March 24, 2017

Dear members,

We are writing to notify you that the board and staff of The Cannabis Alliance has been made
aware of some possible unethical behaviors from a business within our industry. After much
deliberation, we have decided to take action in the form of notifying the business of our

We have data that supports claims of unethical behavior and we are requesting that they shift
their behavior. If the business does not respond within 72 hours, we will escalate this issue to all
appropriate avenues in an effort to remedy the situation.

We have decided upon this action for several reasons:

1. The behavior affects many of our members and their ability to engage in good business

2. The behavior perpetuates a problem in the industry and does undue harm to our
industry and the end consumer.

3. As an organization with a mission that is dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable,
vital and ethical cannabis industry we feel it is our duty to attempt to self-regulate and

We only take this type of action when we feel confident that the claims are accurate and can be
supported with clear data. We hope that our reaching out to the business in this way will reflect
in course correction and that further, more serious, action can be avoided.

In the meantime, we ask our members to consider the negative impact that inflated potency values
have on our industry. By focusing on the highest potency values, making purchasing decisions
based heavily on THC, and not doing our best to educate consumers about the multifaceted
attributes that distinguish quality cannabis, we risk creating misperception among the public and
liability for our businesses. When potency data is intentionally inflated, it results in buyers – retail
buyers, wholesale buyers and consumers - being defrauded in their purchases. Fraud is an
allegation no business wants. For the good of your business and the good of the industry, we ask
that you consider the negative effects of putting too much emphasis on high THC results.


Lara Kaminski
Executive Director
3233 S Hanford St
Seattle, WA 98144

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