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Due to the practical difficulty to bring to the concerned authorities attention number of problems
encountered by the public in their day to day life keeps on increasing without any resolution. Even
if it is brought to the knowledge of a 3rd person also foreseeing the time and expenditure involved,
lack of political influence etc. he too does not take the initiative to help the affected ones. As such,
it would be highly helpful for the public if the concerned authorities make necessary arrangement
so as to facilitate anybody to bring the complaints to their attention on their own without the help
of a 3rd person. Providing a common complaint box in front of the Panchayat and Municipality
Offices and primary locations with maximum flow of public may be highly helpful in this regard.

The public may be given the confidence that any complaint they have about any individual,
department, organization, whatsoever written with their own address, phone number etc. and put
it in the complaint box from time to time would be collected by the Panchayat/Municipality and
forwarded to the concerned authorities on a fortnightly basis for redressal. This will facilitate the
public to bring their complaint to the concerned authorities attention easily which in turn would
also give proper awareness to the authorities about the departments that are not providing
adequate services to the public and take appropriate measures to improve their services too.

On behalf of the public few problems that needs urgent action from the concerned authorities are
given below:

1. Pollution: Pollution is the route cause for certain contagious diseases to spread widely.
Even though there is a proverb prevention is better than cure practically this advice is
not followed by the concerned authorities and they are taking appropriate preventive
measures when the seriousness of the situation reaches beyond the control limiting
their task to achieve temporary relief only to the problem and on recurrence of the very
same problem later the authorities will come up again with certain preventive
measures. This practice is going on for the past several years without any permanent
solution for most of the problems experienced by the public. The governments going
for new development without ensuring the developed areas remains active and
unaffected is identical to ones putting a hole in the air filled balloon and pumping fresh
air to an empty one. It is instructed that waste of each houses may be set in fire within
the house compound of the respective houses itself and those waste which are not
flammable to set in fire must be disposed in a hole prepared for the purpose in the
ground and cover with mud. Since these days most of the houses are constructed in
small plots without enough vacant space to adhere to this direction given by the
pollution authority, the public residing in such houses and flats without the facility for
waste disposal properly are in a dilemma as to how and where the waste could be
dumped. Failing to find right place for the purpose will naturally generate a tendency
on them to throw the waste bags in public places that leads to pollution in the
surrounded area. To resolve this problem the concerned authority has to make
necessary arrangements by providing tanks for waste collection in the residential areas
so as to facilitate the public to dump the waste in it from time to time which can be
removed and taken to the right location for disposal by the concerned department.

2. Water Purity: Here also, since most of the new houses are constructed in small plots it
is a must that the builder has to ensure the septic tank is constructed following the
specification strictly so as to avoid leakage, failing which the dirty water flow from it
spoils the water of the adjacent wells of the neighbors houses. While the normal
distance recommended between the septic tank and the well is 15 meters minimum,
due to lack of space this direction is not followed by the builders of new houses. More
over they will take special attention only to prevent the flow of dirty water from their
septic tank to their own well leaving maximum space possible in between for the
purpose that will automatically make the septic tank closer to the neighbours well. As
such, the septic tank constructed by each new house must be inspected by the
concerned Panchayat / Municipality to ensure that it will no way harm the purity of the
water in the adjacent wells.

3. Civil Suits: On proper evaluation of each and every civil suits filed in the Civil Court we
can find out the truth that in most of the cases the defendants financial position would
be much stronger than the plaintiffs, and the defendant might have earned such
resources by enjoying the yields of the disputed land exclusively by him for years
together even though it belongs to the plaintiff too. Whereas the plaintiff who is
unlucky to enjoy any yields of the property which is in the possession of the defendant
would naturally be struggling for the survival of himself and family, which may be the
very reason too for him to file a suit against the defendant so as to get his share which
may be necessary to make the future life of himself and family peaceful and
comfortable. Unfortunately what happens in most of such civil suits are the defendant,
with his strong financial background to pay any amount of fee to leading advocates
naturally could avail the services of them whereas the pitiable condition of the plaintiff
could not dream of such senior persons services and will be forced to go to junior most
advocates that in turn leads to disappointing verdict from the court and the money that
he might have arranged through bitter sources too to conduct the case would become a
total loss resulting in worsening his financial situation further. Even if the defendants
advocate finds the plaintiffs claim is true and it is difficult to get verdict in favour of the
defendant also, with their influence they will try to postpone the cases for years
together for final verdict by which time the plaintiff will become totally helpless to
conduct the case for a prolonged duration. Such situation will be taken advantage of by
the defendants advocate and the defendant who come forward with an amicable
settlement offering a mere compensation to the plaintiff for which he will be forced to
agree. As far as the defendant is concerned the more the case is getting delayed the
more it would be advantageous only for him as he can avail the yields of the property
uninterruptedly for such a long duration to generate additional income too to meet to
the cost involved easily in connection with the delay, whatsoever, and the land value
will also go up only. By evaluating the civil suits pending in the Civil court we will also
come to know a highly disappointing factor that in number of cases the plaintiffs may
not be alive and in certain cases the defendant too, and their children only may be
conducting the cases. There are also civil cases conducted by the grandchildren of the
plaintiff/defendant too. Due to the inordinate delay and helpless situation of the
affected it is quite painful that number of innocent persons are passing away without
the luck to enjoy the share of their own parents property, which is in the possession of
another share holder who has more money power and muscle power than they do.

