been
closed by the Kajiado county govern-
ment over pollution and poor man-
agement by the contractor, Master-
piece Company.
Area residents protested on Mon-
day and early morning yesterday,
stopping lorries from offloading solid
waste on the site.
Area member of county assembly
Daniel Kanchori described the situa-
tion as a disaster in waiting.
“Residents are complaining about
the foul stench coming from the site.
A number of them have been hospita-
lised for chest problems and diar-
rhoea,” said Kanchori. When The
Standard visited the area, we found
solid wastes scattered everywhere,
including near residential areas. The
wall surrounding the dumpsite is al-
most collapsing. The four-acre field
was filled to capacity.
“We have tried to stop people from
dumping more waste here in vain,”
said Peter Ng’ang’a, a resident in the
He said the stench emanating from
the site had made living in the area
After they barricaded the road to
the dumping site, the county minister
in charge of environment and natural
resources, Joshua Majakusi, arrived at
the scene in the morning and declared
the site closed.
“We are aware of the complaints of
the people who live near here. As you
can see, the area is facing a big chal-
lenge from pollution, which is a health
hazard. We have decided to stop the
contractor, who has been unable to
handle this solid wastes,” said Ma-
He promised to send heavy ma-
chinery to move the wastes to an-
other location.
“The county is searching for po-
tential investors able to treat and re-
cycle solid wastes in all our towns, to
address this challenge,” he said.
The area residents’ chairman, Pat-
rick Wiya, said the large amounts of
Kajiado closes dumpsite to
avert disease outbreak
polythene bags over the area were a
nuisance to residents.
Jacob Kwama, the manager with
Masterpiece company was not avail-
able for comment. The company has
severally faced off with a section of
out bursary cheques to various needy
students in secondary and higher in-
stitutions of learning, Kajiado Gover-
nor David Nkedianye said a report
compiled by the ministry of education
after one year of research show many
children of school going age were out
of school.
“It is sad that more than 7,169 chil-
dren are out of school and involved in
child labour, and possibly doing funny
things outside there,” said Dr Nkedi-
The report, released last week,
shows that more boys were dropping
out of school than girls in the county.
Most end up as cattle herders, or just
idle away at home.
“We call on the parents to ensure
that all the children are registered in
various learning institutions in the
county,” said the governor.
The governor, who handed out
cheques worth Sh27.5 million in bur-
saries also regretted that 60 per cent
of the bursary funds were paid to stu-
dents outside Kajiado County. This
was due to the low number of second-
ary institutions.
The county has budgeted for
Sh67.5 million for bursaries this year,
but gave out only Sh15 million for
next term.
the Kajiado leadership over its capac-
ity to manage solid waste.
Meanwhile, more than 7,000 chil-
dren in Kajiado County are out of
school and involved in child labour.
Speaking yesterday while giving
Kenyan farmers have developed
an eleven-point package to guide a
five-year engagement agenda with
Jubilee Government that they hope
will spark the touted agrarian revolu-
tion in the country.
Top on their list is insecurity, which
they say has been made worse by acts
of terrorism, theft of farmer produce
as well as illegal slaughter of stolen
livestock and high cost of farm imple-
ments. Through their lobby, the Kenya
National Farmers Federation (KE-
NAFF), the farmers say the issues
presented have been investigated and
validated in a National Farmers Con-
gress held last year.
KENAFF Chief Executive Officer
Dr John Mutunga said the lobby has
already met the two houses of Parlia-
ment — The Senate and National As-
sembly — as they continue to lobby
and engage the law makers so that
they can fully appreciate the issues
facing farmers and how to engage
On rising insecurity the farmers
want the Government to improve se-
curity and infrastructure to unleash
productive potential. Mutunga noted
that security is a key factor that deter-
mines development, competitiveness
and economic growth as well as risk
profile for investments of the coun-
The Nairobi County Assembly will
introduce a County Urban Agriculture
Promotion and Regulation Bill to en-
courage and regulate agriculture as an
activity conducive to food security.
The move will give the population
employment opportunities, econom-
ic development, health and environ-
mental sustainability.
Governor Evans Kidero announced
that the county produced a total of
5,914 metric tonnes of horticultural
produce last year, amounting to Sh149
million, while the livestock sector was
estimated at above Sh18 billion.
Said the governor: “There are plans
to establish 17 green houses for each
sub-county to serve outdoor farming
activities as well as training centres
for youth.”
He said 200 moist beds and 544
multi-storey gardens will be set up in
the densely populated areas in Nai-
robi, and milk dispensers in the sub-
Residents in Nairobi estates have
gradually adopted this farming tech-
nique to attain subsistence and com-
mercial production, especially of
green leafy vegetables.
Lobby offers tips
to spark agrarian
County to
introduce urban
Pumwani Hospital in Nairobi has
recieved diagnostic machines do-
nated by the Slovakian University
College and the Slovakian govern-
Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero
received the items — a computer-
ised tomography scan machine (CT
Scan), a bio-chemical analyser, a
mammogram and radiation injec-
tion machine — on behalf of the
hospital, from the Slovakian Ambas-
sador to Kenya, Michal Mlynar.
The equipment, valued at Sh110
million, will go into improving ser-
vice delivery in the maternity hospi-
tal, said the governor.
“These machines will improve
service delivery in this hospital and
make Pumwani a referral centre for
mammogram screening. Previously,
we had to send our patients to pri-
vate hospitals. The CT scan machine
will give a better diagnosis if the X-
ray machines fail,” said Kidero.
Dr Kidero announced that the
county had more plans in the health
sector, including equiping all county
hospitals. An estimated Sh850 mil-
lion had been budgeted for in the
financial year 2014/2015.
“We plan to build three diagnos-
tic centres, one here in Pumwani,
another in Mbagathi Hospital and
the third at Mama Lucy Hospital. We
also plan to expand Pumwani Hos-
pital compound, using an estimated
Sh1.2 billion and increase the bed
capacity of the maternity hospital,”
he explained.
The governor pointed out that
despite receiving the machines there
was still a lot to be done in matters
health care in the county.
“Nairobi County has over 85
health facilities that have been ne-
glected over the years and are in dire
need of attention, in terms of equip-
ment and medical supplies. I am
appealing to our friends and other
development partners to come forth
and help us renovate, equip and fur-
nish these facilities for the benefit of
Nairobi residents,” he said.
The handover event was also at-
tended by area MP Yusuf Haji, who
later invited the Slovakian ambas-
sador to his offices.
A mother of a girl suffering from
a rare condition is appealing for help
to enable the 14-year-old get treat-
Nancy Wambui has been living
with the strange condition since
birth. Her mother, Mary Wanjiku,
says no doctor has been able to treat
her ailment, despite paying several
visits to Kenyatta National Hospital
and using a lot of money.
“I realised she was not normal
nine months after I gave birth to her
at Thika Hospital in 2000. She was
not developing, and after treatment
for close to five years, she never im-
proved,” Wanjiku told The Stan-
Though Wambui’s agemates are
mature and in secondary school, her
body is tiny and fragile. She depends
on an adult’s assistance to do every-
thing. She is also partially blind and
deaf, while her legs and hands are so
weak she has to be supported to sit
“I have to spoon feed her on
mashed food, or chew the food my-
self to enable her swallow. I also as-
sist her to relieve herself,” said the
distraught mother, who is a casual
Wanjiku added: “She can’t speak
but when she wants to communi-
cate, she just cries. It is upon me to
figure out whether it is hunger or she
is unwell.”
Pumwani hospital gets health equipment worth Sh110m
Mother with ailing daughter appeals for help
CENTRAL NEWS / Page 33 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
COURT: Two cops nabbed
with elephant tusks charged
The two police officers who were
arrested in Thika last week after
being found with elephant tusks
have been charged before a Thika
Constables David Murunchu
Kaibiru and Justus Kimathi were
arraigned before Chief Magistrate
Stephen Mbungi, charged with
trafficking 12 kilogrammes of ivory.
Through their lawyer Mbiyu
Kamau, the two denied the charges
and were released on a bond of
Sh1.5 million with surety of the
same amount.
The two, whose case is set to be
heard today, were nabbed after
police manning the road received a
tip off that a white Toyota travelling
from Meru to Nairobi was suspected
to be ferrying illegal game trophies.
Nyeri County is expected to ben-
efit tremendously from a mega multi-
billion shilling dam currently being
planned by the National Irrigation
Board (NIB).
But, for residents of Kieni Sub-
county, construction of such a dam is
long overdue as locals continue to
walk for long distances in search of
clean drinking water.
The area has a semi-arid terrain
and the worst hit section is Mwiyogo
ward that is at the heart of water scar-
city yet has a water project that covers
over 140sq km.
According to the scheme’s man-
ager, Kiarie Mwangi, the water project
is the largest in the area yet only
reaches 60 per cent of households in
Mwangi said those with access to
the water receive it in monthly rations
and are therefore forced to harvest
rain water or make the trip to the
“We need water from other sourc-
es to supplement the amount we
distribute to residents because only
Kieni suffers widespread
scarcity of fresh water
3,000 households out of over 10,000
households have water,” Mwangi
According to Esther Njeri, a resi-
dent of Mwiyogo, life is very hard as
they are forced to travel up to three
kilometres to Honi River to fetch wa-
ter for their homes.
“I leave home very early in the
morning and carry two 20-litre jerri-
cans on my back and go to the river,
which is down a very steep hill. This
venture takes about three hours yet
depending on a family’s needs some
women make as many as three trips a
day,” Njeri said.
She said the promise of access to
water is made every election year, but
nothing is forthcoming.
A few metres from her farm, we
find Josephat Munene who is among
a group of men laying down water
pipes for a new beneficiary of the
Mwiyogo water scheme.
Munene says he believes his young
wife left him and his children because
of the hardships of living in a water
scarce area.
“My wife just couldn’t take it any-
more. She sometimes had to make
three trips to the river just to get
enough water for the home. One day
she just walked out on us,” he said.
The Supreme Court has
been lauded for reinstating
Othaya MP Mary Wambui and
forestalling a by-election.
Nyeri women representa-
tive Priscillah Nyokabi said
the ruling set a legal prece-
dence on the time a petition
should be filed.
“Once a petition or appeal
is filed out of time it is invalid
and cannot be heard. The
Supreme Court has saved
Othaya the big hustle of
conducting a by-election,”
Nyokabi said.
The MP, who also hails
from Othaya, said elected
leaders in Nyeri are happy to
have Wambui back.
She pledged to continue
representing Nyeri County to
the best of her ability while
working closely with Wambui
as her area MP.
“I believe mama Wambui
will do well and work hard to
represent Othaya. She loves
people, loves God and is
dedicated to her work,” she
Nyokabi asked Othaya
residents to now refocus their
energies towards develop-
She said since the area
MP’s appeal is now over and
done with, the centre of
attention should be engaging
in activities that will boost the
constituency, especially
completion of Othaya Level
Four Hospital.
Ragwa’s pledge to county medics
Court hailed for its ruling on Othaya MP
Tharaka Nithi county
health workers have been as-
sured of improvement in the
health sector including in-
crease of personnel and early
payment of their salaries.
This comes after the work-
ers raised concern over various
challenges they are facing due
to devolvement of the health
County Governor Samuel
Ragwa said the county govern-
ment is taking both health
provision and workers’ well
being seriously.
The governor, who was
speaking at Kiamucia Dispen-
sary in Chuka, Igambang’ombe
constituency during a tour of
the area, said those most af-
fected by lack of quality health
facilities are pregnant mothers
and young children.
He pinpointed the plight
faced by pregnant women in
the area after the dispensary’s
maternity project stalled, say-
ing his government has re-
leased Sh3 million to ensure
the project is completed.
“We don’t want to see our
mothers struggle to access
health care when it is time to
deliver. We want this facility
completed,” he said.
Ragwa also upgraded the
dispensary to a health centre
and said it will be equipped to
fit its new status.
County Secretary for
Health, Magdalene Njeru, as-
sured health workers that their
issues were being addressed by
the county government.
“We admit to various short
comings in the health sector
but want to state that strate-
gies are being put in place to
address the plight of health
workers,” she said.
Njeru, who was speaking at
a different function in Kath-
wana, said doctors and nurses
will no longer have to contend
with late payment.
Kieni resident Josephat Munene digs a trench to lay down a water pipe. He is
among locals affected by water scarcity in the region. [PHOTO: LYDIAH NYAWIRA/
Munene, like other residents,
hopes that the seven mega dams
pledged to be set up by the govern-
ment will see the light of day.
According to NIB’s central region
coordinator, Thuita Mangi, the dam’s
sites have al-
ready been iden-
“Once com-
plete, the seven mega dams will en-
sure that 5,000 hectares are put under
irrigation to address food insecurity
and 10,000 households will have ac-
cess to water at an estimated cost of
Sh7 billion,” he said.
The Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) is mandated to convene consultative
fora with stakeholders from the public and private sectors who may have an interest in
the proper functioning of the public procurement and disposal system in Kenya pursuant
to Section 134 of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005.
PPOA hereby invites comments that will lead to the improvement of the public
procurement and disposal law. The submissions shall determine the agenda for the 7

