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Please immediatelY comPlete the entire form
and return it to the U.S. Equal Employrnent Opportunity'
emPloYment discrimination must be filed within
the time limits
Commission ("EEOC") REMEMBER, a charge of Upon receipt, this
imposed by law, generallY within 180 days or
in some places 300 days of the alleged discrimination.
Answer all questions as completely as possible, and attach
form will be revierved to determine EEOC coverage. ansu€r b.v stating "not klown."
complete your response( s). If you do not know the
pages if needed to RfgEgtFEPn,
lf a question is not applicable, write "N/A." (PLEASE PRINT)

1. Personal
FrB 0 7 zctg

Last Name: First Name:
Street or Address

City County

Phone Numbers: Home: (--) Work: ( )

cer: (512 ) Email Address: le, e{,v
Date of Birth Sex: El Male AFemale Do You a Disability? dY.t tr No
Please answer each of the next three questions. i. Are you Hispanic or Latino? E Yes XXo
ii. What is your Race? Please choose all that apply. E American Indian or Alaskan Native E Asian tr White
ffi3lack or African E Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
iii. Whatis yornNatiCIral CIigin (ccx.nrty of origin trarcsy)?
Please Provide The ofA w Can Contact If We Are Unable To Reach You:
Address City RZipcode: 7f7: {
Home Phone () Other Phone 16l^ i '4 7oJ li 2
2. I believe that I was discriminated against by the following organization(s): (Check those that apply)
ffimployer tr Union tr Employrnent Agency E Other (Please Specify)
Organization Contact Information (If the organization is an employer, provide the address where you actually worked.
If you work from home, check here ... and provide the address of the office to which you reported.) If more than one
employer is involved, sheets.
o Name: L
City: State: zip: Phone z6-bS l)
Type of Business: ob if org.
Human Resources Director or Owner Name:
Number of Employees in the Organization at All Please Check 1r/) One
LessThan 15 tr 15- 100 K 101 -200 tr 201 - 500 tr More 500 E
3. Your
Date Hired:
Data (Complete as many items as you can
Job Title At Hire
#30 ooo
Pay Rate When Hired 00 or Pa v

Job Title at Time of Alleged t-
Name and Title of Immediate Supervisor {-
If Applicant, Date You Applied for Jo Job Title Applied For


4. What is the reason (basis) for your claim of employment discrimination?
rac'e' yott shottltl t:heck the box nert
EXAMPLE, iJ'-yott.feel thut v-ott r\'€r€ trecfied w'orse tltart sotneotle else becattse of
FOR ancl notional origin' )'ou shoultl
yo,''n'n" treatetl tlorse for severcrl re(lsotls' sttclt tts your sex' religiort
to Ruce. 1'ort feel in sonteone' else's cotttplairtt' orfiled ct charge rd'
c:heck all that appl)'' If complairrccl aboiLt discritrtirtcttirtn' ltttrticipatetl
next to Retoliatiott'
tltreaterted or taken' '-ott ihottd chec'k the bor
rliscrimincttion, ctntl cr negatit'e action vlos
tr Pregnancy (typically a
tr Age F-Disability tr National Origin (Colot tr Religion f,Retaliation
fl.Ruc" ['1Sex Information; circle which type(s) of genetic information
is involved:
diftbrence in skin shacle within thc samc race) E Genetic
education or testing)
Genetic scrvices (genetic services mcans counseling'
i. genetic testing ii. Family medical history iii'

genetic information?
If you checked genetic information, how did the employer obtain the

5. What happened to You that you believe was discriminatory?
and s) of the who believe minated St

(Example: 10102106 - Written Warning from Supervisor, Mr. John Soto)

A) Date:- Action:

Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible:

Name and Title of Person(s) Respon
Describe any other actions you believe were discriminatory. Please attach additional pages if need.

6. What reason(s) were giyen to you for the acts you consider discriminatory? By whom? Title?

7. What reason(s) were given to you for the acts you consider discriminatory? By whom? flis or IIer Job Title?

8. Describe who was in the same or similar situation as you and how they were treated. For example, who else applied
for the same job you did, who else had the same attendance record, or who else had the same performance? Provide the
race, sex, age, national origin, religion, or disability of these individuals, if known, and if it relates to your claim of
discrimination. For example, if your complaint alleges race discrimination, provide the race of each person; if it alleges
sex discrimination, provide the sex of each person; and so on. Use additional sheets if needed.

Of the persons in the same or similar situation as you, who was treated better than you?
Full Namc Race, Sex, Aee, h{ational Oriein, Relision or Disabilitv Job Title Description of Treatment



,f€E a/C,ihrul frye{

Please tell Answer questions 9-L2 only if you are claiming discrimination . medical equipment or othcr assistance do you use? 12. than You? you' rvho rvas treated lrorse in the same or similar situation as pescriPtion ot fre a -. breathing. 9. t have an actual disabilitY tr I have had an actlral disability in the past tr No disability but the organization treats me as if I am disabled you? Does this disability 10. sleeping." when did you ask'? How did you ask (verbally or in writing)'? Who did you ask'? (Provide full name and job title of person) Describe the changes or assistance that yctu asked for: Holv did your employer rcspond to your request'? fte d// frawl /a/€{ 1 -l ." what medication. caring for yourself' working' etc')' 11. walking.. Did you ask your employer for any changes or assistance to do your job because of your disability? frYes tr No If "Yes.. Please check all that aPPIY: H Yes.rrif Vor't uve more tt oo" disability' Please add additional pages if needed' ". Sex. National origin' ["iigi"' or bisability Job Title Description of Treatment B based on disability' If not' skip to question 13. Did you ask your employer for any assistance or change in working condition because of your disability? p(Yes tr No If ''Yes. lifting. What is the disability that you believe is the reason for the adverse action taken against prevent or limit you from doing anything? (e'g. Age. )f the Persons Iob Title Full Nnme B same as you? situation as )-ou' who w'as treated the Of the persons in the same or similar Fuli Name Race.

