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Facebook Campus – September 2014

Images delivered within days of capture.

Traditional (45 days – 6 months)

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Change. Clear.Google Campus – September 2014 Current. . High resolution imagery enables effective decision making.

Clear. Track change over time. Change.Apple Campus Development Current. 4 August September .

Group Highlights Customers Revenue Strong growth in our customer subscriber base with 22. renewals & inside sales Transition ‘De whitelisting’ of legacy customers and transition to individual user names and personal profiles Focus Pricing Successful introduction of ‘Advantage’ pricing – a data consumption based approach whereby customers pay based on the amount of data consumed.000 named users as at the end of 2014 Activation of multiple revenue lines inside the business – digital. Increased focus on R&D within the business culminating in the creation of HyperCamera Profit Achieved maiden profit Transition Balance Subscriptions Transition from ‘free’ to user pay model Strong balance sheet with no debt Very high retention of existing customers and subscription renewal 5 . direct sales. telesales.

1m 12.0m 62% Net Profit After Tax 2 7. 18 4.2c (0.2)m 3000% EBITDA Margin 5 33% (2)% -- Earnings Per Shares 2. Adjusted EBITDA Reconciliation available on pg.6)c 167% 1.7m.8m 57% Revenue 17.8m 11.6m) 3. 18 5.3m (1.3)c 833% Adjusted EPS 6 0.8m (0. Adjusted EBITDA / Revenue 6.Results Scorecard FY14 FY13 INCREASE Total Income 1 20.7)m 176% Adjusted EBITDA 4 5.4c (0. Includes income tax benefit recognised for the first time (FY14 $3. FY13 $1. Adjusted NPAT Reconciliation available on pg. 18 6 .0)m 794% Adjusted NPAT 3 1.1m (1. Adjusted EPS Reconciliation available on pg. Includes government refund for eligible R&D activities (FY14 $1.5m) 2.

7m R&D tax credit in H2 • Execution of license agreement with Google Maps • Seamless platform integration with Google Earth • Commencement of US capture program 7 .Operational Highlights • Launch of new products: • Rail (February 2014) • Solar (April 2014) • Property (May 2014) • Insurance (July 2014) • Construction (October 2014) • Appointment of Chief Financial Officer • Receipt of new patents for aerial mapping system • Receipt of $1.

Competitive Strengths & Barriers to Entry • Patented intellectual property • Frequent and responsive capture program • High quality imagery (5-8cm resolution) • Uniquely short delivery time (3-5 days vs 45+ competitor days) • Time-series data (166TB of historical imagery since 2009) • Disciplined focus on specific verticals • Visual analytical tools and enriched data layers • Mobile enhanced map browser • Scalable e-commerce platform • Expert and agile development capability • Highly engaged and proven management team • Capital light business model and strong free cash flows 8 .

Business Strategy & Revenue Model IP Protection Initiate Data Collection 3 Stage Approach to Growth and Monetisation Offer Free Personal Use • Establishment: proven intellectual property and business model • Introduce marketing: win market share and build subscriber base • Progress towards market dominance: increase yield and returns Build Subscriber Base Embed nearmap into user workflows Implement Data Usage Model Increase Yield & Returns 9 .

Australian Business • Growth company firmly in the growth phase of the business lifecycle • Sophisticated operation derived from growth and monetisation of subscriber base • Continued investment to facilitate growth: • Industrialising systems • Increasing the sales and marketing capability Revenue • Broadening management bandwidth • Planned investments to support long term expansion • Observed change in sales mix resulting from implementation of the data usage model and preliminary retail offering Customers • Sales aimed at increasing users per enterprise customer • Providing future upsell opportunities based on usage • Retail offering aimed a leveraging fixed cost base Named Users • Adding to incremental gross profit 10 .

• Sales and marketing costs will be incurred as incremental to this capital investment. • Ongoing capture costs. • The easy-to-use map browser has already been localised for the US.United States Expansion • The nearmap business model is a natural fit for the US. scaling to 50% of the US population during FY16 (150m people). • The US strategy will be focused on establishing a sales and marketing organisation that will initially target government and enterprise customers to generate immediate subscription revenue. • Capture and commercialisation will be fully funded from existing cash flows. and features for key verticals such as solar and insurance. demographic data overlays. with it’s high level of urbanisation. • The aspirational sales goal in the US is $30-$50m per year by December 2017. • First-year combined capital and capture costs are expected to be around $8m. including expanding the capture program to 50% of the US population. captured multiple times a year. high per-capita GDP and similar business mix to Australia. 11 . • US imagery is stored via Amazon Web Services. including Google street maps and address search. are expected to be around $8m per year. • Small business and personal users will be given a period of free access to drive adoption. • The nationwide US urban capture program is designed to capture 33% of the US population during FY15 (100m people).

