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June 2017, issue 2, volume 19

Dive into the world of
managed service providers
In this issue:
Gaining insight into customer satisfaction • The advantages of contract management
Make your IT organization more customer-focused with customer journey mapping
Editorial Contents June '17

On the cover:

In this magazine, we dive deeper
into the world of managed service
providers. On page 10, a TOPdesk UX
designer of our MSP team reveals all
about the developments in TOPdesk
software created specifically for
managed service providers.

Killing your darlings Read more on page 10

Have you ever written an article? Or even a book? Then it’s “Feedback is an essential part
of the improvement process.”
likely you’ve run into the term “killing your darlings”. Darlings
are those words, sentences, and even chapters that we are
often most proud of. We love them, and we want to keep
Rick Wijers, business process
them. Often to the point that we almost don’t care if those improvement consultant, Ctac

bits are clear to readers or not.
04 News
The same goes for other projects. Sometimes you find out 06 Extreme insight into customer satisfaction
that your ideas are outdated. That something worked great Read more on page 6 How Ctac is learning from every customer interaction
for a while, but no longer meets your customers’ wishes. So
what do you do? Although painful, you start over. Yes, you 10 MSPs in focus
throw away something you’re proud of. But guess what? It TOPdesk’s
 functional designer about developing software
helps you create the best version of your work yet. specifically for MSPs

And we’re about to do the same with TOPdesk Magazine.
13 Column
Don’t worry, we’re not actually going to kill the magazine. Build or play
We’re just going to move with our times and try something
new and better: going fully digital. You’ll be able to read all
The contract’s signed and sealed. Now what?
your favourite articles on Getting to happy customers
16 Transparent services? CERM knows how
But before we get all teary eyed, let’s talk about what you
can find in this magazine. Read all about Managed Service
Services in motion
Providers, TOPdesk CEO Wolter Smit talks about why building
Read more about customer journey mapping on page 21
21 From ticket to tour operator
is more fun when you’re a child, and you can learn how to
How customer journey mapping makes for a more customer-

keep customers happy with contract management.
focused IT organization
Happy reading! 24 Integrating with your customer’s service
management tool
Acacia Kooij & Nicola van de Velde
28 tips + tricks
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Bert Huijsen, director cloud services and customer care
and Rick Wijers, business process improvement consultant

Ctac implements and manages its own where do you want to be in five years, we’ll use comply with all service level agreements while

Extreme insight into
hi-tech cash register solution for omnichannel our expertise to help you get there. ‘Enabling both you and your customer aren’t satisfied.”
retailing, XV Retail Suite, and Microsoft and your Ambition’ is our guiding principle.”
SAP systems on any cloud. The company serves If you really want to collaborate with the
Automatic registration

customer satisfaction
hundreds of customers from different size customer, you need extreme insight into
companies and in different lines of business: customer satisfaction. Huijsen: “We already In 2015 Ctac takes the first step towards
from retail and wholesale to manufacturing took care of this for projects and consultancy making their processes more measurable,
and real estate. Bert Huijsen has been director services. At least once a year, each consultant helping them map customer satisfaction for
of cloud services and customer care at Ctac asks his or her customers what they think calls. Rick Wijers is closely involved in the

How Ctac is learning from every customer interaction since 2014. His primary task? Making sure all
customers are happy with the services Ctac
of him or her. And we’ve added a Customer
Improvement Program (CIP) to our contracts.
change as process improvement consultant.
“We started looking for an efficient and
offers them. Once or twice a year we have a session with simple way to record customer satisfaction for
the customer where we look at their strategy each call.” TOPdesk provided the software they
and how Ctac can support that strategy.” needed. “The organization was already using
Ctac’s service desk handles dozens of calls from customers every day. These interactions Getting closer to the customer While Ctac takes care of management for TOPdesk to structure calls and malfunctions.
“Managed service providers can’t survive its customers, there was no proper insight into Our TOPdesk consultant told us that TOPdesk
greatly influence customer satisfaction for this IT service provider specialized in cloud
if their customers aren’t happy. We focus customer satisfaction. Huijsen: “We process provides an easy way for customers to rate the
integration. How does Ctac measure the key performance indicator of customer everything we do on making life better for the a lot of calls every day and of course we strive way their calls are dealt with. When we heard
satisfaction? And what knowledge do they gain from customer satisfaction statistics? customer,” says Huijsen. He has a clear vision. to solve them within the existing SLAs. But this, the decision was easy.”
“We want to be as close to the customer as that doesn’t give us any information about
Text: Niek Steenhuis Photography: Aad Hogendoorn we can be. So, what we say to our customer is: customer satisfaction. It’s perfectly possible to

