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Raymond Villegas

Ms. Sroka

Writing 8B

April 3, 17

In the emergence of time, there was only the darkness void of the infinite

Universe. There was only two beings alive at this time, Rakip and Ahriman. They

emerge from an egg that appeared in the center of the universe. Both were living inside

the darkness, with only stars to stare at. The brothers had magical powers too! Rakip

was born one thousand years before Ahriman, which made Rakip have a much greater

power than Ahriman, this made Ahriman furious and jealous, since he was considered

the younger “weaker” brother. Rakip didn’t enjoy living in the darkness, he wanted some

light. Rakip set off to look for stars and collect them, while Ahriman fell in an eternal


Rakip looked for years and years, until he had a colossal amount of the brightest

stars. He then used his majestic powers and merge the stars together, thus making the

Sun. He decided to put it in the center of the Universe, so it would light the dark

Universe. Rakip didn’t stop there, he wanted a beautiful place to create things in. He

couldn’t use the stars because nobody could live inside in a inferno. Rakip decided to

use rocks from the metroids, he collected them and merge them together, thus making

Earth. The intense heat made Rakip thirsty, so he created the 5 oceans of the Earth.

The world was then a sphere of water, so Rakip decided to make some land across the
oceans, thus making the 7 continents. Ahriman woke up furious that his brother didn’t

say anything! He was jealous of Rakip’s creation, so he decided to make a creation of

his own. He wanted a Earth of his own, so he also set out to look for rock. He wasn’t

successful, his “Earth” was much smaller and pale, instead Ahriman created the Moon.

The two brothers had created the Solar System so far…

Rakip just ignored Ahriman, and kept going with his creations. Rakip wanted a

son, so he got leftover stars and mixed it with some mud from the ground, thus making

the first ever human. He had made a bright human being, he decided to name him

Light, since his son brighten up his day. He felt that his son was all alone in Earth, so he


“My son, what do you wish to make you less lonely?” Rakip questioned.

“I want some little creatures to play with” Light respond.

“Your wish is my command” Rakip told him.

Rakip then created all the harmless animals of the world. Light was very pleased

to be playing with the animals. This didn’t make him happy though. Light seemed to be

gloomy. Rakip noticed this and began to worry that his son will never see the bright of

the day. He decided to make multiple humans, so his could have someone to talk to.

Thus creating mankind.

Ahriman saw that his brother had created multiple creatures, he became super

jealous. He decided to make a creature of his own, behind Rakip’s back. Ahriman

collected dark matter of the universe and made his human. A beautiful girl was created,

Ahriman named his daughter Erebus. This wasn’t any regular girl, everything she
touched got destroyed. She was the shadow of the bright world. Ahriman sent her to

Earth. Erebus fell from the sky and landed on Earth. Every footstep she made, there

was an earthquake. Every animal that she touched turned vicious. Erebus caused

chaos around, the once perfect, Earth.

Light notified Rakip about this. Rakip was furious to hear about this. He went to

look for his devilish brother.

“Ahriman why are you such a fool? Can’t you see that your daughter is

destroying Earth?! Why did you create a destroyer!” Rakip raged.

“Don’t you ever disrespect my daughter! I will destroy you and your creations and

replace it with my own!” Ahriman yelled.

Ahriman flew up to Rakip and started to attack him. Rakip was horribly damaged

and could barely move. All of Ahriman’s jealousy, envy, and hatred filled up. Ahriman

thought about a way to get rid of his older brother, but he needed his daughter’s power.

He called up his daughter and asked her to also use her powers with him. Both had

opened a black hole within the universe, they called it The Black Hole.

“I’m tired of you being the greater brother, after I destroy you, I WILL BE THE

GREATER BROTHER” Ahriman yelled at Rakip’s face, while still beating him.

With a bit of breathe, Rakip said, “You evil spirit, you don’t know what you have

done. You will cause greater evil in the Earth. I will not worry, for my son will defeat


“#### you and your kid, I WILL BE THE KING OF THIS UNIVERSE” Ahriman

Ahriman use his magical powers and pulled the Sun towards the Black hole. He

threw the Sun into its Creator, while both slowly fell into the endless pit. Right before

Rakip got burned, he turned into a bright white particles. The particles were flying into

the Earth. The Sun got trapped inside bottomless pit, making the Earth and the

Universe dark once again.

“Pathetic excuse of a brother, your weak son will never defeat a God like me”

Ahriman screamed into the Black Hole

“Every creation, must always have a destroyer” Erebus grinned

Now, the evil spirits are pulling Earth and the other planets toward the Black

Hole. Everything that was in Earth screamed, so much it could be heard from outside

the planet. Ahriman specific looked for Light to destroy first. Ahriman finally found him,

and pulled him into the darkness of the Universe.

“You will also face the consequences your father has faced. Nobody will ever be

greater than me.” Ahriman told Light, while holding him in his hand.

As soon as Ahriman was about to throw Light within the Black Hole, the magical

bright particles went inside Light! Light soon flared, as if he had the Sun’s light and heat.

The light was super bright, blinding Erebus and Ahriman.

“Now I am the one above all, I will demolish you and your wicked daughter.” Light

spoked in a deep frightening voice.

Light was extremely hot, he melted through Ahriman’s hand. Light heard a voice

inside his head
“Light my son, destroy Ahriman and bring peace into the Universe again.I have

given you my powers, use them for good.” Rakip spoked inside Light’s head

Rakip’s powers went into Light’s body! Ahriman and Erebus still couldn’t see,

Light took advantage of this moment and pushed the evil spirits into their own creation.

Light closed the Black Hole and threw it many light years away from our solar

system. The damage of Erebus and Ahriman had already damaged the Earth. Evil

spirits now roamed the world, natural disaster happen, people turn on each other.

The evil spirits weren’t killed, they somehow managed to keep moving the Black

Hole slowly across the universe. The Black Hole sucked up and destroy every of

Rakip’s creation, little by little, until it reaches Earth and destroy it. This slow process will

take trillions of light years to happen.

Meanwhile back at our solar system, the only source of energy was Light. The

Sun had been sucked up and destroyed, so Light had to find a way to light up the solar

system. Then it hit him, he was gonna use himself, since he had Rakip’s and the Sun’s

power! He took the form of the Sun, so his father creation could live on, and arranged

the planets so they could all orbit him. The Universe was lit once again because without

Light, the Universe would be dark.