Annual National Public Procurement & Disposal Stakeholders Forum to be held on Friday,
May 2014 at the Lenana Hall, KICC. Your submissions should be sent electronically
through, by post or hand delivered to our address indicated
above on or before close of business on Friday, 23
May 2014.
Invited stakeholders include but are not limited to representatives from National and
County Government Departments, Constituencies, State Corporations, Public Schools,
Potential Tenderers, Suppliers/Contractors, Service Providers, Civil Society, Professional
Bodies, Donors, Youths, Women, Persons living with disability, among others.
Attendance is strictly by REGISTRATION on a hrst come hrst served basis by sending an
email to or calling the numbers indicated below. Registration
closes on Friday, 23
May 2014.
The forum will commence at 8:00 a.m and the result of the deliberations in the planned
consultative meetings will be considered for the purpose of improving the public
procurement system in Kenya.
A professional sign language interpreter will be present at the forum.
For more information visit the PPOA website: or contact Policy and
Research Department on Telephone No. 020-3244000 or 020-2213106/7.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 34 / CENTRAL NEWS
The National Drought Manage-
ment Agency (NDMA) wants
Kenyans living in arid and semi arid
areas to embrace drought resistant
indigenous food crops to end the
perennial food aid reliance.
The agency said Kenyans in
drought prone areas were shunning
drought resistant crops like millet,
sorghum, cassava, sweat potatoes,
cowpeas and yams. They instead
insist on maize crop which is
difficult to grow and tend to, as it
requires adequate rainfall and
expensive farm inputs.
“We are calling for a change of
mindset among Kenyans who look
at the indigenous drought resistant
food crops as diet for the poor,”
said NDMA chair Agnes Ndetei.
Ms Ndetei said Kenyans in arid
and semi arid areas have a golden
opportunity to not only cut reliance
on food aid but also to popularise
the consumption of foods that
could become their cash crops.
The former Kibwezi MP was
speaking in Kieni, Nyeri County,
when she inspected NDMA projects
in the arid region.
Ndetei said the long rains have
Agency roots for drought
resistant food crops
improved the availability of water
and pasture for communities living
in areas under the agency’s
spotlight, but there was a real
danger of drought within two
months after the rains.
She said the agency constantly
updates the Government on the
drought situation in the country.
“Data is collected every two
weeks and reports issued every
month to the relevant government
agencies for action,” said Ndetei.
She said the agency would roll
out drought mitigation projects in
the next financial year if it was
allocated a development budget.
Meanwhile, 23 clinical officers
doing internship at the Kerugoya
Level Four hospital have terminated
their services after the Kirinyaga
County government declined to pay
them Sh4,000 monthly allowance.
The interns sent their termina-
tion letters on Monday morning
before downing their tools,
according to Governor, Joseph
He said the interns were
expected to remain at the facility up
to December having been posted
there last year December.
Ndathi clarified that the
concerned officers were not in the
county’s payroll since they are still
Ndathi who visited the hospital
Two MPs and a senator from
Central Kenya have decried calls to
withdraw the Kenya Defence Forces
(KDF) from Somalia.
MPs, Kanini Kega (Kieni),
Ndung’u Gethenji (Tetu) and Nyeri
Senator, Mutahi Kagwe said
withdrawing the military is a
cowardly act that will make the
enemies claim victory against Kenya.
Kega said withdrawing the
military from the neighbouring
country would lead to loss of gains
the KDF has made in the troubled
Addressing a press conference at
the White Rhino Hotel in Nyeri town,
the legislator challenged the
National Intelligence Services to
perform their role to curb increased
Gethenji, who is the chairman of
the Defence and Foreign Relations
Committee, said the officers are
under the mandate of the African
Union which has a role of maintain-
ing peace and keeping the country
in order.
Juja MP Francis Waititu has
decried congestion in public schools
in his constituency.
The MP now wants the Govern-
ment to arrest the situation before it
gets out of hand. Waititu said many
public schools are facing serious
congestion and called for immediate
action to solve the problem.
Mr Waititu said the free primary
and subsidised secondary education
have resulted in high student
population in public schools which
he said weighs heavily on the current
“Many public schools are in dire
need of infrastructural development.
Several pupils share a desk which is
hindering effective learning. The
student population is increasing by
the day which also calls for in-
creased infrastructural develop-
ment,” the MP said.
He accused parents of neglecting
the education of their children and
urged them to think of it as the best
gift they can give their children.
Waititu asked poor parents to
take advantage of bursaries being
given by the government to further
their children’s education.
I will table motion to tame MCAs, says Kieni MP
Legislators oppose calls to recall KDF
MP wants
congestion in
schools reduced
Kieni MP Kanini Kega has called
for an amendment of the Constitu-
tion to limit powers vested in
Members of County Assemblies,
Kega said the threshold for
impeaching governors was low
noting that despite being elected by
residents of the county, the
Constitution allows a few MCAs to
impeach them. He said county
assemblies have turned into lynch
mobs and accused them of
arm-twisting governors in a bid to
get favours.
“The powers vested in MCAs to
impeach governors are archaic and
undermine the public’s power of
choosing their leaders. Why would
a governor who was elected by
masses be hauled out of office by a
few people sitting in an assembly,
while MCAs, MPs and senators are
not subjected to the same,” said
The Kieni MP lamented that
MCAs are abusing their powers by
threatening to impeach governors.
“The threshold should be raised,
otherwise we risk losing resources
meant for counties. The governors
might be forced to give in to selfish
demands by the MCAs who
threaten them with impeachment,”
said Kega.
Addressing a press conference at
the White Rhino Hotel in Nyeri,
Kega said impeaching governors
should be limited to the public.
“We have to ensure that the
governors are not intimidated by a
few MCAs through impeachment. I
will table a motion that will seek to
amend the law and raise the
threshold set,” said Kega.
The comments came barely a
week after MCAs in Embu im-
peached governor Martin Wambora
for the second time, even after the
High Court reinstated him.
At the same time, various
governors, among them Nyeri’s
Nderitu Gachagua and Benjamin
Cheboi (Baringo), have been threat-
ened with impeachment by their
respective county assemblies.
A contractor opens up a passage way to Lake Naivasha before members of the
Naivasha Golf Club stopped it. The parliamentary committee on land directed
that the blocked corridor be opened. [PHOTO: ANTONY GITONGA/STANDARD]
Creating a road
yesterday, said there is no
provision to pay the interns the
monies they were demanding.
“I have been in the Civil
Service and as far as I am
concerned, the said allowances
which included provision of meals
was abolished six years ago,” he
The governor wondered which
policy statement the trainees were
invoking to demand the pay-
ments, adding that it was
nowhere in the current dispensa-
tion to have them paid.
“Whether they have gone or
not we remain operational and we
cannot allow a few individuals
who had come for favours to
disrupt our programmes,” he
He said even after the trainees
downed their tools on Monday
and left, services continue to be
rendered at this facility and
patients should not be worried by
this development.
Ndathi said a technical team to
recruit qualified clinical officers
as well as nurses, who will be
deployed at the facility, Kianyaga,
Kimbimbi, Sagana and Baricho
sub-district hospitals is in place.
He announced plans to source
for funds to upgrade Kerugoya
hospital to a fully-fledged Level
Five facility.
NOTICES / Page 35 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Council Secretary/Chief Executive
National Housing Corporation Building,
Aga Khan Walk, P O Box 73598 – 00200
Telephone (+254-20) 249178 / 247344 / 2226884
Fax: (+254-20) 2226032
Follow us:
Twitter: KNEC@ExamsCouncil Facebook: The Kenya National Examinations Council
1.0 Registration of the 2014 KCPE AND KCSE Candidates
The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) wishes to inform all
relevant stakeholders the following with respect to registration of KCPE
and KCSE candidates:
1.1 2014 KCPE and KCSE School candidates
1.1.1 Registration of the 2014 KCPE and KCSE candidates closed
on 7
April 2014.
1.1.2 So far 906,069 and 487,851 candidates have registered for
KCPE and KCSE respectively, but some candidates have not
adhered to the entry requirements including selection of
school choices for KCPE candidates.
1.1.3 Head teachers, candidates, parents/guardians and all
relevant stakeholders are therefore asked to check and
correct the registration details before 15
May 2014 on the
following platforms:
a) Short Message Service (SMS): 22252
i) For KCSE candidates, the SMS should be send
in the format; KCSE#index number
e.g. KCSE#01234567890.
ii) For KCPE candidates, the SMS should be send
in the format; KCPE#index number
e.g. KCPE#01234567890
b) KNEC website: or
1.2.1 Name of KCPE candidates: MUST be the same as the
name in the birth certificate. Adding new candidates IS NOT
allowed at this stage; and
1.2.2 School choices for KCPE.
1.3.1 Subject choices for KCSE: Candidates MUST ensure they
abide by the subject combination as per the KCSE regulations.
Change of subject later will NOT be allowed; and
1.3.2 Candidates/schools/guardians must check to ensure
correct photo is provided.
Head teachers/DEOs/CDEs should ensure that examination
requirements for all candidates registered under this category are
indicated on the online registration details e.g. Braille for blind
candidates, large print for low vision and Kenyan Sign Language
(Adapted English) for the hearing impaired.
Head teachers are required to ensure that their candidates submit
the registration details in full online and are reminded that failure
to make amendments at this time will mean that the details may
remain so until the release of examination results.
P.O.BOX 4- 80403
The Board has short listed the following Candidates to appear for interviews as indicated below:
MAY, 2014
MAY, 2014
MAY, 2014
All short listed candidates shall be required to avail originals of the following
documents during the interview:
National Identity Card,
Academic Certificates and Testimonials
Credit Reference Bureau clearance certificate,
Kenya Revenue Authority clearance certificate,
Higher Education Loans Board clearance certificate,
Ethics and Anticorruption clearance certificate,
Clearance letter for Degrees obtained outside Kenya.
Interviews will be conducted at the County Public Service Board Offices located near the
Kwale District Hospital
The Secretary
County Public Service Board
P.O Box 4-80403
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 36 / WESTERN NEWS
Bungoma County government
will move to the Court of Appeal to
overturn a ruling made by the High
Court that nullified the appointment
of 13 chief officers.
The nullification followed a
successful petition by members of
the minority Bong’omek community
who claimed they had been
sidelined in the appointment.
Bungoma High Court judge
Alfred Mabeya, who made the
landmark ruling on Monday, also
declared that the Bong’omek are a
minority community and should be
treated as a special interest group by
the local county government in any
subsequent appointments.
Addressing the Press at his office
yesterday, Bungoma Governor
Kenneth Lusaka said his government
respects the authority of the
Judiciary and the right of the citizens
to hold his government to account,
but they will use the seven-day
window given by the court to
exhaust all available legal options.
“We have consulted a team of
lawyers on the matter with a view of
invoking the appeal process as
provided in the law because there
are findings in the judgment that we
think did not receive the full benefit
of facts and historical perspectives
touching on the inclusivity of
minority communities in jobs and
opportunities,” said Lusaka.
The governor said his govern-
ment will continue to offer services
to residents regardless of the court’s
ruling and that he is focused on
delivering on the promises he made
to the electorate.
Lusaka: We will appeal verdict
on chief offcers’ appointment
“I want to assure everybody that
my government shall continue to
ensure swift and efficient service
delivery regardless of the issue. It
will not in any way affect the
Bungoma County government’s
ability to meet the people’s expecta-
tions,” said Lusaka.
He said his government had tried
as much as possible to cater for all
ethnic groups by sharing the
available positions to reflect the face
of the county and appealed to the
residents to seek other options
before resorting to the corridors of
“There are limited positions in
the county. There are only 13 chief
Kakamega Governor Wycliffe
Opraranya is expected to sign into
law several Bills concluded by the
County Assembly this week.
These include the County
Assembly Service Bill, the County
Polytechnics Bill, Kakamega County
Early Childhood Development Bill
and the Kakamega County Revenue
Administration and Collection Bill.
Nominated MCA Alex Khamasi,
who moved the County Assembly
Service Bill, said it would enable the
Assembly begin the recruitment of
staff as well as increase allocation of
monthly disbursements of opera-
tional funds to wards.
“At the moment, what is sent for
the management of ward offices is
Sh60,000 per month but we want
this increased to Sh90, 000 for
elected ward representatives to cater
for staff salaries and other expenses.
Nominated MCAs will receive an
allocation of Sh60,000 per month to
manage their affairs as well,” he said.
A section of religious leaders has
voiced concerns over increased
cases of insecurity.
Mumias Anglican Church of
Kenya Bishop Benaih Salala, Imam
Ibrahim Sadala of Kakamega Jamia
Mosque and Bishop James Wabwa of
Kakamega Victory Gospel Church
said the main reasons behind the
frequent terrorist attacks are
corruption and laxity among
immigration officials and security
“There is more corruption in our
borders and among police officers
carrying out security operations,”
said Bishop James Wabwa.
Sadala lamented that cases of
profiling certain tribes and religion
have failed to solve the menace and
proposed that they ought to enhance
cooperation between the public and
security teams to improve security.
“What happened to ‘Nyumba
Kumi’? The government has to
cultivate a harmonious relationship
with every Kenyan because these
criminals live among us and through
co-operation, we will be able to
defeat them,” he explained.
Bishop Salala said the Govern-
ment should send more troops to
Somalia to bring stability and peace
to the war-torn country.
He said withdrawing troops from
Somalia will be a disaster.
Three women who were being
held at Vihiga Police Station pending
investigations after allegedly being
involved in a scheme to sell a
month-old-baby, have been set free.
Area OCPD Alfred Angengo
applied for the withdrawal of the
case from the Vihiga Law Courts in
unclear circumstances.
In a letter, Angengo asked the
court to allow two of the three
women to be set free so that the
police could investigate the case
Senior Principal Magistrate Grace
Mmasi set the three suspects free on
Mrs Mmasi allowed for the
withdrawal of the case, asking the
police in the region to always
complete their investigation before
taking suspects to court.
Members of the public have,
however, raised questions over the
circumstances of the release.
“The three are actually guilty of
the offence and we don’t know why
they are being set free,” said a
member of Exposha Youth Group,
who brought the matter to light but
didn’t want to be named.
Bishop tells Parliament to enact
laws that clip powers of MCAs
Bills await Oparanya’s assent
Clerics raise
concern on
Police ask for
release of baby
sale suspects
Bungoma Anglican Bishop
George Mechumo has urged the
National Assembly and the Senate
to legislate and adopt laws that will
protect the devolved system of
Mechumo said devolution is
currently under threat from
Members of the County Assembly
(MCAs) who, he said, are misusing
their constitutional mandate, that
allows them to censure and
impeach county officials, for their
own selfish interests and to fight
political proxy wars.
Speaking to The Standard at his
office on Tuesday, Mechumo said
the national legislative organs
should, as a matter of urgency,
formulate laws that will clip powers
of the MCAs to impeach governors,
speakers and other county officials.
He said the motions to send
home Embu Governor Martin
Wambora and county executives in
counties like Bungoma and Vihiga
are all guided by malice. Mechumo
termed the censures as political
witch-hunt and blackmailing of
county officials.
“With the current power the
MCAs are wielding, they will end up
holding all the top county officials
at ransom. Their continuous threats
to send home the county officials
who don’t tow their line is a threat
to devolution in itself,” said
Mechumo, adding that the MCAs
should not be allowed to shatter the
dreams and aspirations of Kenyans
who were looking forth to reaping
fruits of devolution.
He proposed that laws that will
make it harder for county officials
to be kicked out should be formu-
lated by the National Assembly and
impeachment should be the last
officers’ posts yet we have more than
33 distinct ethnic communities in
Bungoma. It is virtually impossible
to have members of all the commu-
nities holding positions in the
county government,” said the
“Petitions sometimes only tend
to affect development and service
delivery and it is the members of the
public that will suffer the most.
Posts held by individuals are
meant to serve all members of the
public, not the community where
the holder of the public office hails
from,” he said.
While making the judgment on
Monday, the High Court judge said
that members of the Bong’omek
community, which according to the
2009 census has a population of
3,704 people, had proved beyond
reasonable doubt that they were
unfairly excluded from the county
chief officers positions.
Through lawyer Oncharo Kebira,
the community members rejected
the list of Bungoma County officers.
They argued that there was discrimi-
nation and lack of affirmative action
of minorities in contravention of
articles 10(2b), 19(2) 23(3), 27 (4)
and 56(a-e) of the Kenyan Constitu-
Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka addresses the press outside his office yesterday He is flanked by his Deputy Hillary
Chongwony(left) and members of the county executive. [PHOTO: DANIEL PSIRMOI/STANDARD]
Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya greets his supporters in the past.
Several Bills the MCAs passed are awaiting his consent. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
FOOD: 30 vendors charged
with mishandling milk
Thirty milk vendors were yesterday
charged in a Kisii court for selling
the commodity under unhygienic
The hawkers were arrested during
an operation mounted by the Kenya
Dairy Board (KDB) and officers
from the Ministry of Health.
KDB Branch Manager David Akungu
said the hawkers arrested within
the CBD and other towns in Kisii
had no medical certificates as
required by law.
“We arrested 30 milk hawkers
during a swoop in Kisii town. Most
of them sell milk in an unhygienic
environment, posing a number of
health hazards for the consumers,”
said Akungu.
to embrace crop rotation
Agriculture officers have called
on farmers to practise rotation
farming to save the maize crop in
Nyamira, Kisii and Bomet counties.
The officers attached to Kenya
Seed Company (KSC) and Kenya
Plant Health Inspectorate Services
(Kephis) asked maize farmers in
the three counties to think beyond
maize as their staple food.
They mentioned sweet potatoes,
millet, cassava and sorghum as
the most viable options for the
The officers led by Kephis Lake
Region Manager Francis Furaha
and KSC Chief Agronomist Mathew
Mwarey were speaking at a
seminar held in Borabu Sub-county,
Nyamira, to sensitise farmers on
the maize disease, Lethal Necrosis
The seminar was held barely
a week after The Standard
highlighted the plight of maize
farmers affected by MLND.
Nyamira County Speaker Mong’are
King’oina has been served with notice
of a motion to remove him from of-
The Speaker may be impeached
today after 30 Members of the County
Assembly (MCAs) approved the no-
tice. Deputy Leader of Minority
Nyameino Atuti served King’oina with
the notice on Monday evening and
said the matter would come up for
Last week, the Public Investments
and Accounts Committee chaired by
Ezra Mochiemo tabled a report rec-
ommending that the chairman of the
County Assembly Service Board
(CASB) and four other officials be held
responsible for a Sh30 million insur-
ance tender suspected to be fraudu-
King’oina, who is the CASB chair-
man, is accused of leading and guid-
ing a board meeting held on March
25, 2014 that approved the award and
Nyamira Speaker gets notice
of impeachment motion
each, the committee probing the ten-
der was told.
Mochiemo said the companies
that purportedly submitted quotes for
the tender have disowned the “fraud-
ulent process” and threatened to sue
Kisii launches first ever automated collection system
The Kisii County government has
launched an automated system to
collect vehicle and boda boda park-
ing fees.
The system, which is a partner-
ship between the county govern-
ment and Diamond Trust Bank
(DTB), will see residents pay for
parking through a variety of solu-
tions including mobile phone (M-
pesa and Airtel Money), Visa or
MasterCard branded cards.
Revenue collection points and
branded DTB centres will be set up
around the county’s central business
district where residents can pay the
fees through any of the payment
Inspectors from the county gov-
ernment will be able to verify pay-
ments by querying the systems using
the vehicle registration numbers.
Speaking during the launch yes-
terday, Kisii Governor James Ongwae
said the county had lost millions of
shillings to unscrupulous individu-
als over the past one year.
The governor said there were a
number of loopholes in the defunct
municipal councils that had led to
the loss of millions.
“This will not only streamline our
collection but also seal revenue leaks
and go a long way in enhancing ac-
countability,” said Mr Ongwae.
DTB Chief Executive Officer
Nasim Devji said the partnership
was a demonstration of the bank’s
commitment to enhancing business
and making life easier for all com-
“Customers are already doing
most of their transactions through
their mobile phones and parking
fees should be no exception. We are
proud to be the first bank to go live
with an electronic solution for park-
ing fees collection in the counties,”
said Devji.
County Assembly Speaker Kerosi
Ondieki promised thorough vetting
of all revenues officers. Reports at
the County Treasury show collection
has gone up by 70 per cent since the
inception of reinforcement officers
two months ago.
Nyamira County Assembly during a past special sitting that was also
attended by Governor John Nyagarama. Speaker Peter King’oina has received
notice of an impeachment motion. [PHOTO: NAFTAL MAKORI/STANDARD]
the assembly.
Others adversely mentioned in the
report include CASB Vice Chairman
Beauttah Omanga, Acting Clerk Duke
Onyari, Principal Finance Officer,
Nehemiah Nyakundi and Senior As-
sistant Clerk Peninah Kerama.
Reports indicate that King’oina
plans to obtain a court order restrain-
ing MCAs from taking any action
against him or any other member of
staff based on the report adopted by
the House last Thursday.
Omanga reportedly confirmed the
minutes of the meeting that approved
payment of Johncele Insurance Bro-
kers Limited. However, an official of
the company at the centre of the saga
blames the MCAs for refusing to fill
out data forms, thus derailing service
“We offer services to several coun-
ties. We are pre-qualified to offer
medical cover in Nyamira County. We
have signed a binding contract and do
not wish to be dragged into politics,”
said Kennedy Ogutu, a manager with
Johncele who spoke to The Standard
via phone yesterday.
payment of the insurer.
The suspicious tender quotations
were opened, evaluated and awarded
on March 18, 2014. The awarding
stretched into the night and partici-
pants were paid per diem of Sh5,000
To get a copy, call:
Geraldine - 0738 144 091
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 38 / NYANZA NEWS
Muslim religious leaders conduct final prayer for Zeituni Onyango at Kisumu
Muslim cemetery, before she was laid to rest. [PHOTO: COLLINS ODUOR/
Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma
initiated the education kitty for needy
Zeituni Onyango Obama, the
United States President Barack
Obama’s aunt, has been laid to rest in
Kisumu under Muslim burial rites.
The burial went on despite calls by
a Homa Bay resident who had wanted
to bury her body claiming she was his
Recently, Ebel Mboya Okoko, a
resident of Kanyadhiang village in
Homa Bay County claimed that Zei-
tuni was his legal wife, and wanted to
bury her remains at his home under
the Luo tradition.
Until Monday, Okoko still had
hopes of burying the body despite
claiming his in-laws’ family had de-
nied him such rights. He said efforts
to meet Mama Sara Obama, or Zei-
tuni’s close relatives to discuss her
funeral had failed.
Last week, a report attributed to
President Barack Obama’s half-broth-
er Malik Abong’o that the remains of
Ms Zeituni would be buried in a Mus-
lim cemetery in Kisumu prompted
Okoko to seek legal redress to the
matter. He said he would go to court
to get an order allowing him to bury
the body.
But yesterday, Zeituni was laid to
rest in a quiet ceremony that was not
attended by political or administra-
tive leaders. Neither Okoko nor any-
body from his Kanyadhiang home
was present during the viewing of
Zeituni’s body at her sister’s home, in
Kisumu’s Kaloleni estate, or at the
burial site.
A member from the Obama family
Obama’s aunt
Zeituni buried
in Kisumu
claimed the ‘husband’ had not paid
dowry, hence could not legally claim
Okoko could not be reached for
comments during, and after the
burial, which took 20 minutes. Yester-
day, Zeituni’s four children said they
have nothing to do with Okoko, even
though he is their father. They claimed
Okoko abandoned them at a tender
age, leaving their mother to raise
them single-handedly.
Faizal Mboya, Zeituni’s eldest son,
said Okoko never bothered to enquire
about his children’s well-being.
“If he has a fight, then he should
direct the fight to us (children) and
not my late mother. We have buried
her and we want her to rest in peace,”
said Faizal.
Zeituni’s children recognise the
Obamas as their family, whom they
have known since childhood.
“There are some basic questions
convoy, of over ten vehicles that took
the body to the Kisumu Muslim cem-
etery, where no woman is allowed to
access, according to the Muslim tradi-
Zeituni, who died last month, was
flown to Nairobi from the US on Mon-
day night, with a stopover in London.
The body was then flown to Kisumu
on Tuesday morning, and viewed by
relatives and friends at Zeituni’s sis-
ter’s home in Kaloleni Estate before
being buried at 10.30am.
we can ask him. Where was he (Mboya)
when my mother was alive? Has he
even built my mother a house? When
was the last time he saw my mum? We
have buried my mother and life has to
continue. We need peace during this
difficult time,” said Faizal.
Other children, Pascal Hussain,
Shabir Abdi and Rukia Mboya were
also present at the funeral.
Mama Sara wept uncontrollably
when she viewed her daughter’s body,
and remained behind to watch the
A man was caught committing an
unnatural act with a neighbours’s cow
in Siaya County’s Nyandorera area.
The man, in his 20s, was arrested
in Malanga village after the owner of
the cow caught him in the act.
Area assistant chief Felix Odongo
said the cow’s owner had taken the
animal to the usual grazing field at
around 1pm. When he returned to
water it, he found the suspect having
canal knowledge of the animal.
Said Odongo: “It was at that point
that the owner raised alarm. He was
roughred up by irate villagers, who
later handed him over to the police, at
the Rwambwa post.
The assistant chief said the suspect
will be arraigned in court to face a
charge of committing a beastly act,
once investigations are completed.
Meanwhile, a 22-year-old fisher-
man drowned in the Lake Victoria
waters at Uhanya beach in Bondo
sub-county when his boat capsized
after it was hit by a rogue hippopota-
mus on Sunday evening.
David Obuwa died but his two col-
leagues, Nelson Odongo and Caleb
Agutu, managed to swim to the
Small-scale miners operating in
Nyatike and Rongo sub counties of
Migori County have appealed to the
county government to protect them
against large-scale miners.
Speaking in Migori town, the min-
ers said there were attempts by larger
mining companies to displace them
from the mines. This, they say, would
deny them their only source of in-
“We are afraid that soon we will be
forced out of the mines. We need the
county government to ensure that we
are allowed to operate alongside the
large mining companies,” said Tom
Odhiambo, a representative of the
The miners want the Ministry of
Mining to protect the rights of the
small-scale miners when issuing new
mining licences.
Despite having improvised ma-
chineries, most of the small scale
miners have been in the mines all
their lives, the main support for their
livelihoods. Odhiambo said new regu-
lations must include safety measures
to ensure that no lives are lost in the
Residents rough
up man for
defiling a cow
Miners fear
being displaced
by multinationals
A backlash has greeted the Sh35
million Kisumu county education
fund launched by area governor Jack
Ranguma last week.
A section of nominated Members
of the County Assembly (MCAs) have
condemned the mode of distribu-
tion used to award the funds to the
needy students, a few days after
some MPs faulted the method.
The nominated MCAs lamented
that the money was hurriedly shared
to beneficiaries, leaving out some
key members of the community.
Nominated MCA Farida Salim
said the Muslim community was
sidelined in the initiative, which has
seen each county receive Sh1 mil-
“They obtained less than
Sh100,000 out of the Sh35 million.
The process was politicised by some
leaders thereby affecting its alloca-
tion to the wards,” she said.
During the launch of the funds
last week, Ranguma said more than
8,000 needy bright students would
benefit. However, Salim said less
than 100 learners from the Muslim
community benefitted in the
“All the nominated MCAs in the
county were not involved in the pro-
cess, giving special interest groups a
raw deal,” saiud Salim.
Maurice Aloo of Ahero ward ex-
pressed bitterness for not being in-
cluded in the process that saw his
ward missing out.
“The Executive Member in charge
of Education should explain to the
County Assembly why some wards
were not included,” he said.
Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga
concurred with the MCAs, saying
that the nominated MCAs and spe-
cial interest groups should be in-
volved in the allocations.
She said an independent body
other than the MCAs should be en-
gaged to oversee the disbursement
of the funds at the county level.
“The allocation ought to have
been done by an independent com-
mittee to avoid any favouritism that
can arise in the process,” she said.
In the Bill, the money was to be
administered by the Education and
Bursaries Management Board.
Parents in Kisumu County have
welcomed the move by the National
Government to scrap exam fees for
candidates sitting national examina-
While lauding the move as timely,
the parents, through their represen-
tatives, said the waivers will ease
burden of paying such other school
“We have lobbied the Govern-
ment for many years to come to our
rescue. It was illogical to purport to
have free primary education, yet our
children are dropping out of school
after completing primary school due
to lack of school fees,” said Jackson
Ogweno, the chairman of Nyanza
Parents Association.
In an effort to implement the
basic education and eliminate levies
charged by schools that burden par-
ents, the Government announced a
wide range of plans in the next finan-
cial year.
Among them are increasing the
capitation for the Free Primary Edu-
cation (FPE) and the subsidised
secondary education in all public
schools and setting aside Sh2.3 bil-
lion to promote 7,500 teachers.
The parents said the move will
help realise Vision 2030 on universal
education for all children. They told
State to ensure the plan is effected.
Kisumu MCAs cry foul over education fund sharing
Parents laud move to scrap examination fee
NOTICES / Page 39 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
This is to NOTE to the general public that the date of
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Other details remain unchanged.
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The Isiolo County Government makes the following corrections on
bids and pre-qualifications advertised on Standard newspaper dated
Wednesday, April 30 2014
ICG/047/2013/2014/2015/001 Structural & Civil Engineering Services
ICG/048/2013/2014/2015/001 Architectural Services
ICG/049/2013/2014/2015/001 Quantity Surveyors Services
ICG/050/2013/2014/2015/001 Mechanical Engineers(Building Services)
ICG/051/2013/2014/2015/001 Electrical Engineers(Building Services)
The above pre-qualification category is free and can be obtained from
our website: not as earlier stated. All interested
bidders who may have bought the pre-qualification document are
requested to get their refund from cash ofce. Any enquiries can be
made through this email:
The Isiolo County Government reserves the right to accept or reject
any tender in whole or in part, and is not bound to give any reason
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
The National Police Service
Commission (NPSC) now says police
officers in Kenya operate under
deplorable conditions.
Commission Chairman Johnston
Kavuludi says the commission has
proposed to the government
measures to upgrade the officers’
working condition, starting with
provision of decent housing.
Kavuludi, who toured various
police lines in Kisumu city yesterday,
said the commission is not happy
with the living conditions of officers
and urgent measures need to be
taken to rectify the situation.
“It is quite depressing to see
elderly people who have their
families and need privacy live in
open space. We have to change these
conditions so the police service can
attract and retain best brains,” said
In some of the police houses
visited by the commission, police
officers were found to be living in
iron sheet houses and some sharing
At Nyanza Provincial Police Train-
ing Centre in Kisumu town, some
officers are forced to turn canteens
into dormitories for the shortage of
housing. Some of the officers put up
their own structures to enjoy some
privacy with their families.
Kavuludi however said the
government is currently engaging
the private sector to provide housing
for officers.
“All I can say is that there is a big
shortage of police housing and
officers cannot continue to live in
such dehumanising conditions,”
said Kavuludi.
He added that the commission is
determined to ensure that policies
touching on police welfare are
changed to make their working
conditions better.
Kavuludi who was touring
Nyanza region to sensitise police
and public on the forthcoming
police vetting exercise, said plans are
complete for the commencement of
the exercise next week.
Kavuludi pledges to help police officers get decent housing
Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga at a
past function. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
National Police Service Commission Chairman Johnstone Kavuludi tours
police houses in Kisumu yesterday. [PHOTO: TITUS MUNALA/STANDARD]
• Some fnance offcers al-
legedly conspired to make
dubious payments to fc-
titious accounts, a move
that was detected by the
• The Treasury then tipped
off offcers from the Ethics
and Anti-corruption body
who saved Rasanga’s gov-
ernment from what may
have been the frst scandal
of its kind in the county
Siaya governor Cornel Rasanga is
set to make radical changes in the
county finance office following an
attempted Sh86 million fraud.
Rasanga said he will soon carry
out a major shake-up of the county
headquarters’ finance officers
including replacing them with new
efficient and effective workers as a
result of last month’s incident.
In the scandal, some finance
officers allegedly conspired to make
dubious payments to fictitious
accounts, a move that was detected
by the Treasury. The Treasury then
tipped off officers from Ethics and
Anti-corruption body who saved
Rasanga’s government from what
may have been the first scandal of its
kind in the county.
Rasanga said his office will not
relent in enforcing the law against
those who may want to steal money
meant for the residents.
“We shall soon do an overhaul
and weed out officials who may have
been involved in the act that may
have caused my government a great
deal,” he said.
Someone had tampered with the
Integrated Finance Management
Information System (IFMIS) but the
deal was intercepted. The transac-
tions are alleged to have been made
when Rasanga was on an official
tour of the US.
Richard Sang was the Principal
Finance Officer seconded to the
County by the Transitional Authority.
Rasanga warned that he was yet
to receive the findings of the probe
but those found culpable will be
sacked before facing the full force of
the law. He said this at a meeting
attended by chief of staff Alois Obare
Cabinet Executives Sylvester Adala
(Health), Sarah Ondego (Water and
Irrigation) and MCA James Obier
Otare among others in Ratuoro in
Rasanga threatens to sack
offcers in Sh86m scandal
“They took advantage of my
absence to transact the fraudulent
deals but God is great, He inter-
vened,” said Rasanga.
Meanwhile Kenya will construct a
Sh750 million water supply project
in Central Alego/Usonga constitu-
ency Siaya County in partnership
with the South Korean government.
Central Alego ward rep Leonard
Oriaro said South Korea, through
Korean Technical Overseas Coopera-
tion has already done an assessment
on the viability of water in the
“We hope that the project will
soon take off now that South Korean
government has done the feasibility
study and is ready to put in some
money to see that the project is
completed,” he said.
Oriaro said construction of Boro
urban dwellers.
The MCA challenged the county
government to enhance develop-
ment in the region instead of
politicking all the time. Oriaro, who
is also the chairman of the County
Assembly Committee on Implemen-
tation, regretted that one year down
the line, most of the projects
initiated are still far from comple-
He claimed that the county
government lacks the capacity to
effectively utilise its funds.
He cited the construction of Early
Childhood Development and
Education (ECDE) classrooms which
are still far from completion as
examples of the lack of capacity
water supply will assist in fighting
the perennial water scarcity in the
“This project provides a solution
in the fight against water-borne
diseases which are a major problem
in the region. Water supply will not
only help the villagers but also
extend to estates in Siaya town,”
Oriaro said.
The MCA said water supply by
Siaya and Bondo Water and
Sanitation Company has not been
enough for both the locals and
A Sh20 million Information
Technology (IT) centre, fully
equipped with computers designed
for deaf students, has been opened
in Migori County.
The facility, located at Kolwal
disability centre in Uriri, has been
equipped with 16 special computers
with software and curriculum
specifically designed for the deaf.
Speaking during the launch, Uriri
MP John Kobado said the facility, the
first one of its kind in the region, will
offer learners with disabilities more
skills and hands-on training to make
them competitive in the job market.
“We have to ensure that even our
physically-challenged children
acquire IT skills. We can only do this
when we have such facilities which
are specifically designed for them,”
he said.
He said the facility, which has a
capacity of 20 students, was funded
by DeafAid International, Cisco
computer company and the Uriri
Constituency Development Fund.
The legislator said the centre will
help people with disability in the
area, most of who are often discrimi-
nated against making them live in
“People living with disabilities are
often left out in the labour market
due to poor education standards.
This is what we are looking forward
to putting an end to,” Mr Kobado
Geoffrey Abuga, the country
coordinator at DeafAid, said they
have started similar programmes
across the country with the aim of
offering parents a chance to educate
their children living with disability.
“We are keen to ensure that even
the deaf in our society are able to
learn computer skills.
Education is the only way to
ensure that those with disabilities do
not end up begging on the streets,”
he said.
Sh20 million
centre for the
deaf launched
Page 41 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Join the Captains
Te Captains of Industry is a special feature (to be published soon) that
seeks to unveil Kenya`s High Impact CEOs, who have made signifcant
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 42 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS
An overloaded car along the Nakuru-Mogotio Road. PSV operators in the area
are notorious for violation of traffic rules. [PHOTO: KIPSANG JOSEPH/STANDARD]
Parents in Nakuru buy uniforms for
their children ahead of re-opening of
schools on Monday. [PHOTO: KIPSANG
Bomet Central MP Ronald Tonui
has said he will table a motion in
Parliament to pressurise the
Government to withdraw Kenya’s
troops from Somalia.
Tonui said continued stay of the
forces in Somalia has exposed the
country to terror attacks from the Al
Qaeda-linked group, the Al-Shabaab,
and should be reconsidered.
Tonui’s remarks came as Deputy
President William Ruto insisted that
the country would not pull out the
troops from Somalia.
The legislator said in Bomet
yesterday that the Kenya Defence
Forces, having seized most areas
previous held by the Al Shabaab and
returned them to civilians, should
return home to secure the country’s
He said it does not make sense to
have Kenyan forces maintaining
peace in Somalia at the expense of
the safety of Kenyans.
He also questioned the newly-
installed Somalia government’s
commitment in routing the terror
“The government in Somalia
seems ineffective despite our
commitment to secure the country.
We should reconsider our stay
there,” the Bomet Central MP said.
Tonui said the series of terror
attacks that have rocked the country
in the recent past have led to decline
in tourist arrivals, which he said has
had a negative effective on the
Tonui said most hotels at the
MP to table
motion on
of troops
Coast are now empty as tourists are
shunning the country for fear of
terror attacks.
He faulted travel advisories by
Western nations warning its citizens
against visiting the country, adding
that the Government should also
take its cue and withdraw the forces
from Somalia.
“The so-called Western friends of
the country are the ones warning the country and in Somalia.
“Withdrawing the forces would
mean that we have given up on the
war against terrorism. This should
be the last move and we are happy
that the Government has maintained
that the fight will go on,” he noted.
Nderitu made the remarks at
Ngai-Ndeithia Secondary School
when he launched the Ndaragwa
CDF Bursary kitty where he
disbursed cheques worth over Sh8.3
million in aid of needy children.
their citizens to avoid Kenya because
they know we stand at risk of terror
attacks as the Government contin-
ues keeping our soldiers in Somalia
at the expense of our safety,” he said.
Elsewhere, an MP has supported
the move by the Government not to
call off the ongoing operation by
Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia.
Ndaragwa MP Waweru Ndiritu
said withdrawing the forces would
be an act of cowardice.
He instead called for stepping up
of the fight against terrorism both in
The much-awaited construction
of an ultramodern stadium in
Naivasha by the county government
of Nakuru has been suspended.
The High Court in Nakuru has
temporarily stopped the county
government from proceeding with
commissioning of the project until a
case opposing it is heard and
This transpired yesterday after
five petitioners moved to court
alleging they have been occupying
the land on which the facility is
supposed to be put up since 1998
and were never consulted about
plans to construct the stadium.
The 50,000-seater Nakuru
International Sports and Convention
Centre will have underground
parking that can accommodate
between 8,000 and 10,000 vehicles.
The petitioners, led by Pharis
Ndung’u, have filed the case on
behalf of 24 others, claim to have
been occupying the land as squat-
The land that previously
belonged to Delamere estate is said
to have been exchanged with a
parcel belonging to the government
for construction of a sports complex.
Justice Rosyne Wendoh directed
both parties to appear before her on
June 6 for further directions.
Shock and grief engulfed a village
in Keiyo South District after a man
ran berserk and hacked his es-
tranged wife to death following a
domestic quarrel.
The suspect hacked his wife,18,
as she was returning from her
parents’ home in Chemurgui village
where she had been staying after
they separated two weeks ago.
According to area assistant chief
Peter Kiptoo, the two had been
married and living as husband and
wife but had frequent quarrels.
Area OCPD Fred Ochieng said the
suspect had been arrested and will
be arraigned in court to answer to
murder charges.
“We acknowledge that couples
have differences from time time, but
there are better ways of resolving
them such as seeking marriage
counseling rather than resorting to
violence,” offered the OCPD.
He said the body of the deceased
was taken to Iten County Referral
Hospital mortuary. Two weeks ago, a
woman killed her two children and
attempted to commit suicide
following a domestic dispute in the
same area.
Construction of
sports complex
put on hold
Shock as man
hacks estranged
wife to death
Schools adjacent to Government
forests in Nandi County where
families were evicted about 10
years ago have recorded poor
turnout as the institutions opened
for the second term.
Lack of adequate food and harsh
weather conditions have been
blamed for the poor turnout.
Ben Kosgei, the head teacher
Serengonik Primary School, said
out of the more than 260 pupils in
the institution, only 50 reported on
the first day of the second term.
“The turnout of pupils for the
second term was low. There is no
food at their homes and some
pupils opt to assist their parents at
home to get food,” said Kosgei,
adding that the high absenteeism
rate may affect academic perfor-
Nandi East Kenya National
Union of Teachers (Knut) Executive
Secretary Boniface Tenai chal-
lenged the Government to reinstate
feeding programmes in the region
and also speed up resettlement of
affected families.
“Learning has been paralysed in
this area because children are living
in hostile conditions. Schools may
be closed due to the low number of
pupils who have reported for
second term,” said Tenai.
Tenai said only 140 out of 400
pupils of Kosabei Primary School
where families were also evicted
from Tinderet Forest reported when
schools re-opened.
“Evictees are living in squalid
conditions, some of them seeking
shelter in other people’s houses.
This has affected their children,”
said the official.
He added: “Education is free and
compulsory and the Government
should move with speed to resettle
the families so that children can
access education.”
Christopher Lang’at, the
coordinator of the squatters, said
they would hold a demonstration
tomorrow to push the Government
to speed up their resettlement.
He also expressed concern that
most girls in the area were getting
pregnant and dropping out of
school due to poverty.
A 32-year-old woman embroiled
in a paternity fight with a Nakuru-
based business tycoon has asked
the High Court in Nakuru to give
her more days to file submissions
ahead of the hearing.
Elizabeth Warimi Gitau told
Justice Hellen Omondi that she
needed 15 days to submit all the
documents she will be relying on to
prove that Joseph Muya is his
biological father to the court.
The businessman has already
denied being her father, saying he
only became aware about her when
she filed the case demanding that
he be subjected to DNA test to
ascertain whether he was her
biological father.
In papers filed before the court
through lawyer Wilfred Konosi, Ms
Gitau says her mother told her
Muya was her father.
However, in his replying
affidavit, the businessman said he
has never been in any union with
her mother and accused the
woman of scheming to benefit from
his wealth illegally.
She told the court she has met
Muya on several occasions and he
confirmed to her that he was her
father, a claim the businessman has
denied. The case will be heard on
July 1.
Alarm as pupils stay at home after schools reopen
Woman seeks more time in paternity case
The so-called Western
friends are the ones
warning their citizens to
avoid Kenya because they
know we stand at risk of
terror attacks — Bomet Central
MP Ronald Tonui
Overloading reloaded
RIFT VALLEY NEWS / Page 43 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua.
The county chief said they are
working to ensure all public
hospitals have enough drugs. [PHOTO:
• Nakuru Governor Kinuthia
Mbuga said his administration
would work with the national
Government to ensure eff-
cient delivery of services
• Health PS Fred Sigor encour-
aged counties to partner with
CDF committees in improve-
ment of health service.
• Majority Leader Aden Duale
hailed the partnership be-
tween the two governments
The County Government of
Nakuru has allocated another
Sh100million for purchase of drugs
to be supplied to health facilities
across the county.
Governor Kinuthia Mbugua said
all public hospitals will now have
enough drugs in their pharmacies.
He said the second consignment
of drugs will be delivered to the
hospitals immediately they receive
“We have already stocked health
facilities with drugs worth Sh74mil-
lion in the third quarter of this
financial year and we are in the
process of procuring more,”
Mbugua said when he officiated the
opening of Kimeswon Health Centre
in Kipkoros in Kuresoi South
The governor, who was accom-
panied by Majority Leader in the
National Assembly Aden Duale,
Kericho Senator Charles Keter and
nominated senator Liz Chelule, said
his administration has the capacity
to handle all functions devolved
from the national government after
the rocky first year of devolution.
He said his administration would
work with the national government
to ensure efficient delivery of
services to the people of Nakuru
County, saying the two levels of
government must complement each
other to achieve development.
The County’s Deputy Governor
Joseph Ruto, who is also in charge
of the Health docket, said they had
County to
spend another
Sh100m on
partnered with the Kuresoi South
Constituency Development Fund to
upgrade the facility.
“The county has bought
equipment and drugs worth
Sh3million for the health centre that
will serve the entire Kipkoros Ward
and the neighboring wards,” he
Health PS Fred Sigor donated a
motorcycle, a microscope and other
drugs to the health facility.
Sigor encouraged counties to
partner with CDF committees and
the ministry in improving health
Duale hailed the partnership
between the county and the
national governments, saying
Nakuru County has demonstrated
that the two levels of governments
can function together for the sake of
“Governor Mbugua has demon-
strated how easy it is for the two
levels of government to function
together and other governors
should emulate him instead of
wasting time fighting unnecessary
wars,” he said.
Meanwhile, efforts to kick Elgeyo
Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos
have flopped after it emerged that
there were sufficient grounds to
warrant his impeachment.
Tolgos had been accused of
incompetence and failing to
fast-track implementation of
development projects
But County Minority Leader
Benson Kiptire, who led efforts to
shoot down the Motion, said the
“whole issue had died a natural
Representative, called on his fellow
MCAs to focus on development
instead of championing division.
Speaking to The Standard, Kigen
who moved the motion, rubbished
reports that the Motion had been
shelved, saying there were attempts
to intimidate a section of MCAs.
“We still believe that there are
grounds to continue with the
Motion, “Kigen said.
He could, however, say the exact
number of MCAs supporting the
“When we initially started, 14
MCAs out of 30 were in support of
the impeachment. However, one of
them pulled out. We have not held
discussions of late and it is therefore
difficult to tell how many of them
are still supporting the Motion,” he
death” after it emerged that the
accusations were baseless.
Kiptire said allegations that the
governor was incompetent could
not be substantiated and are not
provided as grounds for impeach-
ment in the Constitution.
“Questions had been raised
concerning his competency, but a
governor cannot be impeachment
on grounds of incompetence. The
Constitution, however, allows
impeachment if the governor fails
to implement development
projects, “Kiptire argued.
Kiptire, who is the Kapyego Ward
Kenya Forest Service (KFS) is still
determined to rehabilitate Mau
Forest and continue with the Green
Schools Programme that had been
suspended due to rain failure.
The service put the two projects
on hold until the rains that were
supposed to have set in one-and-a
half months come.
“The delayed rains has seriously
affected forestation programme. We
were planning to plant 100,000 trees
in schools and in Mau and other
forests under our jurisdiction,” said
James Mburu, the KFS Narok Ecosys-
tem Coordinator.
He said yesterday they would
mobilise personnel and hire support
teams to plant trees once the rains
come as part of efforts to increase
forest cover in the country.
Mburu said there were enough
trees that would be sold at subsi-
dized prices in all KFS nurseries in
the Narok and Bomet counties and
asked farmers to collect them when
the rains come.
Metrological Department said the
delayed rains that have already
affected wheat, maize cultivation in
the South Rift region might set in
before the end of the week.
A bogus public health officer left
many in shock in Naivasha after he
went round closing down food joints
over poor standards before he was
The middle-aged man, who was
posing as a senior public health
officer, had swindled tens of traders
thousands of shillings before he was
Those who failed to part with
cash were ‘ordered’ to close down
their business premises in the daring
midday incident.
The lone suspect moved from
one food joint to another ‘inspect-
ing’ them and giving recommenda-
tions to the shaken traders.
According to Naivasha Sub-
county Public Health Officer
Caroline Vata, the suspect was
arrested in the act while soliciting
cash from one of the traders.
Vata said they had been informed
that there was a man posing as a
public health officer and soliciting
for bribes from traders.
“We immediately alerted the
police they moved to the ground
with our officers and arrested the
suspect,” she said.
KFS says plan
to reforest
Mau still on
Man posing as
public health
officer arrested
The National Transport Safety
Authority (NTSA) has impounded
over 30 faulty vehicles in Eldoret as
it embarked on a process to enforce
road regulations.
Uasin Gishu County Base
Commandant Humphrey Abayi
said the enforcement exercise is
aimed at restoring sanity on the
roads as schools reopen.
“We know many matatu
operators that have not complied
with the regulations and still want
to use this period when children
travelling back to school to do
business illegally. We won’t allow
it,” he vowed.
The regulations were gazetted
on December 17 last year as part of
measures curb road accidents.
Abayi said all PSV and other
commercial vehicles that do not
have speed governors, TLB
certificates and don’t belong to
Saccos will not be allowed on the
“The requirements must be
observed. We are not going to
compromise anything as far as
commuters’ safety is concerned,”
he affirmed.
Number plates from the
impounded vehicles were removed
and the owners will get them back
upon fitting their vehicles with
speed governors and acquiring of
TLB certificates.
“We have been lenient enough
to the offenders as we are not
taking them to court. We are just
retaining their licences until they
pass the inspection tests,” he said.
Boney Otieno, a NTSA official,
said the operation is for the good of
all road users, and encouraged PSV
operators to comply with the new
Otieno also revealed that the
authority has discovered that some
private vehicles were transporting
passengers at night yet the ban on
the same was still in place.
“Those doing it should stop it
immediately before they find
themselves on the wrong side of the
law,” he said.
He revealed that NTSA identified
27 such vehicles in Nairobi at the
weekend and they are tracking
them down.
Thirty faulty vehicles impounded in operation
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 44 / RIFT VALLEY NEWS
Kisumu County Governor Jack Ranguma (left), Agriculture Secretary Ann
Onyango and Monsanto Vice President Michael Frank at the Boma Hotel in
Nairobi where they discussed use of biotechnology in agriculture. [PHOTO:
extraction of weed opposed
Environmental experts and
political leaders are now opposed
to the proposed manual removal
of water hyacinth from Lake
Naivasha MP John Kihagi
expressed concern on the
sustainability of the project, saying
similar inititaives have failed in
other places.
“The project has failed to work
in Lake Victoria and we should seek
a scientific way of addressing this
problem,” he said on Tuesday in
An environmentalist, John
Kimani, said there was need for
more consultations before the
exercise begins as it could affect
the lake’s ecosystem.
‘FRAUD’: Man in court
over Sh2.8m ‘fake’ cheque
A man has been charged with
trying to defraud a shop of farm
inputs worth Sh2.8 million through
issuing a fake cheque.
Japhet Kimutai Koech was
accused of obtaining farm goods
from Meya Agricultural Traders
within Nakuru town jointly with
others not before court with intent
to defraud.
He denied the charge and was
released on Sh800, 000 bond. He is
set to appear in court on June 26.
In the same court, Peter Njoroge
Githumbi also denied stealing a
motor vehicle worth Sh1.5 million
and was released on Sh500, 000
BUSTED: Police impound
fake notes, arrest suspect
Police in Eldoret busted a fake
foreign currency syndicate during
a sting operation that led to the
recovery of forged Sh3.6 Million
forged notes.
One person was arrested during
yesterday’s operation and an
unspecified amount in US dollar
currency that was still being
processed recovered. The police,
acting on a tip-off, pounced on the
suspect at a hotel in Action area in
the outskirts of the town.
The suspect had attempted to
use the fake notes to pay a debt
owed to a top athlete before he
was nabbed. Eldoret West Deputy
OCPD Lazarus Wambua said the
suspect was assisting them with
A suspended Nakuru Water and
Sanitation Services Company
(Nawassco) director has sought leave
to institute contempt proceedings
against Nakuru Governor Kinuthia
Geoffrey Makana Asanyo also
wants similar action taken against
Rift Valley Water Service Board CEO
Japheth Mutai and Nawassco
Managing Director John Cheruiyot
for refusing to comply with court
order suspending appointment of
new directors issued on March 7.
Nakuru County is the major
shareholder in the company
according to the documents filed by
the petitioner in court.
The petitioner informed
Industrial Court judge Byram
Ongaya that the three, who were
privy to the orders, refused to obey
them and are in contempt.
Governor faces contempt suit
in water frm, director tussle
“The respondents, namely
Cheruiyot, Mutai and Mbugua be
summoned to show cause why they
are defying the court orders,” argued
Asanyo’s lawyer Kipkoech Ngetich.
Justice Ongaya suspended
appointment of six directors by Rift
Valley Water Service Board (RVWSB)
until a case filed by Asanyo is heard
and determined.
The court also issued a tempo-
rary injunction that barred the
company from receiving applica-
tions from interested applicants
after the petitioner protested a move
to replace him.
The court directed the three to
appear in court today and in person.
Through his advocate, Asanyo
told the court that Mutai had issued
invitation letters to Nawassco
stakeholders to attend a meeting
aimed at selecting a panel to recruit
new directors against the court
“Curiously, when the advertise-
ment was put up on March 5, the
public was hoodwinked to believe
that there was a selection panel. The
dignity and authority of this court
must be protected,” said Asanyo.
He also wants the three to jointly
pay Sh10 million and in default their
property be attached and sold.
Asanyo was in December 2012
appointed by the business commu-
nity as a director representing their
interests and was supposed to serve
The National Cereals and
Produce Board (NCPB) has
adequate maize stocks in its depot
in Lodwar to address the grain
deficit in the region.
NCPB Managing Director Cornel
Ngelechey announced yesterday
that the current balance of maize in
Lodwar depot is 19,900 bags.
He added that the stocks will be
replenished when need arises,
noting that there are more stocks in
depots in neighbouring counties.
“We have not received any
additional request for purchase of
maize from the Turkana County
government. If they require to
purchase more maize at the NCPB
Lodwar depot, they should do so
since we have sufficient stocks,”
said Ngelechey in a statement to
newsrooms yesterday.
Nakuru County National
Environmental Management
Aganncy (Nema) Director Wilfred
Osumo yesterday told a court that
he received an environmental
assessment report from two people
not licenced to conduct and submit
such reports.
Osumo, while testifying in a
case where two people are facing
various charges related to forgery
and impersonation, said the duo
forged a signature of an environ-
mental expert to dupe Nema into
approving their reports.
The two men, Kelvin Kiromo
Karanja and Andrew Muturi
Gicheru, are accused of forging a
signature of Samson Nyasani, an
environmental impact assessment
expert sometime between Novem-
ber 2012 and January 2013.The two
are out on a Sh500,000 bond each
and surety of a similar amount.
The hearing will continue on
June 26.
Farmers stare at massive losses as rains delay
NCPB says there are enough
maize stocks in depots
Nema officer testifies in forgery case