Feedback as part of the process with a click. Our service desk no longer has Huijsen and Wijers are optimistic for the
Wijers: “We want to make it easy for the to spend time checking whether calls have future of customer satisfaction at Ctac. “We
customer to give feedback. So, we made been closed. And potential friction between want to streamline our processes as much
feedback part of the process for closing the service desk and consultants is prevented as possible. The only way to know you’re
calls. When one of our operators puts a because they don’t have to send emails or call successful is if your customer says you are.
call on ‘finished for process,’ the customer back-and-forth about the status of a call.” We’re meeting our SLAs, but does that mean
automatically receives an email. The email we reach our goals? Having the right process
contains a link to a form where the customer
can indicate whether their call has in fact Goal-oriented improvements
in TOPdesk is a big step towards making sure
we do. And we’re working hard on increasing
“We are taking steps
been resolved. Before they press the button Ctac uses the feedback they get for different customer satisfaction. After all, happy towards providing better
to confirm, the customer rates, on a scale of purposes. Huijsen: “All calls are stored in customers is what it’s all about.
1 to 4, how happy they are with the way their a database so we can use them to create services to our customers.”
call was dealt with. The customer can leave reports. To help us find out the scores for each
written feedback as well. And if the call hasn’t team, for example. If a customer provides
been resolved? The customer can indicate why additional feedback, we always send the
they don’t feel their call has been resolved feedback to their consultant. If a customer
and the call is returned to the consultant who gives a low rating, we always give them a
worked on it.” call. We don’t want to debate their rating. We
simply want to know why they’re dissatisfied
and we want the customer to know we listen
Three birds with one stone to them and use their feedback to improve.
This feedback method lets Ctac kill three birds This way, we take steps towards providing
with one stone: they collect the customer’s better services to our customers.”
feedback for each call, it’s easier for the
customer to click on a rating rather than write
an email, and the process has monitoring for From collecting to improving
calls that are resolved but haven’t been closed. Ctac tested the system internally for six
“Consultants used to send an email to the weeks before rolling it out to ten customers.
customer when they believed a call had been The system is now widely used and Huijsen
resolved,” Huijsen explains. “Sometimes the and Wijers are satisfied. “The first challenged
consultant would forget this step, but more we faced in this transformation was how to
often the customer would forget to respond. collect data. But we made it work. Now we’re
There was a build-up of calls that didn’t get working on the next step: we discuss the data
closed even though the work was done. Now in meetings, we have screens showing how
we’ve automated the whole process. If the teams are performing, and our customer care
customer doesn’t respond to the first email, managers use the input for meetings with
we send a reminder after three days, and individual customers,” says Huijsen
another one after six days. After nine days, Wijers adds: “The more insight and data we
the call is closed automatically.” get for customer satisfaction, the more we
can improve our processes. We can compare
priorities and teams to see what we can learn
Benefits to the organization from each other. The input from customers
“The new approach has clear benefits for all is also important to our problem manager.
parties,” Wijers adds. “For customers, all it With more input the problem manager can
takes to close a call is to pick a rating, give identify more problems that would otherwise
additional feedback if they want, and confirm go unnoticed.

MSPs in focus
TOPdesk’s functional designer about developing
software specifically for MSPs
Organizations are focusing more and more on their core business. Others tasks, such
as services, are being outsourced to Managed Service Providers. TOPdesk recognizes
the importance of MSPs in today’s business. How does TOPdesk show this? Discover
the latest developments that help boost your service delivery.
Text: Acacia Kooij Illustration: Frank van Klink

The best service delivery record specific agreements and customer wishes in TOPdesk. How did
What is the primary task of managed service providers? Service one of our MSP customers respond? “We can now easily record our
delivery. This is different to other TOPdesk customers, who often services and ensure that every service desk employee always links the
use service management software for internal support. If TOPdesk’s right service. The service desk employees know exactly what they need
software doesn’t meet the MSPs’ service needs, MSPs won’t be able to do.”
to perform their core tasks as well. As a result, MSPs contact TOPdesk
directly. Understandable? Certainly. After all, they want to offer the
best service possible. Reports
Why are reports important to managed service providers?