4. Government to follow mothers role: The relationship between the government and
the public should be identical to mother and children respectively. If a mother is having
5 children and the food available to feed them is just sufficient for two only, the mother
never does so. She split the food equally to 5 portions to feed all of them to suppress
their hunger to whatever extent possible as she is attached to all of them equally
without any discrimination. Our government too has to follow the very same principle
treating all the public their children. Contrary to this, unfortunately our government is
giving sufficient protection to a particular section with attractive remuneration, pension
etc, leaving a major portion of the public with no source of income from the
government at all. When there are lakhs of equally qualified hands available in each
state looking for government job due to insufficient vacancy and lack of fund availability
the government is unable to give employment to a major portion of them, for no
mistake of the affected. While such a disappointing situation is prevailing and number
of people are suffering for survival without even a mere income at least from the
government, the governments keeping on increasing the remuneration package of their
existing staff in line with the increase in cost of living from time to time without any
botheration of the affected ones lacking government income at all is highly painful. The
most disappointing factor here is that none of the government servants realizes the
truth that it is the net result of the sacrifice of lakhs who too are equally eligible for
government income thousands are blessed to earn government income who are
supposed to be obliged to the affected ones for their sacrifice and should come forward
to provide whatever assistance possible to help them. On the contrary, when a person
is lacking income from the government approach a bank for a business loan to generate
a source of income on his own the bank insists him to obtain a surety from a
government servant to sanction the loan, i.e. as an insult to injury, amongst 2 equally
qualified persons, the unlucky one to get government income has to depend on the
mercy and sympathy of the lucky one enjoying government income to obtain a bank
loan too and in reality instead of coming forward with a helping hand a major portion of
the government servants are hesitant to provide such help too to the needy ones.

In the matrimonial field also, the prevailing tendency is that boys or girls having
government job are insisting for their partner too to be government servant so as to
double the source of income to one family enforcing the boy or girl lacking government
job have to look for his/her partner too without government job whereby stopping the
source of any income to their family from the government. When we conduct a survey
about the source of income in each family it could be observed that while there are
thousands of families having multiple source of government income the number of
families having no source of government income at all would be much higher than
them. As such, being a well wisher of our society as well as our country my humble
request to the government is that it is high time for the government to give preference
for government job amongst the equally qualified candidates with due evaluation to
their family background as to who are his dependents? is there any source of
government income to his family? if so, to what extent? Is he resides in a rented house
or own house? etc. and the financially weaker ones must be given priority for
government job irrespective of the caste or religion the candidate belongs to. In case of
girls, the preference must be given to those who are willing to marry boys having less
qualification than they do or not having any source of government income whereby
giving opportunities for few of the boys and girls to get a life partner to join them with a
source of government income too.

