C-79, 10 th Cross (West), Thillainagar, Tiruchirapalli-18 Cell: 98425-54825 Ph: 0431-4020611 TET – PAPER – I RE-EXAM (14.10.2012) ANSWER KEY
CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND PEDAGOGY 1. 2. 3. 4. “Learning is the permanent change in behaviour which is the result of training”, is said by ——— Ans: A) Thorndike Learning typewriting is ——— Ans: C) programmed learning Operant conditioning is also known as Ans: .. A person who knows to ride cycle, initially prefers the side part of the road only after he learnt of ride scooter. It is ———— transfer of learning. Ans: A) positive Type of concept formation used in Maths and Science subjects is ————— Ans: C) Abstract The hormone which controls the function of heart and blood pressure is —————— Ans: A) adrenaline Which one of the following is not found in concrete operational stage? Ans: A) Understanding conservation concept Which of the following is the correct statement of fear? Ans: D) Doesn’t create awareness As Yazhini dislikes Thendral, she shows aversion towards Thendral’s associates. This is ————— Ans: A) Prejudice According to Erickson social relation, ———— is responsible for initiation Ans: B) basic family For strengthening the connection between the CS and the CR, the CS must ———— Ans: C) be identical to US A Child doesn’t take any article without the knowledge of mother, since she may get ang ry. It is —— ——— Ans: C) Conventional stage Modern psychologists feel that ———— is important in improving individual’s personality. Ans: B) Intelligence Quotient The map/chart formed by relating the previous knowledge with the present knowledge is ————— Ans: A) Mind map ZPD means ————— Ans: B) Zone of Proximal Development “Monarchic Theory” of intelligence is ————— Ans: A) One-factor theory There is a close affinity between creativity and Ans: A) economy One’s goal should be based on ————— Ans: D) Moral Three stages of moral development have been categorized by ————— Ans: A) McDougall Getting happiness by helping others is ———

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.


.gJ ………….jpy. 31. We cannot pay attention to an object continuously more than ——————— seconds. equality and equal opportunities in education.lq... nkhj. nkhj.jk. 34..L Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 190 ctikiaf.L Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 9th Tamil Material Page – 211 . 35. Ans : C) ngUthdk.rpf.12) jkpo.. tifg.gLfpwhu.. Ans: D) [p. Ans : B) gpwpJ nkhopjyzp Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 9th Tamil Material Page – 232 ntz. Children below 14years must be given free and compulsory education. Ans : A) Gul. tzq.Fk.j. tiffs.ij Mq. The inventory designed by Mutharani Rastogi helps to measure ————— Ans: A) Self Concept 27. Ans : A) vl. Characteristic which is not found in creative persons is ——————— Ans: A) immediately accept others sayings TET – Paper – I – Re-Exam (14. Ans: A) 86th 22. ghujpjhrdhu.Nfhs. Homework need not be burden.gLk. Giving meaning to the proverb is used to measure — Ans: D) Intelligence 30.10.uhkhaz fhz. ftpQu. ……….Nghg. It is according to the ———Constitutional amendment of the parliament in 2002. nghUisg.L Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 9th Tamil Material Page – 136 kPdtu. Ques-71 nghUs.. Gwj. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 1-5th Tamil Material Page – 81.fg. 28.A. Salivation of some people while looking at the name of their favourite sweet on the name board of sweet stall itself is ————— Ans: C) Discriminating conditioning 25. Ans : C) MW Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 8th Tamil Material Page – 153 jpUthrfj. jiytu.fs.Ans: A) Emotional maturity 21.. Ans : C) vl.dpuz.jtu. 37.gLk. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 9th Tamil Material Page – 170 njhil ………… tifg. Identification of an incident. Ans : A) MW Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 9th Tamil Material Page – 216 32. nkhop ngau. $wpg. 36.ghtpd. The method which helps to identify the common characteristics by comparing the relating experience on their own is —————— Ans: C) Heuristic method 23. 38. ngw itg. Which of the following is directly related to how much they are motivated towards learning in the classroom activity? Ans: A) Presence of more incentives which induce learning 26. Ans: . ………….jk.jpizfs. Ans : A) gd.. 33.fpyj. 39. that has happened earlier is ————— Ans: A) Recognition 29. if only the teacher ———— Ans: B) is flexible in assigning work 24. vd miof. mzp MFk. 2 .