name of person you spoke rvith and date of contact' Results' if any'i Please check one of the boxes below to tell us what you would like us to do with the information you are providing on this job discrimination. determine whether the EEOC has jurisdiction over those claims. or if EEOC becomes aware of a civil or criminal law violation.42U. I hur" t ot filed a charge with the EEOC' I also understand that I could lose my rights if I do not file a charge in time. If you want to file a charge. Authority Ior requesting personal data and the uses thereof are: 1) F0RM NUMBEH/IITLHDATE. and provide charge filing counseling. union. religion. you will lose your rights' If you would like more information before filing a charge or you have concerns about EEOCts notifying the employer. Add additional pages if needed to complete Adtlress & Phone Number What cio bclieve this person will tell us? Full Name Job Title 'v-ou A B 14. Have you sought help about this situation from a union. national disability. . genetic information. or employment agency about your charge. lt is not mandatory that this form be used to provide the requested information. Consistent with 29 CFR 1601 12(b) and 29 CFF 1626 B(c) this questionnaire may serve as a charge if it meets the elements of a charge. and I authorizc the EEOC to look rnto thcr di scrimination I described above file a understand that the EEOC must give the employer. PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: This form is covered by the Privacy Act of 1974: Public Law 93'579. or retaliation tbr discrimination. Are there any witnesses to the alleged discriminatory your response' they lvill say. Revised = Nov 2009 / Jan 2013 / DeC 2015 1 seo dilhmo/ /4#{ 4 . The purpose of this questionnaire is to solicit information about claims of employment discrimination.SC S2000e-5(b) 29US. including my name. BOX 2 rvant to charge of di scrimination. If you would like to file a charge of knew about the discrimination. as appropriate. rvhat incidents? If yes' please identify them belolv and indicate 13. to disciplinary committees investigating complaints against attorneys representing lhe parties to the charge. EE0C may also disclose in{ormation to respondents in litigation. EEOC lntake Questionnaire (9/20/08). Have you filed a charge previously in this matter with EEOC or another agency? Yes E No( 15. you must do so either within 180 days from the day you Questionnaire. local and federal agencies as appropriate or necessary to carry out the Commission's functions. EEOC may disclose information from this form to other state. or within 300 days from the day you knew about the discrimination if the employer is located in a place where a state or local government agency enforces laws similar to the EEOC's laws' If you do not file a charge of discrimination within the time limits.SC S626 42USC 121171a) 3) PRtNCIPAL PURPOSE. 5) WHETHER DISCLOSURE lS MANDATOBY OR VOLUNTAHY AND EFFECT 0N INDIVIDUAL F0R NOT PROVIDING INFORMATION. 2) AUTH0RITY. to congressional offices in response to inquiries from parlies to the charge. I also understand that thc EEOC can only accepl charges of job discrimination hased on race. If you have filed a complaint with another agency' provide name of agency and date of filing: 16. sex. or employment agency that I accuse of discrimination about the charge. you may wish to check Box 1. or any other source? Yes ( No E Provide name of organization. uruon.C $211. or to federal agencies inquiring about hiring or security clearance mattels.29U. you should check Box 2' BOX L E I want to talk to an EEOC employee before deciding whether to file a charge' I understand that by checking this box. an attorney. colclr. 4) ROUTINE USES. Providing this information is voluntary but the failure to do so may hamper the Commission's investigation of a charge.

