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Andriessen, Hendrik Gershwin, George

• Little Suite HAR Easy Gershwin for Flute (arr. Paul Harris OUP)
 3rd movement • Love Walked In

• Our Love Is Here to Stay

Archer, Violet
Four Miniatures for Flute CMC; ALK Hare, Nicholas
• Canoeing • Banana Rag (in The Magic Flute B&H)
• A Drowsy Tune
Hedges, Anthony
Baker, Michael Conway • Father Time – Chronos, from Masquerade (arr. Ian
• Collage CMC (ed. Kathryn Cernauskas, in The Denley, in Time Pieces for Flute, 1 ABR)
Magical Flute, 1 ALK)
• Generations CMC Horovitz, Joseph
• Rumba (arr. Trevor Wye, in A Very Easy 20th
Bernstein, Leonard Century Album NOV)
• Tonight, from West Side Story (arr. Nicholas Hare, in
The Magic Flute B&H) Jones, Edward Huws
• Open Sesame! (in Magic! FAB)
Bozza, Eugène
Quatre pièces faciles LED Koechlin, Charles Louis Eugène
• Le campanile 14 Pièces pour flûte et piano, op.157b SAL
• Eili-Eili (mélodie hébraïque) • three contrasting pieces from nos. 1, 2, 3, 10, 13,
• Menues des pages 14
• Rêves d’enfant Lennon, John, and Paul McCartney
Chabrier, Emanuel • Yesterday (arr. in Lennon and McCartney Solos for
• España (arr. Ian Denley, in Time Pieces for Flute, 2 Flute HAL)
ABR) Liebermann, Lowell
Chamberlain, Louise Album for the Young, op. 79 PRE
• The Groovy Witch (in Step It Up! Grades 1–3 ALF; • Ostinato
FAB) Mendelssohn, Felix
Demersseman, Jules • Andante espressivo (arr. Louis Moyse, in First
• Neapolitan Melody (arr. Louis Moyse, in First Solos Solos for the Flute Player SCH)
for the Flute Player SCH) Meunier, Gérard
Dick, Robert • Berceuse pour Vincent LEM
A Very Easy 20th Century Album NOV Piltch, Susan
• Dorset Street • Little One: Lullabye – for Kienna NWP
• Sun Shower
Prokofiev, Sergei
Faubert, Jacques • Gavotte, from Symphony No. 1 (“Classical”)
Du fleuve à l’arctique LED (arr. Himie Voxman RUB)
• La guignolée
• Jardin de givre Ravel, Maurice
• Pavane pour une infante défunte (arr. Louis
Fauré, Gabriel Moyse, in First Solos for the Flute Player SCH)
• Berceuse, from Dolly, op. 56 (arr. Louis Moyse, in
First Solos for the Flute Player SCH)
Fleming, Robert
• Almost Waltz JAY [OP] (ed. Kathryn Cernauskas,
in The Magical Flute, 1 ALK)

32 Flute – Grade 2 The Royal Conservatory of Music