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Volume V, Issue 6
The Stuyvesant Standard November 16, 2005 Free

Diwali-Eid Festival Spreads Indian and Bengali Culture

area committed to ending vio-

TSS/Amy Leung
SENIOR STAFF WRITER lence against women of South
Asian origin.”
On November 10, 275 Stuy- The event began as students
vesant students and faculty went filed into the Dining Hall for In-
to see the 2nd Annual Diwali-Eid dian food. The delicious assort-
Festival, hosted by the Indian and ment of rice, naan, chutney, vege-
Bengali Culture Clubs. The Stu- tarian food, along with sweet and
dent Dining Hall was transformed spicy sauces, was donated by five
into a runway and theater, with restaurants.
students walking out in Indian The fashion show came next.
clothes and performing Indian Indian and non-Indian Stuyvesant
dances. For a $4 admission ticket, students donned saris, salwar
students received a plate of food, kameezes, lehengas, and dupattas.
a raffle ticket, and henna tattoos. Boy-girl couples and groups of
All proceeds from the event bene- boys or girls came out on the run-
fited SAKHI for South Asian way, greeted with yells and whis-
Women, a self-described tles from the crowd. Junior War-
“community-based organization lito deLeon, a model for the
in the New York metropolitan Continued on Page 3

‘Teacher Man’ Revisits Stuy A Chorus Line:

think that he could handle Ameri-

A Singular Sensation
STAFF WRITER can teenagers. McCourt’s profes-
sor at New York University
Frank McCourt, a Pulitzer
stated regarding teaching, “You
Prize-winning author and a for-
think you’re in control? Think BY JACOB ARLUCK to her again, to give her another
mer teacher of English at Stuyve-
again. They’re like heat-seeking COPY CHIEF chance.
sant, has written a new book,
missiles. When they go after you It was one of the most mov-
“Teacher Man,” about his life as Cassie (senior Molly Ruben-
they’re following a primal in- ing scenes in "A Chorus Line,"
a teacher in the New York public Long) wanted to be part of an
stinct. It is the function of the Stuyvesant's exuberant Fall Musi-
school system. He will begin a ensemble, but for once she had
young to get rid of their elders, to cal, which enlivened the Murray
worldwide book tour with a talk the stage all to herself. There was
make room on the planet. You Kahn Theater on November 4 and
at Stuyvesant on November 14. something stark and elemental to 5. The musical, first performed
the sight: a pale girl with jet-
in 1975, tells the stories of seven-
black hair in a white shirt and teen dancers auditioning for roles
black skirt, alone on a stage ut- in a Broadway production. As the
terly dark except for a single bril- director Zach (senior Ian Mur-
liant spotlight, singing and danc-
ing, imploring the world to listen
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2005 Election Results

BY JENNIFER SCHLESINGER Ferrer said, “Though of course I
STAFF WRITER ran to win, I knew I could lose.
TSS/Joseph Krutov

Frank McCourt discusses his new book in the interview So I ran first and foremost to
with Joseph Krutov of The Stuyvesant Standard. On November 8, millions of raise a voice for those without
Americans across the country cast
one.” Bloomberg acted in stride
votes in local and statewide elec-
In 1996 he released his first tions. Continued on Page 4
know that, don’t you?” McCourt
memoir, “Angela’s Ashes.” He In New York City, Michael
decided to take the risk, and that
was 66 at the time. The book Bloomberg, the incumben t
decision eventually led to his
swiftly became a bestseller and mayor, easily won reelection with
teaching at Stuyvesant. His was a
still enjoys tremendous popular- a 20% margin over Democrat
tortuous road, and he spent many
ity. It won both the National Fernando Ferrer, who received
unhappy years at other schools
Book Award and the Pulitzer fewer votes than any Democratic
before finding a better teaching
Prize for Biography. mayoral candidate since 1917.
environment at Stuyvesant. At
“An ge l a ’ s A s h es” and In his concession speech,
Continued on Page 5
McCourt’s second book, “‘Tis,”
describe his miserable childhood
in Ireland and his first years in
The City of New York

America. “Teacher Man,” avail-

able in bookstores on November
News.....................2-7 Puzzles..............................11-12
15, portrays McCourt’s experi-
ences as a high school teacher. Business................7-8 Science……………….......12
In “Teacher Man,” McCourt Opinions................9 Arts & Entertainment........13-14 Mayor Bloomberg was elected to a
writes that ignorance was the Literary..................10-11 Sports................................15-16 second term, defeating Democrat Fer-
nando Ferrer.
only reason he had the nerve to
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THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 News Page 3

Diwali-Eid Festival Spreads Indian and Bengali Culture

Continued from Page 1 After this, many Indian audience. that they had a great time. Ka-
event, said that “the crowd was dances were performed to Bolly- A gift bag from the Soda math said, “I am extremely happy
great. This event was more publi- wood music. Senior Tina Shop, a Barnes and Noble gift at the turnout and success of the
cized this year, and that’s why so Varghese performed an upbeat certificate, and an iPod Shuffle event. Everyone worked really
many people showed up.” dance with quick hand and body were raffled off to lucky students. hard and it paid off in the end—
The co-president of the In- movements in colorful Indian Finally, as the show ended, some we’ve raised $700 for SAKHI.” ◙
dian Culture Club (ICC), senior attire. Groups of girls came out in of the danc-
Nameeta Kamath, welcomed the black pants and glittery tanks ers contin-
audience to the Stuyvesant’s first over black tops and danced Bhan- ued to
combined Diwali and Eid festi- gra to the Taakre song, followed dance, hav-
val. Diwali is India’s most glam- by other groups who belly danced ing a mini
orous and important festival and to the Bollywood songs “Salaam a f t e r -p a r t y
Eid is Islam’s holiest day. Partici- Namase” and “Deebar De.” of their own.
pant Areeba Sadig, a junior, an- Despite difficulties with the Many mem-
nounced, “We are happy we can sound system, the dancing was bers of the
bring our culture to Stuyvesant!” great and well-received by the audience left

All photos taken by Amy Leung.

Page 4 November 16, 2005 News THE STUYVESANT STANDARD

Subway Searches on Trial City Teachers Ratify New Contract

BY YULIYA FELDMAN battle between the union and the
BY YULIYA FELDMAN to the deterrence of terrorism. STAFF WRITER city.
STAFF WRITER They stated that the unpredictable Teachers have been without a
nature of random bag searches The members of the United
contract since May 2003. At one
The New York Civil Liber- Federation of Teachers, the or-
was the element that would pre- point, union leaders threatened a
ties Union (NYCLU) filed a law- ganization representing all New
vent further attacks. David strike in violation of the Taylor
suit against the New York City York City public school teachers,
Cohen, the deputy commission Law, which prohibits strikes by
Police Department (NYPD). NY- have ratified a new contract with
for intelligence stated that, public employees. A tentative
CLU insisted that the policy of the city. The contract guarantees
“Unpredictability is the enemy of deal was struck in October and
random searches on the subways a 15% pay raise over four years,
the terrorist and the ally of those the union delegates moved to get
was unconstitutional, and ineffec- as well as an increase in the start-
who are trying to prevent or deter it approved.
tive in combating terrorism. ing pay of teachers from $39,000
another terrorist attack.” UFT president Randi Wein-
“We have no objection to to $42,000 and an increase in the
NYCLU responded to the garten said, “It is my hope that
reasonable searches,” said Chris- maximum regular salary from
claims made by the Police De- with this agreement, we can put
topher Dunn, lead counsel for the $81,000 to $92,000.
partment by stating that, the bitterness of the last few
“As common sense would years behind us and work to-
suggest, the program is gether to provide the highest
virtually certain neither to quality education for our stu-
catch any person trying to dents.”
carry explosives into the Teachers at Stuyvesant are
subway system nor to happy to finally receive a con-
United Federation of Teachers

deter such an effort.” tract, but many have mixed

The civil liberties group feelings about the contract
stresses that because the itself. “I think it is a deceptive
amount of searches in the contract in that the money
Agence France-Presse