5. SC/ST Reservation: When we plant out brinjal or green chilly in our premises, it is
natural that all the plants may not grow with equal strength when it becomes necessary
for us to give special care to the weaker ones by pouring more water and additional
manure etc. to make its growth too to be equivalent to other plants. However, when it
reaches in the same level of other plants again keeping on taking extra care by pouring
additional water and manure etc. to the very same plants does not make sense.
Similarly, number of years back the condition of a major portion of the SC/ST families
were highly pitiable when it was necessary for the then government to take extra care
to provide maximum support in all the relevant areas so as to improve their condition
too to the level of others which was a welcome step appreciated by the entire public.
Whereas, now the situation is changed that with such support for a prolonged duration
a major portion of the SC/ST families have already became comparatively richer than
thousands of families belong to forward communities. As such, rather than sticking to
and continuing the same practice of providing additional support exclusively to them
the government should make certain alterations/modifications in their policy to support
the weaker ones by evaluating their financial background irrespective of the caste or
religion they belong to. More over, even if we conduct a survey amongst the SC/ST
families itself we will come to know that in certain families all qualified members may
be having government job/income whereas other families with equal number of
qualified hands may not be having governments support to any one, which is an
indication that the governments preferred way of providing additional support to SC/ST
families too does not yield the desired result. Realizing the fact that food, shelter and
clothing are the essential items for any human beings irrespective of the caste or
religion the governments concentration must be to identify those who are lacking the
same and provide support for their survival. The present trend of SC/ST preference also
generate a tendency amongst few already having government job too to resign the
same to join with a more prospective department of the government itself. When there
are thousands of qualified people lacking government job, this kind of undue advantage
tendency should not be encouraged at all. The efficiency and the skill of the growing
generation is the main criteria to provide valuable services for future generations,
particularly in education and health related services. As such, the question of caste or
financial background does not arise to give priority for admission for higher studies in
the relevant courses which should be purely based on the candidates efficiency and
talent only.

6. Advertisements Advertisement is the main media that enhances the price of each and
every items to double. When a products actual manufacturing cost is Rs.500/- per
piece producing 1 lakh piece costs Rs. 5 crore and if it is marketed at a cost of Rs.600/-
per piece the manufacturer can avail 20% profit on it and the customers would also be
lucky to purchase the same at an affordable price of Rs.600/-, but in reality, the
manufacturer double the cost by expending an equivalent amount of manufacturing
cost unnecessarily towards wide publication, lavish show room inauguration by popular
cini artists etc making the product related total expenditure incurred by him to fetch
Rs.10 crore and to derive 20% profit too the manufacture has to naturally market the
same for Rs.1200/- per piece enforcing the customers to purchase the same at an
unaffordable rate expending their hard earned money unnecessarily. More over since
the main media of such advertisements are through TV channels it creates additional
burdens to the customers by way of increase in electricity charges. To watch 2 hours TV
program one has to spend an equivalent or higher time to watch the irritating
advertisements given repeatedly in between each program that increases the power
consumption cost considerably and the valuable time of those who are watching the
program is also simply getting wasted without any productive purposes, mainly of
childrens. Operating lakhs of TVs simultaneously throughout the country for hours
together would naturally leads to huge power consumption. While the country is
already experiencing power scarcity to meet to the inevitable purposes too this kind of
wastage of power and human hours in connection with unwanted advertisements must
be stopped imposing strict restrictions to the advertising companies, particularly
jewelleries to minimize the advertisement duration to 1/4th with no repetition of the
same advertisement in the same program. If an ornament is manufactured at a cost of
Rs.1000/- at the time when the prevailing price of gold was Rs.10,000/- per 8 gms.,
while marketing the same the manufacturers charging Rs.11,000/- for the ornament
inclusive of 10% making charge is reasonable. But what happens here is that if the price
of the gold is increased to Rs.25,000/- for 8 gms. in 5 years, the manufacturer increases
the percentage of making charges of the very same ornaments too to 15% whereby the
customer will be forced to purchase the ornaments at Rs.28,750/- where the making
charge itself is Rs.3,750/- against the actual making charge of Rs.1,000/- only. If this is
the case for buying an ornament weighing 8 gms. only, we can guess the loss to be
suffered by the customers while buying bulk quantity of ornaments for their childrens
marriage purpose. If the product is 5 years old the Jewellery can charge an amount
towards making charge calculating the actual making charges plus interest as applicable
for the period involved is understandable and what we fail to understand is on what
basis they are increasing the percentage of making charges too in line with the
prevailing price of the material? Some companies are giving full page advertisement of
their products in leading news papers expending huge money for the purpose which
cost they are recovering from the hard earned money of the innocent customers only.

