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Nakakita naman tayo ng mga pag-sabog diba? Ngunit may nakita ba kayong pagsabog na may idinulot na maganda at organisado?
Diba ito’y magulo at nagdudulot ng distraksyon, tulad ng pagsabog ng isang bomba?

If all the pieces of a watch were placed in a can and the can shaken gently for a million years the watch would
not be "accidentally" put together and running.
On Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we see the complex and specific design of the faces of four American presidents
carved into the rock. Wind and erosion can produce predictable designs on some mountains, but not obvious, well-known human faces.
a building is designed by an architect. No amount of time, chance and unthinking natural processes can produce a building.
Then there would be so much oxygen turning into water that it would cover the entire earth. None of the continents would have
appeared, so there would be no land-based life—including us.
(rotation and etc)
The earth also needs the right rotational speed. If it were just a little faster, the earth would not be warmed enough, freezing much of
the surface. But if it were slower, the heat would be oppressive.
It also needs just the right atmosphere—78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen, the precise amounts to sustain complex life. The
earth also has the correct tilt—23.5 degrees—allowing us to have the four seasons and twice as much arable soil as a different tilt
angle would provide.
Even the moon is precisely the right size and distance from the earth for the tides to move the oceans around, keeping them clean and
Humans have "just the right" ability to breath these gases; the human body has "just the right" synergy of internal organs in order to
function, and so on.\
The human body is composed of trillions of cells – So there is no logical explanation as to how this incredibly extensive, exquisite code
inside the cell could exist without a supremely intelligent Being having designed it. It is absurd to think that nobody designed such a
complex code—that it is simply a result of time, chance and mutation
Hindi lamang ito isang simpleng kemikal. Ito’y mga kemikal na nagtuturo kung paano lalaki at magdedebelop ang ating katawan.
Natural at biological na rason ay kulang lamang para maging paliwanag para sa bagay na ito. May isang Nilalang talaga na sinadyang
ginawa ang lahat ng mga ito.

When a man walking through the woods finds the tracks of a deer that has passed there only hours before, he
knows that a deer was there because of the evidence of the tracks even though he does not see the deer. So (as
with the tracks of the deer) we may know that God exists by the tracks He has left everywhere in the world.
Some men are so blind that they may deny the existence of the sun in the sky but that does not alter the fact that the sun exists, rises
and sets each day.
To look up and see a plane and not see the pilot and say that the plane is pilotless is as ridiculous as looking into the heavens and
saying that there is no God simply because we cannot see Him.


why would it display any order at all—in particular. logical way that God upholds the universe. why would it obey laws? Laws of nature make sense in a Christian worldview—they are descriptions of the consistent. how do you account for the existence of laws? we can trust that the universe will obey the same physics tomorrow as it does today because God is consistent. If there is no God then I am not responsible to anyone and I can live and die as I please.” RESSURECTION Jesus was buried in a tomb—both His friends and His enemies knew where it was (Matt. 15:3-9). but they govern how both operate. “Rational thinking of a Person” Comes from GOD. Ang mga animals wala nagpangutana nganung nag exist sila. There is no intrinsic reason for the laws of nature to exist. 1:18. But if there is no God. 27:62-66) The tomb was found empty early Sunday morning. There is a God" and only fools deny it.” MORAL LAW How do we know what "evil" is? How do we know what "good" is? These concepts demand either the existence of a standard to make such evaluations. geographic location. It is incredible to consider that no matter time. culture. these laws had to be created and in place when matter and energy appeared. Wala silay reasoning & thinking. or there would be total chaos. the Moral Law has been universally acknowledged. If the universe were a mindless accident. Such verses would be meaningless unless there was some kind of clear and objective . ang naa ra nila is the SENSE of survival. To look up and see a plane and not see the pilot and say that the plane is pilotless is as ridiculous as looking into the heavens and saying that there is no God simply because we cannot see Him. 2:8. We each fundamentally know what is right and wrong. (Want proof? Look at Matthew 28:11-15 where Jesus’ enemies cook up a story to explain why it was empty!) Jesus’ disciples and a lot of other people saw Him ALIVE after they had seen him killed and buried (1 Cor. but in the quieter moments of reflection the conscience of every man whispers.Karamihan sa ating buhay ay hindi sigurado ngunit ang ating kalawakan ay gumagalaw ayon sa batas ng kalikasan na sigurado. The laws of the universe require that a lawgiver calibrated them and set them into effect. Moobey ran a. God plainly holds men responsible for not receiving and believing the truth (Rom. (Which is amazing when you consider that Peter had already proved he could crack under very little pressure—see Matthew 26:69-75) CONCLUSION: Atheism is one of the devil's tools to put men to sleep without accepting salvation. 2 Thess 2:10-12). In fact. So much so that they were willing to die for their belief. Sabi pa nga na kapag ang mga ito’y magkakamali kahit ka-isa man lang ay sasabog ang buong kalawakan Where did the laws of the universe come from? They're not matter or energy. Each of us are born with an innate sense of morality. Jesus’ disciples believed that He had risen. or an understanding what these concepts mean. or people.

God would not hold man responsible for there would be no way to tell truth from error.evidence by which men could come to a knowledge and conviction of the truth. If such were not the case. .