subways are ineffective Votes for the ratification of the new contract looks good, but other features
in deterrence of terrorism, were counted on November 3. particularly the extra time
they are unnecessary. have been sold to the public
The school year will be ex-
The city’s right to conduct random bag searches on The group hired testers, deceptively,” said Ms. Brown, an
subways is being challenged in a new court case. who visited the subway tended by two days and teachers English teacher.
stations 3,288 times. will be required to work an extra Students at Stuyvesant also
NYCLU. “But we cannot and Ho wever, they were onl y 50 minutes each week. The con- have mixed feeling about the con-
will not stand by… a program searched a total of 34 times. Ac- tract also includes measures de- tract. “It can be seen as adding
that subjects millions of people to cording to The New York Times, signed to help maintain safety one minute to each period, which
suspicion-less searches that serve riders selected for a search are and discipline in schools and isn’t a lot,” said Michael Chu, a
virtually no public-safety pur- permitted to refuse it and leave gives principals more power to Stuyvesant student. Sophomore
pose.” The NYCLU also argues the subway station without inter- fire and discipline teachers. Jane Yang disagreed, calling the
that these searches violate the ference, but they can simply enter Mayor Michael Bloomberg contract “a weak compromise.”
Fourth Amendment, which guar- through another station entrance said he was “pleased that the UFT Sophomore Eileen Change
antees protection against illegal that is left unguarded. has ratified a new contract; it is opposed the increase in class time
searches and seizures. Judge Richard M. Berman, good for teachers, the city, and “It’s bad - very, very bad because
Random bag searches were who is presiding over the case, most importantly, our school chil- it is adding to the school day.
introduced in New York City has scheduled the closing argu- dren.” Plus, it is giving us more work on
after a series of deadly bombings ment for December 2. He stated About 63% of the 86,000 top of the huge Stuyvesant load
in the London transport system in that he would issue his verdict voting teachers approved the con- that we already have.” ◙
July. Michael A. Sheehan, who soon after. ◙ tract, which ended a year-long
is the deputy commissioner for
counterterrorism, stated that the
searches were put into place
when, “Our level of concern
about a possible copycat attack,
in this subway system, was at a
peak.” Sheehan believes that the
New York subway system is a
prime target for members of Al
Qaeda. “Make no mistake,” he
said. “They want to come back to
this city, desperately.”
The NYPD stresses that the
random bag searches are essential

Race Winner Party

2005 Election Results NYC Mayor
Michael R.
Bloomberg Republican
Continued from Page 1 and lost in the primaries. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz Democratic
in his acceptance speech, saying The New York State ballot Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Democratic
“tomorrow, we go back to work. also contained several referen- Manhattan Borough Presi-
We go back to fighting for a New dums for public approval. Voters dent Scott Stringer Democratic
York where families can live approved a bond issue to fund
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall Democratic
safely…children can learn, with transportation but rejected a
change in the state constitution Staten Island Borough Presi-
good jobs and housing, and health
that would have given the legisla- dent James Molinaro Republican
care for all.”
New York City voters chose ture more power in deciding on a Governor of New Jersey Jon Corzine Democratic
the five borough presidents. In- budget. Governor of Virginia Tim Kaine Democratic
cumbents won in the Bronx, In Virginia, another guberna-
torial race ended in a victory for real winner may have been the in getting another Democrat to
Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten current governor, Mark Warner, a succeed him, Warner has been the
Island, while in Manhattan, As- the Democratic Party. Lieutenant
Governor Timothy M. Kaine won Democrat who enjoys a 75% ap- subject of increasing speculation
semblyman Scott Stringer won an
51 percent of the vote against proval rating in his generally Re- about a 2008 presidential cam-
open race. He replaced C. Vir-
Republican Jerry W. Kilgore. The publican state. With his success paign. ◙
ginia Fields, who ran for mayor
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 News Page 5
Continued from Page 1 TSS: You wrote about your en-
Stuyvesant High School, Frank
McCourt taught the Creative
‘Teacher Man’ Revisits Stuy tire life in such detail. How did
you remember it all? And was it
Writing class and was faculty your experiences? After all, you but I can identify with the strug- difficult to describe some of the
advisor to the Caliper literary had a miserable childhood in Ire- gle of gay people. We can all extremely personal events?
magazine. land – identify. You see television sto- FM: It was difficult, especially
Below is an excerpt from the FM: A miserable childhood. ries about people starving in Af- the part about my father leaving
exclusive interview with Frank TSS: – and American readers rica. Well, if you’ve never been us. He was an alcoholic. They
McCourt, in which he speaks really can’t relate to say it a disease, but can-
about his new book, Stuyvesant, that, and all your life is cer is a disease. You
and life in general. affected by it – can’t walk away from
FM: Well, if they cancer, but you can
The Stuyvesant Standard: It couldn’t really relate to walk away from the
has been many years since you it themselves, they had bottle. People have
retired from Stuyvesant – parents and grandpar- done that. He did not.
Frank McCourt: 1987. ents who could. I He went to England, he
TSS: – and I think it is possible talked about that in did not send us any
that you are better known there “‘Tis,” in “Teacher money, so we were on
now than in the days when you Man,” where all the the verge of starvation.
were a teacher there. Jewish kids, whose TSS: Many people find
FM: Well, I was known within grandparents had gone it difficult to understand
the school, but teachers are rarely through camps in Ger- this – it‘s hard to open
known outside of school. Teach- many, that kind of up like that, to write
ers don’t get no respect in the thing – it opened up a with such honesty, to
society. lot of family stories. tell everything.
TSS: Do you know that your So, anybody can iden- FM: Stuyvesant High
book “Angela’s Ashes” is now tify with anything, I School helped me. I
required reading in the Freshman can tell you that. Have taught the kids there for
Composition class? you ever read Tom eighteen years – and
FM: No. Freshmen – What Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the you never open up com-
about the seniors? Vanities”? That book pletely, there is always
TSS: The seniors – They already is the – different ele- something you hold
read it. They had three years to ments of New York back. You never tell
think about it. life. It’s a novel. He the entire story. Start-
FM: Oh, yes. That’s fine, except deals with kids up in Pulitzer Prize winner and former ing to tell – It’s like
I wouldn’t want anybody to give Harlem, and he deals Stuyvesant teacher Frank McCourt. training for the mara-
a test on it. with people on Park thon. You start telling
TSS: No, we just look for the Avenue. So we see it these stories, and as you
deeper meaning. on television, we see it TSS/Joseph Krutov are telling one anecdote
FM: Yes, that’s another thing. If in the movies, even though we hungry before, you don’t know or a story, there is always another
you find it, let me know. If any- might not have experienced it. the intensity of that, and I have one forming in the back of your
body finds it. I would never want I’ve never – for instance, I have been hungry, so I can identify head, which might be too private
to have it used as a torture never experienced homosexuality, with that – to discuss. And that’s the one
weapon. you keep for yourself. It’s a very
TSS: It is not torture. I am one complicated process.

The Gaga Club

Buch, a senior, encourages
of the few people who have read people to go to games “to TSS: While “Teacher Man”, as
your new book “Teacher Man” see why Gaga will soon be well as “Angela’s Ashes” and
before its official release – more popular than basket- “‘Tis”, are autobiographical, I
FM: Oh, yeah? BY TIMOTHY QUINTO ball.” There is also free soda at have always wondered whether
TSS: – and I just want to say that SENIOR STAFF WRITER
the end of every meeting. The there is some element of fiction
it is as fascinating and as moving club is growing in popularity, in it. Is there?
Gaga is an Israeli form of
as your previous books. with over 80 active members. FM: No. There is no need to. I
dodgeball. The Gaga Club at
FM: I am glad to hear you say The club has faced trouble tried to write a novel. I began
Stuyvesant promotes the sport
that. It is good to hear it from the with a novel about teaching. Did-
and organizes informal games getting official sanction. After
mouths of the young. n’t work. It did not work because
held in classrooms. members broke a flagpole and
TSS: How do you feel about the reality of teaching is more
Unlike the team sport famil- annoyed two janitors, the club
“Teacher Man”? significant, more vivid than –
iar to viewers of was banned from classrooms. A Look at the movies you have seen
Club Spotlight

FM: I did not like it. “Dodgeba ll: A

TSS: You don’t like it?
Classic Toys
meeting with about school, teaching. Look at
True Underdog
FM: No, I didn’t like it. And Assistant Prin- the books you have read about it.
Story,” Gaga is a
when I handed it in I – I sort of – cipal of Organi- They don’t come near the reality.
free-for-fall. Play-
You know, it is like having a kid, zation Randi And that’s what I chose to do.
ers are eliminated
a disobedient kid, a wayward kid, Damesek re- Because, you know, if you see a
when hit below the
a kid that doesn’t do what you movie about school, you will see
knee. The ball can vealed that the
want him to do. I just – I found it one teacher, one class – in any
not be touched by administration
hard to control, but then – then I movie, for dramatic purposes.
the same person was not aware
finished it, and my editor, Nan, They never show you how the
c o n s e c u t i v e l y , Gaga is best described as that the game
worked on it with me, and then I teacher walks from class to class
unless it comes an Israeli form of dodge- has been played
saw approval in the eyes of other to class to class to class, and what
into contact with ball.
people. So I said, “Oh, it must be in classrooms its like to be at the end of the day.
the wall. When
okay,” so I am happy with it. for over two years. Club officials TSS: Stuyvesant it is known a
there are only two par-
TSS: Did you plan on writing are considering holding games in “science school,” so there are
ticipants left, the game
this third book when you were the dining hall, although some many students there who do not
goes into “infinite,” in
finishing “‘Tis”? see the importance, or as much
which players are allowed to members are reluctant due to the
FM: I did, yeah, as I felt I hadn’t importance, in the humanities and
dribble the ball. The last man lack of enclosed space, without
done enough about teaching in literature as in mathematics and
standing wins. which Gaga would be less ki-
“‘Tis”. I wanted to do what is science. What do you have to tell
With the ball ricocheting off netic. ◙
really a whole book on teaching. them?
walls and bodies, and dozens of
And I still didn’t say everything I If you would like to have your FM: I think they did when I was
people doing their best to avoid
wanted to say. club or publication featured in there, maybe they don’t… But
it, games can become pretty cha-
TSS: Did you think that readers The Standard, send an e-mail to we used to enter all the poetry
otic, although injuries are rare.
of your books would relate to all Gaga Club President Nathan
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Page 6 November 16, 2005 News THE STUYVESANT STANDARD

