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Processing Mail

Burton/Shelton, Procedures for the Automated Office, 6e, C6

Processing Mail

Handling Mail Handling Incoming Mail Handling Outgoing Mail International Mail International Holidays

Handling Incoming Mail

Sorting Opening Inspecting contents Registering special mail Date-time stamping Reading and annotating

Presenting mail Handling packages, publications, and advertising by mail Distributing mail Answering mail in managers absence

Handling Incoming MailSorting

Sort into following groups:

Mail sent with urgency Letters, including bills and statements Interoffice mail Personal mail Newspapers and periodicals Booklets, catalogs, etc. Packages

Handling Incoming MailOpening Mail

Assemble supplies:

Opener, date stamp, paper clips, tickler file, To Do list, and pencils

If you open an envelope by mistake, seal it with tape, write Opened by mistake and initial, then distribute to addressee. Establish how to handle Personal and Confidential mail with your manager

Handling Incoming Mail Inspecting Contents

Keep envelopes until information is accounted for

Check for address and signature of sender, date, and enclosures If a document is not dated, write postmark date on document and staple envelope to back of letter

Attach enclosures:

Staple if same size or larger Use paper clips if a staple would damage

Handling Incoming Mail Registering

A mail register provides a record of special mail, including insured and registered mail and packages Form should include:

Date and time received Senders name Recipients name Type or description of mail

Handling Incoming Mail Date-Time Stamping

Time of arrival of certain correspondence has legal significance

Received in time for cash discount? Received in time for bid openings?

Typically, date-time stamp all incoming mail

Stamp correspondence in white space at upper left, right, or top edge Stamp booklets, catalogs, etc. on either front or back cover

Handling Incoming Mail Reading and Annotating

Know what your manager wants:

As you search for important facts, does he or she want you to underline key words and dates, and write marginal notes? Contain a date of an appointment Mention a report being mailed separately Confirm a phone conversation Request a decision that cannot be made until additional information is obtained

Keep alert to things that:

Reading and Annotating Mail



Use small handwriting Make notes brief

Why would you use annotating?

Handling Incoming Mail Presenting Mail

Process mail quickly Place urgent mail on top and least urgent items on the bottom Protect your managers privacy

Place mail in a way that it is not visible to visitors Place confidential items in a large envelope or folder

Handling Incoming Mail Packages, Publications, and Advertising By Mail

Packages receive priority over periodicals, newspapers, and advertising materials Packages with letters enclosed are processed with important mail Give new items to manager Store regular supplies

Handling Packages, Publications, and Advertising By Mail (continued)

Unwrap newspapers and try to flatten them

Affix routing slip If manager reads these first, place his/her name at top of list

Give manager opportunity to read advertising materials

Handling Packages, Publications, and Advertising By Mail (continued)

Determine which advertising materials, catalogs, etc. should be kept, discarded or shared Replace old advertising materials and catalogs with new ones If you keep many catalogs, set up a filing system for them

Distributing Mail

A manager distributes mail to others to:

Obtain information so that he or she can reply Ask someone else to reply directly Keep others informed

What are procedures to follow when circulating materials?

Answering Mail in the Managers Absence

Abide by managers preference

Typically, if only gone one or two days, set mail aside If urgent correspondence, call or e-mail your manager Organize all business mail in folders

Forward mail that requires immediate action to person designated to answer it Respond to letters you can answer

Handling Outgoing Mail

Zip+4 Code Classes of domestic mail Supplemental services Special situations Dangerous goods Addressing domestic mail

Metered mail Other delivery services Mail software programs Information on the Internet

Handling Outgoing Mail Zip+4 Code

Use of four-digit add-on is voluntary Identifies a geographic segment within the five-digit delivery area

City Block Office Building

Reduces number of handlings

Handling Outgoing Mail Classes of Domestic Mail

First class Priority Express Parcel post Bound printed matter Special Standard Mail (Book Rate)

Handling Outgoing Mail Supplemental Services

Certificate of mailing receipt Certified mail Collect on Delivery (COD) Insured mail

Money orders Registered mail Return receipt Return receipt for merchandise Restricted delivery

Handling Outgoing Mail Special Situations

Mail does not always go through without problems Know what to do in these situations:

Change of Address Recalling Mail Returning Undelivered Mail

Handling Outgoing Mail Dangerous Goods

Prohibited from being mailed both domestically and to points outside of United States These articles or substances listed on right could be dangerous to postal workers and postal equipment, or could damage other mail:

Explosives Flammable items Radioactive materials Gases, oxidizers, organic peroxides Corrosives Toxic and infectious substances Asbestos, air bags, dry ice

Handling Outgoing MailDomestic Mail Addressing Tips

Type complete address Use return address Use complete address information, Blvd, St, Apt. number,Suite number Indicate type of mail

Use correct directions, N, W, SW Verify zip code, check postal web site:

Use four-digit add-on Use two-letter state abbreviation

Handling Outgoing Mail Metered Mail

These are in-house postage meters Must be turned in at postal outlet counter Postage is not canceled Goes directly to sorting machines What are some advantages to using metered mail?

Handling Outgoing Mail Other Delivery Services

Provide pick-up and drop-off services

Emery Air, UPS, FedEx, Purolator Courier Corporation Online service provides forms and tracking

Western Union Private Companies

Mail Boxes Etc. and Pak Mail

Handling Outgoing Mail Mail Software Programs

Organizations want their mailing to reach its destination as quickly as possible at best price Problems faced:

Reads files in different formats Validates addresses Standardizes addresses to postal requirements Produces Postal reports and tracks costs Uses bar-coded labels Presorts Saves time and money

Too much returned mail Unreliable delivery Excess mailing costs

Advantages of mail software are shown on right:

Information on the Internet

Visit U.S. Postal Service Web site at Things available:

Zip+4 codes Track express mail Latest postal rates FAQ Stamp collecting or view images of recent stamp issues

International Mail

Special International Services International Postage International Addressing Tips

Special International Services

Three primary classes of services:

Letters and cards Printed papers such as regular printed matter, books, and sheet music Small packets (weighing up to 4.4 pounds)

Certified and COD services are not available for international mail Other special services are provided with certain restrictions

International Postage

Make sure mailroom has current postage information for all countries Make sure that information is clearly posted, so that anyone can calculate the correct postage Why?

Mailing over weekend Mailroom support staff not available

International Addressing Tips

Put foreign postal codes, if known, in front of city or town on same line Place city or town name and province or state name on next line after street address information Write name of foreign country in capital letters on last line of address

International Holidays

Holidays celebrated each year change from year to year Countries with diverse populations may practice over ten major religions Before mailing or faxing important documents:

Check out countrys schedule of holidays Use the Internet, and access search tools for current list