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Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh

B.Eng.(Civil), M.Eng. (Geo-Tech Eng.)
Present Address

Permanent Address


Villa No. 14, Street No. 830
Zone 41, Al Hilal
Doha South, State of Qatar
Ph: +974 6698 7942

No.4, 1st Main K H M Block,
Ganganagar, Bangalore: 32
Karnataka, INDIA
Ph: +919 902339672 / +919

An incisive Geotechnical Engineer with a first class Master Degree in Geotechnical Engineering with
14 years of experience as a Geotechnical Engineer. A professional Civil Engineer for 18 years with
a first class bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.
As a Geotechnical Engineer, experience includes international exposure to diversified, technically
complex and challenging geotechnical investigation projects involving evaluation of various
subsurface conditions for the purpose of design and construction of foundations for wide range of
projects that include oil & gas refineries, cross country oil & gas pipelines, industrial structures,
airports, roads & bridges, military installations, nuclear power plant, water & sewage treatment
plants, electrical substations & transmission towers, water & oil storage tank farms, water pipelines,
irrigation structures, commercial & residential buildings, multistoried apartments and mosques &


Extensive experience in geotechnical investigations and performing geotechnical engineering
analyses of various field and laboratory test data and results, logical and technical
evaluation, interpretation, design and providing engineering recommendations for bearing
capacity of shallow and deep foundations including axial and lateral pile load capacity,
foundation settlements, slope stability, liquefaction, retaining structures, soil corrosivity,
foundation protection and ground improvements.
Proficiency in handling geotechnical investigations independently and solving geotechnical
problems with the use of in-house developed design spreadsheets and various design
Proficiency in planning and supervision of various geotechnical field and laboratory testing
programs as per project requirements in accordance with relevant ASTM, BS, CIRIA, BRE
Digest, IS codes and other local codes in practice in the region.
Experience in assessment of geological aspects of rock cores and evaluation of RMR and
GSI of rock to ascertain the rock mass parameters for design of shallow and pile foundations
in rock.
Estimation of rock excavatability conditions based on field observation records and laboratory
test results on rock core samples.
Excellent data analyzing skills from in-situ test results derived from standard penetration,
vane shear, pressuremeter, falling & constant head and packer permeability tests, static &
dynamic cone penetration, static and cyclic plate load tests, pile load tests, CBR, electrical
resistivity, seismic refraction and cross-hole shear tests.
Excellent geotechnical problem solving capabilities, technical report writing and presentation

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Proficient in engineering analysis and interpretation of various field and laboratory test results. Excellent project management. Proficiency in reviewing geotechnical factual and interpretative reports submitted by geotechnical contractors. underpasses. validation and evaluation of factual geotechnical investigation reports submitted by geotechnical contractors. groundwater. excavation & groundwater control. drainage. Co-ordinate with various engineering design disciplines such as structures. communication and leadership skills. pavement. Ability to work well independently on own initiative as a team player and demonstrate high levels of engineering ethics and motivation. technical team and provide technical and management support. transportation. Verification. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Sr. subgrade evaluation. Parsons International Limited. sewer and drainage systems and microtunneling works in Doha South region for various zones in Qatar for roads and infrastructure development works. Liaise and provide technical clarifications to the client and construction contractor regarding geotechnical issues. estimation of rippability of rock. assessment. GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER. rock mass properties and other technical requirements to provide appropriate design recommendations for suitable foundation system as per requirements laid out in Qatar Highway Design Manual (QHDM) and Qatar Construction Standards (QCS). cost estimates and proposals. Monitoring and supervision of field investigations and laboratory testing programs. Ability to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner in co-ordination with respective disciplines. subsurface drainage characteristics. design and providing recommendations for foundations. housing. Literacy in various in-house design spreadsheets and softwares. irrigation and environment to cater specific geotechnical requirements for the project and supervise site engineers. settlement estimation for shallow foundations and piles. 2013 – To Date STATE OF QATAR Client: Public Works Authority (Ashghal) Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • Provide general engineering design consultancy for expressways. Preparation of project specific technical scope. specifications. Preparation of comprehensive project specific geotechnical interpretative reports for various zones based on evaluated factual geotechnical reports submitted by the geotechnical contractors and estimate the safe bearing capacity of shallow footings. Perform desk top study and prepare geotechnical conceptual report and formulate project specific scope of works for preliminary and detailed geotechnical and geophysical investigations for utility and cavity detection. Page 2 of 8 . permeability and drainage characteristics of substrata. sabkha conditions. soil corrosivity & foundation protection. earthworks. subgrade properties for pavement. cavities and relevant project related aspects based on the geotechnical investigations.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh • • • • • • • skills. axial and lateral capacity of piles. Monitor and supervise geotechnical and geophysical investigation works by the geotechnical contractor to ensure quality works and project schedule. Evaluation of geotechnical and geophysical works method statement for various projects submitted by the contractor. flyovers.