42.fpa tpUJ Ans : C) ghuj uj.Nf fplg.gpl.zy. Fiwe. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 110 fzpdpapd. 56.W gjpd.ij Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 190 Nrf. gpwe.lj. Ans : B) tUifg. 46.s nrhy.F …….fhUf. Ifhuk. Ans : C) ghujpahu.. Ans : A) kuhl.j khepyk. mUspaJ Ans : C) ………. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s General Tamil Volume . ……….I Page – 2 nfhLf. gpwe.fg. 57. vd. 48.rp tpjpfs. vd.dh Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 72 mq. 53. ngau. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 4th Tamil Material Page – 2 mz.gilahfg. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 4th Social Science Material Page – 71 ahkwpe. Fwpg. Ans : A) mUz. tpidKw. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 68 mk.iz Ref: NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 23 ntz.Nfhs.y]. Ans : B) 6> 8 Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 96 ngUkhd.Ls..gidg.j FWq.ij epug. Ans : C) cyF Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 157 3 .W cyfk.W gz. jkpou.wpy. 52.kPd.Ngh? fapNwh? vd tpdTtJ Ans : B) Iatpdh Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 96 gz.yf. Fwpg.j GytupNy fk.f| Ans : D) tpaq.Ls. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 8th Tamil Material Page – 180 KJNtdpw. ghg. 54.W xsptplf. ………… vd.j nrhy. 45.Njtu. Ans : A) jpz. fhyk.l . 55. Ans : B) rhu.F ..nrhy.nkhopj.whk.Yf. …………. $batw. 41.W Ans : A) ghujpjhrd. 51.gJ Ans : B) fue.jJ. mbg.w jkpo. jUf: \tho. je.g tpsf.ilj.Ngj.J te.40. Nrf. 50. mk.ypd. Xir Ans : B) nrg.ijapd.bak. Nfhbl. vd.jpa muR toq.ghtpd. gUtkhFk. xd.I Page – 15 Qhapw.fpohu. 49. . jpq..wplkpUe.sdu.gJ Ans : C) Mdp> Mb Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 167 epiu kPl. …… vd. Ans : B) Nfhs. vd. epfo.gJ ghk.Gg.fg.Gf.I Page – 4 tpdh> tpil tiffs.F .fspy. 47.e.%d.Ng[.fspy.gLgtu. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 216 FLk.L Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 140 <w.iw …….w nrhy.r.r. Gzu.J xspngw. 43.ij vd miof. 44.fpohupd. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s General Tamil Volume .fhu.fhtpaq. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s General Tamil Volume . gilj. Ans : D) vl.

A notice was exhibited ---------. A piece of dialogue has been reported as. Which of the following sets of words has more than one category of words in it? Ans: A) walk. Ans: B) put up with 74. ……… ntz. Which of the following options would correctly fill in the blank seen in the given dialogue? Teacher: Hello. Ans: A) Where were you last week? 77. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 10th Tamil Material Page – 48 TET. Ans: C) who 67. 59. Pick out the correct pronunciation of the word italicized in the following sentence: The sport has a strict code of conduct. Ans : B) Fws. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s 7th Tamil Material Page – 4 Vyhjpia “Take a left turn and go straight” is an expression for -----------Ans: D) giving direction 4 . Smitha! How are you? Smitha: Fine. Teacher: ------------------? Smitha : I was not well.fhl. 60. She has been waiting for him --------. Ans: A) Approached 75. A postman is one --------.10. jpUf.PAPER – I REEXAM (14.the notice board.ghf. The number of syllables in the word ‘beautiful’ is Ans: D) three 73.I Page – 1 nghJ nkhopf. He said that he’d come later. Ans: B) for 66.him yesterday. jump.L Ans : D) me. Before the bell rang the students --------. Pick out the word that can replace the italicized phrase in the sentence given below: She went for him with a cane.F vLj.the hall. Ans : C) fzpjNkjhtpahu. ma’m.jkhd. What would be the exchange used in the dialogue? Ans: C) I’ll come later 76. moan 70. --------? Ans: B) don’t they 63. Replace the italicized word in the following sentence with the correct phrase chosen from the options: I am not going to tolerate their smoking any longer.Fws. Md E}yhFk. Which among the following is not associated with a ‘word’? Ans: B) Pronunciation 69. I --------. ----------? Ans: D) will he 62.Jf. Ans: A) met 64. Ans: C) / k δd nd * kt /e 72. When you read something quickly in order to find the main points you call it --------Ans: B) scanning 71.fshy.2012) ENGLISH 61. swim.delivers us letters. They play cricket every Sunday. Thank you. Her father won’t come this time.wpatu. Ref : NR IAS Academy’s General Tamil Volume . Ans: C) on 65. The sentence.58.two hours. Ans: A) had left 68.

