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Trump Plaza Hotel bankruptcy.

On Nov 2, 1992, Trump's Plaza Hotel was
forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after being unable to make its
debt payments. Under the plan, Trump agreed to give up a 49% stake in this
luxury hotel to Citibank and five other lenders.
Trump Shuttle closure. The Trump Shuttle became no more when it merged
with Shuttle Inc, operating as USAir Shuttle in 1992.
Donald Trump personal bankruptcy. By 1994, Trump slashed a large portion of
his $900 million personal debt and washed away $3.5 billion in his portfolio's
business debt.
Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts' bankruptcy. On November 21, 2004 Trump's
company filed for bankruptcy. Trump said the filing was "really just a technical
thing" as the best way to implement a restructuring plan.
Donald Trump personal bankruptcy (again). Once again, Trump filed for
personal bankruptcy protection and restructured his debt in 2004.
Taj Mahal bankruptcy. On November 22, 2006 Donald J. Trump’s casino empire
filed for bankruptcy protection after months of negotiations with bondholders over
restructuring a crushing debt. Donald Trump's online travel search engine was launched in
2006. Just a year later it folded.
Trump 29 Casino. Now known as Spotlight 29 Casino because Donald Trump's
ownership/management involvement ended in 2006.
Donald Trump Ocean Resort Baja. This Mexican resort was never built and
investor's deposits (up to $500,000.00) have not been returned. Trump claims
these buyers are “lucky” because they would have lost more money in a tanking
market had the projects been actually built.
Trump Towers Tampa. Trump is being sued right now in Tampa, Florida for
taking deposits on a 52-story condo tower that he never built. None of the buyers
got their $45,000 deposits back. And in an ironic twist, initial sales of this condo
were so successful that all deposits were returned to charge a higher price.
Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago. Trump built the second tallest
building in Chicago… he also defaulted on a $40 million loan. Rather than having
to pay the bank loan, Trump demanded the same bank should pay him $3 billion
for "undermining the project and damaging his reputation."
Trump Magazine. Trump's private-labeled publication (which was aimed at
affluent readers in major US markets) suffered from sagging ad sales. It folded on
May 19, 2009. This was Trump's third failed attempt at offering a magazine
bearing his name.
Trump International Hotel & Tower New Orleans. If constructed, this Trump
Tower would become the tallest building in the city of New Orleans and the state
of Louisiana at 70 stories high. But the project was put on hold in February of
Trump Entertainment Resort Holdings bankruptcy. On February 17, 2009
casino operator Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

40. that's 19 failures in less than 17 years… that averages one new failed business every 11 months. Construction was never started and the $2.9 billion project had been canceled and replaced with a shopping mall. Construction was to be completed by the end of 2009 featuring 298 hotel condominium units. That equates to a 23. the 1. Instead of a 525-unit luxury vacation home complex with pools and tennis courts.282-unit condominium hotel had only closed on 302 units. Trump claims he only lent his name to the project (and it was the developers who allowed the project to fail). Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas. this project is shaping up to be a legal battle with a big hole in the ground. Having defaulted on a $139 million loan. It was forced into renting out the building as apartments. 60 percent or more sold" when in fact just 16% of the units were sold. Trump Mortgage Trump University Trump Steaks Trump Vodka Trump . 50. Trump advertised that the building was "30. Dozens of angry buyers sued Trump for failing to complete the project. Donald Trump announced in November of 2010 he was no longer affiliated with the project. Through the end of February 2010.6% vacancy (with a debt ratio of $50 million in assets to his $500 million in debt). The lawsuit by 15 plaintiffs alleged that during the first 18 months of marketing. Trump International Hotel & Tower Fort Lauderdale. Trump International Hotel & Tower in Dubai. a lot of people were financially ruined because of this single "successful" business guru. When you run the math. Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico. Even worse. Donald Trump SoHo Hotel Condominium. Donald Trump was sued for fraud over his New York SoHo condo offering in 2010. This 62-story mixed-used building on the Palm Jumeirah’s Golden Mile was first announced in 2005.