FY15 Outlook • FY15 has started strongly with continued growth in named users • • December 2015 revenue target remains on track • • Supported by extremely low churn Expansion into the US tracking ahead of expectations • • Revenue targets are milestones used to measure performance. not indicators of total market size and maturity Scope for move Advantage pricing model to increase ARPU • • Complimented by the launch of new retail products 110m people in the US already captured Disciplined investments to drive future growth • Industrialise systems and processes • Modest increases in marketing and management resources • Preliminary reporting on a segment and corporate level • Renewed confidence in ability to grow based on assessment of the market opportunities. experience in building a profitable and sustainable business. and most of all the calibre and quality of the people 12 . current value proposition. relentless focus on detail and disciplined execution.

Appendices 1. Corporate File 13 . User Case 3. Financial Performance 2.

Financial Performance .

0m 11% 1.6m 92% EBITDA Margin 3 33% 32% 20% -40% Earnings Per Share 1.Income Statement 2H14 1H14 2H13 1H13 Total Income 11.4m 10.2c 0.1m 33% 3. No debt 3.6)m Other Current Liabilities 3. 18 2.9c 0. 18 15 .1m 22.6m (2.0m Other Current Assets 3.4m 74% 4.2c 0.5m 11.1m Revenue 9.7m 63% 0. Adjusted EPS reconciliation available on pg.8)m Unearned Income 13.3c 0.8m Adjusted NPAT 1 0. Adjusted EBITDA / Revenue 4.1m (1.9m 7.1m 1.6m 11.5m 1.6m 0.7m 41% Adjusted EPS 0. Represents sales to be recognised as accounting revenue over time 2.0m Net Profit After Tax 6.6)m Total Assets 37.9m 8.2m 8. 18 1.3m 0.6)c Equity 20.9m 7.0m 87% 4 2 1 1. Adjusted EBITDA reconciliation available on pg.3m 13.7m 4.3m 3.5c (0.7m Adjusted EBITDA 2 Balance Sheet FY14 FY13 INCREASE Cash 23.8)c Total Liabilities 16.3m 2. Adjusted NPAT reconciliation available on pg.4m (1.0c (0.

5m from IP licencing recognised in 2H13 2H13 1H14 2H14 ^ $0.5 32% 33% 1H14 2H14 FY14 20% 0.5m relating to “on-request” flights recognised in FY14 16 .4 0.5 Non-Recurring 1H13 7.5 17.8 2H13 EBITDA Margin: Adjusted EBITDA / Revenue 6.1 0.6 Increased headcount to support growth initiatives 3 Operating cost base remained largely fixed High return and capital light business model -40% 1H12 2H12 1H13 * $0.3 Recurring 9.5 New capture program aimed at driving cost efficiencies 4 2.Growing Annuity Revenues Scalable Operations Continuing Operations EBITDA Margin 0.

8m 4.5m 13.5 1 1.0m 0.Cash Flows 23.0m Financing Cashflows 0.7m 0.4m 5.4m 0.5)m 0.7 1H13 2H13 1H14 2H14 Strong Financial Position & Cash Controls 17 .8m 4.4m Investing Cashflows (1.2m 7.3 2H14 1H14 2H13 1H13 Receipts from Customers 13.1)m (0.7m 0.1m 7.4m Cash at End of Half Year 23.1m 0.5m) 13.6m 9.4 5.7m 17. Includes government refund for eligible R&D activities (2H14 $1.7m.0m 0.7m 12.3m 17.5m 6.0m Net Increase in Cash 5. 2H13 $1.1m Operating Cashflows 6.

