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Jenny Fleiss

What should founders be aware of before taking venture capital? When Rent the Runway first raised funding, we were so excited to get a term sheet from Bain Capital that we signed it right away. We might not have given due time to meeting all the players out on the West Coast. Taking a couple more weeks in those critical moments and exposing yourself to all networks of venture capital can be valuable. What are some of the challenges that women entrepreneurs face that men don’t, and how did you overcome them? Women often start businesses that address a female need. Rent the Runway is a good e
The Atlantic
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The Ben & Jerry’s of Medieval Times

Profits and public-mindedness are often at odds. A business’s aim is to make money, and most of the time, concerns about social good are secondary at best, frequently touted for public-relations purposes. One exception is benefit corporations, companies that explicitly set out to do right by their workers, society, and the environment. The nomenclature is relatively new—the first companies to be officially certified as “B Corps” received the title in 2007, and many hip brands, including Warby Parker and Patagonia, have joined their ranks. Ben & Jerry’s, a longtime exemplar of the category, pre
The Atlantic
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Are There Black 'Queen Bees'?

This article is a response to Olga Khazan’s Atlantic article “Why Do Women Bully Each Other at Work?” In a recent Atlantic article, Olga Khazan examined the finding that the longer a woman has been in the workforce, the less likely she is to want her boss to be a woman. One possible explanation Khazan discusses—and this isn’t settled—is that women fear their female superiors will cut them down in the workplace; this happens because, the thinking goes, female higher-ups are eager to distance themselves from other women in male-dominated workplaces, where their gender might seem like an impedime
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Pivot into success…

All your life, you’ve made choices that have led you down one path at the sacrifice of another. If you’ve ever wanted to take a different road or feel stuck on the path you’re on, Adam Markel’s advice will help you get over those roadblocks and reach your peak success.