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Gary Oldman
The actor on how he transformed into Winston Churchill for Darkest Hour and what people today can learn from the wartime leader’s example
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Meet the New Kids on the Ship
STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI • DEC. 15 FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW, STAR WARS FANS will be able to start the holidays with a trip to a galaxy far, far away. And this time for a new kind of adventure. Director Rian Johnson has promised that this year’s i
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Family Calendar
THE BREADWINNER 11.17 Executive-produced by Angelina Jolie, this animated drama tells the story of an 11-year-old girl living in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. After her father is wrongfully arrested, she disguises herself as a boy to support her
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FRANCE’S EMMANUEL MACRON When France’s President granted a rare sit-down interview with a U.S. news outlet for Vivienne Walt’s Nov. 20 cover story, it generated wall-to-wall French media coverage. An editorial in the newspaper Libération deemed the h
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Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman Opens Up About Sexual Abuse
ALY RAISMAN SAYS THE KNOCK CAME AT 8 P.M. THE FUTURE Olympic gold medalist was competing at the world championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in her first year at the senior level, the group from which national teams are selected. She was thousa
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Allison Janney Is One Tough Mother
I, TONYA • DEC. 8 Allison Janney’s dreams of being an Olympic figure skater were shattered when she fell through a plate-glass window during her senior year of high school. Now, a few decades later, she returns to the rink for I, Tonya, Craig Gilles
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Jessica Chastain Shows Her Hand
MOLLY’S GAME • DEC. 25 In the early 2000s, skier Molly Bloom was an Olympic hopeful. A decade later, she was busted for running an elite underground poker game populated by Hollywood heavyweights, Wall Street billionaires and Russian mobsters. Jessi
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The Cruel Math of Finding a Nursing Home for My Father
My dad was a little vain. Even at 80, he wore clothes with the ease of a man who had always been handsome and slim. When I was a kid, he would often wear ascots and tweedy jackets to drive me to work at the McDonald’s in the tiny rural town next to o
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The Saudi Crown Prince’s Plot to Reshape the Middle East Backfires
EVER SINCE LEBANESE PRIME Minister Saad Hariri abruptly resigned during a visit to Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4, he has struggled to assure his people—and the world—that he was not coerced, that he is not being held in the capital Riyadh against his will a
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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Going Out on His Own Terms
NASCAR IS NOT THE FIRST PLACE ONE WOULD LOOK TO FIND a voice of the resistance. Yet after Donald Trump railed against NFL players’ kneeling during the national anthem, the biggest name in the sport took to Twitter with a rebuttal. “All Americans R gr
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The Brothers Franco, Reunited for the First Time
THE DISASTER ARTIST • DEC. 1 IT’S HARD TO BEAT THE RIOTOUS GOOD FUN OF A truly bad movie, and few bad movies are quite as historic as Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 film The Room. The movie—written, directed, starring and produced by the eccentric Wiseau, on a
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The Beginning of the End for Zimbabwe’s Dictator
ZIMBABWEAN PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE, 93, was placed under house arrest on Nov. 15 after the military seized control of the country overnight. The move brings closer to an end a power struggle that has gripped the country over who would succeed the wor
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Hospices Promise Peace at the End of Life—but Many Don’t Deliver
AS HER HUSBAND LAY MOANING IN PAIN FROM THE cancer riddling his body, Patricia Martin searched frantically through his medical bag, looking for a syringe. She had already called the hospice twice, demanding liquid methadone to ease the agony of Dr. R
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Hong Chau Gets Her Big Break in Miniature
DOWNSIZING • DEC. 22 Ask a scientist how to address climate change, and they might suggest phasing out fossil fuels. Filmmaker Alexander Payne (Election, Sideways) had a more creative, if implausible idea: shrink people down to five inches. They’d r
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Day-Lewis and the Season of Grandeur
PHANTOM THREAD • DEC. 25 THE QUALITY THAT MAKES DANIEL DAY-LEWIS A great actor—that aura you see so clearly onscreen yet can’t quite put your finger on—may be this: no matter what he’s saying or doing, whether he’s standing or walking or even, as in