Farmers in parts of West Pokot
and Trans-Nzoia counties are
counting losses following crop
failure caused by delay of rain in
the region.
Plantations of germinated maize
in Keses, Orolwo and Konyao
Kacheliba constituency and Maili
Saba in Trans-Nzoia have wilted
due to insufficient rainfall.
Some of the farmers have been
forced to re-plough their farms for
replanting after most of their cereal
crops failed to germinate.
The inadequate rainfalls have
also occasioned lack of pasture for
livestock for pastoral families in
north Pokot.
Some of the pastoral communi-
ties have reportedly begun crossing
the border into Uganda in search of
pasture and water for their
A maize farmer at Kesogon,
Simon Kirui, said he has been
forced to replant maize on his
five-acre farm since most of the
seeds failed to germinate.
“I just planted immediately after
the first rains but unfortunately the
rains subsided afterwards,”
lamented Kirui.
Dairy farmers in Lelan have also
cited a drop in milk production.
Local leaders have appealed to
seed companies to subsidise seeds
and other farm inputs for affected
farmers planning to replant their
“We appeal to seed companies
to offer them at cheaper rates to the
affected farmers to forestall a food
crisis,” said Nominated West Pokot
MCA Simon Chumakemer.
He further appealed to the
Government to supply subsidised
fertiliser to the affected farmers.
Masol Ward Representative
Loporna Akiriongo said most
residents in the affected areas are
also in dire need of relief food.
in the position until December 2015.
Through his lawyer, the director
told the court that advertising his
position was illegal and should be
While defending his position,
Asanyo said a general meeting
should have been called to remove
him from office, arguing that a
stakeholder’s meeting of February 19
never deliberate on such a matter.
“I was present during the
meeting as a director but what was
advertised was not part of the
agenda. The issue of expiry of my
term was never raised,” said Asanyo.
According to the advertisement
in one of the dailies, interested
candidates were required to send
their applications before March 21.
“They should be ready to inform
the public how they arrived at such a
position – of advertising a non-
existent vacancy,” said Ngetich.
The respondents
should be summoned to
show cause why they are
defying the court orders —
Complainant’s lawyer Kipkoech
Nice to meet you, Sir
NOTICE / Page 45 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard





he central governm
cannot keep controlling
ining resources.
Such pov
ers m
ust be
devolved to counties
Coast leaders have vowed to push
for the amendment of the proposed
Mining Bill saying it gives the Mining
Cabinet Secretary excessive powers.
The legislators, who include
Coast parliamentary Group Chair-
man Gideon Mung’aro, MPs Joyce
Wanjala Lay, Thomas Mwadeghu,
Jones Mlolwa, Andrew Mwadime
and Taita-Taveta County Governor
John Mruttu, said the draft Bill has
grey areas that need to be amended.
“The Bill has given the Mining
Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala
powers to control the mining sector.
This is wrong as the minister might
abuse the powers if the Bill is not
amended,” Lay said.
Speaking during a one-day
Gemstone Expo in Voi Town
yesterday, the Women Representa-
tive said the mining sector should be
devolved to counties to ensure that
residents in areas endowed with
enormous resources benefi t from
the same.
The gemstone expo was spon-
sored by the county government in
conjunction with Tsavo Mineral
It brought together local and
international licensed miners and
dealers who showcased their
“We will not allow the central
government to continue controlling
the mining resources. We want such
powers devolved to counties,” Lay
Mlolwa, Mwadime and Mwade-
ghu said the minerals found in the
county have never benefi ted locals,
adding that the mining industry
should be controlled by counties.
They noted that the Bill, as it
stands, gives the Cabinet Secretary
powers over resource allocation and
“We will lobby MPs, whose areas
are rich in mineral deposits, to
support our course in ensuring that
a large amount of proceeds are
ploughed back into communities for
rural development,” Mlolwa said.
Mungaro disclosed that MPs in
the region would meet next week to
chart the way forward.
“As legislators from this region,
we will meet soon to come up with a
common stand over this matter. We
will also bring on board the Mining
Cabinet Secretary to engage him and
discuss the Mining Bill together to
see how best the local community
will benefi t from the mineral
resources in the region,” he said.
“The local community has been
impoverished for many years and we
will not stomach this anymore. We
have to ensure that residents benefi t
from the available natural resources
like wildlife, minerals and water
bodies,” Mung’aro added.
He said they will fully engage Mr
Balala to ensure that the local
community is not exploited by
outsiders who control the mining
Mruttu announced that his
administration would soon hold a
consultative stakeholders meeting to
chart the way forward on the Bill.
“The county government will
contract mining experts to take the
local community through the grey
areas of the Bill and recommend
possible amendments,” he said.
“We want the Bill to give a stable,
transparent legal framework on the
operations and issuance of mining
licences for the benefi t of all
Kenyans,” Mruttu said.
At the same time, the leaders said
though 70 per cent of gemstone
mining is carried out in the region,
residents remain poor while the
mines benefi t outsiders.
“Most mining licences were
issued without the knowledge of the
local community. We want all of
them revoked and issued afresh to
ensure locals also benefi t,” Lay said.
An exhibitor shows his wares at the one-day Gemstone Expo held in Voi Town
at the weekend. Leaders who spoke during the event expressed their displea-
sure with the proposed Mining Bill currently before Parliament.
· Legislators have expressed
dissatisfaction with the
proposed Hining 8ill currently
before Parliament
· 1hey say the 8ill gives too
much power to the Hining
Cabinet Secretary and none
to the counties that host the
· 1hey called for
deliberations to come up with
recommendations for possible
amendments to the 8ill
Page 23
committee to defuse tension
A ten-man committee of elders
drawn from two pastoral communities
has been formed to defuse confl ict
between Orma and Somali herdsmen
in Tana River County.
This follows last Wednesday’s
clash between herdsmen from the
two tribes at Komorajila manyatta in
Galole division of Tana River County in
which four herders were hurt.
The committee will visit clash-torn
areas and hold meetings with rival
herdsmen to encourage coexistence.
The two groups fought after
quarreling at a water well and set
upon each other with spears, bows
and arrows.
A group that crossed from Ijara in
Garissa County a week earlier with
about 10,000 head of cattle had
caused tension in the area before the
actual outbreak of violence.
The violence spread fear among
ethnic Somali businessmen who,
fearing reprisals, closed their shops
in Hola.
aside for rugby tournament
Kitui County Government will
spend Sh15 million to organise the
Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament
that kicks off on May 30 to June 1 at
Ithookwe show grounds.
County Chief Offi cer for Youth
and Sports, Titus Kithome, said
the government will renovate
structures at the abandoned grounds,
rehabilitate the murram road and
install proper lighting at the fi eld.
He was speaking during a tree
planting event at the grounds in
readiness for the annual contest.
Tournament offi cial Mumo Mwendwa
said 64 teams, including the
defending champions in the country
Harlequins and Mwamba RFCs, had
confi rmed their participation.
He said 16 teams from local
universities are also lined up to take
part in the event where an estimated
8,000 to 10,000 fans are expected to
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
il lo
s o
t p

rt fro
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation Traffic Police officer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traffic from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town.
· when the Council announced
the plan to re·route public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
· Pesidents welcomed it, say·
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
· At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they re·grouped to
protest the directive
· however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
The County News is bigger, Bo|der,
Fresh and c|oser to your region
Coast Edition Western Edition and Nairobi Edition
Monday, April 28, 2014
Borabu sub-county in Nyamira, says
the disease has reduced maize
production by over 90 per cent. His
10-acre maize plantation remains
deserted after the maize turned
yellow (chlorosis) and later dried up
after two months of germination.
“I used to harvest over ten sacks
per acre, but last season I ended up
with less than one bag. The disease
is demoralising and we are seeking
alternative farming activities,” said
He said that the Government has
been slow in coming up with a
Rose Ongaki, a farmer in
Nyaturago area in Masaba South
sub-county, Kisii, says the disease
has led to a reduction of maize
production in her four-acre farm to
three bags. She has been forced to
buy maize from the nearby Keroka
A single parent, Ms Ongaki says
she has been forced to transfer her
children to local schools due to lack
of schools fees.
“We entirely depend on the
money we get from maize produce.
We have spent thousands in land
preparation and purchase of
seedlings and fertiliser, but the
return is almost zero,” said Ms
Kisii County Director of
Agriculture, Nathan Soire urges
maize farmers to close the season
and do other crops as experts from
the Government conclude their
research. Soire says over the last two
years the three counties have lost an
estimated 30,000 hectares of maize,
translating to over 800,000 bags
valued a Sh3 billion.
“We have been sensitising
farmers and we urge them to uproot
and burn all the affected maize to
avoid spreading the disease to other
farmers,” said Soire.
ear o
f fam
e as stran
isease w
es o
t m
\hen it vas h rst
reported three years
ago many sav it as
an isolated case that
vould be contained
A major threat on food security in
parts of Nyanza and Rift Valley
looms following the spread of a
disease affecting the maize crop in
the area.
Farmers in parts of Nyamira, Kisii
and Bomet counties are now
counting losses as they ponder on
how to survive as their crops
continue to get destroyed.
The maize disease, identifi ed as
Maize Lethal Necrosis disease
(MLND) was fi rst reported in lower
Longisa in Bomet County in
September 2011, but has now spread
to the neighbouring counties of
Nyamira (Borabu) and Kisii (Nyarib-
ari Chache, Bobasi and Bomachoge),
reducing maize production to
almost zero.
In a survey carried out by the
Kisii County’s Ministry of Agricul-
ture, the disease has attacked 1,847
hectares of maize farms in the
county alone. The survey focused on
morphological symptoms and found
that the growth of the attacked crop
ranges from sixth leaf stage (knee
height) to tenth leaf stage (breast
When it was fi rst reported three
years ago and a diagnosis made by
the Kenya Plant Health Inspection
Service (Kephis), many thought this
was an isolated case that would soon
be contained. But the rate at which
the ‘monster’ disease is spreading
poses the greatest threat to maize
production in the country.
In the Kisii County survey,
varieties attacked most included
H629, H614 and SC TEMBO 73. A
number of farmers in Kisii and
Nyamira counties plant H614 variety
that has been doing well in the
Daniel Rogito, a farmer in
An affected maize crop in the farm. A number of farmers in Borabu in Nyamira
County have deserted their maize farms. [PHOTO: ERIC ABUGA / STANDARD]
· uisease has affected over
I0,000 maize farmers.
· 0ver I800 ha already
affected in the large Kisii
· larmers advised to try
different maize varieties
including; h62I0 and h62I8.
· Crop rotation and
diversif cation into other
crops are solutions being
proposed to reduce the pain.
Page 23
JUSTICE: Women faulted for
not following through cases
Police in Vihiga County say they are
fi nding it diffi cult presenting cases
to court where women and children
are the complainants. County Police
Commandant Sarah Duncan says most
cases involving women and children
are not heard to the end in the law
courts in the region.
“In the middle of the case, the
complainants withdraw the cases
after arriving at a consensus. I don’t
know why,” said Ms Duncan.
She spoke on Saturday at Chambiti
village in the county during the
requiem mass for the four family
members (a mother and her
daughters) who were raped before
being killed in Bungoma recently.
Ms Duncan said it has almost become
impossible to take such cases to court
as the likelihood of being withdrawn
was high and predictable.
raising of the CDF kitty
An MP from Migori County has asked
the Government to consider raising
the Constituency Development
Funds (CDF) kitty for accelerated
development in the country. Suna
West MP Joseph Ndiege (pictured)
said allocation for the CDF should be
increased to help spur development
at the grassroots. Ndiege said the
kitty has helped in bringing people
close to leadership by being able to
have a say on what they need through
village committees.
“The fund has been key in developing
the country and its allocation
should be increased to ensure
more development projects are
undertaken,” he said.
Speaking yesterday during the launch
of a bridge within Migori town Ndiege
said the kitty is important for solving
similar problems.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Council locks out public
transport from
city CBD
Residents received
the move varmly
as matatu operators
protested, but nov
council says all is vell
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation
Traffic Police officer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes-
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traffic from the central busi-
ness district to de-congest the town.
· when the Council announced
the plan to re·route public
transport from the C8u, it was
received with mixed reactions
· Pesidents welcomed it, say·
ing it would help in planning
the town and reduce matatu
· At frst, the public transport
operators complied for hours
before they re·grouped to
protest the directive
· however, yesterday the
council said operators and
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
Kisumu County
The places
vhere babies
choose their
ovn names,
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Fresh and c|oser to your region
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Monday, April 28, 2014
Nyanza & Western News
Embattled Embu Governor Martin
Wambora is to appear before the
County Assembly today, to answer to
charges of impropriety in manage-
ment of County Government affairs
and gross violation of the Public Fi-
nance Management Act, 2012. Wambora will answer charges of
using public funds to purchase goods
and services without an appointed
County Tender Committee, to alleg-
edly benefi t a corruption cartel that
operates from his offi ce. Through a letter titled; ‘Notice of
motion for removal of Governor from
offi ce by impeachment’ dated April
23, and signed by clerk Jim Kauma,
Wambora was told to appear in per-
son, or through an advocate or both
at an Assembly plenary at 2:30pm,
where a motion to re-impeach him
will be debated.
In the letter, Wambora is informed
that he will be allocated one hour for
oral defence, which he could choose
to share with his advocates, in fulfi ll-
ment of the principles of natural jus-
tice and procedural fairness. The Governor is further notifi ed he
could present written submissions, if
any to the Assembly a day earlier, on
Monday 28 at 9 am.
FIRST IMPEACHMENT The written summons that has
already been received by the Gover-
nor’s offi ce are seen as an attempt by
the MCAs to ensure the re-impeach-
ment is within the law, unlike the fi rst
impeachment, which the High Court
in Kerugoya declared null and void.
“The Assembly has this time round
vowed to follow the due process and
make sure the current motion was in
compliance to the law,” said Speaker
Justus Mate.
The MCAs have accused Wambora
of gross violation of the Public Pro-
curement and Disposal Act 2005,
Public Finance Management Act,
2012 and the Constitution. The actual charges include autho-
rising procurement of maize seeds of
variety and quantity other than those
requisitioned by the Director of Agri-
culture and initiating face-lift works
of Embu Stadium, whose budget rose
from Sh8 million to Sh50 million.
Other charges are irregular pur-
chase and registration of a motor ve-
hicle, whose purchase price exceeded
the budgeted, amounting in violation
of Section 26 (2) (a) of the Public Pro-
curement regulations.
THE STALEMATE On Tuesday, Wambora visited Mate
in his offi ce to initiate dialogue for
reconciliation with the MCAs and end
the stalemate, but a few minutes later
the MCAs tabled notice of a motion to
impeach him.
On Wednesday, he fi red County
Secretary Margaret Lorna Kariuki in
what is seen as an attempt to make
the MCAs soften their stand. His reluctance to fi re Ms Kariuki
on January as per the recommenda-
tions of the Assembly formed the
genesis of his fi rst impeachment. Various groups in the Embu com-
munity including women, youths,
elders and the clergy have called for
an end to the stalemate facing the
county, saying the citizens are suffer-
ing as a result.
The majority of the MCAs are in
Mombasa on a retreat to learn about
report writing, although their col-
leagues claim they are plotting the
So far, 11 out of the 33 MCAs have
distanced themselves from the fresh
impeachment motion fi led against
governor Martin Wambora.
Embu County Governor Martin Wambora in court recently. The Kerugoya High
Court reinstated him as governor. [PHOTO: KIBATA KIHU / STANDARD]

Page 23
GRAFT: MCA claims she was threatened over report
A County assembly members says she has been threatened after tabling a report to discuss the conduct of county executive Evans Ondieki in the House. Nairobi County Assembly Transport and Public Works committee chairperson Diana Kapeen told the Assembly last week that she has received numerous threats over the matter, that saw the executive member in charge of Roads and Transport tasked to explain bribery allegations and prove he was in control of his docket.
“If anything happens to me Mr. Speaker, know that I have received threat calls and text messages since Tuesday regarding the Ondieki issue” Kapeen stated.
On Tuesday the Kapeen-led committee summoned Ondieki over issues regarding his docket.
SPORTS: County to spend Sh15 million for sevens rugby Kitui County Government will spend Sh15 million to organise the Kitui Sevens Rugby tournament that kicks off on May 30 to June 1 at Ithookwe Show Ground.
The Chief Offi cer for Youth and Sports Titus Kithome said the Government will renovate structures at the abandoned grounds, rehabilitate the murram road and install street lighting to the fi eld. The offi cer was speaking during tree planting event at the grounds in readiness of the annual contest.
Mwendwa said 64 teams, including the defending champions in the country Harlequins and Mwamba RFCs had confi rmed their participation.
Another 16 teams from local university institutions were also lined up to for the event, espected to attract between 8,000 to 10,000 fans.
Page 23
Monday, March 24, 2014
Distances shortened
WIN-win situation
Traffic Police officer redirects a matatu driver at Kisumu Bus Park entry, yes -
terday. Kisumu Municipal Council has re-routed traffi c from the central busi -
ness district to de-congest the town.
Page 23
TANZANIA: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
CORNERED: Two suspects
flashed out of hotel, killed
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
ambushed inside a guesthouse in
the town and attacked by an irate
mob, which had identified them
as known gangsters. According
to Mara Triangle Chief Executive
Officer Brian Heath, two other
members of the gang escaped, but
security officers recovered one
AK-47 rifle with 427 bullets.
Two suspected notorious
criminals who have been
terrorising tourists in Masai Mara
have been lynched by a mob
in Musoma, Tanzania. Nelson
Segeria and his accomplice were
Monday, April 28 2014
Nairobi & Central News

fr ff o
Inside your newspaper
every weekday
Page 46
industry regulators from across the
According to official records, Ke-
nya Power had 2.3 million customers
as of June last year.
Growing the number of connec-
tions to 75 per cent of the population
would mean more than doubling the
current number of Kenya Power cus-
tomers to about six million custom-
ers over the next five years.
The power infrastructure proj-
ects will be implemented by the Ru-
ral Electrification Authority – which
has the mandate of growing connec-
The Energy ministry is planning
to borrow $800 million (Sh69 billion)
over the next five years to finance
power connectivity infrastructure.
The money will be spent to in-
crease the number of people with ac-
cess to electricity.
Principal Secretary Joseph
Njoroge said the ministry is current-
ly in talks with different financiers –
mostly development finance institu-
tions – for concessionary loans of up
to $800 million.
The money will mostly be used in
putting up what he termed as last
mile power connections, especially
in farflung areas without easy access
to the national electricity grid.
He added that the ministry and
the agencies that will implement the
connectivity projects have already
secured a substantial amount of
money and are set to start imple-
menting some of the projects to-
wards the end of this year.
Eng Njoroge said the ministry had
already received a $160 million
(Sh13.7 billion) facility that would be
released by September this year.
“We are expecting the first batch
of the very long-term loans of $160
million to be approved by Septem-
ber,” he said while opening a forum
The money will be used
to increase the number
of people with access
to electricity from the
current 32 per cent to
75 per cent
for energy industry regulators from
across Africa in Nairobi yesterday.
“We plan to use the $800 million
over the next four to five years to un-
dertake the last mile connections
which will increase the number of
people with access to electricity from
the current 32 per cent to 75 per cent
of the population,” he explained.
The African Forum for Utility Reg-
ulators, a three-day conference host-
ed by the Energy Regulatory Com-
mission, has brought together energy
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Equatorial Bank records
improved performance
Equatorial Commercial Bank has
recorded an improvement in its
2014 first quarter performance.
The bank’s Deposit book has
grew by Sh2.1 billion compared
to the same period last year
showing progression within the
company. The bank also reported
increased net interest income
improvement of Sh21.7 million to
Sh195million in 2014, compared
with Sh173 billion last year. This
was as a result of an increased
loan book portfolio from Sh7.2
billion to Sh9.9 billion by end of
quarter one 2014. In addition,
non-funded income increased
by 45 per cent to Sh84 million
in 2014 as compared to the
previous year’s Sh58 million.
This was boosted by an increase
in transactional accounts and
growth in the bank’s book loan.
Europa Healthcare wins
global quality award
Europa Healthcare, a local
pharmaceutical company has
received a prestigious global
quality award. Group Managing
Director Ashwin Kotadia lifted
the prestigious International
Trophy for Quality from Ricardo
Roso Lopez, Secretary General,
Global Trade Leaders’ Club in
Paris, France, heralding another
first for his group of companies.
Europa Healthcare and Sunpar
Pharmaceuticals was the first
group of companies to earn
ISO 9001:2008 certifications in
Kenya in the field of import and
marketing of pharmaceutical
products. Mr Kotadia noted that
quality is a key philosophy of
Europa group’s business, stating
that quality is a continuous
improvement process. He lauded
his staff for their contribution
towards the achievement and
subsequent awarding.
Qatar Airways updates
its smartphone apps
Qatar Airways has enhanced
benefits attached to its mobile
application, with the addition of a
dedicated Privilege Club function.
The new functionality, which
comes on the back of the
successful launch of the Qatar
Airways mobile application
last year, enables passenger’s
lives to be connected to their
full and detailed Privilege Club
membership information, at
the touch of a button. This fully
integrated application will now
enable customers to check
their benefits and activities,
use the Qcalculator to calculate
Qmiles that can be earned or
required for redemption, claim
any missing Qmiles, cancel any
pending award bookings, while
also receiving tailored offers to
meet their individual needs. This
new line of service allows the
Doha-based carrier to enhance
its five-star passenger service
with value added benefits, as
passengers can already search
for, book flights and check their
flight status, while following any
relevant travel alerts.
Blogs, archives, reader
forums and more:
tions to the national electricity grid
in rural Kenya – and Kenya Electric-
ity Transmission Company (Ketra-
Ketraco is charged with putting
up high voltage long-distance power
transmission lines.
Conference participants heard
that highly professional regulatory
bodies were more likely to attract for-
eign direct investments from multi-
national companies in the energy in-
“Studies have found that develop-
ing countries with high quality regu-
latory bodies have a high chance of
attracting investment on a sustained
basis into their utility service indus-
tries,” said Patrick Mabuza of the Na-
tional Energy Regulator of South Af-
rica (NERSA).
Developing countries are losing
the most due to tax evasion by multi-
national companies, a problem that
shows no sign of letting up.
According to a new report by Brit-
ish charity organisation, Oxfam, mul-
tinational companies on average pay
5 per cent in corporate tax, while
smaller companies within the same
tax regimes pay around 30 per cent.
“In all OECD countries, the rates of
return to private capital have soared
since the 1980s and this has resulted
in a worldwide trend of rising corpo-
rate profits as a share of the economy.
This means that developing countries
are losing out on crucial development
finance since income tax contribu-
tions are constrained.
“Multinational businesses are
shifting profits or otherwise structur-
ing cross-border transactions to avoid
their tax liabilities,” states the report.
“The same companies are securing
unfair tax incentives from govern-
ments bidding to attract foreign in-
According to Oxfam, the amount of
unpaid tax liability faced by compa-
nies operating in developing coun-
tries including Kenya is estimated at
$104 billion every year.
This is excluding $138 billion that
governments in these countries are
giving away each year in statutory cor-
porate income tax exemptions.
“These losses combined could pay
twice over the $120 billion needed to
meet the Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) related to poverty, edu-
cation and health,” states Oxfam.
In Kenya, the existing tax codes
have been faulted several times by fi-
nancial experts and the process of al-
tering the same and introducing fair
tax policies has so far remained a
This is despite the fact that tax in-
centives and exemptions, some of
which date back thirty years ago, are
estimated to have denied the country
over Sh200 billion in foregone revenue
over the past decade alone.
The burden to fill up the deficit has
fallen on Kenya’s middle and low -in-
come earners – consisting of the ma-
jority of the population – who are con-
sidered the low hanging fruit paying
taxes on both what they earn and what
they spend.
Tax evasion hurting poor countries hardest, says report
State seeks Sh69bn to connect
more Kenyans to power grid
Growing the number of connections to 75 per cent of the population would
mean more than doubling the current number of Kenya Power customers
to about six million over the next five years. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
• The money will mostly be
used in putting up last mile
power connections, especially
in farfung areas without
easy access to the national
electricity grid.
• The agencies that will
implement the connectivity
projects have already secured
a substantial amount of
money and the ministry is set
to start implementing some
of the projects towards end of
this year.
• The investments are aimed
at providing reliable and
affordable power to Kenyans.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Sh327b rail project
good for Kenya’s
economy, says MD
The Kenya Railways Corporation
has said it will ensure the country
reaps full economic benefits of the
proposed Sh327 billion standard
gauge railway (SGR).
The corporation said Kenyans
would benefit from the thousands of
jobs and business opportunities that
the project will create.
KRC is the implementing agency
and supervisor of the project, which
seeks to link and improve transport
between Mombasa and Nairobi.
“We are under no illusions as to
the enormity of the task ahead of us,
since this project is unmatched in
terms of scope and cost. Our promise
to individuals and businesses is that
we will ensure they reap optimally
from the new jobs and commercial
opportunities the project will no
doubt spawn,” said KRC Managing
Director Atanas Maina.
He promised that KRC would en-
sure the project is implemented to
high standards of governance, trans-
parency and accountability, adding
Chinese Premier Li Keq-
iang’s ongoing visit to African
countries will inject vitality
into China-Africa economic
and trade cooperation, Chi-
nese Commerce minister Gao
Hucheng has said.
Fifty years after former
Chinese premier Zhou Enlai’s
landmark visit to the conti-
nent, Li’s visit is crucial to fa-
cilitating the innovation, ex-
pansion and improvement of
China-Africa economic and
trade cooperation, the minis-
ter said in an interview dur-
ing Li’s visit.
The Chinese premier’s
tour is likely to create a good
atmosphere for further coop-
eration between African
countries and Chinese enter-
prises by establishing com-
munication platforms, he
said. According to the min-
ister, infrastructure will im-
prove regional inter-connec-
“China, with a competi-
tive advantage in this regard,
will eye deepening coopera-
tion on road, railway, port,
aviation, electricity and com-
munication, and Li’s visit
aims to push forward such
In addition, the Chinese
premier will facilitate the shift
of Chinese labour-intensive
industries – such as manufac-
turing – to Africa, helping the
growth and prosperity of
“Made in Africa” and making
investment the pivot of a
closer, more inclusive and
sustainable China-Africa eco-
nomic relationship, he said.
He said China will contin-
ue to help its African friends
improve their living stan-
dards, offering more favour-
able policies in such areas as
agriculture, medicine, envi-
ronment and education.
Hucheng said the partner-
ship seeks to emphasise on
friendship, faster economic
growth and complementary
advantages as the major pil-
lars supporting trade ties in
a new era.
Gao lauded China-Africa
trade and economic cooper-
ation as a fine example of
one between developing
countries, noting that the
principle of sincerity, equal-
ity and mutual benefit has
not changed over the past 50
years, and the continuous
expansion of their coopera-
tion has persisted despite in-
ternational economic up-
Railway boss says supply
of materials for SGR
works will create 10,000
new jobs and enhance
technology transfer
that only those “deserving and quali-
fied” will benefit from the opportuni-
ties presented by the SGR project.
The Kenyan leg of the SGR project,
under which the Mombasa-Nairobi
line forms the first phase, is part of a
regional tripartite railway building
It brings together Kenya, Uganda,
Rwanda and lately, South Sudan.
The planned standard gauge rail-
way has come under heavy criticism,
with some saying it is overpriced and
questions raised over ownership of
the Chinese company that was award-
ed the contract.
Our promise
to individuals and
businesses is that we
will ensure they reap
optimally from the
new jobs and business
opportunities the project
will no doubt spawn.”
China-Africa economic ties
‘promising’, says minister
Atanas Maina, KRC MD
President Uhuru Kenyatta, howev-
er, defended the high speed standard
gauge railway project by Chinese
firms, saying it must go ahead to
achieve the government’s develop-
ment goals.
Phase II of the Kenyan segment
will involve an extension of the line
from Nairobi to Malaba, with a branch
line to Kisumu.
The eventual aim is to have an
SGR link all the way from Mombasa
to Kigali, through Kampala with a
branch line to Juba.
He said the country’s procurement
laws would be followed to the letter.
The contractor, China Road and
Bridge Corporation (CRBC) is expect-
ed to source raw materials from local
These include steel, cement, bal-
last and aggregate.
Others are electricity generation
and transmission pylons and cables,
roofing material and glass.
The supply of these materials to
Phase I of the SGR project from Mom-
basa to Nairobi by local businesses
could create 10,000 new jobs and bil-
lions of shilling in earned revenues
for the sub-contracted suppliers.
Maina said Kenyans will also be
directly engaged in the actual build-
ing of the railway track.
Estimates by the Government in-
dicate at least 60 new direct jobs per
kilometre will be created during con-
struction of the SGR line.
Those engaged in the construc-
tion of the SGR will also require cer-
tain services like accommodation, ca-
tering and entertainment, an avenue
through which 3,000 new jobs are ex-
pected to be created.
The project is also expected to act
as an avenue for technology transfer
and the training of skilled workers in
different cadres, considering China’s
stature in modern railway building
The Government estimates that
about 15,000 Kenyan masons, car-
penters, drivers, machine operators,
mechanics and electricians are ex-
pected to acquire new skills.
Significantly, some 400 engineers
and high-level technicians are also
expected to benefit from such an op-
portunity, greatly enhancing the skill
sets available not just in Kenya but
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital invites applications for Prequalification/supply and delivery of
various goods as and when required to the Hospital for the year ending 30
June 2015.
KSM/PGH/TN/01/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Human Medicines
KSM/PGH/TN/02/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Non-Pharmaceuticals and dressing materials
KSM/PGH/TN/03/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of X-ray Consumables
KSM/PGH/TN/04/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Dental Consumables
KSM/PGH/TN/05/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Laboratory Reagents and Glassware
KSM/PGH/TN/06/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of cleansing materials and detergents, Fumigation, Pest control
Items and Chemicals.
KSM/PGH/TN/07/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Electrical Items
KSM/PGH/TN/08/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Hardware and Building Materials
KSM/PGH/TN/09/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of office stationery
KSM/PGH/TN/10/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Medical and Industrial Gas
KSM/PGH/TN/11/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Motor Vehicle Batteries, Tyres, and Tubes
KSM/PGH/TN/12/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Uniform Materials and linen
KSM/PGH/TN/13/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Dry Food Rations
KSM/PGH/TN/14/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fruits and Meat, related
KSM/PGH/TN/15/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of other Fuels (Firewood and Charcoal) and Cooking Gas
KSM/PGH/TN/16/2014-2015 Supply and delivery of Paints and Thinners
KSM/PGH/TN/17/2014-2015 Provision of Printing Services
KSM/PGH/TN/18/2014-2015 Prequalification for supply of refined fuel and Lubricants

