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Crisis Pregnancy Centers Help Pregnant Women Enroll In Medicaid

When Taylor Merendo moved to Bloomington, Ind., nearly two years ago, fleeing an abusive marriage, she needed help. "I was six months pregnant and at that point in time, I really didn't have a stable place to live," Merendo says. That's where the Hannah Center in Bloomington stepped in. It's what's known as a crisis pregnancy center, where women are counseled against abortion and often get support after their babies are born. Executive Director Tina Tuley-Lampke says many low-income women come in believing they need to have an abortion, and she tries to persuade them otherwise. "Because for ma
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Parents Of Terminally Ill British Baby Charlie Gard End Legal Fight

The parents of terminally ill British baby Charlie Gard have ended their legal fight to transport him to the U.S. for experimental treatment, concluding a months-long saga that has raised nearly $1.75 million and elicited support from Pope Francis and President Trump. The couple's lawyer, Grant Armstrong, told the London High Court that new medical tests have shown that the experimental treatment would not help at this point, according to The Associated Press. "It's too late for Charlie," Armstrong said. "The damage has been done." Charlie suffers from a rare inherited mitochondrial disease ca
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This Child Kept HIV In Remission For 8 Years Without Drugs. Here’s What That Really Means.

A 9-year-old child in South Africa has made history by becoming the first reported case in Africa — and the third globally — of a child controlling their HIV infection for years without drugs, CNN reported Monday. The child’s case is exceedingly rare — so rare, in fact, that at least one researcher said it may not tell us anything new about HIV and AIDS treatment. The child in question was diagnosed with HIV at 1 month old, after which he was given antiretroviral treatment, called ART, for 40 weeks, according to CNN. After that, doctors checked his health regularly as part of a larger study