w. Alrrost immediately upon my hire. #2621. the Equal Pay Act of I 963.) NAME: TELEPHONE NUMBER (6w ue+.production Assistant/On_Air Personality. STATEMENT: On April 26. and Rob Dew. Beckford HOME: 1 560-6170 woRK: ADDAE99 (N**Je. sexually offensive rvork environment. RESPONDENT'S REASON FOR ADVERSE ACTION: I was intbrmed by Lydia Hernandez." To my knowledge. who were also subjected to discrimination. co4"e) Ashley L..Act Stoternent orl reverse before completing this form.TX78728 THE FOLLOWING PERSON CAN ALWAYS CONTACT ME NAME AND TEL€?HONE NUMBER ADDRE9S (Ne@b4{. Human Resources Direcror (Race White/Fiispanic). I was subjected to diffcrent terms and conditions of employment. after abour 10 7z months of employment and atier asking Respondent's managemeni fbr a raise and adequate oftice li-ehting in March 2017.4 ONE: I\IOT WORKINQ NAME OF EMPLOYER wo?KtN6 9OU6HT EMPLOYMENT AT 11?E OF BUSINESS DATE. and also subjected to harassment. OF EM?LOYMENT FROM: TOI WHEN EMPLO|MENT WAS SOUGHT FRAM TO: ?O9ITION TITLE DEPARTMENT ADDRE99 (Nanbu. and color. t+i-tu. I also was subiected to harassment and racial slurs by Respondent's management and some peer that ever the Respclndent in the production Department. . in June 2016. by the Respondent. subjected to dift'erent terms and conditions of employment with re_cards to my salary/wases. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: I.ected to harassment and discrimination. DISCRINIINATION STATEN{ENT: I believe that I have been discriminated against. as well as subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile. in comparison to my non_ Black African-American peers. c+fu. as well as The Tsxas Commission on Human Rrghts Act. . rhat I was bein-s terminated due ro ea. Free Speech Systems.l was discharged and terminated from my position with the Respondent as a . See Privacy. my color. White)..) .Afiican-American). Apl. sexual harassment and a sexually oft'ensive work environment by the Respondent'smanagementandalsobysomeofmypeercolleagues. applied for and was hired as a "Production Assistant/ On-Air personality'. (Black . due to my race. I declttre under the penaln' of perjun' tlrcil the foregoing is trtte and DATE S!QNA oF. yltlL. Austi n. while employed with the Respondent. 2017. as amended.behaviorandconductwerein violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. and in regards to my dress. Ashley Lynn Beckford. z. d-1. Io my knowledge.trr) STATUS OF ETVIPLOYMENT C-HEC. due to my race (Black * African-American). News Director (Race . includin-s my hair style. LLC.hen it camc to my salary/wages and benefits (travel). tla1L.write-ups. TIVE PA6E I oF2- Feb 07. EEOO AFFIDAVIT (This form is affected b1' the Privacy Act of 1974. my dress..2018 PRIVACY ACT by the Law 93-579 and uses of the persoual data ue given be1ow. and ultimately terminated.4-) 14745 Merrilltown Drive. ttyuf..rr'u. I hegan to bc sub. I ant aware that there were two (2) other Black Afiican-American male employees who worked for the Respondent's Production Department. *lrut. and benefits (travel). IbelievetheRespondent'sactions. . I'm aware that I was the only Black Afiican-American female emplo). including my hair style. cLfu. please see attached document.. tlTe*.. zv") EEOC Fryw L33 (LL/oq) HARM: Dischar-se.

REVERSE OF EEOC FORNI I3. However. PRINCIPAL PURPOSES: Provides a standardized formt for obtaining swom statemeats of informtion relevant to a chage of discrimination. and (3) in Comission litigation. relied upon more heavily than unsworn staterents in mking a determination as to the existence of unlawful discrimination. to impeach or substantiate a witness. 2.s testimony. 5. of course. 29 USC 201. 42 U. 42U. FORM NUMBER/TITLE/DATE: EEOC FORM 131. AUTHORITY: 42 USC 2000e(9).C.C.1 (1 i/09) . 2000ff-6. 29 USC 621.S.S. 3. sworn statements submined by the parties ue. WI{ETHER DISCLOSURE IS MANDATORY OR VOLUNTARY AND EFFECT ON INDryIDUAL FOR PROVIDING INFORMATION: Volunrary: Failure ro provide an affidavit has no effect upon juisdiction of the Comission to process a charge. November 2009. 12117.l. EEOC AFFIDAVIT.

Ms. due to my race. by the Respondent. or State Local Government Agency That Believe Discri minated Against Me or oth ers.201'7 . Area Code) Date of Birth Ms.. information and beliefl SIGNATURE PLAINANT ( KC (month.k STATENIENT: On April26. Austin.) Name No Employees. Members Phone No. sexrrally offensive *ork e...) DATE(S) DISCRIIVIINATION TOOK PLACE Earliest x RACE colon [-l . as well as subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile. list under PARTICULARS below. (lnclude Area Code) FREE SPEECH SYSTEMS.rironment. I wai subjected to ditterenr terms and conditions of employment. State and ZtP Code 14745 Merrilltown hired as a . Free Speech Systems. Almost immediatelv upon my hire. in June 2016. ut more than two. after about 0 r/2 months of employment and atter askin-s Respondent' S management for a ralse and adequate of flce in March 20 l I was and terminated tiom with the AS a 'Production I want this charge filed with both the EEOC and the State or local Agency. I swear or affirm that I have read the above charge and I declare under penalty of perjury that the above is true and correct. includin-e my hair style. When necessary for State and Local Agency Requirements cooperate fully with them in the processing of my charge in accordance with their Timothy Jackson procedures. day. Employees. attach ertra sheet(s)): E CONTINUING ACTION HARM: Discharse BACKGROUND INFORNTATION: I.*. TO Pui:iic. +*Please see attached document.. and in regards to my dress. fom x FEPA 650-1 8-076 x EEOC 36A-2018-00079 Austin Equal EmploymenUFair Housing Office and EEOC State or local if Name (indicate Mr. that it is true to the best of my knowledge. in comparison to my non-Black Atiican-American peers. Apl. Ashley Lynn Beckfbrd. if any. Labor Organization.Atiican-American). my color.s management and some peer colleagues. I began to be subjccted to harassment ancl discrimination. I also was subjected to harassment and racial slurs by*Respondent.100 (s12) 291-s750 Street Address City. Ashley L. (lnclude Area Code) Street Address City.. (Black . Ercire s i8-28-2021 . when it came to my salary/wages and benefits (travel)..) Home Phone (lnct..ri.r. S:oie cf Party Ccm . #2621. Employment Agency Apprenticeship Committee.. l\y'embers Phone No. State and ZtP Code DISCRIIMINATION BASED ON (Check appropriate box(es). TX7g741 Name No. LLC. blrs. State and Ztp Code 3019 Alvin Devane BIvd. Beckford (512) 560-6170 Street Address City. EEOC Form 5 (1 1/09) C HARG E OF DISCRI I\TI NATION Charge Presented To Agency(ies) Charge No(s) This fom is affected by the privacy Act ol 1gt4. applied fbr and w. See enclosed privacy Act Statement and other inlormation before completinl tf. TXZgT2g Nramed is the Em ployer.production Assistant/ On_Air personality. LLC 15 .* HELIGION NAT'ONAL ORIGIN 06-26-2016 Latest 04-26-2017 RETALIATION AGE DISABILITY GENETIC INFORMATION OTHER (Specify) THE PARTICULARS ARE (lf additional paper is needed. Austin. rvhile cmployed with thc Respondent. NOTARY will advise the agencies if I change my address or phone number and I will I .

