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Grammar Space Kids is a three-level grammar series designed for low-

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beginner students. With Grammar Space Kids , students learn basic grammar
rules that will help them build a strong foundation of English grammar. The
series’ easy and fun approach to English grammar helps students expand their
understanding of grammar rules and also further develop their speaking and

writing skills. An array of interesting writing exercises encourage students to
use the grammar rules they have learned in meaningful contexts while gaining

confidence in their abilities to write accurate sentences. Focusing on basic English
grammar rules, with Grammar Space Kids students take their first steps toward
becoming proficient English users.

Key Features:
Grammar cards introduce key grammar points in a simple and familiar way
Easy-to-follow exercises help students clearly understand grammar rules and
properly apply them
Fun corresponding images help students learn grammar rules in meaningful
Writing tasks build students’ confidence in writing accurate sentences 3
Review tests allow students to recall what they have learned and evaluate their

Student Book / Workbook / Grammar Cards

Online Resources:

Teacher’s Guide (with answer keys) / Vocabulary Lists / Lesson Plans

Grammar Space Kids Series:


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ISBN 978-89-6694-814-7
Unit Components Test Your Grammar
This section incorporates the key
grammar points from the three
previous units to allow students to
Grammar Board recall what they have learned and
evaluate their progress.
Grammar Cards are used to introduce the unit’s key grammar points. The key grammar points
are highlighted on the cards and there are corresponding pictures to help students easily learn
the grammar rules being presented. A set of removable grammar cards are also included to allow
students to further practice the key grammar points. A chart at the bottom of the page helps
students summarize the grammar rules they have learned on their own.

Grammar in Writing
Students use the key grammar
points from the previous three units
in meaningful contexts to complete
a passage.

Check Up It’s your turn!

Simple activities such as matching,
coloring, and circling help students Students complete a passage
learn how to accurately use the containing similar structures as
unit’s key grammar points. the Grammar in Writing section to
practice what they have learned and
to gain confidence in their ability to
write accurate sentences.

Various writing exercises allow
Grammar Cards Four
students to gradually expand their
removable cards from each
understanding of the grammar rules
unit’s Grammar Board are
and learn how to properly apply the
provided to help students
unit’s key grammar points.
practice and memorize
the key grammar points.
Students can do this by
Robo's Note themselves, or can work with
A short review activity helps a partner to ask and answer
students check their comprehension questions about the grammar
of the key grammar points before points.
moving on to the next unit.
Nouns & The Verb Be Past Tense
01 The cookie is big. Nouns & Articles 6 Unit
13 He was at home. Past Tense: Was/Were 54

02 There is some cheese. There + The Verb Be 10 Unit
14 We listened to music. Past Tense: Regular Verbs 58

03 She isn’t a doctor. The Verb Be 14 Unit
15 I did my homework. Past Tense: Irregular Verbs 62

04 Test Your Grammar 18 Unit
16 Test Your Grammar 66

Present Simple & Adverbs Past Tense & Future Tense

05 She walks to school. Present Simple: Positive & Negative 22 Unit
17 I didn’t walk. Past Tense: Negative & Questions 70

06 Does he go to bed at 9:30? Present Simple: Questions 26 Unit
18 I will be seven. Future Tense: Will/Won’t 74

07 He walks slowly. Adverbs 30 Unit
19 Will you go swimming? Future Tense: Will Questions 78

08 Test Your Grammar 34 Unit
20 Test Your Grammar 82

Supplementary Material
Imperatives & Present Continuous Stickers 89 ~ 90

Grammar Cards
09 Catch the ball. Imperatives 38

10 She is smiling. Present Continuous 42

11 Are they swimming? Present Continuous: Negative & Questions 46

12 Test Your Grammar 50