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April 11, 2018

Levin Claims Poll Position in Michigan 9th C.D.

To: Interested Parties

From: Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

Andy Levin enjoys significant advantages over the rest of the field in his quest to claim his
father’s seat in Michigan’s 9th Congressional district. The current Congressman is popular
among Democrats, Andy Levin is far better known then his opponents and begins with a wide
lead in this primary.

The survey summarizes the opinion of 400 likely Democratic primary voters in Michigan’s 9th
District taken March 17-19, 2018. It carries a margin of error of +/- 4.90 percentage points at a
95 percent confidence level.

Key Findings

 The sitting Congressman is very popular here. A 73 percent of voters react favorably
to Congressman Sandy Levin, just 8 percent respond negatively. The Congressman
fares slightly better among older voters, but is popular with all segments of this primary

 Andy Levin starts with an advantage in name recognition and favorability. Voters
in this survey can and do distinguish between Andy Levin, yet he begins with high ID for
a first time congressional candidate (58 percent) and a 5-1 positive to negative ratio (37
percent positive, 7 percent negative). Steve Bieda, Ellen Lipton and Martin Brook are far
less known.


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MI-9 Democratic Primary 2

Favorable % Unfavorable % ID
37 7 58
Andy Levin
17 5 29
Steve Bieda
8 6 20
Ellen Lipton
2 4 13
Martin Brook

 Levin leads by wide margin in the initial trial heat. Levin opens with 42 percent of
the vote share, compared to 17 percent for Bieda and 8 percent for Lipton. A few trends
to note: .

o Levin performs particularly well among older voters, particularly seniors (52

o Levin fares slightly better than average among union members (47 percent) and
union affiliated voters than non-union voters.

o Levin leads Bieda by wide margin in Oakland County (43 – 3 percent) ) and they
are knotted in West Macomb County (34 – 34 percent). ) .

Andy Levin is in a strong position as the best known candidate by far and the race is his to lose.
There remains a large bloc of undecided voters and many voters have not yet begun to focus on
the race, so things will take clearer shape in the months to come.

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