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Witlingo Partners with Digital DataVoice (DDV) to Deliver Amazon Alexa and

Google Action Experiences to Enterprise Clients
The partnership between Witlingo and DDV will enable both companies to efficiently serve the
increasing demand by enterprises for value delivering and brand respecting voice experiences.
McLean, VA, December 15, 2016 --( Witlingo, a McLean, VA-based startup focused on
building products and solutions for delivering highly usable Alexa skills today announced its partnership
with Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota-based Digital DataVoice (DDV), an established Services leader in
the delivery of voice automation solutions for enterprises of all sizes.
“We are thrilled by this partnership,” said Ahmed Bouzid, Co-Founder and CEO of Witlingo. “Having a
partner like DDV, with more than 20 years of experience building voice solutions for millions of end
customers, working closely with us ensures that our Enterprise clients will be in good hands and will be
able to deliver on the Witlingo Cloud the streamlined, value packed experiences that they expect from
their Alexa and their Google Home solutions.”
DDV, who builds Alexa skills for enterprise clients, sees the partnership with Witlingo as a key element
to delivering solutions on a platform that provides them with the tools they need to engage iteratively
with their clients.
“A SaaS product like what Witlingo is offering is exactly what we need to take our voice service
offerings to the next level,” said Mark Osen, President and CEO of DDV. “Especially with voice
experiences, whether they are delivered by phone or now on devices like Amazon Echo and Google
Home, you need the capability to monitor how the solution is performing in real time, learn as much as
you can about customer reception and behavior, and adjust your solution to ensure that you identify
hidden value, revise faulty assumptions, and improve the usability of the solution.”
Witlingo offers out-of-the-box Analytics, Conversational Diagnostics, and Discovery tools through a web
accessible portal. These tools will enable enterprise clients to obtain business relevant information on
deployed experiences (adoption rates, stickiness, impact of the solution on Sales and Marketing
initiatives), as well as designers and product managers to leverage the information to improve and expand
the customer experience for value and usability.
For more information, contact Witlingo's Ahmed Bouzid at or DDV's Mark Osen
About Witlingo
Witlingo is a Software as a Service product company focused on enabling enterprises to deliver highly
usable conversations on devices such as the Amazon Echo.
About Digital DataVoice
Digital DataVoice (DDV)
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DDV is a full service contact center solutions provider that specializes in voice automation and on
traditional telephony platforms as well as mobile and emerging voice enabled delivery channels.

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