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Sub. 402

2 desk research projects

Divide the class into 10 groups of 6 to 7 students each. Each group should have 1 guide.
Consult your project guide from time to time.

Project 1: Financial Analysis (Based on Advanced financial management, financial

statement analysis, Economics, Business Policy & Strategic Management)

1. Select the industry of your own choice (Think about the industry that you like or
the industry which you feel in growing or the industry where you would like to
make career. Avoid repetition of the same industry in the same class)
2. Collect industry information regarding:
(a) History of the industry
(b) Current scenario of the industry
(c) Major changes in the industry
(d) Main players in the industry
3. Select 1 company from the industry selected by you.
4. Collect the annual reports of the company for last 3 years.
(Printed copies or soft-copies downloaded from the internet are acceptable)
5. Calculate the important ratios in the following groups from the financial
(a) Liquidity ratios
(b) Structural ratios
(c) Profitability ratios
(d) Turnover ratios
6. Comment on the financial position of the company.
7. Comment on the role played by this company in the industry as a whole.
8. Draft a report on the same in the given format:
(a) Title
(b) Introduction (minimum 2 pages)
(c) Industry overview (minimum 2 pages)
(d) Company information (minimum 2 pages)
(e) Financial Statement Analysis (calculation of all ratios) (minimum 15
(f) Conclusion and your own comments (minimum 1 page)

Use the software Prowess and websites like moneycontrol .com,, yahoo
finance etc. and the official websites of the companies to get the data. Various journals
that are purchase by our library should also be used. Daily newspapers will also provide a
lot of data.

Project 2: Equity research (Based on Security Analysis & Portfolio Management,

Merchant Banking, Advanced Financial Services, and Economics)

1. Your group has already selected an industry of your own choice for project 1.
You have selected 6 -7 companies for the same. (1 company per student)
2. Download technical analysis charts regularly from the websites mentioned earlier.
The websites of BSE, NSE, wealth management companies, CRISIL etc. can also
be used.
3. Draft a report on the same in the given format:
a. Title
b. Introduction (minimum 1 page)
c. Fundamental analysis of the companies. (minimum 1 page per company)
d. Technical analysis for Jan. & Feb. 2011. (minimum 2 pages per company)
e. Conclusions and your own comments (minimum 1 page)
f. Annexure (P&L A/c & Balance Sheet of the company and any other
secondary data that you have used.)
g. Bibliography
The report should be submitted in MS word format, font 12, A4 size, spiral binding.
Submit the project on 15th March, 2011.