MTA Finally Going Your Way! ‘Teacher Man’ Revisits Stuy

Continued from Page 5
BY ALICE WU day discount, with an astonishing
STAFF WRITER 12 approving votes against 2 dis- competitions and win them. I had
senting ones. As of this Novem- kids send off their work to news-
If there is one thing all New ber, the following discounts will papers and magazines that was
Yorkers like, it is free stuff. This be instituted: published. As a matter of fact, a
time, New Yorkers are not receiv- • ½ fare on city local buses and couple of months ago a there was
ing free stuff, but they are going subways (including the Staten a book on the bestseller list of a
to get nice holiday discounts from Island railroad and Long Island former student of mine, Susan
the MTA for their daily travel buses) on weekends from Thanks- Gilman, called “Hypocrite in a
throughout the five boroughs. giving until the end of December Pouffy White Dress”. I think the
The MTA has a surplus of • ½ fare on city local buses and girls changed the tone of the
around $928 million. This extra subways (including the Staten school in 1968-1969 – and the
cash comes from several sources: Island railroad and Long Island boys too. But there is always
revenue from last May’s tax in- buses) during the last week of another aspect to it – scientists,
creases, savings from low interest December great scientists, are known – of-
rates, and increased revenue from • 4 extra days on a $76 30-Day ten physicists – for their interest
fees from real estate. in music. So that’s a stereotype
“Unlimited” MetroCard bought
“It’s not an easy job to decide of people – Oh, this is science
between Thanksgiving and the
where the [money] should be dis- and mathematics school, but we
end of December
also have to deal with life, and Frank McCourt’s “Teacher Man” was
• 1 extra day on a $24 7-Day
that’s what literature is for. released on November 15.
“Unlimited” MetroCard bought
TSS: Since you retired from
between Thanksgiving and the
teaching, your life has changed in the beginning, “Names have
end of December
dramatically – been changed.” We spent hours
• 1 extra day on a $41 7-Day with the lawyer.
FM: Yeah.
Express Bus Pass bought be- TSS: Your life now is so differ-
AK: –you are a major celebrity–
tween Thanksgiving and the ent from that of a Creative Writ-
FM: I am the big shot.
end of December ing teacher at Stuyvesant High
TSS: – everyone knows your
• LIRR and Metro North name. Your first two books are School. Do you sometimes miss

customers purchasing monthly bestsellers. Maybe your next teaching?

Monthly “Unlimited” MetroCards bought December passes will receive a
between Thanksgiving and the end of Decem- book will also be a memoir about FM: Yes, I do, because some-
free 10-trip pass valid during your life – life as a famous times it is so hard to stop talking.
ber can be used for an extra four days.
off-peak hours (good through writer? You spend 30 years talking yap
tributed,” MTA chairman Peter February 2006) FM: No. I want to write a novel. yap yap yap. And I find myself
Kalikow stated. Governor • LIRR and Metro North cus- Someday I could write about my sometimes I have to say to my-
George Pataki suggested that tomers purchasing a weekly pass life as a famous writer. I am a self, ‘Shut up!’ because I some-
$250 million of the surplus go to in December will receive 1 late bloomer, I’m a newcomer. times talk too much. I miss that.
the city’s transportation system in round-trip valid during off-peak TSS: Newcomer? But you have Being able to go up and stand in
Lower Manhattan, which includes hours so much attention already – front of the class, and work out
the rail link to JFK and Long Is- Even after using $50 million FM: Yeah. I’d like to write a my ideas before them.
land. He felt that these down- on the holiday discounts, the novel because then you can write TSS: Doesn’t writing give you
town projects were critical and MTA still has $878 million to about things that you can’t write that opportunity?
that the surplus should be used to spend. They have a general idea about in memoirs. I could have FM: Yes, but you don’t get the
stabilize the transit system rather of what they want to do with the written a lot more about Stuyve- immediate response like you get
than give city riders temporary rest of the money. Service en- sant High School. But you can’t from the class. That’s the good
happiness. The other suggestion hancements, security improve- – they could sue you for libel. I thing about teaching in a high
was to give the city riders a holi- ments, and MTA pension plans would be in jail for five years. school – you get this response
day discount for the days from are among the ideas being dis- And then, of course, people more than from a theater audi-
Thanksgiving until the end of cussed. would be looking for references ence. They paid ninety-one dol-
December. If all goes well, this holiday to themselves, and they would lars to see you and they’ll give
On Wednesday, October 26, discount will continue for at least say – well, obviously, you were you a standing ovation. High
the MTA Board voted on how to 2 years. New Yorkers may not writing about me. A novelist school kids are much more criti-
spend the money. An over- always agree with the MTA, but does not have to deal with it. cal and honest, and that’s the hard
whelming majority ratified a holi- the MTA is finally deciding to go That’s why when you write a part of teaching.
their way! ◙ book like “Teacher Man”, it says
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THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 News/Business Page 7
TSS: Do you still keep in touch TSS: As a last question, do you
‘Teacher Man’ Revisits Stuy with any of your students?
FM: Yes, I run into them all the
have any advice for Stuyvesant
students, or for students in gen-
Continued from Page 6 capital “F,” and an arrow, and time. They call me, email me. eral?
TSS: Now so many people are then another “F.” And I write, Some of them send me their nov- FM: Yes. I suppose, I could
saying that there is more of a “Fear to Freedom.” Not that you els. Dozens of novels. quote this poet Alexander Pope.
sense of competition – ever achieve it completely, but TSS: How does it makes you “Know then thyself, presume not
FM: Yes, that’s a problem. that’s the journey. feel? Proud? God to scan / The proper study of
Competition is unfortunate, be- TSS: Did you learn anything FM: Yes. Yes. Of course, I mankind is Man.” All right, learn
cause I think there should be from your experiences at Stuyve- give myself full credit for their yourself. That’s all. Find out
more a sense of fellowship, and sant? success. But to see who you are, and that’s it.
unity – FM: Yeah, I “Find out who them, see that you There’s nothing more important
TSS: What do you think about learned to be you are, and that’s have had – to see than that. For instance, let me
the No Child Left Behind Act? honest. they are getting give you an example. I had a
FM: Ah, it’s the politicians. It’s TSS: To the it. There’s nothing satisfaction out of student at one time who seriously
all bullshit. It has nothing to do students or to more important their life by writ- wanted to study jazz guitar in
with it. It’s testing, testing, test- yourself? ing… Boston in a – what do you call it
FM: Yes, both.
than that.” TS: Do you have a –
ing. There is all this testing go-
ing on in this country. They You try to put -McCourt favorite writer? TSS: A conservatory.
don’t have that kind of testing on an act in the FM: Yes. A num- FM: A conservatory. He was
going on in Europe – beginning. You know – you are ber of them. Mark Twain. James serious, this boy. His father said,
TSS: What was your goal in there – you say to yourself, You Joyce… William Trevor. Shake- “No, I am not sending you to
teaching at Stuyvesant? know you are teaching bullshit. speare… The big boys. And study no goddamn guitar.” His
FM: Freedom! You know it, and all the kids then there is an English writer father said, “You are going to be
TSS: Were you able to connect know. And the teacher very soon that you don’t hear about – he is a a goddamn accountant.” He
with students? drops the mask – it’s not about marvelous one, David Lodge, and asked me what he should do. All
FM: Yes. Most of us live in a honesty, it’s not because it is the he is very wonderful satirical I could say to him was, according
fog – we have blinkers on, we best policy, but because it is the writer. But a very good question to Joseph Campbell, “Follow
can’t move to the left or right. So best practical thing for yourself. is what do I keep by my bed? your bliss.” You have to take
my idea, and it is for myself – a “Mr. McCourt, that’s not what And if I am feeling tired, P.G. your chances. Because the kids
lot of it was for me – to get out of you said last Wednesday…” Wodehouse, the novels about are bullied, like the No Child Left
this, I used to write on the board They will catch you. Jeeves. Behind, they’re bullied into
thinking in a certain way and be-
ing afraid and worried about tests
Interested in a CFO career? all the time. It’s hard in high
school, but eventually you get
through high school, get through
Behind the newspaper. college, and then go on the road
— Hit the road, Jack! ◙
Behind the articles.

