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Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Newsletter of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Florida February 2012

Message From Chairman Sid Dinerstein: Rumpelstiltskin Lives

Palm Beach County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner: Herman Cain Endorses Gingrich in Surprise Visit


ahead. Scratch your heads. Try to remember the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale. Here are some hints. Rumpelstiltskin was written by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, a story of a poor millers daughter who becomes a queen after she befriends Rumpelstiltskin. His skill? He could spin straw into gold, over and over again. And thats why this article starts with him. Of course there were other Rumpelstiltskins. In the fourteenth century a group of early chemists, since known as Alchemists, claimed they could turn lead into gold. Naturally they were in great demand. Other Alchemists used other metals but the lead people are most remembered. Fast-forward to 1637 and the Dutch Tulip Bubble. This was a case where tulip bulbs, known for their color and beauty, became worth small fortunes on the bet that they had medicinal and curative powers until the bubble burst. Then they tanked like a Miami condo. All these examples have one thing in common. They make us laugh at the gullibility of the market, people buying and selling obviously low value items for outlandish sums. Of course we give Rumpelstiltskin a pass. His audience was six year olds. They dont have to know better. The point is: Stop laughing. Here in 2012 we take pieces of paper, put pictures of
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---Inside this issue, read an account of the evenings events, with stunning pictures of Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, your local elected officials, and the many GOP County leaders and activists in attendance. Pages 9-11
---Newly elected President

Janeen Capizola (second from left) prepares to take on the western communities as the Palms West Republican Club installs its new Executive Board members.

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Photo by Boris Balaban

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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February 2012 issue of the Newsletter, published monthly by the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. The views and conclusions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editorial staff, REC Board of Directors, or the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee. Letters to the editor are welcomed but should be no longer than 500 words and may be edited for length and content. All submissions are property of their respective authors and may not be reproduced without prior permission of the author. Any comments, questions, or other feedback should be directed to



Sid Dinerstein, Chairman Margi Helschien, Vice Chair Michael A. Barnett, Secretary Ira Sabin, Treasurer Fran Hancock, State Committeewoman Peter Feaman, State Committeeman
In This Issue
The Great American Love Story
by Margi Helschien


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Palms West Republican Club A Moderate Republican Nominee for PresidentAgain? By Tom Mullings 5 6 Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County Rep. Club of the Northern Palm Beaches 7 The War of 2012 Is On. By George Blumel 7 And the Idiot Award Goes To? By Raymond Tresca 8 Palm Beach Lincoln Day Dinner 9-11 Republicans Rock! Youth Anthem By Margi Helschien 12

The Republican Party of Palm Beach County is committed to promoting Republican ideals and principles; recruiting and electing qualified candidates for public office; developing a grassroots organization that will motivate the electorate to vote; and raising the funds necessary to complete these objectives.

Treasurer Ira Sabin and Committeewoman Amy Hair, right, with the 2012 Jean Pipes award winner Assistant Vice Chair Anita H. Carbone at this years Lincoln Day Dinner at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lincoln Day is the annual Party fundraiser and Palm Beach Countys grandest event of the year! See Page 9

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

Page 3 letters are filled with day-to-day life, problems, milestones, and joyful moments. However, they also are filled with the close communication that John and Abigail had together, even though they were miles, and sometimes oceans apart. John was at Abigail's bedside when she died. I wish I could lie down besides her and die too, John said in tears (from First Family). John missed their daily exchanges, he missed his Abigail, and he came to regard heaven as a place where Abigail was waiting for him. And so this Valentines Day, we take heart that our own John and Abigail Adams are our countrys original and best American love story!
Image source: HBO

The Great American Love Story

By Margi Helschien, Vice Chairman, Republican Party of Palm Beach County and John Adams are our greatest love story, separated more than they were together. History knows them as Abigail, the wife of a Founding Father, and President John Adams. They shared a bond that was built on their friendship, and not just with each other, but for the love of their country. And as a couple, the two were the closest presidential couple we have ever seen in our history. Abigail and John were life-long partners. They had five children together and knew each other for 59 years. She was his confidant in life. Abigail was always there for John, supporting his ideas and goals. Even when John was President and the rest of the cabinet would not speak to him, Abigail was the one to listen to John. It was Abigail who would listen to John's rants, and it was Abigail who would freely and wisely offer her advice. It was also Abigail who brought the strength and support to their marriage and to John's successful career. Perhaps that is where we get the saying behind every successful man is a woman. Abigail was John's dearest friend. John depended on his Abigail. He also allowed Abigail to voice her strong opinions, which was not common at that time. When John and Abigail were separated by distance, it was John who cried out to his Abigail, I can do nothing without you! (from the book First Family by Joseph Ellis). Abigail and John were so close that Abigail would worry about John when they were not together. On hearing about John's difficulties with a campaign being waged against her husband in the Congress in 1780, Abigail painfully exclaimed, When he is wounded, I bleed. Separated by almost five years with distance, due to John's political appointments, together John and Abigail wrote over 1,200 letters to each other. These


Happy Valentines Day John and Abigail!

