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Innovative Thinking 磁控制器管道爬行器

X-Ray Pipeline crawler

1) Introduction:
X-ray pipe crawler is a X-ray film shooting equipment to shoot pipe butt welds in the
pipeline laying works.
The X-ray crawler is brought into the inside of the pipe by a traction car. When the ray
emission window of X-ray crawler is aligned with the weld position,through the remote
control let the X-ray crawler to follow the set exposure voltage and exposure time to the
pipe butt weld Exposure.
As a result of the use of circumferential X-ray crawler in the pipeline center of the central
exposure, short focal length, single-wall projection, an exposure to complete the entire
weld exposure, with the directional X-ray crawler in the external double-wall projection
method compared to the work efficiency Increase several times.
The movement of the crawler inside the pipe is controlled by the command source or the
radio control box outside the pipe to complete the forward, reverse, stop, exposure and
other actions.

2) Main Feature:

Pipeline crawler is a small pipe crawler developed by our company for pipeline quality
testing and is suitable for 8-16 inch diameter onshore and offshore pipelines.
DFX series of general X-ray pipe crawler is based on the field construction experience
over the years gradually improve the crystallization, after more than ten years of gradual
improvement, the characteristics of significant:
Using the current international advanced digital magnetically controlled command
source control. Anti-interference ability, no radiation, to adapt to a variety of distance pipe
weld detection.
High voltage adjustable, exposure time is short, black uniform. You can choose the
appropriate exposure voltage and exposure time so that the film has a high resolution
Magnetic control instructions source without environmental pollution and personal injury.
Eliminating the need to go to the Environmental Protection Agency for procedures and
the use of filing fees.
The use of high-performance power ternary lithium battery, life of the battery is
mores several times than common crawler lead-acid battery.
Fault self-diagnosis function. Crawler in the course of running a sensor damage,
pre-obstruction, power is not enough and other special circumstances can automatically
roll back.

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Innovative Thinking 磁控制器管道爬行器
Reliable components. All components are used industrial products, software can be free
to upgrade at any time.
Using split structure. The longest part does not exceed 1200mm, assembles and is easy
to transport....
Using walking and x-ray crawler separate power supply, do not affect each other. Not
because of the exposure of the ray machine and affect the return power.

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Innovative Thinking 磁控制器管道爬行器

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Datasheet of X-Ray Pipeline Crawler
Product Name 140 Crawler 300 Crawler 600 Crawler
Model IT-PX140D IT-PX300D IT-PX600D
X-Ray Machine IT-XXH1603 IT-XXH2003 IT-XXH2503
Applicable pipe 159mm-377mm 325mm-800mm 420mm-1200mm
Gradeability 17° 35° 35°
Control Method Magnetic media command controller Magnetic media command controller Magnetic media command controller
Thickness 25mm 25mm 25mm
Temperature -25°~+70° -25°~+70° -25°~+70°
Tube voltage 80-180KV,Step 1KV 100-200KV,Step 1KV 150KV-250KV Step 1KV
Tube current 3mA 3mA 3mA
Maximum penetration 30mm 30mm 30mm
Focus size 0.5X4mm or better 0.5X4mm or better 2.5mm or better
Radiation angle 360°X40° 360°X40° 360°X40°
positioning accuracy ±3mm ±5mm ±5mm
Walking Speed 8-15m/min Adjustable 10-18m/min 10-18m/min
Motor type DC Motor 60V400W,Two wheel drive DC Motor 60V400W, all wheel drive DC Motor 60V400W all wheel drive
Battery voltage / lithium battery 60V/10AH walking, lithium battery 60V/16AH walking,
capacity 60V/20AH Exposure 120V/16AH Exposure
Walking distance 2000m 5000m 3000m
Single exposure time 1-300s,step 1s 1-300s, step 1s 1s-300s,step 1s
Total exposure time maximum power exposure time 80min maximum power exposure time 80min maximum power exposure time 70min
Crawler radius 60D 60D 6D
Crawler specifications 1150mmXφ159mm 1150mmX210mmX230mm 1150mmX210mmX230mm
X-Ray specifications 700Xφ159mm 750mmXφ190mm 930mmXφ220mm
Weight 50kg 70kg 92kg