Tender documents with detailed specifications and conditions are obtainable in soft copies from Procurement Department,
Administration block, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital upon payment of non- refundable fee of
kshs.1000 per document in cash or by banker’s cheque. Bidders must attach to tender documents, copy of tender purchase
receipt, copies of Registration Certificates, VAT, and PIN certificates. Prices quoted must be net, inclusive of VAT and other
charges and must remain firm for 90 days from closing date of Tenders.
Registered Youths and Women groups and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply
Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes indicating ‘Tender No………………….’and bearing NO indication
of the tenderer should be addressed to;
P.O. BOX 849 – 40100, KISUMU.
Or be deposited in the tender box situated at the administration block of the hospital on or before Tuesday 13
2014 at 10.00 a.m. Thereafter tenders will be opened immediately in the presence of the bidders or their representatives,
who choose to attend. The Government reserves the right to accept or reject any tender and is not bound to give reasons
the region as a whole.
According to the project’s feasibil-
ity study and design report, Phase I
will involve the construction of 609km
of single-track railway including sid-
ings and other necessary tracks.
These include the construction of
stations, workshops and depots and
the supply and installation of signal-
ing, communications, electricity and
water supply facilities to each station
along the SGR’s route.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 48 / TODAY IN BUSINESS
to science and research establish-
ments to improve animal health.
Assistance has been accorded to
African countries that are participat-
ing in World Trade Organisations
(WTO) negotiations.
Last year, the performance of the
agricultural sector, which contrib-
utes about 23 per cent of the coun-
try’s GDP, declined partly due to poor
rainfall and unfavourable interna-
tional prices for key export crops.
The sector’s growth slowed to 2.9
per cent in 2013 against a growth of
3.8 per cent in 2012. In 2011 it regis-
tered a growth of 1.5 per cent.
According to the just released
Government’s Economic Survey
(2014) overall value of marketed pro-
duction slowed to Sh344.61 billion
from Sh334.73 billion partly due to
depressed production of certain ma-
jor crops including maize, beans, cof-
fee, cut flowers and fruits.
The sector was however boosted
EU calls for increased investment
in research to ensure food security
The European Union (EU) has
called for increased investment in re-
search and technology to combat the
challenges of food insecurity in the
The Union’s ambassador to Kenya
and Head of delegation Lodewijk Bri-
et said research and clear thinking on
how to improve food and farming
production is critical in fighting pov-
erty and improving the livelihoods of
many households in Africa.
Mr Briet said the long-standing
partnership between the EU and the
African Union (AU) has helped to im-
prove veterinary services, fishing and
livestock practices and resources.
This, he said, has had a real im-
pact on millions of lives across the
continent. He also underscored the
need to take a regional and some-
times continental approach to tack-
ling the fundamental challenges fac-
ing African agriculture.
“It is part of a wider development
strategy to develop agriculture and
increase food productions,” said Bri-
et. This, he added, has seen the EU
support research and development
to develop drought resistant species,
spread best practice in conservation
agriculture, improving efficiencies in
“We are also supporting critical
sectors like coffee and sugar and
helping to prepare communities for
the hardships caused by climate
change,” Briet said at an event to
mark the 50th anniversary of the Af-
rican Union’s Inter-African bureau
Head of delegation Briet
says research on food
and farming production
is critical in improving
the livelihoods of many
households in Africa
Use of the social media has been identified
as an incredible tool to drive Kenya’s tourism
arrivals and revenues upwards.
E-Tourism Frontiers Chief Executive Dami-
an Cook noted that the use of traditional meth-
ods to assist in the search for products and in-
formation is fast declining and their place
taken over by social media.
“Posting pictures on social platforms such
as Facebook and Instagram can add value to
the products offered,” he said.
He noted that about 96 per cent of prospec-
tive tourists use the Internet to search for in-
formation, followed by relatives and friends
sharing the information about their sites.
Friends and relatives, he argued, continu-
ously update their followers on which part of
the world they are in and how spectacular it is.
Cook was speaking ahead of the two-day E-
Tourism East African Conference, to be held in
Nairobi between June 9 and 10, this year.
In its fourth edition, the conference seeks to
assist the tourism stakeholders reconnect and
learn about the latest online tourism and trav-
el developments and technologies. Prospective
participants include Google and Facebook.
It is estimated that there are about 1.2 bil-
lion subscribers on Facebook and each has an
average of 250 followers.
“Social media is more popular and power-
ful than the broadcast and print media com-
bined,” he said, adding that 91 per cent of
adults use the social media every day.
As a consequence, the market has to strat-
egise on how to sell to the younger and con-
nected millennial generation since this is
where the future market lies.
“Growth in the travel industry is now on the
amount of revenue generated and not the
number of arrivals and stakeholders need a re-
think on how to create experience and value,”
he said, adding that tourists are prepared to
pay more for this.
Cook said that Kenyan hospitality industry
needs to differentiate and tell good stories
about the products through social media such
since brochures make a lot of noise.
This enables the subscribers to generate
content on their own, which users are increas-
ingly consuming above anything else.
“Since users control the market, you need
to work with them,” Cook stated. He noted that
people get referrals on the site and since they
send their experiences before they get home
for a personal experience, the social network is
a strong tool to drive the industry.
The youth are some of the significant mar-
ket that uses the social media to communicate
every single minute hence a rich market to tap
into. “The visitors want to show off their expe-
riences by taking the best possible photo of the
hotel camp,” said Cook.
One such example is an eight-minute video,
Battle of the Kruger, which had generated
about 74 million hits by yesterday.
As a result many tourists visit the site of the
incident. “Nothing can give you that reach and
the cost of marketing is free,” said Cook.
Social media holds key in Kenya’s bid to boost tourism
for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) in
developing farming and livestock de-
velopment on the continent in Nai-
robi yesterday.
The EU has been the main finan-
cier of the AU-IBAR over its 50 years
of existence.
Over the past four years the EU
has contributed Sh15 billion towards
eradicating rinderpest and providing
benefits to 350 million households in
Africa who rely on animals and live-
stock for their livelihoods.
The partnership between the EU
and AU-IBAR has improved veteri-
nary services in Africa and provided
support to the fishing industry
through better environmental pro-
tection, improved licensing for fish-
ing and enhanced trade and export
Other benefits include better
management of high quality breeds
of livestock and improvements to the
international standards for the ex-
port of livestock and better consum-
er safety in Africa.
The EU support has created a sur-
veillance system in Africa, which
gives early warning of problems that
could impact livestock such as the
spread of Avian flu.
Support has also been extended
This has seen the
EU support research and
development to develop
drought resistant
species, spread best
practice in conservation
agriculture, improving
effciencies in farming.”
The EU’s ambassador to Kenya and Head of delegation Lodewijk Briet says
it is part of a wider development strategy to develop agriculture and
increase food production. [PHOTO: FILE/STANDARD]
Dairy processors are stuck with
milk stock worth over Sh2 billion in
their premises, a situation they say
has contributed to payment of low
prices to the farmers.
Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) yester-
day stated that the processors are
grappling with high volumes of milk
since the onset of long rains.
Managing director Machira Gicho-
hi confirmed that milk farmers in the
country are currently collecting on
average 45 million litres per month.
In January and February the pro-
cessers recorded highest collection of
54 million litres and 47 million litres.
The processors, he said, are col-
lecting more milk from farmers in Rift
Valley, Central Kenya, and Meru re-
Investigations by our team has re-
vealed that major dairy firms are col-
lecting more than 100,000 litres per
day up from 70,000 litres before De-
cember last year.
Gichohi, who was addressing the
media in his Upper Hill office, point-
ed out that the situation has been in-
stigated by rainfall being experienced
in various parts of the country since
the beginning of the year.
He said the dairy processors are
struggling to offload the milk stock
they converted into powder and long
life thus contributing high supply in
the market and thus affecting farm-
ers’ prices.
Explaining why farmers will con-
tinue to experience low prices for
their produce, Gichohi stated that the
dairy processors boosted their milk
stocks in November and December
last year after reports by the Metro-
logical Department indicated the
country would experience dry period
especially early this year.
“Instead the country received near
normal rainfall, which equally con-
tributed to farmers producing more
milk. Current production together
with the last year boost stocks has
caused the prices to decline,” said
Dairy processors
stuck with Sh2 billion
of surplus milk
by increased production of tea,
wheat, vegetables, potatoes and sug-
ar cane on account of good prices
paid to farmers in 2013.
Unfavourable international prices
coupled with lower production of
coffee and tea resulted in a contrac-
tion of earnings by 29 per cent ––and
5.5 per cent respectively.
In the horticulture subsector the
value of marketed fresh produce de-
clined by 7.9 per cent in 2013 on ac-
count of low export volumes and de-
pressed unit prices in the
international market.
The horticultural sub-sector in
Kenya plays a major role in meeting
domestic needs for food, the genera-
tion of income and foreign exchange
and creation of employment.
An estimated 1.8 million people
are believed to be currently employed
in the sub-sector.
Source: Central Bank
TODAY IN BUSINESS / Page 49 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
AB C 86.80 87.00 0.20 120.45 120.75 0.30
EQUITY 86.85 87.05 0.20 120.50 120.83 0.33
I & M 86.85 87.05 0.20 120.53 120.83 0.30
DIAMONDTRUST 86.90 87.00 0.10 120.60 120.76 0.16
NI C 86.80 87.00 0.20 120.45 120.75 0.30
ECOBANK 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.59 120.88 0.29
1ST COMMUNITY 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.59 120.90 0.31
PRIME 86.50 86.70 0.20 120.40 120.70 0.30
MIDDLEEAST 86.50 86.70 0.20 120.40 120.70 0.30
CFC STANBIC 86.85 87.05 0.20 120.59 120.90 0.31
CITIBANK 86.95 87.10 0.15 120.67 120.89 0.22
C B A 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.56 120.94 0.38
NB K 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.62 120.89 0.27
BARCLAYS 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.59 120.90 0.31
STANDARD 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.46 120.76 0.30
KC B 86.85 86.95 0.10 120.52 120.68 0.16
BOA 86.95 87.05 0.10 120.66 120.83 0.17
CO-OP 86.90 87.10 0.20 120.59 120.90 0.31
USDOLLAR 86.9292
STGPOUND 146.8742
EURO 120.6822
SARAND 8.2357
KES/ USHS 29.0467
KES/ TSHS 18.9465
KES/ RWF 7.8283
KES/ BIF 17.8309
AEDIRHAM 23.6674
CAN$ 79.3735
SFRANC 99.0817
JPY(100) 85.1120
SW KRONER 13.3819
NOR KRONER 14.5731
IND RUPEE 1.4442
NSE All Share Index. Down 0.17 points to close at 151.43.
NSE 20-share Index. Down 12.24 points to close at 4942.87.
Alpha Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.00 1.50 119.50 122.00 2.50
Amal Express Forex Bureau 86.80 87.50 0.70 114.00 119.00 5.00
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Bay Forex Bureau(NBI) Ltd 86.60 87.40 0.80 119.40 121.00 1.60
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Pel Forex BureauLtd 86.50 88.00 1.50 119.50 121.50 2.00
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Pwani Forex BureauLtd 86.40 88.00 1.60 119.00 121.00 2.00
Qadisia Forex BureauLtd 86.30 87.35 1.05 119.50 120.85 1.35
Regional Forex BureauLtd 86.70 87.90 1.20 119.40 122.00 2.60
Rift Valley Forex BureauLtd 85.90 87.70 1.80 118.20 121.00 2.80
Safari Forex BureauLtd 85.00 87.00 2.00 118.00 121.00 3.00
Satellite Forex BureauLtd 86.80 87.30 0.50 119.30 121.00 1.70
Simba Forex BureauLtd 83.00 87.50 4.50 115.00 121.00 6.00
Sky Forex BureauLimited 86.80 87.40 0.60 119.50 120.80 1.30
UNIT TRUSTS 05/05/14
Umeme Ltd suspends trading in shares
Uganda’s sole power distributor, Umeme Limited has suspended trade in
its shares on the Kenyan and Ugandan bourses pending the sale of a major
stake by a key shareholder. Umeme Holdings Limited, which owns 60.08 per
cent of the company, plans to sell a significant stake of its shareholding via
private placement, Umeme said in a statement published in local dailies.
It said it had received regulator approval to suspend trading in Uganda
and Kenya, where it is cross-listed, for a maximum of two weeks, starting
Tuesday. It did not give more details about the private placement. Umeme’s
shares closed at Sh360 ($0.14) on Monday. The company posted an 89 per
cent rise in 2013 pretax profit to USh115.2 billion. Umeme Holdings is a
subsidiary of London-based private equity firm Actis. —Reuters
31.00 21.00 Eaagads Ltd Ord 1.25 AIMS 29.75 29.50 600
124.00 80.00 Kakuzi Ltd Ord.5.00 116.00 -
167.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ltd Ord Ord 5.00 AIMS 136.00 135.00 400
625.00 450.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ltd Ord 20.00 AIMS 620.00 -
30.00 19.40 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ltd Ord 5.00 27.50 -
19.95 11.25 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 16.70 17.05 55,900
350.00 210.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 288.00 -
50.00 21.00 Car & General (K) Ltd Ord 5.00 31.25 -
- - CMC Holdings Ltd Ord 0.50 13.50 -
13.50 9.00 Marshalls (E.A.) Ltd Ord 5.00 9.05 -
7.70 4.50 Sameer Africa Ltd Ord 5.00 7.30 7.45 146,000
19.15 15.00 Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 0.50 17.00 17.00 600,800
137.00 54.00 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ltd ord.5.00 135.00 135.00 143,400
248.00 141.00 Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd Ord 4.00 235.00 236.00 15,000
39.75 29.50 Equity Bank Ltd Ord 0.50 38.75 39.00 10,113,000
39.00 22.00 Housing Finance Co.Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 37.25 36.25 250,200
145.00 85.00 I&M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 129.00 -
51.00 35.50 Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd Ord 1.00 49.50 49.75 3,227,500
39.25 18.50 National Bank of Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 29.50 29.25 58,900
68.00 48.50 NIC Bank Ltd Ord 5.00 63.50 63.50 12,000
340.00 271.00 Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Ord 5.00 308.00 306.00 2,700
23.50 14.50 The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 22.75 22.75 1,592,900
5.10 3.40 Express Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 4.95 4.95 500
- - Hutchings Biemer Ltd Ord 5.00 20.25 -
14.70 8.30 Kenya Airways Ltd Ord 5.00 12.00 11.95 235,700
16.50 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ltd Ord 1.00 AIMS 12.80 12.80 11,300
400.00 271.00 Nation Media Group Ltd Ord. 2.50 310.00 309.00 341,300
247.00 44.00 Scangroup Ltd Ord 1.00 46.50 46.75 12,300
39.00 24.50 Standard Group Ltd Ord 5.00 33.00 30.00 5,000
56.50 40.00 TPS Eastern Africa Ltd Ord 1.00 40.50 40.75 20,100
24.00 14.00 Uchumi Supermarket Ltd Ord 5.00 14.25 14.25 153,500
98.50 60.00 ARM Cement Ltd Ord 1.00 85.00 85.50 228,500
225.00 170.00 Bamburi Cement Ltd Ord 5.00 185.00 170.00 366,100
93.00 75.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 91.50 90.00 600
18.00 13.80 E.A.Cables Ltd Ord 0.50 15.50 15.40 7,700
110.00 56.50 E.A.Portland Cement Co. Ltd Ord 5.00 98.50 95.00 800
17.90 10.00 KenGen Co. Ltd Ord. 2.50 11.35 11.50 188,600
11.80 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 8.90 8.90 1,524,700
20.75 13.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd Ord 2.50 14.85 14.90 83,500
- - Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 4% Pref 20.00 8.00
5.50 5.50 Kenya Power & Lighting Ltd 7% Pref 20.00 5.50
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 26.75 27.25 61,400
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
20.00 7.30 British-American Investments Co. Ord 0.10 17.60 18.00 229,400
12.20 4.20 CIC Insurance Group Ltd Ord.1.00 11.70 11.30 1,474,100
325.00 217.00 Jubilee Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 310.00 310.00 900
21.00 13.10 Kenya Re Insurance Corporation Ltd Ord 2.50 19.35 19.10 74,000
23.00 9.20 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ltd Ord.1.00 22.50 22.00 287,800
145.00 51.50 Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 136.00 137.00 15,000
41.00 17.05 Centum Investment Co Ltd Ord 0.50 38.75 38.25 100,500
6.00 3.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd Ord 5.00 4.50 4.70 10,100
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century Ltd Ord 0.50 AIMS 24.00 24.00 1,500
- - A.Baumann & Co Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 11.10 -
190.00 100.00 B.O.C Kenya Ltd Ord 5.00 139.00 147.00 2,900
635.00 521.00 British American Tobacco Kenya Ord 10.00 572.00 566.00 284,500
67.50 30.50 Carbacid Investments Ltd Ord 1.00 33.00 33.25 42,700
426.00 212.00 East African Breweries Ltd Ord 2.00 298.00 298.00 721,400
3.90 1.90 Eveready East Africa Ltd Ord.1.00 3.55 3.55 138,600
7.90 4.40 Kenya Orchards Ltd Ord 5.00 AIMS 7.90 7.20 100
5.05 2.85 Mumias Sugar Co. Ltd Ord 2.00 3.15 3.10 289,300
27.00 14.00 Unga Group Ltd Ord 5.00 25.75 26.00 131,300
13.40 6.15 Safaricom Ltd Ord 0.05 12.80 13.00 28,683,400
25.00 4.40 Home Afrika Ltd Ord 1.00 4.95 4.85 380,800
MONEY FUNDS Daily Yield E. A. Rate
Amana Shilling Fund 9.73% 9.92%
British-American MoneyMarket Fund 9.00% 9.42%
CIC MoneyMarket Fund 9.49% 9.92%
GenCapHela Fund 11.05% 11.52%
Madison Asset MoneyMarket Fund 9.16% 9.55%
Old Mutual MoneyMarket Fund 6.46% 6.65%
CBA MoneyMarket Fund 6.07% 6.25%
STANLIB MoneyMarket Fund 7.39% 7.65%
Amana Growth Fund 109.50 109.50
Amana Balanced Fund 109.30 109.30
British-American EquityFund 202.26 208.69
British-American Balanced Fund 192.06 197.67
British-American Bond Plus Fund 145.45 148.41
British-American Managed Retirement Fund 133.83 134.97
CIC Fixed Income Fund 9.11 9.34
CIC EquityFund 13.32 14.02
CIC Balanced Fund 13.07 13.69
GenCapEneza Fund 124.56 120.20
GenCapIman Fund 116.33 110.51
GenCapHazina Fund 118.61 114.46
GenCapHisa Fund 127.13 122.68
ICEA BONDFUND 99.55 100.56
ICEA EQUITY FUND 139.95 147.32
ICEA GROWTH FUND 140.37 147.75
Madison Asset Balanced Fund 69.22 73.04
Madison Asset EquityFund 56.15 59.60
Old Mutual EquityFund 376.96 403.90
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa 154.69 164.72
Old Mutual East Africa Fund 150.18 158.94
Old Mutual Bond Fund 102.15 104.57
Commercial Bank of Africa EquityFund 155.88 165.47
STANLIB Balanced fund 129.78 129.78
STANLIB EquityFund 167.51 167.51
STANLIB Bond Fund B1 106.09 106.09
STANLIB Bond Fund A 105.65 105.65
Page 50 / NOTICES Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
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Page 51
Nigerian girl describes
kidnap as 276 still missing
Women at a demonstration calling on the government to rescue kidnapped Chibok government’s secondary school
girls in Lagos, Nigeria, on Monday. [PHOTO: AP]
LAGOS, Tuesday
The girls in the school dorm could
hear the sound of gunshots. So when
armed men in uniform burst in and
promised to rescue them, at first they
were relieved.
“Don’t worry, we’re soldiers,” one
16-year-old girl recalls them saying.
The gunmen commanded the
hundreds of students at the Chibok
Government Girls Secondary School
to gather outside. The men went into
a storeroom and removed all the food.
Then they set fire to the room.
“They... started shouting, ‘Allahu
Akhbar,’ (God is great),” the 16-year-
old student said. “And we knew.”
What they knew was chilling: The
men were not government soldiers
but members of the ruthless Islamic
extremist group called Boko Haram.
They drove away the entire group of
girls in pickup trucks into the forest.
Three weeks later, 276 girls are still
missing. At least two have died of
snakebites, and about 20 others are ill,
according to an intermediary who is
in touch with their captors.
Their plight – and the failure of the
Nigerian military to find them – has
drawn international attention to an
escalating Islamic extremist insurrec-
tion that has killed more than 1,500 so
far this year. Boko Haram has claimed
responsibility for the kidnapping and
threatened to sell the girls.
The 16-year-old was among about
50 students who escaped on that fate-
ful day, and she spoke for the first time
in a telephone interview with AP.
The Chibok girls school is in the
CAIRO, Tuesday
An Egyptian court banned the
leaders of autocratic ex-president
Hosni Mubarak’s party from running
in any coming elections but did not
list any names, drawing complaints
about a lack of clarity that could
blunt the move’s impact.
Mubarak’s National Democratic
Party won all elections during his 30-
year rule, by rigging outcomes, mar-
ginalising any credible challengers
and suppressing dissidents, but was
dissolved in 2011 after the popular
uprising that toppled him.
But Egypt’s democratic transition
since has run aground, critics say, by
the banning of the Muslim Brother-
hood after the army’s ouster of freely
elected Islamist president Mohamed
Mursi in 2013 and broad crackdown
on Islamist and liberal opposition.
A presidential election to be held
his month is widely expected to be
won by army chief Abdel Fattah al-
Sisi, from the same military estab-
lishment which has dominated
Egyptian politics for six decades.
Sisi said in his first televised inter-
view on Monday that the Muslim
Brotherhood, which won all five
elections since Mubarak’s ouster,
was “finished” and would cease to
exist if he becomes president.
In his ruling against Mubarak-era
officials, Judge Karim Hazem did not
spell out the number, names or titles
of those affected, prompting opposi-
tion accusations of ambiguity that
could end up allowing some candi-
dacies from the old regime.
“The ruling was not clear and did
not respond to our demand. We want
the judiciary to punish those who
committed crimes, both political
and criminal ones, and not all and
everyone,” prominent Egyptian ac-
tivist and lawyer Gamal Eid said.
Tuesday’s case was brought to
court a few months ago by a liberal
lawyer. Judicial sources said the
judge did not name officials affected
by the ruling and left that task to the
elections committee.
After the vote for president there
is to be a parliamentary election but
liberal politicians fear this could
bring back many Mubarak-era poli-
ticians due to the weakness of cur-
rent political parties.
Since Morsi’s ouster following
protests against the Brotherhood
leader’s rule, the military govern-
ment has sought to crush the veteran
Islamist movement in operations
that have left hundreds dead.
Egypt court bans Mubarak-era leaders from running in elections
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
The elite school in Lagos
had just reopened to allow
fnal-year students take
their exams
remote and sparsely populated north-
east region of Nigeria, a country of 170
million with a growing chasm be-
tween a north dominated by Muslims
and a south by Christians.
Like all schools in Borno state,
Chibok, an elite academy of both
Muslim and Christian girls, had been
closed because of attacks by Boko
Haram. But it had reopened to allow
final-year students to take exams.
At 11pm on April 14, a local gov-
ernment official, Bana Lawal, received
a warning. He was told that about 200
heavily armed militants in 20 pickup
trucks and more than 30 motorcycles
were headed toward his town.
Lawal alerted the 15 soldiers
guarding Chibok, he said. Then he
roused sleeping residents and told
them to flee into the bush and the
nearby hills. The soldiers sent an SOS
to the nearest barracks, about 48km
away, an hour’s drive on a dirt road.
When the militants showed up two
hours after the warning, the soldiers
fought valiantly, Lawal said. Although
they were outnumbered and out-
gunned, they held off the insurgents
for an hour and a half, desperately
waiting for reinforcements. One was
killed. They ran out of ammunition
and fled for their lives.
As dawn approached, the extrem-
ists headed for the boarding school.
There were too many gunmen to
count, said the girl who escaped. So,
even after the students realized the
men were Islamic extremists, they
obediently sat in the dirt. The men set
the school ablaze and herded the girl’s
group onto the backs of three trucks.
The trucks drove through three vil-
lages, but then the car of fighters fol-
lowing them broke down. That’s when
the girl and her friend jumped out.
Others argued, the 16-year-old re-
membered. But one student said, “We
should go! Me, I am coming down.
They can shoot me if they want but I
don’t know what they are going to do
with me otherwise.”
“We ran and ran,” said the girl,
who has always prided herself on run-
ning faster than her six brothers. “That
is how I saved myself. I had no time to
be scared, I was just running.”
A few other girls clung to low-
hanging branches and waited until
the vehicles had passed. Then they
met up in the bush and made their
way back to the road home.
PRETORIA: Pistorius denies
remark to Steenkamp friend
Oscar Pistorius allegedly made a
“sinister” comment to a woman at his
murder trial when it adjourned for
the day. The comment was allegedly
made to a friend of Reeva Steenkamp,
Pistorius’ girlfriend whom he shot to
death last year. Pistorius told reporters
in the courtroom that he did not say
to Kim Myers, “how can you sleep at
night?” A lawyer for the Myers family,
who were close to Steenkamp, told AP
Myers told him Pistorius had made
the comment to her “in a very sinister
way”. Myers has been present for much
of the trial. A reporter also says he
overheard the remark from the athlete.
Lawyer Ian Levitt said he had contacted
court officials. He said while Myers did
not know what the comment referred
to, she was “shocked”.
JUBA: UN chief piles pressure
on warring sides in S. Sudan
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon flew
into South Sudan yesterday to urge
government troops and rebels to end
more than four months of fighting - the
second peace mission there by a major
global figure in less than a week. Ban
was part of a mounting international
push to stop the increasingly ethnic
violence that Washington and regional
powers fear could descend into
genocide. US and other diplomatic
sources said Washington would back up
the diplomacy with sanctions on figures
from both sides of the conflict.
BANGUI: French troops fight
armed CAR rebel forces
French forces have fought an armed
group in northern Central African
Republic that is blamed for killing
health workers from Doctors Without
Borders. The French military announced
Tuesday in a statement that its forces
had battled rebels in the region of
Boguila-Kota and that “numerous
losses” had been inflicted Monday. This
came even as Sudanese parliament
expressed readiness to provide all the
necessary support to achieve a national
dialogue in CAR. Muslim rebels from the
former Seleka alliance that controlled
the country until January were blamed
for the recent attack on a hospital in
Boguila. Doctors Without Borders had
operated the facility since 2006.
GENEVA: UN warns Boko
Haram over abducted girls
The UN warned Islamist Boko Haram
militants on Tuesday that there was no
statute of limitations if they carried out
their leader’s threat to sell more than
200 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped last
month. Boko Haram leader Abubakar
Shekau said in a video released on
Monday that Allah (God) had told him
to sell the girls taken by his fighters
from a secondary school in the village
of Chibok, in northeastern Borno state,
on April 14. “There is an absolute
prohibition against slavery and sexual
slavery in international law. These can
under certain circumstances constitute
crimes against humanity,” UN human
rights spokesman Rupert Colville told a
news briefing in Geneva. “That means
anyone responsible can be arrested,
charged, prosecuted, and jailed at any
time in the future. So just because they
think they are safe now, they won’t
necessarily be in two years, five years
or 10 years time,” he said.
RHODE ISLAND: 8 acrobats
hospitalised after accident
Eight circus acrobats remain
hospitalised in the US after an
accident during a hair-hanging stunt
sent them plummeting to the ground.
Rhode Island Hospital officials said
four of the women are in serious
condition and four are in good
condition. The accident happened
Sunday during a performance of
the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and
Bailey circus in the state. Relatives
and rescuers say the women suffered
injuries including a pierced liver, neck
and back fractures, broken ankles and
head injuries. Investigators suspect a
snapped clip, which they found broken
in three pieces on the ground, is to
TEHRAN: Iran’s lawmakers
grill FM on Holocaust
Hard-line Iranian lawmakers grilled
the country’s foreign minister on
Tuesday about Tehran’s step back
from past policies of denying the
Holocaust. The questioning was
prompted by an interview Mohammed
Javad Zarif gave to German media
in February in which he said the
Holocaust was a “horrifying tragedy”
that should never happen again. In
Tuesday’s parliament session, aired
live on state radio, Zarif defended his
stance, saying that Holocaust denial
had given Iran’s archenemy Israel
a tool to use against it. It was the
second time Zarif was summoned to
parliament and questioned about his
stance and comments.
DUBAI: S Arabia uncovers
Qaeda cell plotting attacks
Saudi Arabia said it had uncovered
an Al-Qaeda militant group with
links to “extremist elements” in Syria
and Yemen that had been plotting
to assassinate officials and attack
government and foreign targets. The
cell comprised 62 members, including
59 Saudi militants, a Yemeni, a
Pakistani and a Palestinian, Interior
Ministry spokesman Major General
Mansour al-Turki said. An investigation
into social media postings “led
security forces after months of hard
work to pinpoint suspicious activities
by Al-Qaeda elements.
White House calls for
action on climate change
important in generating interest and
action on the issue,” said Lyndsay Mo-
seley, director of the American Lung
Association’s Healthy Air campaign.
The report detailed how effects of
climate change are hitting on several
fronts, including health, infrastruc-
ture, water supply, agriculture and in
more frequent severe weather such as
floods and droughts.
The impacts are also broken down
by region - from storm surges in the
Northeast to wildfires and water
shortages in the southwestern US.
A draft released in January 2013,
was reviewed by the National Acade-
mies of Sciences and attracted more
than 4,000 public comments.
The advisory committee behind
the report was established by the US
Department of Commerce to inte-
grate federal research on environ-
mental change and its implications
for society.
Thirteen departments and agen-
cies, from the Agriculture Department
to NASA, are part of the committee,
which also includes academics, busi-
nesses, non-profit organisations and
others. John Podesta, an adviser to
President Barack Obama, said on
Monday that the report includes “a
huge amount of practical, usable
knowledge that state and local deci-
sion-makers can take advantage of as
they plan on or for the impacts of cli-
mate change and work to make their
communities more resilient.”
The focus on solutions, not just
warnings, is key, said Vicki Arroyo, di-
rector of the Georgetown Climate
Centre of Georgetown University.
“You really can’t just provide a re-
port that paints this dark picture of all
these impacts. You have to couple it
with a message of what our govern-
ment can do about it,” she said.
Podesta said the administration
hopes that conveying the warnings
contained in the report can help the
administration implement the presi-
dent’s Climate Action Plan, which was
unveiled in June 2013 and focuses on
executive actions Obama can use to
rein in polluters.
The Obama administration re-
leased an updated report on how cli-
mate change requires urgent action to
counter impacts that touch every cor-
ner of the country, from oyster grow-
ers in Washington State to maple syr-
up producers in Vermont.
“Climate change, once an issue for
a distant future, has moved firmly in-
to the present,” the report said.
Some environmental and public
health groups hailed the National Cli-
mate Assessment as a possible “game
changer” for efforts to address climate
change, in part because it makes the
impact less abstract to Americans.
“It will help put their own experi-
ences in context, and we think that is
Climate change, once
an issue for a distant
future, has become
such an urgent problem
NEW DELHI, Tuesday
India is on course for a record
turnout in its general election as a
young electorate and women engage
with politics more than ever before,
with unpredictable results for a con-
test that opinion polls say opposi-
tion leader Narendra Modi will win.
The Modi-led Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP) and its allies are seen as
favourites to come to power when
results of the five-week election are
announced on May 16, displacing
the Congress-led coalition that is
battling public fury over a slowing
economy, high inflation and a spate
of corruption scandals.
But regional parties will also play
a key role, with most polls indicating
that Modi’s alliance will struggle to
achieve a majority, falling short of
winning 272 of the 543 seats in the
lower house of parliament.
“We have to be cautious. It’s very
hard to tell that increased turnout is
good for the incumbent or bad for
the incumbent,” said Vivek Dehejia,
an economics professor at Canada-
based Carleton University.
“It seems to represent people
coming out to vote out the Congress-
led government (but) every vote tak-
en away from Congress does not
necessarily mean it’s for the BJP.”
The rising turnout is largely at-
tributable to increased participation
of younger and first-time voters, as
well as women. These demographic
groups have been targeted by the
election commission with an out-
reach campaign since the last gener-
al election in 2009.
The country has added over 23
million people in the 18-19 age group
to voter rolls this time. This group
now constitutes 3 per cent of total
voters, against 0.75 percent in 2009.
Among the first-time voters is 33-
year-old Mriganka Dadwal, who feels
“ashamed” to have never voted in
elections after she turned 18, the
minimum age required to vote.
“I am proud of the fact that I rea-
lised and voted this time ... I am one
of those who was very angry at the
kind of government,” said Dadwal,
founder of an activist group promot-
ing women’s empowerment.
India on course
for record general
election turnout
An Israeli archaeologist says he
has found the legendary citadel cap-
tured by King David in his conquest
of Jerusalem, rekindling an old de-
bate about using the Bible as a field
guide to identifying ancient ruins.
The claim by Eli Shukron, like
many such claims in the field of bib-
lical archaeology, has run into criti-
cism. It joins a string of announce-
ments by Israeli archaeologists
saying they have unearthed palaces
of the legendary biblical king, who is
revered in Jewish religious tradition
for establishing Jerusalem as its cen-
tral holy city — but who has eluded
historians looking for clear-cut evi-
dence of his existence and reign.
The present-day Israeli-Palestin-
ian conflict is also wrapped up in the
subject. The $10 million excavation,
made accessible to tourists last
month, took place in an Arab neigh-
borhood of Jerusalem and was fi-
nanced by an organisation that set-
tles Jews in guarded homes in Arab
areas of east Jerusalem to prevent
the city from being divided. The Pal-
estinians claim east Jerusalem, cap-
tured by Israel in 1967, as the capital
of a future independent state.
Shukron, who excavated at the
City of David archaeological site for
nearly two decades, says he believes
evidence supports his theory.
“This is the citadel of King David,
this is the Citadel of Zion, and this is
what King David took from the Je-
busites,” said Shukron, who said he
recently left Israel’s Antiquities Au-
thority to work as a lecturer and tour
guide. “The whole site we can com-
pare to the Bible perfectly.”
Most archaeologists in Israel do
not dispute that King David was a
historical figure, and a written refer-
ence to the “House of David” was
found in an archaeological site in
northern Israel.
But archaeologists are divided on
identifying Davidic sites in Jerusa-
lem, which he is said to have made
his capital.
Shukron’s dig, which began in
1995, uncovered a massive fortifica-
tion of five-ton stones stacked 6m
wide. Pottery shards helped date the
fortification walls to be 3,800 years
old. They are the largest walls found
in the region from before the time of
King Herod, the ambitious builder
who expanded the Second Jewish
Temple complex in Jerusalem almost
2,100 years ago. The fortification sur-
rounded a water spring and is
thought to have protected the an-
cient city’s water source.
Israeli says he has found King David’s citadel
BEIJING, Tuesday
Chinese police shot and wound-
ed a suspect who attacked passen-
gers at a busy railway station in
southern China, leaving six people
injured in the third high-profile as-
sault on civilians at a train station in
a little more than two months.
There was no word on a motive
for the violence in Guangzhou.
The attack came despite height-
ened security countrywide in the
wake of two deadly attacks at train
stations blamed on extremists.
The country also has seen mass
stabbings carried out by people with
grudges against society or who were
deemed mentally ill.
The latest incident happened late
in the morning at the Guangzhou
Railway Station.
Officers arrived as passengers
were being hacked, and shot and
subdued a male suspect with a knife
after he failed to respond to a police
warning. Following initial confusion
about the number of attackers, po-
lice said there was only one perpe-
trator. It said the person was receiv-
ing treatment in a hospital.
Police said six people were in-
jured and taken to a hospital, not in-
cluding the suspect. Last week, a sui-
cide bombing at a train station in
Xinjiang left three people dead and
79 injured, prompting Chinese Pres-
ident Xi Jinping to demand “decisive
actions” against terrorism.
Six injured in hacking attack
at Chinese railway station
52 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (left) and United Arab Emirates Minister of State Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber attend
a news conference on climate change in Abu Dhabi May 4, 2014. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
VIENNA: Russia wants rebels on
negotiating table
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
says any new international negotiations on
easing Ukrainian tensions should include
pro-Russian rebels in the east and south
of Ukraine. Lavrov says he is not against a
follow-up meeting to the April 17 round in
Geneva, where he was joined by Ukraine
Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia, US
Secretary of State John Kerry and EU
representative Catherine Ashton. But he told
reporters such a meeting would not “have
any added value” unless representatives
of the rebels are also invited. The previous
Geneva meeting called for the dissolution
of all illegal military formations in Ukraine.
It also said those occupying buildings must
leave them and be disarmed and suggested
an amnesty for anti-government protesters.
DONETSK: 34 reported dead,
mostly insurgents, in Ukraine
Thirty pro-Russia insurgents and four
government troops have been killed during
operations to expunge anti-government
forces around a key eastern city, Ukraine’s
interior minister said. In the southwest,
Kiev authorities also attempted to reassert
control over the key Black Sea region of
Odessa by appointing a new governor
there. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov
gave the death toll on his Facebook page,
adding that 20 government troops were
also injured during fighting in Slovyansk.
Gunbattles around the city were the interim
government’s most ambitious effort to quell
weeks of unrest in Eastern Ukrainet.
HONG KONG: US investigates
Chinese oil rig move
The US said it was investigating the
movement of a huge Chinese oil rig that
Vietnam says has entered its waters,
the latest show of Beijing’s growing
assertiveness to raise alarm among smaller
countries in the region. The Vietnamese
accusation came days after US President
Barack Obama visited Asia to underline his
commitment to allies there, including Japan
and the Philippines who are themselves
locked in territorial disputes with China.
Obama, promoting a strategic “pivot”
toward the Asia-Pacific region, also visited
South Korea and Malaysia, but not China.
Vietnam has condemned the operation of
the deepwater drilling rig in what it says are
its waters in the South China Sea and told
China’s state-run oil company to remove it.
China said the rig was operating completely
within its waters. Daniel Russel, Assistant US
Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific
Affairs, said US was looking into the matter,
but urged caution from all sides. “Each of
the claimant countries to exercise care and
restraint,” he told Reuters.
PRISTINA: Kosovo leaders agree
on early election
Leaders of Kosovo’s main parties agreed
on Tuesday to dissolve parliament this
week and hold an early election on June
8 after Serb minority lawmakers nixed a
vote on creating a national army by failing
to show up. Kosovo’s Western backers,
who recognised it as independent in 2008,
had been reluctant to see the immediate
creation of an army for fear of the message
it might send to the more than 100,000
ethnic Serbs who live in the country and
to Serbia itself. Parliament was supposed
to hold the vote on Monday, but Kosovo’s
constitution states that two thirds of
lawmakers had to vote, as well as two thirds
of minority deputies. Prime Minister Hashim
Thaci said the leaders of the biggest political
parties had agreed in principle to hold the
June 8 vote instead of an election planned
for November.
SOFIA: Bulgarian leader calls for
stronger European Union
Bulgaria’s president has called for a stronger
European Union in response to the crisis
in the Ukraine. Speaking at a military
parade in the capital, Sofia, on Tuesday,
President Rosen Plevneliev said the “correct
answer to the economic problems, rising
nationalism and the Ukraine crisis is: more
Europe.” He added that “we have to work
for a new level of defence and energy
integration, for a stronger European Union.”
Plevneliev called for an increase in next
year’s military budget to 1.5 per cent of
GDP from the current 1.3 per cent and for
a swift replacement of Bulgaria’s outdated
Russian-built military equipment to comply
with Nato standards. He said ten years after
Bulgaria joined Nato, its membership in the
alliance is the country’s main guarantee for
its independence.
France’s most unpopular leader
in decades admits failure
PARIS, Tuesday
France’s most unpopular presi-
dent in decades said he had some
regrets and understood voters had
doubts at a time of crisis — and
pledged to respond by accelerating
reforms to put the country back on
Launching a fresh bid to recon-
nect with disgruntled voters on the
second anniversary of his election,
Francois Hollande allowed himself
to be questioned in a rare one-hour
live radio interview by listeners an-
gry with high unemployment and
The Socialist leader, whose pop-
ularity has fallen to record lows
over higher taxes, rampant unem-
ployment and squabbles among
ministers, told the show broadcast
on RMC radio and BFM TV he knew
voters had doubts when times were
tough. He asked to be judged at the
end of his five-year mandate.
“I do have regrets. I could have
gone faster, I could have done more
to alert the French people about
how serious the situation was. I
could have reacted more quickly
on some debates,” he said in a rare
display of regret for a president in
Hollande broke yet another un-
popularity record in a CSA poll
published late on Monday, which
showed only one in five voters trust
him, the lowest score on record for
a French leader.
But he said he had his eye on
making a difference by the end of
his term in 2017 and not on opin-
ion polls.
When asked if he had lost touch
with voters and acted like an ama-
The latest poll released
Monday showed that
only one in fve voters
trust Hollande will
revive economy
BEIJING, Tuesday
China detained a prominent
human rights lawyer on a charge
of “causing a disturbance”, two
lawyers said, after he attended a
weekend meeting that urged a
probe of the bloody suppression
of pro-democracy protests in Ti-
ananmen Square in 1989.
Pu Zhiqiang, a leading free-
speech lawyer, has represented
many well-known dissidents, in-
cluding artist Ai Weiwei and ac-
tivists of the “New Citizens’
Movement”, a group that has
urged Chinese leaders to disclose
their assets.
He is also well known for op-
posing China’s system of forced
labour camps, which the govern-
ment has abolished, and fea-
tured prominently in state media
for that campaign — unusual for
a government critic.
The move to detain Pu under-
scores the sensitivity of Chinese
leaders to any form of criticism
ahead of the 25th anniversary of
China’s crackdown on the dem-
onstrations in Tiananmen Square
in Beijing on June 4, 1989.
“Pu is very influential and has
a following in the mainstream
audience,” said Maya Wang, a
China researcher for New York-
based Human Rights Watch.
“The detention, as in previous
years’ house arrest, is meant to,
first, put him out of action dur-
ing this period, but more impor-
tantly, it might be a message to
deter any others from commem-
orating the massacre during this
important anniversary.”
At least five dissidents and
professors have disappeared
since attending the meeting, held
to commemorate the 1989 crack-
down as well as “explore its im-
plications and consequences
and call for an investigation into
the truth of June 4,” said Hua Ze,
a human rights activist.
In Pu’s detention notice, Bei-
jing police said they had “crimi-
nally detained” him on a charge
of “causing a disturbance”.
China detains
free speech
rights lawyer
teur, he brushed aside the accusa-
tion, which stemmed from a wide-
spread voter feeling that his two
first years in power were ones of
drift and uncertainty over issues
ranging from taxation to immigra-
“You say there has been some
amateurism over the past two
years,” he said. “
Amateurism when I got in-
volved in pulling the euro zone out
of its crisis? Amateurism when I
decided to intervene in Mali when
no one else did and terrorism was
on the path to win there?
“I have had to deal with the eu-
ro zone’s worst crisis ever ... do you
think you do that by walking the
streets and shaking people’s
Having failed to fulfil his pledge
to bring unemployment down by
the end of 2013, Hollande said that
remained his number one priori-
Hollande’s listeners included
pensioners, unemployed people
and business owners. They com-
plained about tax hikes and high
unemployment and asked him to
do much more to help them.
A 61-year-old woman asked him
if he could live on her pension of
662 euros ($920) a month: he said
he could not, that it would be tough
for anyone and that he was trying
to help pensioners.
In one of the most unexpected
questions to a French president, a
stay-at-home mum angry with
school reform asked if his objective
was to make France a world cham-
pion in Zumba dance and the first
exporter of macramé knotted fab-
ric. He simply asked her not to rid-
icule extra-curricular activities.
Hollande, who made no com-
ment about Monday’s European
Union warning that France would
miss its 2015 budget deficit target
unless it made rapid adjustments,
vowed to do more.
“I hear the anger, I am not deaf.
We must act even faster,” he said.
“I have nothing to lose.”
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard NEWS OF THE WORLD / Page 53
Launching a fresh bid to reconnect with disgruntled voters on the second anniversa-
ry of his election, Francois Hollande allowed himself to be questioned in a rare one-
hour live radio. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
HAT YAI: Bombings in
Thailand’s south injure 9
Bombs exploded at a police station
and a convenience store in a tourist
city in Thailand’s violence-plagued
south, injuring nine people. The first
bomb exploded in front of a 7-Eleven
store in Hat Yai city, wounding two
men and three women, police Col.
Passakorn Klanwan said. The second
explosion went off about 15 minutes
later in the parking lot at the main
Hat Yai police station, injuring four
others, he said. “The second one was a
car bomb. The attackers hid the bomb
in a pick-up truck that was parked
near the police station,” Passakorn
said. The explosion caused a large
fire in the parking lot which damaged
several vehicles and buildings.
MOSCOW: Russia deploys
submarines in Black Sea
Russia will beef up its Black Sea fleet
this year with new submarines and
warships, following the annexation
of the Crimean peninsula, Defence
Minister Sergei Shoigu said. New air
defence and marine infantry units
will also be deployed at the fleet’s
bases, which include Sevastopol in
Crimea. “New submarines will join
the Black Sea fleet, as well as new-
generation surface ships, this year.
All this requires much attention from
us,” Interfax news agency quoted
Shoigu as saying. Shoigu said the fleet
would receive funding of $2.43 billion
by 2020. The fleet, which analysts
say comprises around 40 frontline
warships, is seen as a guarantor
of Russia’s southern borders and a
platform for projecting power into the
Black Sea and the Mediterranean.
BEIRUT: Al-Qaeda leader
dies in bomb attack
Syrian activists say a roadside bomb
has killed a local Al-Qaeda leader and
his wife, an attack that may ignite
new infighting between rebel groups
in Syria. The Britain-based Syrian
Observatory for Human Rights said
Ali al-Nuaimi of the Nusra Front, Al-
Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, and his wife
were killed overnight near the town
of Busra al-Sham in southern Daraa
province. The Observatory says the
killing was an “assassination.”
Iran admiral says they will
hit US ships in case of war
Tasnim, another semi-official
news agency close to the Guard, re-
ported that “an investigation” has
found that the Nimitz-class carriers
used by the US could be seriously
damaged or destroyed if 24 missiles
were fired simultaneously.
An American Navy official in the
Gulf was dismissive of the Iranian
claims, and of the simulated carrier
in particular.
“Whatever Iran hopes to do with
the mock up, it is likely to have zero
impact on US Navy operations in the
Gulf,” said Commander Jason Salata,
a spokesman for the US Navy’s 5th
Fleet, which is based across the Gulf
in the nation of Bahrain.
“Firing weapons at a stationary
structure floating on pontoons is not
a realistic representation of having
the capability to target a 100,000-ton
warship ... manoeuvering at speeds
in excess of 30 knots,” he said.
Iran’s military leaders believe fu-
ture wars will be air- and sea-based.
Tehran has sought to upgrade its
missile and air defence systems, as
well as its naval forces in anticipa-
tion of such a possibility.
Fadavi, however, said the Guard’s
navy is in “daily” contact with pass-
ing American warships in the Persian
Gulf. American naval forces in the re-
gion have said they routinely moni-
tor Iranian naval operations and are
in regular contact with them.
“At the Guard Navy Command
Control Center, we talk to Americans
on a daily basis. This has been going
on for years,” Fadavi said, adding
that the Americans have formally de-
manded a hotline to contact Iranians
in case of emergency but the Guard
has turned down the request.
TEHRAN, Tuesday
Iran will target American aircraft
carriers in the Persian Gulf should a
war between the two countries ever
break out, the naval chief of Iran’s
powerful Revolutionary Guard
warned Tuesday as the country com-
pletes work on a large-scale mock-
up of a US carrier.
The remarks by Adm. Ali Fadavi,
who heads the hard-line Guard’s na-
val forces, were a marked contrast to
moderate President Hassan Rou-
hani’s recent outreach policies to-
ward the West – a reminder of the
competing viewpoints that exist at
the highest levels within the Islamic
Iran is building a simple replica of
the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in a
shipyard in the southern port of Ban-
dar Abbas in order to be used in fu-
ture military exercises, an Iranian
newspaper confirmed last month.
Fadavi was quoted Tuesday by the
semi-official Fars news agency as
saying the big size of the US carriers
makes them an “easy target”.
He said contingency plans to tar-
get American carriers are a priority
for the Guard’s navy.
“Aircraft carriers are the symbol
of America’s military might,” he said.
“The carriers are responsible for sup-
plying America’s air power. It’s natu-
ral we want to sink the carriers.”
The Revolutionary Guard’s naval
forces are separate from the main
Iranian navy. They are primarily
based in and around the Gulf and in-
clude a number of missile boats and
fast-attack vessels.
The commander said the Guard
navy has already carried out exercis-
es targeting mock-ups of American
warships. In one case, he said, it took
50 seconds to destroy one of the sim-
ulated warships.
Giving an interview to Iran’s ‘Fars News’, Ali Fadavi, the commander of Iran’s
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said the US’ huge naval warships carried
particular vulnerabilities. [PHOTO: AP]
The army chief said
contigency plans
to target American
carriers were a priority
MOSCOW, Tuesday
Iran and six world powers could
agree on parts of a text of an agree-
ment on Tehran’s nuclear pro-
gramme when they meet for a new
round of negotiations in Vienna next
week, Russia’s chief negotiator said
in comments published.
Iran, the US, France, Germany,
Britain, China and Russia are work-
ing to reach a long-term accord on
ending the decade-old dispute over
Tehran’s atomic activities by a self-
imposed July 20 deadline.
The West says Iran may be seek-
ing a nuclear weapons capability.
Iran says its programme is peaceful.
After spelling out their positions
in three meetings earlier this year,
senior officials from the countries
now plan to start drafting a text of a
possible deal.
“As a result of this round, we
should at least get some elements of
the agreed text and elements of the
common text,” Russian Deputy For-
eign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told
State-run RIA news agency in an in-
He did not give details on what
areas the partial agreement cover.
“For now there is no common
(text) whatsoever. So if we get such
an option, this would be a good re-
sult,” Ryabkov, Russia’s chief negoti-
ator in the talks, said ahead of the
meeting that is expected to begin on
May 13 and may last for about four
Analysts say there is a political
will on both sides to reach an agree-
ment but that it will still be very dif-
ficult to overcome key differences,
especially on the permissible scope
of Iran’s uranium enrichment pro-
Refined uranium can be used to
fuel nuclear power plants, Iran’s stat-
ed aim, but can also provide materi-
al for atomic bombs if processed fur-
ther, which the West fears may be
Tehran’s ultimate aim.
The powers want a deal that
would significantly scale back Iran’s
nuclear programme so that it would
not be able to build a bomb any time
Russia expects
progress in Iran
nuclear talks
HANOI, Tuesday
Vietnam has arrested two democ-
racy activists for posting articles crit-
ical of the government on the Inter-
net, signalling a continued
crackdown on dissent despite the
early release of three dissidents last
Nguyen Huu Vinh and Nguyen
Thi Minh Thuy are accused of violat-
ing Article 258, which carries a max-
imum seven-year jail sentence.
Vinh is the founder of the widely
read Basam blog, which publishes
highlights of local Press as well as
dissident tracts critical of the gov-
ernment. Basam and its US-based
managing editor Ngoc Thu have
been repeatedly targeted by hackers
with suspected links to the Vietnam
state over the last 18 months.
She said the arrests were “ground-
less” and insisted the struggle for ba-
sic democratic freedoms in the coun-
try would continue.
“Dissident bloggers can be arrest-
ed, blogs can be shut down, but they
are like wild grass with deep roots
that can’t be dug up,” she wrote in a
posting on the blog on Tuesday.
“The State government cannot
control information on the Internet,
because no one can control the
thoughts of other people.”
Vinh, 58, was a regular in anti-
China protests in Hanoi condemn-
ing Beijing’s territorial claims in the
disputed South China Sea. At a re-
cent one, he wore a camera fitted to
his head to record the action and
publish it online later.
He was a former security police
officer. In 1999, he quit and started
one of Vietnam’s first private detec-
tive agencies. His father was a former
labour minister and ambassador to
the former Soviet Union.
Vietnam’s authoritarian govern-
ment is under international pressure
to respect basic human rights such
as free speech and political assem-
bly, but still maintains a tight grip on
its citizens. The emergence of the In-
ternet over the past five years has
opened up new avenues for political
dissent and organisation, spooking
the country’s rulers.
Last month, the government
granted early release to three dissi-
dents, one of whom flew directly
from prison to the US, which bro-
kered a deal to secure his release.
The unusual move was seen by
some as a ploy to help ease ongoing
trade negotiations between Hanoi
and Washington, which has said
progress on the Trans-Pacific Part-
nership would be hard without hu-
man rights improvements. —AP
Vietnam arrests two bloggers in crackdown
BERLIN, Tuesday
Ukraine is close to war, German
Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Stein-
meier warned in interviews pub-
lished in European newspapers.
Dozens of people died in the
Ukrainian city of Odessa last week
when pro-Russian militants clashed
with their opponents, and Kiev forc-
es are fighting separatists who have
seized control of towns in the east of
the country.
“The bloody pictures from Odes-
sa have shown us that we are just a
few steps away from a military con-
frontation,” Steinmeier told El Pais,
Le Monde, La Repubblica and Gazeta
Wyborcza. He added that the conflict
had taken on an intensity “that a
short time ago we would not have
considered possible”.
Steinmeier’s ministry also warned
Germans on Tuesday against travel-
ling to Crimea, which Russia an-
nexed from Ukraine in March, and
reiterated an earlier advisory to avoid
eastern areas.
“It is urgently advised to avoid
travelling to Crimea,” the Foreign
Ministry wrote on its website. “In the
German government’s view, Crimea
belongs to Ukraine but in actuality it
is controlled by Russia. Due to the
current situation German citizens
can no longer be guaranteed consul-
ar services.”
The ministry added that it was
advising against any travelling to
eastern and southern Ukraine. It also
urged German citizens to leave those
regions and said journalists were
particularly endangered.
Germany says Ukraine is close to
war, widens travel warning
54 / NEWS OF THE WORLD Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
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Page 57 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014
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TENNIS: Federer withdraws
from Madrid Open
Roger Federer has pulled out of
the Madrid Masters this week as
his wife Mirka is due to give birth
to the couple’s third child. “I’ve
decided to withdraw from Madrid
to be with my wife Mirka during
these next few exciting weeks for
our family,” he said on his official
Facebook page. “I apologise to
my fans and hope to be back in
Madrid next year. I’ll be training
near my home, and am excited
to rejoin the Tour soon!” The
17-time Grand Slam champion’s
withdrawal comes just two days
after world number two Novak
Djokovic also pulled out of the
tournament in the Spanish capital
due to a wrist injury. —AFP
NBA: Clippers, Wizards
win in conference semis
Chris Paul made a career-high
eight 3-pointers and scored 32
points to help the Los Angeles
Clippers beat Oklahoma City 122-
105 on Monday in Game 1 of their
Western Conference semifinal. In
the Eastern Conference semifinals
opener, Bradley Beal scored 14 of
his 25 points in the fourth quarter
and Trevor Ariza added 22 to lead
the Washington Wizards past
the top-seeded Indiana Pacers
102-96. Paul, who had never
made more than five 3-pointers
in a game, had 10 assists. “When
somebody’s got it going like that,
you just try to stay out of the way
as much as possible, but also help
keep that fire going,” Clippers
Li Na from China returns the ball
during a Madrid Open tennis
tournament match against
compatriot Jie Zheng in Madrid
yesterday. [PHOTO: AP]
World number two Li Na
secured her place in the third
round of the Madrid Open on
Tuesday with a comfortable 6-2,
6-3 win over compatriot Zheng
Zheng led the head-to-head
record between the two 4-3
before the match, but Li has now
won the last four meetings
between the pair in straight sets
and will face 16th seed Sloane
Stephens or Petra Cetkovska in
the last 16.
Earlier Li Na and Agnieszka
Radwanska were among the big
name winners at the Madrid
Open on Monday as the tennis
world paid their respects to the
shocking death of Elena Baltacha.
The former British number
one died at the age of 30 on
Sunday after a short battle
against liver cancer.
A minute’s silence in honour
of Baltacha ahead of the
evening session at the Caja
Magica was attended by 50
players from the ATP and
WTA circuits, including
Wimbledon champi-
on Andy Murray.
Australian Open
champion Li
ed a
repeat of
her shock
exit at the
Madrid Open last
year with a 6-1,
7-6 (9/7) win over
Belgian Kirsten
Flipkens on Monday.
The world number
two raced through the
opening set, but was forced
to save two set points in the
second before closing out the
match in a tie-break.
“I knew it would never
be an easy match and
even when I won the
set, she
was really
fighting a lot in the
second,” said the
Chinese star.
Next up for Li is a meeting
with compatriot Zheng Jie in
round two. “We are from the
same country, we know each
other well so I’m sure it will be
tough,” she added.
Number three seed Radwan-
ska also sealed her place in the
last 32 with a 7-6 (7/3), 6-2 win
over Australian Open semi-final-
ist Eugenie Bouchard.
The Canadian put up a strong
fight in a tightly contested
opening set, but Radwanska’s
variety of shot-making allowed
her to comfortably take the
“Of course I think the tie-break
was the biggest key in that
match,” admitted Radwanska.
“I made a couple good shots in
the tie-break and managed to win
that. I think that gave me more
confidence in the second set and
it was a little bit easier.”
The Pole took complete
control in the second with an
early double break and served
the match out to set up a
second round clash with
Russia’s Svetlana Kuznets-
World number five
Simona Halep was in
fine form as she
thrashed Germany’s
Julia Goerges 6-2,
there were also
straight sets wins Caroline
Wozniacki and Jelena Jankovic
over Ekaterina Makarova and
Elina Svitolina respectively.
Australian Open finalist
Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia
became the only top 10 seed to
fall on Monday, though, as she
was comprehensively beaten 6-4,
6-0 by 2011 US Open champion
Sam Stosur of Australia.
It was smooth sailing for the
seeds on the men’s side as Kei
Nishikori, John Isner and
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga all secured
their passage into round two.
Li, Radwanska win at
Madrid Open as tennis
world honours
FEVERPITCH / Page 59 Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Deaflympics marathon champ
Daniel Kiptum. [PHOTO:FILE]
Kiprop eyes
fast time in
League meet
Two-time World 1,500m
champion Asbel Kiprop will
lead a galaxy of stars to the
first leg of the 2014 IAAF
Diamond League meeting in
Doha, Qatar, on Friday.
Kiprop, who is eyeing the
1,500m world record at the
Diamond League meeet in
Monaco in July, is also keen to
compete at the World Relays
Championships in Bahamsa.
Others stars in the Kenya
team to Bahamas are Eunice
Sum, former world 1,500m
silver medalist Silas Kiplagat,
former world champion Ja-
net Jepkosgei, World 1,500m
bronze medalist Hellen Obiri
and world 5,000m silver med-
alist Mercy Cherono.
Head coach Sammy Rono
said the athletes will leave to-
day for the Qatari capital and
report back Sunday at the Sa-
faricom Stadium in Kasarani.
“We expect them back on
Sunday. We have a full house
and expect to fine tune some
of the problems we spotted
during the trails,” said Rono.
Kiprop reiterated his
quest to produce a superla-
tive show in 4x1,500m at the
World Relays Champion-
ships in Nassau, Bahamas,
(May 24-25).
“I have been doing well in
Doha and hope continue the
trend. We also have the po-
tential to break our 4x1,500m
record in Bahamas,” said
He will take on team mate
Silas Kiplagat, who has failed
to impress since winning
silver medal at the World
Championships in Daegu,
South Korea, in 2011.
Jepkosgei will join Eu-
nice Sum to the World Relays
“Eunice is my daughter
I am always happy to train
with her. She is a good part-
ner and I am happy she has
picked well from me. It has
been more than a decade
since I competed in the 800m
and I feel the great challenge
from upcoming athletes. The
young athletes motivate me
a lot.”
World 5,000m silver med-
alist Mercy Cherono, who an-
chored her team to unofficial
17:05.8 world record in 4x1,
500m race at the national tri-
als, will be keen to start off
the season on a high note.
Cherono, who graduated
in 2012 to senior ranks, will
lead All Africa Games 1,500m
champion Irene Jelagat, a se-
nior brigade, alongside Ann
Karindi and Perin Nenkampi
to Bahamas.
The team will leave for
Bahamas on May 21.
— jkomen@standardme-
Brimin Kipruto will face World
champ Kemboi in steeplechase
World 1,500m bronze med-
allists Hellen Obiri of Kenya
will skip the Doha Diamond
League meeting in Qatar on
Obiri said she will be en-
gaged with military duties as
she prepares for the Kenya De-
fence Forces Championships
next week.
“I was slotted to run in Doha,
but they never confirmed it
with my management. I have
other commitments and more
important I have an obligation
to compete for my unit dur-
ing the Kenya Defence Forces
Championships next week.”
“The two events are very
close and it will be demand-
ing to compete in both. I opt to
focus on the local meet to see
how fast I can run,” Obiri told
Xinhua on Monday in Nairobi.
It means, Obiri who is also
a former 3,000m World Indoor
Champion, will postpone her
appearance on the 14-led Dia-
mond League series until June
as she is also keen to compete
at the World Relay Champion-
ships in Nassau, Bahamas on
May 24-25.
“This season we have many
championships and they are
coming very close to each
other, so I have to be careful on
which one to enter. Bahamas
event is important because, it
is an international competi-
tion and I want to represent
Kenya,” she said.
She becomes the second
top athlete to pull out of the
first leg of the 2014 Diamond
League series. Last week,
Olympic 800m champion and
World Record holder David
Rudisha opted out with a calf
muscle injury, which he got in
“I’m very disappointed not
to be able to race in Doha next
Friday. I know I have got a lot of
fans there and I’m sorry I can-
not compete for them,” said
Despite the absence of
Rudisha from the 800m race,
supporters of the Kenyan team
will be rewarded with the pres-
ence of the 3000m Steeple-
chase Olympic and World
Champion Ezekiel Kemboi,
the former Olympic Cham-
pions Asbel Kiprop (1500m,
world title holder), Brimin
Kipruto (3000m Steeplechase)
and Janeth Jepkosgei (1500m)
and the reigning 800m World
Champion Eunice Sum.
Of importance is the re-
turn of Brimin Kipruto in the
3,000m steeplechase. The Bei-
jing Olympics champion in the
water and hurdle race is plan-
ning to attack the world record
over the distance.
Qatari Saif Saeed Shaheen
still hold the world record
mark of 7: 53.63, but Kipruto
came very close to breaking it
when he run 7:53. 64 just one
seconds off the mark.
World and Olympic Cham-
pion Ezekiel Kemboi also has
a faster time of 7:55.76 in Mo-
naco back in 2011.
The duo will be keen to
follow in the trend, but will
necessarily not be making an
attempt to break the record in
the Qatar capital on Friday.
“The world record is off the
mind at the moment. It has
been long since I was out and
I must be rusty. The important
thing is to win the race, which
has some of the biggest names
in the discipline,” Kipruto told
Xinhua in Nairobi on Monday.
— Xinhua
Triple World champion Si-
mon Cherono will be among
the stars to grace the first ever
Deaf Athletics Association of
Kenya (Daak) Marathon in
Kisumu on May 18.
Cherono, the Deaflym-
pics record holder over the
10,000m distance (29:16.00)
will compete alongside his
perennial rival and World
and Deaflympics marathon
champion Daniel Kiptum in
the race sponsored by Safa-
“I am stepping up train-
ing and will be much ready
to attempt my first mara-
thon. I belief that I can win,
it’s a new category I am ven-
turing into this year,” says
Cherono, who won gold in
men’s 10,000m, 5,000m and
1,500m for Kenya at the 2013
Tom Okiki, the Daak Pub-
lic Relations Manager, said
the maiden marathon will
also include 21km and 10km
events for men and women.
The marathon will start at
Moi Stadium, pass through
Buoye, Ahero and then back
to the finishing line at the
“Prizes money will be
awarded to top ten finishers.
We are yet to conclude on the
amount,” said Okiki. “The
registration fees is Sh500
(marathon), Sh300 for 21km
and 10km.
“Athletes without hearing
impairment are also wel-
come but will compete as
fun runners with no chance
of winning the cash awards.
The race will bring togeth-
er Deaf athletes, from across
counties, who will showcase
their emerging talents,” said
Safaricom officials says
they are glad to support the
race with Daak having been
incorporated in the Safa-
ricom Athletics Series calen-
The race, which will also
be the first edition of Safa-
ricom Athletics Series Deaf
Marathon, will be rotational
with Eldoret or Nairobi hold-
ing the next series depend-
ing on the board recommen-
The maiden race is in-
strumental in scouting for
emerging Deaf marathoners
at the grassroots level. For
this reason, Kenyan Deaf
athletes have dominated
in various marathon races
in successive international
For instance, during the
20th Summer Deaflympic
Games in Melbourne, Aus-
tralia in 2005, Edwin Kip-
chumba was the first Kenyan
Deaf athlete to win Men’s
marathon gold with a time
of 2:34.21, followed by Ray-
mond Kerich who got silver
with a time of 2:34.24 behind
a bronze medallist Isaac
Mahlake (South Africa) click-
ing 2:38.24.
At the first World Deaf
Athletics Championships in
2008, hosted in Izmir, Turkey,
Daniel Kiptum was the gold
medalist timed at 2:28.45
while Peter Toroitich took
the bronze medal posting
Kiptum clinched gold
(2:28.31) in Men’s marathon
at 21st Summer Deaflym-
pics, Taipei, Taiwan in 2009,
followed by David Njeru
At the 22nd Summer
Deaflympics last year staged
in Sofia, Bulgaria, Kiptum
won gold (2:24.45) followed
by Peter Toroitich (2:28.44).
Kiptum is now the world
record holder of the Deaf
marathon after he performed
impressively at Zurich based
hearing marathon in 2011
timing 2:11.31. — eoyugi@
Cherono, Kiptum to meet at Deaf Marathon in Kisumu
Hellen Obiri (right) and Faith
Chepng’etich compete during
national trials at Nyayo
Stadium. Obiri will skip the
Doha Diamond League meet
on Friday. [PHOTO:FILE/
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard Page 60/ FEVERPITCH
120 teams advance to Kiambu Cup round two
Japan Karate Association/
World Federation-Kenya (JKA/
WF) are gearing towards host-
ing a major seminar at Safa-
ricom Indoor Arena on August
Peter Njagi of the JKA/WF
Kenya confirmed that Koichiro
Okuma Sensei, sixth dan of
JKA from Tokyo will conduct
the international seminar.
“It gives us great pleasure
to be a part of keeping the tra-
ditions of JKA shotokan karate
legacies and excellences in
modern world of the martial
art sport,” Njagi said in a state-
ment yesterday.
Njagi said that all JKA/WF
Eastern and Sub –Sahara Af-
rica Region, Europe and JKA /
WF members will be in atten-
“The fact that Kenya has
been chosen to host this im-
portant event shows the exist-
ing potential to develop the
shotokan karate in the country
as well as the growing signifi-
cance of the need to improve
quality and standards of the
sport in the region,” said the
This is the second inter-
national seminar (gasshuku)
in the calendar of events or-
ganised by the local body after
the first of such event that was
held in Tokyo last month.
Preparations for the high
profile gasshuku started with
the referees, judges and in-
structors course to be held in
Nairobi on last week.
The JKA/WF Kenya have
also planned a general clinic
that will be conducted in Na-
kuru on May 31 to June 1.
The clinic will then pave
way for children/cadets course
that will be held in Nairobi on
June 6.
Mbita Karate Club’s Zakary Akumu (left)
and the club’s instructor Hesborn Ouma
Dondi during a training session at Sindo,
The opening round of the
ongoing Kiambu County Cup
Championships ended with
120 teams qualifying for the
second round over the week-
In Lari, Aljazeera defeated
Kagwe 2-0 in a match played at
Kagwe Stadium to earn ticket
to the next round.
Dolphin also qualified for
the second round following
2-1 victory over Kagwe Junior
while Juventus overcame Su-
perstars 2-1 in other match at
Other teams from Lari
which proceed to the sec-
ond round are Kijabe, Spider,
Wakulima, Keep-change and
Superstriker Jupiter.
In Juja, Sparks shocked
pre-match favourites Mashule
2-1 in an exciting match to ad-
vance in the contest that is fea-
turing dozens of teams.
Other teams proceeding
to the next stage in Juja are
Internationale, Jacaranda,
Newwoods, Youngstar, Jomo
Kenyatta University College
of Agriculture and Technology
staff, Jujacom and Magomano
Murera Youth.
Githunguri sub-county also
held their matches that saw
Rhino edge out Position 1-0 to
qualify for the second round of
the inaugural tournament.
Other Githunguri teams
that advanced are Ngewa, Ga-
koe, Kambaa, Githiga Olympic
Hossa, Miiri, Karia and Spor-
tiff out of the 720 sides that
entered the first round of the
tournament played at ward
In Kiambu, Maradona, ACK
United, Kiambu Community,
Kiamumbi All Stars, Dallas
United, Superstars, Rising
Stars and Ndumberi marched
on to the second round.
The tournament that has
been organised by Kiambu
County government was
launched last month by Sports
Secretary Machel Waikenda.
According to Waikenda, the
tournament is tailored towards
reviving dormant sports activi-
ties in the county.
Besides, the Champion-
ships will be used to select a
team to form Kiambu Allstars.
It’s the first time Kiambu is
holding a competitive tourna-
ment and Waikenda said the
grand finale will be held next
The best players will be
picked to form a team that
will play other regions in inter-
counties games.
The selected talents, he
said, will be further polished at
football academy that will be
established in the region soon.
Waikenda also said that
they are also working on ways
to ensure the tournament is
elevated to an annual league
The ultimate winners of
the tournament will pocket
Sh100,000 and a Sh50,000
shopping voucher, the run-
ners up to get Sh75,000 and
a Sh25,000 voucher, the third
team will bag Sh50,000 and a
Sh25,000 voucher while the
fourth team will take home
Sh25,000 cash prize and
Sh25,000 voucher.
World Cup
attracts US,
Italy sides
Teams from United States
of America and Italy have con-
firmed their participation in
the Maasai Moran Football
World Cup scheduled for Am-
boseli National Park from De-
cember 1-7.
The tournament coordina-
tor Moses Kamalik (pictured)
said they have started early
preparations by shopping for
serious sponsors and teams to
make the event for more com-
petitive compared to last year.
“Just like the World Cup, we
have to invite teams capable
of giving our players enough
exposure besides seeking early
preparations and confirma-
tions from sponsors in order
to make it more successful,”
Kamalik told FeverPitch yes-
East African Portland and
Cement Limited, who spon-
sored the event to the tune of
Sh300,000 last year, have prom-
ised to come on board accord-
ing to their Corporate Affairs
Officer Harun Kesemei.
“We are part and parcel
of this tournament, which is
meant to tap and mould foot-
ball talents in Kajiado County,”
Kesemei told FeverPitch.
Other sponsors expected to
chip in are Kenya Wildlife Ser-
vice and Mada Hotels.
Kamalik said 32 teams are
expected at the one-week com-
petition with the latest entrants
being Rwanda, US and Italy.
The event has also received
the support of Kajiado County
Government. The county’s
Minister for Education, Youth,
Culture and Social Services
Ali Letura said they will assist
sportsmen and women realise
their potentials.
“Sports being a serious pro-
fession, we must assist players
from this county achieve their
full potential,” Letura said.
Kamalik who is also Foot-
ball Kenya Federation Kajiado
County Chief Executive Officer
said he will also involve Foot-
ball Kenya Federation Presi-
dent Sam Nyamweya in seek-
ing for technical support.
Vapour FC, who are the de-
fending champions, hit Liver-
pool Kimana 3-1 in last year’s
finals to lift the title. —bahen-
Action between Maradona
and Gicoco during Kiambu
County Cup tournament at
Kenyan martial arts ex-
ponents return to interna-
tional scene when they com-
pete in the JKA/WF Tanzania
gasshuku next month at a date
to be confirmed.
According to a calendar of
events that was released by Nj-
agi yesterday, Nyahururu will
host a general clinic on July 5.
The clinic is purposely
planned to prepare Shotokan
karate fraternity for the JKA/
WF East and Central Africa
tournament to be held in Nai-
robi on August 11-16.
Mombasa will then be the
venue for general clinic sched-
uled to take place on Septem-
ber 13. The clinic comes one
month ahead of the JKA World
Championships in Tokyo, Ja-
Shotokan karatekas will
then converge in Nairobi in
December for a general clinic
and end of year party.
Njagi said: “The locations
and dates mentioned are sub-
ject to changes as and when
deemed necessary.”
Shotokan karate is a tra-
ditional Japanese Martial Art
founded by Master Gichin Fu-
Meanwhile, the Mbita Ka-
rate Club is planning to popu-
larise karate among women in
Homa Bay County.
The club’s instructor Hes-
born Ouma Dondi told Fe-
verPitch: “Women have in the
past been sidelined in martial
arts sports like karate, we will
recruit as many women as pos-
sible within Homa Bay County
to embrace the sport.
“We have always been sup-
ported by Sindo businessman
Salim ‘Ikosiku’ Mohamed and
we urge the Homa Bay County
Government to support this
noble initiative,” added Dondi
after training in Mbita town-
ship, yesterday.
Mohamed said: “Support-
ing sports is a way of giving
back to the society and I urge
other well-wishers to come
up and support Mbita Karate
Shotokan karatekas aim to
punch their way to new levels
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard FEVERPITCH / Page 61