Rumpelstiltskin continued from Page 1

dead Presidents on them, lend them to banks for under one percent, and declare ourselves rich. And this is not just a small counterfeiting action involving a few thousand dollars and a small number of gullible pigeons. This is the Federal Reserve, the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court supporting the creation of trillions of paper (electronic, actually) dollars and proclaiming a healthy economy. No savings. No investment. No profit. Just print and declare victory. Indeed, they even have a name for it: Quantitative Easing. Now you can feel better as they Quantitatively Ease America into bankruptcy. If you think the Dutch and the Alchemists were laughed at by history, as they say in Brooklyn: Fuhgedaboutit! We will be laughed at by future generations as the dumbest of the dumbest. In this time and place they are fooling all the people all the time. If the Brothers Grimm were around today, they might consider updating Rumpelstiltskin and weaving another fairy tale. Me? Id vote no. There are no six year olds dumb enough to buy it.

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Palms West Republican Club Elects New E-Board, Hosts Guest Speakers Sid Dinerstein and Mark Hoch
Wellington, Florida. January 10, 2012--The Palms West Republican Club is pleased to announce the election of club President Janeen Capizola, who was unanimously elected in an uncontested election at the clubs first meeting of the year, held at the Binks Forest Golf Club in Wellington. Ms. Capizola joined the Club at its September 2011 meeting and was quickly appointed the Clubs Membership Outreach Chair, helping to expand the Clubs membership two-fold in a very short period. Janeen also serves as a Republican Executive Committeewoman, prepares the Palm Beach County Tea Party Newsletter, and was recently appointed Co Chair for the Newt Gingrich Campaign in Palm Beach County.

Immediate Past President and REC committeeman Paul Krayeski (above), who has served as the Palms West Republican Club President for the past two years, spoke on his tenure as president, thanked the outgoing members of the clubs executive board, and then immediately opened the floor for officer elections.

President Capizola is determined to tap into the unreached and ignored western community Republicans who, like she once was, are frightened for the future of our country, who want to join the Party, and who just need to be given an outlet to get involved. Along with Janeen, other club officers elected in uncontested elections were Vice President Archie Paul, Secretary Michael Barnett, and Treasurer Susan Woodard.

Chairman of the Palm Beach County REC Sid Dinerstein was present and swore in the new club officers. He later spoke about the presidential elections, job creation, and why Barack Obama will not be reelected in November. Palm Beach County REC Political Director Mark Hoch then gave a thirty-minute presentation on redistricting. He presented a slideshow showing the redrawing of the congressional, state house, and state senate seats, and discussed how the western communities will be affected.

Palms West Republican Club

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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have at least one angry spouse. Are we going to eliminate from presidential politics all those who have had failed marriages? Worse yet, are we going to allow the drive-by liberal media, who defended Bill Clinton ad nauseam during the Lewinsky scandal, to now lecture to us conservatives that a contrite Newt Gingrich is not moral enough for the presidency? If hes good enough for Sarah Palin to support, hes good enough for me, and I would respectfully urge my fellow Republicans to do the same. Tom Mullings is a decorated Army infantry combat veteran of the Vietnam War, who served as a scout dog handler with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. He was one of the three original incorporators of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, and is a long-time Republican Executive Committeeman in Palm Beach County, Florida. Tom is married to REC Committeewoman Cheryl Mullings, who has served on the Board of Directors as REC Vice Chair and REC Secretary.

A Moderate Republican Nominee For President Again?