It starts with the basics Showing added value
The most important goal of managed service providers is customer When an MSP does a good job, everything goes smoothly and the
satisfaction. A happy customer is loyal and won’t switch suppliers customer won’t notice anything. Customers only notice when
as quickly. Which role does TOPdesk play in improving customer something goes wrongs. Reports make your added value visible.
satisfaction? It starts with facilitating a stable basic service delivery.
Which steps does TOPdesk take to get the basics right? Identifying bottlenecks in the process
Good services start with smooth processes. The data from your reports
help you discover what is going well and what isn’t. Is it you or your
Service Level Management supplier? Based on this analysis you can improve your processes.
If you’re a managed service provider, how do you improve the
collaboration with your customers? Make sure your customers and TOPdesk is currently working hard to signal bottlenecks faster. We’re
service employees know exactly which agreements are in the contract. working on reports that show you how long it takes before a call is
Your customers will know what to expect of you, and your service desk picked up. You’ll be able to see how long it takes before the end user
employees know how to support the customer. responds, or whether a supplier is doing their job.
At TOPdesk we’ve been working hard to make it easier to record
service levels within SLM. With the newest functionalities you can easily

Wolter Smit, directeur TOPdesk
Self-service portal
The help desk is not always open. And your customer doesn’t
always feel like calling. How can you still offer your services? Let end
Build or play?
“Reports make your
users solve problems themselves by giving customers a self-service
portal. TOPdesk helps you create a customized self-service portal for each
customer. The look-and-feel is easily adjusted to match your customer’s
corporate identity. And you can also adjust functionalities to meet your
added value visible.” My kids love Lego. Especially my eldest son. Kapla is another
customer’s needs. favourite. Kapla are uniform pieces of wood that you can stack
to build incredible pieces of architecture.
How does this work in practice? Imagine if you manage the IT
infrastructure for a school. This school also has customers: teachers and My son loves building things. Just starting off with a vague idea and
students. One of the students has a question about a test. What does the a big stack of blocks and then creating something. And the vague
student do? He or she logs a request in the self-service portal with the idea changes multiple times throughout the building process. Does
corporate identity of school A. But the self-service portal doesn’t belong it matter? No. Any problems he encounters he solves simply by
to school A. It belongs to the managed service provider. The end user is building more.
helped, and has no idea which invisible service provider is hidden behind
the look and feel of the school. Mission accomplished. The strange thing is he almost never plays with what he’s built. The
game is in the act of building itself. Avoid finishing something at all
costs. If it’s finished, it’s not fun anymore.

I won’t be surprised if my son’s path is going to lead him into a tech
job. Lots of tech people I know used to play the same way when
they were kids. Later they’d move on to carpentry, soldering or, of
course, programming. Anything as long as there’s something to
build or tinker with. As long as there’s a project.

When tech people get to pick their own tools for improving the way
they work, it’s tempting to pick a big pile of bricks and blocks you
could do anything with. You get to build things from that pile. And
“It’s tempting to pick a big
building is fun. You can make whatever you want. pile of bricks and blocks you
But what we often fail to take into account is that for children, could do anything with.”
building is free. You do it in your free time, for fun. In real life,

building and tinkering with software takes a lot of time and,
because of that, it costs a lot of money. You need time from
developers, or you need to fly in an expensive consultant. So find something your customers can use right away, without
spending too much time on the configuration. It’s not just about
Besides, you’re never finished. There’s always something you could saving costs on building. You also get the results you want faster.
build, improve or change. But then you also have to keep spending.
The goal of your changes should be that you can ‘play’ with your My son also likes to shoot toy darts with his friends. He doesn’t
improved set-up as soon as possible. The sooner your employees build his ‘weapon’ out of Lego. He prefers a tool from the toy shop:
and customers can start making their work more fun and more a Nerf gun. He can use it right out of the box and it shoots his darts
productive, the better. 20 meters far.

André Kevenaar
… is a TOPdesk who focuses on aligning TOPdesk to the
processes of contract and procurement departments.

