We sorted all of Trump's tweets since the election into 16 categories, from domestic policy to self-congratulations.
Betsy DeVos Is Coming for Your Public Schools
Betsy DeVos has worked to undermine Michigan's public schools, according to her critics. Is she ready to lead the nation's education department?
The Cultural Significance of the Trump Establishment
If all his other cultural blasphemies did not finish off Donald Trump, his grab-them-by-the-pussy line, in the overwhelming opinion of the liberal media, would. That it did not might suggest that many cultural certainties are a lot less firm than mos
How Trump-o-nomics Will Bring Back the '80s
An exploding U.S. deficit and the devaluation of the renminbi make a trade war with China all but inevitable.
Trump, Russian Spies and the ‘Golden Shower Memos'
An uncorroborated report circulated by U.S. intelligence alleges Russian security agents watched Trump engaging in “perverted sexual acts.”
Firm Founded by a Trump Nominee Violated Trading Rules
A review of U.S. market regulatory filings raises questions about Virtu Financial, Vincent Viola’s high-frequency trading firm.
Does Sessions's Crack Compromise Offer Hope for Reform?
The attorney general nominee is rightly viewed as a hardliner, but it's not the whole story.
Genetic 'Signatures' Help Spot Deadly Cancers
Our genes contain information related to how cancer cells grow which researchers can use to address life-threatening cases.
Donald Trump Trolls Silicon Valley
How to Fuck Up America: A Field Guide for New People in Power. The new regime in D.C. seems to have had enough of smarty-pants geeks who spend one Red Bull–fueled week writing an emoji chatbot food-ordering app and sell it for a billion dollars. Over
Veterinary Interns Speak Out Against Exploitation
Thirteen individuals described their current or former internship experience as akin to being "slave laborers."
How Zika Harms Fetal Brains
Researchers broke down the components of the virus to find the gene that could be causing microcephaly.
Many Women With Breast Cancer Treated Needlessly
Many women with breast cancer detected by a mammogram are treated unnecessarily, because screening tests found slow-growing tumors that are essentially harmless.
Jonathan Pie Takes YouTube Act Live in Post-Truth Era
The character was never meant to become a serious political commentator—but it happened anyway.
Arianna Huffington, Prophet and Profiteer
The revolution is coming, and it is going to leave you rested and relaxed. The barricades you and I are going to storm, shoulder to shoulder, were thrown up by our relentless workaday lives, by the evil empire of stress, by the despotic tech monarchy
Here’s Listening to You, Kid
An unknown jazz pianist got a lucky break and won the singing role of a lifetime in “La La Land.”
Mike Mills' Probes the 'Beginning of Now' With New Film
The former graphic designer and director of 'Beginners' on moms, dads, pop culture and everything in between.
How To Browse Your Drunk Google Search History
Google keeps an archive of your search history. Why not take a quick look into the sewer, before flushing it all away in shame?