. I swear or affirm that I have read the above charge and it is true to I declare under penalty of perjury that the above is true and correct. I NOTAHY . See enclosed privacy Act Statement and other information before completing thls form. Human Resources Dircctor (Race .ith regards to my salary/wages. When necessary for State and Local Agency Requirements will advise the agencies if I change my address or phone number and I will cooperate fully with them in the processing of my charge in accordance with their Timothy Jackson procedures. White/Hispanic). I'm aware thar I was the only Black African-American lemaie employee that ever the Respondent in the Production Department. x FEPA 650-1 8-076 x EEOC 36A-2018-00079 Austin Equal EmploymenUFair Housin g Office and EEOC Slate or local if any Assistant/On-Air Personalitl. RESPONDENT'S REASON FOR ADVERSE ACTION: I w. and also subjected to harassment. To m1. the best of my information and belief.'. who ra. and color. kno'"vledge. SIGNATURE ft x 0 v SU (month. the Equal pay Act of 1963. due ro my race (Black _ Atiican- American). DISCRIN'IINATION STATEMENT: I helieve rhar I have becn discriminared a_{ainsr. as well as The Texas Commission on Human Rights Act.EEOC Form 5 (1 1/09) CHnncE or DlscRtrMtNATtoN Charge Presented To: Agency(ies) Charge No(s) This form is affected by the Privacy Act of 1974. that I was being terminated rlue ro excessive .ere also subjected to infornred by Lydia Hernandez. " To my knorvled_ee. if any. IbelievetheRespondent'sactions. including my hair style. and benefits (travel). sexual harassmcnt and a sexually ofttnsive u. News Direcror (Race . Pafty Signature . I am awarc that there were two (2) other Black African_American male employees whct u'orked for the Respondent's Production Department. I want this charge tiled with both the EEOC and the State or local Agency. as amended.ork environmentbytheRespondent'smanascmentandalsobysomeofmypeercolleagues. White). subjected to diltcrent terms and conditions of employment u. and ultimately tenlinited.rvrite_ups. behavior and conduct were in violation of Title VII of the Civil Ri-shts Act of 1964. and Rob Dew. my dress.

t * --1 ]- IV . /\ L'I. Austin. do so in writing' The City of Austin' Equal Ernployment/Fair Housing Office will administratively close your charge and you must send your request to the Texas Workforce Commrssion Civil Rights Division.{ t. Suite 200. RESPONDENT '\/ L-L-. Texas Phone: 512-974-3251 (Voice) I 512-914-3278 (Fax) CHARGE NUMB ERS: 650-18 . Texas 78761 '/8702 Physical: 1050 East l ith Street. 0.ture 6J2 07 /8 Date Investigator's Si .r'lr%pppuo :36A-2018 -oo #? CHARGING PARTY Vs. please. I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing statement. and understand its contents' I acknowledge that I have received a copy of this statement and that a copy rvill be retained in the records of the City of Austin. City of Austin.X. In order for you to protect your right to pursue a larvsuit under the ' you must file your Lawsuit before the two-year Statute of Limitations has run.. Austin. . Equal EmploymentiFair Housing Office. Equal EmPloYment/ Fair Housing Office Mailing: P.-r /lt Although your charge was filed under Title VII (EEOC). Box i088. which is If you want to secure a State Right to Sue Notice. l /) vt / IO Date . '/ /. this is to advise you of your right to pursue a lawsuit in State Court under the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act' as amended TTCHRA).

1 of13 fJ. Equal Emp@ment Opportunity Commission Intake Questionnaire Additional Pages of Answers Ashley Lynn Beckford FebruarY 7 r 2018 .S.

Hostile work environment: I was intimidated by the constant open carry and display of guns by co-workers in the workplace. Date: April2612017 . but I was reprimanded if I ever questioned his actions. Equal Pay/Compensation: I was paid less than my colleagues who did similar work. during the Trump election season and tansition period. I was at the forefront of InfoWars news reports as a broadcast news analyst. Sex: Joseph Jennings. What happened to you that you believe was discriminatory? Desuibe any other actions you believe were discriminatory. Disability: I have myopia and astigmatism. and I was denied promotions to match the salary of other coworkers who did less work in a similarjob. I believe that certain actions. July 2017 (termination due to race/ as color). 2of13 Production Assistant Free Speech Systems. Other reason (basis for discrimination): Political affiIiation: I wanted to hold President Trump accountable for his actions. such me. Alex Jones and several other supervisors and colleagues commonly leered at women inthe office. which affects my ability to work. BothAfrican American men ever to work for the production team were fired within the same monttr. 5. which made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe at work every day. I was not afforded a normal level of office lighting in which to do my work. A. Retaliation: I was fired after requesting a salary increase. LLC June 16. LLC. less difficult work and/or less hours. What is the reason (basis) foryour claim of employnent discrimination? Race: To my a fair and balanced news network.2$16 -April 26.2017 4. Color: I was repeatedly mocked for my skin tone. even though I heavily campaigned on Trump's behalf for InfoWars. \rrere taken against me because I am a black indiYidual. made sexual geshnes and advances. I was the only AfricanAmerican wonurn ever to work at Free Speech Systems. My supervisors and peer colleagues often brandished guns to scare away crared fans (exhemely hostile work environment).