. Punj Lloyd Oil & Gas Sdn. earthworks and other technical requirements as per project specifications. soil improvement. large diameter oil and water storage tanks. 2012 – 2013 MALAYSIA Client: Petronas Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • Conduct walkover surveys along the proposed 521km long. single and multi-story commercial developments. Samsung. Monitor and supervise field and laboratory testing programs and activities. Report directly to Senior Project Manager. Analyse and interpret field and laboratory test data to prepare a comprehensive interpretative report for shallow and deep foundation design. Providing technical support to the project management team and respond to the clarifications raised by client and contractor regarding geotechnical issues. highways & bridges. LIBYA 2006 – Page 3 of 8 . KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA (KSA) 2011 2012 Clients: Saudi Aramco. liquefaction analysis. Worley-Parson. axial and lateral capacity of piles.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh • Report directly to Project Supervisor. Sr. Technip. recommendations for utilization of excavated earthwork as a fill material. metering & compressor station. Projects included geotechnical studies for oil and gas refineries. Review and analyze geotechnical investigation reports submitted by sub-contractors. recommendations for shallow and deep foundations. estimation of dynamic soil parameters from pressuremeter tests. Daelim. schools and multi-unit residential developments. block valve. municipal facilities. GEOTECHNICAL MANAGER. Sabic. Hyundai & Others Responsibilities:       Preparation of project specific scope of works. Preparation of comprehensive geotechnical interpretative reports based on factual geotechnical reports submitted by sub-contractors. Represent technical & co-ordination meetings with clients and contractors. NCB-SECON Engineering Services. GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER. recommendations for protection of foundation against chemical attack from soil and water. Gulf Consult. Bhd. estimate and recommend design safe bearing capacity of footings. thrust block and at structure locations housing telecommunication and SCADA equipments. Preparation of technical specifications and scope of works for preliminary and detailed geotechnical investigation works. Visual study of cuts and natural slopes for potential landslides & slope stability of cuts along the pipeline alignment and suggest mitigation measures. mosques. Estimation of axial and lateral pile bearing capacity from pile load tests. footing and pile settlements. 36” diameter onshore gas pipeline and associated facilities. estimation of rippability of rock based on surface seismic analysis. Report directly to Technical Manager. multilevel car parking. Daewoo. Monitor and supervise preliminary and detailed geotechnical investigation works for various river and road crossings to assist thrust boring and HDD works. GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEER .

sabkha and recommendations for protection of foundation against chemical attack from soil and water. soil improvement. NHAI. Tractebel. estimation of footing and pile settlement. AECOM & Others Responsibilities:          Perform desktop studies. BHEL. desalination plants. ground and elevated water storage reservoirs. WSP. Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC). drainage and other relevant discipline engineers to deliver project specific geotechnical design and recommendations. roads & bridges and pavement studies. monitor and supervise site engineers and laboratory technicians. developing field and laboratory testing programs. walkover surveys.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh (NORTH AFRICA) 2009 Clients: National Consulting Bureau. Large scale projects executed were associated with great man made river project and construction of new university buildings in various states (about 101 shabiyas) of Libya. Report directly to Country Manager. lateral load analysis of piles. Preparation of comprehensive geotechnical interpretative report enclosing engineering analysis. project scope. recommendations for utilization of excavated earthwork as a fill material. irrigation. Sr. Preparation of comprehensive project specific geotechnical interpretative with design and recommendations for shallow and pile foundations. Other projects include investigation works for water supply and sewerage structures. monitoring and supervision of geotechnical investigation works. Undertake business trips as a part of business development programme. Co-ordination with clients. Gammon. permeability characteristics Page 4 of 8 . Responsibilities:          Perform desktop studies. electrical substations. Represent technical & co-ordination meetings with clients and contractors. Engineering analyses and estimation of safe bearing capacity for shallow foundations. settlement shallow and pile foundations. Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) from Oil and Gas Sector. technical specification and schedule. INDIA Clients: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL). plate load tests. Reliance Petroleum. Shell. Evaluation and selection of subcontractors for geotechnical investigation works. Assist in recce surveys for pipeline route alignments and desk studies. Execution. highway. estimation of safe bearing capacity of shallow footings and pile capacity for deep foundations. WSP. Adani Group and others from diversified sectors. Geotechnical Engineer / Project Manager. Oil India Limited. liquefaction analysis. walkover surveys and prepare project specific conceptual report. Evaluation of site characterization from field test and laboratory test results. Oil India Limited (OIL). design of shallow and deep foundations. axial and lateral pile bearing capacity and estimation of foundation and pile settlements for various structures. Secon 2000 – 2006 / 2009-2011 Private Limited. Great Man Made River (GMR). contractors and sub-contractors and designers. axial and lateral capacity of piles. Evaluation of site characterization from field test and laboratory test results. Preparation of project cost estimation. bearing capacity of shallow footings. Preparation of project specific technical specifications. Technical co-ordination with structural. pumping stations. L&T. Monitoring and supervision of pile load tests. Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL).