Top 10 Business Schools in the Country

BY STEPHANIE TAM 4. Massachusetts Institute of doesn’t have a formal administra- Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.
STAFF WRITER Technology - Sloan tion. Students run everything.” UCLA has the “ability to create
MIT is in Cambridge, Massa- 6. Dartmouth College leaders through teaching and ex-
As seniors are applying to
chusetts. Although it is not part of Dartmouth is located in the perimental learning.”
college, some have already
the Ivy League, it has equal pres- nice and peaceful setting of 8. University of Chicago
started looking at the next stage
tige. Interestingly, this school Hanover, New Hampshire. Stu- The University of Chicago in
of the game for aspiring million-
accepted more women than men dents say the student body is “a Illinois has “an amazing, deep
aires: business school. Here are
into its program last year, which unique group of urban sophisti- network of professionals on all
the top 10 MBA programs in the
is rare for a business school. cates in a rural setting.” There is levels, especially in finance and
United States, according to US
5. Northwestern University - a “real family feel.” general management.” The
News and World Report:
Kellogg 7. University of California - Los classes are flexible and the at-
1. Harvard University In addition to having a great mosphere is relaxed.
Harvard is an Ivy League
MBA program, Northwestern also UCLA is often known as the 9. Columbia University
private university in Cambridge,
prepares its students with team- school that “has the connections.” “The school is strongly ori-
Massachusetts. It has an exten-
work and communication skills. Top recruiters of this school in- ented toward Investment Banking
sive MBA program and is proba-
A student says, “Kellogg almost clude Lehman Brothers, Goldman and Management Consulting.”
bly the most prestigious school in
and “No other top business
the country. Their library is the The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsyl- school can claim to have the ac-
largest of any university’s, con- vania is among the top ten business schools in the country. cess that Columbia has to the top
taining over 12 million volumes.
professionals in Finance -- the
2. Stanford University New York City advantage.”
Stanford, located in Stanford,
10. University of Michigan -
California, is most interested in
Ann Arbor*
“a unique combination of high
The MBA program at UMich
leadership potential, academic
remains “extremely strong in cor-
excellence, and individual back-
porate strategy, entrepreneurial
ground and interests.”
studies, management accounting,
3. University of Pennsylvania - marketing, organizional behav-
Wharton ior… and entrepreneurial fi-
UPenn has the largest Ivy
nance.” There is always some-
League budget and a very diverse
thing students can get involved
University of Pennsylvania

body of students. It also has a

in, ranging from newspapers to
large acceptance rate of minority
parties. ◙ *Denotes a public
Page 8 November 16, 2005 Business THE STUYVESANT STANDARD

Bush Nominates Bernanke Google Expands Its

to Replace Greenspan Fortified Base
BY BENNETT HONG Research. Although some bond BY HANFORD CHIU currently charge their users fees
JUNIOR STAFF WRITER investors are expressing skepti- STAFF WRITER for their services, including auc-
cism, Bernanke is a solid, non- tioning items and posting jobs.
On October 24, President ideological, mainstream-oriented Google Inc. has recently cre- Additionally, the demand for ad-
Bush nominated Ben Bernanke to ated a program called Google
choice who understands the econ- vertisements in newspaper publi-
be the successor of Alan Green- omy and the effects of monetary Base that allows users to upload cations is diminishing with the
span, holder of one of the na- policy very well. He has been information from basic descrip- existence of all of these internet
tion’s most powerful jobs, the published in economic journals tions and personal thoughts, to corporations. Since most infor-
Chairman of the Federal Reserve. classified ads. More importantly,
since 1981 and has served nearly mation can be posted online and
Bernanke, 51, was a former Fed three years on the Fed’s board of this service does not require pay- shown to a much larger audience,
governor and Princeton Univer- governors. ment or transaction fees, creating classified ad and regular ad reve-
sity economics professor, and is Although Bernanke’s resume a large and free database for gen- nue for newspapers has been
currently the head of Bush’s eral public use.
is impressive, the standards he is steadily declining since 2001 to
up against are equally im- The new feature links almost 1997 levels. The stock
pressive. Greenspan was Google’s general search engine, prices for the New York Times
as well as Froogle and Local, to
not praised by Bush to be a (NYT) have been on a large
“legend [who has] domi- downward trend
nated his age like no cen- since 2004.
Eric Schmidt, Google's chairman and CEO,
tral banker in history” for has plans to further expand the company. From its humble
no reason. Ever since his beginnings,
nomination by President Google has been
Ronald Reagan in 1987, surprisingly
Greenspan has proven trumping its op-
himself time after time by ponents with its
bringing the country out of popularity. For
economic disasters in a the fourth quarter,
series of close calls. Google is report-

These disasters include the ing a 108% year-

panic that broke out on over-year growth
Wall Street in 1987 when in net revenue.
Ben Bernanke is a nominee for the position of the Dow Jones industrial This immense

Federal Reserve Chairman. average fell 23%, a bigger increase shows

percentage drop than the that Google is
Council of Economic Advisers. Great Crash of 1929; when Rus- generate a large amount of traffic effectively managed and will
If confirmed by the Senate, Ber- sia defaulted on its debts in 1998, from the people posting their likely continue to profit from its
nanke will replace Greenspan on which could have resulted in a items to sell, as well as the people user-friendly services. Although
January 31, 2006 and may keep chain reaction that would have looking to buy. With all the new Google Base has not been offi-
his post for the next fourteen ruptured the global financial sys- traffic, Google would be able to cially introduced to the public
years. tem; and when the attacks of 9/11 generate even more revenue from yet, insiders report that it has
The Federal Reserve is an came in 2001, which deeply advertisements. This service many user-friendly options to
independent agency of the United wounded the economy. would be great competition for assist in uploading and searching
States Government. Its main Bernanke will face an en- Yahoo and Microsoft, both of for information, meaning that
roles include supervising and tirely new set of crises from which have their own search en- Google’s fortress is about to be-
regulating banks, implementing Greenspan’s. First of all, the in- gines that contain advertisements. come even more impenetrable
monetary policy by open market flation he will face is from energy It also adds pressure to sites such than it already is. ◙
operations, setting the discount and food causes, dissimilar to the as E-Bay and Craig’s List, which
rate and the reserve ratio, main- inflation Greenspan faced nearly
taining a strong payments system, 20 years ago. Secondly, there
and controlling the amount of will be credit problems as the
currency that is made and de- housing market cools down and Questions? Comments?
stroyed on a day-to- prices weaken;
day basis. In es-
Although some global buyers will It is the policy of The Standard
sence, its greatest start selling mort-
control over investors are ex- gage-backed se- to remain accessible to its readers.
America’s econ- pressing skepticism, curities. Thirdly,
omy is its ability
to raise and lower Bernanke is a solid, Bernanke will
have to deal with
Please contact us at
interest rates. non-ideological, the rising U.S.
Because of credit debt; now,
the gravity of this mainstream-
40% of the coun- inflation targeting, which means ris, chief US economist at Leh-
post to the Ameri- oriented choice who try’s treasury announcing the Fed’s target over man Bros, comments, “He is
can economy, it is securities are
vital that Green-
understands the two or three years, and having trained for the job…he certainly
held by foreign that target govern its actions. has the respect of many in the
span’s successor economy and the investors. Although Greenspan has been institution [the Fed], so the hand-
be highly capable. effects of monetary Although Ber- trying to keep the inflation rate off is pretty smooth” and even
Bernanke is well- nanke assures
policy very well. between one and two percent, he Greenspan says, “Ben comes with
qualified for the that his “first pri- has always opposed inflation tar- superb academic credentials and
job, having received ority will be to geting in order to maintain his important insights into the ways
a Masters at Harvard University maintain continuity with the poli- freedom to move outside of the our economy functions. I have
and a doctorate at MIT. He was cies and policy strategies estab- percentage range. no doubt that he will be a credit
also the co-author of a popular lished during the Greenspan In spite of these differences, to the nation as a chairman of the
economics textbook, and chair- years,” there is no doubt that he is Bernanke is well-accepted. The Federal Reserve Board.”
man of the panel charged with different from Greenspan. For New York Times and the New Is Bernanke the correct
dating U.S. economic expansions instance, he is not as opposed to York Post actually agree on choice? We will have to wait
and recessions at the prestigious Bush’s tax cuts as Greenspan is. something–that Bernanke is the (not for long) and see. ◙
National Bureau of Economic He talks clearly, and believes in right man for the job. Ethan Har-
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 Opinions Page 9