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The Making of Genius
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Comedy Calendar
COOK-OFF! 11.17 The Food Network meets Christopher Guest in this mockumentary about challengers in a cooking contest, including Melissa McCarthy and Niecy Nash, who put their hearts, souls and a whole lot of marshmallows into their competing concoc
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At the NRA’s TV Network, Guns Are a Weapon in the Culture Wars
EIGHT CONCERNED AMERICANS SIT around a coffee table and talk about entertainment. One says he stopped paying for cable when everything started “turning left.” Another is upset that his young daughter watches reality shows about teen pregnancy. “There
TIME2 min readWellness
The Damage Done by the Most Ordinary Problem: Paperwork
I was surprised to discover that the biggest scare for caregivers isn’t getting your loved one to the hospital—it’s getting them discharged. Through my uncle’s years-long journey with early-onset Alzheimer’s, I ironically felt most nervous when he wa
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Octavia Spencer
THERE ARE AT LEAST FOUR FEATS OF MOVIE MAGIC IN director Guillermo del Toro’s new film The Shape of Water. First, there’s the fact that the lead speaks no lines: Sally Hawkins plays Elisa, a mute woman who works as a cleaning lady at a Cold War–era g
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Different in an Indifferent World
WONDER • NOV. 17 PARTWAY THROUGH WONDER, FIFTH-GRADER AUGGIE Pullman finds himself seated across from a new friend in the school cafeteria. “Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?” the friend asks. “Dude, this is after plastic surgery.
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Why Self-Driving Cars Might Not Lead to a Huge Drop in Fuel Consumption
AUTOMATED CARS—ONCE A FAR-OFF DREAM—HAVE IN recent years left the realm of science fiction and leapt closer to the American garage. Leading U.S. automakers say that bona fide self-driving cars are coming within two decades and they’re fighting to sta
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Americans of All Ages Are Coming Together in ‘Intentional Communities’
THERE’S NOT A LOT TO DO IN SYRACUSE, N.Y., WHEN YOU’RE living alone and a storm dumps three feet of snow on the city. A dinner with friends would be nice; so would a yoga class or a shared movie. And when that’s done, it would also be nice to have a
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The 25 Best Inventions of 2017
for the FUTURE The best inventions embracing next-gen technology A shoe engineered to boost performance FUTURECRAFT 4D // DEVELOPED BY ADIDAS Imagine a shoe that lets you run faster, pivot better and jump higher. That’s the idea behind the Future
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China’s Singles Day Is a Shopping Extravaganza Heard Around the World
SATURDAY WAS SINGLES DAY. IF YOU STILL don’t know what Singles Day is, the time has come to learn. In short, it’s a 24-hour lonely-hearts celebration turned shopping extravaganza, hosted by Alibaba and its charismatic CEO, Jack Ma, that has become th
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Dwayne Johnson on Comedy and en Pointe
JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE • DEC. 20 In this sequel to the 1995 Robin Williams smash Jumanji, an awkward teen is catapulted into the world of an old-school video game and suddenly finds himself looking a lot like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Here,
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A Gay Love Story With All the Pain of Growing Up
CALL ME BY YOUR NAME • NOV. 24 ELIO (TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET) IS SPENDING A DULL summer at his cosmopolitan parents’ villa in northern Italy while his father (Michael Stuhlbarg) does archaeological research. Into this placid Old World setting trots Oliver
TIME2 min readFood & Wine
Top Chefs Serve Up Thanksgiving Dos and Don’ts
Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner takes a lot of work, whether you’re a professional chef or a first-time host. There’s the risk of overcooking (or undercooking) the turkey, the potential disasters of lumpy gravy and goopy cranberry sauce—not to mention
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Dignity, Death and America’s Crisis in Elder Care
BY LATE 2014, CHABELA LAWRENCE WASN’T DOING well. She had mostly stopped cooking and cleaning for herself and began, every so often, to get lost on her way home from the neighborhood coffee shop—the one she’d been to a least a hundred times. The foll
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Theresa May’s Britain Is Headed for a Brexit Train Wreck
THINGS AREN’T GOING THERESA MAY’S WAY. Britain’s Prime Minister was already struggling to unite a Cabinet divided over how best to pull the country out of the E.U. Now she’s contending with a sexual-harassment scandal that has implicated several of h
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