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February 6 2017
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min readPolitics
Trump Vs. The Rule Of Law
One weekend came close to undoing the firm legal foundation that’s let U.S. business thrive
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min readPolitics
Donald Trump Heads For The War In Syria
For almost half a decade, the world’s only superpower has mostly abdicated its role in helping to resolve the world’s most consequential conflict. Now Barack Obama’s excessive caution about Syria has given way to Donald Trump’s unstrategic uncertaint
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min readPolitics
The Travel Ban: Unwise, Un-American
It won’t make the U.S. any safer and will make the global campaign against terrorism tougher
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Ups The seventh iteration of the iPhone helped Apple break a three-quarter sales slump. A record 78 million handsets were sold in the last quarter of 2016, making up almost 70 percent of Apple’s revenue. Nintendo said its first mobile game, Super M
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
Taxing Mexico. Or Not
The administration is looking for ways to pay for the wall | If “Trump wants to target Mexico … he needs another strategy”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
The Wall Needs The Consent Of Many
Taking the land will be a legal nightmare—ask George W. Bush | “They’re going to have to deal with guys like us”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
Let’s Make Mexico Great Again
Trump’s win buoys the fortunes of another populist politician | “We can confront aggression from abroad with strength”
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
Where Cadillac Is Still Prized
The once-dominant luxury car, fading at home, finds fans in China | “The brand is recognized in China as having long heritage and pedigree”
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
Can Sneaker Makers Come Home Again?
The industry may add robots—but few factory jobs—in America | Using more U.S. plants “would seem to be politically prudent”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readSociety
A Skin-Care Ad Tackles Social Taboos In China
P&G’s facial cream ad targets single women past their mid-20s | “This campaign has … generated extremely positive sentiment”
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min readPolitics
Give Me Your Christians, Your Not Too Poor, Your Extremely Vetted Masses Yearning to Assimilate, the Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore (but Not 4 Months). Send These, the Non-Syrians, Tempest-Tost to Me, I Own the Hotel Beside the Golden Door!
Trump’s immigration order is being challenged on the grounds of religious discrimination | “This is not about religion. This is about terror and keeping our country safe”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
Will Trump Crush China Over Aluminum?
Obama filed a WTO complaint alleging illegal Chinese subsidies | It could let Trump “deliver on his promise to stand up to China”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Reviving Keystone Xl Is No Sure Thing
Cheap oil and booming U.S. production lower potential profits | If Trump taxes imports, “I don’t think it’s going to be built”
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
Uber’s Campsites
Hard-core drivers are making their beds in their cars | “Some of us have decided to make this a full-time career”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
The Trump-Valley Fight Starts To Take Shape
A draft crackdown on work visas could shift U.S. recruiting | “The visa challenges are not going to go away easily”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
The End Of Terrible Wi-Fi May Be Near
New routers prioritize better device management—and looks | “As an industry, we’re sort of failing the customer”
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min readFashion & Beauty
Innovation Laundroid
Yuji Nakamura and Hiroyuki Nakagawa Form and function A fridge-size robot that, given enough time, sorts, folds, and neatly arranges clothes, even storing them while their owners are away or otherwise occupied. Later models, the developers say, wil
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
Run! It’s 3g Capital!
Jorge Paulo Lemann and his partners are due for their next deal—and have the market guessing | “They’re loaded up and ready to go”
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
Maybe A Good Manager Can’t Run Everything
The Walmart and Microsoft star who went to Citadel—briefly | “One leadership guru doesn’t fit everyone”
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Rutgers Over Princeton In Epic Nerd Fight
A contest where college students are judged on their Fed policies | “It’s intimidating, because these people are economists”
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
How Fancy Private Bankers Cross-Sell
JPMorgan ex-employees describe the push to sell in-house products | “Clients expect to hear from us about all of these capabilities”
Bloomberg Businessweek13 min readPolitics
Good Deals Make Good Neighbors
Across the Middle East, Arab nations—including Saudi Arabia—are doing business with Israeli-owned tech companies. There’s a reason only one side is talking about it
Bloomberg Businessweek16 min read
Ghost Lawyer
The man who engineered Michael Jackson’s afterlife comeback made the pop star’s heirs rich. Now the IRS wants to be startin’ somethin’
Bloomberg Businessweek15 min readScience
This New Test Could Crush The Nfl
Companies like Quanterix are developing methods to detect concussions and CTE. Will the science help protect players—or end football as we know it?
Bloomberg Businessweek6 min read
The Fast And The Filthy Rich
Almost everything outside the window of John Morris’s helicopter is his or will be his soon. When the semiretired internet entrepreneur bought the original Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in 2004, here in the desert town of Pahrump, Nev., it was a
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Fashion Forward
Sunny Lam was on the hunt. The thirtysomething clothing designer and consultant in New York wanted—needed—rare pieces from the early 2000s by his cult favorites, Raf Simons and Helmut Lang. “I used to go on EBay, but it’s a bit of a migraine,” Lam sa
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
The Roots Of Our Rage
Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef became friends in the late 1990s, when the men were held in nearby cells at the federal supermax prison, outside Florence, Colo. After McVeigh was executed in 2001, Youse