Miers Folds Her Hand After

new nominee within days. Judge

I Dream
Samuel Alito, a foil to Miers, is a
well-established conservative
with strong views on abortion.
Senate Calls Her Bluff He also has fifteen years of ex-
perience serving as an appeals
court judge, nominated by George BY MOR ROSENBURG
BY HANFORD CHIU H. W. Bush during his presi- STAFF WRITER
Although Miers collapsed A crowd of people gathered
Harriet Miers officially with- in an open market in the small
drew from her campaign to be- under internal pressure, Judge
Alito has the potential to gain his town of Hadera, Israel on October
come a Supreme Court judge on 26. Many were at the falafel
October 27. Since her nomina- entire party’s support, as well as a
Supreme Court confirmation. stand, eager to buy and consume
tion, conservative groups were some delicious falafel. However,
skeptical about her blurred record Although his extreme stance on
abortion limitations might repulse they never got the chance to be-
and further repelled when she
Associated Press

moderate Republicans, his deci- cause shortly before four in the

showed signs of liberal leanings Harriet Miers afternoon, a suicide bomber
towards abortion. sions on cases involving free
speech and religious tolerance killed himself, murdering 5 peo-
The final strike, however, independence of the executive ple and injuring 55 others in the
came when President Bush re- should please some moderate
branch, Bush and Miers had no process.
fused to release confidential Democrats. However, one must
choice but to withdraw her nomi- When I heard the news, I felt
documents that the Republicans wonder: Is it worse to have a
nation. my heart stop. My family lives in
demanded, detailing a record of known conservative on the court
But, as Sen. Dick Durbin (D- Hadera, and they shop in that
Mier’s personal advice when she or an unknown judge who may
Ill.) correctly predicted, “I would small open market. Whenever I
was serving as Counsel to the potentially swing to the liberal
caution Democrats before they am in Israel, I would often stop at
President. With this unacceptable side? ◙
applaud. We must be careful of that falafel stand to buy some of
breach of confidentiality and the what follows.” Bush nominated a that scrumptious falafel. Luckily,
none of my family was hurt, but

Superheroes of the Hallways one of my aunt’s former class-

mates was killed. What had she
done to deserve her demise?
BY CHETAN CHAUHAN AND required. So as much as we, the raging snowstorm outside, this Wait on line to purchase falafel?
RAYMOND XU students, may loathe the security situation would probably have Of course, the Israeli govern-
JUNIOR STAFF WRITERS guards, there is nothing we can been much less stressful. But ment decided to retaliate, which
really do about them. Ray was extremely angry because simply means attack by a series
During your time at Stuy, of air strikes and arrests. Instead
However, despite all my now he had to go home, barely-
you have probably been kicked of actually addressing the prob-
complaints about security guards, clothed, in below freezing tem-
off of one of the floors by a secu- lem, the government only made
I believe that we do need them. I peratures. Ray learned one thing
rity guard at least once. Even the matter worse.
will tell you a that day: do not
when you are quietly reading a The Israeli government
book, or calmly taking things out
story about a Security guards not give to charity; it
freshman named blames the suicide bombers.
of your locker, you never know
Ra y, which
only eliminate noise will make you
lose more than Meanwhile, the Palestinians ac-
when a security guard will sud- in the hallways, but you gain. cuse Israel of usurping their land.
shows just how
denly appear out of nowhere and So which came first, the chicken
important the protect our private If someone had
say, "You are not suppose to be or the egg? Who is to blame, the
security guards been there to pro-
sitting here! Go to the second property as well. Israelis or Palestinians? Both
can be. tect our posses-
floor or the library!" sides say, “They started it!” It
One day, Ray sions, the UNICEF
In order to stop the security reminds me of a bunch of three
decided to go to his locker during box may not have been stolen and
guards from bothering us, a large year olds fighting on a play-
double period biology. Much to Ray may not have died of pneu-
number of students would have to ground, except that they do not
his surprise, Ray found his locker monia the next day. The security
complain. This was the case with have sand and wooden blocks;
opened. At that time, there were guards protect our belongings
the sixth floor gamers. they have guns and missiles.
several cases of theft throughout because their presence prevents
On a seemingly auspicious Personally, I do not care who
the school. The thieves had bro- thefts and other crimes from oc-
day, a pack of security guards started it. I just want the bomb-
ken into many people's lockers on curring. Security guards not only
suddenly came up to the sixth ing to end. I want to go to Israel
the eighth and ninth floors. Ray eliminate noise in the hallways,
floor and kicked everyone off. in the summer and not be afraid
was afraid that he had become but protect our private property as
No one expected it; the scene was of my head being blown off. I
another victim of locker theft. well. Thanks to them, decorum is
pure chaos. By the next day, no want both the Israeli and the Pal-
Just as he had suspected, Ray ensured.
one was allowed to stay on the estinian government to step up
ended up staring at an empty Hyperbole aside, Ray did not
sixth floor. A once popular loca- and solve this problem. But most
space where his jacket and UNI- really die of pneumonia. He lives
tion teeming with students and of all, I want no more bloodshed,
CEF box, which contained $30, to tell the tragic tale of his dese-
their hobbies was now a desolate no more finger-pointing, and no
used to be. If it were not for the crated locker. ◙
area with no signs of life whatso- more “He started it!” ◙
ever. A few weeks
later, someone finally
began the protest. Stu-
dents eventually printed
out hundreds of papers
petitioning for the de-
mise of this autocratic
rule. The ban was lifted
after the petition was
signed by a few hun-
dred students.
From this incident,
we can see that if we
want to end the dictato-
rial and unreasonable
orders of the security
guard, another petition
of grand proportions,
much like this one, is
Page 10 November 16, 2005 Literary THE STUYVESANT STANDARD

In New York City I Cried for More

In New York City
There is nothing better
hearts stop)
Than sitting on the train
he slammed the door
Sipping Tazo tea
I cried for more
Talking to friends
Who never agree
ran fingers through
his twisted hair
Than sitting in the park
his breath rasped
In the morning breeze
like pale frozen air
Watching the birds
As they play in the trees
my love doesn’t have
to have a meaning
Than watching the sunset
the Greeks confused
And the sky painted black
lovers careening
The day is ending
love for sex
the kind that wrecks

Rain Walks on Lanky Silver Feet alarms sound

can’t drop
BY PENNY MALAMUD too spellbound
Rain walks on lanky silver feet tornado drills
Through halls of stone and glass. flurry of scalding licks
He patters on the concrete; waves of fleeting thrills
Pelts people as they pass.
fleeting time rewinds
Music sings of love lost, love found our fingers never entwined
Barely audible beneath the torrents he said
A soothing rhythm, that beating sound I implored…
Of people mimicking rain’s currents
he slammed the door
Sorrow, dullness grips people tight I cried for more
That sluggish trafficking of city streets
Streetlights shed their dirty light
On subway murals and treading feet Emptiness
Rain runs inside, despite shut doors
He makes his way in homes and schools
The leaves are falling
He tramps upon the marble floors
The wind blows strong
Through businesses and market pools
The birds fly away
The flowers are gone
Rain whistles out a merry tune
The sun shines less
He ambles with a kind of sass
The heavens grow dark
I don’t know if we will meet soon
The end draws near
But I know it will come to pass.
The world is stark
The universe is

Voices of the Forest

This empty place
The planet crumbles
The human race
The swallow crows a melodic sound,
The aesthetic chords decry the sun. BY JENNIFER LEE
The crisp note ringing mellow and round. STAFF WRITER
The forest maintains composure. The papered wings of pamphlets rustle and sigh in the undulating voices
of ten thousand hits on summer gold. Whereas the dusty eyelashes,
Majestic roosters sing of the day, trimmed silver eloquent rest on fire heated peach. Flutters once. Twice. A
Voices clear of musical choir. single butterfly kiss. Narcissism, one might say. And one might say just
The swallow's song eroding away that. The way apples are named Rome Beauties and the sudden contrast of
Swept off by the hollow ocean. Macintosh, there is a way where aestheticism flirts while playing a role in
society. But are mirrors not selves? A poet that writes extraordinary life
The forest listens void of torrent. brings life into this- "I am not cruel. Only truthful." Therefore, eyes are
The rooster voice remains lyrical, pasted on backs of teenage Vogue or Seventeen. They are all seeing. They
The swallow voice weak and discordant are omniscient.
Her song has been long forgotten.
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 Literary/Puzzles Page 11