The contract is signed
and sealed. Now what?
Getting to happy customers

You signed the contract. Your customer signed the contract. You are their new managed
service provider. Now let’s get that contract into the filing cabinet. When we think about what
a contract is, we tend to think of an important piece of paper best stored away in a drawer
or scanned into a computer system: passive contract management. But you can do so much
more with your contract, so what’s more important than passive contract management?
Active contract management. How do you follow through on what you signed for?
Text: Fijke Roelofsen

Imagine this: due to a technical malfunction, none of your customer’s issue, or do they have a few days to fix it? So how do you make that Diagnose the problem Evaluate the current situation
employees can send any emails. You and this customer agreed in your information available in an easy way? Imagine a call comes in on Tuesday about a malfunctioning printer. Whether you meet with your customer every month or just once a
contract that you solve email malfunctions within four hours. In this Consider how many services you offer, and how many service You can determine how much time you have based on whether your year, make sure you can always account for your performance. How
case, that’s the most important agreement in your contract. Why? levels you have. For instance, try creating three levels: gold, silver and customer has a gold, silver or bronze subscription. When you contact many calls have you solved? And were you always able to provide the
Because it ensures the quality of your everyday service delivery. bronze. A bronze subscription means you solve problems within three the customer, you may not have a solution just yet. So what do you do? service levels that come with the gold subscription?
days, while a customer with a gold subscription can expect a solution Diagnose the problem and provide a clear indication of how long Make sure your customers always know which services they buy
within one hour. Make your services and service levels as clear as it will take to solve. Your customer wants to know whether there will from you and what they’re paying you for them. Also keep track of how
Contract management, why do you need it? possible for your customer. That way your customer can get a clear be extra costs and whether you’re complying with the agreements in you’re adhering to agreements and report that information back to
As a managed service provider you take on the role of supplier for idea of what services they can get from you, which service levels you your contract. your customer. Is everything in order? Then you’ve laid the foundation
your customers. What’s typical of MSPs? You have lots of different offer and what the costs are. Occasionally it may happen that you can’t solve a problem within for excellent services. You’re on your way to happy customers.
customers. And you have a different contract with each customer. Is your customer looking for processing times you don’t offer in the time agreed upon in the contract. If that happens, tell the customer
When a customer calls, the service desk operator has to know what your existing service levels? Create bespoke work that ticks all their you’re aware of the agreements, but unfortunately are unable to
agreements you have. Do they have to drop everything and solve this boxes. But do keep in mind that keeping track of bespoke work and its adhere to them in this case. This way you create clear expectations for
prices takes a lot of time. your customer.

services? CERM
knows how
Over 200 narrow web label printers worldwide have
their business processes running on ERP software created
by CERM. Good support is vital for these organizations.
That’s why the helpdesk went digital. What are the
benefits of the switch from operator to IT service
management software?
Text: Leo Kranenburg Photography: Aad Hogendoorn

“See this bottle?” Geert van Damme puts two Problems require good services
cups of coffee and a bottle of mineral water Geert van Damme is managing director at
on the meeting table and joins us. “One of our CERM. He has final responsibility for the
customers prints the labels on this bottles. development, sale and implementation of
The same goes for disposable coffee cups, ERP software for narrow web label printers.
labels and stickers on cleaning products, “Our customers use our system to keep their
grocery bags, envelops and milk cartons. We entire business process running — from quote
develop, sell and implement ERP software for to invoicing. This means that when there’s
narrow web label printers — a niche market. something wrong with our software, the
But at any time, every household has at least consequences could be major. Internally at our
twenty products in their home our customers customers this isn’t a big problem. They are
have worked on.” often small companies, sometimes no more
than twenty employees. But their customers
are usually very large industrial concerns.

