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Mike Hein
Ulster County Executive
November 30, 2015

Dear County Executive Hein,

On Monday, November 23, 2015, the College Democrats of New York unanimously voted to
call on you to run for New Yorks 19th Congressional District in 2016.

As young people, we are fed up with the Republicans in Washington and their outdated beliefs
and ideas. Republicans have voted for budgets that would slash Pell Grant funding, opposed
LGBT and womens rights in 2015, and have no plans to combat climate change or preserve our
environment for future generations. Their policies are not representative of what the 19th district
wants or deserves.

We cannot afford their extreme right wing agenda any longer. We can no longer wait for
change that is why we are urging you to run for Congress in 2016. The constituents of the 19th
district especially young people need a qualified candidate who has what it takes to lead. Your
record shows that you understand the challenges that many hard-working New Yorkers face, and
have the solutions to give them a fair shot.

Your accomplishments as Ulster County Executive are unmatched by any prospective
You have increased access to higher education by opening a satellite campus of Ulster
County Community College in Kingston, and led the effort to increase online class
From moving county properties over to hundred percent renewable energy to creating the
rail trail, your record as an environmentalist has been something young people can truly
You have been a proven job creator in Ulster County while providing tax relief for
hardworking families at the same time.

Given the importance of this Congressional seat, the College Democrats of New York pledge to
name your district a Priority Race if you choose to run. We will devote resources, interns, and
volunteers to turn out voters in the 19th district and ensure electoral victory.

We are confident that you will make an extraordinary candidate for this seat, and an even better
member of Congress when elected. You have devoted the past twelve years to creating
opportunities for the people of Ulster County as Deputy Treasurer, County Administrator, and
County Executive. Today, we hope you will answer our call to serve in Congress and continue to
fight for the middle class.


The College Democrats of New York Executive Board

Jamie Zieno, President
Chloe Chik, Vice President
Sean Kaczmarek, Political Director
Katherine Santana, Secretary
Winnie Ye, Communications Director
Andrew Taranto, Finance Director
Minahil Khan, Development Director
Kevin Kowalewski, Membership Director
Laura Mannara, Western Region Chair
Emery Younger, Northern Region Chair
Willow Hubsher, Southern Region Chair
Courtland Ingraham, Eastern Region Chair
Thomas Palumbo, NYC Region Chair
Rob Bielunas, L.I./Queens Region Chair