Leave Me In Peace The Incredible Edible Egg

Why can’t you just leave me in peace Yolk
To slowly mend the pain you’ve caused, Sunny side up
To make me, step by step, wake up White
From dreams of love that never was? Scrambled
Drop soup
Why beg for space within my life Plant
After the death you’ve put it through? Faberge
Easy over
Why speak again such honey’d words? Nog
They’re nothing more than sounds to you. Humpty Dumpty
Why ask to share my Aura’s glow?
Its weakness can’t sustain itself.
And from your treatment, now I know D S Y U D O O F Y T P M U D Y T P M U H
That you are not my soul’s sweet half. R E N W E H S U N N N Y S I D E U P C F
It’s best you leave. I’ll then soon heal, O N I Y O M E L E T T E B S E H I M A S
Begin my Quest for love anew. P H C R R C B S D T A T T R P G Y D A C
And surely, Stars will help me find
Someone who’ll always remain true. S U M P F A R E R G E F O U E T N L E B

Classic Novels
___ ___ (___) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ D V M H Y U V Y L U M K T M H G N A Y R

akifernstnne B U T C S L W D T E C T I F N E D O D A
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (___)(___)(___) ___ ___ P N L O E K H A H K R Y G H O P S O G M

aidcrddeeppejnrui E Y F A C L G C N A M G E A S T E R O P
___ ___ (___) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ K D R G I T D A N D E H C T A H R G D L
___ (___) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (___) ___


(___)(___) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Last Issue’s Solution
Crossword Puzzle
___ (___)(___) C A R L O O M B R A Y

___ (___) ___ ___ (___)(___) ___ L I E A N N A I O W A

fueblow I D A D E A N T A L K

___ (___)(___) ___ ___ ___ (___)

rtatsgehtbygae H O R N S L O N I O N

(___)(___) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ A L O E D A D E D E N

byockidm H E M R A M S L E D S

(___) ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (___) ___

Alexander Dumas’ novel: A N T S E T T E E R R

(___)(___)(___) (___)(___)(___)(___)(___) (___)(___) B A I T L O O N T K O

(___)(___)(___)(___)(___) (___)(___)(___)(___)(___)(___)
Page 12 November 16, 2005 Puzzles/Science THE STUYVESANT STANDARD

Crossword Puzzle
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

12 13 14 Interested in the
15 16 17 18 fascinating world of
19 20 21
Science, Math, and Technology?
22 23
Write for
24 25 26 27 28 29

30 31 32
The Standard Science Section!
33 34 35
Send all submissions to
36 37
38 39 40 41 42 43

44 45 46

47 48 49 50

51 52 53

Across Down
1. Concorde letters 1. Night twinkler
4. Lariat
9. ___ Perignon
2. Small amount
3. Bagel warmers Insects May Provide A
12. Besides 4. Type of paint
13. “Encore!”
14. Self-esteem
15. “I ___ Rock” (2 wds.)
5. Like Scotch
6. Mineo or Maglie
7. Roberto’s affirmative
Cure for Damaged
16. Address book abbr.
17. Bridge costs
19. Took time out
8. Great Lake
9. Farmer’s place
10. Wolf’s glance
21. Wooden hammer 11. Greatest quantity BY DARYL VULIS terial is also durable, capable of
22. ___-Mex 18. Designer Cassini STAFF WRITER returning to its original form even
23. Front 20. Hot drink after being subject to intense
Have you ever wondered why stress millions of times.
24. Thought 21. Changed residences
a flea can jump so far or a drag- Humans have a very similar
26. Pilot a boat 23. Renowned onfly can beat its wings so fast? protein, elastin, interwoven in the
30. Subaru or Toyota 24. Apply frosting The secret of these insects’ amaz- walls of arteries. Professor Julian
31. Small film role 25. Newsman Rather ing abilities lies in a protein Vincent believes that elastin,
32. Eggy drink 26. Orange variety called resilin. Although
33. Reduced to bondage 27. South American snake the protein has been Fleas have pads of resilin on their feet which help
35. Sounded bells 28. Heavy weight known for 40 years, them jump.
36. Emulated 29. Poached item only recently have Aus-
37. Dopey’s pal 31. Hyannis’s locale (2 wds.) tralian scientists ex-
tracted the gene respon-
38. “Great Escape” route 34. Actress Turner
sible for resilin from
41. Church laws 35. Reagan’s nickname common fruit flies.
44. Jacob’s father 37. British noblewomen They then inserted
45. U.S.A.’s “uncle” 38. Neap ___ the gene into bacteria,
46. Do __ disturb 39. Utilizes which produced resilin
47. Society gal 40. Catches that was extracted and
48. Chicago airport 41. Small wagon formed into a rubbery
50. AES opponent 42. Head gestures mass. Resilin is “as
51. Snaky letter 43. “___ on it!” close to a perfect rub-
Space Daily

ber as is found any-

52. Fender 45. ___ Andreas fault
where,” according to
53. Nile viper 49. Masculine pronoun researcher Chris Elvin. Scientist which has only recently been cul-
hope to use the protein to regen- tivated in labs, may be a better
erate damaged arteries and material for repairing arteries.
Like to puzzle people? spines, as well as in industrial
applications like running shoes or
“[Resilin] may have been over-
sold” said Vincent, who ques-
microcircuit switches, which need tioned why resilin “hasn’t been
Contribute to The Standard! to be in constant motion.
Resilin has several remark-
used so far to repair damaged
arteries.” Both proteins, however,
able properties, including its elas-
E-mail ticity, which allows a strip to
stretch to over three times its
may offer new hope to victims of
heart disease in the years to
come. ◙
length without breaking. The ma-
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 Arts & Entertainment Page 13
played the role of Laura, Zach's
A Chorus Line: A Singular Sensation assistant and the dance instructor
for the show. Except for Carrie's
Continued from Page 1 wall between Zach and the en- tells her that she can't return, that virtuosic dance, most routines
phy) makes his final decision and semble is broken. We learn that she is just "too good." He involved straightforward line and
interviews the dancers, songs and Cassie, one of the most gifted of emerges from the audience to talk square arrangements, unspectacu-
monologues reveal their thoughts the auditioning dancers, is an old to her on the stage, and their con- lar but perfectly suited for a mu-
and doubts. flame of Zach's, recently returned versation expresses beautifully sical that is after all titled "A
Chorus Line." The
lighting, music and
sound were generally
excellent, with one
notable exception.
Few high school ac-
tors have the sheer
vocal power to fill an
auditorium unaided,
and the sporadic mi-
crophone coverage
meant that the band
sometimes drowned
out the dialogue and
lyrics. These are
quibbles, though.
Despite the sound
The aspiring dancers warm up in the problems and occa-
TSS/Katie Banks