By Tom Mullings, REC Committeeman
We need to vote for Romney because he will appeal to independents and centrists and is the only Republican candidate who can beat Obama. I am so tired of hearing that kind of political calculus. What people dont seem to realize is that not only have we heard it before, but Republicans have acted on it, numerous times. Thats how we wound up with moderates or just-to-the-right-of-center candidates like George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole and John McCain. All good men to be sure, but their consistent willingness to compromise with out-of-control Keynesian deficit spenders has resulted in an Everest-sized mountain of debt that just keeps growing year after year. Now here we go again with calls to elect yet another moderate, this one from the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, of all places. Has anyone noticed that every time a conservative starts to gain traction, pro-Romney PACs with assists from the drive-by liberal media spring into action to bring them down? Has anyone also noticed that the same liberal media has been remarkably uncritical of the Romney campaign? I am fed up with the liberal-dominated print/electronic media, steering us conservatives in the Republican Party toward a more moderate standard-bearer of THEIR liking. I say we pick our own conservative candidate for a change. To be sure, Governor Romney is also a good and decent man, and I would wholeheartedly support him if he is our nominee, but my own preference is Newt Gingrich. Ive seen all the debates and his performance has been a tour de force. For my money, he is the most formidable, eloquent, knowledgeable spokesman for the conservative cause in America today, and I would love to see him debate The Anointed One. He also does something else unlike anyone Ive ever observed on the American political scene. He takes on the liberal media and exposes them for the agendized allies of the left that they truly are, instead of the objective journalists they pretend to be. As they say, Newts got baggage, but who doesnt? Half the marriages in the country end in divorce and most of those


The Palms West Republican Club, the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches, and the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County Welcome

Ralph Reed, Founder of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

DATE: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 TIME: Doors open at 6pm Buffet 6:30pm, Meeting 7-8pm LOCATION: Binks Forest Golf Club COST: $35 Members, $40 Guests, $50 Walk-ins MORE: The Palms West Republican Club, along with the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches & the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County, cordially invites you to our special event meeting with guest speaker, Ralph Reed. Please keep an eye on your email for more information & a way to RSVP! We look forward to seeing you!

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Former House Leader Adam Hasner (right), Candidate for the U.S. Senate, was the featured speaker at the January meeting.
190 Atlantis Drive, Atlantis, FL 33462 561-602-3777 President: Tami Donnally

Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County Elects Club Officers

Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County

The Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Drive in the City of Atlantis, from 6 PM to about 8 PM. After a social period the meeting begins at 6:30 PM. $12 members, $15 non-members which includes a drink from the bar and nice hors d'oeuvres. Annual dues to join the club are $25.

Upcoming Events: Lawrence W. Reed to Address the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County
L-R: Marietta McCarthy, Alison Rampersad, Tami Donnally, and Steven Ledewitz

At its January 2012 meeting, the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County held officer electionsTami Donnally was reelected President, Steven Ledewitz Vice President, Marietta McCarthy Secretary replacing outgoing Secretary Aimee Craig Carlson, and Alison Rampersad, Treasurer replacing outgoing Treasurer David Cassidy. Other club leaders for the coming term include Jim Edwards, Assistant Treasurer, Catherine Huard, Door Prize Chair, George Blumel, Program Chair and 2011 Jean Pipes Award winner, Evvy Bartley, Membership Chair, and Richard Berkow, Publicity Chair.

On February 2, 2012 Lawrence W. Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education, will address the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County. Mr. Reed will be presenting his lecture The Difference One Can MakeUnsung Heroes of Freedom. This talk is based on the article The Difference One Can Make: The Nicky Winton Story. The event begins at 6:30 PM with hors doeuvres and costs $12 for members and $15 for nonmembers includes a drink from the bar. Address: 90 Atlantis Dr., Atlantis, FL Contact: George Blumel Phone: 561-543-4971

Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County

190 Atlantis Drive, Atlantis, FL 33462 561-602-3777 President: Tami Donnally

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches

The Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches held it's first meeting of 2012 on January 5th at 5:30 PM at Frenchman's Reserve Country Club. The speaker was Congressman Allen West. He spoke about the political landscape as we begin our Presidential election year, and discussed some of the challenging issues of our day. Congressman West spoke to a crowd of over 125 people who cheered his message. He spoke for almost an hour and answered many questions from the audience. Congressman West also swore in the slate of officers for the club in 2012. They are as follows: Cindy Tindell, President Marilyn Parmet, 1st VP Richard Russell, Treasurer Jane Pike, Secretary Nancy Cardone, VP Charles Miller, VP
Cindy Tindell and Marilyn Parmet

Charles Miller, the Immediate Past President, and his children with Congressman West

Please contact Anita Carbone, membership chair at for more information about the club.