I have audio evidence of this' a salary increase to $45. for absolutely no reason other scheduling. he said that he had meant a raccoon. "It's a coon!" When I became angry.Ilirector of Operations C.Racial slurs Rob Dew referued to me as a coon. Nightty News Editor. News DirectorrAlex Joneso CEO. Marcos Morales. throwing away the rernn mts of my dinner and a paper plate into a fiash can. which is a racial slur for a person who is of African descent. .Fired from Frce Speech Systems Action: Racial Roh Dew' Lydia Hernandez Name aud Title of Person(s) Responsihle: B. Date: January 912017 Action: Race/Color Discrimination . I was threatened into sisning documeutation without any review on my part or addition of my aocount of the alleged incidents. 3of13 LLC Discrimination . Buckley Hamman. He switched on the light jumped back away from me. had been previously able to do without negative consequences. including me.000 to reflect local salary expectations for my work' I requested showing that I was being underpaid compared to my white co-workers' I was immediately attacked with fabricated write-ups from multiple managers until they had sufficient evidence to fire me with the appearance of having cause' I received continuous write-ups for the same behavior that other workers. but did not apologize. and shouted. Date: March 2017 then Received Bogus Write Up Action: Retaliation: Asked for Salary Increase' Complaints would need to work on weekends' in addition The staffwas told by management that we 2017 ' Buckley Hamman (Alex's cousin) to the longer weekday hours during February was not the only time that we referred to the produttion staffas "motherfuckers"'which than voicing our opinions about were verbally abused. I was walking througb the darkened warehouse/photogaphy space. I have audio evidence for this' we don't work (for no Rob Dew told production staffthat we "better be dead" if extra compensation on the weekends). in order to build a case against my work ethic. Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Rob Ilew.

4of13 Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Robert llew' News Director D. after spending that day's pro-liie march activities when Alex Jones said: "I should give you a r&ise"' for a pay increase' but I never received a raise. CEO E.Texas Rally for Life Action: Equal PaY/ComPensation the office on a Alex Jones was meeting with Daria the Russian operative in four hours reporting on Saturday.2A11. but showed me the swastikas shoes once. On Air Personality F. I was prepari"g * leave the offtce.I was shown racist white supremacist symbols Darrin McBreen received two gifts of fihess shoes (sneakers).Physical Touch Although I was hired as an underpaid production assistant. Date: September 26. which he proudly displayed to me (display of racially-offensive symbols . one of which was laden with swastikas. Date: January 28. Date: Ongoing (around December/January 2016 -2017\ Action: Race/Color Discrimination . from a fan of Info$/ars and Donald Trump. Date: October 2016 Action: Race Discrimination . I was fired after directly asking Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Alex Jones. He wore one of the pairs (withoutthe swastikas) often. InfoW'ars. TX. Instead. . Video and Graphics Producer G.2016 Action: Sexual Ilarassment .Racial slurs Owen kept referring to black people as "colored" on-air (at least 3 separate occasions) despite my continued assertions that it was not the correct term. specifically the so- calledNews Director Rob Dew. assigned me to interview attendees as a debut reporter at a Democratic watch party for the first presidential debate at Scholz Garten inAustin.hostile work environment). and that I was offended by his usage of the term to refer to people of African descert' Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Owen Shroyer. Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Darrin McBreen.

Rob Dew insisted on uploading it to exploit the racial attack on me for InfoWars to profit. instead of removing his amn from my shoulder. Josh Owens. on camera. howAlex Jones is a womanizer who loves Grey Goose. who had worked at InfoWars for years. consistently pressured me to engage with the Hillary Clinton supporters as a black Trunrp promoter. It was exbemely ironic because it was the lesbian white worvrn with the black wife who had mentioned earlier that night.Uncle Tom. the existence of these clips is still hurting my professional reputation as ajournalist.) My cameraman. I didn't know then that later on that same night" he would be drunk enough to feel confident about fondling his female staffers. 5of13 I was exFemely nervous to attend the even! but I sensed that I was at risk for losing my job if I didn't comply.) I went back to the InfoWars' office in tems. compared to my less than three month tenure. which his staffers often alleged contained alcohol-infused beverages. incredulous at how I was being racially attacked because ofmy support for apolitical candidate. Rob Dew and several otlrer staffmembers in Rob Dew's office (which also seats several other desks for staffers).. Alex Jones was in possession of his fiademark mugs and paper cups.o. Alex Jones was still pretending to feel sympathy for my plight as a black female Trump supporter. (Most of the staf[was drinking alcohol that night in the office.Jakari Jackson and Gabe Goldiamond _ were fired in close proximity for seemingly no causejust weeks before. as was the usual on late aightr. who was also present. including . and he put his arm around my shoulder to initiate a u'side hug. but I knew that he had specifically touched my behind at that moment as a sly come-on that other people may aot notice. he allowed his arm to slide down my back and he grabbed my butt with his right hand. After the broadcast.. andAlex Jones. I was withAlex Jones. and I suggested that night that the footage should not be uploaded to the youtube channel because the interactions weren't newsworthy and had no political value. Now. (I had good reason to assume that my job would be at risk because I was constantly told to "keep my head down. a white lesbian woman. SimultaneouslS he was commenting to those in the room. after the only other two black people ever to work onthe production staffat InfoWars . forced me to share what had happened to me on the air for YouTube and other social media that same oight" feigning his own tears of empalhy. by one of the gay white male attendees." After he pulled me into his side. (This was all captured on video. told me tlrat she knewmore about black issues than I did because she is married to a black woman. "Who wouldn't want to have a black wife?" to response to my somment.) . I felt embarrassed and nervous. Alother Clinton supporter. I was subsequently subjectto multiple people hurling insults and racial slurs at me. taking advantage of my fragility at that mometrt. I was talking about how I didn't agree with the white woman who had said that she knows about the black community better than I do because she has a black wife.