opening scene of “A Chorus Line.” sionally dull acting,

the musical had a
vitality, a poignancy
The directors made the un- from Hollywood. She is fed up the power of the desire to per- and a flat-out level of enjoyment
usual decision of counter-casting with trying to live the life of the form, to dance, to enrapture an unsurpassed by some regional
almost every character against movie starlet and wants to return audience. tours, let alone by other high
ethnicity. "A Chorus Line" is to Broadway. Zach, who first The production was adeptly school productions. The directors,
among other things a show about plucked her from the chorus line choreographed by junior Hannah seniors Liz Livingstone and Deke
diversity, and the results of this and into leading roles years ago, Freiman, who ironically also Hill, put on a really good show. ◙
jumbling were mixed but gener-
ally positive. Sometimes the in-
congruity was ridiculous – the
absurdity of the very white, very
redheaded junior Ben Wexler
Museums Set to Sell Their Treasures
playing a jive-talking African- BY YULIYA FELDMAN ease is rising in the art world. major error.”
American drew lots of laughs. STAFF WRITER Robert Rosenblum, an art histo- John Elderfield, the chief
Other actors inhabited their char- rian and curator at the Solomon curator of the Museum of Modern
acters so seamlessly that I nearly Museums throughout the R. Guggenheim Museum said, Art, defended his museum’s sale
didn't notice the difference. Jun- United States have placed some “History will make a fool of these of thirteen pieces. He called a
ior Kevin Hu was utterly con- of their most valuable pieces up museums. It always happens. Of- Pointillist image of a harbor on
vincing as a conceited WASP for sale, drawing the ire critics. ten the things that are sold are the French Mediterranean “very
disgusted by his provincial Buf- Paintings by artists such as Pi- based on inherited prejudices that good, but that early part of our
falo upbringing, and senior Ra- casso, Modigliani and Chagall will be overturned in the future.” collection we don’t wish to de-
chel Lin ably portrayed a His- and photographs by Alfred Defenders describe the sale velop.”
panic girl distressed by an acting Stieglitz and Edward Weston will of artwork as part of the natural Edward H. Able, president
class at her LaGuardia-like high all be on the auction block in process of renewal. Many of the and chief executive of the Ameri-
school. coming months. museums selling pieces say that can Association of Museums, said
The play juxtaposes the The current round of sales their only goal is to raise money that he supported the sales as
glamorous fantasy world of began when the New York Public to buy other pieces. Other cura- long as they went toward new
Broadway with the depressing Library sold “Kindred Spirits” by tors cite limited exhibition space acquisitions and not operation
reality of the aspiring would-be- Asher B. Durand to a Wal-Mart and the redundancy of having costs.
star. Except for the stirring finale, heiress for $35 million. At the several works by the same artists. Other critics have accused
when the entire cast dons golden time, critics blamed the Library Seymour R. Slive, the former museums of taking advantage of
jackets and hats for a soft-shoe for discarding a part of the city’s director of the Harvard University the current peak in the art market.
number that harkens back to the rich culture. The library defended Art Museums, said that museums Replying to these accusations,
fabled 1930's heyday of the Great itself, saying that maintaining an should be far more cautious about Nancy Thomas, the deputy direc-
White Way, the characters stick art collection was secondary to its selling. “Tastes change,” he said. tor of the Los Angeles Country
to leotards, and the minimal set is main purpose of offering books to “Two generations ago, pre- Museum of Art, said, “It’s more
a far cry from the extravagant the public. Raphaelite paintings were not in about the collection and the op-
creations of most shows. Off- Now that other institutions vogue. Had museums gotten rid portunity to improve than it is
stage, the dancers have individu- have decided to follow suit, un- of them, it would have been a about the market.” ◙
ality; onstage, they are a happy
singing and dancing mass.
Yet this is a musical about
trying to be in a musical, and it is
well aware of its self-referential
nature. Zach spends most of the
show in the audience, perceived
by the actors as a God-like invisi-
ble authority issuing commands
through a microphone. As he sits
and judges the characters, we in
the audience cannot but feel that
we are judging the characters
In the show's second half, the
Page 14 November 16, 2005 Arts & Entertainment THE STUYVESANT STANDARD
Charles Stolar, and he died a year dress up in suits, and pump out

A Look At Julius C.
before I was born, and they called formula songs. Isn’t everyone
him J, and my parents didn’t want sick of that already?
to name me Julius so they just JS: I think something else we
named me Jay, which is a shame talk about a lot is that, lyrically
BY HANFORD CHIU get a chance to meet them person- because Julius is such a cool and musically, we often walk the
STAFF WRITER ally. Also, bring $5 and you can name. line between ridiculous and seri-
get their first EP (extended play TSS: Whose music has played a ous, which is a necessity in order
What do you get when you CD featuring seven songs includ- significant influence in your own to couple craziness with accessi-
combine classic rock with ele- ing the three mentioned). musical styles? bility for pop culture.
ments of funk, hip-hop and pop? Whether you are into funk, hip- MT: We have a lot… I’d say the
You get a delectable fusion of hop or rock, this band is sure to first influence would be Bach for When the mem-
styles present in the band Julius please. a couple of members in the band,
C. Like the student body of Stuy- bers of Julius C.
and then Muddy Waters, then the
vesant High School, this band’s
music is so diversified in style
The Stuyvesant Standard: Beatles. blend their styles
What inspired you guys to start a JS: From Muddy Waters to the
that it is hard not to enjoy the rich band? together, it makes
Beatles? You forgot Little Rich-
assortment of instruments and Jay Stolar: It wasn’t much of a for a large possi-
individualism. This approach to choice I think. When I was 13, I MT: Yeah, and Sly and the Fam- bility of songs.
music, rooted in various aspects, picked up my first guitar at a ily Stone.
caught the attention and enthusi- summer camp and I got hooked. JS: The top four are The Beatles, TSS: How do you feel about
asm of our staff. So I started writing music and Led Zeppelin, Sly and the Family your upcoming gig on Nov. 19 at
The band is made up of five playing songs and got into thea- Stone/Graham Central Station, CBGB, a great spot for under-
members: Jay Stolar on vocals ter… I needed a way to express and Queen. But nothing really ground bands?
and rhythm guitar, Mike Tuccillo myself. Then in my college from the 80’s aside from Queen MT: …I love playing at that
on bass, Jason Wexler on key-
boards, Dave Matthews (no place. We’ve done it before,
relation to the Dave Matthews and I hope we’ll get to do it
of the Dave Matthews band) again after the 19th. It’s just
on guitar, and Isaac Teel on the history of the club, the fact
drums and background vocals. that the club was made for
Each one comes from a unique music that people don’t usu-
musical background, from ally hear.
growing up to the Beatles to JS: Yeah, like a rebellious
learning gospel in church. movement. Plus, it has a place
When they blend their styles where people can stand, and
together, it makes for a large it’s a big thing that people can
possibility of songs. The move around and get around
songs uploaded onto their and for people to get involved
website,, are physically. And hopefully,
different enough that even if there would be like 150 people
you do not like one, you can so everyone at Stuyvesant
easily find another one that should come if you’re 16 years
suits you. Their first song, old and over so that you may
“Another Canvas Sold,” fea- see the show and we will rock
tures a lot of tempo swings your sock off and your head
from the slow and dark lyrics might just explode, or at least
and guitars in the beginning to From left: Jay Stolar, Mike Tuccillo, in a live
you would have seen some
the lighter chorus and the interview with two of the members of the band. great rock music.
faster ending. Their second TSS: What advice do you
song, “The Traveler,” is defi- TSS/Hanford Chiu offer to musicians at Stuyve-
nitely different in comparison. It MT: You forgot James Brown! sant?
sophomore year, I lived with a There’s nothing in the 80’s I like. MT: Don’t be afraid of yourself.
maintains a faster and lighter roommate and listened to the
mood throughout the entire song, And as far as modern music goes, Actually try to find something,
Beatles for an entire year [and] I Muse is very good, as well as that means something to you, not
with guitars retreating from the got into songwriting in rock and
foreground. Their third song, Mars Volta, since they’re just something forced.
pop genres. pushing lines all over the place, JS: Don’t think that by spiking
“April Rain,” is slow and light, Mike Tuccillo: For me, it’s the
with thoughtful lyrics and a guitar which is what we strive to do hair or shaking your butt would
excitement of seeing where music right now. help you in your journey to what
solo. can go. The Beatle’s last re- TSS: What sets you apart from you are going to be and don’t
corded album Abbey Road other bands? look at any of those folks. Be
This band’s showed, at least in my mind, just JS: Striving to have no fear, and fearless and love and know rock
a taste of what can be done in no egos. We have respect for and roll; it’s a raucous tradition.
music is so diver- these genres. We feel that not everyone else and we put our MT: Know the spirit of that mu-
sified in style that many people have done much to hearts into it. sic. Don’t just listen and regurgi-
it is hard not to continue pushing the envelope in MT: One of the ways that sets us tate the music, regurgitate the
the way that the Beatles were apart is the way we approach our spirit, what they are getting at. ◙
enjoy the rich (like extended song forms, med- influences. I mean, there are a
assortment of leys, etc.). On top of that, it’s ton of bands out there right now For venue dates, and other
really inspiring to combine genres that say they are influenced by information on the band, check
instruments and that the Beatles didn’t even get a the Beatles. But, in my mind, out CBGB is a
individualism. chance to touch. when you say the Beatles influ- venue for underground rock
JS: After listening to so much ence you, you should take the bands located at 315 Bowery,
Julius C. was generous music where people were pushing
enough to grant The Stuyvesant spirit of the Beatles, not their most accessible by taking the 6
the envelope I feel that it’s my outfits! They were amazing song train uptown to Bleeker Street
Standard an interview with Jay job to try to push this further.
Stolar and Mike Tuccillo, reveal- writers that were never stagnant. and walking west to the end of
Otherwise, it’s just boring. Think about how much they Bleeker Street. Julius C’s CBGB
ing the inner workings of their MT: In my mind this band is the
band as well as their personal evolved in less than 10 years! show is on Nov. 19 and for 16+
perfect vehicle to push the enve- They went from super pop, to year old with ID unless accompa-
thoughts. Take some time to lis- lope forward.
ten to their songs online, and then changing the face of pop. That’s nied by adult.
TSS: How did you come up with what I take from the Beatles that Check for
check them out live with a bunch the name, “Julius C”?
of other underground rock bands drive to get to the next place. I prices, a schedule of other shows
JS: My grandfather was Julius don’t want to see another band and more details.
at CBGB on Nov. 19. You might
THE STUYVESANT STANDARD November 16, 2005 Sports Page 15