rock mass properties. Developing project specific field and laboratory testing programs for subsurface evaluation. Preparation of geotechnical interpretative reports.1998 INDIA Client: Housing Developers Responsibilities:      Supervise and manage civil construction works. Report directly to Geotechnical Manager. Page 5 of 8 . highways & bridges and airports. residential and commercial buildings. Projects included geotechnical studies for industrial infrastructures and environmental impacts. protection of foundation against chemical attack from soil and water. defense structures. irrigation and water resources. oil & gas terminals and related infrastructures. rippability of rock. interpret and estimate safe bearing capacity for shallow foundations and axial load capacity of pile foundations including estimation of foundation settlements. Aptech Foundations. Report to Division Head of the company. Perform engineering analyses. Technical interaction with structural engineers and architects for design approvals. Projects included various residential & multistoried apartment buildings. Gajendra Constructions. Reading construction drawings and liaison with contractors. cross country water and oil & gas pipelines. Represent technical and co-ordination meetings with client and client’s consultants. soundness of aggregates and absorption tests to ascertain the suitability of construction materials supplied by the vendor and quality assurance. INDIA E 2000-M 2000 Clients: Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL). Assessment of project specific requirements in co-ordination with client and discipline engineers for preparation of site specific technical specification and time schedule for site investigation programme. Supervise laboratory tests on construction materials for particle size. Report to Civil Construction Manager TECHNICAL CAPABILITES & SKILLS      Perform desktop study of the project site. 1997. Indian Railways and Housing Developers Responsibilities:     Execution. Geotechnical Engineer. Evaluation of factual and interpretative reports supplied by subcontractors. supervision and monitoring of field investigations and laboratory testing programs. crushing strength of concrete cubes & bricks. soil improvement and utilization of excavated earthwork. Civil Construction Site Engineer. topography and geology of the area and carryout walkover study. Monitoring and supervision of field and laboratory tests. road development works and construction of bridges for roads and railways.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh    of substrata. Undertake business trips as a part of business development programme.

Engineering analyses and interpretation of various field and laboratory test results based on ASTM. Page 6 of 8 . gas and water pipelines. Estimation of dynamic soil parameters from crosshole seismic test results. Estimation of field CBR and compaction characteristics of subgrade for construction of roads Review and interpretations from MASW and GPR data. dynamic compaction etc. Indian Geotechnical Society. Estimation of safe bearing capacity and settlement analysis from plate load tests. Estimation of layer thickness and rippability from surface seismic test data. Estimation of dynamic soil design parameters such as shear modulus and pressure meter modulus from pressuremeter tests. Estimation of soil resistivity and aggressivity/corrosivity of the subsoil from soil resistivity and chemical tests for oil. gas. Soil slope stability analysis. pre-loading. Liquefaction analysis from standard and static cone penetration tests. uplift and lateral load) for deep foundations for various structures including estimation of immediate and consolidation settlement for shallow footings and pile settlement. New Delhi (Membership No. Recommendations for landslide mitigation measures. BS. Recommendations for foundations in soft and problematic soils and sabkha areas. stone columns. Estimation of soil resistivity and aggressivity of the subsoil from soil resistivity test for oil.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh                   Engineering analysis and interpretation of test results for estimation of soil and rock bearing capacity for shallow foundations and pile bearing capacity (axial. Proficiency in preparation and presentation of comprehensive project specific geotechnical interpretative reports COMPUTER LITERACY    MS Word MS Excel MS Power Point    Driven Geologismiki Liquefy Pro      AllPile L-Pile   Reward and Wallap Geostru Slope   RocScience Slide Roc Science Settle3D Bentley Geostructural Analysis Deep Xcav Plaxis (Basic level) LANGUAGES • English – Excellent • Kannada – Excellent • Hindi – Excellent • Tamil – Excellent (verbal only) • Arabic – Fair (verbal only) • Telugu – Fair (verbal only) MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES • Life Member. Q as per Barton and Gelogical Strength Index (GSI) as per Hoek-Brown criteria. and other local codal standards and project specific technical specifications codal standards. water pipelines and foundations. Estimation of rippability of rock based on field and laboratory data analysis. Recommendation of suitable soil improvement techniques such as soil replacement. LM 1919). Estimation of rock mass properties based on Rock Mass Rating (RMR) as per Bieniawski criteria.