to uptoad the rmedited videos to the Alex Jones channel on YouTube (very rare for this to happen' but I had no say in the matter). By that time.doo. Lee Ann McAdoo apologized that day for "riggering" me. and I saved the letter (amounts to offensive jokes. Owen Shroyer I. to delete the videos from &e AJ YouTube channel because he was afraid that he would be sued (by the women in the video) as a result of rnaking the videos public.infowars. aad the AJ YouTube channel. CEO I{. epithets. The term "fat black bitch" was repeatedly mentioned and laughed about in the office because of this article: trigsered-by-white-people-demands-money-for-be!og-a-fat-black-bitEh/ The callous. PauI Joseph'lVatson. the videos had already been downloaded and re-uploaded on multiple YouTube channels. despite my objections. Alex Jones himself wanted my camera maq Josh Owens. Mexicans and Muslims in the office. on InfoWars. ridicule. Even so. Date: July 14. racist attitudes of my coworkers caused me to cry at work that day. Date: June 2016 and Ongoing Action: Sexual Harassment . by repeatedly using the term o'Fat blackbitchD I was offended by continuous attacks against blacks (Africans andAfricanAmericans). mockery and name calling in reference to my race/color). and the fact that these videos are still there is hurting my professional reputation' Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: AIex Jones. but he didn't take any action against the perpetrators.Grooming . 6of13 The aforementioned videos from 9126116 showthe events inrmediately before the sexual harassment/molestation thatAlex Jones perpetrated against me. I informed my supervisor Rob Dew (who later called me a coon and referred to Robert Jacobson as a Resident Jew). Robert Dew. Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: LeeAnn McA. the very next morningAJ asked Rob Dew.2016 Action: Staffmembers offended me using racial slurs. one of my directmanagers.

outside of work.lrhat I like to do for fun. Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Alex Jones. it was rumored that he may have had inappropriate relationships with other female production staffemployees. I was coofirsed about how to report his behavior. CEO J. Alex often spent his time shirtless. In the office.. and it's my opinion thatitwas his intention to see ifhe could groom me for sexual exploitation because he also mentioned that I had a. In addition. In addition. He and other coworkers told me that he was the human resources director. because he didn't change it despite it's offensiveness being brought to his attention by female and male coworkers alike. at female guests and employees while creating a disgusting.good body thatiooked like I worked out a lot. 7of13 Alex Jones came to my desk on one occasion to find out. Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Joseph Jennings. with or without a shirt. His inappropriate way of dressing at the office (never used belts despite his obese body) meant that he constantty showed his butt crack. offensive pictures Joseph Jennings would look at pornography at work. when I first began working ttrere. which was easily viewable to others. which was another form of sexual harassment. Studio Manager . and endlessly leering. Name and Title of Peroon(s) Responsible: Robert Dew. I was doing more reporting work outside the office than my other coworkers.'I was concemed that these unwanted sexual advances would eventually result in a request for sexual favors in exchange for promotions. I had production assistant tasks to complete as well. which was a lie. I had to do rnany of same broadcast analyst duties (working repeatedly as an oo air news presenter) as my white European coworkers hired at the same time. hostile environment that openly encourages his staff(roughly 90% men) to stare at and make inappropriate comments toward women. News Director IC Date: Ongoing from llire Date Action: Sexual flarassmen* words. gestures. Date: Ongoing Action: Race/Color Discrimination: Never given press credentials despite beirrg repeat On Air Personality I was never given a budget to travel despite promises at hiring. Alex Jones himself has alluded to the fact that he loves to grab woman's backsides in videos that he has made and uploaded to youTube.

I had experience at two major media companiss. Race/Color I complained to Marcos Morales. Studio Manager M. and that no one at InfoWars is a white supremacist. What reason(s) were given to your for the acts you consider discriminatory? By whom? Title? Unequal PaylCompensation I was told by Lydia Hernandez. Date:Ongoing Action: Race/Color . Name and Title of Person(s) Responsihle: Robert Dew. InfoWars Nightly News Video Editor.000 per year as production assistant' with no openness to negotiate. I was working more hours and completing more tasks. than my job title specified. I explained all of that in a porffolio when I requested my salary increase. I was immediately expected to complete the duties of assistant producer. However. video editor and broadcast news analyst (on air mdio broadcast and YouTube personality) with at least 50 hours per week and on-call. which was less than 50% of the pay to my white co- workers who did less work. . Joseph Jennings would tell me that I wasn't black' African you're Ashley" on several occasions. News DireetorrAlex Jones.Bigoted Skin and Hair Comments (and other I was continuously criticized for how my dark skin. He told me that Owen isn't racist. The Associated Press and the Voice of America before working at InfoWars. 8of13 L. Date: June 16. rryorter. CEO 6. that I was being paid the typical rate for my job title. about Owen referring to people ofAfrican descent as colored. Human Resources Director. as if being called black is a slur and being American is a determent in and of itself' Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: Joseph Jennings. essentially doing much more work. naturally kinky hairstyles and affect the hair textures that i experimented with) would project on the screen He said' "you're not black' audience. 2016' Ongoing Action: Unequal PaY/ComPensation I was hired at an initial compensation rate of $25.

