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Cancer Full Moon 2012

To whose temple the Arch is starlit, In whose temple the Sun is the image of gold, To whose temple the Moon goes every month And brings the message out every full-moon, And whose message the Moon sings as a word of sixteen letters, His religion I belong to, His temple I visit, His name I utter, His glory I live in. To Him I offer the lotus of my day, To Him I offer the lotus of my night.

These seed thoughts from the Spiritual Psychology meditations of Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya give the note for the Lunar Messenger of the Circle of Good Will. The moon is the reflective principle and symbol of the mind. When pure and calm, it reflects impressions from higher circles. Especially the time of the full moon is conducive for higher alignment, if we are poised enough. The alignment of the sun, moon and earth in the sky helps experiencing the magic of the light of the soul and its manifestation down to the physical. The Lunar Messenger is published every month in time for the full moon. It contains thoughts from the teachings of eternal wisdom. Its purpose is to inspire us to put them into practical life.

The Path of the Waters
In a spiritual understanding water means something different than in the everyday use of the term. In many theologies water refers to the original matter called the “Mother of the World”, because there is the basis of all manifestation in it. Water is also considered as chaos or as ether into which the Absolute God manifests himself as creation. Water with its three states of vapour, liquid and ice stands for the three gradations of ether out of which the manifestation of the seven planes of existence comes about. The water on the physical plane is the manifestation of the ether of the solar and cosmic planes. It represents the energy of life which is electricity or electric fire in space. The water ritual (Abhishekam) aims at the manifestation of the electric power from the invisible to the visible planes. Water in its subtlest form is electricity. The waters of the earth are nothing but the waters of the heaven. The waters represent the subtle and the gross. What we see as water is the physical form of energy. Therefore, we get energized when we drink or take a shower. The energy has a cyclic movement, from the subtle to the gross and from the gross to the subtle. The path of the waters is called NARAYANA. AYANA means the path; NA is the sound related to the return, RA is the sound for the emergence. NA stands for evolution; RA stands for the involution of the Cosmic Person in whom we live, move and have our existence. The descent of the Lord happens through the descent of the waters. The souls ascend again through the ascending waters. This path of ascent and descent exists also in a month in form of the ascending and descending moon phases. With the oceans the moon causes the tides, and it has something to do with the magnetic currents of water and ether. In the course of the year we have the ascending and descending movement in the northern and southern course of the sun. The waters of the earth also have this twofold movement. Through the sun they are taken up into the sky, through the rain they come down again. While being lifted up the polluted water is purified and distilled again into drinking water. In former days, rainwater was considered to be the purest water; but we have polluted our atmosphere and a layer of contamination has formed around the planet created by the industries. Hence, we are often not able to straightaway drink that water. Also, the oceans and nearly all the rivers are polluted and the water has first to be treated before we can drink it. We need to make sure that we purify the waters of the earth and also keep pure the waters in our body through right eating and drinking, through right desire and thinking.

Emotion and Devotion
The water corresponds to our emotional abode, the fire relates to our world of thought. As soon as there is a disturbance on the emotional plane the water of emotions is brought to a boil. Each time we shed tears, we pay back for earlier acts, where others had to shed tears on account of us. Thus, through pain we neutralise the

effects of previous acts and transform the emotions. Emotion is like muddy water; when it is purified, it becomes the crystal clear water of devotion. Devotion and love develop a fine sense for the feeling of other people. These pure, subtle feelings are compared to the pure etheric waters of heaven.

ability to adapt well to changing situations. He who has a good water energy in his horoscope gets along well with every person and can meet him on his own level. If water is missing in our horoscope we are missing adaptability. Without sufficient water transformations aren’t possible.

We cannot divide the spirit and the soul, the soul and the body, just like there is no demarcation between the Atlantic, the Indian and the Pacific Ocean – in truth, there is only one ocean. All is indivisibly one, but we divide it with our mind to be able to understand. In each one of us the Divine exists in our form. The soul itself has no form. However, it appears in a form and according to the form. It is the basis of all formation. However, it is not the form; it is also neither male nor female. When we fill a bowl with water the water takes the shape of the bowl. It always adapts its form according to the container, but maintains a horizontal level on its surface. It is the same with the pure existence. The water in the different forms and states is only one water. Its substance remains the same, whether it transforms to vapour, water or ice. However, it has totally different qualities according to the state – clouds are subtler than water, ice is denser. But there is no difference in the essence. Its forms of appearance as snowflakes, ice crystals, waves or cloud formations are of a stunning variety. Water is the energy of synthesis. The four elements fall apart without water as a synthesizing agent. Our sense of taste is due to water. If the tongue becomes dry without any liquid on it, then it cannot taste anything. Without water the earth is not fertile, there is no fauna and flora. The pure waters lead to a healthy and harmonious ambiance. All great civilisations had their splendour on the riverside – of the Ganges, Indus or Nile, of the Jordan, Rhine, Amazonas or Mississippi – because there is a continuous distribution of energy. Great civilisations emerged especially on the board of great rivers flowing towards the east or the north, the movement from the gross to the subtle. People living near a source, a river or an ocean are helped by the water. Any waterfall is sacred, it purifies the surroundings. People who have to live at places where there are no rivers, lakes or oceans nearby, at places where there are only seldom rains, become rigid and tight. They are not easily able to change. There are communities living at very dry places, where naturally the persons tend to be tougher. Water stands for the

Life Currents and Purification
Flowing waters and spring waters have more life currents than stagnated or stored water. Water in a bottle shouldn’t be stored beyond seven days after filling, because otherwise it substantially loses vital force. Water stored in plastic containers is not as healthy as water stored in earthen pots, because plastic doesn’t enable vitalising energy to flow through. Glass containers are considered the best. In the past, water in India was always stored in brass containers; Indian studies revealed that it is healthier. Mineral water is stored water and doesn’t contain much vital force. Filtered water weakens the forces of resistance of the body. If water is boiled all undesirable things in the water are being burnt. It should be drunk as hot as the mouth can bear. We should not drink boiled water after it has cooled down, for with cooling it attracts undesirable things from the atmosphere. People who prefer cold water and cold food tend to inertia. Today water for drinking is often offered with ice cubes. This is a nuisance and leads us more and more towards the gross material. Our foods are clean and well packed in plastic bags, so that they could actually be prepared directly. However, we should first wash them at home to clean them from the commercial vibrations of the supermarket. If we eat them unwashed, we get commercial thoughts. If we have to eat outside, it is good to clean fruits with water. We can also bless the food to purify its vibration. At crowded places, entertainment centres, but also at hospitals and houses of mourning we are drawn into thought forms which stick to the places and can weaken us. We receive the urge to buy or sexual thoughts or a sorrow invades us. These energies are like vampires catching hold of our weaknesses. It is then highly recommended to wash ourselves as quickly as possible or even to take a shower to recover our energy system. The Ayurveda says that water purifies men and Gods alike.
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