Message from George Blumel: The War of 2012 Is On

The article written last month by our Palm Beach Countys Republican Chairman applies to all Americans who care about the future of freedom for ourselves and our posterity. He tells it like it is and what needs to be done. It's 2012 and time to work to replace Obama with a real American. Sid Dinerstein wrote a book a few years ago, Adults Only For Those Who Love their Country More Than Their Party, in which he offered common sense solutions for the main problem issues of the day. Virtually all of the problems he cited there have been exacerbated by the Obama administration and Congress by doing the opposite of Sids solutions offered in that little

book. Of course, Sid is a successful businessman, something unknown to this administration consisting as it does with lifetime left wing activists who have never worked in the private sector. One of his solutions is term limits on Congress, a costless reform with proven history in the states for attracting successful producers from the private sector to use their experience and talents for real public service. This year is critical for the future of the Republic. Lets get into battle mode and make sure that in 281 Days Obama and his czars are sent packing! Then the process of restoring the Constitution can begin with a new President and Congress. -Geo.

George Blumel is a member of the Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County, serving as its Program Chair. He is also a long time REC member and 2011 winner of the Jean Pipes Award. George has been married 46 years, has two sons and three grandchildren. In addition to being a political activist, George is also an entrepreneur and retired financial planner.

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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And the Idiot Award goes to...?

By Raymond Tresca

the media is doing what the media does best, that is spend every waking moment trying to make fools of Republicans, I rhetorically ask, are you sure that shoe is on the right foot? When a Republican experiences a faux pas, or a pause that last more than a few seconds, it is amplified, magnified, enhanced, and augmented. It is then distributed to all the major networks, affiliates, blogs and far-reaching outposts. While we as individuals couldnt possibly listen to all of them because of sheer numbers and since many are occurring at the same time, we leave it up to those few allies we have with the resources to do so. We are then treated to a montage of all our liberal friends barking out the exact same line as instructed in their morning marching orders. How is it that 25 or more news sources can begin a news story with such unanimous precision? They report it, hammer it, pat each other on the back, and roar with laughter. You want laughter? Joe Biden. Ill give you a moment to compose yourself... While the buffoonery of this man is unparalleled, his boss thinks there are 57 states and that he is such a great orator that even fallen war heroes find their way to his audience. Mr. President, did you play a little boy in a movie with Bruce Willis? Damage control does a superb job of smoothing it over, or like the TV advertisement says, like it never even happened. Major Owens who was a member of the House of Representatives from 1982 to 2007 stated on the House floor that 200 million slaves were thrown overboard during the Trans Atlantic crossings. While you are running the numbers, I remind you that this is about the numbers, not about slavery itself. He said that to this day, sharks still swim the


routes in search of prey. I must have missed that episode of National Geographic. Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia gave us a skit that would make the Best of SNL, if only they would have thought of it first. Lets just say he seemed in a very, very relaxed state while he asked Admiral Robert Willard if Guam could capsize with 8,000 additional US troops. A true warrior is one of the few who could field that question with a straight face. Debbie Wassermann Schultz, the national attack dog of the Democrats, said that New York's District 9 was a tough one for Democrats. Democrats outnumber Republicans 4 to 1 in that district. Republicans had not held that seat since around when Coolidge was President. Anthony Wieners self-destruction may have softened Democrat support. Brigadier General Michael Walsh was reprimanded like a schoolboy by Barbara Boxer for using standard and totally appropriate military language; at least it was until then. You pompous, arrogant, elitist, how dare you. Nancy Pelosi, the Commander in Chief of the most ethical and transparent Congress ever, told us they would have to pass health care legislation so We the People can then find out what was in those 1,990 pages. Former President Bill Clinton, the Democrat rock star, said during grand jury testimony, that depends on what the meaning of the word is, is. Duh! So, former candidates Michelle Bachmann confuses Elviss birth date with the date of his death, Rick Perry forgets a government agency, and Herman Cain pauses too long. Any one of them could be the Grand President of Rocket Scientists compared to any of them. And if there were any real justice, all of the aforementioned Democrats would be assistant dogcatchers.

Raymond Tresca

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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uttered a word. There is nothing that compares to hearing this man of principles speaking with passion, live in person. The self-proclaimed number one target for the Democrat Party, in describing our opponents, said the history of the Democrat Party is all about slavery, secession, segregation, and today its about socialism. West then reminded the audience that the entire purpose of the Republican Partys existence from Lincolns time was for freedom, the Emancipation Proclamation and individual liberty.

