From an early age Susan Sovie knew that she wanted to spend her life helping children, a goal

she has pursued passionately in her adult life. Susan was born at Mercy Hospital in Watertown, New ork in !"#" and raised $ust down the street. She graduated from Watertown High School in !"%&, and pursued her undergraduate degree from Hartwick 'ollege, while returning to Watertown each summer to work as a playground director for the Watertown (arks and )ecreation *epartment. She then graduated 'um +aude from Syracuse ,niversity 'ollege of +aw in !""-. Susan held leadership positions on the campuses of both institutions, as well as winning awards for .utstanding Service to the Student Senate/ additionally, she held positions in her sorority at Hartwick and was granted an award by the school for .utstanding Service to the 0reek 'ommunity. Susan returned to Watertown in !""- to pursue her passion 1 helping children by representing their interests in the legal system. Susan began her legal career in !""- working for the Swart2 +aw Firm. (.'. in Watertown, handling a broad range of legal issues, including matrimonial, child custody and support litigation, abuse and neglect claims, persons in need of supervision and adoption proceedings. Susan made partner at Swart2 +aw Firm $ust three years later and stayed at the firm until opening her own practice in 3anuary 455#. .ver the course of her legal career, Susan has served as attorney and adviser to hundreds of children caught in the legal system. 6s a testament to her passion for working with children, Susan was awarded the Michael F. *illon +aw 0uardian 6ward from the Fourth *epartment of the State of New the award again in 455!. 7n addition to working long hours in her legal practice, Susan spends many hours giving back to her community. has worked with local high school Since !""&, Susan has outh 'ourt and a mock trial as served as an advisor and teacher for 3efferson 'ounty students administrator. ork in !""% and was nominated for

7n the last 45 years, Susan has been an advisor to

0enesis Health, taught mental health professionals about Family 'ourt law and procedure, lectured on issues involving attorneys representing

children in the +aw 0uardian program, worked with the (arenting 6part program, spoken on issues regarding children and divorce, and has developed curriculum for +aw 0uardian training for the New State Supreme 'ourt, Fourth *epartment. research and writing at 3efferson 'ommunity 'ollege. Since !""8, Susan has been active in the 3efferson 'ounty 9ar 6ssociation, where she has served as (resident, :ice;(resident and Secretary and has served on the 3udicial Screening committee since 4554. She has also served as the 6ttorney for 'hildren +iaison for the Fourth *epartment since !""# and has been a member of the 'ommittee on 'hildren in the +aw, helping to draft the standards for (7NS representation. )egional 3ustice <eam. Susan currently sits on two committees to assess 3uvenile detention. 7n one, she helped draft the State of New ork;signed *etention )isk 6ssessment 7nitiative for 3efferson 'ounty. <he other serves to assess 3uvenile $ustice systems across multiple counties in an effort to investigate opportunities to improve our system. (erhaps most impressive, in 45!5 Susan was personally appointed by then governor, *avid (atterson, to the 7ndigent +egal Services 9oard of New ork State, a nine member board tasked with monitoring, improving and establishing proper representation for indigent persons in the state. <he committee is chaired by 3udge 3onathan +ippman, the 'hief 3udge of the New ork 'ourt of 6ppeals. ork 'ommunity Foundation, currently Susan also gives back to the community by serving as a committee member for the Northern New serving on the 'ommittee on Health and Human Services. From 455# until 45!4, Susan co;chaired the 9ig 9rothers 9ig Sisters 6dvisor 9oard. She also served on the advisory committee for the 'redo Woman=s house when it first opened. Susan has a clear passion for the law and a desire to serve her community. 7n addition, she has been involved in family court issues 7n 45!4, Susan was appointed to the Fifth 3udicial *istrict 0rievance 'ommittee and to the North 'ountry ork Susan also taught legal

at the state and local level for years.

<hat passion, dedication and

knowledge, combined with her two decades of e>perience in Family 'ourt, make Susan the most ?ualified candidate for 3efferson 'ounty Family 'ourt 3udge.