of limitations in pile code IS-2911 for geo-technical designers . Libya Libyan universities programme.• •• •• • • • • • • Design of machine and pile foundations organized by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). KSA Water tank farm. HPCL. Pile and deep foundations by prof. Efficiently handled several geotechnical investigation works and was responsible for successful execution of projects involving wide range of industrial structures. Shell Pvt. oil & gas refineries. India. Shell. GSPLAJ. Mysore. Van Impe – Belgium. on time completion and superior quality work maintaining engineering ethics. highways & bridges. Saudi Aramco. BPCL and Reliance to name a few. India Large diameter LNG storage tanks. organized by Indian Institute of Science. and landfills-proceedings on state of art practice. IOCL. multistoried apartments. India. Sabic.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh • Associate Member of Institution of Engineers (AMIE). IOCL. KSA Water supply and sewerage systems. Daelim for Saudi Aramco. storage tanks. metering stations. cross country pipelines. KSA Sadara isocynate plant. SWCC/Royal Commission. SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS ATTENDED o • • • . defense installations and infrastructures. India. flare areas and other associated structures such as administration buildings. Petronas. KGS. dedication. GSPLAJ. India Crude oil storage tanks. India Crude oil terminal stations. canals & irrigation structures. Reliance Industries Limited. HPCL. National level seminar on geo-technical engineering practice –NSAGE 2005 –IGS-New Delhi. block valve stations. Qatar Sabha & Sarawak gas pipeline. Qatar Local roads and drainage programme. IISc RELATED EXPERIENCE •Extensively worked. Geo-synthetics India. Bangalore University. National workshop on geotechnical engineering for infrastructural development (NWGEID). India. residential and university buildings. India. University Visveswaraya College of Engineering. airports. SKEC for Saudi Aramco. ponds. nuclear & thermal power plants and water & oil storage tanks. Public Works Authority (Ashghal). India. • • • • • •• • • PUBLICATIONS Mahesh B L (2000). Roorkee. 2002. Karnataka geo-technical center.Institution of Implications Engineers. “Role of molding water content in the lime stabilization of black cotton soil” a thesis written for the award of masters in geotechnical engineering. Few of the projects with which the applicant’s association is recognized are as below. • • • • • • • • • • • • Doha expressway Public Works Authority (Ashghal). HONOURS Honored with ‘Best Site Manager’ of the company award for the year 2007-2008 in recognition for contributions towards various project accomplishments. India Page 7 of 8 . Malaysia Wasit gas plant. A technical paper on “Role of molding water content in the lime stabilization of black cotton soil” in Indian Geotechnical Journal (IGJ). India. supervised and managed several geotechnical investigation projects related to oil and gas industry for clients Ashghal-Qatar. Ltd. Libya Paradip refinery. Geotechnical investigations and recommendations were provided for structures related to refineries.

India Taj Business Hotel. Adani Group. KBJNL. Jindal Tractable Power Corporation Limited. India Construction of Almatti left bank canal aqueduct and Indi lift canal works. India Construction of (extension works) of SAP campus. SASE. India.Curriculum Vitae-B L Mahesh • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Cross country crude oil pipeline project. KBJNL. India. phase II. India. KRDCL. Larsen & Toubro -ECC (B). India Grade separators and intersections.Rajkot pipeline -Package B. India SV /Tap Off stations for Anand. B L Mahesh Page 8 of 8 . 25 major river crossings. India Hazira-Mora crude oil pipeline. Tractebel. India Indira Gandhi centre for atomic research (IGCAR Nuclear Power Plant). India L&T South City Apartments. metering stations. India Multistoried residential complex. Captive power plant. NHAI. 2 x150 MW Thermal power plant. KIOCL. India Road over bridge. India Construction of water storage reservoirs. KRDCL. India Snow & avalanche structures. India Bangalore international airport. India. India Construction of a barrage across Bhima river at Kallur village. BINCO constructions. Taj Group of Hotels. Details of the projects listed above will be made available on request. section valve stations. intake wells and pipeline works funded by Japanese Bank for a water supply project. GSPL. Mundra special economic zone (SEZ). SAP India (P) Ltd. DRDO. India Construction of NH-5 (Nellore Bypass) and NH-7. JP Kenny Triune Engineering (P) Limited. Indian Railways. High level concrete dam across Bellary Nala. Indus Homes (P) Ltd. India Ordnance and Ammunition Factory. water treatment plants. Kerala Water Authority. India. India Environmental impact assessment for Federal Mogul-Goetze (USA). India Construction of an earthen dam for Vamsadhara Reservoir. India City gas distribution network crossings. Adani. India Concrete bridge across Yagachi river. DRDO. AAI.