> mfyk.2012) Mathematics 91. Suppose you want to teach the word ‘Pat’. like drawing and sketching can be learnt in an art What is the typical quality of a cartoon? Ans: D) Simplicity.F vLj.j gz.jpd. that the first thin most of us like to see when we pick up a newspaper is the cartoon. ‘two or more things join together to form a single unit’. Muj. Little wonder then. MFk. which includes spending a lot of time scanning newspapers and television channels before any idea strikes him.fspd. rkkhf gq. Even celebrated cartoonists like R. Ans: A) 154 xU nrt.gLk. gug.” is the answer to the question Ans: C) Does Murali want to leave early? 80.lj. Simply though it may seem.Fk.izg. Laxman says he has to wait for over six hours. .spfis KiwNa . Find out the odd word from the ones given below: Ans: A) Struggle or B) Simple 89. Pick out the word from the passage that means. 94. 82. Laxman admit that making a cartoon is not a piece of cake. 92. Ans: C) 260 2/5 (5/3 + 4/9) = 2/3 + 8/45 fPo. Which one of the following is the easiest way to teach it? Ans: D) Showing the action of ‘patting’ (Q.rJuj./J ve. NghJ xt. rha. The greatest difficulty cartoonists face is Ans: A) getting an idea 26 nr.rpW Nfhypfspd. While basics. vz. xU tl. gf. 81. Pick out the sentence that is similar in meaning to.10.l vz. epge.wstpw. these alone will not make a good cartoonist. ikag.jpd. Established cartoonists are of the view that no institute can teach you to make a cartoon.wpy.zpf.if Ans: C) 61 93.tfj.nrt.fhz.ltw.gsT r.Ak. 81 to 90) Read the passage given below and choose the best answer for each of the questions that follow: What writers struggle to express through numerous newspaper columns. Rw. Murali doesn’t want to leave early. 37 nr. gug.jpahrk. ‘Little wonder’ means Ans: A) no wonder 87.s tpj. Ans: B) A good cartoonist will not be made by these alone TET – Paper – I – Re-Exam (14.jidia epiwT nra. What are considered as the basic qualities to become a good cartoonist? Ans: A) Training and hard work 84. tl.tfj. xU Nfhyp kPjkhfpwJ. making a cartoon is an art that requires a combination of hard work. Who are the ones who hold the view that no institute can teach you to make a cartoon? Ans: B) All well-known cartoonits 85.Nos.K.lj.fq. ePsk.gsT …… r. training and a good sense of humour. .jpd. kPr. Vw. Nkw.jpd.kP.Wk. Identify the sentence similar in meaning to.kP.jpd.yJ 6 Nguplk. the cartoon manages in a pointed one-liner. “These alone will not make a good cartoonist’.nthU KiwAk.Gs.L Ans: A) Distributive xU Fwpg.kP.gpl.kP..if cs.Fk.Jf.y.kP. Which of the following is the best instruction for asking children to bring the textbook everyday? Ans: D) You should not come to class without textbook.f. kw.gjhy. Ans: D) combination 88.jpw. KiwNa 40 nr.fz.Gf. “There are few colleges and schools for cartoonists”. cs. The major source of ideas for a cartoonist is Ans: A) newspapers 86. 