Of there persons in the same or similar situation you? Full Name: Owen ShroYer Race: White Sex: Male Age:30 National Origin: USA Religion: Christian Disability: Unknown Job Title: On Air PersonalitY (salary)' although we Description of Treatment: He had a higher rate of financial compensation were hired at the same time. Jennings tough skin and ignore the harassment' Hostile work environment was to carry firearms' I was told to "keep my head Rob Dew told me that the company culture me uncomfortable' down" and not complain aboufthings that made as you' who was treated better than 8. lnfoWars Nightly News by saying that his actions were part of the company Manager) daily sexual harassment behavior to have and Rob Dew' News Directoq that I needed culture. He was given camera crews and travel budgets for news events' Full Name: LeeAnn McAdoo Race: White Sex: Female Age:39 National Origin: USA Religion: Unknown Disability: Unknown Job Title: On Air PersonalitY (salary)' even though I Description of Treatment: She had a higher rate of financial compensation workload' She was put in more work hours and completed additional tasks compared to her given camera crews and travel budgets for news events' FullName: Julian Race: White . \ilhat reason(s) were given to your for the acts you consider His or Her Job Title? Sexual Harassment (Studio Video Editor' excused Joseph Jennings' Marcos Morales. I was told by Morales. 9of13 discriminatory? By whom? 7.

Alex Jones allegedly uses the term "globalists" as a dog whistle for white supremacists to refer to Jewish people with a negative connotation. . Affected by Abuse Toward My Colleague I was offended by several co-workers ridiculing and mocking Robert Jacobson for his religion (multiple instances of hateful rhetoric. Rob Dew and Owen Shroyer infamously called Robert Jacobson their'oresident Jew" on ait via YouTube' Rob Dew had earlier called me a o'colored. with less responsibilities and who was treated worse than you? Of the persons in the same or similar situation as you' Full Name: Robert Jacobson Race: White Sex: Male Age 42 National Origin: USA Religion: Judaism Disability: Chron's disease Job Title: Video Editor Description of Treatment: Date: Ongoing Action: Race/Religion . insults." so it reasons that they were likely calling coon and Owen referred to black people as me a "token black" or "house n-word" when I wasn't in their presence' I have evidence of that "Jewish individual" meme that Zimmerrnann created as well as the YouTube video of the "Resident Jew" commentary from Dew and Shroyer. who would actually show offthe racist memes. These racist attacks were predominately perpetrated by Michael Zimmerman and Joseph Jennings.*" job as me. put-downs and so-called jokes. including the creation of a meme to denigrate Jewish people)' This personally affected me because my own family includes several Jewish people. but it was encouraged by the entire operation. 10 of 13 Sex: Male Age: 20 National Origin: USA Religion: Christian Disability: Unknown Job Title: Assistant Producer rate of financial compensation (salary)' Description of Treatment: He was hired at a higher He had less experience than me' and he was although he was hired six months later than me' more pay' given L" .

InfoWars Nightly News (July 2017) when he Description of Treatment: He was fired during the same month as Gabe refused to support the candidacy of Donald Trump' Full Name: Gabe Goldiamond Race: Black Sex: Male Age:30 National Origin: USA Religion: Unknown Disability: Unknown Job Title: Video Editor and ProductionAssistant Descripion of Treatment: He was fired after one month on the job. 9. He was not given adequate training or pay. who was treated the same as you? No one was treated the same as me. Michael Zimmermann. Yesr I have an actual disability . Full Name: Margaret Howell Race: White Sex: Female Age:35 National Origin: USA Religion: Christian Disability: Unknown Job Title: OnAir Personality Description of Treatment: She was forced to resign because of continuous sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. 11 of 13 Rob Dew' News Ilirectori Owen Shroyer' OnAir Name and Title of Person(s) Responsible: News Personality. Of the persons in the same or similar situation as you. I was the only dark-skinned African American woman at InfoWars. ProductionAssistant' Joseph Jennings' Studio Manager Full Name: Jakari Jackson Race: Black Sex: Male Age: 30 National Origin: USA Religion: Christian Disability: Unknown Job Title: OnAir Personality .

myopia and astigmatism. \ilho did you ask? I asked two maintenance workers. including prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.I asked to change the lighting in February 2017 How did you ask (verbally or in writing)? I asked verbally. Did you askyour employer for any changes or assistance to do youriob because of your disability? When did vou ask? After having an eye exam in January 2017. News Director and Buckley Hamman. What medication. medical equipment or other assistance do you use? I use corrective lenses. Director of Operations. so that I could turn the lights on and off above my desk. then I asked my supervisors. The room whsre I was working had very littte light from the or*doors. 11. 12 of 13 10. Describe the changes or assistance that you asked fur: I asked for the overhead light bulbs to be screwed back into the fixture. and working under low lighting causes further damage to my eyesight. Rob Dew. 12. I asked my employer (Rob DeW News Director and Buckley Hamman. I can't see under low light conditions. This limits my ability to have clear vision without assistance. Did you askyour employer for any assistance in changing working condition because of your disability? The overhead fluorescent light bulbs installed in the ceiling above my desk in my office space had been unscrewed before I started working there. and I only had small desk lamp. Director of Operations) to allowthe maintenance crewto screw the light bulbs back into the fixture so that I could have a nomral level of lighting in my workspace. . What is the disability that you believe is the reason for the adverse action taken against you? Iloes this disability prevent or limit you from doing anything? I have two visual conditions.