7. Matrimonial related : One of the reasons for the recurrence of number of criminal
offences that affects the safety and security of woman in our society these days is due
to the increase of over-aged bachelors to an alarming level. It is highly disappointing
that tens of thousands of bachelors and bachelor-girls in each and every community are
struggling to find a life partner. If there is no positive outcome after prolonged struggle
too spoiling a major portion of their energetic period may generate a tendency amongst
few of the affected ones to go for illegal sexual contacts too that in turn affects the
safety and security of the women. The major areas that remains as stumbling-blocks in
this regard are Education, Appearance, Horoscopes matching, Source of income, Status
etc. With intention to find a source of income at the earliest, while a major portion of
boys are going for diplomas after their plus 2 level education and getting employed in
various trades, such as plumber, welder, fitter, electrician, cook, driver etc. throughout
India and abroad, the girls normally continue their studies till the time of marriage that
naturally makes them academically more qualified than the boys with matching age for
marriage purposes. This generate a tendency amongst the girls to refrain from joining
those boys as life partner whose academic qualification is far below to them. Due to
this fact itself there are thousands of boys working in India and abroad and highly
qualified girls in each community finds it difficult to get life partners resulting in their
marriage getting delayed inordinately. As an insult to injury, clubbed with this problem
mis-match of other areas such as appearance, status, horoscope matching etc.
worsening the situation further and in reality amongst 10,000 boys and 10,000 girls,
looking for suitable life partners less than 30% of them only are getting married
practically at the right age overcoming all the blocks putting the remaining 70% in a
dilemma as to when and whether they would be lucky to get a suitable partner.

While such a disappointing situation is already prevailing divorces are also taken place in
mass scale, that too for silly reasons, particularly amongst the youths belong to upper
middle class societies who treat the married life so casual like use and throw blades
making the situation to worsen further which is the true reflection that our countrys
reputation and culture are getting badly affected these days.

To conduct a marriage, even in middle class families, a minimum amount of Rs.10 lakh is
expended by both the families jointly of which approximately 50% expended for gold
only remains worth for future too and the remaining 50% (Rs.5 lakh) spent for various
other purposes in connection with the marriage becomes a total wastage of money if
the married life of the couple ended up in divorce. Like this thousands of divorces are
taken place in each state throughout the country every year that leads to multiple
crores of rupees loss, which is highly painful in a country where there are lakhs of
people suffering for survival for want of food, shelter and clothing.

In most of the cases such divorce are taken place after the couple giving birth too to an
innocent child, putting the babys future life also in dark. More over those boys having
obtained legal clearance of divorce searching for another partner are on the look for
girls preferably unmarried or legally divorced without any issues. This tendency results
in thousands of divorced women in a dilemma who are not in a position to leave their
child and look for another life partner as in the case of boys and are forced to lead a
disappointing life suppressing their ambitions fully for ever without any hope for a new
life partner to join them. To arrest this kind of disappointing situation, strict control
must be imposed in giving legal clearance to those who are trying for divorce which
should be granted only on inevitable grounds such as the boy or girl is physically or
mentally unfit to lead a married life etc. Those boys divorced his wife after having issues
should not be allowed to look for another partner unmarried or without issue till such
time his earlier wife taking the responsibility of his child too joined with another life
partner, or he too should be allowed to marry another partner legally separated having
issues only from her ex-husband. This kind of restrictions will not only help the affected
ladies with issues to get another life partner, but also will reduce the divorce tendency
considerably amongst the youths without valid reasons.

8. Traffic Jam: In line with the increase in number of vehicles plying in each road the
traffic jam also increases considerably. The main headache experienced by the public in
this connection is that number of route buses are also increasing in each road and to
cope up with the timing to avoid possible clashes between the bus operators of the
same route, the concerned drivers are driving the bus so rashly without evaluating the
condition of the bus, road, traffic on the road etc. that increases the chances of
accidents considerably, the victim of which are mostly 2 wheeler and other small vehicle
operators and pedestrians, who are treated by the bus operators like small creatures on
the road giving no value to their life. To maintain the timing the conductors are also
rushing the passengers without giving sufficient time gap for them to conveniently get
into or get down from the bus at the stops that too leads to accidents, mainly to women
and senior citizens. Another problem experienced by other vehicle operators is that
most of the bus stops to each direction are located exactly opposite side to one another.
When there are two buses reaching from both the directions to the same stop at the
same time all the vehicles behind both the buses have to wait till such time one of the
bus moves ahead and generate gap on the road. Even though there are identified stops
for the bus to collect and drop the passengers, none of the private bus operators are
following this arrangement and the drivers are stopping the vehicles anywhere on the
road to pick up passengers that in turn generate a tendency amongst the public too to
stop wherever they like to catch the bus. The time wasted for such additional stops is
also managed by driving the bus more rashly with higher speed that leads to accidents.