0m 1.1m (1.1m Income Tax Benefit (3.6m 0.6m 0.6)m -- -- -- Interest Expense R&D Tax Rebate (1.6m (2.6)m (0.Adjusted NPAT Reconciliation 1H14 2H13 1H13 6.6)m -- -- -- Adjusted EPS 0.3m -- Adjusted EBITDA 3.5m 1. Weighted average number of shares on issue 1.0m 0.8m 0.7)m -- (1.3m 0.1m (2.8)m Effective Income Tax Adjusted NPAT 1 1.6m 324.2c 0.8m 1.5)m -- Adjusted NPBT 1.7)m -- (1.0c (0.2c 0.6)m Adjusted NPAT 0.6)c R&D Tax Rebate (1.1m 323.3m 2.7m 0.6m 323.5)m -- 1.1m (1.2m 0.8m 0.4m (1.7m 0.7m 0.6)m Income Tax Benefit (3. Applied statutory income tax rate of 30% Reconciliation Reconciliation 2H14 Net Profit After Tax Adjusted EPS Adjusted EBITDA 2H14 1H14 2H13 1H13 2H14 1H14 2H13 1H13 6.2)m -- 0.3)m (0.3m -- -- -- (0.0m 1.6)m Net Profit After Tax Depreciation & Amortisation Impairment Reversal 18 .8)m -- -- -- -- Shares on Issue 1 326.3m 0.8m 1.6m (2.1m 1.3)m Share Based Payments 1.

User Case .

August 2014 Inspect sites from the desktop Review & track assets 20 .Monitor progress remotely Facebook Campus.

1 World Trade Center – September 2014 Use the measurement tool to make informed decisions Building code compliance Safety compliance Measure lengths & areas accurately Measure the area of a property Identify unapproved developments & verify planning compliance Monitor progress remotely 21 .

Use the solar tool to generate quotes Use solar tool to generate immediate location aware quotes Identify roof layouts and features Identify seasonal shadowing using the timeline 22 .

Inspect damage after environmental events Napa Earthquake – September 2014 Understand if properties are at risk from environmental changes Include high resolution images in reports & presentations 23 .

Boston MA – September 2014 Search an address to quickly and clearly identify features Property features Abandoned vehicles and unauthorized parking Unauthorized constructions and extensions Use the measurement tool to survey land and save site visits Use the timeline to track change over time Condition of parks and reserves Condition of roads and paths Overhanging trees 24 .

Corporate File .

000 Paul Peterson 4.6)m Name Shares Options Ross Norgard 58.500.8m 2013 11.500.7m (5.077.19 • Receipt of new patent for aerial camera system (19 May 2014) • Generation of maiden profit (24 February 2014) • Launch of nearmap Rail (12 February 2014) • Execution of licence agreement for Google Maps (19 December 2013) Management & Board Ownership Value Metric Revenue Adjusted EBITDA 2014 17. companies and communities see their world.000 7. Key Milestones and Financials • Announcement of US expansion plan (13 October 2014) Established: 7 December 2000 Shares on Issue: 347. nearmap is changing the way governments.000 Adjusted NPAT 1.000 7.50 Longfellow Nominees Pty Ltd <Norgard Super Fund> 20.2)m 2012 5.958 2.978.000 0 Simon Crowther 10.21 • Commencement of US test flights (6 May 2014) • Launch of nearmap Solar (10 April 2014) HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited <NT-COMNWLTH Super Corp A/C> 6.000 0 Rob Newman 4.000 Cash Balance Debt 23.3m --- 13.000 6.101 Options: 30.122 7.933.43 • Seamless integration with Google Earth (10 June 2014) MR Simon Benedict Crowther & Ms Fiona Kyla Crowther <Wisebuddha A/C> 10. Shares % Shares Longfellow Nominees Pty Ltd <The Aeolus A/C> 38.3)c (3.75 JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited 26.88 • Launch of property intelligence tools (29 May 2014) RBC Investor Services Australia Nominees Pty Limited <BKCUST A/C> 7.98 National Nominees Limited 26.295 0 Cliff Rosenberg 2.7)m (10. Our breakthrough technology enables imagery to be updated much more frequently than other providers.576.488 1.45 • Launch of nearmap Insurance (31 July 2014) • Launch of new FAA-approved aerial camera system (17 July 2014) Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 11.341 1.86 HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 11.341 3.381.8m 5.167 10.775.4m --- --- .500.0m (0.2c ( 3.696.000.000 5.775.2)c Gerhard Beukes 1.000 2.4)m Earnings Per Share 2.000 Employees: 84 ASX: NEA 10 Largest Shareholders (As at December 2014) Name No.Company Profile Built around proprietary PhotoMaps™ aerial imagery technology.3m (1. With 85% of Australia’s population covered regularly.93 Mr Paul Arthur Peterson 4.499 3.000.941.128 7.450.690.646.141.4m Paul Lapstun 2. nearmap is a visual analytics company with a focus on empowering businesses with timely and reliable information on which to make decisions quickly and with confidence.