SCHOOLS: Kwanthanze
players attract college
Kwanthanze High School
volleyball girls’ team players
are likely to land scholarships at
Hampton University in Virginia,
USA. This follows a tour of the
school by a delegation from
Hampton headed by coach Karen
Cross at the institution last week.
Kwanthanze head coach Justin
Kigwari told FeverPitch that the
purpose of the visit by the scouts
was to tap talented players and
offer them scholarships. “The
coaches were overwhelmed by
the massive talent at our school
which they described as the
backbone of Kenyan volleyball,”
said Kigwari. —Oscar Pilipili
DARTS: Abuta, Sakawa
reign at Labour Day Cup
Ibrahim Abuta and Selina
Sakawa are the winners of the
Labour Day Darts Cup held at
Chelimo Complex in Kericho at
the weekend. Abuta of Magereza
beat Joel Bett of Mang Hotel
5-4 to emerge men’s winners
as Francis Mulonzi edged
Nelson Nyakundi of Mang 3-2
for third place contest. Sakawa
of Communication Commission
of Kenya beat Roselyn Wangui
of Blue Triangle 5-4 to lift the
women’s title. Abuta hit 180
points eight times while Sakawa
hit it twice to emerge top scorers.
The tournament was sponsored
by Kenya Darts Federation
Kericho branch. —Erick Ochieng’
FOOSBALL: Gidrews win
Heineken tourney title
Team Gidrews representing
Sheba Lounge in Mombasa
has been announced the 2014
winners of the second edition
of the hotly contested Heineken
Foosball Tournament, following
a remarkable performance
by Gideon Admasu and Meki
Abass. Team Gidrews beat Team
Mandulis (Tribeka, Nairobi) by
one point after registering 19
points to clinch the title. With
the win, Gidrews secured a
trip to the legendary island of
Ibiza to experience the ultimate
Heineken live screening of
the UEFA Champions League
finals. Heineken East Africa
General Manager Koen Morshuis
expressed his pleasure with the
tournament. —Erick Ochieng’
Pros to bank on KCB prize
money in a series of golf events
Palos FC hit Vihiga United to extend good run