Geert van Damme, managing director

We’re talking about billion dollar companies. colleagues spent a lot time processing all these was only seen by the customers we talked to. at their customer in phases. Van Damme: customers. For each call, we can, depending and talking to someone right away. Now they
And these companies have high demands for calls,” says Van Damme. The ones receiving the invoice didn’t get that “The advantage for CERM as managed service on the status, check if it can be closed and if first need to log a call in a self-service portal.”
the services provided by our customers. Good The way of working at the helpdesk also insight and started to wonder more and more provider is that we can add customers to everything is filled in correctly. If this is the But now all employees at CERMs customers
services and quick problem solving are vital, so needed some improving. “Phone calls were what we did in exchange for those invoices TOPdesk in phases. It’s not like an inventory case, the call is automatically forwarded to our are used to the self-service portal and they
our customer can always keep working,” Van recorded in a self-built messaging module. and if the amounts we asked were fair.” list that you need to have in one system or the finance department. This saves us an enormous see the advantage. “They can quickly see the
Damme explains. These records didn’t include a corresponding other. You can start small to see what works amount of time. Instead of four days, it now status of their call and they appreciate the
ticket number. Our employees couldn’t see and what doesn’t. We’ve used an instruction only takes about four hours per month.” automatic alerts for status changes. Employees
the connection between different contact Improving helpdesk processes video and a short workshop for the first are without exception very satisfied about
Increased work pressure at moments. We didn’t know if a conversation we “We arrived at a point where we couldn’t customer who joined and added people until our new approach, especially because of the
the help desk had yesterday with a customer corresponded give account to our customers, but also all our customer were using TOPdesk.” Customers see the advantage transparency. They can now see which calls are
What used to happen when something to an email we received a day later.” not to ourselves.” The solution? Improving At first, customers weren’t unanimously logged and how they’re processed. This gives
was wrong or when an organization had a the processes at the helpdesk. In 2015 enthusiastic about the new way of working. them input for their own improvements.”
question? They would phone the secretariat. Van Damme implemented TOPdesk in the 100% justifiable invoices “The more official you make things; the less
“But that became more and more work the Not enough transparency organization step-by-step. In the first phase, “We can now also show our customers who satisfied customers are. Whether it’s reserving
bigger we got,” according to Van Damme. “Our Van Damme: “Our helpdesk wasn’t a handful of employees started working is calling, how often they call and which a company car or introducing new helpdesk Do more with fewer people
operator would forward at least a hundred calls transparent enough. Yes, we helped the with the tool. The next step? The entire questions they ask. This makes it possible software. This was also the case for us. And that’s what it’s all about, says Van
a day to the helpdesk. And at the helpdesk, our customer quickly and did a good job. But this organization. CERM also introduces TOPdesk to fully justify our invoices towards our Customers are used to picking up the phone Damme. “We offer good services to
our customers, but this became almost
unaffordable because we spent a lot of time
on it. Thanks to the clear structure of the
helpdesk, we can do more with fewer people.
And we can effectively work on improving our
services and those of our customers.”

“Instead of four days,
invoicing now only takes
about four hours per month.”

Wes Heemskerk
… is consultant at TOPdesk and expert in customer experience.

TimeTell - The solution for planning and time registration
From ticket to tour operator
How customer journey mapping makes for a more
TimeTell is an extensive system for planning and Both planning and realisation of spent hours can be
registration of time, hours, leave and absence. One of registered in TimeTell, which makes it easy to control and customer-focused IT organization
the characteristics is the ease of use; it is important that manage projects.
people do not hesitate to work with the timesheet. It is The solution is available both online and on-premises, and
a complete and powerful solution, which can interface can be combined with the TimeTell App, which enables
with other systems like TOPdesk or other HR, ERP and you to work anywhere, anytime. You work at a service provider and your goal is to provide excellent services. You receive
financial systems. daily feedback from customers on your services. There is room for improvement, but
TimeTell users where do you start? Your first step: a customer journey.
Planning Every organisation – large or small, profit or non-profit
Text: Niek Steenhuis Illustration: Martin de Rooij
Furthermore, you can plan staff and projects. Staff planning – can work with TimeTell. Users around the world are
can be used to allocate people to a specific job and project. Bosch Security Systems, Bayer, DB Schenker, CBRE and
The TimeTell project planning functionality helps you the Rail Safety and Standard Board. As a managed service provider, you can no longer hide behind KPIs on The most common customer journey in IT service management is
make Gantt charts in order to gain more insight into the the technical performance of your services. Reaching all your SLAs is a customer who wants a solution for a disruption. But having just