Another problem experienced by other vehicle operators plying behind the buses are
that they may be running with reasonable speed behind the bus with an impression that
the bus will stop when it reaches the next stop only, who cannot view the passengers if
any, standing on the road in-front of the bus too. As such to pick them up by applying
sudden brake to the bus will put the vehicles behind too in trouble, who too will be
forced to apply sudden brake to his vehicle. If the driver is not an experienced person to
take such action timely or the vehicles brake condition is not good enough to stop the
vehicle within the gap available in between there are every chances of hitting the same
behind the bus that leads to accident and clashes between the drivers of the bus and
the concerned vehicle.

To control the abovesaid problems to some extent at least the traffic authority has to
take appropriate measures to rearrange/modify the location of the present bus stops
leaving 50 to 100 meters minimum distance between the bus stops of each direction
and also give strict instructions to the bus operators to avoid picking up the passengers
in between the bus stops at any cost.

Another problem experienced in the traffic is at the level cross. When the level cross is
closed the vehicle operators to both the directions never bother to park the vehicles
aligned occupying half portion (one side) of the road only and leaving free the remaining
half portion for the opposite side vehicles to come conveniently when the level cross is
opened. Parking of all the vehicles on both sides without leaving any gap on the road
for the opposite side vehicle to come conveniently creates considerable difficulties to
move the vehicle operators the vehicle moved ahead without hitting the same with
another one when the level cross is opened. Here also Traffic authorities interference
is required to ensure the vehicles are parked one behind another only in front of the
level cross leaving half portion of the road vacant throughout on both the sides marking
a line across for 50 to 100 meters through the middle of the road in front of the level
cross, for the purpose.

9. Exorbitant Auto Charges: While the services of the auto-rickshaws are availed by huge
public which is mutually beneficial to both the public as well as to the auto drivers,
unfortunately, a major portion of auto drivers are taking undue advantage too. Even
though there is strict instruction from the traffic department to them that the auto-
rickshaws must charge the customers as per the meter reading only none of them are
bothered to adhere to this direction and charging the customers as they wish. To travel
to the same distance the passengers are forced to pay different rates on different
occasions as claimed by the auto-rickshaw driver that varies the quality of the driver the
condition of the passenger etc. rather than the distance involved. Knowing the difficulty
to charge exorbitantly only, they are intentionally avoiding switching on the meter
affixed in the auto for the purpose. When the passenger ask the driver Why the meter
is not switched on? The common answer given to the passenger is that the meter is not
in working condition. When the passenger raise the next question, What is the
purpose of the meter if it is not working? The answer is that it is not practical to operate
the auto by charging as per meter reading which will result in loss only for them as they
may not get passengers on return trip etc. If the 3rd question is raised by the passenger,
in that case How much money we have to pay when we reach the destination? The
answer would be that you may pay as you wish. Once the passenger reach the
destination and pay the charges in line with the distance involved the auto driver
express his dis-satisfaction in the amount received and talk to the passenger roughly
demanding for more money in-front of the public surrounded. Finally to avoid any
unwanted seen or clash the passenger would be forced to pay him the charges as
demanded. The only solution to avoid this problem is that more than instructing the
auto-drivers to switch on the meter, the Traffic authorities have to give strict instruction
to the passengers using the auto that they are not supposed to travel in any auto, the
driver of which is hesitant to switch on the meter and if the passenger is not adhering to
this instruction and if it comes to the notice of the traffic authorities the concerned
passenger will be charged penalty. Such instruction will automatically generate a
tendency amongst the public to avoid using such autos the drivers of which are hesitant
to operate the meter, and the driver will also be forced to follow this instruction as
otherwise he will lose the trip.

The Traffic authority also has to provide a sticker with the complaint number on it to be
affixed on all the auto-rickshaws to stick in front of the passengers seat to facilitate the
passengers to complaint on the spot, if necessary, in connection with over charging or
any other nuisance experienced by them during the trip.

10. Gas Subsidy: These days the gas connections are given to the ration card holders on the
basis of one gas connection against one ration card. Accordingly, few months back the
concerned authorities strictly implemented this rule and cancelled the additional
connection, if any, obtained in the same ration card. While such a step was taken by the
concerned authorities to avoid mis-use of gas connection, on the other hand, it created
negative impact too to certain families with larger number of members. In the normal
course after booking it takes 30 to 40 days to get delivery of the Gas Cylinder and
consumers have to manage with the available cylinder for such a gap which is feasible
for families with maximum 4 members only with the limited quantity of gas available in
each cylinder. The families having more members naturally needs additional gas
cylinder to meet to their consumption for such a prolonged duration who are forced to
obtain additional Cylinder over and above the subsidy rate. Irrespective of the number
of members in each family since all are equally eligible for such subsidized rate it is
requested that the supply of gas should also be given proportionately in line with the
number of members covered in each ration card as in the case of other food items, such
as wheat, rice, etc. the quantity of which is calculated based on the number of members
rather than per card basis.

