For Immediate Release

Michael E. Lundy, LUNCO Corporation Carthage, New York 493-2493 Doctors Samuel Rubenzahl, Ph.D., and Thomas Knudsen, Psy.D.
Watertown, New York


Psychology Group Relocating to Washington Summit
A new location and a new name are in the making for the practice formally known as Danser and Knudsen Psychological Services, P.C.. The professional practice will now be known as Rubenzahl, Knudsen & Associates Psychological Services, P.C., and is relocating to a newly built facility at the Washington Summit Medical and Professional Complex, on Route 11, Outer Washington Street, Watertown. The practice will occupy 3,600 sq. ft. of space currently being added on to the building where New York Heart Center is located. “Relocating to Washington Summit is a very positive development for us,” explained Samuel Rubenzahl, Ph.D., and Thomas Knudsen, Psy.D., principal partners of the psychology practice. “The new office will not only have more space, but working with Mike Lundy, Washington Summit Associates, and LUNCO Corporation, we were able to design the space the way we wanted with features such as a kid friendly waiting room and sound proofed rooms. We were able to design it all from the ground up for our own unique patient needs. Plus the location in general is more discreet.” Rubenzahl, Knudsen & Associates Psychological Services, P.C. offers a full array of psychological services to patients in Northern New York, including evaluating and treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, attachment problems, relational difficulties, ADHD, and behavioral disorders. Individual, marital, and family therapy are provided using evidence-based treatment approaches. They also perform clinical and forensic services for local courts and agencies. The practice was originally started in 1991 by Donald Danser, Ph.D.. Michael E. Lundy of Washington Summit Associates and LUNCO Corporation welcomed the practice to the ever growing medical and professional complex. “The addition of Rubenzahl,

Knudsen & Associates to Washington Summit is something we are very pleased to announce. Their relocating represents not only the continued growth of Washington Summit, but why most of our professionals have chosen to have their practices here. We sat down with the doctors and designed the space the way they wanted it from early stages to accommodate their needs in new, modern energy efficient space. They will have easy access for their patients and plenty of parking. This is hard to find in some of the older downtown locations. In addition, the lease arrangement is flexible so that there is a clause for future purchase of the space by the doctors if they choose to do so.” Mr. Lundy also noted that there will also be an additional 1,200 sq. ft. of office space for lease in the building. Washington Summit Associates will also have a groupconference meeting room/video center in the second floor of the adjoining New York Heart Center building. “We are always having meetings in Watertown and this space will be used for presentations with clients for both Washington Summit and LUNCO Corporation. It will accommodate up to 20 people and have video/technical set-ups for presentations.” Finally, Doctors Rubenzahl and Knudsen commented on working with Mr. Lundy and Washington Summit. “Our focus is the practice and our patients. We knew we needed to expand and find additional space, but at the same time we could not let it get in the way of what we do. Mike and his team have been very flexible and accommodating from the very beginning and it has been a great experience. We like the fact that we were able to sit down and design things together, the way we wanted the new space to be. We look forward to moving to Washington Summit and treating our patients there in the near future.” For more information on Rubenzahl, Knudsen & Associates Psychological Services, P.C, please contact 315-788-3332.

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