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Earth, Sun and Moon Song

This is the Astronomy Song,
Now we shall start with a bong.
Mercury and Venus, Earth and Mars,
Small and rocky, definitely not stars.
Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune,
The years don’t pass, not anytime soon.
The universe is ever expanding, just like a sprout of a
The next thing that’ll be sprouting will be a meteor
The phases of the moon are created by the moon’s
rotation and the Sun.
Without the phases, the moon wouldn’t be much fun.
The moon is so beautiful and luminous.
At night, it is the only thing there to illuminate us.
When the lit part grows, we say it’s waxing,
Just like your brain growing from the questions you’re
When the lit part shrinks, we say it’s waning,
It’s like you’re taking a pencil and you slowly start
The moon covers the Earth during a solar eclipse,
Just like when you are blocking the view of a ship.
When the Earth covers the moon, it’s a lunar eclipse,
Earth, Sun and Moon Song
Just like when a big microphone is covering your lips.
Now we shall end with a bong,
That was the Astronomy Song!

1. Mercury-A small, terrestrial planet that is located the
closest to the Sun.
2. Venus-An Earth-sized, terrestrial planet that is known to
have the hottest surface, and is the 2nd planet to the
3. Earth-The 3rd planet to the Sun. It is small, terrestrial
and is the only planet known to man to be able to
sustain complex life forms.
4. Mars-The 4th planet, known as The Red Planet. It is a
very small, terrestrial planet.
5. Jupiter-The biggest planet, 5th in line, is a gas giant and
is known for its Big Red Spot.
6. Saturn- A gas giant known for its huge and marvelous
rings. This splendid planet is the 6th planet.
7. Uranus- A gas giant that has almost invisible rings and
is the 7th planet.
8. Neptune- The final gas giant in our solar system. It also
has rings of ice and is the most remote planet of any in
our solar system.
9. Universe- An ever expanding space that contains
everything and everyone.
10. Phases of the Moon- Different appearances of the
moon from Earth’s surface due to the relative positions
of the Earth, Sun, and moon.
11. Sun- The big star at the center of our solar system
that is only about a halfway through its life.
12. Luminous- To shine, to glow, especially in a dark area.
13. Waxing- The growing illusion of the lit side of the
Earth, Sun and Moon Song
14. Waning- The shrinking illusion of the lit side of the
15. Solar Eclipse- When the moon is between the Sun and
Earth, and the moon’s shadow falls on the Earth.
16. Lunar Eclipse- When the Earth is between the Sun and
Moon, and the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon.P