The Makini School spon-
sored Palos FC edged out vis-
iting Vihiga United FC 1-0,
sponsored by Vihiga County,
in a Football Kenya Federation
Division One encounter at the
Kisumu Carwash grounds.
Emmanuel Dudi was the
hero of the day after he scored
the all-important goal in the
76th minute of the encounter
watched by hundreds of fans.
“After beginning the sea-
son on the wrong footing, I
am happy we are picking up
and the boys are now posting
good results,” said Palos coach
Juma Said
“We are preparing well for
our next matches and it is good
that we beat Vihiga United that
had started their FKF Division
One title chase on a high note,”
added Said.
Makini School head teach-
er Patrick Imbuga, who was
excited with his side’s victory,
thanked the players for their
commitment on the pitch.
“I am happy that we have
won this match, Vihiga United
has been strong but after be-
ing humbled by Bondo on
Saturday, my players showed
commitment and they did not
disappoint today,” Imbuga told
FeverPitch at the weekend.
On Saturday Bondo United
FC had also silenced Vihiga
United FC 2-1 in a lively en-
counter staged at the Jaramogi
Oginga Odinga University of
Science and Technology play
Bernard Odhiambo scored
for Bondo United in the 18th
minute to give the Siaya Coun-
ty team a 1-0 lead at half time.
In the second half Odhia-
mbo was on target again when
he headed in a superb goal in
the 68th minute to make the
score line 2-0.
In another encounter Ko-
longolo dismissed Comply 2-0
in another FKF Division One
encounter that saw Julius Ob-
wamu net in the two goals in
the 54th and 78th minutes of
the encounter.
Hosts Silibwet were forced
to a one-all draw with Ulinzi
Warriors in another encounter.
Danger man Dennis Byegon
was the hero of the day, giving
Silibwet the only goal but their
hopes to get maximum points
were dwindled after Vicor Li-
donde made things equal with
just two minutes to the final
Brian Njoroge follows his tee during the KCB Advantage Banking Golf Grand Finale at Leisure
Lodge Golf Club, last year. He emerged the winner. [PHOTO: MAARUFU MOHAMED/STANDARD]
Top three professionals in
the forthcoming KCB Golf Tour
2014 will be sponsored to play
in the Sunshine Tour in South
The tour starts with its first
round at the newly constructed
Thika Greens on May 16-17.
KCB head of business
marketing Wanyi Mwaura
while presenting a Sh24 mil-
lion sponsorship package to
Professional Golfers of Kenya
(PGK) said it will be exciting
for the pros to take their game
to the next level.
She said the sponsorship
package will to cater for five
tournaments that are lined up
for the Tour which is the big-
gest pros series in Kenya.
Mwaura said: “As we toast
to a revamped KCB Golf Tour
series for the year 2014, it is
not lost on us that this is the
ninth event we are partnering
with PGK.”
Mwaura said that as part
of improving the tour, the top
three golfers will be sponsored
by KCB to play in the Sunshine
Tour of South Africa later in the
“It’s our hope that this in-
centive will make KCB Tour
more competitive and improve
the profile for the event,” she
PGK chairman Rizwan
Charania confirmed that more
than 40 pros will participate in
the series.
Last year’s Order of Merit
champion Dismas Indiza,
Nicholas Rokoine and Grand
Finale winner Brian Njoroge
are among top pros lined up
for the event.
Other big names expected
are Anil Shah of Muthaiga,
Hesbone Kutwa, David Opati,
Ali Kimani of Vet Lab, David
Wakhu of Royal.
Charania, who is also the
resident pro at Windsor, added
that the PGK will focus on mo-
tivating pros to play interna-
“I am happy to report that
we have committed to have a
number of professionals on the
Sunshine Tour in South Africa,
the MENA Tour in the Middle
East and on Challenge Tour in
Europe,” said Charania.
The second event in the lo-
cal Tour series will be staged
at Royal Nairobi in July while
Kisumu Golf Club host the
next round in October.
The Grand Finale returns
to Nyali on September 23-26
while Rift Valley Golf Club
hosts a corporate tournament
in December. The Thika Greens
event will offer the golfers a
prize money of Sh500,000,
Sh1 million will be at stake in
the Royal Nairobi Tour while
Sh500,000 is the prize Money
for Kisumu round of the event.
The Grand Finale in Nyali
has a hefty prize money of
Sh3 million while the Rift Val-
ley Tour carries a prize fund of
MAY 16-17: Thika Greens
JUL 8-11: Royal Nairobi Club
AUG 15-16: Kisumu Golf Club
SEP 23-26: Nyali Golf Club
NOV 14-15: Great Rift
Palos FC’s Calvins Omanga (left) shields the ball from Douglas
Nyabuto of Kisumu Day in a past encounter. [PHOTO: PHILIP
Page 62 / FEVERPITCH Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Liverpool captain Steven
said the Ivorian midfielder.
“I hope we complete the
job, but it depends how sharp
we are, how we prepare men-
tally and physically.
“Our target was always to
win something, but for us the
League Cup is not enough.
The Premier League was al-
ways our target, so now we
need to be at our optimum
levels when Aston Villa come
to our stadium on Wednes-
He added: “We definitely
expect to win it. As a team at
the top, you always expect to
“We have worked so hard
this year and, if we don’t win,
it would be a massive disap-
pointment for us, for the fans
and for the club as well.”
Toure has declared him-
self fit after being substituted
during the second half of Sat-
urday’s 3-2 win at Everton.
City also hope that Sergio
Aguero will be able to lead
the line against Villa despite
having gone off due to a
groin complaint in the first
half of Saturday’s game.
The Argentine left the
fray in the 28th minute at
Goodison Park, but he sub-
sequently took to Twitter to
reveal that his substitution
had merely been “a precau-
Villa also have concerns
over the fitness of a key for-
ward, after Gabriel Agbonla-
hor was forced off during the
3-1 defeat of Hull City on Sat-
urday with a knee problem.
Norwich City’s 0-0 draw
at Chelsea on Sunday means
that Villa are now safe from
relegation, but the club con-
tinue to be dogged by un-
certainty over the future of
manager Paul Lambert.
Villa’s American owner
Randy Lerner is due to make
an announcement on his
own position at the club
shortly and Lambert says
that his fate could be closely
tied to Lerner’s.
Asked if he would be stay-
ing at Villa Park, Lambert re-
plied: “I hope so. That is what
I want to do, but you’ll know
when the chairman says
what he is going to do. The
next step is for the chairman
to come out and say. We had
to get over the line and then
the chairman will come out
and say what he will.
“You would love to do it. It
is a brilliant club to drive on.
That’s why I said the most
important thing for this club
was to stay in this league.”
Villa won this season’s
reverse fixture in September
3-2 but they have not won at
the Etihad in the league since
a 2-0 success in April 2007.
Continued From P64
Redemption day ends in sorrow for Luis Suarez
City needing to win their final
two home games against As-
ton Villa and West Ham United
to seal a second league title in
three seasons but Liverpool
made their rival’s lives so much
easier as they pushed for more
Taking advantage of the ab-
sent defending, Palace scored
three times in the final 11 min-
utes with Suarez laughing in
disbelief as Dwight Gayle lev-
elled the match with his sec-
ond in the 88th minute to leave
City’s Samir Nasri gloating.
“What a game, what a
league, I love Crystal Palace so
much now our turn to do the
job,” the Frenchman posted on
his Twitter feed.
As Liverpool boss Brendan
Rodgers conceded their bid
for the title was over, Suarez
did not look capable of waving
the white flag let alone mut-
tering anything after the final
Crouched on the pitch with
his hands covering his eyes
as the tears flowed, Gerrard
pulled his team mate to his
feet and drove away the prying
television cameras as Suarez
tried to hide his face.
The title was Liverpool’s
to lose last week with pundits
lauding Suarez and his team
for their entertaining feats be-
fore a painful 2-0 home loss to
a canny Chelsea left them re-
quiring City, boasting a supe-
rior goal difference, to slip up.
Nasri’s side hung on for a
3-2 win at Liverpool’s neigh-
bours Everton on Saturday to
go top of the table and turn the
pressure back on Suarez and
co, who cracked once more.
Banned for making rac-
ist comments, suspended for
biting, punished for offensive
gestures and regularly accused
of diving, Suarez pushed his
club to the brink before the
start of the current campaign
after demanding to leave.
Arsenal’s advances were
rejected, while Real Madrid’s
never came and he committed
to the job in hand in spectacu-
lar fashion to haul last year’s
seventh-placed finishers into
title contenders.
Pessimistic Liverpool fans
will say his scoring efforts have
only alerted more suitors and
fear his tears were of a man
who had just missed out on his
final chance of success with
the Merseyside club.
Rodgers proud despite Liverpool collapse
Distraught Liverpool striker
Luis Suarez was helped from
the Selhurst Park pitch by cap-
tain Steven Gerrard on Monday
with his shirt pulled over his
head to hide his emotions af-
ter a day billed as redemption
ended in title concession.
The celebratory day began
with the Football Writers’ As-
sociation following the Profes-
sional Footballers’ Association
(PFA) in naming Suarez, often
billed as the Premier League’s
villain, their player of the sea-
The individual awards be-
stowed after a staggering 30
goals in 31 Premier League
appearances this season had
propelled Liverpool to within
touching distance of a first
English title in 24 years.
The volatile Uruguayan
added a 31st in the 55th min-
ute of their penultimate game
of the season at Crystal Palace
to put Liverpool 3-0 ahead
and in prime position to heap
the title race pressure back on
Manchester City.
Victory would have left
Liverpool’s Victor Moses (left) reaches out to
striker Luis Suarez as he reacts at the end of
the English Premier League match against
Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in London on
Monday. [PHOTO: AFP]
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard FEVERPITCH / Page 63

ULINZI: Baraza
impressed by team
After registering his second win
since taking over as Ulinzi Stars
coach, Robert Matano has been
impressed by how much the team
has improved in the last couple
of matches. The coach praised
the players for their performance
and tipped them to shine even
more with four games remaining
till the close of the first leg. “We
played very well against KCB and
we put up a good tactical display.
Everyone did his best and it was
a good win at the end of the day.
The team is improving with each
match and we are getting better.
We will surely see the best of
Ulinzi in the coming games,” he
told the club’s website.
STARS: Origi to miss
Comoros match
Harambee Stars number one
goalkeeper Arnold Origi will not
be available for the May 17 Africa
Cup of Nations qualifier against
Comoros. Coach Adel Amrouche
said he has allowed the player to
stay away as he has an important
league match with his club on
May 16. Origi is currently the first
choice goalkeeper at Norway
top division side Lillestrom. “We
need him to keep his first team
place at Lillestrom and calling
him up for the May 17 match may
work against this. This is also a
good chance to give the other
goalkeepers a chance to show
what they can do,” said Amrouche.
Origi will, however, be available
for the return match.
—Gilbert Wandera
yet to get Stars call up
Harambee Stars coach Adel
Amrouche says he is still
giving Sofapaka forward Enock
Agwanda time before calling him
up to the team. Asked why he had
overlooked the player despite his
top form in the league, Amrouche
insisted there was no need to
rush the player. Agwanda is
currently the top scorer in the
league after scoring seven goals.
“We are monitoring his progress
and at the right time we will call
him if he maintains his form. At
the moment, we want to work
with the players we have had and
it may not be wise to introduce
new players at this time,” he said.
Juma out to steer AFC
Leopards past KCB today
Harambee Stars coach Adel
Amrouche admits it is difficult
to convince France-based Di-
vock Origi to play for Kenya.
The Kenyan-born Origi turns
out for Lille in the French Ligue
One. He is the son of former
international Mike
Okoth, which gives
him the option of
playing for Belgium
at the senior level.
Lately, there have been
efforts to convince Origi to
turn out for Harambee Stars but
the player is yet to make up his
Speaking as Harambee Stars
kicked off their preparations for
the May 17 Africa Cup of Na-
tions qualifier against Comoros,
Amrouche said he would love to
have the player on the team but
at the same time cannot force
“There is no doubt about his
quality. He is up there with the
best. We have done our best to
convince him to play for Kenya
but so far we don’t have a defi-
nite answer. We will keep talk-
ing to him and hopefully he can
make up his mind soon.
“If we are to have him play-
ing alongside Dennis Oliech,
this would be the best attacking
forward in Africa,” Amrouche
said at a Press conference.
The coach admitted that he
is losing patience with Belgium-
based Ayub Timbe and had
asked the player to make up
his mind about playing for the
national team or else risk being
locked out completely.
“This is his last chance. If
he does not take up his place
then he should stay away. We
are happy to give another player
that opportunity.”
The Ghenk midfielder has
not always been keen to turn
out for Harambee Stars one year
after he complained of being
frustrated by federation offi-
Since then, he has declined
call-ups and it is not clear
whether it will be different this
time around.
Amrouche also expressed
delight at the high number of
players who have gone abroad
this year, pointing out that it
is likely to raise quality on the
Since the beginning of the
year,a number of local players
have turned professional among
them Francis Kahata (Albania),
David Ochieng (Saudi Arabia)
and Edwin Lavatsa (Algeria).
“The players have improved
vastly with this new exposure.
They have developed in many
aspects of the game and this is
good because it will bring qual-
ity to the squad,” he said.
Regarding the team’s chanc-
es to play in Morocco next year,
Amrouche said good prepara-
tions will be key in ensuring a
successful campaign.
“We must prepare in such a
way as to win all our matches
and qualify for the Africa Cup of
Nations finals.”
He admitted that challenges
still abound but insisted that
they must focus on doing well
on the pitch.
“We are used to these chal-
lenges and must not allow them
to distract us from our vision.
In addition, there is a lot of
hope because the Government
and many others are coming
on board to support our cam-
The wait for young Origi continues, says Amrouche
Stars coach Adel Amrouche.
AFC Leopards
assistant coach
Abdalla Juma
AFC Leopards stand-in
coach Abdalla Juma will be out
to prove a point when his side
takes on KCB in a rescheduled
Kenyan Premier League (KPL)
Top Eight semi-final match at
Nyayo Stadium today.
The match has been
brought forward to allow Leop-
ards’ travel to Sudan next week
for their Nile Basin regional
tournament, which kicks off
on May 20.
Juma was unceremoniously
kicked out of KCB three weeks
ago following a string of poor
Before that, Juma had
helped the bankers finish in a
record fourth position, which
earned him the Coach of the
Year award. A number of play-
ers at the club were also hon-
However, Juma was not
able to carry the same magic
into the 2014 season and by
the time he was kicked out, the
bankers had remained winless
in nine matches and stuck at
the bottom of the log.
He has had moderate suc-
cess at AFC Leopards and Sat-
urday’s 1-0 win over Tusker re-
mains the most famous victory
not just for him but also for the
club. There are hopes that this
is enough to push them past
the bankers.
Prior to Saturday’s win,
Leopards had not beaten Tusk-
er in 16 years. The victory left
Juma hopeful of more.
“We can only get better
after this win. This will be the
beginning of our turn around,”
he said in a post-match inter-
Another familiar face on the
pitch in today’s match is for-
mer KCB hit man Jacob Keli.
Keli joined Leopards at the
start of this season but is yet to
enjoy the same success he had
at KCB last season, with only
one goal to his name so far.
Keli is expected to partner
with Allan Wanga upfront in
search for goals against his for-
mer side. By virtue of being the
reigning KPL Player of the Year,
Keli continues to be under
pressure to perform in every
match he plays.
Like Leopards, KCB have
also struggled to chalk up
positive results this season
and will, therefore, go all out
against their opponents.
The bankers are still stuck
in the lower reaches of the
table standings and lost 2-1 to
Ulinzi Stars during Saturday’s
league match.
New coach Rishadi Shedu
will need to greatly motivate
his players after their latest
loss. The bankers are making
their first show in the compe-
tition hence the pressure to do
The side has experienced
players who are capable of
stopping Leopards given that
they have also performed well
against their opponents in the
Paul Kiongera is expected
to lead the bankers’ attack as
he has always enjoyed a good
run against Leopards.
Elsewhere, Leopards have
interviewed two coaches, with
one of them expected to be
named as head coach tomor-
The interviews were con-
ducted last Thursday accord-
ing to Organising Secretary
Timothy Lilumbi.
“We interviewed Trevor
Morgan and Khalid Arioua
from Morocco and the execu-
tive will sit down on Thursday
to pick the man who will take
over,” he said.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Leopard’s coach Abdalla Juma relishes facing former club KCB in Top 8 clash, P.63
Hellen Obiri will miss Doha Diamond League meeting, P.59
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li\. èlll08. ea||c||i|_º|irai|amea||e M0M8|:|. !e|. èèl0884, èèl08-I, èèè8è04, èèè80-8. li\. èèl08l4. N|Kulu. !e|. èèl4è8-, èèlè-l4. li\. èèlIl48. Kl:uMu. !e|. è0èè8è0, è0èl8ôô. li\. è0èl4al. llu0ll!. è0l048è,
è0ô0è-è, è0ô0Iô0 li\. è0ll4l8. N\lll. !e|. è0l00ô8, è0l0I40. l·mi||. iaº_º|irai|amea||e tlltul|!l0N. !e|. lèèè-0l/04/l8. le¸|º|e|ea i| ||e 0.l.0 iº i rewº(i(e|.
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Twaha pitches for election on clean image, experience
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mi|c| ||i| wiº (|i]ea
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:|ia|am cºe| ||e wee|era.
:c li|, bcme|c]º |iºe (|i]ea
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ccm|i||ºe 8i||cr wiº |arre|·a(
|r ||e ºc|e lc| Newciº||e lirº'
(|i]e| cl ||e ]ei| iwi|a, |a|
(a|||c|] c||||c|ºea ||e aec|º|cr
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8i||cr |ia ºi|a |e wca|a mi|e
ir irrcarcemer| |e¸i|a|r¸ ||º
la|a|e cr !w|||e|, |a| ||e c|a|
(|e·em(|ea ||º rewº. -AÞ
S££ You A1 NYAYo: 6er Mahia feIIewers. |lnO¹O: S¹lllOlL
8y IKMfä wKl80l
On Muy 22, Tuskef wefe uI home uguInsI Gof Mu-
hIu, buI InsIeud oI pIuyIng Ihe hxIufe In NuIfobI, de-
cIded Io Iuke Ihe muIch Io MumIus Io uvoId Ihe In-
IImIduIIng 'Gfeen Afmy` us Ihey hunIed Iof muxImum
poInIs Ifom Ihe muIch.
The pIoI dId noI wofk, us Ihe 'Gfeen Afmy` some-
how Iound IIs wuy InIo Ihe MumIus CompIex In u
muIch IhuI ended In u buffen dfuw.
ThIs IIme, Ihe bfewefs huve no opIIon us Ihey
come Iuce-Io-Iuce wIIh Ihe ufmy us Ihe Iwo sIdes
meeI In mIdweek Ieugue cIush uI Nyuyo SIudIum Io-
moffow evenIng.
The hxIufe Is cfucIuI Iof boIh sIdes, whIch seek Io
keep up Ihe chuse on Ieudefs Bungefs.
Gof MuhIu skIppef JefIm Onyungo hud no kInd
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
Saturday 8arcede
Suuday 8arcede
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Liverpool’s Luis Suarez reacts
during their English Premier
League match against Crystal
Palace at Selhurst Park in London
on Monday. [PHOTO: REUTERS]
Liverpool’s extraordinary 3-3 draw at
Crystal Palace means that Manchester
City can close to within touching dis-
tance of the Premier League title by beat-
ing Aston Villa on Wednesday.
With the top two neck-and-neck on
80 points and with two games to play
each, City were braced for a repeat of the
2012 campaign, when they pipped Man-
chester United to the title on goal differ-
ence on the final day.
However, Liverpool’s late capitulation
at Selhurst Park on Monday, when they
let a 3-0 lead slip in the last 11 minutes,
means that City now effectively need
only four points to regain the title.
Both their last matches are at home,
with West Ham United following Villa to
the Etihad Stadium on Sunday, and with
a goal difference of +59 to Liverpool’s
+50, they can afford to drop two points
and still finish on top.
City midfielder Samir Nasri was un-
able to contain his delight at Liverpool’s
slip-up, tweeting shortly after the game:
“What a game, what a league. I love Crys-
tal Palace so much. Now our turn to do
the job.”
While both Villa and West Ham have
nothing to play for this season, Yaya
Toure has warned his City team-mates
not to take them lightly.
“Both Aston Villa and West Ham are
sharp and will come to just enjoy the
games, but we have a league to play for,”
Title beckons for Manchester City
after Reds slip at Crystal Palace

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water level
Wednesday, May 7, 2014
A l l A b o u t Y o u r W o r l d
Lost without
a trace
It has been 13 years since Kiplagat
Kong’a left home after his parents
said they were unable to grant his
circumcision wish, P.3
Once my third wife is of cially here, I will go on to
get a fourth and fifh before the end of this dec-
ade — Joseph Ogonyo, who has three wives,
My wives and
Folly of
for the
big 40
Life begins at 40
and magically you
will become rich?
Find out how you
can make this
magic happen
gradually no matter
your age, P.7
Wednesday Life
Page 2
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard
Crime of ourtime
—By Munene Kamau
Irate mob
lynched family
over witchcraft
Armed with crude weapons, raiders butchered
seven family members before setting their
remains ablaze on suspicion of black magic
hey were adjudged to be
witches in the court of
public opinion. No charge
sheet was required or de-
fence needed. The only punish-
ment that could calm the angry
neighbours was death.
And in the dead of the night of
November 2, 2005, the angels of
death stole into the desolate
compound in Mathangauta vil-
lage in Mwea.
In the twinkling of an eye,
Muthike Ndegwa (76), his wife,
Muthoni Muthike (70) and their
five children and a grandson had
been slaughtered and their bod-
ies set ablaze by the mob.
When the killers came calling
on the family at around 2am,
they were determined that no-
body would be allowed to escape.
After all, every member of the
homestead was guilty of ‘practis-
ing witchcraft’.
The grandson almost man-
aged to escape. He dashed out of
the bloody homestead to a neigh-
bour’s where he pleaded for help.
But the neighbour grabbed the
traumatised boy and frog-
marched him back home where
he met his death.
Muthoni was heard scream-
ing and pleading with a villager
not to chop her head as she was
innocent. But her pleas fell on
deaf ears.
When their blood-curdling
cries finally stopped and the last
of the Muthikes breathed their
last, their remains were piled to-
gether, doused with petrol and
then set ablaze.
However, Muchiri Muthike, a
son of the couple, was not at
home at the time; a development
that saved his life.
“It was by the grace of God
that I had transported tomatoes
to Nairobi. I arrived after 3am
that fateful day only to receive
the heart breaking news,” Muchiri
narrated later that morning.
After the news broke, police
arrived at the scene and started
collecting the charred remains of
the family members.
The bodies had been burnt
beyond recognition and it took a
pathologist a whole week to piece
together clues and identify the re-
mains before they were put into
individual caskets for a mass buri-
Muchiri had no time to mourn
as he had to play hide-and-seek
with the villagers who claimed his
family was responsible for the
deaths of two youths whose bod-
ies were found floating in a nearby
irrigation canal.
According to the locals, the
family, which originated from Gi-
chugu and Ndia, had been ter-
rorising them for years.
Later that week, three key sus-
pects were arrested and locked up
news story
in The
3, 2005.
at King’ong’o Maximum Prison in
Nyeri but the case was withdrawn
and suspects released in mysteri-
ous circumstances.
On the day of the burial, the vil-
lagers refused to dig the graves, a
development that forced the Gov-
ernment to use a tractor to dig the
mass grave.
Investigations later indicated
that Muthoni had reported to a lo-
cal chief that her life was in dan-
During the funeral, the chief,
who has since been retired, prom-
ised to ensure that those behind
the heinous crime were brought to
When we visited the village last
week, we discovered that all traces
of the Muthike family had been
wiped out of Mathangauta vil-
The only survivor, Muchiri, we
learnt, had sold the five acres of
family land to a villager who lev-
elled the mass grave and planted
The new owner has put up a
house and stocked a portion of the
land with dairy animals as well as
some geese that welcome you to
the home, which is tended by a
farm worker.
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Wednesday Life, P.O Box 30080, Nairobi, Kenya or e-mail
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Group Managing Editor
(Print): Kipkoech Tanui,
Deputy Managing Editor: Peter
Okongo, Revise Editor: Ruth
Lubembe, Editor: Kwamboka
Oyaro, Crime Editor: Amos
Kareithi, Business Editor: Hussein
Mohamed, Creative Manager: Dan
Weloba, Creative Designers: Alex
Ireri, Joseck Mutoro
Published by:
The Standard Group Ltd
What you say
High School
Maritim Kiprob: Usenge High was once a household
name in academics before the emergence of mega
corruption in secondary schools orchestrated by a
thirst for wealth by many principals .
Robert Ephraim Ouma: My former high school. I am
proud of you. You built my character and helped me join
Joseph Opondo: Believe it or not this school has
produced great people of this nation. They include
ambassadors, judges and great professionals.
Wednesday Life
Page 6
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 / The Standard
Personal Finance
— with John Kariuki
The pitfalls of flaunting personal wealth
Showing off your riches opens you to
hangers-on, broke friends, lazy relatives,
gold-diggers and a whole posse of beggars
ready to separate cash your cash and you
An attitude that money can absolve you from your nasty social character is bad. People with the real money don’t go on such escapades but instead lead quiet lives, and raking in even more money.
Make it simple
Cost control: It is a process or activity on
controlling costs associated with an activity, process,
or company. Cost control includes investigative
procedures to detect variance of actual costs from
budgeted costs, diagnostic procedures to ascertain the
cause of variance, and corrective procedures to effect
realignment between actual and budgeted costs. Labour market: This is the nominal market in
which workers find paying work, employers find willing
workers, and wage rates are determined. Labour
markets may be local, national lor international in
their scope and are made up of smaller, interacting
labour markets for different qualifications, skills, and
geographical locations. They depend on exchange of
information between employers and job seekers about
wage rates, conditions of employment, level of
competition, and job location. Procurement: This is the act of obtaining or
buying goods and services. The process includes
preparation and processing of a demand as well as the
end receipt and approval of payment. It often involves purchase planning, standards
determination, specifications development and
supplier research, selection and price negotiation,
among others. Procurement is often part of a
company’s strategy because the ability to purchase
materials will determine if operations will continue. Marketing mix: A planned mix of the controllable
elements of a product’s marketing plan encompassing
product, price, place, and promotion. These four
elements are adjusted until the right combination is
found that serves the needs of the product’s custom-
ers, while generating optimum income.

Corporate strategy: This is the overall scope and
direction of a corporation and the way in which its
various business operations work together to achieve
particular goals. Corporate strategy is in the decision-
making, problem solving and strategy.
Simplifying those big business terms
Quick Wins
Worth: Navigating through the terrain · lt pa,s to be discreet about what you are worth if you want to continue being wealthy for long. · when ,ou ñaunt wealth carelessly, you attract people who will only need your money and the relationship will be skewed in their favour. · when ,ou donate mone, to a worthy cause, people will get curious where it comes from. They will start researching your personal business and give it some publicity which can make your fortunes soar.
t is a societal taboo to flaunt wealth. Even proverbs and wise sayings caution that wealth can easily ‘melt’ if one
lacks the right attitude to it. In
fact, a person’s worth should be
a closely guarded secret if he or
she wants to be socially right. But everywhere — be it in
hospital outpatient queues, pubs,
matatus, banking halls or walk-
ways, we meet a breed of insen-
sitive people who flaunt their
riches for a calculated and de-
testable social goal. Their flashy
lifestyle during hard times dem-
onstrate their immunity from the
biting money woes.
CUSTOMISED ATTENTION Typically, such frauds flash
the latest mobile phones and
jewellery whose monetary worth
can comfortably run a govern-
ment department. They com-
plain of “poor services” and utter
awe-inspiring names of swanky
places where they can get better
deals and customised attention. Others park their expensive
cars where they can be noticed.
They may make several trips to
the parking lot, ostensibly to get
mineral water, calculators, coats
or umbrellas and so on, leaving
no doubt who owns the limos. But personal finance experts
warn that it is the ‘small fish’ who
flaunt their riches and one can-
not pick out the real wealthy peo-
ple in a crowd. They are humble
to a fault. The wannabe million-
aires want to prove that they have
arrived in “big money business”
by changing their social classes. But the people with the real
money don’t go on such esca-
pades. They instead lead quiet
lives, making even more money. They have nothing to prove to
anybody. Paul Karuchi, a Nyahu-
ruru-based personal finance
banker, says it is unwise to show
off one’s riches. “By flaunting
your riches around, you open
yourself to hangers-on, broke
friends, lazy relatives, gold-dig-
gers and a whole group of beg-
gars,” he says. Karuchi argues that keeping
one’s wealth low-key is not the
same as hiding it from govern-
ment or tax evasion. “It is all about being wise with
your money and keeping it away
from people who can decimate it
given a chance,” he says. However, he adds that there
are times when showing off one’s
wealth is necessary. “For a personal business to
gain public confidence, the own-
er is expected to give generously
and publicly to worthy causes,”
he says, adding that public con-
fidence remains important to
any successful business. This, he notes, is the best way
to show that one runs a financial-
ly strong personal business.
Karuchi advises wealthy people
to display their riches in socially
acceptable yet discreet ways like
starting funds for worthy causes.
“For example, billionaires such
as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
have pledged enormous amounts
of money to charities,” he says. Charles Njeru, a business de-
velopment adviser with one of
the banking institutions, says
one should choose a money
show-off that he or she can af-
ford. “Making a thoughtless
pledge might earn one some
publicity in the short-term,” he
says. But when one cannot sus-
tain or even honour such a
pledge, he or she can be finan-
cially vanquished. “There is nothing that kills a
person’s financial reputation bet-
ter than pledging more than he
or she is actually worth,” says
Njeru. Issuing bouncing cheques,
ostensibly to gain publicity at an
event, is nowadays considered a
criminal offence, adds Njeru. A common money mistake
some people make is to display
an arrogance before friends, es-
pecially those that they have
toiled alongside. They may at-
tract some attention, but often
borne out of the false pretence. FINANCIAL MESS Such people shut the door to
friends who would bail them out
of future financial doldrums or
recommend potential clients to
them. The richest people never
reveal how much they are worth.
Often, they grunt a non-commit-
tal answer. Their networth is of-
ten an approximation worked by
the media from the market value
of their many businesses. Telling everybody how much
you make or have in your bank
account is the cheapest way to
show off your riches. Yet there are
scores of people in our midst
who commit this ultimate indis-
cretion at every opportunity. Naturally, people don’t like
loudmouths who brag about
their property and fat bank ac-
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 / The Standard
Usenge plot graph of better
days ahead in academics
School puts in place measures
to sustain and build on it’s
excellent performance in 2013
Usenge High
attend class.
Education — with Isaiah Gwengi
ne time, its name could
appear alongside other
top academic giants
such as Sawagongo, St Mary’s Yala and Ambira high schools among others in the then Siaya District.
And some of its former stu- dents went ahead and assumed important positions in both pri- vate and public sectors.
Among them is the Deputy Minority leader in the National Assembly and Gem legislator Washington Jakoyo Midiwo.
Usenge High School’s alumni list also include the names of gy- naecologist cum assistant direc- tor of reproductive health at Ke- nyatta National Hospital Dr John Ong’ech.
Also in the list is Siaya Coun- ty’s gubernatorial contestant William Oduol.
Suffice to say, this was one of the county’s top schools whose students went to excel elsewhere after walking out of its gates.
In an interview with The Stan- dard, Principal Daniel Wasambo is more confident that better days of academic success are ahead.
As a strategy, he says, they now endeavour subject-based seminars for teachers.
“We also work towards com- pleting the syllabus by second term so as to secure ample time for the students to do their revi- sions ahead of the national ex- ams,” discloses Wasambo.
He further says that the school’s enrollment has expand-
ed since its establishment in 1967. The school has a popula- tion of 800.
“The rising enrollment has been attributed to the consisten- cy in good academic perfor- mance as well as the spill of stu- dents which has been as a result of Free Primary Education,” he says.
However, the principal says that the entry behaviour in the school is still a big challenge.
“Some of the students we se- lect with good marks never turn up,” he says adding that the school’s curriculum is still offer- ing eleven subjects and, there- fore, not giving them a fair ground for competition with the rest of the schools.
In last year’s KCSE examina- tion results in which the school had a mean grade of 8.1, Wasam- bo says that about 117 out of 123 students have direct intake into the university.
“These are the best results that the school has ever had in the past ten years and this is a clear indication that we are head- ed to the right direction having positioned ourselves at position two in Bondo sub-county,” he says disclosing that this year the school registered 177 candi-
As a way of improving the learning environment for both the staff and students, Wasambo says that they have embarked on a major infrastructure and facili- ties revamp, which will cost Sh15 million. This will include refur- bishing of a science laboratory, classrooms, dormitories and fencing of the school.
He says the school has plans to construct a modern laborato- ry to meet the rising school’s en- rolment.
“We have had one laboratory which cannot handle the in- creasing student population. The school has however received Sh2.9million from the CDF kitty to construct a modern science laboratory,” he says adding that this will enable the school to im- prove in sciences.
He says the science laborato- ry would help improve teaching and learning, as students would not only learn theory but also practical science.
“Science and technology plays a very important role in the development of the country and our students should take scienc- es seriously to enable them at- tain enviable professions in fu- ture,” he urges.
School Spot
— With Samuel Ochieng
Chavakali High’s
secret of success
No one had expected Chavakali High to outshine academic giants in last year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams. Even the students were surprised when the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof Jacob Kaimenyi announced the top ten best schools nationally and Chavakali took the enviable eighth position. For a moment, everything was at a standstill. Then the students erupted with excitement and took over Chavakali town in style.
Students and teachers attribute this historic success to hard work, teamwork, discipline and above all, belief in God.
“We understand that discipline is the cornerstone to any success. I am happy to say that there has been improved discipline in this school and no doubt, students at Chavakali are beginning to reap its fruits,” says Ngaira Sharky, the school’s head boy, who is in charge of 1,300, students.
According to the school’s deputy principal Mudevi Joab, the sterling performance in last year’s examination was not a surprise but a result of good work both by the students and the teachers.
He says the school has been breaking records and many of these are unnoticed adding that Chavakali was the first school in the whole country to introduce agriculture as a subject and also the first to offer industrial arts, wood technology.
To Mudevi, the 2013 class’ performance was a result of curriculum outline that was moulded in the year 2010.
“We had to sit down and plan because of the trend that was in the school. For a long time, the school could only produce few quality grades. We wanted a plan that could make the candidates get good grades. One way was to reward any student who gets an A with a motorbike,” says Mudevi.
He says the plan worked well and the year 2011 it almost became a threat to the local giants as the school produced 18 straight As. However, the following year, the school did not perform as well and the deputy blamed this on the teachers strike.
“We had prepared the 2012 class well. In fact we were targeting a mean of 10.33 but the strike interfered at a very wrong time,” he says. That year, the school managed position 64 nationally. The 2013 team managed an additional 0.4 point on the set mean score of 10.33 to make it 10.73.
In out of class activities, the school equally does well comparatively. It’s star is shining brightly in choir and rugby nationally among other activities.
Chavakali students during a break. [PHOTO: SAMUEL OCHIENG / STANDARD]
Wednesday Life
Page 2
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 / The Standard
Crime of ourtime
—By James Mwangi
How land dealer brutally met death
If only he knew he was living on borrowed
time, he could have acted cautiously
du who
met his
death at
hands of
ed land
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Kipkoech Tanui, Deputy Managing
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The Standard Group Ltd
hen a city land dealer
learnt that there were
some prospective
buyers keen on pur-
chasing his land, it was a dream
come true for Lawrence Githinji
The deal was fronted by two
buyers who promised to buy his
plot in Kitengela. Fourteen years
later, details of Magondu’s fi nal
moments still send chills down
the spines of many because he
met his death in a brutal way.
The drama started in January
2000 when Magondu received
two people who said they wanted
to buy his land. On the fateful
day, Magondu received a call
from the said land buyers, re-
questing that they meet to fi na-
lise the transaction.
The caller identifi ed himself
as Wilson Mwangi.
The businessman, accompa-
nied by his driver, King’ori, drove
to the place and were joined by
the said buyers, who were fi ve in
a car. The group included Mwan-
gi, his sister Anna and three men
who were introduced as work-
Mwangi told Magondu that
the men were there to fence the
land as soon as the deal was
sealed. They carried barbed wire,
iron sheets and a panga.
After they inspected the land,
they all left in two cars and head-
ed towards Maasai Ostrich Farm.
Magondu rode together with
Mwangi and the woman while
King’ori ferried the three men
said to be workers.
Magondu and Mwangi went
into a hotel where they talked
and then came out a few minutes
later and the group embarked on
the journey to the land location.
Magondu gave King’ori
Sh1,000 and instructed him to go
order for nyama choma (roast
meat) at a local butchery. King’ori
did as instructed but he learnt
that one of his three passengers
had shifted to the other car car-
rying his employer. When he en-
quired what was happening, the
two men ordered him to take
them to the butchery.
After a few minutes at the
butchery, the other car zoomed
past and stopped a distance
away. The man who had left the
car King’ori was driving came
back and asked him to follow
Mwangi’s car saying that was an
instruction from Magondu.
He followed behind the speed-
ing car but as they neared Port-
land Village, he noticed that Ma-
gondu was not in the other car.
Upon inquiry, he was told he was
sleeping in the back seat but af-
ter close scrutiny he established
When he became more con-
cerned, the men ordered him to
shut up. Next to Nairobi National
Park, King’ori was pulled out,
clobbered and left for dead.
It seemed the mission was
long planned but the killers blun-
dered. King’ori was rescued by a
passerby and the incident reported
at Athi River Police Station.
King’ori told the court that his
assaulters discussed how they
would hit him on the same point
they did to the slain Magondu. On
the same evening, Magondu’s
body was discovered at
Kitengela, his hands tied with
sisal rope. He had deep
wounds to the forehead.
A postmortem exami-
nation on February 8,
2000 by then govern-
ment pathologist Dr Al-
ex Olumbe concluded
that the head injuries
caused by a blunt object.
Within a week, police had
apprehended several peo-
ple in connection with
the murder.
Twelve people were
arraigned in court. They
were former Lands Com-
missioner Wilson
Gachanja, his wife Eliza-
beth Gitiri, her brother
and sister, Mwangi and
seven others. Gitiri had on
several occasions during the pe-
riod close to the date Magondu
was killed, sent a lot of money to
his sister Rose Njoki, who was
said to be among the killers.
In March 2003, Justice Msagha
Mbogholi found eight accused
guilty and sentenced them to
death. Gachanja and three others
were acquitted. After an appeal,
Gitiri’s conviction was quashed
but the court upheld the sentence
of the other seven.
By the time she was released,
Gitiri had spent nine years inside
jail but left behind her sister and
brother cooling their heels in pris-
What you say
Kemunto: The
Wednesday Life
magazine has just
made my Wednes-
day. I love
everything about it.
The personal fi nance
section is what I really needed.
The story about St Angela’s made me think of how
we wait to ‘get big monies’ to help and yet we can do
it with the little we have. Thank you, little angels, for
showing the way!
Ayoki Onyango: The Standard‘s new pullout
magazine is fantastic. It will give other pullouts by
other newspapers stiff competition. But it lacks
science pages. So, what you should do is to create
science and technology pages in which local writers
will be submitting stories on health, drugs, diseases,
vaccines, agriculture, conservation, biotechnology
and development policy issues.
— Editor’s note: We have health and technology pages.
In future we will consider expanding the content.