Prior to that he developed video and animation products for Canon. Simon was part of the management team that floated CPG on the FTSE in the mid 90’s. where he co-invented and led the research and development of digital pen and paper technologies. Australia and New Zealand. He holds more than 1200 granted US patents. auditing. Chief Financial Officer Gerhard has held finance and group controller positions in various divisions such as banking. He was formerly the Managing Director of Yahoo! Australia and New Zealand where he was responsible for all aspects of the local operation for mare than three years. He has twice founded and built businesses based on Australian technology.Management Simon Crowther. Gerhard Beukes. Western Australia. Non-Executive Director Rob has established a unique track record as a successful high technology entrepreneur in both Australia and the Silicon Valley. Previously. Chairman of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and a former member of the University of WA Graduate School of Management (MBA Programme). Paul has successfully delivered highly profitable global software products. Chief Technology Officer Paul has over 25 years’ experience in conceiving. the US and UK. Non-Executive Chairman Ross is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and former managing partner of Aurthur Andersen DMP Hungerfords and its successor firms in Perth. Previously. including Managing Director of Canada’s largest Communications Agency and Director of Copyright Promotions Group (CPG). financial advisory. Dr Rob Newman. Senior VP of Product & Engineering Paul has held various senior executive positions with a primary focus on the development of software products. was established by Rob with US Venture Capital backing of USD34m and he ran it until it was acquired for USD123m. Cliff was head of corporate strategy for Vodafone Australasia and also served as an international management consultant with Gemini Consulting and Bain Consulting. Paul Lapstun. Previously. platforms and services for over 25 years across a wide range of industries. risk. he was Vice President of Engineering for Myriad Australia focusing on social networking platforms for a wide range of mobile devices. He served most of his career at Deloitte in South Africa. 27 . tax services and specialist consulting. Non-Executive Director Cliff is the Managing Director for LinkedIn South East Asia. He joins nearmap from Hawaiian Telcom where he was Director of Enterprise Software. and a member of the Financial Executives Institute of Australia. Paul was CTO of Netpage at Silverbook Research. Europe’s largest entertainment and sports IP/ rights management agency. making him the 3rd most prolific inventor worldwide. both times successfully entering overseas markets. Board Ross Norgard. Gerhard is a registered Chartered Accountant. he was Head of Global Sales & Licensing for Granada Media (now ITV). Managing Director & CEO Simon has extensive knowledge and experience managing diverse content and data related businesses. Cliff Rosenberg. developing and commercialising consumer electronics and software products in Australia. Rank Cintel and Integrated Arts. One of those companies. the US and Australia. Paul Peterson. Before joining nearmap. current member of the National Disciplinary Committee. the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK and one of Europe’s largest content producers. He has held numerous positions on industry committees including past chairman of the West Australian Professional Standards Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. a member of the executive team of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia in New South Wales. Atmosphere Networks.

CA – July 2014 Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the expectations expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements include known and unknown risks. expectations. 28 . assumptions and beliefs about future events and are subject to risks.relations@nearmap. NSW 2000 Australia Telephone: +61 (0) 2 8076 0700 Facsimile: +61 (0) 2 8076 0701 Email: investor. CA .nearmap. Because actual results could differ materially from nearmap ltd’s current intentions.Contact Details Level 6 6-8 Underwood Street Sydney. assumptions and beliefs about the future. plans.September 2014 Disclaimer Some of the information contained in this presentation contains “forward-looking statements” which may not directly or exclusively relate to historical facts. These forward-looking statements reflect nearmap ltd’s current Website: www. plans. Universal Oakland Athletics. uncertainties and other factors. expectations. many of which are outside the control of nearmap ltd. you are urged to view all forwardlooking statements contained herein with caution.