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TOPdesk – They're Lovin' It!

The HauptServiceCenter, a division of McDonald’s Germany, is located in Munich. From there, a team of approximately forty employees maintains the IT infrastructure of the fast food giant, which, at the time of publication, encompasses 1,346 restaurants nationwide. The IT Service & Support department has been using TOPdesk since April 2008. Raik Müller, IT Manager, is enthusiastic about the application: “TOPdesk was the breakthrough that turned us into a professional service desk. By using the application, our bunch of specialized groups now forms a cohesive team.”
Raik Müller


Every last detail
A change in groupware – which mandated a new call registration system – was what brought about the professionalization of IT support with TOPdesk. Müller explains the reasoning behind the choice for TOPdesk: “The multiuser license model, which is based on the number of callers, really sparked our interest. It enables us to expand our service desk with extra specialists as we see fit, but without extra costs. Since we outsource part of our support, and our partner company uses a different help desk application, the linking options are very important to us. Furthermore, the user-friendliness of the entire system really impressed me during the demo that was given

by a TOPdesk Account Manager here in Munich. Callers, operators and administrators are all able to navigate the system easily right from the start. Every last detail in TOPdesk has been well thought through! As for satisfying requirements for standards such as ISO, SOX and ITIL in particular, TOPdesk is simply unbeatable.”

more significant advantages of SaaS. According to Müller and his colleagues, one of the conditions of using SaaS was that the server authentication occurred through a secure LDAP connection. In addition to the standard Incident Management and Configuration Management modules, McDonald’s also uses the Change Management and Stock and Order Management modules. Müller explains how he and TOPdesk consultant Arndt Oberhöffken configured TOPdesk: “We entered all of our restaurants, the headquarters in Munich, and five regional branches with 700 callers in TOPdesk. During the finetuning of the set up, we took care of our user interface and created

Half SaaS for McDonald’s
McDonald’s decided to purchase TOPdesk instead of opting for the Software as a Service (SaaS) version. However, the hamburger chain contracts the administration and maintenance of the server and software out to TOPdesk because they do not want to spend any resources on this aspect – which is one of the


the necessary links between fields so that we could begin logging calls as soon as possible.”

Software links with external service providers
McDonald’s outsources first line support for its restaurants to an

the operators into three groups: Restaurant Support, Office Support and a Supporting Files group. “Additionally, there are other employees not affiliated with our department that are involved in support. For example, our partner companies in software development

of logging calls, Müller’s team will be able to devote more time to processing calls as opposed to registering them. “Finally, after approximately a year of experience with TOPdesk, we can say that the application has fulfilled all of our requirements

“ By using the application, our bunch of specialized groups now forms a cohesive team. ”
IT service provider. A link with the external help desk software generates incidents in TOPdesk, which are then sent to second line operators via a mail import. They either process the incidents or send them back to the external support team. Müller has divided take over the third line support.” Müller’s next step will be making the Self Service Desk available to the 700 employees at the headquarters and regional branches. After the test phase is complete and everyone is accustomed to the new manner and expectations,” declares Müller. “The excellent support we received during the consultancy days, the implementation and the later training phase was unique and something that I have never before had the pleasure of experiencing.”