process structure and progress. TimeTell B.V. - your international softwarepartner no guarantee for high customer satisfaction. This is the same in the one customer journey is not enough. There are many more customer
world of IT, it’s all about customer experience. How do I measure this journeys that matter. Think of every time your customer is looking for
Like TOPdesk, the TimeTell software is developed in the
experience? How do I translate my results into insights? And how do I an answer, requests a quote, places an order or passes on a change in his
Netherlands. It is used by more than 500 clients world-
use these insights to improve my services? contact details. And maybe the most important customer journey: a new
wide and is available in English, German and Dutch. customer that comes aboard. That’s the first moment you as a service
provider can prove you’re an excellent guide on customer journeys.
Discover the glitch in your services According to research, it’s good to focus your attention on the entire
You can do this with a customer journey. With a customer journey, you customer journey. Organizations that offer good services from start to
put yourself in your customer’s shoes. You create a profile of one or more finish have higher customer satisfaction, lower customer churn rate and
stereotypical customers and look at your services through their eyes. You happier customers. ¹ Providing good services all-round works better than
Interested in TimeTell? Please feel map all interactions and channels the customer uses to reach his goal. trying to exceed your customers’ expectations with additional features
free to contact us: This way, you discover which elements in the customer journey need or large discounts. ²
some attention. Once you know, you can improve on those elements.
Phone: +31 (0)70 311 48 11 ¹ h ttp:// ² ‘Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers’ -
E-mail: functions/marketing-and-sales/our-insights/
Matthew Dixon, Karen Freeman &
Nicholas Toman – Harvard Business Review
world-as-customers-do july-august 2010

all, a customer doesn’t care which department they talk to, they just
What does a customer journey look like for want their trip to be quick and comfortable.
service providers?
A customer journey comprises multiple contact moments — often
more than you might think. When processing a call or order, there are From touchpoints to journeys What do your customer journeys look like?
various interactions through different channels.
Think how often a customer searches for an answer to their question
Interactions in a customer journey are sometimes also called
touchpoints. Most service providers are very focused on managing
“Providing good services Want to get started with customer journeys? Don’t let the fact that you
haven’t collected enough customer feedback hold you back. Just make
via multiple channels. First, he checks the online knowledge base. No individual touchpoints and try to improve customer experience based all-round works better a start.
luck. He creates a call via your online portal. The service desk requests on these points. Service providers often ask feedback after the customer Sit down some colleagues and choose a customer journey you think
more information via an email. Your customer emails an incomplete contacted the service desk, for example. This helps customer satisfaction than trying to exceed your needs improving. Create one or more profiles of stereotypical customers

customers’ expectations
answer; the service desk calls your customer and asks about the a lot, but there’s more. and map a customer journey. This already gives a good indication of
problem. They email the customer a solution, but the solution doesn’t In the end, your customers don’t care about a specific touchpoint. the most important moments in your services. Later, you can test your
work. After some back and forth contact via chat, the question is
finally answered.
Customer contact with the services is in some cases nothing more than
one link in the larger customer journey. When your customer looks back
with additional features assumptions against the actual customer experience and use this to
further perfect your customer journey.
All these moments of interaction form the customer journey. In this on the service provided, it’s all about the complete picture. What is the or large discounts.”
case the journey is “your customer searches for an answer”. Do you experience of all touchpoints combined? That’s why it’s important to ask Want to know how to create a customer journey step by step? Read my
think the customer labels this journey as a smooth ride? feedback at the end of the journey as well. blog at
You usually, but not exclusively, have contact with your customer Sometimes improvements can be made in moments before you have
via the service desk and the online portal. Sales also plays a role in contact with your customer. Maybe your service desk is very good at
requests for quotes and back office specialists might be in direct helping customers. However, if customers searched hours in vain for a
contact with your customers as well. If you want to offer a smooth solution in your online knowledge base, they are probably not happy
customer journey, it’s important to map all departments involved. After about your services.

Patrick Mackaaij
… is a marketeer at team Worcade.

Integrating with your
customer’s service time your customer don’t keep you up to date on personnel changes.
Logging in to your customer’s TOPdesk environment isn’t a solution either
also describes what you need to do when you have communicated
more than one support email address to your customers.

management tool
— it would just shift the problem.
In Worcade, the conversation participants automatically collaborate. 2. Link your TOPdesk environment to Worcade
No need to log into the customer’s environment or vice versa. In TOPdesk, go to Functional Settings > Worcade and click Connect
to Worcade.