Football Frenzy
Continued from Page 16
World Cup.
least twice a season. The top few
teams in each league are pro-
g{tÇ~áz|ä|Çz iÉÄâÇàxxÜ
If you want to the see the moted to the league above, while
best-played football on the planet, the bottom few are demoted.
you need only watch the English Football is a real meritocracy.
Premier League (or Barclay Pre- Although football is popular
mier League, after the main spon- in Latin America, it has never
managed to become Celebrate the season by
sor). The English
a leading sport in helping out at one of these
Barclay Premier When compared
League is match- the United worthy charities!
less in speed, to other leagues States, let alone
exhilaration, and around the world, Canada. But it’s Citymeals-on-Wheels—
excitement. It is especially a good Thursday, November 25
every football the English Barclay time to be a Volunteers will deliver meals
players’ dream to Premier League proud American to the homebound or package and
one day play for a football enthusi-
comes out on top serve meals at Thanksgiving Day
Premier League ast, not only be-
parties. For a complete listing of meal providers in
team. with its speed, ex- cause the United
States team is need of holiday help, visit Be sure to call your
You might hilaration, and ex-
ask, “Why is it better than ever local provider and register in advance.
called the Premier citement. but because of the
League?” British young football prod- Donate a Thanksgiving Dinner
football is organized as a pyra- igy Freddy Adu of D.C. United, Make a donation to City Harvest and ensure that more New
mid. The Premier League is on one of the best prospects in the Yorkers will share in the abundance of the season. Your $40 do-
top, but dozens of other leagues world. Hopefully someone some- nation will help City Harvest deliver a turkey dinner with all the
exist, ranging from the near-top where will read this article and trimmings for a family of 4; $125 will help feed 3 families for
Football League Championship to stop by their local pub to watch a
the holiday, and $450 will help 10 families enjoy a holiday meal.
two-bit local leagues of enthusi- football game along with a pint of
root beer! ◙ Donate online by filling out a simple form.
astic amateurs. Each team plays
every other team in its league at Mail checks to: 575 Eighth Ave., 4th Fl., New York, NY, 10018.
Call 917-351-8700, Mon-Fri, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Or fax your credit card number to 917-351-8723.

Laureates of Tomorrow DOROT Thanksgiving Meal Delivery—Beginning Sunday,

November 21, 10 a.m.

Essay Contest for Juniors Deliver a Thanksgiving meal and spend an hour with a home-
bound senior on the East or Upper West Side. Stop by Congrega-
The New York Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the tion Rodeph Sholom beforehand for an orientation between 10
Consulate General of Sweden in New York,, the a.m. and noon. Pre-registration required.
NYC Department of Education, and CUNY invites students to Congregation Rodeph Sholom, 7 W. 83rd St., at Central Park
participate in a science essay contest honoring the Nobel Awards West. To pre-register, call 917-441-5072 or email:
and the scientific work the awards recognize.

The Laureates of Tomorrow - Nobel Essay Contest is open to

juniors attending high school in New York City. Each applicant
may submit his or her essay in only one of three categories:
Physics, Chemistry, or Physiology/Medicine. The grand prize -
The General Manager Wheel
an all-expense-paid trip to Sweden to attend the Nobel Week
Festivities in December will be awarded to three students and
Goes Round
announced the preceding June. Continued from Page 16 career in baseball as an intern
frontrunner to be GM of the with the Rockies, and since July
The essay may be no longer than 2000 words and should address Dodgers. 2004 he has been the assistant
the following: In a publicity stunt, the GM of the Rangers. Daniels be-
Brockton Rox, a minor league comes the youngest GM ever at
1. Identify one Nobel prizewinner in Physics, Chemistry, or team near Boston, offered their the age of 28. He’ll look to im-
GM job to Epstein. Though their prove a team with a young core of
Physiology/Medicine and discuss his or her scientific contribu-
entire team payroll is five times infielders, but not much pitching.
tion, including the novelty and scientific importance of his or her After a disappointing 71-91
less than the 25th man on a major
work. season, owner Frank McCourt (no
league roster, the Rox in a state-
ment said “It's assumed that Ep- relation to the author) gave Paul
2. How has the application of this scientist's contribution fur- stein is looking for a greater chal- Depodesta the boot as GM of the
thered scientific discourse and knowledge between the time of lenge.'' One downside to the job, Los Angeles Dodgers. Before
the discovery and the present? as noted by team president Jim becoming GM of the Dodgers,
Lucas `We don't actually have an Paul was a loyal deputy of Billy
office for Theo.” They do, how- Beane of the Oakland Athletics.
3. Explore the future challenges and/or advancements for society Depodesta was done in by
ever, have a phone and computer
resulting from this scientific contribution. poor signings like #55 million for
for him to use.
Keeping on the New York the oft-injured J.D. Drew and $36
For more information, visit theme, one of New York’s own million for the inconsistent Derek
education_nobel.asp will get his first chance at GM Lowe. Combined with his failure
starting next season. On October to re-sign star hitter Adrian Beltre
Essays and applications are due to Ms. Daves in Room 802 on 4th, Jon Daniels was promoted to and his trades of Shawn Green
January 16th. One essay from each category (Physics, Chemis- become general manager of the and Paul Lo Duca, he was left
Texas Rangers. Daniels is a with a mess. He was also criti-
try, Biology/Medicine) will be selected to be submitted to the
Queens native and Hunter High cized that his “moneyball” strat-
contest. egy did not emphasize team
School graduate. He started his
chemistry. ◙
Page 16 November 16, 2005 Sports THE STUYVESANT STANDARD

Football Frenzy
BY OSMAN NEMLI important year for football be-
SPORTS EDITOR cause of the World Cup, the big-
gest tournament in football, held
It’s been more than a month every four years. In 2006, Ger-
since the football, a.k.a. “soccer,” many will host the World Cup.
season began in Europe. Though The hosting country automati-
not very popular in the United cally gains entry into the World
States, football is the sport in Cup, but other countries must
Europe. It is the baseball, compete for entrance in
basketball, and grid- regional tournaments.
iron football of the This past month, the
United States all United States quali-
rolled into one and fied to contend for
topped with Canadian the World Cup. You
hockey. Football is to might be asking,
Europe as Holly- “why should I care
wood is to actors, or about football if it
as Dr. Dre is to Eminem. only interests me every
Comparisons cannot do four years?” The an-
justice to it. Its swer is that
lack of popularity some of
should not faze people from the best football to be seen, can
watching it here in the United Nolan celebrates after scoring the first an only
be seen every year and not at the point in the English Premier match on Nov. 7.
This year is an especially
Continued on Page 15 4thegame

The General Manager Wheel Goes Round

BY ERIC MAYO eral manager of the New York promise for more control of deci- admits to it or not, is money. The
STAFF WRITER Yankees, re-signed for three more sion making. This was a crucial Red Sox offered a 3 year deal at
years with a salary of $5 million. factor for Cashman. around $1.5 million a year, while
As the Major League Base-
Cashman, who has been in the The New York Yankees’ Theo wanted closer to the $2.25
ball offseason begins, big
Yankee organization since he archrivals Boston million they of-
changes are taking place. These
moves aren’t on the diamond, but
became an intern 19 years ago, Red Sox have GM Cashman, who fered Billy
seemed burned out after the Yan- problems of their Beane, the GM
in the front office. Numerous
kees’ game five loss to Anaheim. own. On October
had been in the of the Athletics,
teams have instituted roster Yankee organiza-
Many also felt that Cashman 31st, their general before selecting
shakeups in hope of improving
would be blamed by team owner manager, 31 year tion since he be- Theo. The second
their fortunes next year.
George Steinbrenner for not win- old whiz-kid Theo factor was a
However, one of the biggest came an inter 19
ning the World Series since 2000. Epstein, decided power struggle.
surprises was a manager who
Instead, Cashman received an not to extend his years ago, seemed The o ’s boss,
stayed put. Brian Cashman, gen-
increased salary and a verbal expiring contract. Larry Luccino,
Theo was instru-
burned out after the has had Theo as
mental in many of Yankees game five his assistant for
the signings that loss to Anaheim. 10 years through
lead to the Red Sox Luccino’s various
reversing the curse, including jobs. Theo reportedly was tired of
signing power hitting DH David his father figure attitude. Theo
Ortiz at the bargain rate of five may take the year off from base-
million dollars. ball, but some suggest he is the
Two factors were involved in
his decision. The first, whether he Continued on Page 15

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Follow a certain sport?
Share your expertise at
Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman.

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