Kitui’s little
angels with
big hearts
Hidden cost
of Facebook
Maiyo: Social
media addiction is
terrible than drug
addiction. I have
even been
Shikuku: My eyesight
is going because of
Facebook, oh poor me! The addiction has
taken a toll on me.
Jemmy Kiarie: My day cannot end without getting
connected and I don’t mind that extra coin spent, poor me...
When Uhuru’s adviser vanished
Roselyne Orondo: I knew Dr Naomi
when she was a nurse at Moi University
clinic and Albert was in Primary
school, it is painful but look to the
cross, Jesus is on the cross. No stone
shall remain unturned!
Jdugna1960: Who makes God’s
innnocently created human beings
just disappear?

When President’s
adviser vanished
into thin air
Robbe|s sh|í Lo new LacL|cs Lo |ob unsuspecL|n_ 'p|ey'

, Life PAßE 7
Perscna| '
Hidden cost of addiction to social media
Thousands of people devote
substantial cash buying airtime
or bundles to remain connected
on social media thus eating into
their savings and time
Prcvide ycur emplcyees with bi¿ challen¿es
£E0'5 '
Lucy Kimani: I enjoyed reading the new magazine. Keep up the good
Life in jail after wiping out family
Carolyne Juma: The news showed the other day that 12 million people
in Kenya are psychotic, sadly it is true, considering this incident.
David Mulusa: Do not release him.
Jeni Dhi: Death penalty most appropriate. . .sick.
Scola Ochoki: You may fi nd him in heaven! Remember Saul.
Pitfalls of
Tarik : The truly
rich are of great minds and
don’t flaunt their wealth. They
prefer quiet lives. Most live by this wisdom. Small
minds, on the other hand, proudly exhibit conspicuous
consumption. They talk about their “wealth” in public, show
off their car keys, discuss their stock shares in the bar
loudly. Such loudmouths, more often than not, are not truly
Ngoma: Working in a bank many years ago, the pattern
was; those driven in with the fanciest cars and donning
glossy suits were often on their way to see the manager for
an overdraft. The ones with six-digit bank balances often
self-drove simple cars, wore subtle but expensive clothing
and the bank managers often jumped up to meet them in
the banking hall otherwise they could not even be bothered
to ask who the so-called manager was.
Crime of our time
Samson Samoei: Justice
must be done for the
Magondu family. The
Government should help
them get their property
that is in the hands of the
deadly land cartels and
provide them with security.
Martt Denja: Land has
become a matter of life
and death in this country.
Who finally took over the
land when Magondu was
Karanja: Whose land was it? What was the motive for the
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
He left home in a huff to protest
delay in making him a man
Crime Hot spots
Lost Without a Trace
— By Robert Kiplagat
Why carrying a lot
of cash is risky
Kiplagat Kong’a (centre) in a photo he sent to his family 11 years ago.
INSET: His brother Jack and mother Jane during the interview. [PHOTOS:
Have you ever heard that thieves have
mastered the smell of bank notes? Okay, if not
the smell, then they know how a person with
money behaves. Therefore, it is vital to learn how
to carry yourself when you have money to beat
them at their game.
Men should carry their wallets in the breast
pocket or inside pocket of the jacket or coat.
Carrying it in the back pocket of your trousers
makes it easy for a pickpocket to reach it,
especially in congested streets or when
scrambling to board a matatu.
Women should avoid carrying cash in clutch
bags as this makes it easy for snatchers to make
a killing. Instead, it is good to put your cash in a
bag with shoulder straps. This will help you to
hold on in case someone tries to snatch it.
Do not handle large amounts in public places
like open money transfer shops or outside
automated teller machines. Be discreet when
paying for your goods. Keep loose money in
easily accessible pockets to help when paying
fare and making small purchases instead of
removing all your cash to look for small change.
In crowded places, especially matatus or
trains, never receive a phone call after receiving
money from a friend or relative; you might
mention the amount and accidentally expose
yourself to goons.
Don’t always carry your money in one place
like your wallet or purse; carry some in your
pockets – just in case you are attacked, you will
have some money to pay for the taxi or matatu.
If you own a vehicle, it is advisable to keep
some money in the glove compartment in case
you lose some to goons or you overspend.
Since some hotels or supermarkets prefer
credits cards nowadays, remember to carry with
your cards lest you end up with egg on your face.
What happens when you block your ATM card
and it fails to eject or your credit card gets lost
when you’re far from your bank? Ensure you
have your bank number to report such mishaps
as soon as possible.
He stormed out in
anger 13 years ago
when his parents
decided to postpone
his circumcision
When the deal is too good
Eloquent ‘vet’ talks way
into old men’s wallets
His name was Muraya. That is
the name he used to introduce
himself the morning he came up the
winding path to my home. He was in
white gumboots, a white lab coat
and a matching cap. He carried a
cardboard with papers attached by
a clip like a businessman.
My first impression was that he
was a veterinary doctor. However, I
had not heard of a major livestock
disease outbreak or an ongoing
He said he had come from Nyeri
and represented Nguku Nene
Poultry Farm. He spoke with the
ease of a seasoned salesperson.
There was no doubt that he was
a persuasive speaker. It took him a
few minutes to make me ‘see’ and
buy into his plan. Already, according
to the list he showed me, some of
my counterparts were for the idea.
It was this simple: With Sh3,000,
the poultry farm would supply some
farmers in my village in Nakuru
County with grade chicks, poultry
feeds, troughs and brazen jikos for
heat where electricity lacked.
I was skeptical. I needed time to
think the matter over when Muraya,
in a well-calculated speech, caught
me off guard.
“There is more. Nguku Nene
Poultry Farm started as a poverty
reduction initiative not long ago.
Members sell their products through us. This helps
weed out exploitative middle men.”
I would have voiced my doubts had Muraya, as if
clairvoyantly reading my mind, not produced a
business card that bore the company name.
Emblazoned across its face was a crowned fowl that
stood out as if it had won an avian beauty contest.
There was a list of phone numbers.
“I must be going. In case you are interested,
don’t hesitate to call,” he said as he left.
Suddenly some five wazee ‘happened’ to drop
by. They too had been conscript-
ed by Muraya and appeared
elated. I didn’t want to water
down their mood by voicing my
opinion. I was the treasurer of
our chama, to which they
belonged, and they had come to
see me over a ‘small matter’ of
withdrawing some money for this
‘hybrid’ poultry project. All that
was required was my signature
authorising withdrawal as one of
the signatories. I voiced my
opinion anyway, saying the idea
might not work after all.
“Wewe kijana! Who do you think you
are to talk to the elders and advise
them when the chairman and the
secretary are of the same mind?” one of
them said. I gave in and signed.
I admit I was drawn to this poultry
rearing idea, albeit with reluctance.
Muraya made an impromptu appear-
ance a day later. He advised the 20 of us
who registered and paid to come up
with a group name for the poultry
project. I didn’t pay in full but prom-
ised the other half upon seeing the
He gave us an appointment four
days later as the date the company
would deliver on its pledge.
“By which time, most of you, I
understand, will have sufficient
time to prepare where to accommo-
date the chicks,” he said.
Tuesday came. We met at a
pre-arranged rendezvous under an
acacia tree. There were those
attired in their Sunday best. They
had no idea chick poop would soon
soil them.
The day wore on and there was
no sign of Muraya. He was a mteja.
The listed company numbers were
defunct. Nguku Nene Poultry Farm
existed only in Muraya’s fertile
imagination. We had been conned
of Sh58,500!
The Ituura group lost Sh11,085
through withdrawals to top up other
or a boy whose time to be-
come a man has come,
patience is a luxury he
cannot afford. This is the
bitter truth that the parents of
Kiplagat Kong’a of Tunguruwo
village in Sacho, Baringo Coun-
ty, learnt after they tried to post-
pone their son’s destiny.
When Kiplagat, popularly
known by his peers as Savco, de-
cided he was old enough to be-
come a man, he requested his
parents to fulfill their cultural
obligation by financing the rite
of passage. He would not take
‘No’ for an answer.
According to his mother,
Priscah Sote, he dropped out of
St Augustine Emsea in Elgeyo/
Marakwet County due to lack of
school fees in 1999. He was then
18 years old.
“He wanted to be circum-
cised in November 2001 along-
side his agemates but because
we had no money, we urged him
to wait until the following year.
He was so angry that he stormed
out. We thought he would come
back after sobering up but he
has never returned,” she says.
It has been a decade full of
uncertainty as the family relives
the good times they had with
their second son in a family of
six boys and three girls.
Two months after Kiplagat’s
disappearance, the family be-
came concerned and began
looking for him. At one time
there were reports that he had
been spotted in Kabel in Mu-
chongoi centre.
He even sent two photo-
graphs of himself to the family
in 2003 through a friend.
In one of the photographs, he
is sandwiched between two
women and in the other, he is
“We reported the incident to
the area chief who promised to
launch investigations,” says Ki-
plagat’s mother. While he was
away, his father Chelimo passed
on and the family was devastat-
ed when he failed to turn up for
the old man’s funeral in 2004.
His sister, Jane Kong’a, 35,
who is the first born, says her
brother’s disappearance has
been a sad reality.
“He was a very hard working
man. Even after he dropped out
of school, he managed to buy
three cows and if he were here,
he could have made a lot of
progress,” says Jack, Kiplagat’s
26-year-old brother.
The last born twins, Victor
and Faith, now in Standard Eight
and Form One respectively, nev-
er saw much of their missing
older brother as they were aged
only one when he disappeared.
The family is appealing to
members of the public who
might have seen him or heard
about him to report to the au-
Wednesday Life
Page 4
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Your Environment
— with Gardy Chacha
Reduce. Reuse.
Recycle. If everyone
embraces this
maxim, the plastics
menace will end
In efforts to encourage litter separation, dustbins like this have been placed in some Nairobi city streets. Still,
people throw plastic bottles anywhere in the city (inset). [PHOTOS: WILLIS AWANDU AND FILE / STANDARD]
In a Minute
claims Karura Forest
A firm has gone to court to seek
orders for the Kenya Forestry
Service (KFS) to release a
piece of land that is currently
ringed into Karura Forest by
a conservation fence. York
Worldwide Holdings Ltd has
revealed its plan to construct a
hotel on the 4.5 hectares, which
is currently under KFS, at a cost
of $13 million (Sh1.1 billion).
In a petition filed at Nairobi’s
High Court, the director of the
company, Benard Hassly, states
that the company received the
certificate of title in December
2002. Hassle says the planned
hotel is expected to serve
the United Nations and the
diplomatic community around
DISEASE: Tsetse’s
secrets exposed
A study, titled ‘Genome
Sequence of the Tsetse Fly
(Glossina morsitans): vector
of African trypanosomiasis’,
published in the journal Science,
indicates that scientists have
finally developed detailed
understanding of the genetic
codes of the disease vector.
The insect acts as a vector for
Trypanosomiasis in humans and
Nagana in livestock. Geoffrey
Attardo, the lead author of the
10-year research, says the study
revealed precise knowledge
of the insect’s biology and
physiology, yielding information
that could be used to totally
eliminate the disease from sub-
Saharan Africa.
bans game delicacies
According to State-run news
agency Xinhua, anyone who
eats endangered species, or
buys them for other purposes,
will face up to 10 years in jail.
Speaking to CNN, Cheryl Lo, a
spokesperson for the World
Wide Fund for Nature who is
based in Hong Kong, expressed
happiness that a long list of
protected species were enlisted
for protection. “The law has
always been there, but the
interpretation has cleared up
the ambiguity. Now it is clear
that consumers have to bear
responsibility,” she said.
— Compiled by Gardy Chacha
Environment Disasters
Hiroshima nuclear bomb still felt 70 years later
Towards the end of World War II, after Nazi
Germany had been defeated by Allied Forces led
by the United States, Japan, then affiliated to
opposing forces, refused to surrender and
continued with the killing of people and forces of
the Allied nations.
According to National Geographic’s History
channel, to end the war and avoid high
casualties on the side of Allied countries, newly
installed US President Harry Truman authorised
the use of atomic bombs on four Japanese cities
as part of an operation code named ‘Operation
The first target was Hiroshima.
On August 6, 1945, Col Paul Tibbets flew a
B-29 bomber aircraft with a 9,000-pound
ordinance (a marvel of science at the time),
which carried enriched uranium. The bomber
dropped the first nuclear bomb over the skies
above Hiroshima at exactly 8:15am. The bomb,
named ‘Little Boy’, exploded at 2,000 feet above
Hiroshima, immediately wiping out a population
of more than 80,000 people.
Hiroshima’s devastation failed to elicit
immediate Japanese surrender, however, and on
August 9, Major Charles Sweeney flew another
B-29 bomber to Nagasaki. The bomb named ‘Fat
Man’, killed tens of thousands of Japanese
citizens and prompted an immediate surrender
by Emperor Hirohito, the head of Japan’s
military government, who cited the devastating
power of “a new and most cruel bomb”.
Though it happened seven decades ago,
many scientists have acknowledged that the
effects of the two nuclear bombs are still being
felt even today as children are born with birth
defects and unusual diseases.
— Compiled by Gardy Chacha
s early as 1997, Kenya’s
National Environment
Management Authority
(Nema) estimated that
Nairobi alone produced 1,530
tonnes of solid waste in a single
“Plastics and other non-bio-
degradable waste are strewn all
over low-income settlements
causing great health and envi-
ronmental concerns,” Nema
writes in its official website.
This is an accurate picture as
plastic waste litters almost every
crevice of the metropolis and
other urban settlements.
Not far away from the Central
Business District is the Dandora
dumpsite, which was gazetted as
the first municipal dumping
ground for the city’s solid waste
in 2010.
It is the final destination for
the city’s industrial, commercial
and household waste. The 30-a-
cre putrid and toxic landfill is full
of plastic litter from beverage
Nema cites “garbage heaps
and litter” everywhere as evi-
dence that management of solid
waste is poorly handled.
Plastic bottles are all over Nai-
robi streets, roads and alleyways.
Nema says recycling companies
such as Nairobi Plastics and Ke-
nya Reclaim Rubber Company as
well as community-based organ-
isations that deal with plastic re-
cycling projects may provide so-
lutions for clearing plastic
garbage from the environment.
Plastic litter is a public health
concern as plastic bottles can
harbour pathogens and propa-
gate diseases from the environ-
ment. “They hold toxic wastes
and chemicals that either hu-
mans or animals may come into
contact with,” says Dr Richard
Muraga of Family Health Options
Plastic solid wastes block sew-
ers and drains, pollute soil, en-
danger marine life and cause
death in livestock when inadver-
tently consumed.
Disposal of plastic waste is
something that each person
should do right from home.
Nema recommends that
waste should be sorted out to
match content for ease of dispos-
al and recycling processes.
This means that households
should collect plastic waste sep-
arately. As such, organic, rubber,
cotton, polythene, metal and
similar waste categories should
be subjected through similar as-
Recycled plastics go into mak-
ing usable materials such as plas-
tic posts, car bodies and tyres.
Organic household waste can
make compost manure. Proper re-
cycling of plastics has the added
benefit of creating income.
Already, plastic collection is a
big industry; if you put plastics to-
gether just outside your gate, you
won’t find them five minutes later.
There are youths in every estate
involved in this business and your
action will benefit them as well as
leave a cleaner environment.
Recycle plastics for cleaner,
healthier environment
Hiroshima during the nuclear attack (left) and today.
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Doctor’s desk— with Jane Muthoni
Health Briefs
— compiled by Jerry Odumbe
Children who are
not captured in
Government records
are a vulnerable lot
Brain disorders could trigger premature onset of puberty
STUDY: Autism affects motor skills
Autism is a development disorder that affects how a
person interacts with others as well as their verbal and
non-verbal communication. Such people are usually
seen to have a stereotyped behaviour while some may
even have heightened or reduced sensitivity to things
such as taste, touch, sound and light. A new study has
found that autism may also affect an infant’s motor
skills. The study indicates that the more severe their
disorder, the slower the development of the infant’s
motor skills, which may lead to the inability to do
things such as grasping objects. The study followed
over 150 children aged between 33 months and 12
years. Experiments showed that those with autism
were a year behind children who lack the disorder in
the development of fine motor skills like holding a toy.
RISKY: Obesity ups kidney failure
A new research carried out by Cincinnati
Children’s Hospital Medical Centre along with
the National Kidney Foundation has indicated
that a fifth of children that are severely obese
have poor kidney function. The research looked
at over 240 obese youngsters – 17 per cent had
protein in their urine, which is one of the signs
of kidney failure. Seven per cent of them had
kidneys that were working too hard and three
per cent showed indications of progressive
decline in the kidney’s function. The research
also revealed that among the two sexes, girls
were more likely to have protein in their urine.
HEALTH: Laughter best medicine
According to a study by the Loma Linda University
in California, laughter triggers effects similar to
those that are felt during meditation. Another study
carried out by the same university also discovered
that laughter and humour lower the risk of brain
damage usually caused by
cortisol also known as
the “stress hormone”.
This in turn enhances
one’s memory. The first
study found that while
watching funny videos,
the participants’ brains
had higher levels of
gamma waves, similar
to those produced
during meditation. In the
second study the volunteers were divided into two
groups. One group was asked to watch a funny video
and later provided with a memory test while the
other group were given the memory tests without
watching the video. Those who watched the video
were found to have lower cortisol levels as compared
to the other participants and also had improved
memory recall, sight recognition and learning ability.
Your Health —
with Jeckonia Otieno
Falling through the cracks
Quick Wins
VIEWS: Women’s take
on contraceptives
• According to the Population
Reference Bureau, six out of every
25 women in Sub-Saharan Africa
name side effects as the reason
why they do not use modern
• 23 per cent argue that their
partners oppose the use while
• 17 per cent say they lead to
infrequent sex.
magine having children
whose presence the Govern-
ment is not aware of even as
the Millennium Development
Goals (MDGs) deadline nears.
Rose Akinyi is expecting her
12th child after 19 years of mar-
riage and this will definitely have
a serious impact on the health
and lives of her children.
Akinyi, who lives in Ra-
chuonyo North Sub-county, Ho-
ma Bay County, gave birth natu-
rally to all these children. She
says she had no money to go to
hospital because she had to bal-
ance between feeding the chil-
dren and spending money in
hospital; that was before free ma-
ternity care came to be.
Apart from her first born, the
other children do not have birth
certificates since they have not
been registered anywhere. This
means that if the Government is
planning, then they fall through
the cracks.
This reality can have serious
ramifications within the critical
first five years of a child’s life.
While some of the children were
immunised in health facilities,
others were not.
The large number of children
that the family has can be partly
attributed to the fact that Akinyi’s
view on family planning is
skewed after what she describes
as a contraception mishap.
World Health Organisation
(WHO) records show that by
2009, the percentage of the pop-
ulation yet to be reached by fam-
ily planning services stood at 19
per cent. The report also shows
that the number of people using
any method of contraception –
traditional or modern – was
about two in every five.
At the moment, Akinyi is wait-
ing to have her last baby before
she closes the chapter. She wants
to go for a permanent method of
family planning so that she can-
not have any more children.
“I think I have had enough; I
do not want to have any more. I
will, therefore, have to stop,” she
Her husband, 46-year-old
John Onyango, is of a similar
opinion and says his wife must
stop completely because the
number of the children they have
is “enough”.
Onyango argues that more
children would be too much for
him given that he has no stable
source of income.
Notable in the WHO data is
the fact that more women com-
pared to men go for sterilisation.
However, the numbers are still
low, with only one in every 100
women and one in every 1,000
men opting for sterilisation. The
most used family planning meth-
od among women is the inject-
According to World Vision’s
Area Project Officer Dorothy
Ochieng’, having such a large
I recently came across an interesting
newspaper article that talked of a 17-month-old
baby who had started developing breasts and
pubic hair. As if that was not enough, she had
started having menstrual periods.
Initially, I brushed the article aside thinking
that it was mere exaggeration by the media till I
saw the picture of the girl beside the article. I
tried to figure out how this could be possible.
The more I tried to fill the puzzle, the more
puzzling it became. I sought help from my friend
who is a medical student. He confirmed the
possibility of such a baby developing secondary
sexual characteristics. He cited this case as an
example of precocious puberty – the early onset
of puberty. He briefly shared some of the
Puberty is the process of reproductive and
sexual development and maturity that changes
a child into an adult. It happens any time
between age eight - 13 years in girls, and nine
- 14 in boys.
This is early puberty occurring before eight
and nine years in girls and boys respectively. It
is of undetermined cause and common in girls.
Brain disorders involving the part regulating
pubertal changes could trigger the onset of this
condition. The disorders include infections,
tumours, developmental abnormalities and
exposure of the hormones responsible for the
pubertal changes in boys (testosterone) and
girls (oestrogen) respectively.
This can be from tumours secreting these
hormones. They include some ovarian tumours
secreting oestrogen in girls and tentacular
tumours secreting testosterone in boys.
Congenital conditions make the adrenal
gland produce testosterone, leading to preco-
cious puberty and exogenous exposure to the
hormones. Medication is a strong culprit.
number of children has serious
ramifications on their health as it
is difficult to care for them well.
This leaves them at the mercy of
the under-five years killer diseas-
es like diarrhoea, malaria, ty-
phoid and pneumonia.
“It is worse if they are not
captured anywhere in Govern-
ment records because they fall
through the cracks. Take an ex-
ample like this area with a high
prevalence of malaria due to the
high number of mosquitoes – it
would be difficult to provide nets
for such a family,” says Ochieng’.
Ochieng’s sentiments come at
a time when the world is cele-
brating the Global Week of Action
that runs from May 1 to 8.
The week marks a call to ac-
tion before the world marks the
deadline for the 2015 MDGs
number four, which aims to re-
duce by two-thirds, between
1990 and 2015, the under-five
mortality rate.
Children playing. Caring for large families is challenging enough without adding the fact that the Govern-
ment does not consider those who are unregistered for planning. [PHOTOS: JECKONIA OTIENO/STANDARD]
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard
Page 6
Personal Finance —
with Hezron Ochiel
‘I owe my
success to fish’
She has been a fishmonger for 20 years and
says the benefits outweigh any challenges
Make it simple
Back order
This is a customer order that cannot be filled when
presented, and for which the customer is prepared to wait
for some time. The percentage of items back ordered and
the number of back order days are important measures
of the quality of a company’s customer service and the
effectiveness of its inventory management.
The activity of leading a group of people or an
organisation, or the ability to do this. In its essence,
leadership in an organisational role involves:
• Establishing a clear vision
• Sharing that vision with others so that they will follow
• Providing the information, knowledge and methods to
realise that vision, and
• Co-ordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of
all members or stakeholders.
A leader comes to the forefront in case of crisis, and is able
to think and act in creative ways in difficult situations.
Unlike management, leadership flows from the core
of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may
be learned and may be enhanced through coaching or
• The individuals who are leaders in an organisation,
regarded collectively.
Net price
Net price is in the accounting and auditing, advertising,
marketing and sales, banking, commerce, credit and
finance as well as purchasing and procurement subjects.
It’s a final price after deducting all discounts and rebates.
Cost control
The process or activity on controlling costs associated
with an activity, process or company. Cost control typically
• Investigative procedures to detect variance of actual
costs from budgeted costs
• Diagnostic procedures to ascertain the cause(s) of
variance, and
• Corrective procedures to effect realignment between
actual and budgeted costs.
Interpreting the business terms
Quick Wins
of economy
• Kenya exports Sh6 billion
worth of fish products to
Europe, mainly tilapia, and
contributes to about 0.5 per
cent of the economy.
• Lake Victoria Basin accounts
for nearly 40 per cent of the
• The sector and its related
activities are important for
economic output and growth.
• It employs over 155 million
people worldwide; 98 per cent
from developing countries,
according to the Food and
Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
isumu is synonymous
with fish and everybody
who travels to the city is
expected to have a bite,
thanks to Lake Victoria.
The growing demand for fish
has subsequently seen many
business people venture into
the fish trade to reap from the
huge number of customers mak-
ing their way to the lakeside
But with a dwindling stock of
fish in recent years due to over-
fishing in Lake Victoria, the
business is no longer as lucra-
tive as it used to be and many
traders have opted out of the
business, leaving just a few to
try their luck.
Mary Onyango, 48, a resident
of Kisumu, is one of those who
is not going anywhere; she has
been in the business for 20 years
now and says she is here to
“I started my business with
my savings of Sh1,000 that I had
painstakingly grown. I bought
some fish and sold it to custom-
ers within the estate where I
lived,” she says.
Her first day was unsteady as
she was not sure what to expect.
But her confidence slowly grew
and so did her business. A year
after the start-up, she moved to
the Kisumu fish market and has
not looked back since.
The business has enabled her
educate her nine children, in-
cluding two adopted ones.
“It fills me with happiness to
see my children graduating
from college. My first child has
a diploma in journalism while
two others are set to graduate
with undergraduate degrees
from Great Lakes University of
Kisumu. I am one happy wom-
an,” she says.
Onyango daily buys Sh10,000
worth of fish, which she sells at
a profit. Her loyal customer base
keeps her afloat.
“I never went to school, but I
have learnt a lot in my many
years in this business. I have
learnt how to handle my cus-
tomers and on top of that, I now
know about book-keeping. The
techniques keep me at par with
my competitors,’’ says Onyan-
With her new skills, Onyango
is optimistic that she will one
day be an exporter of the fish to
foreign markets using her own
“I look forward to that day
when I will employ people to
help me do the business. I am
already working towards it and
every day I must save a little
money towards realising my
dream,’’ she says.
She says she has seen many
people come and go but that has
not discouraged her. Her dream
to be an employer one day gives
her the courage to fight on in the
midst of storms.
“Things have not been
smooth in this business. We
don’t have proper storage facili-
ties. Sometimes you wake up
and find your left-over stock rot-
ting, which results in heavy
losses. It is not easy.”
Compounded by new traffic
rules barring public service ve-
hicles from using roof carriers to
transport additional goods, she
says her business is going
through tough times.
This is her advice to women
who are idle at home.
It is imperative that they
work hard to support their fam-
ilies. Even if your husband is do-
ing a little business or working,
women need to support them.
“With a little business, at the
end of the day, the family will
have sufficient food while sav-
ing the rest for fees and invest-
ments,” says Onyango.
In recent years, the region
has witnessed high fish prices
that are far beyond reach for or-
dinary people.
Experts blame the decline on
over-fishing and poor fishing
methods that have choked fish
from formerly fertile breeding
grounds thus reducing the daily
As cold-blooded animals,
fish are highly dependent on en-
vironmental conditions, espe-
cially temperature, and a recent
increase in temperatures as a
result of global warming now
threatens their survival.
Mary Onyango
has been in the
fish business
for more than
20 years.
Wednesday Life
Personal Finance
— with John Kariuki
Awaiting magical
40 to set financial
goals is folly
While many adhere to the
belief that life starts at 40,
majority ignore the notion
and live one day at a time
amba Mapangala’s ever-
green song, Vunja Mifu-
pa, exhorts people to get
a little life while the going
is good. Vunja mifupa kama me-
no bado iko, utakuja lia uk-
ishapoteza muda wako (live life
while opportunities abound or
you may come to rue your wast-
ed years)! The song implies living
right by doing what pertains to
each age set, like leisure, so that
one does not do these things at
the wrong time, for instance, in
old age. But an oft quoted saying
has it that life begins at 40.
A literal belief in this saying
continues to lead some younger
people into financial reckless-
ness as they wait to turn 40 and,
magically, start organising their
money goals.
Older people with modest
means continue getting de-
pressed, thinking that they have
made terrible money mistakes
that are beyond redemption now
that their time is up. Some be-
come desperate and squander
any little wealth they have to get
in the groove of really living re-
gardless of the consequences!
But personal finance experts
say people can put their finances
in order at any age; not necessar-
ily after 40! In fact, like Samba
Mapangala’s advice, “life” begins
at any age and does not end un-
til one dies, or moves on to lead
another life for those who believe
in the hereafter.
One can always renew his or
her waning spirits and host a
party after reaping from his or
her investments. The dream of a
well-paying job at age 40 is an il-
lusion unless one works for it.
Without firm commitment and a
financial plan, age 40 does not
guarantee one a good company
car, a luxurious apartment and
plenty of young women (and
men) to pass the time with!
Doreen Katana, a 55-year-old
human resource practitioner,
says she believes life begins at 40.
She says that before 40, many
people spend their time looking
for meaning in their lives. But by
40, she adds, most of them get
the idea that the only place to
look for inspiration is within
“Many people stabilise in
their careers, education and fam-
ily in their late 30s and early 40s,”
she says.
“Their financial journeys are
set and life falls into a pattern of
less and less expenditure as their
children start leaving the nest,”
she adds.
According to Katana, the trick
to enjoying life after 40 is to start
raising a family and saving for re-
tirement early.
“I had my two children by the
age of 22 and by the time my hus-
band and I were turning 40, our
last born was a first-year student
at university,” she says.
She adds: “An investment we
had jointly begun while in our
30s began to bear fruits as the ex-
penses of our children dimin-
Katana and her husband now
have some cash to spare. They
take vacations frequently and
have even taken up photography
as a hobby.
“In fact, people say that we
look more youthful with time
and to me this is the famous life
that begins at 40,” she says.
But Geoffrey Kamatu, a teach-
er, says that proponents of the
idea that life starts at 40 are sim-
ply chasing a myth. He says once
Quick Wins
What many do at 40
• The height of folly is to
waste one’s frst four decades
and then try to get a life at 40
without the fnancial
wherewithal of sustaining it.
• At age 40, people are often
more patient, tolerant and
wiser with money and
investments. They may have
learnt to work smarter, thus
achieving better results at
what they have been doing all
• They may have learnt when
to lead, follow, or just get out
of the way to attain their
fnancial goals.
a persons clocks 40, it means the
start of the donkey years for most
working Kenyans.
“When I turned 40, my birth-
day present was a bank loan and
children in both primary and
secondary school,” he says.
Kamatu says unless one in-
herits property, it is difficult to
start enjoying life at 40 under the
current economic situation
where parenting includes set-
tling one’s graduate children in
jobs and furnishing their hous-
“This notion was applicable
in the last century for the sons of
some Kenyan coffee and tea bar-
ons who would inherit acres of
the cash crops when they mar-
ried and settled down presum-
ably at this age,” says Kamatu.
“It is impossible to have met
all of one’s financial obligations
by 40 and spend the rest of one’s
days in the sun,” he adds.
Life is truly what you make it,
at any time. Each stage is impor-
tant and can be the best or the
worst depending on your finan-
cial plans. A really happy and ful-
filling life starts whenever you
want it to. And you need not be
mean so that you can die rich as
some people continue doing.
Conversely, you need not wait
to turn magical 40 and go on a ro-
mantic spree with mpango wa
kando just to prove that you have
arrived at life!
After 40, many people are still
energetic. This, along with their
money experience and mistakes,
always helps. Indeed, scores of
people routinely turn around
their financial destiny even in re-
tirement and become icons of
Discard own boss syndrome to grow
CEO’S take— with Lilian Kiarie
Raymond Cheruiyot defed the norm of settling in
his well-paying job as a software engineer at
MicroLAN Kenya to fulfll his dream of being self-em-
ployed. Five years down the line, the 34-year-old has
created Accfn East Africa Ltd, a local partner of Sage
ACCPAC, which creates accounting and management
He has employed over 20 people and has more
than 30 clients across the East African region. He
confesses that his frst cheque was Sh20,000 back in
2009, but fate has seen him sign cheques worth
millions today.
He shares with Wednesday Life tips in business
that have seen him grow and expand to be one of the
most effcient accounting and management software
• Be customer centric, let every bit of what you
plan be about customers.
• Avoid own boss syndrome: When you are
self-employed there is nothing like being your own
boss. Customers are the bosses.
• Have an expert look at your business processes
and get professional advice.
• Embrace technology. Every single business needs
a professional accounting system for the simple
reason that if you are in business, there is buying and
• Build a network for yourself that is hard to
break, bond with your customers and reward them
where and when necessary. Jsddsdds dsdds dsdds dsdds sddsd sdsd
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard
Wednesday Life
Page 8
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Joseph Ogonyo wonders why Kenyans are
publicly discussing marriage, a personal
matter, in public. He intends to get himself
more wives when he feels adequately ready
to add to his already large family
s soon as President Uh-
uru Kenyatta signed the
Marriage Bill into law
last week, tongues start-
ed wagging. It was the topic of
discussion on social media and
radio stations, in matatus and
social places – everyone had
something to say about the new
law. Generally, the men were ex-
cited while women voiced their
misgivings about the provision
that under polygamous marriag-
es, a man did not need to seek
his wife’s permission to get an-
other wife, an addition the draft-
ers of the law had made.
The discussion presented polyg-
amy as the newest arrival in
town; yet, it has been around for
as long as marriage has existed.
Many gave comments based on
ignorance; they have not seen
the Act.
Those who have read the Act are
happy that finally, the marriage
laws that were spread all over
the Constitution have now been
consolidated and clearly stated
under one Act.
Now anyone who wants to be
married has constitutional guid-
ance on which marriage to go for
— Islamic, Civil, Christian, Hin-
du or Customary. Islamic and
Customary marriages are poten-
tial polygamous relationships.
According to the Act, marriage
is the voluntary union of a man
and a woman whether in a mo-
nogamous or polygamous union
registered under the Act.
While the debate raged on
whether or not a man should
‘consult’ his wife before bringing
home another, a polygamous
man in Kokewe village in Nyan-
do District wondered what the
fuss was all about.
Joseph Ogonyo, the husband of
three wives and 10 children –
and still counting – has a differ-
ent perspective, one that his
wives might also loathe if given
a chance to decide.
Ogonyo, commonly known by
his nickname Kibira, says he was
surprised that marriage had sud-
denly become a public matter.
Marriage is personal, he says,
and he wants to marry as many
wives as he can take care of and
says no amount of constitution-
al limitation could have barred
him from achieving this desire.
He says since he married his first
wife, Beatrice Achieng, in 2001,
Kibira has steadily maintained
love, mutual respect and under-
standing. He has also fulfilled his
responsibilities dutifully despite
getting two more wives.
Achieng says when Kibira mar-
ried her, she had no thought of
sharing the love of her life with
another woman “but life is a
journey and I stoically took ev-
ery turn that came my way”.
Sharing the one you love is the
most difficult thing, says
Special Feature
— By Kevine Omollo
Once my third
wife is of -
cially here (at
home), I will
go on to get a
fourth and fifh
before the end
of this decade
— Joseph Ogonyo,
My three wives and I are happy, says polygamous man
Charles Kwambai.
CAMERA: Joseph
Ogonyo and his
family. The
wives say they
are happy
because their
husband treats
them equally.
RIGHT: South
President Jacob
Zuma with his
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Achieng, and when you realise
you can’t change the tide, you
wipe your tears and draw inspi-
ration from your soul to live. For
her, the tide changed just two
years into her marriage, when
her husband came home with
Everlyn Atieno, the second wife.
Achieng says: “Tolerance is the
secret to peace, harmony and
Achieng was still young, and so
was Atieno, but the two learnt
how to co-exist.
“I believe it is a matter of desire
on the part of the man to have
many wives but I can say I am
happy because of the respect
among us,” says Achieng.
Kibira says when he first intro-
duced Atieno into the family,
there was little resistance from
Achieng even though she felt
Kibira, a casual labourer at
Rabuor slaughterhouse and a
peasant farmer, says: “I had a
burning desire to have as many
children as possible. However,
many people, including my fam-
ily members, didn’t see it that
way; so I had to marry more
wives,” says Kibira, 38.
The father of 10, whose first
child is in Standard Seven and
youngest is less than a year old,
is already courting his third wife,
Sabina Kola. Although she lives
in a rental house at the nearby
shopping centre, Kola joined the
family for this interview.
“Once my third wife is officially
here (at home), I will go on to get
a fourth and fifth before the end
of this decade,” Kibira says.
To make his wives feel equally
loved, he has constructed semi-
permanent houses with similar
facilities for each.
The wives, who operate small
scale businesses, supplement
their husband’s income.
“Since we got to this home, Baba
Junior has been impartial with
his love and responsibilities.
That makes us happy. Whenever
an issue arises between us, we sit
together and settle it,” says Atie-
They say they occasionally ex-
perience little hiccups, but these
are not unique in a family set-
It is difficult to pair the children
with their mothers as the wom-
en treat all the children like their
“People have differences, but we
have learnt to live with ours. We
seek each other’s help and take
responsibility for making the
family happy,” says Atieno.
Adds Achieng: “If any of us is
away, the one who is around
takes care of the other’s children.
They belong to one father.”
The three women are bound by
Kibira’s sense of fairness, per-
haps a good lesson for those in-
tending to bring home more
Special Feature
Although now
men can marry
as many wives as
they want with-
out necessarily
seeking permis-
sion from their
first or other
wives, there is no
guarantee that a man will find abundant happiness
from marrying many times.
The Marriage Act 2014 defines marriages within
different contexts and cultures, including monoga-
mous, polygamous, customary, Christian, Islamic
and Hindu marriages.
As soon as the news broke that the President had
signed the Bill into law last Wednesday, most radio
stations encouraged listeners to comment. From
vernacular to national stations, most listeners con-
centrated on the negative aspects. One man warned
fellow listeners, especially men, who were over the
moon about the Act, “Take a second wife, and you
destroy your family.” He was talking on a vernacu-
lar radio station. This was interesting coming from
a man as most felt the law had been crafted for their
Already, there are dissenting opinions on the appli-
cability of the new law in a modern society, with
some clerics concluding that it goes against the
principles of a marital union.
Speaking to The Standard on the Marriage Bill ear-
lier, Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki from the Na-
tional Council of Churches of Kenya said: “The tone
of that Bill, if it becomes law, would be demeaning
to women since it does not respect the principle of
equality of spouses in the institution of marriage.”
Just a month ago, female MPs walked out of a ses-
sion discussing the Bill to protest their male coun-
terparts’ (who account for the majority in the Na-
tional Assembly) modified amendments that
seemed to favour the men.
The female legislators argued that if a man needed
to marry again, it was imperative for him to seek
consent from his first wife. They said many wives
would impoverish families, as the man would have
to divide resources among many dependents.
Christian leaders had showed disdain, urging the
President not to sign the Bill into law, saying it un-
dermined Christian principles of marriage and
Law brings to
end weeks of
heated debates
on marriage
The Act’s highlights
Marriage — voluntary union of a man and a woman
Sec 3(1)
Equality — both parties to marriage have equal
rights all through Sec 3(2)
Age — A person must be 18 years to marry Sec 4
Witnesses — Any marriage must have two witnesses
present (Sec 5(1)) excluding pastor, sheikh or
director or the person who officiates the marriage
(Sec 5(3)).
Recognition — Christian, civil, customary, Hindu,
Islamic marriages recognised and must be
registered (Sec 6(1)). Practices of other group or
faith may be notified in the Gazette (Sec 6(1)(f))
Monogamy — Christian, Hindu or civil marriages are
monogamous (Sec 6(2)
Polygamy — Islamic and customary marriages are
potentially polygamous (Sec 6(3)
Conversion — marriage can be converted from
potentially polygamous to monogamous if both
spouses voluntarily agree (Sec 8 (1)).
Blood Relations — prohibited marriage relationship
— cousins, nephews, uncles, parents, sisters,
brothers. However, marriage among cousins
professing Islamic faith not forbidden (Sec 10(4)).
— By Ochiel Dudley, Laws of Kenya Department
Quick Wins
My three wives and I are happy, says polygamous man
CLOCKWISE: The wives: Everlyn
Atieno and Beatrice Achieng and
the new wife, Sabina Kola.
Wednesday Life
Page 10
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
— with Robert Kiplagat
Desire to increase farmers’
profit bred coffee machine
He came up with
gadget after seeing
farmers use crude
methods to remove
coffee husks
hen Erick Kiprotich
was in Form One at
Kabarnet High School
in Baringo, he noted
with concern that coffee farmers
used their hands to remove husks
from the berries. Around the
same time, he saw a German cof-
fee separating machine that he
says was known as Bental Nova.
Kiprotich started improvising
using readily available materials.
His mission was to help the cof-
fee farmers in his Ossen village
get more rewarding returns.
“The machine looked simple
enough so I tried to modify it the
first time but failed. I tried a sec-
ond time and it was better. I im-
provised and finally managed to
make a pulper made from tim-
ber,” says Kiprotich.
The following year, as a Form
Two student, Kiprotich, now aged
32, was confident enough to pres-
ent his innovation at the District
Science Congress and to his sur-
prise, it was picked as the best.
He went on to the provincial
competition and then the na-
tionals where he received acco-
pulper and the improvised one
serve the same purpose. His com-
pany makes 10 machines a month
as he can do it only during school
holidays and in his free time.
The machines are in high de-
mand but the innovator says he
lacks the time to make more. in
addition, the cost of materials is
Kiprotich plans to train about
20 youths to make the machine
as a way of creating employment
and reaching more than 5,000
farmers in the coming years.
Some of the beneficiaries such
as John Aengwo, a coffee farmer
in Kasok, says the machine has
saved farmers the agony of being
turned away or their coffee being
bought at throwaway prices due
to poor quality.
“I bought the machine last
year and since then, I have had
no problem with the quality. We
RIGHT: Erick
and the
accolades he
has received
for creativity.
Tech World
— with Jerry Odumbe Otieno
wet, Laikipia and Nandi, and that
the demand for them is high.
“Coffee societies, especially
those that are starting out, are us-
ing the improvised machines,
most of which are made by Kip-
rotich. He has sold about 30 to
the Laikipia Farmers Coffee Soci-
ety and other societies such as
Cherobon in Nandi and farmers
are impressed,” adds Siala.
Coffee production in Baringo,
he says, has dropped from the
over 600 tonnes they used to pro-
duce between 1993 and 2000 to a
paltry 115 tonnes in 2012 and
2013 due to poor prices as well as
young people shunning the sec-
“Perhaps the pulpers will
make the youth reconsider their
stand and venture into coffee,”
says Siala.
Solution to powering
wearable technologies
With the growth of wearable
computers or devices such as smart
watches or medical sensors, there
are a number of problems that arise
as well.
One of the primary critical issues
of wearable devices is the
portability of their power source.
Since wearable devices are likely
to be always on the move, there is
need for a light, flexible and portable
power source as well, that will keep
these devices running throughout.
A team of developers from KAIST
(Korea Advanced Institute of Science
and Technology) led by Byung Jin Cho,
believe they have come up with a
solution to this problem.
The team has created a glass fabric-
based thermoelectric (TE) generator
that is light and flexible and uses the
heat from the human body to generate
electricity to be used on wearable
The thermoelectric (TE) generator is a
wearable wristband device, and is
capable of producing about 40mw
electric power.
Their research, titled
‘Wearable Thermoelec-
tric Generator Fabricat-
ed on Glass Fabric’, was
published in ‘Energy &
Environmental Science.’
Glow in the dark paint
replaces streetlights
A tech company, Studio Roosegaarde,
together with a Dutch civil engineering
firm known as Heijmans, has changed
a highway in Netherlands into an eerie
glow-in-the-dark smart highway.
According to the creators, the primary
aim of the smart highway is to save the
huge amount of energy consumed by
streetlights as well as to give drivers
and pedestrians more information
while they are on the road.
The developers came up with a photo-
luminescent powder which they mixed
with road
paint, causing
the road
to glow in
darkness for
a minimum of
eight hours
after it has been charged by sunlight
during the day. The team is also
working on glowing weather markings
to appear on the road surface
depending on the weather conditions
at a particular time.
For instance, snowflake symbols would
appear on the road as an indication to
drivers that the road is slippery and
they should be more cautious. At the
moment, however, only the glowing
street lines have been put into effect.
Soap bubbles enhance
Improvement of technology has led
to the creation of a number of great
human-computer interfaces such as
the use of gestures with Microsoft
Scientists from Bristol University have
now come up with the Sensabubble,
a multi-sensory mid-air display system
that some may say to be one of the
strangest human-computer interfaces
ever. The system delivers alerts and
feedback from connected computers or
devices in the form of images, messages,
and smell, which are all enclosed in and
projected onto soap bubbles.
The system generates the bubbles with a
specific size and frequency depending on
the amount of information to be output.
It fills them with scented “smoke”,
dispenses them and tracks their location
so that images like icons and text can
be projected onto the bubble’s surfaces
which are then displayed to the user.
lades in terms of certificates,
which he showed Wednesday
So far, he says he has sold over
2,500 improvised timber coffee
berries separating machines. He
says the machine has enabled
farmers produce high quality cof-
fee and save on the cost of trans-
porting their produce to facto-
Kiprotich explains that the
factory-made pulper in the mar-
ket retails between Sh15,000 and
Sh30,000 depending on the make
but he sells his machine at
Sh5,000 which, he says, is a huge
saving for farmers.
“It was disturbing to see cof-
fee farmers in parts of Baringo
North using their hands to re-
move the husks from coffee to get
the berries. Others used stones to
crush the coffee and ended up
with low-quality berries that do
not fetch good money,” says Kip-
rotich, a teacher of English and
German at Kapsogo Secondary
School in Baringo.
The machine, he says, is
named Kimaco, which is a prefix
for Kiprotich/Mang’eni Compa-
ny. Mang’eni was his high school
friend and partner during the sci-
ence congress.
To make the Kimaco machine,
one needs timber, a long rod,
nails, tin, which is used to make
the crusher, and paint to make it
He says that both the original
have even formed societies and
are collecting all our coffee and
selling directly to the Coffee
Board as opposed to before when
we depended on the factories,”
says Aengwo.
The farmer’s wish is for more
farmers to get hold of the innova-
tive machine.
Kiprotich’s plan to work with
youths is already bearing fruit. “I
have trained two – one of them is
now making the pulpers in
Kiling’ot area of Baringo North
and another one, Ezekiel Kipke-
ch, is in Australia studying. If I get
support, I will train more youths,”
he says.
Cheruiyot Siala, the coffee li-
aison officer for Western Rift re-
gion, says the improvised pulpers
have served farmers in counties
such as Baringo, Elgeyo/Marak-
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
Top performers
usually list medicine
as top career choice
but some are finding
this dream a mirage
— with Benjamin Obegi
TOP Mark
— With Gardy Chacha
School Spot
— With Titus Too
Secrets to
passing exams
To achieve the top grades that all learners
aspire to, a student must prepare well ahead of
time as nothing happens out of the blue.
Start off by developing the willpower to excel.
Majority of world problems are solved because a
person or a group of people showed genuine
interest in accomplishing a task. Once the interest
is apparent, it will act as the drive to your
ambitions to excel in your exams.
With so many other activities available to
engage you in life, you must define how you will go
about accomplishing your academic work. You will
need to set aside time — away from school — that
you can use to go through what you have covered
with your teacher, as well as enhance your
understanding of different concepts.
As you endeavour to excel, focus on making it
honestly: any thoughts of cheating during
examinations or getting assistance of whatever kind
that would leverage the field to your benefit
compared to your classmates will likely serve
against you. One, it will eat away at your belief in
your own excellence. Two, if caught, you stand to
lose even the little you have worked for.
It is also important to be disciplined at a
personal level. This calls for good ethics while
interacting with your teachers as well as peers. For
instance, instead of spending your time making
noise, it would be prudent to use that time going
through previous lessons taught.
As you accomplish all this, understand that
learning is a journey that you ought to travel with
peers with similar dreams. As such, you will need to
be in a group of classmates that help each other
with studying and understanding.
Pressure on ‘A’ students to join
cream careers causes problems
hen examination re-
sults are announced
every year, it is com-
mon for Kenyans to
hear the high scorers talk about
their dream careers – dentistry,
medicine, engineering and ar-
chitecture. The Kenya Certificate
of Secondary Education (KCSE)
is widely considered to be the
sole determinant of careers and,
therefore, the future of thou-
sands of students. For many,
scoring a straight ‘A’ guarantees
them a path to a profession of
choice. However, some students
are unlucky even after landing
good KCSE grades and dream ca-
reer courses.
Recently, the University of
Nairobi’s Arts students wel-
comed a new student who told
them he was more comfortable
studying economics than medi-
cine, his original career of choice
after scoring an ‘A’ from a top na-
tional school. After only a few
classes, he felt his calling was
The student was only joining
a growing list of those who are
dropping courses that have been
TOP CHOICE: Most ‘A’ students pick medicine as the first career of
choice. However, some find the going tough and opt out.
traditionally considered the best
in terms of leading to well-pay-
ing careers.
When Alfred Matara joined
the University of Nairobi in 2000
to study architecture, he was the
envy of his former secondary
school classmates. However, af-
ter three years of study accom-
panied by constant drinking, he
got poor grades in his exams and
was advised to repeat the class.
Instead, he left the university
and has not been since that day
in 2004. He told The Standard
from his rural village in Kisii, “I
was not happy in the course that
came as a result of my good
grades. Even after telling my par-
ents that I preferred to study ed-
ucation, they insisted that I
should do architecture. But my
passion lay elsewhere so I did
not continue.”
For Levy Owiti, also an ‘A’
scorer, his passion did not lie in
dentistry, a course his father
wanted him to study, but in com-
merce, which he is currently un-
dertaking at a private university.
He says: “My dad wanted me
to be a dentist but after joining
Moi University, I realised I was
not cut out for that. So I dropped
out and stayed home for a year
before I was able to convince my
father that I wanted a different
course. A good career is not
equivalent to the high grades you
may get in high school. The pas-
sion you bring to any training is
what matters most.”
According to Muchira Kago, a
physics teacher at Alliance Girls’
High school, it is not necessarily
true that someone who scores a
straight ‘A’ will excel in a career
that admits only top students.
He says: “It is not correct that
if a student scores high grades he
or she will succeed in the profes-
sions that society holds in high
regard. What happens after these
students join university? We are
not told how they fare but we
have cases of students who drop
out of pharmacy, medicine, en-
gineering and other such presti-
gious courses. Average students
who choose courses that are re-
garded lowly do better and end
up driving our economy. The
question is; what after the top
grades in secondary school?”
Eunice Wambani, a career ex-
pert, says the problem lies in sat-
“Parents still play a role in
choosing careers for their chil-
dren. We may want them to be
doctors but do we think about
their satisfaction? Even when
they follow our advice, they do
not bring passion to their cours-
es. The ‘A’ students who could
have become good professionals
elsewhere easily drop out of class
and waste away. Society is the
problem,’ she says.’
Setting standards does
it for Kapsabet Girls
Kapsabet Girls’ High School in
Nandi has been true to its motto:
‘An icon of success’ as it has worked
to join other academic powerhouses
in the Rift Valley as well as
The institution has evolved from
an African Inland Mission (AIM)
station in 1919 to what it is today.
Its alumni include former President
Daniel arap Moi, who is presently
the patron of the school.
“We have recorded consistent
improvement in the Kenya
Certificate of Secondary Education
since 2001, when the school scored
a mean grade of 6.0, to 2013 when
we attained 9.293,” says Susan
Chelang’a, the Kapsabet Girls’
School principal.
In last year’s exams, the school
was ranked in position 79 national-
ly. It improved from position 91 the
previous year. The school entered
191 candidates for the examination.
“Our students are doing very
well in sciences and are enrolled in
competitive disciplines at university
The principal says the institution
has put in place elaborate
programmes that have helped to
gauge and boost academic
performance every year.
“We set goals and strategise
around our projected performance
levels at the beginning of the year.
This involves the teachers, students,
parents and the board of manage-
ment,” she says.
Chelang’a says students and
teachers set targets for individual
classes and subjects that have to be
achieved at the end of the year.
Once they finish, the principal gives
her own target, which is higher.
She says periodical examina-
tions are set to review if the targets
are achievable. Students are
rewarded if they achieve the
principal’s targets.
“If students hit the set target in
the periodical examination, it is
reviewed and higher targets set.”
The syllabus is completed early
to give students enough time to
revise, she adds.
“We also encourage exposure of
students through contests and
symposiums to build their academic
confidence. For sciences, more
practical orientation is done,” says
Debates are also enhanced to
boost performance in both English
and Kiswahili.
Best of all is that motivational
speakers are often invited to inspire
the students and offer early career
The school’s
tion block.
Wednesday Life
Page 12
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard

C H B f 13
J B A h 18
A E F d 23
26 13 22 22
g G D J 29
Solution No. 1822
4 3 8 9 6 5 2 1 7
7 9 1 8 4 2 5 3 6
6 2 5 7 3 1 9 4 8
1 5 6 4 2 8 7 9 3
9 8 3 1 7 6 4 5 2
2 7 4 3 5 9 6 8 1
3 4 2 5 1 7 8 6 9
5 6 9 2 8 3 1 7 4
8 1 7 6 9 4 3 2 5
8 2 9
2 5
1 4
1 3 2 5
3 2 1 5
4 2
6 7 5
8 9 2
4 5 8 1
7 3 6 9
Using all the letters
of the alphabet,
fill in the grid. To
help you, there
are three cryptic
Top line: A less
hairy race? What
nonsense! (10)
Middle line:
Question the
material, say. (7)
Bottom line: Sign
them in readiness
for complaint. (10)
To start you off,
here is one of the
By Rosy Russell
All rows, columns and 3 by 3 grids
(defined by bold lines ) have the
numbers 1 to 9 appearing only once.
Some of the numbers have been
entered. Complete the whole table
by inserting the correct numbers.
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
You can improve just about all areas of
your life this month. Energies are working
in your favor–this is a time. A change in
lifestyle is likely resulting from recent
changes in your environment.
Aquarius (Jan 21 - Feb 19)
Communication levels are high and
important information can be exchanged
today. You may not appreciate the
emotional energy of someone you
meet, however. He or she could appear
aggressive or pushy.
Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
New ideas come when you are either
listening to the radio or reading the
paper today; perhaps an internet site
is informative. You gain an important
piece of information to help you form an
Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
Status and security goals need rethinking
now in order to take advantage of
changing situations in your life. Your career
is a focus for this, but your personal life is
also involved.
Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Today is a workday that calls on you to
work quickly. This time there may not be
a lot of accuracy but you are careful and
manage to meet difficult deadlines. Your
support system–like your family, home
and those who give you nourishment–
becomes more secure at this time.
(June 22 - July 22)
There is an urge to probe and examine
many of your goals these days and you
may find yourself working through some
strong internal changes. By looking at
these changes one at a time, you will be
able to formulate a few future plans.
Codeword Puzzle
(Mar 21 - April 20)
You have ideas about health
techniques, religious and
philosophical beliefs. But your
ideas could be in flux and you
may find yourself musing over
these subjects in the next few
The letters have a distinct
value between 1 to 9. The totals
vertically and horizontally have
been given. Solve all the values.
© NO 5183
NO 5182
4 9 7 1 6 8 5 2 3
YESTERDAY’S solutions
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Fate sends opportunity your way, especially
if you listen to your instincts and give your
sense of curiosity a free rein. Travel and
education can help get some of the answers.
(Aug 23 - Sept 23)
There is a heavy sense of responsibility that
is a part of you today and you do your best
to complete all the tasks with a bit of time
lef. Good eye-hand coordination and a
sustained effort make almost any task run
(Sept 24 - Oct 23)
A Legal controversy is best avoided now, if
at all possible. Educational plans may need
changing. You may be thinking that these
plans do not suit you as well as you would
(Oct 24 - Nov 22)
This is a time to settle down to that career
you really like. Your career could assume
a much more determined and solid form.
Your organisational abilities and sense of
responsibility will be what guides you and
proves successful.
(Nov 23 - Dec 21)
Good things are attracted to you this
wednesday. Your experiences will be out of
the ordinary and you will likely feel more
generous than usual. Great opportunities
may emerge in work affairs. This is a period
when you take your work more seriously
than usual.
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard
Solution No. 1822
4 3 8 9 6 5 2 1 7
7 9 1 8 4 2 5 3 6
6 2 5 7 3 1 9 4 8
1 5 6 4 2 8 7 9 3
9 8 3 1 7 6 4 5 2
2 7 4 3 5 9 6 8 1
3 4 2 5 1 7 8 6 9
5 6 9 2 8 3 1 7 4
8 1 7 6 9 4 3 2 5
1 Bob Mar ley’ s musi c (6)
7 Stretch (8)
8 Drop (4)
1 0 Wi nd i nstr uments (6)
1 1 Younger i n year s (6)
14 Obser ve (3)
1 6 Restr i ct (5)
17 Other wi se (4)
1 9 Yel lowi sh-pi nk colour
21 As yet (2, 3)
22 Note val ue (5)
23 Cover s (4)
26 Uni t of pur i ty of gold
28 Pi tch (3)
29 He flew too near the
sun (6)
30 Fi xed al lowance (6)
31 Hand tool s (4)
32 Dr i ve (8)
33 Teacher s (6)
1 Type of lotter y (6)
2 Poi nted beard (6)
3 Sl i pper y fi shes (4)
4 Thi n and bony (7)
5 Axi om (5)
6 Vi tal organ (5)
8 Ado (4)
9 Boy’ s name (3)
12 Nothi ng (3)
13 Lubr i cated (5)
1 5 Bul gar i an capi tal (5)
1 8 Shr ub or smal l tree
1 9 Swi ndle (3)
20 Male sheep (3)
21 Pl ace, locate (7)
22 Spoi l (3)
23 Most recent (6)
24 Pl ant (4)
25 Scorches (6)
26 Cheroot, for example
27 Synagogue mi ni ster
28 Levy (3)
30 Bombast (4)
ACROSS: 1, Scoff 6, False 9, Library 10, Egg on 11, Eerie 12, Dupes 13, Fatigue 15, Fly 17, Acid 18,
Soiree 19, Denim 20, Lashes 22, Digs 24, Try 25, Quartet 26, Lotus 27, Pivot 28, Salty 29, Regu-
lar 30, Feeds 31, Types.
DOWN: 2, Cognac 3, Florid 4, Fin 5, Argue 6, Freedom 7, Ayes 8, Stifle 12, Dukes 13, Fault 14, Tipsy
15, Fruit 16, Yeast 18, Sinus 19, Demotes 21, Arrive 22, Dreary 23, Gentle 25, Queue 26, Lord 28,
Easy Puzzle
1 Indicates there’s nothing in a
few beers (6)
7 Chief country with a prominent
shoreline (8)
8 The place for the low soldiery?
10 In which to be accountably in-
debted (3,3)
11 Very little time (6)
14 A drink to help make you alert
16 Rises irregularly, gentlemen (5)
17 Could she be good for a song?
19 Arrived at the corner with a
beast of burden (5)
21 A bit old to be seeing some-
one? (5)
22 Best! (5)
23 Cove with a bit of beach, ap-
parently (4)
26 One of no importance to Oscar
Wilde? (5)
28 A snake round one’s neck! (3)
29 Dra-
matic utterances actors can’t
hear? (6)
30 Cooled that hot enthusiast
Edward (6)
31 A rising singer (4)
32 Deep fissure exploited by cav-
ers and some seamen (8)
33 Just the chap to wander
around? (6)
1 Weapon of Shakespearean char-
acter (6)
2 Close down before time, almost
3 Wherein to be sheltered, if only
outwardly (4)
4 Ed Davis cleverly gave warn-
ing (7)
5 Am run ragged in Belgium! (5)
6 Has a poor work rate, but is lef
in the side, possibly (5)
8 Being decorative, is carefully
drawn (4)
9 Diocese in southeast Middle-
sex (3)
12 Love of football (3)
13 Nominal asset, possibly (5)
15 Pasty person? (5)
18 A detective so upset at fare-
well (5)
19 In a crack-up, maybe a write-
off (3)
20 Methodical start by the po-
lice (3)
21 In Ireland, a deceived girl (7)
22 A roll or bun (3)
23 He wrote, maybe on card (6)
24 Henry from Shanklin (4)
25 It’s handy when cutting curves
26 One usually has hands over
face (5)
27 Has one such feelings when
confused? (5)
28 Sound sheepish (3)
30 A puce jumper (4)
ACROSS: 1, ES-say 6, Curse 9, Ca-U-tion 10, Knock 11, Mitre 12, Fru-it 13, Nap-pies 15, G-as 17, Ex-it 18, Sa-
lome 19, Cr.-awl 20, G-eckos 22, Nile 24, Ha-h 25, Fl-out-ed 26, Medal 27, Steer 28, Fists 29, Tearful 30,
Fried 31, Gears.
DOWN: 2, Syn-tax 3, A-cc-ept 4, Yak 5, Stars 6, Co-mic-al 7, Unit 8, St.-ream 12, Fears 13, Neigh 14, Pinch 15,
Got it 16, Sewed 18, Swell 19, C-over-ed 21, E-aster 22, Nubile 23, Letter 25, Fair(L)y 26, Mete 28, Fug.
Cryptic Puzzle
Life is a dream for the wise, a
game for the fool, a comedy for
the rich, a tragedy for the poor.
— Sholom Aleichem
Two students have been
suspended after their teach-
er accidentally showed
pornography on a classroom
The children, at a high school
in Kansas City, were suspend-
ed after they shared a picture
one of them took during the
class. The image, on the
teacher’s personal laptop,
shows a ‘naked woman in a
compromising position’,
according to KCTV.
The mother of one of the
students said her daughter
came home crying.
She said her daughter sent
the picture to her boyfriend
who posted it on Facebook.
The two were suspended.
The mother of the boy said:
“I believe my son got in
trouble because the school
was trying to hide
The teacher, who has worked
at the school since 2002, has
been put on paid leave while
the incident is investigated.
— Mirror Online
Students, teacher suspended over porn in class
Wednesday Life
Page 14
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard
2.30pm, NON STOP (PG) At 6.45pm, 2
STATES (U16) At 9.00pm
3D (PG) At 11.00am, 1.45pm, 6.40pm,
9.15pm., THE OTHER WOMAN (U16) At
SCREEN I “RIO 2” (GE) At 11.30am,
1.30pm. NON STOP (PG 13) At 3.30pm, THE
OTHER WOMAN (16) At 6.00pm, 8.40pm,
MITTY ” (PG) At 3.00pm, 6.00pm, 8.30pm
At 6.30pm, NON STOP At 6.45pm, KAANCHI
At 9.15pm.
Cinema Guide
Nairobi 102.7 I Nyeri 105.7
Meru 105.1 I Kericho 90.5
Kisumu 105.3 I Mombasa 105.1
Nakuru 104.5 I Eldoret 91.1 Kitui: 93.8
I Kisii: 91.3

07:00 Diamond Divers
07:50 Fast N’ Loud
08:40 Car Vs Wild
09:30 Storage Hunters
09:55 Auction Kings
10:25 Baggage Battles
10:50 How Do They Do It?
11:20 How It’s Made
11:45 Gold Rush
12:40 Gold Fever
01:35 Ice Cold Gold
02:30 Storage Hunters
It portrays the 1910 Mexican revolution
through an unlikely duo: Rawbone, a
smalltime assassin, and John Lourdes, a
Bureau of Investigation agent. The two are
thrown together when Rawbone is caught
smuggling munitions from Texas into Mexico
and Rawbone’s lawyer arranges a deal.
TV Quiz
03:00 Auction Kings
03:25 Baggage Battles
03:55 Diamond Divers
04:50 The Big Brain Theory
05:45 Fast N’ Loud
06:40 How Do They Do It?
07:05 How It’s Made
07:35 Sons Of Guns
08:30 Baggage Battles
09:00 Auction Kings
09:30 Manhunt
DStv Highlights
Today’s Schedule
5:00 Pambazuka
6:00 Powerbreakfast
9:00 Afrosinema
11:30 Naswa
12:00 Gabriela
13:00 Live at 1
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16:00 Citizen alasiri
16:10 Mseto east africa
17:00 Pavitra rishta
18:00 Un refugio
19:00 Citizen nipashe
19:35 Kansiime
20:05 Wild at heart
21:00 Citizen business
22:00 The Tempest
23:00 Afrosinema
0.00 Citizen late night
1:00 Afrosinema
4:30 BBC
4:55 Morning Prayer
5:00 Aerobics
5:30 Damka
8:00 Good Morning Kenya
9:00 Parliament Live
11:00 Daytime Movie
11:00 KBCc Lunch Time
1:30 Moving The Masses
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7:00 Darubini Live
7:30 Road To Success
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11:15 The Young & The
12:00 Rhythm City
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turn nightmarish. How will they get out of this one?
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Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 / The Standard
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may 2014
Wednesday Life
Wednesday, May 7, 2014/ The Standard
Page 16
Social Media
— with Kenny Kaburu @Kennytoonz
Rugby team’s dismal performance in
Glasgow irks Kenyans on social media
The recent spate of terrorist attacks in
Mombasa and Nairobi ushered in a sober
security conversation under hashtag
@Fi_Kiruthi: Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda have
their troops in Somalia as well. So what are we doing
or not doing?
@Lizabbyw: Sincerely, when we leave home . . .
handle our day’s errands and get back home SAFE, it’s
all God’s grace.
@Safariwithselle: Our security agencies need
every citizen’s support to tackle this menace. Security
is everybody’s responsibility.
@Emma999Too: Terrorists should find one nation
that accommodates their ruthlessness, relocate and
leave the rest of the world alone in #Peace!
@LandOwnerSingen: I hope the corrupt immigra-
tion officials are sleeping well while their brothers are
losing lives.
Social Media
Light Side

Kenyans’ dash
to the finish line
during mara-
thons enable
fans devise new
ways of
their runners.
@Wanyigha: My dear Kenyans, we need to be
accountable and it begins with us. What is your role in
national security as a citizen?
@Emma999Too: Where corruption thrives,
terrorism thrives, and so will religious biases and
intolerance. Is this what we want in the name of God?
@Lincoln_ke: How much do you love Kenya? It’s
time to fight for it fiercely! Be alert! #WarOnTerror is
against all Kenyans. Make a choice now
@PatolskiC: Security starts with everyone so it is
high time we stopped accusing the President and
@Mandere: Collective security is an arrangement
in which each citizen accepts that the security of one
is the concern of a
@LandOwnerSingen: The manpower and
resources we are using in Somalia are enough to
protect our borders.
@Ireri_TheOne: If terrorists can have the audacity
to attack our citizens in OUR land, then it’s like we are
losing the #WarOnTerror.
@nicholaskarani: Politicising every serious and
all petty issues was our undoing. That’s when the rain
started beating us
@IsaiahGithinji: It takes a long time to develop a
team. Give Paul Treu (the coach) the support and time to
build a team. No instant coffee magic here.
ChikoLawi: Haki #Kenya7s .....My heart can take no
more. How is it you give me more stress and heartache
than my ex-girlfriend?
@V_mwenda: I can’t believe this. Canada defeating
us? No semi-final. No cup. How long will we wait for a
trophy to come to Kenya?
@Gmwelu: What happened to our #pride? After
London we really need to ask these tough questions.
@Inboxmeiya: #Kenya7s team are becoming
specialists in failure just like Moyes and Wenger.
@Karanimutonga: We’ve been over-reliant on the
same crop of players for over four years. Let’s give Paul
Treu time to build a new team.
@Karanimutonga: Towards the end of last season
our team had started losing momentum. It’s not about
Paul Treu. It’s a team under transition.
Granted, bullying is common in
our society as some individuals
try to impose their dominance
on others. Generally, bullying
takes many forms, including
physical, verbal, emotional
and now cyber. Hitherto, the
most common forms of bullying
included ‘monolisation’, the
common mistreatment of Forms
One students in high school by
their seniors. However, most
institutions are now tough on
bullying and the cases are on a
downward trend.
Mobile phone bullying through
texts and calls has also been
checked by courts and mobile
networks as the practice now
attracts stiff penalties.
Online, cyber bullying is
gathering pace largely because
there is no effective legislation
in place to monitor the Internet
and punish the culprits.
There are many ways to avoid
being a victim of cyber bullying.
Avoid posting personal
information that might give
the bullies enough ammunition
to attack you online. Don’t
befriend strangers or reply to
their correspondence.
It’s prudent to avoid replying
to messages in anger — it
will create a vicious cycle of
vengeance and counter attacks.
It’s also advisable not to forward
chain mail, hoaxes or long
Mostly, cyber bullies pick
their random targets from the
addresses included in chain
mail. Remember to protect your
privacy by not posting private
information on social networks
and making sure privacy
settings are activated when you
are online
Cyber bullying
is on the rise but
you can avoid it
Freedom that is not so good
With the increased cases of dysfunc-
tional marriages witnessed, a village in
Bahati District in Nakuru County is no
exception. Three young divorced women
seem to be celebrating their ‘freedom’ in
style. They have turned to prostitution
and their clients include grizzly old men
or underage boys.
Every evening, they lock their school
going children at home as they go for
‘night shift’ in resorts along the Nakuru-
Nairobi highway. They can be spotted in
the fast-growing townships posing as
scantily-dressed barmaids ‘serving
patrons’ who are mainly long-distance
truck drivers.
These young mothers in their 30s had
at least two children each with their
former husbands.
-Paul Kariuki
Unusual ‘disciples Of
Christ’ invade stage
The matatu sector may be
associated with many ills including
drunken and rude crews, with
commuters exploited through
haphazardly hiked fares at the
slightest notice.
So it was a surprise last weekend
when members of this sector plying
routes between Nakuru town and
Lanet-Danger, together with their
colleagues operating on the nearby
Nakuru-Umoja Phase II road, held an
impromptu roadside crusade at Umoja
II stage in Nakuru County. They drew a
sizeable crowd that far rivalled those
of pastors operating in areas whose
outdoor crusades draw only members
of their congregation.
Dressed in their work clothes
and with identification badges
hanging from their necks, they
looked more like sales agents from
a corporation than disciples of
Christ. They did manage to pray
for the conversion of some ‘lost
souls’ but it’s not clear under what
umbrella they were meeting.
Not many were convinced, with
some taking exception that these
matatu crews rarely shy away from
paying bribes to cops, contrary to
their preaching. And not long ago,
a ‘traitor’ among them was found
murdered and abandoned by the
roadside. It’s said he was tied to a
speeding matatu and dragged
until he died one dark night. The
case was dismissed for lack of
evidence, with those arrested
being set free.
— By Paul Kariuki