11. Luxurious Function: Few months back it was seen in Malayala Manorama News Paper
that the government is planning to impose certain restrictions to curtail lavish
expenditure on certain functions, particularly, marriage. The main area of restrictions
they suggested were to minimize the number of attendees and ornaments given which
naturally would reflect the cost reduction in other relevant areas such as the invitation
card, food, size of the hall, decoration, photography etc. Imposing such restrictions
would not only save the parents financially and would also save their time and energy
wasted considerably in this regard and also such unnecessarily wasted money could be
made useful for the concerned couples to lead a peaceful and comfortable future life.
The current practice is that following the parents spending huge money for such
functions the people who cannot afford to go for such expenditure too are borrowing
money from bitter sources too for the function with a feeling that otherwise their image
will be spoiled in front of others. More over, on certain important muhoortham dates,
the very same participants may have to attend few marriages at various locations during
the same muhoortham who have to rush from place to place so as to maintain the
relationship/friendship etc. of the concerned parents invited them to attend their
childrens marriage remains unaffected.
Imposing such restrictions by the government itself to curtail the expenditure will
naturally be helpful for the parents to conduct the marriage of their children simply with
unavoidable participants only, which would free others also saving their valuable time
simply getting wasted for such avoidable functions.

12. Alliance Library: Number of parents are spending huge money in connection with the
search for suitable alliance for their proposed children by way of advertisement in
matrimonial sites, Malayogam Magazines, News paper, Marriage Bureaus etc. for years
together. In addition to such registration, they also have to spend an equivalent amount to
download / collect the proposals, getting the same matched by their family astrologer,
service charge payable to the broker/bureaus etc. For example, the first priority of most of
the parents are registering their childrens proposal in Kerala Matrimony, who are charging
Rs.4,500/- towards registration fee for 3 months. If the possible time for marriage of a girl is
at her 28 years of age also the parents cannot foresee such delay who naturally starts the
searching process for her life partner when she cross the age 22 itself and to maintain the
registration in Kerala Matrimony valid for 6 years they have to spend huge amount. In
addition, they may make frequent advertisements in Malayogam, news paper, marriage
bureaus etc. too with hope to get quick result expending an equivalent amount. Similarly,
they are also spending money for registration renewal etc. in other sources they are trying
without any result in practical and the money whatsoever expended by them would be a
total waste in reality, as such efforts are only identical to ones running inside the
compartment of the train to reach the destination quickly.

Our governments taking the initiative to implement a project, Alliance Library, in the name
and style KERALA STATE ALLIANCE LIBRARY would be highly helpful for the concerned
parents to save their time and money considerably in this regard. The library must have
branch offices in each and every districts of the State where the parents can take
membership and register their proposed childrens proposal for the interested parties to
refer to it from time to time and deal directly with the parents of the opposite party without
the involvement of a 3rd person. Since the cost involved for taking membership in such
Library and maintain the membership/registration valid for a prolonged duration too will be
far below to the cost involved in other sources, there will be huge flow of public to the
libraries that in turn would bring attractive revenue to the libraries by way of membership
itself. Also, the library can charge nominal rates from the customers for additional services,
if any, such as photo-stat, email, photo scanning etc. Such revenue can be utilized to
employ number of staff, whose services are essential in the library for providing the
registration form to the parents, assistance to fill-in the registration form, filing the proposal
caste-wise, age-wise, religion-wise etc., uploading the proposals in the website for the
members of other branches too to refer to it etc.

The main attraction of the library would be that parties will get direct access to contact the
concerned parents which would be helpful to clear all the queries and to ensure whether
the cases are of interest to both the parents before proceeding further, avoiding the
processing of unwanted proposals simply wasting the time and money unnecessarily. Once
our government is successful in implementing this project in Kerala State, naturally other
States will also come up with the very same project in other States too as the problems
experienced by the parents in that State too in this regard is exactly the same. As a result
of providing matrimonial services for a prolonged duration an attractive software is also
developed by a person, belongs to Palakkad, Kerala, who would only be happy to give the
same to the efficient functioning of the Library.

P. Suresh / Palakkad