79. 5 .78. Ans: B) Colleges or schools are few there for cartoonists 90. Cartoonists say that the cartoons that make us laugh the most are in fact the cartoons that are hardest to make.zpf. How does one become a cartoonist? There are few colleges or schools for cartoonists.s Nfhypfis 2> 3> 4> 5 my. “No.> gFjpapYk. ab-d.Nfhzk.jpy. ngUf. kP.fspd. 104. 105.fs. Fisher 108-I ve.4 y. gFj. njhFjpapYk. -15 vd.ijg.T milfpwJ.F mwpKfk. &. vdNt rupahd ruhrup Ans: B) 16.yhjJ vJ? Ans: B) 1800 xU rJuj.Ls..tpd.$ba -1/5)d. 113. x/2.F gf. Kjpu. 101. tpiyf. mlf.j kjpg.jpd. msT mjpfg.fUj.l rjtPjk. 1/9 ghfk. tpw.fq.lJ vdf.fs. kPjpapd.Nj Nghy. khztu. vz. 110.l njhif 5 tUlq.G Ans: A) 10 6 .zpd.W jtwhf Fwpf. mjpfupf. Ans: B) NjHT kjpg.fs. gf.w . 3:4 vd.F ghlj. &. ghlj.f msit 4 nr. 103.ngz. 15% vd. 112. Ans: B) 20 7 vd.w vz.L tpl. b. Ans: A) 210 ABC vd.kP.T> tpsf.6>800 MfTk.fg. $l.zhy. nghWj.J fbdj. Q-y.f KOf.ilepiy 5 vdpy. nrq.fspy.gPL mbg. Nju..wthW ghlf.jpw.gJ Ans: C) 15 jpwdwpj..yh tiugl cgfuzj.ngh. 25% tpl 2 mjpfk. ruhrup 15. fopf.jpl. NghJ mjd. mLf.95. Njitf.gJ mA MdJ mB tpl 18 mjpfk.6 + 5.gz. PQR KiwNa B.Nfhzk.Jfis vspikapypUe. vdpy.jha.w tpfpjj. x/5.2 rkgf.r. .> kP. tUlk. 3 tUlq. NghJ mjd. cs.gbnadpy. BC = QR vdpy.rp. A. vd. .wpd.5. mt. 96.> jpwikf. Ans: A) 2 jpiu tPo. mit ru. %y gpd. x. vdpy. Ans: B) Rs.f. $Ljy.Fk.gpd. nra.fg.Nfhzq. mjpfg. 98.gLj.lJ. 97. Kiwia cUthf.fspd.F AB = PQ.Wk.k.G vd.Lgpbf.l mikg. Ans: B) ngd.Wjpr. gug. Vw.[kpd.sJ Ans: C) 120° xU ABC y.jpy.y.ij Ans: A) R.t rkk. 108. 111.w vz. 11My.fhz. 100.wp tFgl a-f.jpdhy. 99. xU Fwpg.gLj. mtw. vg.G 60 r. a. Ans: B) 3/5 . mZFKiw Ans: A) jHf.F cjhuzk.q. my.f tpiy 10 nghUl. kjpg.Lk. c vdpy. mZFk. Fiwe. 1 If.sitfspy. mg.fg. fPo.695 fPNo nfhLf. je.5 cm 1197215a6 vd.G 2/3> .ntz.fspy. MFk. x/3 d.fspd.gpd.f Kf. vdpy. KjyPL &.jpl. NkYk.ij kjpg. rkr.jpw. kjpg.gilapy. mjd.jy. GSk.59 x 1. a – b = 3 vdpy. 25 vz.000 (4. 1 If.> .G Ans: B) 2. e~.j gpwF Mrpupaupd. 116 vdpy.fzpj Nfhitapd.tpd. . 117.Fk.j rpwpa vz. ntspf.F Kd. ngUf.d? Ans: B) 3 etPd Gs. Ans: A) tiuglk.NfhzKila nrq. 106.J Nfhzr.jpd.F Ans: D) 0 a + b = 7 kw. BC-I ePl. kjpg. Ans: D) b < c + a xU gpd.Fk.fspd. 114.. x vd. nrhy. vz.gJ Xu.Fk.spapaypd.f Kiw 40-y.? Ans: *** 8 %yk.L vz. Nfhzj.Fnjhif 10800> vdpy. Ans: A) 16 x/4.F nfhLf. kW Ma.8 3. mA = Ans: B) 67° xU Kf. NghJ 15 vd. ……….glf. 116.lj.G ½ vdpy.gpl. yPg.Jtjw.fpwJ. . NghJ nfhLj.G Ans: C) 5. S. gf.Nfhz Kf. 107. kjpg. fz.k.6>080 MfTk. 102.