How do you communicate via Worcade? 3. Set up a mailbox for Worcade
Your customer can initiate a Worcade conversation by sending an The email address you choose for Worcade can be set up in TOPdesk via
Do you support other organizations? There’s a big chance that your customers have their email to the email address provided by you. These messages are Functional Settings > Worcade > Mail import email address.
automatically processed in TOPdesk. For a good overview of the link you can create an alias for Worcade, for
own service management tool. Link your TOPdesk environment to Worcade. You and your
example This way, you
customer can easily share information while still working in your own tool. • For new conversations, TOPdesk creates a call card on the name of can automatically process email messages with rules on your mail server.
the original caller. The Worcade conversation is directly linked to
the new call. What does my customer need to do?
•  For messages about current calls, TOPdesk updates the existing Does your customer also work with TOPdesk? Then the only thing your
What is Worcade? Automatic information transfer call card. customer needs to do is enable Worcade in their TOPdesk environment
Worcade is a collaboration platform for service professionals. From Searching information, copying, pasting, emailing — sharing data via Functional Settings > Worcade > Connect to Worcade. After enabling,
customer to manufacturer: everyone works together in Worcade, no with your customer requires some handiwork. Worcade eliminates they can start a conversation with your organization from each call card.
matter their tool or location of choice. This has three benefits. this. When your customer sends you a message via Worcade, a call is How do I link TOPdesk to Worcade? Does your customer use a different service management tool then
automatically logged or updated in TOPdesk. Worcade is available for free for all versions of the new TOPdesk. In just TOPdesk? They can link the tool to the platform via the public API
All communication in one place Does your customer also work with TOPdesk? Then sharing three steps you can link your TOPdesk environment to Worcade. from Worcade.
Your customer communicates with multiple suppliers via different information is done with a single click. Your customer sends requests, Your customer doesn’t have a service management tool? Then they
channels, like phone, email and service management tools. Your actions or attachments in a call directly from their environment 1. Configure a TOPdesk mail import can work in Worcade.
customer doesn’t have a central portal for all his information and no to yours. Create a mailbox on your server Worcade can send emails to.
real overview of all these channels. Maybe you meet your customer in
the middle and log into his service management tool. But this means Manage your login details • Do you already have a mailbox that is linked to TOPdesk and you What to do with my knowledge base and forms?
that you don’t have an overview of your activities. Are you giving your customer access to your TOPdesk environment? would like to use for this? Perfect, move on to step 2. With Worcade you offer your customers an easily accessible
With Worcade you communicate through a single channel and have Understandable, but not ideal. Your customer needs to keep track of extra • No mailbox linked to TOPdesk yet? Or do you want to use a new email communication channel. At the moment, this communication does not
all information in one place. You work via TOPdesk and the customer login details and it costs you more time to keep your books. You need to address? Configure a new mail import for TOPdesk according to the include any knowledge base and forms used in your organization. How
has its own service management tool. keep track of which contact persons need access, because most of the step-by-step plan on this webpage: This plan can you solve this if you do need that information?

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PA R T N E R I N E F F E C T I V E C O M M U N I C AT I O N . W W W. AG E N C Y D D C . C O M

tips + tricks
Setting up flexible opening hours per call Staying up-to-date on status
Do you strive to provide perfect services? Don’t leave your of search indexes
customer stranded in front of a closed door. Record the Quickly want to find a card, like a call or operator, in TOPdesk?
opening hours of your sewrvice desk on a service window Use the TOPdesk search function. You can find this option in
card in TOPdesk. This way, you create a service window in de quick search bar under the magnifying glass icon.
which calls are processed. When you indicate a duration in
a call, TOPdesk takes this service window into account when TOPdesk generates automatic search indexes to ensure the
determining the target date. search function works correctly. Is this not the case? Then
the search function is unavailable. You can see this when
Did you agree with your customers to process certain calls the search field turns red and has a red border.
outside regular opening hours? In the latest TOPdesk you can
easily offer a different service window in a service per priority. Do you as operator want to know when the search indexes
This means that a call with high priority can be processed are generated incorrectly? Fill in your email address and
outside office hours, but that normal calls are only processed automatically receive an email when a search index can
within office hours. not be generated.

Via the Contract Management and SLM module you can easily 1. Go to Technical Settings > Search > General: Search index
change the service window per priority: 2. Fill in your email address under ‘Email address for
failing index’
1. Go to Modules > Contract Management and SLM > 3. Save the settings
Service levels
2. Open a Service Level card To send an email, you need to have set up an SMTP server
3. Fill in the Priority matrix for TOPdesk.
4. Indicate a service window for each filled-in priority
Do you have a SaaS solution? Then TOPdesk monitors if the
search indexes are performed correctly for you. You don’t
(and can’t) set up an email address.