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The Apollo Engineer Who Almost Wasn’t Allowed in the Control Room
JoAnn Morgan stood out against the sea of men in skinny ties and glasses. But she was right where she belonged.
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Leading, Just Not by Example
This week’s Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom highlighted the tension between what the United States wishes to be and what it is.
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Singapore Says It’s Fighting ‘Fake News.’ Journalists See a Ruse.
A new law allows ministers to declare online content “false or misleading” and demand that it be corrected or taken down.
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Why That 13 Reasons Why Scene Took Two Years to Cut
If you are having thoughts of suicide, please know that you are not alone. If you are in danger of acting on suicidal thoughts, call 911. For support and resources, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or text 741-741 for the
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By Republican Standards, Almost Nothing Is Racist
When Democrats are accused of anti-Semitism, Republicans understand that coded language can be hurtful. But Trump’s racist comments get a pass.
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The Blind Spot of Beyoncé’s Lion King Soundtrack
The singer’s musical accompaniment for the new CGI remake neglects to include any artists from the region that inspired the film—a curious lapse in narrative fidelity.
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Trump Supporters Don’t Make Chants About Men
Where the president’s fans once called for a female opponent’s imprisonment, now they are longing for another woman to be literally banished from the country.
The Atlantic8 min readPolitics
Trump’s Base Isn’t Enough
The president needs the voters who approve of his record on the economy but disapprove of him overall. His racist attacks this week only hurt that cause.
The Atlantic11 min readPolitics
The Squad And The Speaker
This year’s fight between freshman members of Congress and the House leadership is the latest in a long series of such battles—but it also differs in important ways.
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The Most Compelling Photo of the Moon Landing
Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series reflecting on the Apollo 11 mission, 50 years later. For 18 minutes and maybe 19 seconds, only one human being had ever set foot on the surface of the moon. Neil Armstrong made his famous one small step
The Atlantic5 min readScience
What Is the Apollo 11 Landing Site Like Now?
The American flag is bleached white. But some of the boot prints could remain undisturbed for tens of thousands of years.
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The Friends Who Listen to BTS Together Stay Together
“Fans are often prone to saying, ‘This band saved my life.’ BTS made us realize we have to save ourselves.”
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The Art of Self-Defense Explores the Absurd Horrors of Masculinity
The satirical karate movie starring Jesse Eisenberg posits that these days, men do not have to dig deeply to find their inner brutes.
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The Quiet Cruelty of When Harry Met Sally
The classic rom-com invented the “high-maintenance” woman. Thirty years later, its reductive diagnosis lives on.
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FaceApp Is Everyone’s Problem
It feels good to call out people for being duped by the Russian app, but the individualist framing of privacy is the bigger culprit.
The Atlantic3 min readScience
Here Comes the Bad Season
Basically everywhere in the U.S. east of the Rockies—in Massachusetts and in Chicago and in Texas—people seem to believe that the classic division of four seasons doesn’t apply. “Our state actually has 12 seasons,” they say. What are they? First, the
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The Books Briefing: One Small Step That Opened a Lifetime of Wonder
This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, which revealed a new visual perspective of humans’ home planet, set in the deep suspension of a newly documented outer space. The fiction writer Don DeLillo incorporated that image i
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The First Month of Trump’s Campaign Has Been a Doozy
Since a campaign-launch speech four weeks ago, the president has repeatedly turned to racially divisive issues and largely ignored the booming economy.
The Atlantic8 min readSociety
The Shocking Lack of Lawyers in Rural America
While cities are trying to reform their criminal-justice systems, smaller, more far-flung locales are struggling to provide basic services.
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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: ‘It Makes Us Want to Support Him More’
President Trump’s tweets have done little to deter supporters, who chanted “Send her back!” about Representative Ilhan Omar last night at one of his darkest rallies yet.
The Atlantic11 min readPolitics
How Domestic Abusers Weaponize the Courts
After a breakup, litigation is often a way for harassers to force their victims to keep seeing them.
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I Watched the Cats Trailer, and I Have Some Questions
Earlier today, the fabric of the space-time continuum stretched and rearranged itself. The Cats trailer dropped. It prompted a handful of questions. 1) There are cobbles on the street. Is this Victorian London? There’s also a lot of neon. Is this Las
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The Rise of Coffee Shaming
Suze Orman wants young people to stop “peeing” away millions of dollars on coffee. Last month, the personal-finance celebrity ignited a controversy on social media when a video she starred in for CNBC targeted a familiar villain: kids these days and
The Atlantic9 min read
I Wasn’t a Fan of BTS. And Then I Was.
The Korean supergroup’s devoted following and chart-topping success have won them comparisons to the Beatles. Why was I surprised to get swept up in their magic?
The Atlantic5 min read
I’m Emptying My Bank Account to Go to Columbia
Growing up in northern Uganda, I managed to piece together an education by winning one scholarship after another. But I will somehow have to come up with tens of thousands of dollars on my own to attend one of America’s most elite institutions.
The Atlantic11 min readPolitics
What Americans Do Now Will Define Us Forever
The conservative intelligentsia flocked to the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., this week for the National Conservatism Conference, an opportunity for people who may never have punched a time clock to declare their eternal enmity toward elites and t
The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
‘It Makes Us Want to Support Him More’
Amid a convulsive week in American politics, at one of the darkest rallies Donald Trump has ever held, his base showed up in force to tell the president he’s done nothing wrong.
The Atlantic4 min readTech
Elon Musk’s Next Wild Promise
If someone is going to revolutionize what it means to be human, do we want it to be a tech titan?
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
The Case That Changed John Paul Stevens’s Life
Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who died Tuesday at the age of 99, saw many remarkable sights in his life, famously including the “called shot” home run hit by Babe Ruth during the Yankees-Cubs World Series game in 1932. Yet the most
The Atlantic7 min readPolitics
Leaks Are Changing How Diplomats Talk
In the era of WikiLeaks, hostile-state cyberwarfare, and leaks such as the Darroch incident, the diplomatic cable’s primacy is being threatened, changing the way foreign policy is being conducted.
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