Newt Gingrich Makes His Case to Palm Beach County Republicans Ahead of the Florida Primary
WEST PALM BEACH, FL. (January 28, 2012)--More than 600 Republican donors and activists gathered at the Kravis Center for the Republican Party of Palm Beach Countys annual Lincoln Day Dinner. They paid a hefty price for tickets but it was well worth the cost to attend what was no doubt the best party of the year. The Palm Beach County Community Patriotic Chorus, led by Tami Donnally, greeted audience members with songs Salute to the Military, Sweet Song, and America. Then the dinners master of ceremonies, Chairman Sid Dinerstein, introduced our countys elected officials.

Keynote Speaker Newt Gingrich Delivers Big Ideas, Gets backing from Cain

The 2012 Jean Pipes Award

Winners of the prestigious Jean Pipes award are nominated by the Republican Executive Committee members, voted on by the Board, and are chosen for their lifetime of exemplary service to the Republican Party. The 2011 recipients, Margi Helschien and George Blumel (pictured above center) were on stage to present the award to Anita Carbone and Joe Budd. Anita was recognized for, among her many accomplishments, organizing volunteers for the Party and our Republican candidates and for promoting the GOP at the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market. She serves as REC Asst. Vice Chair for Volunteers and Victory Offices and Secretary of the Palm Beach Republican Club. Joe Budd, former U.S. congressional candidate and REC Asst. Vice Chair for Campaigns, was recognized for, among other things, his work organizing the successful Palm Beach County GOP Presidential Straw Poll held at the December, 2011 REC meeting.

Presidential Candidate Speaker Newt Gingrich, fighting a tough Florida primary battle against Governor Mitt Romney and Sen. Rick Santorum, appeared for his second Lincoln Day Dinner in as many years. Gingrich stated he is determined to prove he is serious about changing Washington, but that the job is too big for any one President. He therefore asked everyone not to be for him but to be with him, and that his desire is not to run a Republican campaign but an American campaign. Never again should an American President bow to a Saudi king, said the former Speaker of the House. Regarding the economy, Gingrich stated Obama is the best food stamp president in American history. I want to be the best paycheck president in American history. The biggest surprise of the evening came from former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who was called to the stage and greeted with raucous cheering. Upon announcing support for Newt Gingrich for President, Cain stated the state of the Union is not good, and that we have a crisis of leadership in the White House. Cain said that he had it

Congressman West Brings Down the House!

The most inspiring message of the night came from Congressman West, who received the loudest applause before he even

in his heart to endorse Gingrich for a long time because, among several reasons I know that Speaker Gingrich is a patriot, [he] is not afraid of bold ideas, andI know he is going through this sausage grinder because he cares about the future of the United States of America. We all do.
All pictures courtesy of Marisol Guntkowski. See more of her Lincoln Day pictures on page 10

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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The 2012 Palm Beach County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner

Bob McKeen, Past Treasurer of the Palms West Republican Club, with Congressman Allen West

Janeen Capizola with Radio Talk Show Host Dick Farrel

Bonnie Re, President of the Contemporary Federated Republican Women of Boca Raton, with REC committeewomen Tarina Rasmussen and Rosemary OMara Port St. Lucie GOP Executive Committee Members Ken and Marisol Guntkowski

Starla Brown with U.S. Senatorial Candidate Mike McCalister

Gay Hart Gaines, center, with Newts daughters Jackie Gingrich Cushman, left, and Kathy Lubbers. L-R: Joe Finley, REC Asst. Vice Chair Sue Snowden, Tomi Jo Schuessler, Cathy Finley, Roz Goldstein, and Larry Snowden Floridas National Committeeman to the RNC and Palm Beach County State Committeeman Peter Feaman, with his wife Sally Feaman. Peter was recently elected at the January 2012 RPOF annual meeting, where he ran unopposed and won by unanimous vote of the State Committee.

Palm Beach County Commission Candidate Laura Hanley with her daughters Keelie and Rileigh

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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The 2012 Palm Beach County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner (Continued)

Calvin Turnquist, Candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, and REC Assistant Vice Chair Sherry Lee.

Ken Guntkowski, Marion Frank, Gloria Guo, CPA and her brother Gordon Guo, James Mullens, Rick Morris (seated) and his wife Kathy Morris.