xU thndhypg. . ngw.T fhzy. Gjpu.F topfspy. Pg.. The world’s largest wind farm is located in Ans: C) India Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 8th Geography In India .2012) EVS 121.ngz. mtu..56 131.. fzpjj.. The principal aim of the National Forest Policy is to ensure Ans: C) Ecological stability Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 133.ngz.shd.uhzp 100% kjpg.itfs.. ngw.uh[_ 20 % Fiwthf ngw. vdpy.. 20 % mjpfkhf ngw. 120.. ngw.fpy.. Pg.Ws.. The most serious environmental effect posed by hazardous wastes is Ans: B) contamination of ground water Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 122. Ans: C) 96 xUtu. London smog was caused mainly due to excess of oxides of . Ans: A) kNdhepiy TNTET (RE)-1 (14.> fzpj tpdhf...jy..jpy.10. Garbage can be put under four categories .42 125. An organism which turns brown when it moves slowly on a bark or on the ground is 7 .....F vspa> FWf. .. fzpjtpay.fis jPu..uhzpia tpl .. ....gLj. The lowermost layer of the atmosphere is Ans: C) Troposphere Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Geography Material.. in atmosphere Ans: B) Sulphur Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 130. every year... Neem is a Ans: C) Biopesticide Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 129...Ws.. Cutting of trees without planting new trees in return is known as Ans: A) deforestation Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 134. thq.. 9/10 klq.shd. Ans: B) 5th June Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 4th Science Material. United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in 1992 is informally known as Ans: D) Earth Summit Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference tpw. toxic.. Fwpf. the most prominent disasters are Ans: B) Earthquakes Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 124.... Ans: D) 20 xU khztd.jy..jfq. soiled and recyclable.. .fSf. Gj.. What is not recommended during an earthquake? Ans: A) Take shelter Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 126. is considered to be amongst the worst flood hit states of the country..8 127.. vdpy.fis gbj.fs.33 128. ngl. Of these example for organic type is Ans: D) Vegetable Peels Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 6th Science Material.fs.118...whu. Ans: B) Bihar Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 123.j.uh[_it tpl ghuj..> fzpjg.. World Environment Day is celebrated on .shu.fp mij tpw.w .Fk.w kjpg. jPu. Pg.. tpw. jpwd.gid tpiyia tpl 8% mjpfg.bia mjd. 119.gid tpiyapy. ghuj..yhg rjtPjk. Globally. Pg.

Of the total water available on earth.30 143.. The heart is covered by a protective double walled sac called Ans: B) Pericardium Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Test 9... Ans: D) infra-red Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Science Material 8... Reduction in the brightness of the famous Taj Mahal is due to the Ans: B) Acid rain Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Test 7.Ans: D) a chameleon Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Class room reference 135. Ques. is fresh water. Wildlife means Ans: D) any living from in its natural habitat.8. Ques..1 137.... Greenhouse gases prevent most of the outgoing . only .... we can save up to 40 per cent of electricity.... Chemical name of slaked lime is Ans: C) Calcium hydroxide Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 7th Science Material..102 141.102 140.100 145.. Ques. radiation from the surface and lower atmosphere from escaping into outer space.58 138.....58 148. The most abundant greenhouse gas is Ans: A) Carbon di oxide Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 5th Science Test 9...100 147.11. The smoke produced by burning of wood and agricultural by-products and animals dung cake can cause Ans: A) respiratory problems Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Test 7..121 8 . instead of bulbs.. Pg. The most famous Bioreserve in Tamil Nadu is Ans: A) Mannar Biosphere Reserve Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 5th Science Material Pg.3. By using .. Pg. Pg. Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 10th Science Materia l.... Pg. Ques.30 144. What is the harm from the depletion of Earth’s ozone layer? Ans: C) Increased amount of ultraviolet radiation will reach earth’s su rface Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 5th Science Material. An example of a renewable resource is Ans: C) Water Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 5th Science Material. Pg. Pg....58 139..59 150.. Pg. The need for rain water harvesting is because of Ans: D) excess wastage of rain water Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 10th Science Material..67 136.. Ans: A) 3% Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 5th Science Material Page..42 142. The Government of Tamil Nadu has made it mandatory for all houses and buildings in the state to install Ans: A) rain water harvesting facility Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S Test 7.... Nilgiri Thar is conserved in Ans: A) Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 10th Science Material.. Ans: D) Tubelights Ref: NR IAS ACADEMY’S 10th Science Material. Which one of the following is the most appropriate reason for wildlife extinction? Ans: 149.11.8.. Pg.11 146.