to the alleged discriminatory incidents? 13. which any other source? you sought help about this situation from a union' attorney or 16. 13 of 13 to your request? How did you employer respond request for typical office specifically Buckley Hamman' would not honor my My of 02/07118 at12:J0 PM CST' No response. Geragos & Geragos Law Firm Telephone: (213) 625-3900 Facsimile: (213) 625-1600 www. l was negative waY.geragos. This is not my attorney as 2 7 . Are there any witnesses Full Name: Robert Jacobson Job Title: Video Editor will tell vou about the hostile work iffiilH:fiiiiil?'Jl"' wili ten us? Robert racobson inclu-ded racism' sexual harassment and implied physical threats' environment. my eye sight in a fo. Have I have corresponded via email with:' Ben Meiselas. Esq.'"a to continue *'fi'g in dim lighting' which affected lighting.

Please review the attached pt'"fiil'.Wt would like to the address above or the Return this INVITATION TO MEDTATE to ouTMEDIATION STAFF within 15 tlavs fax number below * OPTION #1: YES I WILL PARTICIPATE IN EEOC IVIEDIATION you agree to mediate. I WOULD LIKE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT MEDIATION Please comolete the box resardless of the option selected: Name: Address CitylState/Zip: Phone: Fax Number: Email: Fax Number: If you have representation. EQUAL ENIPLOYIVIENT Office Dallas District 30? s. OPPORTUNITY COIVINIISSION U.. FAX TO i 214-253-2899 .*t-iotit'n F'rx lnvcxtigirtion l'l) 153-2899 Fax (2 l-lr P-::'YY-E$!:a!' gq! Dallos District Oflice San Antonio Field Oflicc El Paso Area Ollice R ZO l|. please provide thefollowing information: Representative' s Name: Phone Representative' s Address Representative' s City I Statel Zip Fax Representative' s Email : . please return rftis form and also forms 2&3) o #.-t)aYq DATE: &' b I8 that your charge is eligible for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has determined Try The ut You Neecl To Know Arul lWry You Should mediation. r.lstiil Toll Frcc: (866) 103-8075 TTY (S00) 669-6820 (2 I {) 253-2720 "' 't"t. Please ensure the attomey representing you faxes a letter of representation to us. HouiionrsirTif. utdread how rn"Oiuiion can work io' Vo''.')iiion.^ for you to try and benefit from mediation! It".-iV.S.

This information is reported only for purposes of providing aggregate data to the EEOC for Mediation program evaluation purposes. their representatives and/or attorneys' are invited to attend a of the mediator(s)' mediation session. Form #2 AGREEMENT TO MEDIATE CHARGE NO. and the individualterms of the agreement will not be disclosed to the public.: a mediation in the above referenced charge' The This is an agreement by the parties to participate in may be terminated at any time' parties understand that mediation is a voluntary process' which The parties and. the assigned mediator(s) is required to report to EEOC any benefits received. The parties acknowledge that if a settlement is reached as a result of the mediation. if they desire. No one else may attend without the consent The mediator(s) will not function as the representative of either party' However' the mediator(s) may assist the parties in crafting a settlement agreement' Each party acknowledges being advised of their option to seek independent legal review prior to signing any settlement agreement' at The parties acknowledge that the mediator(s) possesses the discretion to terminate the mediation any time if any impasse occurs or either party or the mediator deems the case inappropriate for mediation. CHARGING PARTY DATE RESPONDENT DATE CHARGING PARTY DATE RESPONDENT DATE REPRESENTIVE REPRESENTATIVE ** RETURN THIS FORM IF YO U AGREED TO MEDIATE ** . The parties recognize the mediation is a confidential process and agree to abide bythe terms of the attached Confidentiality Agreement.

the agreement shall be reduced to writing and when signed shall be binding upon all parties to the agreement. Charging Party Date Respondent Date Charging Party Date Respondent Date Representative Representative ?t rk RETURN THIS FORM IF YOU AGREED TO MEDIATE** . records. lf the charge(s) is not resolved through mediation. or documents generated during the course of the mediation shall be destroyed by the mediator after conclusion of the mediation. 6 lf a settlement is reached by all the parties. resolution communications with a neutral and will be kept confidential' produce any documents provided 4. the mediator or any of the participants' All information or materials provided or created by the mediator including all notes. Parties or their representatives are not prohibited from retaining their own notes' However. Any communications between the ADR coordinator and the mediator(s) and/or the parties are considered dispute 3.: in an effort to resolve the charge(s) filed with the EEOC' 1. The parties agree to participate voluntarily in mediation mediation are confidential' unless otherwise discoverable 2. The parties agree that all matters discussed during the proceeding' Confidentiality'however' andcannotbeusedasevidenceinanysubsequentadministrativeorjudicial of actual violence that occur during the will not extend to threats of imminent physical harm or incidents mediation. Form #3 CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT CHARGE NO. it is understood by the parties that the charge(s) will be transferred to the investigative unit for further processing. The parties agree not to subpoena the mediator(s) or compel the mediator(s) to by a party in any pending or future administrative of judicial proceeding' The mediator(s) will not voluntarily testifyonbehaliofrprrtyinanypendingorfutureadministrativeorjudicialproceeding' Thepartiesfurtheragree that the mediator(s) will be held harmless for any claim arising from the mediation process' 5. Mediation sessions will not be tape-recorded or transcribed by the EEOC. the EEOC will not maintain any such notes or records as part of its record keeping procedures.