Former U.S. Senator and current Candidate for U.S. Senate George LeMieux and BizPac Review President and CEO Jack Furnari

Esther and Staci Dinerstein, with REC Political Director Mark Hoch and Executive Director Cathy Brandenburg BizPac Review Associate Editor Michele Kirk, Palms West Republican Club President Janeen Capizola, Editor in Chief of The Patriots Press David DiCrescenzo, and photographer Boris Balaban

Faith Doyal, left, and Elizabeth Velez with Congressman West. L-R: Starla Brown, Janeen Capizola, David DiCriscenzo, Republican Club of the Palm Beaches Chairman Melissa Nash, Boris Balaban, Sen. Rubios Regional Director Greg Langowski, and Republican Club of Central Palm Beach County Chairman Tami Donnally

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

Page 12 Republicans Rock! Chase went to a recording studio in Miami and recorded the song along with a friend named Alexandra Hunt, and then I sent the song to a test group of college students, who loved it! Ashley Anastasi, a student at FAU, a former President of the Florida Atlantic University College Republicans and volunteers with Allen West, told me "my sister and I have been singing the song all weekend." I knew the next step was to put it to the Republicans Rock TV Station I formed through YouTube. Kowing we were on to something big, I spoke with Dave Burgess who heads up the advanced film and TV studio at Pine Crest school in Ft. Lauderdale. I played him the song and he loved it. Dave put me together with two of the most talented young men (watch out world) Joshua Aronson and Adam Weiss. Both boys are students at Pine Crest, and after a few meetings it was decided to make the film through a new advanced technology called Kinetic Technology. Thus, "Young and Free" Republicans Rock has been born. I believe that reaching out to our young voters is very important. And although they may not have all the same issues as adults, they too have issues. They are just entering the world of adults, and it is up to us to be there for them, guide them, and include them. We should not shun them and make them feel like they do not matter and that their concerns do not count. Growing up is not easy; when you can vote at age 18, the issues that are put before everyone to vote on are not always understandable or relatable to a young voter. We need to remember their vote counts! This song will have a huge impact on the future. I have already seen a few of my younger son Carter's friends say "being a Republican looks cool." "Even cooler, I said to one friend, "is to be able to vote Republican. After all, "Republicans Rock!" Have a great day,

Republicans Rock! Youth Anthem

By Margi Helschien The Obama 2008 race was enthusiastically supported by the younger people and college kids. Obama knew how to promise what they wanted to hear and to include them. I watched the Republicans that wanted to include the younger people but had no idea and they were not targeting the message to the right group. The attention span of a younger person is short, really short. They also do not do just one thing at a time. They are texting, watching YouTube, and listening to their iPods all at the same time. If you do not immediately capture their attention, they are on to the next thing. I understood the importance of this from watching the kids in my son's school at Pine Crest. They loved Obama. After all, Obama's campaign spoke to them. The Republicans did n-o-th-i-n-g for the younger voters! When I became President of the Boca Raton Republican Club, I vowed to myself that I would leave no young voter behind! I made sure we included a table each time for young voters. The local colleges joined the Boca Raton Republican Club, which became known as "the friendly to young voters" club. Each meeting I included young people in our program through reciting the pledge of allegiance, speaking for a few minutes, and just making sure they felt included. When I became elected to the Palm Beach County Republican Party as Vice Chair I started saying at all of the meetings and including in my emails "Republicans Rock!" Now, all I have to say is "And remember Republicans...and people shout out ROCK"! is the email I developed for people to communicate to us, making it a fun way for everyone to be involved. But I knew we still had to do more. My son Chase, who had been too young to vote in the last election, was starting to ask questions about Republicans and Democrats and he would watch a little when Fox News was on. He thought it was cool that a politician had the ability to impact so many people's lives. "Well, write about it," I told him. A few weeks later, Chase, who is also a songwriter; came to me with a song he wrote "Young and Free"

Margi Helschien
Cut and Paste this link to see the video: iBizw

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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The Republican Executive Committee (REC) will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month, except for February, in 2012. All REC meetings begin at 6:45 PM and are held on the 1st Floor of the Palm Beach County Planning and Zoning Building, also known as the Vista Center, located at 2300 N. Jog Rd., West Palm Beach Florida 33411. NOTICE: Our February REC meeting will take place on Saturday, February 11, 2012 at

American Polish Club

4725 Lake Worth Rd Greenacres, Fl 33463

Meeting begins at 10am. We will NOT meet at the Vista Center in February. If you would like information on volunteering for one of our several Republican Party committees, or if you would like to contribute financially, visit our website at or call (561) 686-1616. Bring your Republican friends to the next REC meeting and sign them up! We are always accepting new REC members who have the grassroots determination to help our candidates win in 2012!

2011 REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PALM BEACH COUNTY Regions Financial Tower, 1555 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 210, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401-2301 Phone: (561) 686-1616 Fax: (561) 686-1898 Email:

Republican Party of Palm Beach County

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