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I believe that we all, at some point, need a little guidance and a nudge in the right direction.

Issue #18, 19 September 2015

The Moon (18)
If you take a quick glance back at Death (13), you
will notice two pillars with a river running through them and the
Sun rising through them. A look at The Moon and those same pillars,
river, and astrological bodies reappear. This time, you have moved
closer to the scene in the distance, proof that you’ve moved to the final
stages of the transitions experienced with 13. Know that more of the
journey is behind you than in front of you. If you look, the path
continues, but it crosses a major threshold marked by the two pillars. I
view this as the transition from the physical and mental journey to the
spiritual journey. You’ve earned your stripes in the first two realms,
now it is time to complete the mission. In the foreground, we see a
crab and two dogs. Astrological symbolism is apparent as the crab is a
symbol of Cancer and the dogs are a symbol of Sirius. The Moon shows
duality by being half Moon and half Sun. Many caution the Moon’s light because some
things in its light are not as they seem. The Moon is cyclical in nature, so you must be
cautious in your judgment and wait to be sure to know if the Moon is waxing or waning.
The advice common with this card is to not jump to any conclusions and to wait for more
information. The numerological energy of this card is 9 (1+8). 9 is about talents and your
connection to mankind and the spiritual realms. This card indicates that there are some
strong talents at play and they can be used to serve the greater good. Also, 9 can be a
symbol of the ending of cycles and starting news ones. The Sun with the Moon shows that
stable times are ahead if you can get passed the two pillars and find you way into the

Book of the Month: Unleash Your Psychic Powers, Dr. Bruce Goldberg
This book offers a broad view at the various forms of psychic abilities,
techniques for exploring your talents, and techniques for removing
blockages to your talents. This broad view offers ways to relate to
your psychic talents in ways you may not have tried before.

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Goal Setting and Numerology

There are many ways to set goals and to achieve them and I’d like to offer you another
technique that may be of service to you. Each day has numerological energy and it can
be found by adding the digits of the date together and reducing the sum to a single
number. For example, today is Sept 19th, 2015, so we can reduce this to numbers as
follows: 09/19/2015=9+1+9+2+1+5=27, 2+7=9. 1s, in general, represent the
beginning of a cycle or phase while 9s represent the completion of a cycle or phase. If
you are looking for a time to start a new eating program, exercise program, to read a
new book, meditation technique, or any other major change in your life, it can be of
service to you to start on the next day with 1 energy. This day can add an extra boost to
your efforts as you work towards making changes in your daily life. I’m not suggesting
that new starts can’t happen and be very successful on another day; I’m suggesting that
this can be a useful technique if you’d like an extra boost. A period of 9 days is a period
our minds can use to imbed new habits into our routines. You’ll find that during days
7, 8, and 9, the habit has really started to stick and you have to think of it less and less.
On day 9, do an evaluation of the process and see what worked for you and what did
not. Make any adjustments you need to make and begin the next 9 day cycle with more
insight and momentum than the week before. If you diligent about this, you can see
some major behavioral changes in just a few cycles. The next few of 1 days are
tomorrow Sept 20th, Sept 29th (gets cut off by the start of October), Oct 1st, and Oct 10th.

Fall Equinox Special
The fall season is here and it is great time to see what
energy you are putting out to get a preview of what you
will get back. What does the fall have in store for you?
What do you have to look forward to? A great way to
receive answers to these questions is to purchase a Fall
Equinox Special. I enjoy helping people take a look at
the upcoming season and then hearing back from them weeks and
months later about the way things turned out for them. This reading can
give you a heads up if these are some speed bumps in the road or it can give you
green lights for some choices that you have been unsure about. I ask that once
you receive your reading, that you go back and watch it throughout the fall as
things develop. Feel free to contact me and discuss as things unfold!