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Decision 2010 Poll Shows Dead Heat

Between Nan Hayworth and John Hall
Large Percentage of Undecided Voters and Non-Party
Voters May Swing the Election
WHITE PLAINS, NY (October 8, 2010) The race for the U.S. House of
Representatives 19th District in New York State between incumbent John Hall
(D) (WF) and Dr. Nan Hayworth (R) (C) (I) is a dead heat, according to a RNN-
TV/ Westchester County Association (WCA) Decision 2010 poll conducted by
Iona College.

When asked whom they would vote for in the election, 42% said Hall, 42% said
Hayworth and 16% were undecided. The candidates will go head to head at the
third RNN-TV/WCA Call to Action Decision 2010 Debate to be held 6 PM,
Wednesday, October 13 at 800 Westchester Avenue (Fifth Floor Auditorium),
Rye Brook.

The 19th Congressional District is regarded as one of the key mid-term races in
the U.S. Congress. The district includes northern Westchester and parts of
Dutchess, Orange and Rockland Counties.

The poll, which has a margin of error of plus/minus 3.75%, was commissioned by
RNN-TV in cooperation with the WCA Call to Action Campaign’s Decision 2010.

The poll included over 10,000 calls to registered voters on October 6 and
completed about 800 responses to voter preference questions.

In addition to candidate preference, the respondents were also asked:

 Please tell us whether you have a favorable or unfavorable view of each

John Hall
Favorable view 44%
Unfavorable view 38%
Undecided 18%
Nan Hayworth
Favorable view 41%
Unfavorable view 31%
Undecided 28%

Jeanne Zaino, coordinator of the Iona College poll and a professor of political
science at the school, noted that the large undecided block for Hayworth
“demonstrates she may not have strong name recognition yet or the voters are
uncertain about her platform.”

 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The U.S. federal
government has become so ineffective it is time to vote all current officials
out of office and elect new people to serve.
Agree 50%
Disagree 40%
Not Sure 11%

“This poll result identifies a noticeable anti-incumbent sentiment that can play a
big factor in this race as well as other regional and national contests,” Zaino

 Voters were also asked to rank the issues that are of most concern to
them. The results:
The economy: 50%
Taxes: 27%
Healthcare: 16%
Education: 7%.

Voters in this district see the economy as the big issue followed by taxes which
mirror national sentiment and trends in other regional races.

Other notable findings:

• Non-party voters, which account for about 25% of registered voters in this
district, prefer Hayworth at 42% versus Hall at 36%, with 22% of them
being undecided.
• However, 32% of these non-party voters are undecided about their
favorability towards Hayworth.
• 55% of non-party voters agree that all members of Congress should be
voted out of office while 33% disagree and 12% are undecided.

“Given the statistical dead heat, non-party voters may prove instrumental in
deciding the election,” Zaino stated.

The breakdown of undecided voters by party is:

• 34% Democrat, 38% Republican and 23% non-party voter.

• Approximately 25% of Republican voters are undecided about their
favorability towards Hayworth, indicating she has some work to do in
solidifying her party base.

• Republicans have a higher percentage 33% of their party identifying taxes
as a key issue compared to Democrats at about 18%.
• 65% of Democrats disagree that all new people should be elected to serve
in Congress while 71% Republicans believe we should vote all members
of Congress out.

The last WCA Call to Action Decision 2010 debate will be:

Wednesday, October 20, 6 PM at 800 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook

5th Floor Auditorium
NY Senate District 37 (includes New Rochelle, Rye, White Plains, Harrison,
Mamaroneck, New Castle, North Castle, Ossining and Scarsdale.) Incumbent
Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D) (WF) and challenger Bob Cohen
(R) (C) (I).

The debates are broadcast on Richard French Live on RNN-TV at 6 PM and are
moderated by RNN-TV’s Richard French III and Caryn McBride, Executive
Editor of the Westchester County Business Journal.

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